A Referendum on Rouhani, Islamists and IMF

April 25, 2014

“In these days, many facts -from the horrible Western Censorship to a historic Referendum on Rouhani and the Mullah regime– are historic facts. From April 9 to April 20 (2014), Iranians were participating in a historic referendum. All Iranians talked, and still talk, about this important referendum, known as ‘IMF referendum’, while the story of this important referendum is heavily censored by the UK, the US and the Left. The Western Censorship is beyond Orwell’s imaginations”, some wise Iranians say. We have already written about this historic Referendum and the love story of ‘Rouhanis and their Zionist IMF’ (check recent posts). But now the result of this referendum has become clear, and this result is as important as this fact that the UK media, the US media, the Lefty media and almost all Western media censor such facts. As some wise Iranians say: “From April 9 to April 20, Iranian people were filling forms and voting in a historic referendum, which was organized by the regime. In this historic referendum, known as ‘IMF referendum’, Iranian people expressed their view on Rouhani, the Mullah regime, and the IMF Plans. This historic referendum and its results are very important. According to the Mullah media, 97% of Iranians said a big No to the Islamic regime, and only 3% of Iranians said yes to Mullahs! It’s what Rouhani’s government said. It’s their own official results. But just look how the UK and the US are censoring all news and all facts, and how the Left and the West are proving that what Iranians already said about this puppet regime (Mullah regime) and the West was not wrong”. Iran and history will never forget this year, because as some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs took a high-risk gamble. For about two months, the Mullah TV and the Mullah propaganda machine, with the help of the British media and the American media, were bombarding Iran’s people with Orwellian propaganda. They were trying to fool Iranians. Mullahs took a gamble on all they had. Gambling on Mullah religion and their Holy cities was really important. Mullahs and their Arbab (master) took a gamble on their holy Islamic cities (from Qom to London!), and also on their high rank Mullahs (Maraje), their media, their religion, and all they had. They openly reported that Qom and High rank Mullahs (Maraje) ask people to accept IMF plans. The Mullah TV said: ‘Most Iranians would say Yes to the Mullah regime and IMF Plans, because most Iranians love and support the Islamic regime, the high rank Mullahs and the Mullah TV’ !! But now it has become clear that 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs and Islamists, and only 3% of Iranians support the Mullah regime and Rouhanis (Mullahs). It’s so important. 97% of Iranians hate Mullahs and Islamists, and it’s what Mullahs themselves say!”. When you live in Iran, and see and feel all evil acts, you can understand why the wise Iranians say: ‘From April 9 to April 20 (2014), Iranians were filling Rayaneh forms, and the BBC, the VOA, and the Mullah propaganda machine, specially the anti-Iran Mullah TV, were bombarding Iranians with the Nazi Goebbels-like propaganda. They tried to fool Iranians into accepting what IMF, Rouhani and the Mullah regime say. So, what has happened is really a referendum on Rouhani, the IMF and the Mullah regime. The Iranian people had no media and no voice. All media and all journalists tried to fool Iranians. But once again, Iranians showed that Iran has become a wise nation, and can be a role model for all nations. Iranians are such a wise nation that, even if all media betray them and try to fool them, then 97% of Iranians say a big No to all bad guys and Big Brothers – from the West to Islamists. It’s a great victory for all good guys. It shows that people can resist the Orwellian West and Orwellian propaganda. This historic fact that 97% of Iranians hate Islamists and the West is so important, and shows that Iran is not like the stupid Europe or the stupid USA. Today’s Iran and Iranians are much wiser and smarter than Europe and America. The Islamic/ Jewish/ Lefty/ British propaganda just make Iranians aware and angrier. The Big Brother Corporation (BBC), the Voice Of Animals (VOA) and other Western media just make Iranians even angrier. The UK media, the Lefty media and the US media cannot deceive Iranians any longer. It’s a heavy defeat for the Evil Empire, and a great victory for all good guys”. The current farce is so important. As some wise Iranians say: “What Rouhanis and Islamists did – in 2009 to 2014- was a big gamble, and now they are big losers. Now they have lost all they had -from their Arab/ Jewish religion to their Great Satan’s media. Now even Western analysts say: ‘[this farce] was a move and [a referendum] that tested Rouhani’s public support and the Mullah regime’s public support’ ! (April 2014) Now it’s clear that 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani, all Mullahs and Islamists. This anti-Iran Rouhani and the anti-Iran Mullah TV themselves proved that 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs – from AN and Rouhani to high ranks Mullahs in Qom. For about two months, the Holy Islamic cities -from Qom to London! – just asked Iranian people to accept IMF Plans and Islamic regime, and to not apply/ register for getting their share (Rayaneh). It was a Referendum, and 97% of Iranians seized this opportunity to express their anger and their hatred of Rouhani and the Mullah regime. This historic No to the Mullah regime and the Islamist beliefs is [so important]. Mullahs were taking a big gamble in hoping that they will be able to fool Iranians with old and new tactics, including religious tactics. But now Mullahs and their Arbab (ie Satan/ UK/ USA) are big losers”.


In these days, the bad guys badly try to hide the truth. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs still send horrible noise and parasite, and try to slow down the fucking filtered internet in Iran. The West still plays stupid games, and censors all important news and all important facts. The West and Islamists are stupid animals. They bury their head in the sand, and think all people are blind and stupid! But Iranians are smart people, and 97% of Iranians said a historic No to them. Now Iranians talk about ‘a slap in the face‘, and say: [What Iranian people did was] ‘Mosht-e Mohkami be Dahan-e Akhunda va Arbabe-shoon !‘ (Iranian people just give Mullahs and their Arabab (ie the West/ IMF) a slap in the face !) Now Iranians cannot ignore the joys of using Mullah terminology !“. They also add: “Rouhanis are brainless puppets of the West. Rouhanis have gained nothing except ‘Ru Siahi’ (a great shame), a Bilakh (an obscene gesture) and a slap in the face’ ! 97% of Iranian people clearly and openly expressed their anger and their hatred of Rouhani and this Islamist regime, and showed that only the UK, the US and their stooges love and support this Satanic regime. Now it is no exaggeration to say that 99% of Iranians hate the Mullah regime. Now it’s clear that the anti-Iran Mullah TV and all anti-Iran media are totally bankrupt, and 97% of Iranians hate them”. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious why Iranians cannot ignore the joys of using Mullah terminology and revealing Mullah paradoxes. Now our people sarcastically say: ‘Who are stooges of Imperialists/ IMF/ UK ?! Who aid the Enemy?! Who love Great Satan?! Who are in bed with Zionist IMF?! Who are Satanists/ Zionists?! Who are Omol Fesad (mother of Corruption) and Omol Fenteh (mother of Sedition)?! Who worship Satan and love evil acts?! Who are followers of Satan, and just aid Iran’s enemies?! etc’. But it’s not just a matter of joys. Iranians have become aware, and know the real followers of Satan (Ahriman), the forces of Evil”. In these months, as some wise Iranian say: “Rouhani’s government, the BBC, the VOA and the anti-Iran Mullah TV just reminded you of 2009. They tried to fool and mislead Iranians. But Iranians resisted brainwashing and Orwellian propaganda, and 97% of Iranians shitted on Mullahs and the West. It’s a great victory for the world of good guys. Mullahs and their British Master (Arbab-e Eglisi) are stupid, and they even didn’t know that they just reveal the secrets of their 2009 CIA Coup and their 2013 Show. Since 2009, more than 90% of Iranians hate the Mullah regime, and now even Mullahs confess to this issue. On April 21, 2014, Rouhani’s aide, Shariat-Nadari !, openly said: ‘We already knew that 91% of Iranians will say No to [Mullahs] ! We already knew that only 10% of Iranians will support [the Mullah regime] [!!]’. Mullahs are brainless stooges of the West. They knew that 91% of Iranians hate them, but they just tried to make Iranians even angrier! This British Baboon, Rouhani, knows that 99% of Iranians hate IMF Plans. On April 21, 2014, the Mullah TV and Rouhani’s government reported: ‘About 73 millions (97%) said No to (the Mullah regime and the Zionist IMF), and only about 2 millions (3%) say Yes to (the regime and IMF)’ ! What has happened in this 2014 referendum is exactly like what happened in 2009 and 2013. But as this British animal, Rouhani, is a stupid slave of the West, he still insists on obeying their Zionist IMF! This British Pig, Rouhani, badly disgraced himself, his regime, and his Arbab”. They also add: “Mullahs are Mongols (retards), and Islamists are stupid stooges of Great Satan. As our people say: ‘If you want to become a Mullah or Islamist, you should: (1) have no brain, and no shame (2) worship Satan and lick the UK ass (3) tell big lies, kill, torture, steal, censor etc (4) hate Truth, Logic, and all good things (5) aid Iran’s enemies (6) make a fool of yourself and think all people are as stupid as yourself !”. They also add: “Now you can understand why Iranians refer to Mullahs as English Mullahs or British Mullahs (Akhund-e Englisi). The BBC, the Guardian and other MI6 media work as the Mullah media, censor everything, tell many big lies, and show that the UK is the real mother of Mullahs. But now 97% of Iranians spit at the UK and the BBC. The UK is really a land of Barbarians. The BBC Farsi acts as the Mullah media, and in April 2014, they and the Mullah TV said: ‘50% of Iranians will support the Islamic regime .. 50% to 60% of Iranians love Rouhani and the Mullah regime .. +60% of Iranians love and support Rouhani and IMF plans’ !! But now it has become clear that only 3% of Iranians support Mullahs and the UK ! 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs, all British spies, and all foreign supporters of Mullahs. In 2014, Rouhanis threatened all Iranian people, and openly praised hurting Iranians. Rouhani is a stupid Enemy of the People. Before April 20, Rouhanis and Islamist faggots were threatening all Iranian people, but now (after April 20), Rouhani’s aide, Bad-Bakht !, says: ‘We cannot afford to fight against the people’s will’ !! Of course Rouhanis still insist on implementing their Zionist IMF plans in Iran, and it shows that the Mullah regime is really the regime of Retards and Stooges. Basiji faggots like Tayebnia and Iraq-chi are members of Hezbollah and Rouhani’s team. But now Hezbollah is in bed with their Great Satan. Hezbollah makes love with their Zionist IMF, while 97% of Iranians spit at them. Hezbollahi faggots like Iraq-chi and Tayebnia are non-Iranian pigs who just prove that the Mullah regime is a puppet and anti-Iranian regime. Now Rouhani is a stupid version of AN, and the most hateful clown in Iran’s history. Mullahs and their Arbab, the West, are so stupid. They themselves proved that the 2013 Mullah Show was a stupid farce, and the vast majority of Iranians didn’t vote for Rouhani in 2013. The majority of Iranians boycotted the 2013 Mullah Show, and only the UK, the US and their media supported Rouhani and the Mullah Show. Now the 97% of Iranians actually repeat the 1979 slogan about ‘Khar va Palane- Khar’ !, ie they say: ‘We hate this Donkey (the whole regime), but they just change its saddle! Now the 97% of Iranians show that they know and hate Rouhani and what the UK, the US and the West did in 2009, 2013, and all these years”.


