Humor: British Culture, American Values

The 2014 Farce is so ridiculous. As the wise Iranians say: ‘Tragedy at its peak becomes Comedy. Just look how Rouhanis (Mullahs) are making love with their Great Satan and their Zionist IMF, and how the US and the UK defend their Mullahs, and censor all news. Now it’s clear that Religious Morality at its peak becomes Immorality; Western Democracy at its peak becomes Orwellian Tyranny; Religious Fanaticism at its peak becomes Satanism; Islamism at is peaks becomes Zionism; Journalism at its peaks becomes Prostitution; Americanism at its peak becomes Stalinism; and the West at its peak becomes Animal Farm”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “We are nearing the Nowruz 2014, but as most people say: ‘Nowruz is not in the air’. Now Iranians just curse this British spy (Rohani) for fucking the Economy and aiding the Enemy (the West). In this Nowruz season, it’s rare to see smiling faces in public places, and Iranians just express their anger by their silence or by cursing Mullahs & the West. Now only the UK, the US and their spies defend this anti-Iran Rohani”. As the wise Iranians truly say: ‘Iranians are happy, and full of hopes, but in their private life, not in public places. Iranians know what they should do in the dark years. When the West and its stooges (Islamists etc) desperately try to hurt them, Iranian people just say: Lets know the West better! Iranians know the West-Rohani’s Nowruz Gift to people. Now many use satire as a tool to criticize the West, and to send a Nowruz Gift to the UK, the US and their stooges (IMF, Islamists etc)!”. So, here lets take a look at what Iranians say -in a satirical and sarcastic manner- about the Western values and the West in 2014.

Mongolism and Stupidity: Western politicians and their journalists/ intellects are proud that they are animals, not humans. They openly defend Islamists, censor all facts/ news, tell big lies, but say: it’s Modernism! In 2014, the West and their Rouhanis (Mullahs) openly defend Censorship and praise Tyranny. On 8 March 2014, the Zionist Mullahs openly said: ‘the media should aid us in controlling people and preparing public opinion. We want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans in Iran, and we need the media’s help. The media should defend [Zionist IMF]. It’s what [Arbab (Master), ie the West] wants’! In March 2014, the Mullah TV and Rohani openly say that the media should help Mullahs in fooling Iran’s people into accepting the IMF Plans! But the West censors all news. On 8 March 2014, the Mullah TV aired Rouhani’s words, when he defended Censorship and IMF, and said: ‘Censorship is a good thing; IMF Plan is a good thing; I defend Censorship’ ! But the UK and the US censor all news, and even say: ‘Rouhani condemns media crackdown’ ! (AP) They tell such big lies and censor everything, because they know that if they don’t censor what Rouhanis do/ say, then as Iranians say: ‘Gandesh Darmiad’ ! (their secrets will be revealed), and all humans will know the truth. But the West suffers from Mongolism, and doesn’t know if they use this level of Censorship and Big Lies, then as Iranians say: ‘[baz] Gandesh Darmiad’ !

Big Lies and Insulting the people’s intelligence: On the Women’s Day (8 March 2014), the UK/ EU Bitch Catherine Ashton wears Hijab and makes love with Mullahs in Iran, but the Shameless West says: ‘The issue of women rights is on Ashton’s agenda’ !! The shameless way they (the West) lie to people is unique. The US and the UK are the architects of the 2009 Coup and the Mullah Dual Policy -ie Benefits and Concessions for the Enemy (the West); Tyranny and Oppression for Iran’s people- which is worse than the Qajar/ Pahlavi policies. The West knows that most Iranians boycotted the 2013 Election Show; and many know that the appointment of Rouhani is like the appointment of ‘Mirza X’ and other spies/ stooges in the Qajar era. But Mullahs are worse than Qajars. Just look at their senior negotiator, Iraq-chi. He and his family name are non-Iranian! Iraq-chi licked the UK Queen’s ass in 2013, and embarrassed Mullahs. Even the Mullah media said: ‘the story of the UK Queen and Iraq-chi was a big mistake’! But instead of downgrading Iraq-chi, Rohani promoted him to a senior negotiator! In the Mullah regime, a non-Iranian pig licks the Queen and Ashton (Sar beh Astane Queen misayad !) and becomes a very top Mullah Diplomat! Even Fath-Ali Shah was more honorable (Ba Sharaf-tar) than Mullahs, who openly praise ‘Hurting and Humiliating Iranians’. It’s funny that the UK, the US and their notorious agents (Leveretts, Sick, Chomsky etc), who are behind the 2009 CIA Coup, still defend Mullahs and even say: ‘Most Iranians support the Mullahs’ crackdown on protesters in 2009’ ! The West has lost its mind. Now they support a tiny Marxist-Islamist-Terrorist group (MEK/ PMOI), while 99.99% of Iranian know and hate it. Now they create the Mullah-Ashton farce on the Women’s Day!


