Little Britain vs Persia: Persian Question (Curzon)

March 27, 2014

“In the past 200 years, the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Progress in Iran is Britain, the land of Barbarians. These years showed that what Iranians already said about Britain was not wrong. These years showed that what George Orwell said about the UK -from the Ministry of Truth to Big Brother Corporation (BBC)- was not wrong. These years showed that If Iranians want to enjoy freedom, democracy and progress, they should know the UK and its stooges (the US is a new version of the UK). All good guys should know the long story of the Barbarian UK, the British Colonialism and the British Evil Empire. It’s necessary to have a better world”, the wise Iranians say. In this year, many things are ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “the UK media acts as Rohani’s media. Mullahs still send noise/ parasite, and try to slow down the filtered Internet. The West’s media and the Mullah Great Firewall -which is a British-American product- just remind you of the Orwellian World of ‘1984’. The British media -from the BBC to the Guardian- is ‘Lie Factory’. They tell big lies and censor everything. The UK and the West falsify the past, because as Orwell said, they believe: ‘Who controls the past, controls the future, and who controls the present controls the past’ ! But as ancient Iranians said, liars and bad guys suffer from many problems, including short memory and low IQs. They and their contradictions (paradoxes) can reveal many things”. We have already written about the past (history) and what Europe said about Persia, [for instance, check Archive for [2]: “Iran Gifts to Mankind: German Confession (Olearius)”] and here lets take a look at Curzon’s book [1]: ‘Persia and the Persian Question’. Curzon is a British politician, and it’s obvious that his book is not reliable. But as some Iranians say: “European books are full of lies, and are not reliable, but Common sense (Aghl-e Salim) can help you to judge what you read, and to find their contradictions/ confessions”. Curzon is a notorious politicians. As some wise Iranians say: “Lord Curzon (1859- 1925) was a high rank politician, a high rank freemason/ spy, and a high rank ideologue of British Colonialism. ‘In the autumn and winter of 1889’ [1] Curzon was in Iran, and his book[1] was written in the early 1890s; and in the late 1890s, Curzon was appointed governor-general of India! Curzon was a conservative member of the House of Commons, and served as parliamentary under-secretary for India, and for foreign affairs (1895- 98) in Robert Salisbury’s second and third governments. In the 1910s, Curzon became leader of the House of Lords, and a member of the war cabinet. From 1919 to 1924, Curzon was the UK foreign secretary. The UK and Curzon were behind the 1921 Coup (Pahlavi’s coup), and Curzon was the architect of the ill-fated 1919 Pact”. They also add: “In his book [1], Curzon talked about ‘his lifelong concern for Persia’ ! [1], ‘Britain’s problems in Persia’ [1], and ‘Britain’s position in Persia’ [1] He even said that most of the British tourists/ agents who went to Persia and wrote about Persia ‘worked for the East India Company’! [1] As Curzon said, ‘Anglo-Persian relations were in the hands of the East India Company‘! [1] It’s a good confession. Most Freemasons and British Spies worked for the East India Company, and it was the East India Company that paid Mullahs ‘Indian Money’ !”. They also add: “Curzon was a typical British Politician, ie a typical stupid bastard. He said: I am a friend of Persia ! [1] But he crapped about Persia, and praised the UK for occupying many parts of Iran, including Eastern Iran [1] Curzon’s book can reveal part of the UK Orwellian tactics. Curzon said Iran is considered as ‘The Origin of the Aryans’. But ‘now (in the 19th century), [the Ministry of Truth] reject this old hypothesis. ‘But I still prefer the old hypothesis’ ! [1] It’s funny and important. In the 19th century, the UK started to rewrite history and to falsify the past, but most people just laughed at the UK; So, in Curzon’s book Iran was still the land of Aryans, as the Persian Gulf was still the Persian Gulf [1] In fact, before the 20th century, most people didn’t care about false names or fabricated history manufactured by the Evil Empire (Ministry of Truth, etc)”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘Little Britain has committed the greatest crimes and evil acts in history, and common sense and scientific evidence tell you to reject what the Evil Empire says. Now even modern sciences show that Britons were Barbarians and Human-eaters (Adam-khor), and Arabs/ Jews were savages and Locust-eaters. The West’s Jewish Bibles and Jewish religions praised Genocide, Sadism, Racism, and Intolerance. They still praise such barbaric things. But Iranians are the first humans who talked about Tolerance, Basic Rights and Human values, and that’s why many tried to know more about Persia, and to learn from it. The West learned a lot from Iran. As Curzon confessed: ‘the