As some wise Iranians say: “if the Mullah regime is a corrupt regime of Lies, then the West is a land of Lies and Liars. The West tells many big lies about many things. They censor the story of the current Referendum in Iran, and just tell big lies about Iranians. But as the current IMF Referendum showed, 85% of Iranians have access to the internet (& computer) in their homes, or in their near neighborhood. In fact, Iran has become a modern society, with wise people. If Iranian people had media, many things would change. As [witty Iranians] say, If Iranians could have a media, then it would lead to a global revolution!”. This year is a good time to know the Western/ Lefty/ Mullah paradoxes. As the wise Iranians say: “If you want to know more about [such paradoxes] and to have more fun, you cannot deprive yourself of the pleasure of using Islamist/ Jewish/ Marxist terminology in a satirical and sarcastic manner. It’s what Iranians do. But what Iranians say is not just satire, or a satirical exaggeration. Now it’s clear that when Iranians say: ‘90% of Iranians hate the Islamic regime’ or ‘99% of Iranians hate the Mullah TV’, it is not an exaggeration. The IMF referendum clearly showed that it is no exaggeration to say that 99% of Iranians hate the Mullah regime. Now we all should think more about what Iranians say. As Iranians say, Arabs and Islamists are followers of Satan (Ahriman). Their Jewish religion, like the West’s Jewish religion, is actually Satanism. Islamists and other followers of Satan tell many big lies and perform all evil acts. Mullahs think & act like the UK and the savage Arabs/ Zionists. Mullahs (Islamists) are not Iranians. They are anti-Truth, anti-Logic, anti-Good and anti-Iran. With the help of Ahriman (Great Satan) and our people’s mistakes, they could occupy our Iran. But now, more than 97% of our people have an iron will, and show that they will not accept Great Satan’s agents, Bullying, Threats, Big lies, and Orwellian Acts. Ahriman and its Mullahs used all their tools, all their religious beliefs, all foreign media, and all dirty tricks to fool Iranians. But Iranian people resisted, and became a good role model for the whole world. As we all know, and as history and reason show, Ahriman and its Evil Empire cannot resist the will of the people. If all people ask for change and resist, then no one and no force can stop people”. In these days, you can understand many things better. As some wise Iranians say: “In 2009, 90% of Iranians hated the Mullah regime. But now, Iranians are becoming more aware and angrier. In 2014, 97% of Iranians hate the Mullah regime, all anti-Iranian pigs, and all traitors to Iran and Iranians. Before 2009, the Lefty intellects and the Western media had fooled or misled many Iranians. But the 2009 CIA Coup changed many things in Iran, as the 2012 anti-Iran Sanctions, the 2013 Scandals, the Rouhani Farce, and the love story of ‘Mullahs and their Zionist IMF’ changed more things in Iran. Do you know what ‘97% of Iranians’ means?!”. They also add: “Now the UK media and the US media are as bankrupt and hateful as the Mullah TV, and 97% of Iranians hate them. It’s a good news for the world of good guys. The British
and the American Censorship are like or worse than the Mullah Censorship. The English Lie Factory is really unprecedented in history. What the British Barbarians censor or say about Iran is beyond Orwell’s imaginations. Unfortunately, the US Censorship is just a new version of the English censorship, and now the US media just reminds you of the UK Guardian, which is the Guardian of Big Brother, Censorship and Tyranny. The US, Mullahs and the forces of Darkness use British tactics. The forces of Ahriman (Evil) use the same tactics. For instance, look what Islamists do and say about the so-called Reba (usury). They lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, and when inflation rate is 100%, their banks just pay an interest rate of 6%! This usurious rate of 94% and ruining people’s savings and stealing people’s money by banks and Islamists is called Islamic Economics! The Islamist faggots love inflation rate, but crap about interest rates. Islamists are crooks and thieves, who directly and indirectly steal people’s money. In Iran, the official inflation rate is 44%, but banks just pay an interest rate of 6%! This usurious rate of 38% is much dirtier than the so-called Reba (usury). In fact, if you lend 10$ to people, and makes them pay you 100$ or 50$ !, you are a usurer like Mullahs/ Islamists, who just ruin people’s savings, people’s money, and people’s purchasing power. Islamists act like the Jewish usurers. They obey their Zionist IMF, and create the highest inflation rates and the greatest corruptions in Iran’s history. As our people say, Mullahs and Islamists are crooks and usurers! (Mal-e Mardom Khar va Reba Khar!) Islamists are stupid bad guys. From morning to night, the anti-Iran Mullah TV acts like the Nazi media, tells big lies, and makes Iranians even angrier. But what did they gain from such evil acts?! Iran is not like the barbarian England or the uncultured UK. Iran is the cradle of Civilization. Iran is the birthplace of Culture and Civilization. Now once again, Iran is a wise and smart nation, and today’s Iranians are really wiser and smarter than their Western counterparts. The current referendum revealed the depth of the Iranian Wisdom. God Bless Iran and Iranians, who can be a role model for all good guys. The 97% of Iranians showed that Iranian people can lead global changes. Iran, the cradle of civilization, can still lead the human society towards a better world. Now the only nation that resists the Evil Empire’s attempts to control the world is Iran. God Bless Iran, the land of Aryans. This ancient land is still great and raises hopes. Iran, as the Home of the Good, can still be a role model for the world of cultured people. Iran, the land of Aryans, still reminds you of the Aryan wisdom and the Persian Glory”.

Internet Heart Attack: OpenSSL, Not Secure HTTPS

April 20, 2014

In April 2014, many talk about ‘OpenSSL farce and Password-leaking debacle’. The media reports: “Heartbleed bug allows attackers to read the memory of the systems protected by OpenSSL! Basically, an attacker can grab 64K of memory from a server. The attack leaves no trace, and can be done multiple times to grab a different random 64K of memory (server’s memory is where the most sensitive data is stored)”. As some Iranian experts say: “This debacle (Heartbleed) is the most dangerous security flaw on the web. It’s a digital Catastrophe. On the scale of 1 to 10, this is a 12 ! It can lead to the leak of all passwords and private keys. It attacks the heart of the internet security. It’s an ‘Internet Heart Attack’, and now many give advice to people and say: ‘You should stay away from the internet entirely for a while; [that means] Don’t check your emails; Don’t login in any websites; and Don’t use any HTTPS/ SSL services!”. The OpenSSL Farce is important, because as some Iranian experts say: “OpenSSL is a free and open-source cryptographic/ security library, but two-thirds of the Web, including big companies, use OpenSSL! If you want to see [the dept of Tragedy], you should know that as the media reports: ‘there are only 11 people currently work in OpenSSL: a British cryptographer [!], 2 other British volunteers [!], and a few others’ ! (April 2014) OpenSSL is just one of many implementations of SSL protocol and security algorithms. But as many (experts & non-experts) ask: ‘Why tech giants, big companies and two-thirds of the Web should use OpenSSL?! Why OpenSSL, that has many bugs and serious problems, has become the heart of the internet security ?! Is OpenSSL a Big Brother’s security package?! Is OpenSSL a GCHQ/ NSA package?! Why we don’t have many good alternatives to OpenSSL ?! Universities, colleges and many experts can develop many alternatives to OpenSSL. But why the media reports: ‘Most universities and colleges use OpenSSL; Banks, CAs and security companies, and even the biggest tech companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Paypal, and Cisco use OpenSSL’ ?!! Such questions are [very important]. But the most laughable part of [OpenSSL Farce] is what the US media says: ‘Cisco Systems, the biggest creator of security equipment announced that their products [use OpenSSL] and had been affected by the Heartbleed bug !’ ! (April 2014)”. They also add: “Mass media says: ‘Two-thirds of the Web use OpenSSL. But the actual extent of Heartbleed’s damage is unclear’, while the main question is: ‘Why OpenSSL has become the heart of the internet security?! Why most security tools -and also services such as HTTPS, SMTP, IMAP, OpenVPN etc- use OpenSSL?! Governments and all attackers can use OpenSSL’s bugs to steal the people’s passwords and private keys. The bad guys can use stolen data to create fake SSL certificates, and to launch different attacks. In fact, the bad guys can use OpenSSL’s bugs to snoop/ spy on HTTPS and all SSL connections”. In Iran, as some wise Iranians say: “we have both OpenSSL tragedy and non-OpenSSL tragedy. The Mullah regime, with the help of the UK and the US regime, launch many Orwellian attacks on SSL connections. Even according to [2]: ‘Reporters without Borders (RSF.org), The 2013 Enemies of Interne’, Mullahs launch attacks on HTTPS and SSL connections by using American tools and British devices! [2] And ‘more astonishingly, the use of Israeli surveillance devices has also been detected in the Mullah regime‘ ! [2] In fact, Islamists not only lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, but they use other Zionist tools to hurt Iran and Iranians. Arabs and Islamists are actually Zionists. In fact, Rouhanis and Islamists are Satanists. As their RSF reports: ‘Filtering and surveillance device was provided by Is-rael to Mullahs’ ! [2] Such facts are like the Iran-Contra scandal, the 2009 CIA-Zionist Coup, and the Mullah-Zionist IMF farce. Islamists and Zionists are really Satan’s agents. The so-called Great Satan (USA, UK etc) is behind Mullahs and other Satanists. Now even non-Iranians -in reports like [3]: ‘Internet Censorship in Iran: A First Look’ (Aug 2013)- talk about ‘DNS hijacking, and protocol-based throttling in Iran’ [3], and say: ‘Mullahs have the capability to conduct SSL man-in-the-middle attacks‘ ! [3] They know that the UK and the US regime gave Mullahs this Orwellian capability [2] They know that ‘In Iran, the private IP address 10.10.x.x or 10.x.x.x is a device used for censorship and filtering’ [3] They even know that we all need ‘new & next-generation anticensorship tools’ [3] But the world has closed its eyes to this important fact that the West aids Mullahs and brutal dictators, and betrays all humans. As their RSF says: ‘the Western technology allows the Mullah regime to keep Iran’s Internet under close surveillance’ ! [2] The West is behind the Mullah Great Firewall, while the world is silent. But now, the world and the Western people can see the result of their silence. Now, the West openly attacks the free internet and hurts all humans, including average Westerners”.