Prostitution: the media says: ‘the UK and France are banning Prostitution’! They laugh at the poor prostitutes, and say: “Prostitutes in Italy demand the right to get a pension !” (2014) But in the West, Prostitutes are more honorable than Journalists. In the West, journalists and intellects proudly call themselves ex-CIA, ex-MI6, or even ex-Human! Their media proudly says: ‘Big Hollywood names work as I-s-r-aeli spies or CIA agents’ ! The NSA and GCHQ try to enslave scientists, and pay journalists and intellects to fool people. The West’s media is worse than the Mullah Media. The Guardian, Financial Times and other MI6 media tell childish lies. They refer to IMF Plan as RouhaniCare and say: Iran launches RouhaniCare! (March 2014) If the UK media referred to Cameron’s anti-NHS plans as CameronCare!, it would have been less laughable. The MI6 media defend Rohani very passionately, and the CIA whores -who already defended AhmadiNejad (AN)- praise Rohani! In 2014, the American whores go to Iran, and lick Rohani’s ass. For instance, Deborah Amos licks Rohani’s ass, but writes in “On my third day in Tehran last week, I was detained by the morals police [who attack Iranians and arrest them for violating the Arab/ Jewish satanic laws] My introduction to the morality squad ended with fruit juice and a hug from a Mullah cop! [Mullah] told me, ‘We wanted to buy you a gift …” ! (March 2014) This US whore badly licks Rohani’s ass, but confesses: ‘[Mullahs and their] morals police have lost the war. Iranians tell them: ‘We’ve done nothing wrong. You have no right to harass us ‘! American whores are like British whores. They know the brave Iranians, but they are paid to lick the Mullah ass, and to tell big lies.

Money, Power, and Satanism: The main religion of the West, Jews, Islamists and all bad guys is Satanism. In these years, Satanism is the religion of ‘Money and Power’. Those who worship Satan (ie Money & Power), live like animals, tell big lies, and do all evil things. Their God is Money, and they sell and buy everything, including ethics and democracy. It’s what you can see in the US and the Mullah regime. When your God is Satan (Power), you tell big lies, kill and torture people, and do all evil things only because you want to stay in power at any price. And it’s exactly what Mullahs and the UK do. When you worship Satan, you tell many big lies, hurt people, suppress people, censor the voices of people, steal people’s money, and violate people’s rights. When you worship the Devil, you defend dictators, oppressors, crooks, thieves and all bad guys. But it’s funny that the followers of Satan call themselves the men of God! They praise Genocide, Racism, Sadism etc, but call themselves men of God or moral people! As you know, Bribery is part of the American system. People like Jack Abramoff showed that Lobbying is Bribery. But the UK and the US still defend Corruption and Bribery, as they defend Genocide, Sadism, and NSA’s programs. They are like Mullahs, ie they are Omol-Fesad (mother of all Corruptions)! They are like Brzezinski (Imperialists) and Chomsky (Marxists). They all defend brutal dictators, terrorists, crooks, Islamists and other bad guys.

Ethics and Morality: the US, the UK and their stooges like Rohani, Ashton, Straw, Larijani, Jannati, Nourizad, Khatami, Pahlavi etc can show you American Values and British Morality. Just look how the UK media and the US media tell many big lies, and how the US president openly talks about “using force to advance American interests”! (2014) In an interview with a Jewish Barbarian, Jeffery Goldberg, the US president praises bullying other nations, and says the US politics is like “gangster movies”! Obama even adds: “We helped to shape the Mullah election” ! (2014) The United States of Animals (USA) is really a moral country, because they openly support terrorists, dictators, Islamists etc and say genocide, sadism and bullying other nations are moral things. The UK and the US openly say: ‘Iran’s people should be poor people who need food stamps’ ! (2014) They use the American Logic, and say to the poor people: ‘Are you suffering? Well, You Deserve It’ ! (2014) The American logic says: Create problem for others, but claim they deserve it! According to this American logic, If Jews died in the concentration camps, they got what they deserved, and if the Americans died in the 9/11 attacks, they got what they deserved! The UK and the US say: ‘The outcome [of this logic] depends on how successful the cheating is’ ! (2014) Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Bullying etc are among the moral values in the UK and the US; and that’s why they hurt Iranians, and help Mullahs and this Satanic regime, which is the worst puppet, anti-Iranian regime in Iran’s history. The US regime shows that the US national anthem should be about The Star Swastika Banner, not the Star- Spangled Banner.


