Nowruz 2014: Psychos vs People, Politics vs Truth

“In March 2014 (Nowruz), Shimon Peres, the Jewish leader, says: ‘Let’s be logical [!] We must be logical [!!] We make our living not by wars and selling arms [!!], but by sciences [!] .. What do they think, we are crazy people? [!!] We live on our brains [!!], not on our guns’. It’s funny that the brainless psychos say such things. At this Nowruz and 13-Bedar (April Fools’ Day) the Iranian people ridicule and curse fools and psychos -from the UK and Rouhani to Obama and Peres. But it’s important that Peres himself says: ‘Do they think we are crazy people?’ ! He actually knows that most people see the anti-Iran Jews as psychos or sadists”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Peres says: ‘the bloodshed in other countries cannot make a [normal] man happy’ ! He actually knows that the Jewish leaders and all western politicians are really psychos (Ravani) and sick pigs (Bimar), because bloodshed and bullying make them happy. The West and its politicians love to hurt other humans, including the Iranian people. In the West, politicians, journalists and public figures are really sadists and abnormal people. You can’t be normal to tell many big lies, to censor the voices of people, to hurt other humans, to help brutal dictators, and to do something like that“. It’s a good point. Those who tell many big lies and love to hurt other people are not normal humans. But as the wise Iranians say: “Unfortunately, sadists and psychos control the West. Politicians and other psychos don’t care about Truth, Logic, human values etc. They just care about ‘Power and Money’. They have lost their humanity. They cannot think and behave like normal humans. They steal, kill, hurt, oppress, destroy, betray, falsify, censor, and do all evil things. But instead of being sent to prison or a psychiatric hospital, they are still the so-called leaders of the world ! It’s really shameful”. These years show that the West’s politicians and all politicians, including Mullahs, are not normal and healthy people. As the wise Iranians say: “Politicians worship ‘Money and Power’ (ie Satan). As our people say, politicians are Bi-Pedar Mathar (have no family/ root) and Bi-Hame Chiz (have no morality/ principles)! But the real tragedy is that the Western intellects/ think tanks still lick the ass of power/ politics, and betray the truth and the people. Scum like Noam Chomsky -who should be called ‘Intellectual Whores’- get money and tell big lies, defend brutal dictators, lick the ass of power, justify tyranny and try to fool people. Intellectual whores are ‘the brains of politicians’. They are more dangerous than politicians. But
unfortunately, they are popular heroes in the West. In these years, many things -from the story of the 2009 CIA Coup to the story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’ – revealed the true colors of the West’s intellectual whores. But only a few Westerners know their intellectual whores. These good Westerners say to intellectual whores: ‘You are scum; you are traitors to [the truth and the people]; you are traitors to your cause. You deserve all the anger and disgust you get‘ !”. Unfortunately, the voices of the West’s good guys and average people are censored, and as some wise Iranians say: ‘Iranians inside Iran just hear the voices of the West’s bad guys, including politicians, journalists and other whores/ psychos. The West’s psychos just make you laugh. For instance, Obama and his 2014 Nowruz’s message are bad jokes. All Iranians know what Obama did in 2009, after the CIA-backed Coup. Now, almost all Iranians hate Obama and Rouhanis (Mullahs). But Obama says to Iranians: ‘Last year, you -the Iranian people- made your voice heard when you elected [our] Rouhani as your new president [!!!] He was elected with your strong support [!!]’. This shameless psycho (Obama) still plays stupid games. Apparently, he thinks Iranians are as stupid as himself !, while Iranians say to him: ‘Last year, you -the US, the UK and the EU- just made us laugh when you strongly supported your Mullah Election Show, and your stupid stooge, Rouhani! This British spy (Rouhani), like that AN, was selected with your strong support’ ! The love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan’ just makes Iranians laugh. Now all Iranians curse this British psycho, Rouhani, for implementing the IMF Plans. Now only the West and its ass-lickers support this anti-Iranian Pofyooz, Rouhani. Now the UK and the CIA media (Al-Monitor etc) openly praise both Rouhani and the 2009 Coup! […] Iranians will never forget and forgive the shameless pigs -ie those who betrayed the people’s blood and the people’s movement in 2009, and still tell shameful lies. Iranians will never forget the 2009 CIA Coup, the IMF Plans, and all historic events in these years. In Iran (since the ancient time), all people hate intellectual whores & Khayemals (ass-lickers), specially those who lick the ass of power. But the West and psychos still tell bad jokes. While all normal humans know that telling the truth is a normal and ordinary thing, politicians/ psychos still say: Licking the ass of power is a good and moderate act; Telling the truth is a bad and revolutionary act !”.