In these days, some wise Iranians say: “As the history of Iran and the world is divided into two eras: ‘before 2009’ and ‘after 2009 Jewish Coup’, the history of the internet and internet security is divided into two eras: ‘before Snowden’ and ‘after Snowden’s revelations’. Most people lived in a pure fantasy world before Snowden’s revelations. Most people had many illusions about the West and the free internet. For instance, they said: ‘Mullahs and Islamists are worse than animals, but the West is different’ ! But now people can see the true face of the West, and many can understand why and how the US and the West aid Mullahs in fucking and filtering the internet in Iran. Now even non-Iranians can understand the importance of reports like [1]: ‘Mullah Web Spying Aided By Western Technology’ (Wall Street Journal (WSJ), June 2009). Now it’s clear why ‘Mullahs use spying/ filtering equipments from U.S. companies and European companies’ [1] Of course it has also become clear that our situation in Iran is like the situation in the West. Mullahs still send noise and parasite and try to slow down the filtered Internet in Iran. But the situation in Iran and the West are almost alike. In Iran, Mullahs openly perform their evil acts, and all people can see and feel the Mullah evil acts. But the West secretly performs such evil acts and more evil acts”. In Iran, as some Iranian experts say: ‘OpenSSL farce is more ridiculous. The Mullah regime itself uses OpenSSL, and their systems are not safe and secure! [This British Shit, Rouhani, and other British Mullahs] just love to hurt Iranians, and don’t care about real problems. But it’s not the whole story. According to Reporters without Borders, American Companies such as Blue Coat [2] aid Mullahs in ‘Deep Packet Inspection’ and launching attacks on HTTPS and SSL connections [2] ‘Blue Coat is a large IT company based in California, that is known for providing filtering and censorship devices for brutal dictators[2] These American pigs and the [British barbarians] sell their Orwellian tools to Mullahs, and that’s why Mullahs are able to perform SSL man-in-the-middle attacks. This Mullah ‘man-in-the-middle attack’, aka Mullah-in-the middle attack, is a new problem that, like many other problems in Iran, has been created by the US, the UK and [the EU]”. They also add: “In Iran and the West, SSL connections are not secure from snooping in transit. Now even non-Iranians say: ‘Mullahs use American tools, which are designed to intercept data meant to be sent to secure (https) sites’ ! [2] But it’s just part of the tragedy. In Iran, all anti-filtering tools, all VPNs and all anti-censorship tools use OpenSSL. They all [suffer from] OpenSSL’s bugs, and Mullahs can use fake certificates and other Orwellian tricks to control them. Now, Mullahs launch attacks on all HTTPS / SSL connections, including VPN connections. In March and April 2014, the anti-censorship tools in Iran were under new attacks. For instance, UltraSurf -that many Iranians used it- had become a joke. For about 10 days, UltraSurf was directly connected to the Mullah servers, which are Orwellian surveillance machines with 10.10.x.x IP address! Iranians suffer from global problems, too. In these months, Email providers just said and say: ‘We update our SSL certificates’ or ‘SSL certificates updated again (and again)’ ! So, finding fake certificates was hard. It was a global problem. In Iran, Mullahs tried to use ‘OpenSSL debacle’ to create fake digital certificates, and to steal people’s passwords. It was a global problem, too. But Iranians already knew that many things -from emails and phone calls to passwords- are not safe and secure, because they are under the Mullah spying attacks. As many Iranians said and say: ‘We, Iranians, have nothing to hide. Mullahs and Islamists are spies and stooges of Iran’s enemies, and should be afraid of hurting Iranians, violating basic rights, betraying Iran, and helping Iran’s enemies’. But it’s so ridiculous that the West and Mullahs help each other, betray Iranians and violate basic rights. It’s so shameful that the West aids Mullahs in launching internet attacks, controlling anti-censorship tools, and violating basic rights. Without the aid of the UK and the US regime Mullahs are not able to launch Orwellian attacks on SSL connections”. We have already written about the tragedy of the Internet in Iran, and repeatedly warned about the global silence (check Archive). But as some wise Iranians say: “Now the Western-made problems in Iran, aka Iranian problems, have become global problems. In 2009, their own WSJ said: ‘the Islamic regime, with the assistance of Western companies, has one of the world’s most sophisticated mechanisms for controlling and censoring the Internet, allowing it to examine the content of online communications on a massive scale’ [1] But now it’s clear that the West just tests its Orwellian technologies -like Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)- in Iran, and after some years, they will use such Orwellian tools in the West. ‘In Iran, the Internet having slowed to less than a tenth of normal speeds. DPI delays the transmission of online data’ [1] But as many Iranians say to Westerners, our today is your future. The Mullah Great Firewall was and is just the predecessor of the Great Firewall in the UK and the EU. The Mullah regime is a stupid puppet of the West. Mullahs use Cisco firewalls and other Western tools (from OpenSSL to Great Firewall) to protect their Mullah system!, while Cisco and other Western companies work with NSA and Big Brother’s agencies. In fact, Mullahs use NSA tools and IMF programs, and IMF, NSA and UK control the Mullah system!”.


In April 2014, as some wise Iranians say: “the US media reports: ‘NSA and GCHQ already knew OpenSSL’s bugs, but didn’t reveal such exploits to the public’ ! But now even non-Iranians say: ‘NSA and GCHQ create security holes and use them. You cannot ask them: Is your tool safe to use? Does it contain backdoors? They’re not going to tell you [!] The US and UK’s attacks on the internet must be made public’. But most of the Western experts say nothing about real problems and real solutions […] OpenSSL has many problems. You expect that only ordinary people use OpenSSL, because it’s free. But the main questions is: Why big companies like Yahoo, Amazon, Adobe, PayPal, Google etc use OpenSSL?! Why many CAs, banks, security companies, and two-thirds of the Web should use OpenSSL ?!!”. They also add: “Tor project uses OpenSSL. But now, instead of saying: Don’t use Tor for a while, or ‘If you need anonymity or privacy on the Internet, you should stay away from (Tor and) OpenSSL’. The stupid Tor project just says: ‘If you need strong anonymity or privacy on the Internet, you might want to stay away from the Internet entirely for a few days’ ! (April 2014) Tor and OpenSSL are the same shits. The Tor Project, aka the Tor Farce, can show you the main problems. The Tor guys get money from the US regime, but claim that they fight against the US regime’s evil acts! Before Snowden many ignored such facts, but now the meaning of the Tor- OpenSSL farce is clear. Instead of providing help, they just worsen problems. They are worse than big companies. Most people don’t trust big companies. In 2014, when the media talked about ‘Apple’s embarrassingly simple ‘goto fail’ bug in OS X’ or ‘Apple users (iPhone & iPad users etc) at risk of SSL man-in-the-middle attacks’ !, many didn’t trust ‘Apple’ and already knew that ‘they can capture or modify your data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS’. In 2014, ‘NIST stated that Apple’s implementation of SSL/TLS does not check the digital signatures, which allows man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks to spoof SSL servers’. But many people said: ‘Apple’s goto fail disaster was created by the NSA and/ or by one of the richest companies on Earth !’ ! (2014) Normal people know big companies, but OpenSSL guys just insult your intelligence and say: ‘We don’t work on OpenSSL for money’ !! (April 2014) As our people say: Yah, they work for the God and the Big Brother’ ! They are like Mullahs and Islamists, who love to aid Satan, to do evil acts, to steal your money, and to say: We don’t work for money! We work for god !”. In this year (2014), many things are ridiculous, but informative. As some Iranian experts say: ‘In 2014, the media talks talks about ‘damage to Yahoo’s brand’ ! In Feb 2014, the media reported: ‘Yahoo says usernames and passwords of its email users have been stolen! But many Yahoo email users don’t even know about such facts’ ! [Unfortunately] most people are not aware of important facts. For instance, they don’t know that HTTPS is not safe and secure. HTTPS should provide a true end-to-end security, but as experts say: ‘instead of connecting to your destination, you can connect to Big Brother proxies! In Iran, there is no true end-to-end security, and even when you use anti-filtering tools, you can connect to Mullah machines’ ! But it’s a global problem. As many experts say: ‘there is no safe and secure end-to-end HTTPS. And there’s nothing more dangerous in this context than thinking you’re end-to-end secure when you’re really not‘. Now many [talk about] ‘HTTPS 2.0’, and this fact that NSA can be behind the HTTPS 2 proposal. As they say: ‘[bad guys] ask you to ‘Trust Big Brother, your friendly man-in-the-middle! They [praise] the concept of ‘trusted proxies’, Big Brother’s proxies, and use a stupid ‘Trust us’ concept to fool people. They say: ‘Trust us. Trust Big Brother! But the concept of ‘trusted proxies’ is inherently
untrustworthy, especially in this post-Snowden era”. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s good that most people are changing their views. Now the concept of ‘Internet security’ or ‘computer security’ should change. Now all experts should ask themselves: We actually work for what and for whom? If you only work for money, and help bad guys, you are definitely a stupid whore and a bad guy. But if you are a good guy or a good/ wise expert, you must pay more attention to Orwellian technologies and what Big Brothers do or want. In the past, many said: ‘we are concerned about the role and practices of Certificate Authorities (CAs)’. But now it’s clear that CAs and the so-called trusted parties can work with NSA, GCHQ and Big Brothers. In the past, many said: ‘the security of HTTPS is only as strong as the practices of the untrustworthy CAs’ or ‘HTTPS security level is dependent on the security features/capabilities of [Big Brothers] !’ But now it’s clear that Big Brother has visibility to all personal and private information, and SSL connections are not secure from snooping in transit. All good and wise experts should work on new ideas and new protocols, which are independent of Authorities, governments, Big Brothers and any ‘trusted parties’. We [not only] need many alternatives to tools and packages like Tor and OpenSSL, but we need serious alternatives to the current Orwellian technologies and Orwellian ideas/ concepts”. Think about it. We should write more about these issues later.