The Star Swastika Banner

Oh, say! can you see by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed our Barbarians as heroes;
Whose sins and crimes, through the barbaric fights,
O'er the Native Americans Genocide we watched,
And the Nuke's red glare, the atomic bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our nukes hit Japan:
Oh, say! does that American Barbarism yet exist
O'er the land of the Lie and the home of the Barbarian?

In Congress, our Barbarians inciting Genocide, the racist shits, Our government and Congress, our Barbarians, are in deep shit, They tell lie and lie and lie, and eat shit and shit and shit, They fart and fart and fart, half conceal, half disclose,
Our intellects, our media and our politicians are the same shit, They all are savage Barbarians; They are like the Nazi shits: 'Tis the Star-Swastika banner! Oh, long may it wave
O'er the land of the Lie and the home of the Devil !

And where are Native Americans, the real owners of America
Yah, our Congressmen praise Genocide, and even more,
A corrupt democracy, a corrupt society, and a lot more,
Sadism, Racism, Tyranny, Mass Spying, and even more!
No refuge could save our people, the Native Americans
From the terror of our Barbarism or the gloom of our Tyranny: And the Star-Swastika banner in triumph doth wave
O'er the land of the Lie and the home of the Sadist.

Oh, thus be it ever, when Barbarians shall stand
Between the Occupied land and the war crimes
Blest with defeat and shame, may the Evil Land
Praise Genocide that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then Occupy we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: "In Lie is our trust":
And the Star-Swastika banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the Lie and the home of Evil

Barbarism, Sadism, and Narcissism: Barbarians have become Narcissists; they think they are more equal than others! They openly bully Iran, and threaten Iranians with nuke & genocide, but say: ‘Iran should not have nuke’! The US barbarians in Congress openly say: ‘Hit Iran with nukes‘ ! But Islamists not only refuses to condemn American Barbarians, but they say: ‘It is only natural for US lawmakers to [threaten Iran with nuke and to] be skeptical of Iran nuclear deal [!!] I believe that’s only natural in a democratic society’ ! (Zarif in Washington Post, Dec 2013) Islamists work for the CIA and the MI6. Islamists praise US Congressmen (like Brad Sherman [D-CA]) who openly say: ‘We should hurt the Iranian people’ ! Islamists are anti-Iran pigs. Islamists, Britons and Americans are Sadists, because they get pleasure from hurting ordinary people or making them suffer. This is the definition of Sadism. The good people in America talk about ‘How Sadistic And Cruel America Has Become‘, but Islamists (Rouhanis) lick the asses of their Great Satan and their Zionist IMF! The good Americans talk about “St. Obama the Sadist“, But Mullahs praise Sadists. The good Americans talk about “the Barbarism of the Old Testament”, “the Barbarism of the UK”, ‘Jewish Barbarism’ etc. But Islamists (Mullahs) love the Barbarian West, because the West’s Jewish Bible praises Genocide and Sadism. Iranians know that the good Jews and the good Arabs exist, and the good Jews know that Jews owe Persia a lot. But Jewish barbarians like Jeffery Goldberg are in bed with Arabs, and show you why Iranians hate the ungrateful Jews, and say: ‘Fuck Palestine, Fuck Jews’ or ”the US, Arabs and Jews deserve each other’.

Censorship: the good guys in the West say: ‘West Inciting Genocide, Iran Booing Barbarians’. But the West’s media just tell big lies, and censor all facts. Rouhanis openly defend Censorship, Tyranny, Oppression, Poverty, the Zionist IMF and all anti-Iran plans, which try to create more problems in Iran. But the West censors all news. On 8 March 2014, the Mullah TV openly said said that their job is brainwashing people and fooling people! But it’s sadly funny that the Mullah media (not the Mullah TV which is worse than the Nazi media) is more liberal than the UK media and the US media! In 2014, some Mullah media, who know the Large Army of Angry Iranians, try to publish a small part of the people’s comments about the IMF Plans. But the UK media and the US media censor all Iranian comments! This level of Censorship is unique in history. The Western Censorship just reminds you of the Mullah TV and Islamists, who openly say: ‘People have no rights; people should not criticize us. But those who steal people’s money or kill people on a large scale, have many rights; they have Aberu (honor), and we should defend the honor of crooks, thieves, and serial killers’ ! (2014) The UK and Mullahs are two sides of the same coin. Even the UK national anthem, “God Save The Queen”, is a joke and can show you the UK true face:

God Save the Queen

God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen, [!]
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us; [!!]
God save the Queen!
O Lord our God arise,
Scatter her enemies
And make them fall ...