We have repeatedly written about the IMF Plans and the love story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’ (check Archive). In the AN’s era, we wrote about “How Mullahs Help West and Sanctions” (check Archive) and “Why Mullahs Aid the Enemy amid Economic War ?!” (check Archive). But we should write more about this important issue, because as the wise Iranians say: ‘Now, Rouhani openly and shamelessly says that he wants to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans (ie the Enemy’s plans), and to aid the Enemy amid the so-called Economic War! The UK and the US censor all news, but now it’s clear why Iranians say: ‘Rouhani is a British spy; He is worse than that Jewish spy (AN)’. Iranians waited to see how Rouhani shows his true colors. Iran’s people gave Rouhani a chance and time to show his plans and his true face. But Rouhani and his supporters openly said and showed that Rouhani’s main goal is ‘Hurting Iran’s people, and aiding Iran’s enemies’. Now even non-Iranians say: Rouhani’s dual policy [ie Suppression for Iran’s people; Concessions to Iran’s enemies] is so shameful! In 2013, Iranians repeatedly warned Rouhanis (Mullahs) about eating both ‘Onions and Sticks’ [For more info check Archive] But Rouhanis are stupid psychos, and just try to eat both ‘Onions and Sticks’! Rouhanis still live in the 19th century, when their Arbab (master), Britain, said: ‘Tyranny and Satan will win! Truth and Logic will lose‘ ! Mullahs and their Arbab, the UK, still think ‘Tyranny, Oppression, Censorship, and Big Lies’ will not backfire! Now Rouhani and his Minister Of Culture, Ali Jannati, openly and shamelessly defend Censorship, and as their media says: ‘Rouhani and Jannati Call For Cultural Crackdown’ ! In the Rohani’s era, Censorship and the Internet filtering/ tracking have increased. But the West censors all news, and just tell big lies. The Western Censorship and the West’s big lies are beyond Orwell’s imagination“. We have already written about the West’s censorship and the West’s big lies (check Archive), and we should write more about this important issue later. But as some wise Iranians say: “What the West’s media says about Rouhani, IMF and Sanctions, clearly shows that psychos and retards control the West’s media, specially the British media. They say nothing about the IMF plans in Iran, because as the British pigs say: ‘[We fear that] Obama’s games on Iran will become clear’ ! (2014) But in these years, anyone with half a brain knows Obama’s games and British games. Now it’s clear that the US and the UK are totally bankrupt. As their media says: ‘the debacle over Syria has already taken our options off the table [!!] People don’t buy [our bullshit]’ ! (2014) The Western retards -from Obama and Kerry to Ashton and Straw- just reveal the depth of their bankruptcy. In an interview with the VOA (Voice Of America’s animals), Kerry says: ‘I show a lot of respect for Khamenei and his fatwa, as it is a religious message and is highly respected by people [!!]’ (March 2014) The US media adds: ‘US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed the hope that Mullahs and America could soon resolve their differences! For the first time ever John Kerry publicly talked about his son-in-law and his sister’s experience in Iran’ ! (March 2014) The US still lives in the 1970s, and the current farce -from the love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan’ to the Syria/ Ukraine Crises- shows that the US is morally and totally bankrupt”. As we said before, we and many Iranians hate Politics (check Archive). But as the wise Iranians say: “Politics have polluted all aspects of life. Now everything -from air pollution and people’s health to people’s mood and people’s food- has become a political issue! Even when you surf the internet, Spying, Filtering, Low speed etc just remind you that everything is political. When you go shopping and see how Rouhanis try to hurt Iranians and to create more economic crises, you feel sure that politics have polluted all aspects of life. The IMF