Rouhanis and their Zionist IMF: Puppets of the West

April 14, 2014

These days are historic days. Even future generations can learn a lot from the current farce. As some wise Iranians say: “On April 9, 2014, Rouhani officially started the first steps in implementing the IMF Plans; and on April 10, 2014, the Mullah TV reported: ‘Rouhani’s economic guys (Tayebnia, Seif etc) are in Washington (USA) and meet with the IMF chief Christian Lagarde . Seif, the governor of CBI (Mullah Central Bank) explains to the IMF chief how the Islamic regime wants to implement the IMF plans in Iran. Lagarde, the IMF chief, praises Rouhani’s plans, and admires Rouhani for implementing the 2nd phase of the IMF plans in Iran. The visit is tied to the new round of nuclear negotiations with the P5+1′ ! Can you believe it ?! Rouhani’s economic men go to Washington at this very moment (the start of the 2nd phase of the IMF plans), and meet with their American Arbabs (masters) and their Zionist IMF in Washington! It seems like the Qajar/ Pahlavi era, and can Khar Fahm (make aware) all ignorant people”. In these days, many things are laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the Mullah media publishes part of the Iranian people’s comments, in which Iranians say funny & important things like: ‘Rohani is Ravani (psycho)! He committed political suicide .. Rouhani puts his Key into his ass, and brings a Sword against people! [Shamshir-o (alayhe Mardom) az ru basteh !] .. Rouhani’s Key is nothing but a British Sword against people. Rouhani is the Enemy of the People. He threatens all people .. Rohnai’s motto is ‘Tahqir & Farib’ (Humiliation & Deception)! .. Rohani is a new version of AhmadiNejad (AN), who was a Liar and a Puppet [of Iran’s enemies]’ (April 2014). It’s funny that the Mullah media even adds: ‘Rouhani slips on a banana peel. Rouhani slips on the IMF’s banana peel‘ ! (April 2014) The Mullah media says such things, because Iran’s people are angry, and say: ‘Gandesh dar Amadeh’ ! (their secrets have been revealed) … such events/ signs are enough for any sane person ( … khod hadis-e Mofasal bekhan az een Mojmal)! .. British Mullahs (Khamenei, Rohani etc) just do what their Arbab, Satan/ UK/ IMF, wants .. Mullahs are stooges/ slaves of the West and Iran’s enemies”. In June 2013, we wrote about ‘Onions and Sticks’, the Iranian advice, and what Iranians said about “Mullahcracy and Illusion of Democracy” (check Archive); and now it’s clear that what Iranians already said and guessed were not wrong. Iranians tried to wait and see how Rouhani shows his plans. As we said before, “In Feb 2014, the media said: ‘the IMF mission visits Iran for its first assessment of the impact of US sanctions’ ! [And] when the IMF team is in Iran, Rouhani gives the Mullah TV an interview (on Feb 5) about the IMF plans, and says he wants to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans in Iran!” (check Archive for [3]: “Anti-Iran Rouhanis, IMF and United Barbarians”) In 2014, and for the first time in Iran’s history, Rouhani’s media openly said: ‘Humiliating Iranians is a good thing. The US-Mullah deal is worth Humiliating Iran’s people. Humiliating Iranians and hurting Iranians are among Rouhani’s main goals, because he wants to make a deal with the West. Hurting Iranians is part of the deal” [3] Now many things have become clear. As some wise Iranians say: “Now you can understand why they said: ‘the fall of Iran’s Rial is a good thing’ ! Rouhani and his economic guys work for the IMF, the UK and/or the CIA. Seif is that Islamist faggot who openly said: ‘the fall of the Rial’s value is good; but the fall of the Dollar’s value is bad ! [For more info, check Archive for [2]: ‘West, Lies, and Censorship: Rouhani, IMF, Rial’]. In Oct and Sep 2013, all Iranians were talking about this important story [2], but the West and the Left censored such important facts, which show that Rouhani’s team work for Iran’s enemies, not Iran. Now Rouhani’s team are in Washington and lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, but the West censors such news, which show why Rouhani is a puppet of the West. Rouhani’s economic guys revealed many things. In Sep 2013, Seif crapped about Rial [2], and in Oct 2013, Seif & Tayebnia went to the US to lick the ass of their Zionist IMF!, and as the media reported: ‘Seif, the CBI chief, asks the IMF to cooperate with [Islamic regime]. Seif made the remark in a joint meeting held in Washington with the IMF chief. The Islamist regime calls for further ties with [the Zionist IMF]‘ ! (Oct 2013) It’s so [important]. In April 2014, Rohani starts to implement the Zionist IMF Plans in Iran, while Seif & Teyebnia are in Washington and lick the ass of their Zionist IMF! Mullahs are worse than Qajars and Pahlavis. A Basiji faggot, Ali Tayebnia, is Rohani’s Economy and Finance Minister, but he repeatedly goes to the US, and makes love with their Zionist IMF! Now it’s clear why Iranians say: ‘the Mullah regime is the worst puppet regimes in Iran’s history; Rouhani’s government is the worst government in Iran’s history, and Rouhani is the worst Anti-Iranian Spy/ Stooge in history“. The current farce is so important, and as the wise Iranians say: “they just make people more aware and angrier, and it shows that the West and its puppets (Islamists, Marxists etc) have badly confused. Now Iran’s people refer to Rouhani as freemason, stooge, slave, psycho etc. Now the Iranian people say: ‘Mullahs and Islamists are really Mozdur-e Englis (stooges of Britain) and Nokar-e America (puppets of America). But you should ask why our people say such things. Who make our people even angrier? Who are puppets of the West, the IMF, and Iran’s Enemies? Who Aid the Enemy amid the so-called Economic War?!”.


In these days, many things are important and informative. As some wise Iranians say: “The anti-Iran Mullah TV acts like the Nazi media. But now even the Mullah media criticizes the anti-Iran Mullah TV (IRIB), and says: ‘the IRIB’s stupid propaganda has made the Iranian people even angrier’ !! (April 2014) The Mullah media even says: ‘All Iranians are angry. In taxis, buses, streets and all public places, you can see that Iranians are mad at Rouhani and [Islamic regime]. Iran’s people have serious questions about the IMF plans and what we (Mullahs) have done in these years. But instead of answering people’s questions, we (Rouhanis) just insult the people’s intelligence, and make the Iranian people even angrier‘ !! (April 2014) It’s exactly what the Mullah media says! In fact, the soup is too salty, and now even idiots know that almost all Iranians hate Rouhani, and Rouhani has made Iranians even angrier. But the UK and the US still censor all news and all facts, and defend their beloved stooge, Rouhani! The Western Censorship is worse than the Mullah Censorship”. They also add: “Mullahs are Mongols. Their stupid plan -ie asking people to accept IMF Plans and to not apply/ register for getting their share- is actually a Referendum on the Islamic regime. In March and April 2014, Mullahs used all their tools, all their religious beliefs, all foreign supports and foreign media, and all dirty tricks to fool Iranians into accepting IMF Plans. In fact, Mullahs have used all their tools and all they had in their holy Islamic cities -from Qom to London !- to fool Iranians. But now more than 99% of Iranians say a definite No to Mullahs and the IMF. Now 99% of Iranians send a Bilakh (an obscene gesture) to Rouhanis, the IMF and the UK! It’s actually a Referendum on Mullahs, their beliefs and their Arbab, and now even Western analysts say: ‘If Rouhani cuts the cash handouts to millions of Iranians, it will lead to significant popular unrest in Iran ‘ ! But it’s funny that the CIA media says: ‘Cuts to subsides can lead to popular unrest in Iran .. But the potential unrest could push the Mullahs to work faster to resolve its nuclear issues with the West [!!!]‘ (Fortune, March 2014)”. History will never forget these years. As some wise Iranians say: “Iran and Iranians will never forget the shameful story of Mullahs, their Great Satan and their Zionist IMF. Iranians will never forget Islamic Capitalism and Islamic Marxism/ Communism. The Islamist Capitalists (ie pigs like AN and Rouhani) are worse than the American Capitalists. For instance, Rouhani’s Health minister openly says: ‘Education or Health care is not a basic right. Education or Health care is a business, and should be profitable. Doctors and practitioners are businessmen, and should profit from [people’s pains & people’s problems] ‘ !! (IRIB, 2014) Can you believe it?! The UK and the British media refer to such Satanic crap – which is Ultra-Capitalist – as RouhaniCare! Now it’s clear that Rouhani’s cabinet is a cesspool of the anti-Iran spies/ stooges. Now [funny Iranians] say: ‘Instead of saying: ‘Down with Mullahs’ or ‘Down with Rouhani’, Iranians should say: ‘Down with the West and its puppets, including Mullahs’ or ‘Down with the IMF and its stooges, including AN and Rohani’. Instead of saying: Death to Islamists, Iranians should say: Death to UK and Arab/ Jewish Satanists!”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “when you search the internet, you can see that even non-Iranians say good things like: ‘Mullah or Islamist is cast as an anti-US crusader resisting the Imperialist West ! But [it’s a big lie]. Mullah or Islamist is just a puppet of the Imperialist West. Who implement free-market policies, Imperialist policies, and IMF policies in Iran?!! Mullahs and Islamists‘ ! Now even non-Iranians say: ‘the Islamist system is rife with corruption and embezzlement. Iran’s average people understand that the Mullah regime, not sanctions, has ruined Iran’s economy. The IMF Plans will lead to political unrest in Iran. The French Revolution was largely triggered by similar subsidization-then-cancellation financing schemes by Louis XVI. The Islamist regime is a bankrupt and [puppet regime], and the Iranian people hate this regime as much as they hate Iran’s enemies”. In 2013 and the AN’s era we wrote about [1]: “How Mullahs Help West and Sanctions” and “Why Mullahs Aid the Enemy amid Economic War ?!” (check Archive). In 2013, many said: “Amid the Western sanctions -that the West calls it Economic War- Iran should raise subsidies and decrease prices. Iran’s economic policies should strengthen Iranians and weaken the Enemy. But Mullahs just aid the Enemy amid the so-called Economic War! They want to implement the 2nd phase of IMF Plans amid US-EU sanctions!” [1] In 2013, they finally refused to openly implement the IMF plans in Iran. But now, as the wise Iranians say: ‘Rouhani just obeys the IMF, and tries to aid the Enemy amid the so-called Economic War. Now, many say: ‘Rouhani is a Freemason’, and you cannot blame them. But it’s not important that ‘Rouhani, like that AN, is a Freemason or not’. The most important thing is that Rouhani tells big lies, acts like AN, and hurts Iranians. He just obeys the IMF, while Iranians know real Solutions [We have already written about Solutions (check Archive)]. Now most Iranians say: “Solution is simple: Stop IMF plans .. they must reduce Corruption and Inflation rate .. Instead of obeying the IMF and praising the devaluation of the Rial, they must devaluate the Dollar in Iran. In 2013, the Dollar’s value was decreasing in Iran. But instead of allowing the Dollar’s value to decrease from 3000 to 2000 Toman, Mullahs preferred to obey (the IMF and to re-increase all prices and to stupidly re-implement IMF Plans)! Rouhanis love corruption, mismanagement, AN, IMF Plans, stealing + $800 billions of our oil money, etc’. Mullahs and their Arbab -Great Satan- suffer from Mongolism. But when Islamist/ non-Iranian pigs like Iraq-chi, Tayebnia and other members of Hezbollah lick the asses of their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan, Iranians just laugh and say: ‘Mashallah Hezbollah’ !! As our people say: ‘It’s good that the West and Mullahs are Mongols (retards). Thanks God that Iran’s enemies are such retards. They themselves show their true face! They themselves topple their Satanic regime! They themselves are fucking their own beliefs, their own myths, and their own slogans”.


