Western Censorship: Media and British Rouhanis

“In this year (2014), when you take a look at the UK media and the US media, you think that you are reading/ watching the Mullah Media! The Western censorship is really unbelievable”, many say in this year. As the wise Iranians say: “the West has really confused. In the past, when almost all people were talking about X and Y, the Western media didn’t censor X and Y, but tried to fool people in a smart way. For instance, the Western media tried to pretend that if you approach X and Y from different angles, you can see different things! In the past, the West used face-saving formulas. They tried to avoid insulting the people’s intelligence. They tried to hide their true face and their real intentions. But now, the UK and the US behave like brainless idiots. They censor almost everything, and tell very big and blatant lies! It’s a clear sign of their confusion and their bankruptcy. In 2013 and 2014, the UK and the US censor those important issues that all Iranians talk about them! For instance, in Sep and Oct 2013, all Iranians talked about the story of ‘Rouhani, Rial and Dollar’, because at that time, the dollar value was declining in Iran, but the Anti-Iran Rouhanis said: It’s bad; the Rial value should be declining! The fall of the US dollar value is bad. But the fall of Iran’s Rial value is good’ ! Rouhani’s cabinet openly tried to strengthen US Dollar, and to weaken Iran’s Rial ! [For more info, check Archive for: ‘West, Lies, and Censorship: Rouhani, IMF, Rial’]. At that time, all Iranians talked about this issue, but the UK and the US censored everything! This level of censorship is unbelievable. In this year (2014), the UK and the US badly censor the story of ‘IMF and Islamists’. The IMF team go to Iran, and British Rouhanis say they want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans, the Enemy’s plans, in Iran! Now all Iranians talk about this issue, and laugh and spit at Rouhanis. But the UK media and the US media censor all news and all fact, and just tell big lies. For instance, they pretend that the results of the IMF plans are the results of Sanctions! This level of censorship, and this kind of big and childish lies is unique in history. The West and its stooges still think the logic of Hitler and Stalin (Zur Tepun [Only by Force]) and the logic of Animal Farm still work! Now the BBC, the VOA, the Guardian etc act as the Mullah media, and just defend the Anti-Iran Rouhanis and the IMF Plans! Now most Iranians say: ‘when you watch the BBC and the VOA, you think you are watching the Mullah TV!’ or ‘when you watch the Mullah TV, you think you are watching the BBC and other Anti-Iran Media!”. In these days, many things are ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs send horrible noise and parasite, and try to slow down the fucking filtered internet in Iran. Now even the Mullah media protests against the fucking Filtering, the horrible Censorship, and the slow internet. But it’s funny that the West censors all news, and just helps Rouhanis (Mullahs). All Iranians and informed people know that the UK and the US have sold Mullahs the tools of Suppression, Filtering, Tracking and Censorship. The Mullah Great Firewall is a Western product [For more info, Check Archive]. But it’s not the whole story. The West censors all Iran’s news and the voices of the Iranian people, and allows Islamists, terrorists and Basiji faggots to pretend that they are Iranians! In 2014, Islamists and Basijis openly say that they use the unfiltered internet! They openly say that the Iranian people should use the filtered and censored internet, but the West allows Islamists and Basijis, ie the Mullah Cyber Army, to use the unfiltered internet! In 2014, Islamists and Basijis, ie the Mullah Cyber Army, openly say that each of them has 200 to 300 accounts in Fackbook and other social networks, and try to pretend that they are the Iranian people!, and the West just help them in reaching this goal and fooling non-Iranians! History will never forget these years. The West and its stooges are the main responsible for all tragic problems and all Pain and Suffering in Iran“. The tragedy of the Internet, and the love story of “the West and Islamists” is so imporant. We have repeatedly written about this important issue, and we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “the Western Censorship and the Mullah Censorship just show that what the Iranian people say is really true! The US is as stupid as the UK and Mullahs. They even don’t know that ‘Support for dictators, Islamists and terrorists will backfire’ ! In Iran, the hatred of Mullahs and their Arab/ Jewish satanic beliefs, or the Hatred of Evil, the Hatred of Britain is not a new thing. But now Iranians talk about the Hatred of America, and know that ‘the West is a friend of Islamists and dictators, and an enemy of Iranians and all good guys. But the West even doesn’t’ know that ‘Since the ancient time, Iranians hate dictators and those who support dictators’. The West knows Mullahs, but not Iran. Since the ancient time, Iranians have solely fought against all bad guys, and Iranians have always -sooner or later- defeated all Deevs (all Devils) and all Zahaks (Satan’s agents). Iran is the Land of Kavehs, Arashs and Rostams”.