administrative regime of Persia is in essence the same at this day as under the Achaemenian. Persia is divided into satrapies or provinces, ruled by governor-generals who are appointed by, and are directly responsible to, the Crown, and these are further subdivided into beluks, or districts, cities and their dependencies, and towns, the lieutenant governors […]’ [1] In fact, when Americans and Europeans didn’t know how to utter or spell ‘system’, ‘government’, ‘law’ etc Iranians had a modern government. Europeans learned (from Persia) about ‘the tax list’ [1], ‘Barats, or orders, payable some weeks or months from date’ [1], and ‘Darogheh (head of police), Kalantar (mayor of a city), Kadkhoda (head of a village), etc’ [1] When Europeans didn’t know what is clerks, secretaries, or accountants, as Curzon said: ‘In Iran, every minister, every governor, every petty official, was surrounded by an immense staff of munshis, mirzas, and mustofis, i.e. clerks, secretaries, and accountants‘ [1] But the West is so ungrateful and so shameless. They said: ‘the system is so open in Persia’ ! [1], and added: ‘From one point of view, Persia is the most democratic country in the world‘ [1] But they loved to crap about Persia, and to praise the Fake Democracy and the Barbarian-Orwellian System in Europe! They talked about ‘the theory of the law in Persia‘ [1], and said: ‘the law in Persia consists of two branches: the religious law, and the common law .. criminal cases are decided by the ecclesiastical, and civil cases by the secular courts‘ [1] But they loved to crap about Persia, and to praise the Medieval laws and the Law of the Jungle in Britain (Europe)! As our people say: ‘Even dogs are grateful. If you give or learn dogs something, they are grateful’. But Europeans, specially British pigs, are so ungrateful”. They also add: “Curzon has indirectly confessed to many things. For instance, he said: ‘Government is Machiavellian. Religion inspiring at one moment the bigot’s rage, at the next the agnostic’s indifference. The most scandalous corruption is combined with a scrupulous regard for the moral law’ ! [1] And it’s the philosophy of Britain and their Mullahs. As they say: ‘one of the chief reasons the Roman oligarchy survived for 1,000 years was because it had learned how to use cults and religions to control its people‘ ! It’s what Britons said in the 19th century, when the UK started ‘a cult-building project’ [1] This British religion-building project created many new cults, including Mormonism, Bahaism, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Zionism, and other freemasonic cults. Iranians reject this religion-building project, but Britons said: ‘Persians could not be otherwise described than as the greatest rascals in the world’ ! [1] It’s funny, because the British rascals, the worst barbarians in history, said such things. Freemasons and British barbarians like Curzen and Malcolm said: ‘Persia [should be] a backward country’ ! [1] They and their UK were behind the Mullahs, the Treaty of Gulistan in 1813, and the Treaty of Turkomanchai in 1828 [1] In Iran’s history, we have many Hakim (scientist, doctor, expert). Hakim was pro-Iranian and pro-Truth, while Mullah was/ is fanatic, stooge/ spy, anti-Iranian and anti-Truth. Mullahs were/ are slaves of the Devil and Iran’s enemies. But Curzon and the UK pretended that Mullah is Hakim! [1] They still pretend that their own spies are Iranians or representatives of Iranians! It’s one of the old British tactics”. They also add: “Curzon talked about Iran’s Civil Society and people’s organizations like ‘Majlis of elders, or rish-sefid’ in Persia [1] As Curzon said: ‘[In small towns, Iran’s judiciary system is unique]. A council of elders is convoked in the house of a leading citizen. Both sides state their case; the documents are produced and inspected; and a decision, which is almost always in the nature of a compromise, is given. The verdict is signed and registered by the authorities’ [1] It shows that Persia was much more modern than Europe. When Europeans were following the Jewish law of ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’ [1], Iranians cared about ‘compromise’, and ‘separation from both the state and the church’. Curzon even confessed: ‘In Persia, the Shah is not the religious head of [the Church]’ [1] It’s important, because we all know the Medieval Europe”. They also add: “Bribery and Corruption (Lobbying) was, and still is, a main part of the political system in the UK, the US and the EU. But they crap about ‘Corruption in Persia’ ! [1] Persia was not Utopia, and suffered from corruption. But it’s funny that those who openly praise Bribery and Corruption (Lobbying), and those whose system is still based on Bribery and Corruption (Lobbying), crap about Persia!”. As some wise Iranians say: “The UK just tried to worsen the problems in Persia. They used Mullahs and other traitors to create more problems. Curzon said: ‘Women in [Northern Iran & many parts of Iran] never cover the face, but converse freely with man’ [1] But the UK just supported Mullahs and fanatics. Curzon knew ‘the interesting pages of the Persian history’ [1] But he loved ‘the Persia of Malcolm, of Morier, of Ouseley, and of [other Freemasons]’ ! [1] He just cared about spies/ stooges, who were like today’s British stooges -from Rouhani to Behnoud. Curzon acted liked Ashton, Straw, BBC, Guardian etc”.