In these days, many things are important and laughable. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now non-Iranians say: ‘the Islamic regime is one of the Zionist Occupied Governments’ !, and Islamists and the Mullah media talk about Social Capital and Social trust , and say: AN and Rouhani just ruined our social capital’ !! (April 2014) They even talk about ‘Poul-e Imam Zaman’, and say: ‘Yesterday, Mullahs said this money is ‘Poul-e Imam Zaman’ (holy money), and tomorrow they would say: ‘(Qala) Saint X or Y Aleyhessalam (said): Those who get this money will go to hell, and those who reject it will go to Heaven! We, Islamists, should dance to which tune?!’ !! (April 2014) It’s [funny and important] that the Mullah media publishes such things. When their Islamic Economists (Seif, Tayebnia etc) lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, even idiots and the rank and file of the Islamic regime laugh/ spit at Mullahs and the Myth of Anti-Imperialism!”. The Mullah-IMF farce can reveal the true face of many things. As some wise Iranians say: “It not only confirms that the Exiled Journalists (Ganji, Behnoud, Nourizadeh etc) work for the CIA/ MI6, but it shows the true face of Orwellian Agents like Noam Chomsky. Now Mullahs work hand-in-hand with the so-called IMF imperialists, but the Lefty media and the Lefty intellects censor all news and close their dirty eyes to all facts. But it’s not the whole story. Just look how the Lefty CIA media like ‘Counterpunch’, ‘LobeLog’ etc praise Mullahs and Imperialist IMF! Now the Big Brother’s media like the Guardian (GU) and the Huffington Post censor all news and all facts, and just say: ‘As Iran’s new year dawns, sanctions keep economic outlook in the dark !!’ (March 2014) The MI6/ CIA media shows why and how Rouhanis aid Iran’s enemies”. The Western- Lefty contradictions are really unique. As some wise Iranians say: “Just look what the Lefts and Marxists now say about the IMF plans in Ukraine and Greece! In April 2014, the Lefty media talks about ‘Ukraine under the IMF’s yoke‘ !! But they close their dirty eyes to the IMF Plans in Iran, and even praise the love story of ‘the IMF and Mullahs’! Most of the Lefty media are the CIA media, as most of the Lefty Intellects and their leader, Chomsky, are CIA agents […] Rouhani’s key is the IMF’s yoke, and the Sham Fight between Mullahs and their Arbab (the West) is so ridiculous. As average Iranians say: ‘Dava Sar-e Lahaf-e
‘ ! (It’s a sham fight over Mullah blanket !) But the Lefts are dumber than animals”. We should write more about these days and what people and media say. But as some wise Iranians say: “Just look how the West censors all news and all facts. Just look how the UK media and the US media play games, tell the biggest lies in history, and act like the Ministry of Truth. The UK tells one of the most laughable lies in history: ‘Iran’s increasingly impoverished middle class support Rouhani’ !! (GU, March 2014) The UK is really the worst Orwellian State in history, and shows why Islamists -from Basijis to Khatamists- work for the UK and the Big Brother’s agencies”. Mullahs and IMF have only created more poverty and injustice in Iran, and no one can deny/ reject this fact. But as some wise Iranians say: “the media and journalists have closed their dirty mouths. But now even non-Iranians say: ‘the Jewish run IMF cuts subsidies and creates more poverty’! […] Mullahs go to Washington and lick the ass of their Zionist IMF! It’s their Resistance Economy! They are in bed with their Zionist IMF, and it’s their Eqtesad-e Moqarebati ! But the Left and the West still tell big lies. This Islamist faggot, Teyebnia, even cannot utter or spell ‘Bank’. He refers to Bank as Bang! But the UK and the US love and support spies and stupid Islamists like Mr Bang !, Seif, Nili, Laylaz, Pajouyan etc and call them Economists!”. The love story of ‘the IMF and Rouhanis’ is one of the Greatest Contradictions of all times, and can explain many things. As some wise Iranians say: “On 28 March 2014 the Executive Board of the IMF thanked Mullahs for implementing the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans in Iran! Even the BBC reported: ‘The International Monetary Fund (IMF) welcomes the increase in Iran’s domestic energy prices and says the plan is a priority‘ ! (BBC, April 2014) The [current farce] says a lot about this Orwellian World, the Orwellian West and its tactics. Now even Ukraine’s leaders learn form Mullah Resistance Economy, and as the media reports: ‘Ukraine’s leaders call the coming IMF-imposed austerity ‘the price of independence’‘ !! (April 2014) In fact, all bad guys use the same Orwellian tactics. But the Lefty pigs are the worst bad guys. Now even the stupid Westerners write about ‘The Hypocrites of the Left‘ (2014), and the good Westerners put comments and say: ‘the Stupid Left just [aids] Imperialism .. the Satanic Left is Zionist, but chants ‘Anti-Zionist’ slogans! Noam Chomsky [is a Jew; Leveretts] are Jews. The Satanic Left actually comes from the Jew. Who [support] the Jewish IMF plans in Iran ?!’. Now only the bad guys praise the IMF. The IMF is actually a new version of the Company (East India Company), as Mullahs are a stupid version of Qajars/ Pahlavis. But today is not the 19th century. Now the IMF or the Company -as the managing agency for the West’s Colonialism- is hateful and bankrupt. Now those idiots who support such evil agencies have low IQs. For instance, they say: ‘How many university students do you think there are in Iran? 10,000 [!!!]’ These stupid bastards even don’t know that ‘there are more than 4 million university students in Iran. There are about 20 million university-educated people in Iran’. The West and its stooges still live in the 19th century, and suffer from Mongolism!”.

