Nowruz, Norooz: Iranian Legacy vs the West

Nowruz or Norooz, the Iranian New Year, is when the nature renews itself and overcomes the harshness of winter. Nowruz represents the victory over the Darkness. As the wise Iranians say: “Nowruz is very political ! Nowruz ceremonies are symbolic representations of two Iranian concepts – the End and the Rebirth; or Good and Evil. Nowruz is a symbol of the Iranian victory over the forces of Ahriman (Evil). Nowruz is full of Hope, a real and important Hope. Nowruz heralds the defeat of the forces of Ahriman/ Darkness. In the Nowruz season, you can see the true meaning of the Iranian Legacy and the Iranian Wisdom”. The Nowruz celebrations go back as far as recorded history. Nowruz is as old as the oldest legends -including the ancient legends of ‘Jamshid, Zahak and Kaveh’ – that we have already written about them. Nowruz is a season full of hope, love, laughter and happiness. As the wise Iranians say: “In the Norooz season, Iranians prefer to talk/ write about good and positive things. But in these years, the forces of Darkness, ie the West and its stooges (Islamists, etc) just remind you of the Zahak era. In these dark years (after the 2009 Coup), the West and all bad guys desperately try to hurt the Iranian people. The West showed, and still shows, that they are enemies of the Iranian people and the Iranian legacy. In March 2014, the 300 movie still tells childish lies, and shows that the West is really nothing but the home of Evil and the land of Barbarians. All well-educated people know that the West is the ancient land of Barbarism. But many preferred to think that the West has changed, and many preferred to forget the past. But these years show that the West is still Barbarian. They still think and behave like their savage ancestors, and openly praise Genocide, Sadism, Racism, Collective Punishment, Bullying other nations, War, Military leverage, etc. What Iran (the land of Aryans) gave the West was Civilization, Culture and Human values, ie the Iranian Legacy. But the Barbarian West could not change its barbaric nature. These years showed that the West is so ungrateful, so mean and so stupid. In their 300 movie, a bunch of Barbarians (Spartans), ie the 300 savage and naked barbarians are heroes, but the Great Iran and the good and civilized Iranians are bad guys! The West has no shame. Lets assume that you live in 4014 (ie 2000 years later), and you want to be as shameless as the West; so, you should say: Do you know the 9/11 attacks? In 2001, Al-Qaeda – a good and popular group of 300 Arabs- defeated the US Army and +300 million Americans, and occupied America. This event is known as the 9/11 attacks’ ! If you can tell such big lies, you are as shameless/ brainless as the UK, the US, and the 300 movie”. They also add: “Nowruz is a symbol of the Iranian Legacy, and says a lot about both Iran (the land of Aryans) and the West (the land of Barbarians). In the late 16th century, Pope Gregory ordered a new calendar (Gregorian Calendar) to replace the Iranian calendars in Europe. The new calendar called for New Year’s Day to be celebrated Jan 1. But as historians say, many refused to accept the new date and continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on March 25 or April 1. As European historians say: ‘One problem was that many people didn’t like this new day. They decided to continue celebrating [Nowruz] in the spring, like their Aryan (Iranian) ancestors‘ ! But do you know how Europe solved ‘this problem’?! Barbarians started to kill and torture those who were celebrating the Iranian New Year (Nowruz) in Europe! The West has always been uncultured. But when European Barbarians were eating humans, and even didn’t know how to utter or spell ‘Civilization’, ‘Arts’, ‘New Year’ etc, Iranians were celebrating Nowruz and writing about Arts, Culture, Humanity and Iranian values -including goodness, kindness, happiness, joy, friendship, hope etc. When Iranians were talking about Good, Evil, Truth, Tolerance etc, Europeans were eating humans, and living live savage beasts”. We have already written about Iranian Gifts to Mankind: Nowruz Ceremonies , and why the West is so ungrateful. But as some wise Iranians say: “Most non-Iranians know nothing about the Iranian legacy. They even know nothing about Nowruz (ie the New Year ceremonies), as a legacy from Iranians. Those who start to know Iran and Nowruz say: ‘What an abundance of symbolism; ancient Iranians were wise people .. In harmony with rebirth of nature, the Persian New Year (Nowruz) begins on the first day of spring. The concept of the new year beginning with spring is so fitting. The world should [bow to the Iranian Wisdom]’. But most people still know nothing about the Iranian Legacy, because the West is still uncultured and ungrateful, and just tries to censor the facts, to falsify the past and the present, and to distort the Truth”.