As some wise Iranians say: “It’s funny that the UK hated Nadir Shah and Agha Mohammed Khan because ‘they defeated Russia and Iran’s enemies, and tried to restore Great Iran’! Curzon hated Nadir Shah, because ‘in the reign of Nadir Shah, [traitors to Iran, including] Mullahs have been superseded and ignored’ ! [1], and ‘Nadir Shah overran the East’ ! [1] ‘In 1729, Nadir Shah gained his great victory over [Traitors to Iran]’ [1], and it made Britain angry. In the early 18th century, traitors and barbarians attacked Persia. ‘Russians attacked Persia, the shore of the Caspian’ [1] Russian barbarians killed many Iranians. But Iran’s people resisted, and as Curzon said: ‘Gilan became the grave of Russians’ ! [1] But as Curzon was a shameless idiot, he added: ‘Russians very prudently [!] consented to evacuate Persia in 1734, without drawing any advantage from it’! [1] He falsified history, but said: ‘There is another version of [history !] According to this version [ie the Truth], a patriotic Persian, Nadir Shah, having obtained the throne, sent an imperious ultimatum to the Russian army, that unless the Russians [stopped killing Iranians & occupying Persia], Nadir Shah would send his army to sweep all Russians into the sea‘ [1] It’s obvious why the UK and all barbarians hate Nadir, a patriotic Persian. Nadir knew how to deal with Barbarians; and maybe that’s why they assassinated Nadir […] Nadir Shah made many mistakes, and did many bad/ stupid things. But it’s funny that the UK was glad of Nadir’s assassination & Agha Mohammed Khan’s assassination!”. They also add: “Unfortunately, India helped Iran’s enemies, and when Nadir decided to punish India for betraying Iran, he didn’t think about the European/ British pigs – ie enemies of both Iran and India- who were ready to make use of any hostility between Iran and India. For thousands of years, Iran had defended India against the Barbarian West. The Greek historians thought that India and Persia are brothers, because many Indians fought against Iran’s enemies, and the Persian Army actually defended both Iran and India. As history shows, only when Iran was not as strong as it used to be, barbarians could hurt India. The stories of Arab invasion, Mongol invasion, etc are not hidden facts. But the story of British invasion of India is more informative […] India betrayed Iran, Nadir punished India, and Britain used ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics, and finally occupied India. And when did the Barbarian UK start to occupy India? After ‘the death of Nadir Shah in 1747’ ! [1] The stupid Indians thought that Britain is like Iran, and would never occupy India! But Britain was a land of Barbarism; and when it was too late, Indians saw that what Britain gave India was Occupation, Colonialism, Exploitation etc”. The sad story of ‘Iran, India and Britain’ needs more attention, and we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “Iran, India and China are old neighbors. The UK ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics cannot hide the long history (+8000 years) of close relations between Iran and India, and also the long history (+5000 years) of close relations between China, Persia and India. The long story of Silk Road is as important as this fact that the number of wars between Persia and China, or Persia and India in 5000 years is less than the number of wars between England and Scotland in 100 years!”. In the 1790s, Iran was still a world power. As Curzon says: “[Even] under Agha Mohammed Khan, Persians destroyed the Russian armies” [1] In fact, as some wise Iranians say: “Even at the turn of the 19th century, Iran was as powerful as Russia and Britain. But in the 1800s and 1810s, the United Barbarians (UK, Russia etc) attacked Persia. But Persians were naive and thought that Europeans are as civilized, honest and reliable as Persians, while it was a wrong assumption”. They also add: “the story of the UK and Eastern Iran is informative. Eastern Iran is the birthplace of many Iranian legends/ heroes, including Rustam. Even Curzon knew ‘the heroic Rustam in the Iranian myths’ [1] Eastern Iran is one of the oldest parts of Iran. Curzon even said: ‘Sistanis [Eastern Iranians] are Iranians of the purest Aryan type‘ [1] But Britain occupied many parts of Eastern Iran, and called it ‘British protected territory’! They openly talked about the idea of creating ‘an independent Afghanistan’ [1] and ‘an independent Baluchistan (Pakistan)’ ! [1] British barbarians occupied our ancient lands, called our Iranian lands ‘British protected territory’ [1], and talked about ‘the chance afforded to Persia of invading [British protected territory]’ ! [1] If you occupy Scotland and Wales, and call them ‘Persian protected territory’, you are less shameless than the UK!”