Basic Skills: Logic and Learning from Contradictions

April 8, 2014

“Psychologists and psychiatrists talk about the importance of ‘Life Skills’. They truly say all people should know a set of basic skills, and learn how to deal with the problems of everyday life. They say the basic skills, known as ‘Life Skills’, show people how to manage their emotions, and how to face with and/or solve the problems of daily life. But they often ignore this important fact that ‘we live in an Orwellian world; and If anger or stress is part of everyday life, brainwashing and fooling people is part of everyday life, too”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “the Arts of Problem Solving is part of the basic skills. But most people know nothing about it. The Arts of Reasoning – that shows you how to use Logic, how to use your brain etc- is part of the basic skills, too. But most people know nothing about such important skills […] All bad guys -from crooks and charlatans to media and Big Brother- love Sheeple, ie those who live like sheep. The bad guys hate a better world in which most people know basic skills. As they say, ‘Knowledge is Power; So, people should remain ignorant’ ! The bad guys love Power, Lying and Ignorance, while the good guys care about Knowledge, Truth and Logic. The bad guys try to fool and use people, while the good guys care about a better world and a better life for all humans”. In these years, many talk about ‘Basic Skills’ and ‘Life Skills’. So, it’s not bad that we write about our own views and Iranian views in a series of articles. We see Logic and the Arts of Reasoning as part of the basic skills, because (according to dictionaries) ‘Reasoning = a process of thinking carefully about something in order to make a judgment’. As you know, most people talk about ‘logic’, ‘logical way of thinking’, ‘logical explanation’, ‘logical reasons’ etc, but many don’t know what is logic, and how they can use logic. According to dictionaries, “Logic = a way of thinking or a formal method of reasoning that is based on a series of facts or ideas connected in a correct way”. As the wise Iranians say: “Logic can be a very complicated subject. The experts see logic as ‘mathematical logic’ or part of ‘philosophy of science’. But we all can, and should, use logic in daily life. Logic is not just a mathematical/ scientific thing. Using logic is actually using a thinking process in which facts and ideas are connected in a correct way”. But the main question is: what is ‘a correct way’?! As some wise Iranians say: ‘It’s a simple question, but its answer is very complicated (the answer is actually a subject that ‘Logic as a whole’ talks about it). But one of the important parts of the answer can be useful for all people: ‘In a correct way’ means ‘in a consistent way’ or ‘without inconsistency’. Inconsistency, contradiction ad paradox are synonyms of each other. Inconsistency or contradiction is ‘a situation in which two things or two statements are different and cannot both be true. If you want to know how to find inconsistency/ contradiction , there is no need to become a master at logic. For instance, when politicians say: ‘Black is White’ or ‘War is Peace’, any sane person can find contradiction. You just need Comment Sense (Aghl-e Salim) to find inconsistency in everyday life”. Logic is useful for all people. As some wise Iranians say: “We all can learn from contradictions. For instance, ‘before 2009’ most Iranians didn’t have any first-hand experience/ knowledge about the West. But ‘after 2009’, the West’s contradictions showed the West’s true face, and gave Iranians first-hand experience. As many Iranians say, today we can see the West’s true face, their big lies and their contradictions with our own eyes. But when today, at the age of Internet and Information, the UK and the West tell such big lies and do such evil acts, it’s obvious what they did in the past (recent centuries)! The West’s contradictions and the West’s bad lies say a lot about both the present and the past, specially about what the West’s Animal Farm did in recent centuries”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Many people [including us] are sick and tired of this Orwellian World and the dirty world of politics and media. But the Orwellian world of media and politics is a good example of a very illogical world, and can teach you about Logic, ‘Finding Contradictions and Learning from Contradictions’. As ancient Iranians said, Evil and Enemy can be useful ! The world of politics and media is a very illogical world, and politicians, media and all bad guys are full of crap and contradictions. [So,] if you want to know who is a bad guy, and who tries to fool people, you can focus on finding inconsistency. What the West, media and other bad guys do/ say suffer from many apparent contradictions. For instance, they say: ‘We hate Islamists’, but they openly support Islamists in Egypt, Syria etc. They say: ‘We hate Islamists, Marxists and terrorists’, but they shamelessly support a notorious Marxist-Islamist terrorist group (MEK)! They say: ‘we are against wars’, but from morning to night they threaten Iran with aggressive wars and military leverage/ option! They say: ‘We care about human rights’, but they openly attack basic rights, including privacy and free speech (free internet etc)”. Apparent contradictions are important, and can reveal the true colors of the Bad Guys. As some wise Iranians say: ‘There are many examples of apparent contradictions. For instance, the Lefts say: ‘the IMF is Imperialist’, and Mullahs say: ‘We hate Imperialists/ Zionists; the IMF is a Zionist/ Imperialist Organization’ ! But Mullahs are in bed with their Zionist IMF and try to implement the Zionist IMF Plans in Iran!, while the Lefts praise Mullahs and the Imperialist IMF ! It’s a very ridiculous paradox. The West and Mullahs refer to ‘Sanction Game’ as ‘Economic War’ ! But AN, Rouhani, and Mullahs just aid the Enemy’s sanctions and implement the Zionist IMF Plans amid the so-called Economic war, and call it Resistance! In 2012 and 2013, the US and the UK said: ‘USA imposes sanctions in hopes that Iranians start a revolution to overthrow their government’ !! But common sense and Logic say: ‘It’s very illogical; it’s bullshit, because they refused to impose such sanctions in 2009, when Iranians were in the streets and had already started a revolution to overthrow their government !’. The CIA agents and lefty/ Islamist whores -from Leveretts to Akbar Ganji- say: ‘the goal of sanctions is indeed the overthrow of the Mullah regime‘ !! But common sense and logic say: ‘If the goal of sanctions was indeed the overthrow of the Mullah regime, the US would have imposed these sanctions in 2009, when the Iranian people were in the street‘. But in 2009, the US and the West just aided Mullahs in suppressing the anti-Mullah movement. These apparent paradoxes [are so important]. These years show that the goal of sanctions is like the goal of the 2009 CIA Coup, the goal of IMF Plans, and the goal of Mullahs and all anti-Iranian agents, ie it is: ‘Keeping Iran weak, dependent and under Tyranny’. It’s what the West wants, and that’s why they love and support Mullahs and all anti-Democracy groups. Iranians are not blind or stupid, and learn from apparent paradoxes”. They also add: “The CIA agents like Leveretts and Chomsky are full of
contradictions. [For instance] In 2009, they said: ‘Iranians love AN, because AN hates Rafsanjani’ ! But in 2013, they said: ‘Iranians love Rouhani, because Rouhani loves Rafsanjani’ ! The West and its Mullahs suffer from many shitty and apparent contradictions”. What Iran’s people say is very logical (Hesab-e 2, 2 ta 4 ta), and is based on facts and common sense. As some Iranians say: “In these days, even the Mullah media says: ‘the Iranian people just ridicule Rouhani and the IMF Plans‘ !! (April 2014) It’s so [important] that even the Mullah media says such things. But the West censors all news/ facts. The West and its Mullahs refer to their Zionist IMF Plans as Reform or Resistance Economy! But Iranians can see contradictions, and refer to Mullahs -who are in bed with their Zionist IMF- as puppets of the West, and to the Mullah Economy as Eqtesad-e Moqarebati (Fucking Economy)”. We should write more about these days later, but as some wise Iranians say: “Now Rouhani and his government are like -or even more hateful than- AhmadiNejad (AN) and AN’s government. Now Rouhani aids the Enemy, and the Enemy (UK/ US media) says: ‘[In Iran,] our sanctions has caused inflation to skyrocket‘ ! (March 2014), while the IMF Plans and the love story of ‘the IMF and Rouhani’ are censored by the Enemy (the anti-Iran West). Now it’s obvious who aid the Enemy and play the role of ‘Brake Pedals‘ in the path of Iran’s Progress. Now it’s clear who is who. Obama, UK media, and the MI6/ CIA agents -from pigs like Leveretts, Sick, Chomsky and Jack Straw to Chalquz (shits) like Journalists in Exile (Ganji, Behnoud, etc)- love and support Rouhani and his anti-Iranian policies. But almost all Iranians inside Iran hate and curse Rouhani and IMF Plans. Iran’s people are mad at this anti-Iranian spy, Rouhani. But the BBC says: ‘the International Monetary Fund (IMF) welcomes the increase in Iran’s domestic prices, including energy prices, and says this plan is a priority‘ !! (April 2014) In fact, Rouhani just makes the IMF and the West happy”. They also add: “Now, the large army of Angry Iranians have forced even the Western analysts to confess: ‘The honeymoon with Rouhani’s government is over. The new increase in prices drives up discontent with Rouhani’s government’ ! (April 2014) Now, even the Mullah media publishes part of the Iranian people’s comments, in which Iranians say good things like: ‘Rouhani’s gov is the first gov that openly threaten all Iranians .. Rouhani showed his true face. Rouhani is an Enemy of the People .. Rouhani’s gov is the worst gov in Iran’s history‘ ! It’s funny that the Mullah media publishes such things. It shows that the soup is too salty, and Rouhani is becoming a hateful figure and a dead/ burnt piece for everyone”. We should write more about the current farce later. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Now it’s clear that Rouhani and Mullahs are eating both ‘Onions and Sticks’. Mullahs just dance to the Enemy’s tune, and Rouhani is becoming the worst anti-Iranian stooge in Iran’s history. Just look who are Rouhani’s supporters: the IMF, the UK, the US, and those who already aided Mullahs in suppressing Iranians in 2009! These anti-Iranian psychos often call themselves ‘Anti-Mullah’, but tell paradoxical jokes like: ‘ Iranians, specially the poor, love Mullahs and IMF Plans. Iranian people, specially the working class, love high inflation, poverty, economic crises, and economic instability. Iranians have a societal desire for cooperating with Khamenei, and for ruining Iran’s economy. Mullahs kill Iranians, but Iranians love their killers. Islamists torture Iranians, but Iranians love their torturers. Mullahs create economic crises, but Iranians love economic crises. Iranians love Iran’s enemies, including the anti-Iran West !”. The West and its stooges suffer from apparent contradictions. As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to learn about Logic, Inconsistency, and ‘How to find Inconsistency’, you should use good examples like the stories of ‘the West, Mullahs, Sanctions, IMF Plan and its disastrous results [We have repeatedly written about them; check Archive for: ‘Prices in Iran: The World Highest Inflation Rate’, ‘The IMF and Islamists, Marxists and Imperialists’, etc]. The Racist West says: Iran’s people = Iran’s regime !, while Iran’s people hate the Mullah regime, and it’s the West that loves and supports the Mullah regime. Iran’s people have learned from the West’s contradictions, and that’s why almost all Iranians say: Iran must have nukes; the West is the Enemy of Iran’s people, not Mullahs’. Before 2009, Iranians said: ‘the Mullah regime should not have nukes’. But now many things have changed […] In these years the West says: ‘Iran (not Mullahs) should not have nukes, while Iran’s enemies have nukes, threaten Iran with nukes, and try to keep Iran weak, dependent & unfree’ ! It’s the logic of the anti-Iran West. The anti-Iran West is the Great Evil and the main Enemy of Iran’s people and Iranian values, including Truth, Logic, Tolerance, Humanity, Goodness etc”.