Plans and the love story of ‘the IMF and Mullahs’ hurt all Iranians, even those who hate politics. Not only political people, but even artists, writers, thinkers, all educated people and all average people suffer from Tyranny, Censorship, IMF Plans, and all problems that Rouhanis and their Western masters create. It’s really shameful. Psychos and sadists pollute all aspects of life with the dirty world of politics. They try to control everything & everyone. They try to create a dark world like the Orwellian World of 1984. So, even if you hate politics, you are forced to deal with the dirty world of politics”. In this year (2014), as some wise Iranians say: “you can see the direct consequences of Stupidity. Just look at Ukraine, Venezuela, Egypt, Syria etc. Russia occupied Crimea, and the West betrays Ukraine, because Ukrainians were stupid and wanted to be slaves of the EU or Russia […] Many still don’t know the US and Russia. But Iranians know these two evil forces. In March 2014, Obama visits Saudi Arabia -the home of Al-Qaeda-, makes love with the anti-Iran Arabs, and proves that the US deserved the 9/11 attacks! Obama’s regime shows that American pigs and savage Arabs/ Jews deserve each other. Arab terrorists kill Americans, and the US regime kills Arabs, exploits their oils, and makes love with Islamists, Zionists and terrorists […] In the Orwellian world of politics, America and Islamists are close friends, as Britain and Mullahs are close friends; but they are ready to betray each other, because they are Machiavellian pigs, who just care about ‘Money and Power’. The US, the EU and the UK are so mean, so stupid and so short-sighted. They still support the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK)! They still refer to a tiny terrorist group -which 99.99% of Iranians know and hate it- as ‘Supporters of a Free Iran’ ! In Egypt, they only support dictators, ie Morsi or Al-Sisi ! In Syria, they only support dictators, ie Assad or Savage Islamists! […] Animals have some sort of shame; some animals even care about the long-term goals and the long-term interests, but the US, the UK and the EU are worse than animals”.


History will never forget Evil/ Orwellian acts. As some wise Iranians say: ‘the West has become a stupid ‘Animal Farm’. Now even their own ‘Reporters without Borders’ (RSF) lists the US and the UK as Enemies of the internet! In this year’s Enemies of the Internet report, released on World Day Against Cyber-Censorship (12 March), Reporters Without Borders talked about ‘Internet surveillance and censorship in the UK and the US’, and said: ‘the US and the UK [have] a schizophrenic attitude towards online freedoms‘ ! In the 2014 list of Enemies of the Internet, they talked about ‘the schizophrenic organizations like the GCHQ and the NSA’ ! In fact, now even idiots know that the UK and the US regime act like schizophrenic psychos and sadists. Now the RSF and many people say: ‘the mass surveillance methods employed in the UK and the US are all the more intolerable because they are already being used by authoritarian regimes in countries such as Iran and China’. Now it’s clear why Iranians already said: ‘the world and all good guys should care about the tragedy of internet in Iran’. Now it’s clear that the West’s bad guys just tested their Orwellian tools in Iran, and now they use such tools in the West. Now, the media says: ‘ European Parliament committee votes against free and open internet‘ ! (March 2014) or ‘Yahoo, Google and Apple claim the right to look at users’ emails if necessary‘ ! (March 2014) (Indeed they read your emails, and if you protest or ask you why?, they would say: it’s necessary!) Now even Westerners talk about the West’s Animal Farm, and say for instance: ‘the UK uses both the carrot (money) and the stick (threats) to get protesters to work as informers and to inform on their movements! .. The UK is funding military studies of how to influence the public’s views! This is the subtle equivalent of what Putin did in the Crimea .. Facebook is doing research to advance the accuracy of face recognition. Facebook is a [Big Brother’s] project. The Big Brother tries to recognize you everywhere .. [Why we, Westerners, should talk about] ‘Filtering and violating fundamental rights; an increase in requests for the removal of pages with political content; or [horrible] surveillance, mass spying, tracking, and control in the UK, the US, the EU etc?”