. Those who read history know why Iran should hate the UK. As some wise Iranians say: “Now Iranians talk about the payback time and returning Britain’s favors! But Iranians and all good guys should learn from history. Little Britain is a tiny virus, and a good vaccine can kill the British-Barbarian virus. This good vaccine is Awareness. At first, people should know U.K. virus […] The UK tried to study ‘the personality of the future king of Persia’ ! [1] They said: ‘[this Shah] pays marked respect to Mullahs’ ! [1] or ‘He is under the influence of Mullahs’ !! [1] But why Britain loved Mullahs?! Qajar kings were so stupid, but most of them were not stooges of foreigners. Even Fath-Ali Shah was independent, and hated Iran’s enemies (the first puppet regimes in Iran’s modern history were Pahlavis, and then Mullahs). But since the 19th century, the UK has used Mullahs and other stooges to create more tyranny and more problems in Iran. Relations between Britain and Mullahs, or ‘Britain and Babis (Bahais)’ are important. Curzon praised ‘the Babi conspiracy’ ! [1], and even said: ‘the Babi movement was initiated by [our] Mullahs and Hajis’! [1] Curzon and Britain praised ‘Jewish converts‘ [1], and it’s funny that many British Mullahs, Babis and other stooges were ‘Jewish converts‘! In his book [1], Curzon becomes a defender of Mullahs and Jewish converts, and a Bahai ideologue! It’s very funny. Curzon just reminds your of today’s British media”.


As the wise Iranians say: “The Evil Empire and its media try to fool people, and to blind people. They have no shame. They are like Curzon, who told big lies and crapped about Persia, but said: ‘I am a friend of Persia’ ! [1] Curzon even talked about ‘introduction of a series of reforms into Persia’ ! [1] He shamelessly said: ‘We may give Persia railroads; we may work its mines and exploit its resources; but we shall not have brought it within the pale of civilized nations [!!]’ [1] British Barbarians have no shame. They learned Civilization and all good and civilized things from us, Persians. But in the past 200 years, ‘Barbarians wanted to teach us Civilization !, while the UK Civilization was/ is nothing but Modern Barbarism. Curzon talked about ‘Persian education’ [1], and said: ‘Education is very cheap in Persia, only 1 to 3 kran [~1s] per month’ [1] He even said: ‘the lower classes in Persia are the best educated in the East‘ ! [1] But he believed it’s a bad thing, and Iranians should not be educated people! Curzon said: ‘I would organize a coup d’état in the Persian schools’ !! [1] He talked about ‘better teachers’ ! [1], and his better teachers were Mullahs! [1] Curzon’s plans and all British plans in the 19th century were like IMF Plans and British-Mullah plans in these years. The UK has always prayed for ‘the stupidity of Persians’ [1], and said: ‘How faint is the hope that Persia will ever work out her own salvation’ !! [1] or ‘Until a better régime is inaugurated in the country, the necessity of foreign assistance will continue to be felt’ ![1] The UK and its spies still tell such things. They have no shame. They create many problems for Persia, but want ‘to assist in the solution of Persia’s problems’! [1] Their Curzon said: ‘Colonial domination repeatedly gave rise to mass resistance by Iran’s people’ [1], but added: ‘the iron wall of resistance [in Persia], built up by all the most selfish instincts, is opposed to our progressive ideas [!!]’ [1] But it shows that Iranians were not stupid. Iranians were naive and thought that Britons are humans. But Britons were human-eaters (Adam-Khor), not humans (Adam)!”