The first thing that any logician and any logical person should know is “Incompleteness”, including “incompleteness theorems”. As some wise Iranian say: “Even mathematics is not a finished object. A computer can never be programmed to answer all mathematical questions. It’s what Kurt Godel proved [we have already written about Kurt Godel, the greatest logician of all times; check Archive] Inside any logical system, there are propositions that are neither provable nor disprovable. In fact, there is no logical system that can capture all the truths (of mathematic, etc). Godel also proved that no logical system for mathematics could, by its own devices, be shown to be free from inconsistency. It’s known as the 2nd incompleteness theorem. In fact, you cannot use a logical system to prove that its own logic is free from inconsistency! Such things can confuse many people. But the message behind such things is so important. The message is simple: nothing is complete, even mathematics or logical systems; don’t close your mind, don’t be fanatic, and don’t see the world in black and white; open your mind to new ideas, new thoughts and new systems. It’s what Logic and the greatest logicians said and say. Of course the bad guys try to pollute such good concepts with Fallacy (Safsateh) [For more info, check Archive for: ‘Nothing But the Truth’, ‘Alternative to Tribalism: Good Guys vs. Bad Guys’, etc] Fallacy is ‘a weakness in someone’s argument or ideas which is caused by a (deliberate) mistake in their thinking and their logic’. Finding fallacy is harder than finding inconsistency”. They also add: “Mathematic is very accurate and very logical. Many great men saw Mathematics as the language of God. The importance of Mathematics, as the language of science, is quite clear. In today’s world, almost all modern sciences, including Modern Physics, have become a branch of mathematics, that’s why they have become accurate sciences, and ‘to prove’ in these sciences often means ‘to mathematically prove’. But in the past, the so-called natural sciences and human sciences were different. Many idiots, fanatics, and charlatans referred to their own crap and bullshit as ‘proof’, ‘logic’, or ‘scientific things’, because it was not clear that what is logical/ scientific approach, scientific analysis, or scientific method. Even it was not clear that What is Science! The first men who seriously talked about the differences between Science and non-Science, and the differences between scientists and shamans/ clergymen/ fanatics were great people like Karl Popper (1902- 1994). Karl Popper, as one of the great men in the Philosophy of Science, made many things clear. What Popper said in his famous book, ‘The Logic of Scientific
‘ was important. He talked about a criterion of testability and falsifiability for scientific validity. Testability means that you should be able to test scientific things. Popper said: ‘Scientific theories are hypotheses from which can be deduced statements testable by observation; if the observations falsify these statements, the hypothesis is refuted. If a hypothesis survives the tests, it may be tentatively accepted’. Falsifiability means ‘freeing from Fallacy’. In fact, if something just uses fallacy and dirty tricks to justify itself – ie if it’s consistent with all possible conditions and observations- it is unscientific’. For instance, If you say: ‘If Satan wills, X and Y would happen’. It’s not scientific, because you can justify it in all possible conditions (if x and y would happen, you can say: Oh, Yah, Satan wills’. But if x or y didn’t happen, you can say: Oh, yah, Satan didn’t will). In fact, Fallacy and Loophole (that adds nothing to our knowledge, and just allows bad guys to play with people) is bullshit, not science. Popper talked about the logic of falsification, and dogmatic and critical thinking, and said: ‘critical thinking is the very essence of rationality”. We should write more about Logic, Science and non-Science. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Politicians, Clergymen, Religious fanatics, and Shamans are full of crap and paradoxes. They are stupid and dishonest persons. They tell you: Black is White, but if you protest and say it’s a paradox or nonsense, then in the best case, they would say: please ignore it; it’s not a big problem! Please let us to fool people, to play with people! […] But If Science/ Math tells you: Black is White, then it would not say: please forgive me, please accept me! But it would say: Please throw me into the trash can/ dustbin. I’m absolute nonsense’. Science is honest, and the real scientists and all wise people value truth and knowledge above all else. They approach problems and theories with skepticism. They can ignore existing rules and define their own approach to problems and solutions. They just care about Truth and knowing more, not money, power or playing with people […] In the past, scientists try to know about all sciences. It was a good and natural thing. When you love to know, and when you value knowledge and truth above all else, you love to know many things, not just a special thing. But today, many scientists have become whores or slaves, and just care about money or what the system, universities, spying agencies (NSA etc), think thanks etc dictate. Today many stupidly refer to technicians and engineers as scientists! But those who are not creative, live/ think/ act like machines and slave robots, and just do what the system wants are not scientists. Even those who are so creative but work for the bad guys, including big companies and Big Brother’s agencies, are creative whores/ slaves, not scientists. As Snowden’s revelations and the current Orwellian Technologies show, we need a new group of scientists, who not only care about Truth, but they are experts in different fields and different subjects, including Logic, Ethics, Philosophy etc. Such scientists exist, but their number is small, because the current education systems try to create modern slaves/ whores and those who can easily be poisoned by money and other [low level] needs”. We should write more about these issues later.

Nowruz 2014: Psychos vs People, Politics vs Truth

April 2, 2014

“In March 2014 (Nowruz), Shimon Peres, the Jewish leader, says: ‘Let’s be logical [!] We must be logical [!!] We make our living not by wars and selling arms [!!], but by sciences [!] .. What do they think, we are crazy people? [!!] We live on our brains [!!], not on our guns’. It’s funny that the brainless psychos say such things. At this Nowruz and 13-Bedar (April Fools’ Day) the Iranian people ridicule and curse fools and psychos -from the UK and Rouhani to Obama and Peres. But it’s important that Peres himself says: ‘Do they think we are crazy people?’ ! He actually knows that most people see the anti-Iran Jews as psychos or sadists”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Peres says: ‘the bloodshed in other countries cannot make a [normal] man happy’ ! He actually knows that the Jewish leaders and all western politicians are really psychos (Ravani) and sick pigs (Bimar), because bloodshed and bullying make them happy. The West and its politicians love to hurt other humans, including the Iranian people. In the West, politicians, journalists and public figures are really sadists and abnormal people. You can’t be normal to tell many big lies, to censor the voices of people, to hurt other humans, to help brutal dictators, and to do something like that“. It’s a good point. Those who tell many big lies and love to hurt other people are not normal humans. But as the wise Iranians say: “Unfortunately, sadists and psychos control the West. Politicians and other psychos don’t care about Truth, Logic, human values etc. They just care about ‘Power and Money’. They have lost their humanity. They cannot think and behave like normal humans. They steal, kill, hurt, oppress, destroy, betray, falsify, censor, and do all evil things. But instead of being sent to prison or a psychiatric hospital, they are still the so-called leaders of the world ! It’s really shameful”. These years show that the West’s politicians and all politicians, including Mullahs, are not normal and healthy people. As the wise Iranians say: “Politicians worship ‘Money and Power’ (ie Satan). As our people say, politicians are Bi-Pedar Mathar (have no family/ root) and Bi-Hame Chiz (have no morality/ principles)! But the real tragedy is that the Western intellects/ think tanks still lick the ass of power/ politics, and betray the truth and the people. Scum like Noam Chomsky -who should be called ‘Intellectual Whores’- get money and tell big lies, defend brutal dictators, lick the ass of power, justify tyranny and try to fool people. Intellectual whores are ‘the brains of politicians’. They are more dangerous than politicians. But
unfortunately, they are popular heroes in the West. In these years, many things -from the story of the 2009 CIA Coup to the story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’ – revealed the true colors of the West’s intellectual whores. But only a few Westerners know their intellectual whores. These good Westerners say to intellectual whores: ‘You are scum; you are traitors to [the truth and the people]; you are traitors to your cause. You deserve all the anger and disgust you get‘ !”. Unfortunately, the voices of the West’s good guys and average people are censored, and as some wise Iranians say: ‘Iranians inside Iran just hear the voices of the West’s bad guys, including politicians, journalists and other whores/ psychos. The West’s psychos just make you laugh. For instance, Obama and his 2014 Nowruz’s message are bad jokes. All Iranians know what Obama did in 2009, after the CIA-backed Coup. Now, almost all Iranians hate Obama and Rouhanis (Mullahs). But Obama says to Iranians: ‘Last year, you -the Iranian people- made your voice heard when you elected [our] Rouhani as your new president [!!!] He was elected with your strong support [!!]’. This shameless psycho (Obama) still plays stupid games. Apparently, he thinks Iranians are as stupid as himself !, while Iranians say to him: ‘Last year, you -the US, the UK and the EU- just made us laugh when you strongly supported your Mullah Election Show, and your stupid stooge, Rouhani! This British spy (Rouhani), like that AN, was selected with your strong support’ ! The love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan’ just makes Iranians laugh. Now all Iranians curse this British psycho, Rouhani, for implementing the IMF Plans. Now only the West and its ass-lickers support this anti-Iranian Pofyooz, Rouhani. Now the UK and the CIA media (Al-Monitor etc) openly praise both Rouhani and the 2009 Coup! […] Iranians will never forget and forgive the shameless pigs -ie those who betrayed the people’s blood and the people’s movement in 2009, and still tell shameful lies. Iranians will never forget the 2009 CIA Coup, the IMF Plans, and all historic events in these years. In Iran (since the ancient time), all people hate intellectual whores & Khayemals (ass-lickers), specially those who lick the ass of power. But the West and psychos still tell bad jokes. While all normal humans know that telling the truth is a normal and ordinary thing, politicians/ psychos still say: Licking the ass of power is a good and moderate act; Telling the truth is a bad and revolutionary act !”.