. Politicians are playing stupid games, but as some wise Iranians say: “they actually show that they are big losers. [For instance] In March 2014, Shimon Peres talks about ‘the small state of I-s-rael’ !, and says: ‘We never threatened Iran to attack [!!] Our prime minister just said: ‘Look, if you try to attack us, we shall fight back'[!!] Nobody is threatening Iran, I don’t know anybody’ !! Zionists and Mullahs are really the same shit. The Jewish Motherfucker have no shame. In 2012, and for more than one year, and from morning to night, they openly and shamelessly talked about attacking Iran, and threatened Iranians with nuke and genocide [for more info, check Archive]; But now Peres says: ‘We never threatened Iran to attack [!!] Why should I-s-rael attack Iran? [!!] What for? What can we gain? I know what we can lose, because war is extremely costly [!!] We’re not going to sacrifice our youngsters [!] What are we going to gain?’ !! (March 2014) The Jewish Motherfucker have no shame and no brain. Instead of apologizing to Iran’s people, they insult the intelligence of people, and act like stupid mules! (Khod ro beh Khariat Mizanan!) They even don’t know obvious things, including this fact that ‘You cannot praise Genocide, Racism, Sadism, and Bullying other nations, but say: We are against wars! You cannot tell big lies, insult the intelligence of people, and think all people are as stupid as yourself’ !”. It’s a good point. As the wise Iranians say: “The Iranian Logic and the Persian Legacy are so strong, and now even Peres is forced to confess: ‘Truth and Logic will win .. Israel doesn’t have a choice, but to live in peace’ !! (March 2014). As average Iranians say: ‘Now Iran’s enemies stupidly repeat (QerQereh!) what Iran’s people already said’. In fact, Iran’s enemies know that the Iranian Logic is so strong, and no one can reject what Iran’s people said. Now those psychos and sadists who threatened Iran with war and nuke are big losers; and that’s why Peres says: ‘What is important today is science, not land. You don’t win by wars but by education .. We must head from an old (Jewish) world of killing and violence to a world that will respect the life of all people without any discrimination or threat’ ! (March 2014) Jews and Islamists are the same shit. But now they and all bad guys don’t have a choice, but to repeat what the Iranian people already said. It can reveal the power of the Iranian Logic and the Iranian Legacy. The Anti-Iran Jews, the Anti-Iran West and all bad guys have no choice, but to stop supporting sadism, killing and blood. They must stop oppressing people, and bullying others. As our people say: ‘the ungrateful Jews and Iran’s enemies should have nukes and threaten Iran with nukes, but Iran should not have nukes?! Is it a joke ?!’ The Jews must try to become normal people, like everyone else. They and the West should know that bullying other nations and behaving like animals will backfire. All politicians should know that tyranny, censorship, insulting the people’s intelligence, telling big lies and using Orwellian tactics will backfire and worsen their problems. As Iranians say to the ungrateful Jews and all bad guys: ‘You don’t have a choice, but to live ‘like a normal and healthy human’ (Mesl-e Adam)! Instead of hurting people, telling big lies, playing games, or insulting the people’s intelligence, you must stop acting like retards and psychos. At first, you must apologize to the Iranian people‘. And it’s just the first step. The best advice for all politicians/ bad guys is what average Iranians say: Adam Bashid ! (Be humans, not animals !)”.

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