. If people want to have a better world and a better life, they should learn from the past. As some wise Iranians say: “All good guys should know British tactics. And if you want to know British tactics, you can read Orwell’s novels: 1984 and Animal Farm. The UK is a real Animal Farm, in which the Big Brother falsifies the past and controls intellects […] since the ancient time, Barbarians have used the same tactics. They loved to destroy Iranian libraries. They set Iran’s libraries and Persian books on the fire, because they wanted to hide the truth, and to claim that Persia -the Cradle of Civilization- didn’t exit, or Persians were stupid! But no one can hide the truth for ever, and that’s why even Curzon confessed: ‘the Persian is so very superior to any other Asiatic, to Indian, or Turk, [or Arab/ Jew], or even Russian .. If Britons [want to conquer] the East, Persia and the military resources of Persia [should be destroyed]‘ ! [1] The UK tried to poison Iran. As Curzon said: ‘In 1850, the first newspaper was established, under an English editor, whose duty was to [control & censor everything !]’ ! [1] What the UK gave Iran was Censorship, Orwellian media, and other Satanic things”. Curzon’s book can reveal many things. As some wise Iranians say: ‘He talked about the value of the Iranian Currency, and said: ‘[In 1800s] Malcolm gave the value of the Toman as 1l. [In 1820s] Fraser valued it at 11s. [In 1870s] Toman was worth 8s. In 1890, when I was in Persia, it had sunk to 6s’ [1] In fact, the UK tried to ruin Iran’s Currency. In 1900, a Toman was worth 10 dollar. In 1978, a Toman was wroth 0.14 dollar, ie a dollar was worth 7 Toman; and now, under the Mullah Regime, a Dollar is worth 3000 Toman! It can explain why the UK, the US and the IMF love Mullahs!”. They also add: “the IMF, the UK and their Rouhanis (Mullahs) have always tried to create more problems in Iran. But when Britons were Barbarians and knew nothing about systems of business and administration, the Persian Mint made coins, and Iranian money-changers, Iranian accountants and Iranian men of ‘commerce and industry’ created ‘International Commerce’ (Silk Road, etc) and managed international trade between Persia and India-China […] When Britons were playing with the skulls of the beheaded victims, and when Europe’s modern games were Barbaric Games like gladiatorial combats, Persians were playing Chess. Even in the 17th century, Iran was more modern than Europe, and as Olearious said: ‘Epidemical diseases, such as the bloody-flux and the plague, are not so ordinary here [in Persia] as in Europe. Persians are very neat’ [2] But Rouhanis still lick the UK’s ass. Rouhanis (Mullahs) make love with their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan, and desperately try to implement IMF Plan, and to create more economic crises in Iran, while their Arbab (Master) already said: ‘[We] invaders should know the conditions in Iran’! [1] Now the Large Army of Angry Iranians is ready to explode, and Iranians know who is who, and as Curzon said: ‘If the Persians were united, nothing [can defeat] Persia’ ! [1] Today’s Iranians remind many of Persia’s Golden Ages, in which as Europeans said: ‘there were an infinite number of men in Persia who live only by writing’ [2] In fact, when many Iranians were educated people whose jobs were writing, thinking, inventing, doing research etc, Iran was a superpower or a world power. And now millions of Iranians are wise and well-educated people, who know what they should do […] Curzon was the architect of ‘1919 pact; and now Ashton and Straw act like Curzon. But today is not the 19th century, as 1919 is 2020! Now Little Britain is in deep shit. Now, many talk about the End of the US, the End of the UK (Scotland’s independence, etc), the West’s bankruptcy, and the collapse of the Evil Empire. Now, Persia, China and India are on the rise”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘Curzon talked about Tehran, and said: ‘In the 1620s, [Europeans wrote:] Teheran is a large city. The gardens being extremely large, and producing abundance of fruit of various descriptions, of an excellent quality. All the streets are watered by a number of considerable streamlets. The streets, moreover, are shaded by beautiful, lofty plane-trees, called in Persia Chenar; some