In the 2014 Nowruz, the Iranian people are just cursing Rouhani for creating economic crisis. As some wise Iranians say: “In 18 & 19 March, the Mullah TV reported that Rouhani’s cabinet and the Mullah TV have several meetings for ‘Preparing Public Opinion’ !, and Fooling People into accepting the IMF Plan! This British Money (Rouhani) openly said: ‘We want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans after Nowruz. ‘Sali keh Nekoost az …’ ! (our shitty plan in this spring confirms that this new year is a shitty year !). Mullahs are worse than Animals. All Iranians (+99%) know and hate the IMF Plan’s disastrous results. All Iranians (+99%) hate the anti-Iran Mullah TV and the IMF Plan. All Iranians and all normal humans hate high inflation and economic crises, but the West and their Mullahs say that people love such things! Now, all Iranians (+99%) just spit at this British Animal (Rouhani), and say good things like: ‘this British Spy (Rouhani) is worse than that Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad [AN]) .. Rouhani is not Iranian, because his supporters & his media openly say: ‘his main goal is: hurting Iranians, humiliating Iran, and helping Iran’s enemies’ .. Rouhani is a British spy, who implements the AN’s plan and the Enemy’s plan .. Rouhani is a British agent, who just wants to create more poverty, more inflation, and more disasters in Iran. It’s his British Mission .. If Rouhani really eats such shit (ie if he implements IMF Plan), he would be more hateful than AN and UK .. Rouhani is a Pofyooz. Only the UK and the US love Rouhani, because he serves the West’s interests and hurts Iranians .. All Rouhanis (Mullahs) are pro-Arab (Arab-parast) and anti-Iranian. Their Jewish God is Ahriman (Satan), and that’s why they tell many big lies and do all evil things .. The Mullah TV openly confesses: We, Islamists, have nothing except Shamelessness! Islamists are really as stupid as their Arbabs (Masters), ie the Devil and the UK”. In these days, the Western media, specially the UK media, work as the Mullah media and make you laugh. As some wise Iranians say: “British Barbarians and Mullahs are two sides of the same coin. Now what the UK media says about Nowruz and Iranian traditions is exactly like what Mullahs say! If you take a look at what the Guardian and other Mi6 media say about Chaharshanbe Soori, Zoroastrians, ancient Iranians etc you can see that what the UK and Mullahs say is a copy of each other! It’s so important. Many know that the UK is so jealous, so mean, and so stupid (Now the stupid UK even says: ‘Iran means the land of Aryans. But Ireland means the land of Aryans, too’ !) But many don’t know that the UK media works as the Mullah media, and the UK is the teacher of Mullahs. The UK & the US just care about Islamists, terrorists, dictators, and other bad guys. The UK, the US, and their spies/ whores like MEK, Basijis, Bahais and those who work with the Big Brother’s media – from the BBC and CNN to the Guardian and Huffington Post- hate the Truth and what is good and decent. They tell jokes like: if Tolerance is an Iranian value, why Iranians don’t tolerate [terrorists, dictators, and sadists]?! These idiots don’t know obvious things. They don’t know that Iranians say: You are free to worship Shit, and be a Shit-worshiper. Iranians will tolerate you. Iranians have always said: ‘Mosa be Din Khod, Isah be Din Khod (Moses can have his own religion, Jesus can have his own religion). In fact, Iranians have always believed that you are free to have your own beliefs. It’s part of the Iranian Legacy, and we all know why it’s so important. When Iranians were such tolerant people, the Jews/ Arabs/ Europeans were barbarians and openly praised Intolerance and Genocide. But the bad guys play with concepts like Tolerance and Intolerance, while Iranians even say: ‘You are free to worship Shit. It’s none of our business. But if you worship Shit and want to force others to worship Shit as well, we will not tolerate you. If you worship Shit, but praise Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Terrorism etc and try to hurt other humans, Iranians and all wise & normal people will not tolerate you’. Iran is the home of Tolerance, and Iranians say: ‘You are free to worship Shit, but you are not free to hurt other humans and to force them to accept your bullshit’ ! It’s the Iranian Legacy. But non-Iranian pigs defend Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Intolerance, Big