From every latent foe,
From the assassins blow,
God save the Queen!
O’er her thine arm extend,
For [ruining the world, not for defend !],
Our mother, prince, and friend, [!!]
God save the Queen!

Tyranny, Democracy, and Modernism: ‘God Save the Big Brother’ is the UK national anthem, but the UK calls itself Democracy! The UK’s ordinary people hate this song, which just shows that British Democracy is a joke. But the UK media just praises the British Tyranny. Britain, as the ancient land of Barbarians and Barbarism [for more info, check Archive], is the main Enemy of Iranians and the main Friend/ Supporter of Mullahs. The UK is the main Enemy of the Good, the Truth, and the Human Rights. In the UK, Democracy is Tyranny, and Modernism is Barbarism. The UK and the US say: those who praise Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Colonialism etc are Modern people, but those who care about the Truth are fanatics! In the UK and the US, whores are heroes, and barbarians are modern people. In 2014, the US media reports: ‘NSA chief says: We ought to come up with a way of stopping journalism related to the Snowden revelations’ ! or ‘The proposed HTTP 2 spec allows ISP proxies to decrypt your communications! Just what the NSA wants!‘. It’s the American Modernism. The US has become a stupid cesspool like the UK Animal Farm. The US Animals openly praise Bullying, Force, Tyranny, Orwellian Spying / Surveillance, Bribery & Corruption etc and say it’s a modern thing! The UK and the US love Modern Slavery. They say their people should live like slaves, and should not be able to think about problems & solutions. In the West, employers, banks, credit cards, fashion and media have enslaved people. The West has become the home of Modern Slaves.

Poverty, Marxism and Capitalism: In 2014, the media talks about “Hunger in Britain” and “The rise of food banks in Britain” ! Million of Britons need foot stamps, and as their media says: “thousands of poor people die from their situations in the UK’. The UK media even says: “The UK government denies that its policies have pushed many Britons into hunger, and still pretends that they are poor because they are lazy”! Now, Persia and other countries have not imposed any sanctions on Britain, and only the Cameron’s plans (ie CameronCare !) and the British Capitalism are killing/ torturing people in the UK. The West is a joke. Their media says: ‘the IMF demands more poverty in Spain‘ ! (2014) But when the IMF demands more Poverty in Iran, and Mullahs just try to create more Poverty & more Economic Problems in Iran, the West’s media censors all news. The West and the IMF love Islamic Capitalism & Islamic Marxism, which just create poverty, corruption and economic problems in Iran. The West says Islamist faggots like Teyabnia, Nili, Leilaz, Pajouyan are Economists, because they lick the IMF’s ass and praise “Corruption”, “Poverty” and “Food stamps Theory”! Islamic retards don’t know basic things. They even don’t know the US, the US state subsidies, and even this fact that all Iranians know how Islamists and ass-lickers become billionaires. All Iranians know who stand behind this Islamic regime of Crooks and Thieves. Iranians know the British stooges -from Seyyed Zia to Seyyed Ali Geda. Now only the UK, the US and their spies defend this Anti-Iran Rohani, while almost all Iranians hate Rohani, who just repeats AN’s crap. Iranians know the UK games. Iranians know the UK Rouhanis and why they try to create more poverty in Iran.

God Curse the Queen

God curse the UK Queen,
People hate this shitty Queen,
God curse this Savage Queen,
Send her more shame,
In her Barbaric games,
Long to reign over barbarians;
God curse the British Queen

O Lord, the UK fails and falls,
Scatter Scotland and Wales,
And make the UK fall;
Confound this Little Britain,
Frustrate their knavish tricks,
God send the Barbarian UK to hell

Thy punishments from the Hell
On her be pleased to pour;
Long may she reign over the English hell;
May she defend Barbarism more,
And ever give us cause
To sing with heart and voice,
Fuck you, the English Queen

Not in this land alone,
But be Evil's mercies known,
From shore to shore!
God make the nations see,
Britain is the land of Barbarism,
And the Barbarian UK should know,
the game is over!

God curse the UK Queen,
this motherfucker, devil, and Big Brother,
The Evil Queen, the Orwell's Big Brother!