We have repeatedly written about the IMF Plans and the love story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’ (check Archive). In the AN’s era, we wrote about “How Mullahs Help West and Sanctions” (check Archive) and “Why Mullahs Aid the Enemy amid Economic War ?!” (check Archive). But we should write more about this important issue, because as the wise Iranians say: ‘Now, Rouhani openly and shamelessly says that he wants to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans (ie the Enemy’s plans), and to aid the Enemy amid the so-called Economic War! The UK and the US censor all news, but now it’s clear why Iranians say: ‘Rouhani is a British spy; He is worse than that Jewish spy (AN)’. Iranians waited to see how Rouhani shows his true colors. Iran’s people gave Rouhani a chance and time to show his plans and his true face. But Rouhani and his supporters openly said and showed that Rouhani’s main goal is ‘Hurting Iran’s people, and aiding Iran’s enemies’. Now even non-Iranians say: Rouhani’s dual policy [ie Suppression for Iran’s people; Concessions to Iran’s enemies] is so shameful! In 2013, Iranians repeatedly warned Rouhanis (Mullahs) about eating both ‘Onions and Sticks’ [For more info check Archive] But Rouhanis are stupid psychos, and just try to eat both ‘Onions and Sticks’! Rouhanis still live in the 19th century, when their Arbab (master), Britain, said: ‘Tyranny and Satan will win! Truth and Logic will lose‘ ! Mullahs and their Arbab, the UK, still think ‘Tyranny, Oppression, Censorship, and Big Lies’ will not backfire! Now Rouhani and his Minister Of Culture, Ali Jannati, openly and shamelessly defend Censorship, and as their media says: ‘Rouhani and Jannati Call For Cultural Crackdown’ ! In the Rohani’s era, Censorship and the Internet filtering/ tracking have increased. But the West censors all news, and just tell big lies. The Western Censorship and the West’s big lies are beyond Orwell’s imagination“. We have already written about the West’s censorship and the West’s big lies (check Archive), and we should write more about this important issue later. But as some wise Iranians say: “What the West’s media says about Rouhani, IMF and Sanctions, clearly shows that psychos and retards control the West’s media, specially the British media. They say nothing about the IMF plans in Iran, because as the British pigs say: ‘[We fear that] Obama’s games on Iran will become clear’ ! (2014) But in these years, anyone with half a brain knows Obama’s games and British games. Now it’s clear that the US and the UK are totally bankrupt. As their media says: ‘the debacle over Syria has already taken our options off the table [!!] People don’t buy [our bullshit]’ ! (2014) The Western retards -from Obama and Kerry to Ashton and Straw- just reveal the depth of their bankruptcy. In an interview with the VOA (Voice Of America’s animals), Kerry says: ‘I show a lot of respect for Khamenei and his fatwa, as it is a religious message and is highly respected by people [!!]’ (March 2014) The US media adds: ‘US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed the hope that Mullahs and America could soon resolve their differences! For the first time ever John Kerry publicly talked about his son-in-law and his sister’s experience in Iran’ ! (March 2014) The US still lives in the 1970s, and the current farce -from the love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan’ to the Syria/ Ukraine Crises- shows that the US is morally and totally bankrupt”. As we said before, we and many Iranians hate Politics (check Archive). But as the wise Iranians say: “Politics have polluted all aspects of life. Now everything -from air pollution and people’s health to people’s mood and people’s food- has become a political issue! Even when you surf the internet, Spying, Filtering, Low speed etc just remind you that everything is political. When you go shopping and see how Rouhanis try to hurt Iranians and to create more economic crises, you feel sure that politics have polluted all aspects of life. The IMF Plans and the love story of ‘the IMF and Mullahs’ hurt all Iranians, even those who hate politics. Not only political people, but even artists, writers, thinkers, all educated people and all average people suffer from Tyranny, Censorship, IMF Plans, and all problems that Rouhanis and their Western masters create. It’s really shameful. Psychos and sadists pollute all aspects of life with the dirty world of politics. They try to control everything & everyone. They try to create a dark world like the Orwellian World of 1984. So, even if you hate politics, you are forced to deal with the dirty world of politics”. In this year (2014), as some wise Iranians say: “you can see the direct consequences of Stupidity. Just look at Ukraine, Venezuela, Egypt, Syria etc. Russia occupied Crimea, and the West betrays Ukraine, because Ukrainians were stupid and wanted to be slaves of the EU or Russia […] Many still don’t know the US and Russia. But Iranians know these two evil forces. In March 2014, Obama visits Saudi Arabia -the home of Al-Qaeda-, makes love with the anti-Iran Arabs, and proves that the US deserved the 9/11 attacks! Obama’s regime shows that American pigs and savage Arabs/ Jews deserve each other. Arab terrorists kill Americans, and the US regime kills Arabs, exploits their oils, and makes love with Islamists, Zionists and terrorists […] In the Orwellian world of politics, America and Islamists are close friends, as Britain and Mullahs are close friends; but they are ready to betray each other, because they are Machiavellian pigs, who just care about ‘Money and Power’. The US, the EU and the UK are so mean, so stupid and so short-sighted. They still support the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK)! They still refer to a tiny terrorist group -which 99.99% of Iranians know and hate it- as ‘Supporters of a Free Iran’ ! In Egypt, they only support dictators, ie Morsi or Al-Sisi ! In Syria, they only support dictators, ie Assad or Savage Islamists! […] Animals have some sort of shame; some animals even care about the long-term goals and the long-term interests, but the US, the UK and the EU are worse than animals”.


History will never forget Evil/ Orwellian acts. As some wise Iranians say: ‘the West has become a stupid ‘Animal Farm’. Now even their own ‘Reporters without Borders’ (RSF) lists the US and the UK as Enemies of the internet! In this year’s Enemies of the Internet report, released on World Day Against Cyber-Censorship (12 March), Reporters Without Borders talked about ‘Internet surveillance and censorship in the UK and the US’, and said: ‘the US and the UK [have] a schizophrenic attitude towards online freedoms‘ ! In the 2014 list of Enemies of the Internet, they talked about ‘the schizophrenic organizations like the GCHQ and the NSA’ ! In fact, now even idiots know that the UK and the US regime act like schizophrenic psychos and sadists. Now the RSF and many people say: ‘the mass surveillance methods employed in the UK and the US are all the more intolerable because they are already being used by authoritarian regimes in countries such as Iran and China’. Now it’s clear why Iranians already said: ‘the world and all good guys should care about the tragedy of internet in Iran’. Now it’s clear that the West’s bad guys just tested their Orwellian tools in Iran, and now they use such tools in the West. Now, the media says: ‘ European Parliament committee votes against free and open internet‘ ! (March 2014) or ‘Yahoo, Google and Apple claim the right to look at users’ emails if necessary‘ ! (March 2014) (Indeed they read your emails, and if you protest or ask you why?, they would say: it’s necessary!) Now even Westerners talk about the West’s Animal Farm, and say for instance: ‘the UK uses both the carrot (money) and the stick (threats) to get protesters to work as informers and to inform on their movements! .. The UK is funding military studies of how to influence the public’s views! This is the subtle equivalent of what Putin did in the Crimea .. Facebook is doing research to advance the accuracy of face recognition. Facebook is a [Big Brother’s] project. The Big Brother tries to recognize you everywhere .. [Why we, Westerners, should talk about] ‘Filtering and violating fundamental rights; an increase in requests for the removal of pages with political content; or [horrible] surveillance, mass spying, tracking, and control in the UK, the US, the EU etc?”. Politicians are playing stupid games, but as some wise Iranians say: “they actually show that they are big losers. [For instance] In March 2014, Shimon Peres talks about ‘the small state of I-s-rael’ !, and says: ‘We never threatened Iran to attack [!!] Our prime minister just said: ‘Look, if you try to attack us, we shall fight back'[!!] Nobody is threatening Iran, I don’t know anybody’ !! Zionists and Mullahs are really the same shit. The Jewish Motherfucker have no shame. In 2012, and for more than one year, and from morning to night, they openly and shamelessly talked about attacking Iran, and threatened Iranians with nuke and genocide [for more info, check Archive]; But now Peres says: ‘We never threatened Iran to attack [!!] Why should I-s-rael attack Iran? [!!] What for? What can we gain? I know what we can lose, because war is extremely costly [!!] We’re not going to sacrifice our youngsters [!] What are we going to gain?’ !! (March 2014) The Jewish Motherfucker have no shame and no brain. Instead of apologizing to Iran’s people, they insult the intelligence of people, and act like stupid mules! (Khod ro beh Khariat Mizanan!) They even don’t know obvious things, including this fact that ‘You cannot praise Genocide, Racism, Sadism, and Bullying other nations, but say: We are against wars! You cannot tell big lies, insult the intelligence of people, and think all people are as stupid as yourself’ !”. It’s a good point. As the wise Iranians say: “The Iranian Logic and the Persian Legacy are so strong, and now even Peres is forced to confess: ‘Truth and Logic will win .. Israel doesn’t have a choice, but to live in peace’ !! (March 2014). As average Iranians say: ‘Now Iran’s enemies stupidly repeat (QerQereh!) what Iran’s people already said’. In fact, Iran’s enemies know that the Iranian Logic is so strong, and no one can reject what Iran’s people said. Now those psychos and sadists who threatened Iran with war and nuke are big losers; and that’s why Peres says: ‘What is important today is science, not land. You don’t win by wars but by education .. We must head from an old (Jewish) world of killing and violence to a world that will respect the life of all people without any discrimination or threat’ ! (March 2014) Jews and Islamists are the same shit. But now they and all bad guys don’t have a choice, but to repeat what the Iranian people already said. It can reveal the power of the Iranian Logic and the Iranian Legacy. The Anti-Iran Jews, the Anti-Iran West and all bad guys have no choice, but to stop supporting sadism, killing and blood. They must stop oppressing people, and bullying others. As our people say: ‘the ungrateful Jews and Iran’s enemies should have nukes and threaten Iran with nukes, but Iran should not have nukes?! Is it a joke ?!’ The Jews must try to become normal people, like everyone else. They and the West should know that bullying other nations and behaving like animals will backfire. All politicians should know that tyranny, censorship, insulting the people’s intelligence, telling big lies and using Orwellian tactics will backfire and worsen their problems. As Iranians say to the ungrateful Jews and all bad guys: ‘You don’t have a choice, but to live ‘like a normal and healthy human’ (Mesl-e Adam)! Instead of hurting people, telling big lies, playing games, or insulting the people’s intelligence, you must stop acting like retards and psychos. At first, you must apologize to the Iranian people‘. And it’s just the first step. The best advice for all politicians/ bad guys is what average Iranians say: Adam Bashid ! (Be humans, not animals !)”.