Lies etc and expect Iranians to tolerate them! Iranians and all wise people will not tolerate the intolerant people. What people like Karl Popper said about ‘Enemies of Open Society’ is like what the great Iranians said about Enemies of the Good and Enemies of the Truth. If you try to hurt other humans and to bully other nations, and to justify Tyranny, Racism, Sadism, Genocide etc Iranians will not tolerate you. Since the ancient time, Iranians care about the Truth and telling the Truth. Even the Greek historians (in 2500 years ago) confessed that Iranians care about speaking the truth, being honest, and being grateful. As even the Western scholars say, Tolerance and Truth have always been among the Iranian values. So, Iranians know Enemies of the Truth. Iranians hate Islamists, because Islamists act like the bad Jews – ie because Islamists are intolerant people who tell many big lies. If you tell many big lies, and just try to fool people and to control/ enslave people, Iranians and all wise people will not tolerate you“. In these days, Mullahs and their Anti-Iran Mullah TV act like the UK and the British media. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now Mullahs say to people: Give your oil money to us! We want to help the poor! But Iranians laugh and say: ‘Hey Motherfuckers (Mullahs), if we want to help the poor, we will give our money, our oil money, directly to the poor, not to you! – who just steal our oil money’. Mullahs are stupid bastards. They say: Our TV channels like iFilm want to tell the world (Arabs, Westerners etc) what is the Iranian Culture. But on this Nowruz, their iFilm not only refuses to talk about Nowruz and Iranian traditions, but they air Arabic songs and Arabic music, and praise the anti-Iran Locust-eaters! Mullahs and their teacher, the UK, are the same shit. In 2014, British barbarians refer to non-Iranian pigs (ie their own spies) as ‘representatives of Iran’s civil society’ ! Now it’s quite clear that the main Enemy of Iran is the UK, as the main supporter of Mullahs is the UK. In fact, the UK and the US are the Devil, while Mullahs are Zahak, ie the Arab agents of the Devil. If Iranians want to get rid of Zahak, they should fight against all agents of the Devil. And as Nowruz and Iran’s history show, Iranians can defeat all devils and Satan’s agents, including Zahak”.


The world should know more about Nowruz, the oldest New Year celebration in the world. We have already written about part of the Nowruz traditions (check Archive). As we said before, Nowruz is celebrated from March 21st (Spring equinox) to April 1st. Nowruz is still celebrated in all parts of the Great Iran. As the wise Iranians say: ‘In the 19th century, the neo-barbarians (ie the UK and Russia) invaded the Great Iran (Persia), killed millions of Iranians and occupied many parts of Iran, including today’s Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Persian lands/ islands in the Persian Gulf, etc. But they could not ruin the Iranian legacy and the Iranian culture. Yah, most non-Iranians know nothing about the Iranian Legacy, including Iranian language, Iranian literate, Iranian festivals, Iranian traditions, Iranian innovations, Iranian arts, and Iranian values. But those who seek the truth, can find the truth. They can see who is who. The average people in all part of Great Iran, specially in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Great Khorasan/ Herat, Great Kurdistan, Great Sistan etc still care Iran and Iranian traditions, including Nowruz. They still remind you of the ancient Iranian cities of Samarghand, Bukhara, Balkh, Herat, Marv and many other Iranian cities in our Great Kharazm. Our bothers and sisters in Tajikistan and all parts of Great Iran think like other Iranians, ie they think about Restoring Great Iran (Persia) and Freeing all occupied parts of Iran Zamin (Great Iran) from the forces of Ahriman. Rejoining and Restoring Great Iran is important, partly because of the disintegration and downfall of the UK and the US. As Iranians truly say, Mullahs are not Iranians and have occupied our Iran. Mullahs and Islamists are anti-Persia, anti-Iranian, and Arab stooges of the Devil. Mullahs still praise savage Arabs and anti-Iranian pigs like Ghazali (1058- 1111), who declared that Nowruz and all Iranian festivals must be abandoned and one should not even mention the name of Nowruz, Mehregan, Sadeh, ChaharShanbe Soori etc. Anti-Iranian pigs like Ghazali said: ‘the