O, Little Britain !
The land of Barbarians and Human-eaters,
You tell big lies, you are the shit-eater,
Fuck the Queen, the mother of Ass-lickers

O, Little Britain !
The land of Barbarism,
You support Terrorism, You defend Mullaism,
Fuck the UK, their Bahaism and Zionism,

O, Little Britain!
The land of Barbarians,
You are behind Mullahs, You will go to hell
Fuck the UK media, God Bless Orwell

O, Britain, the land of Barbarians and Big Brother,
You love English Mullahs, You are real brothers,
Rohani is a British spy, You are his Master
Mullahs are slaves, You're their 'Teacher'

O, Little Britain !
The land of Barbarians and Barbarism,
You support Tyranny, you love Satanism
Fuck England, the home of Charlatanism

Racism and Fascism: The Racist West says: Iran’s regime = Iran’s people !, because Iran’s people hate the Mullah regime, which is an anti-Iranian regime. The Racist West says: Iran’s people = Mullahs!, because Iran’s people are modern people, and victims of the West and Mullahs. The Racist West says: Iran’s regime = Iran’s people, because Iran’s people are wise people who hate Islamists, Marxists, Zionists, Terrorists, and all bad guys. Now, Arabs are in bed with Jews, and desperately try to hurt Iranians. Now, the US openly says: ‘Arabs are America’s close friends’! Now the US makes love with Arabs, and proves that the US deserved the 9/11. But it’s not the whole story. The US openly defends Egypt’s Islamists, Syrian’s Salafis, Saudi Islamists etc. But they pretend that Iranians love Arabs/ Islamists, but the US hates Arabs/ Islamists! The US is worse than Nazis. All Informed people know the story of Persia and Arabs/ Jews. They also know that ‘since the ancient time, Iranians are tolerant people, and don’t judge you by your race or your religion’. Even the West, the land of Fascism and Nazism, knows that Persia is the Home of Tolerance. But they don’t know that if you praise Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Bullying others etc, then the Iranian people will not tolerate you. Yah, Iranians don’t prejudge you. So, you can fool Iranians for a while. But as history shows, when you show your true face & Iranians realize that you are a bad guy with bad intentions, they will teach you a lesson that history will never forget it.

Bullying, Savagery and Inhumanity: Iranians hate Bullying, and that’s why even the stupid agents say: “If someone threatened to punish you unless you did something they want, how would you respond? If the price were right we’d agree, but Iranians hate [bullying]’. The West is really Barbarian. Now they talk about ‘the distinction between blackmail and bullying” ! or ‘the military and economic leverage the U.S. possesses !‘, and say: “US diplomacy must be backed by military power”! They refer to Bullying and Barbarism as the military leverage we possess !, and just remind you of the Nazi Hitler and his military leverage. The US and Jews repeat Hitler’s words, and just show you why the West’s Culture is the Culture of Barbarians. If you know history, you know that Britain is the land of Barbarism, and the British Culture is the Culture of Barbarians and Human-eaters. But even if you don’t know history, today’s West can show you many things. Now they openly praise ‘Bullying other nations’, and ‘hurting the ordinary people [in Iran & other countries]’ ! But it’s funny that this Savage West sheds crocodile tears for Humanity and Democracy!

Orwellian Society, NavaBegh (Genius) and NavaBigh (Ultra-stupid): In the UK and the US, Ignorance is Strength. Their Tech giants work with the NSA/ CIA, but they are proud of themselves. But the soup is too salty that even Merkel says to Obama: “The NSA is like the Stasi (Gestapo)” ! Now the media reports: “The British government is proposing to weaken protection for journalists from police searches and demands. These changes can damage investigative journalism and the public’s right to know’ ! or ‘the ex-GCHQ chief says spy agencies should not be accountable to people and parliament’ ! In 2014, the media says: ‘NSA chief criticizes media and suggests UK was right to detain David Miranda’ or ‘NSA chief says Snowden’s revelations have caused ‘grave damage’ ! Now people ask: who controls the West? who controls journalists and intellects in the West?! But the West is stupid, and just remind you of the story of ‘NavaBegh (Genius) and NavaBigh (Ultra-stupid)’ ! As you know, some are NavaBegh (Genius), and some are retards or NavaBigh (Ultra-stupid). But in the West, NavaBigh are politicians, intellects and think tanks! The Mullah regime, the UK regime and the US regime are full of NavaBigh, who still think ‘Support for Tyranny, Sadism, Barbarism and Terrorism will not backfire’ ! They still think Sowing the Seeds of Hate is a good/ wise thing!

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