of them are so extremely thick that it would take from two to three men to clasp them round .. Tehran’s inhabitants are pretty stately, the Women lovely, and curious in novelties’ [1] Curzon even said: ‘[19th century Tehran] is beautiful. In Tehran, shops were seen with glass windows. Street lamp-posts built for gas. Avenues bordered with footpaths and planted with trees’ [1] Curzon even said: ‘In Persia, the streets are stone paved’ [1], and ‘Sang farsh (lit. stone carpet)’ [1] is an Iranian industry. But as British bastards have low IQs, Curzon added: ‘Tehran has been Europeanized’ !! [1] Europeans/ Britons were barbarians and learned all civilized things from Persia [2] Almost all good things in Europe had Iranian roots, or had been Iranianized! [2] But Europe had no shame, and told paradoxical jokes. Curzon’s book says a lot about the British jealousy and the British inferiority complex. When Curzon talks about ‘handsome buildings in the Persian style’ [1], and ‘beautiful gardens, with ingenious arts’ [1] and says: ‘It is shocking to our eye, but not to a Persian’s‘ [1], you can see who is who. When he talks about ‘the great Persian Palaces .. the King of Kings .. the exquisite luxury .. the white marble throne, a great structure .. Mirror works, Persia arts, Persian architecture, Persia crowns, jewels, thrones, lovely gardens, elegant kiosques etc’ [1], you can see the British jealousy. When he says: ‘At the festival of Nowruz or New Year, the Shah displays himself to the people in a fashion not essentially different from that in which Darius and Xerxes appeared in the Talars of Persepolis 2,500 years ago’ [1], and when he talks about ‘Ancient Persia – the Persia of Herodotus and Xenophon’ ! [1], you can see the British inferiority complex, and also this fact that even at the worst time in Persia – ie in the 19th century, known as ‘the worst of the worst’- Britain still envied Persia”, They also add: “When London was swathed in smoke and pollution, ‘Tehran was clean’ [1] Curzon even talked about ‘the large number of trees and gardens in Niavaran, Agdasieh [etc]’ [1], and said: ‘These are all in the immediate neighbourhood of Teheran, [on] the hill-slope known as Shimran. There are many tasteful and beautiful residences in Shimran [that belong to] Shah’s sons and the nobility’ [1] In fact, Shimran or Northern Tehran has always been a beautiful place. As Curzon says, ‘[Even in the 19th century] Shimran Road is a very passable road, planted for the most part with trees, leads to Gulhek on the north’ [1] In the 19th century, Europeans started to live in Northern Tehran [1] As Curzon said: ‘Germans now live at Dizashub; Austrians are leaseholders at Rustamabad’ [1] But as Britons were uncultured, they praised Colonialism and said: ‘Britain is favored in the possession of the village of Gulhek [!] Russia is similarly favored in the possession of the village of Zargandeh’ [1] […] At that time, many Europeans knew who is who; so Curzon was forced to say: ‘[As] Fraser said: Iranians were as respectful and polite as their towns were admirable, and the bazaars were as excellent as the towns’ [1] or ‘Persian roads had at one time been paved with cobbles, [but now] they have fallen into ruin’ [1] or ‘lakes and fountains, like most such things in Persia, have gone to ruin’ [1] or ‘In Northern Iran, Rice is the staple of every-day consumption’ [1]; ‘the manufacture of gunpowder is a local industry in Iran’ [1]; the cost of tickets for [Tehran to Ray train] is two krans or one kran (1 Rial), according to the class’; ‘there are tigers in the north [of Iran], and lions in the south and south-west’ [1]; ‘In Persia, soap boiling is a chief local industry’ [1]; ‘Persians are the first nation to embrace a monotheistic faith’ [1] ‘the Shah’s library has bookcases behind glass doors, and in which I saw well-bound European books’ [!]; ‘When you arrive in Persia you still can [find &] buy everything in the bazaar of any Persian town’ [1] Curzon knew ‘principles of humanity and the laws of hospitality in Persia’ [1] He knew that ‘Iran is a great country’ [1] He knew that ”In the past centuries, Persia was wealthy and famous’ [1] But he and his UK preferred to tell big lies, and to distort facts”.