Iranian-Zoroastrian traditions will become degraded and no name or trace of them shall remain’! But what happened to these devils and their evil wishes? As our people say: they and their evil wishes went to hell (… een Arezoo ro beh Gur bordanad)! Satan and his agents -including the savage Arabs/ Jews- desperately tried to ruin Nowruz and Iranian traditions, but they failed. A detailed account of Nowruz celebration in the 10th-century Isfahan says: ‘During the Nowruz festival, people gather for seven days in a suburb of Isfahan; they enjoy various food and go around visiting decorated shops. The inhabitants and those coming from other places to participate in this festival, spend a good deal of money, wear beautiful clothes, and take part in gatherings for plays and merrymaking. Skillful singers, both male and female, take their places side by side on the riverside along the palaces. The whole atmosphere is filled with joy and happiness. Many assemble on rooftops and in the markets, engage in festivities, drinking, consuming sweets, etc. It is a well-established tradition’. The festive celebration of Nowruz during the Safavid period (17th century) is well attested, too. Even in the Safavid era, female dancers, musicians & singers entertained Iran’s people at Nowruz. Iranians, including the great Iranian writers/ poets, have always fought against the forces of Ahriman, and Iran has always had great men like Ferdowsi, Nezami, Biruni, Khayyam, Rumi, Attar etc who cared about Iranian values and Iranian culture […] For instance lets take a look at what Rumi says about the story of ‘Moses and Shepherd’. It’s a famous story, and Rumi tries to show you the difference between the Iranian mindset and the Jewish mindset. As Rumi says, a shepherd talked to God, but used improper words and rude words. When Moses saw this shepherd, he said to the shepherd: you should do this and do that, and you cannot talk to God in this way. But ‘God’s voice came to Moses at that time, what you do is a crime .. We don’t care about your gestures and your words, We just look inside and care about your intentions and your heart .. the heart is the essence, not your gestures and your words’. So, ‘When Moses heard the Lord’s harsh reprimand, Ran after the shepherd over the sand .. He apologized to the shepherd and said: “Seek no ceremony, system or rule, and say whatever you want; your blasphemy is faith .. Don’t [censor] yourself’. In fact, the Iranian God says the heart is the essence, and you should not censor the voices of others and yourself. Indeed, the Iranian God is kind, tolerant, and open-minded, while the Arab/ Jewish God loves Censorship, Sadism, Intolerance, Genocide, War etc. The Anti-Iran West, Islamists and their Arab/ Jewish God are the forces of Ahriman/ Darkness. They have occupied our Iran, the Land of the Good and the Home of Tolerance. But as most Iranians chanted in 2009: ‘We, Iranians, get our Iran back; We fight and we get our Iran back’. It’s one of the most important slogans in 2009 and these years. In fact, Iranians say to today’s Zahak and all agents of Satan: ‘We are descendants (sons/ girls) of Kaveh, Arash, Rostam, Cyrus etc. We get our Iran back. We are descendants of Ferdowsi, Khayyam, Rumi, Attar etc. We get our Iran back. We don’t allow Ahriman and its agents -from Islamists to the Anti-Iran West- to implement their evil plans, and to ruin the Good and the Truth. Iranian values -from Truth to Tolerance- and Iranian traditions/ festivals -from Nowruz (New Year), Mehregan (Thanksgiving) and Cheleh (Yalda/ Christmas) to Sadeh and Tirgan- show why Iran, the Land of Aryans, is the Cradle of Civilization, and why Iranians have always hated the forces of Ahriman (Evil), and talked about the defeat of the forces of Ahriman. As the Iranian traditions show, the forces of Evil are losers. Just look at the UK and the US. Now many say: the End of the UK is near, and Scotland’s independence is just a sign. Now many, including good Americans, talk about America’s Evil Empire, and the End of the Evil Empire […] Those who tell big lies, falsify the past and the present, censor the voice of people, hurt other humans and bully other nations are the forces of Ahriman (Evil). They are on the wrong side of history, and sooner or later they will go to hell. It’s what Nowruz, the Iranian Legacy, and the history of Iran, as the oldest country on earth, show all of us”.

Happy Nowruz/ Norooz

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