In these days, the West and its stooges are making history. As some wise Iranians say: “Now Islamists openly defend their beloved Zionist IMF !, and the Anti-Iran Mullah TV defends the Zionist IMF Plan and repeats the 2011 Rozeh (Crap/ Big Lies), while Iran’s people know the IMF Plan and its disastrous results. Now even religious people say: Mullahs and Islamists are like or worse than animals (Kal An-aam, balkom Azal)! The Anti-Iran Rouhanis and the Mullah TV are brainless retards, and even don’t know that events and disasters in history can reappear, but the first time as tragedy, the second as farce! Now, all Iranians just laugh at the Mullah-IMF Farce, and say: ‘These Mothefuckers think people are blind and stupid (Fekr Mikonan Ba Dasteh Koor-ha Tarafand)?! Now, the Mullah TV, the BBC, and the VOA work as one team, and badly defend the IMF plans and the Anti-Iran Rouhanis! Now it’s quite clear that the so-called Exiled Media and Exiled Journalists work for the CIA and the MI6. They just say what the Big Brother wants. Now the Anti-Iran Rouhanis lick the ass of their beloved Zionist IMF, and try to create ‘Economic Instability’ in Iran. In these days, the prices of many things have increased, only because Rouhani tries to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans. Now, Rouhani’s men, including Hamid Chitchian who openly licks the Zionist ass, talk about 25% increase in utility bills (electricity etc)! Rouhani’s cabinet, which is a cesspool of the anti-Iran spies/ stooges, just aid Iran’s enemies, and sooner or later Iran’s enemies will say that the new Mullah-made inflation/ crisis or the public protest is a result of Sanctions! British Rouhanis aid the Enemy, but badly fear a public backlash. They have badly confused. Now the large Army of Angry Iranians is ready to explode, and Mullahs have shit in their pants. Now Iranians laugh/ spit at British Rouhanis, the UK and the United States of Animals (USA), and make joke like: ‘What’s Rouhani’s Nowruz Gift to people? Economic Crisis, and Making the UK Happy’ ! or ‘Question: If you want to work for the Mullah TV, the BBC, the VOA [the Guardian] etc you should … (1) you should be a stupid whore and a real motherfucker (2) you should be a brainless faggot, who has no shame and no balls (3) you should be animal, not human (4) 1, 2 and 3 are correct’ ! Iranians know the UK and Mullahs. Islamists and Mullahs are the worst enemy spies in Iran’s history. Islamists love to tell big lies, because their Jewish God is the Devil. But Iranians still remember what the BBC and Mullahs said in the 1970s. Khomeini and Mullahs said: ‘Water and Electricity (Utilities) should be free in Iran. Iran is a rich country, and Iranians should enjoy such welfares’ ! The UK and Mullahs even said: ‘Iran’s regime should pay the people’s share of the Oil Money. They should knock your doors, and pay your share of the Oil Money in cash. But the Shah steals your oil money and your shares’ ! The UK and Mullahs even said: ‘the Shah ruin Iran’s economy and Iran’s national currency (Rial). Now 1 Dollar = 70 Rial ! The Shah ruined Rial, and turned it into a worthless paper’ ! It’s exactly what the UK and Mullahs said in the 1970s! But now they try to hide the past, while Iranians know the truth. In 1979, 1 Dollar = 70 Rial, but now 1 Dollar = 30000 Rial ! In 1979, Water and Electricity (Utilities) was almost free. But now Mullahs has increased it by 15,000% ! In 2011, they increased it by 1000%, but they still talk about increasing it !, because it’s what the IMF wants In the 1970s, Iran was becoming a welfare state. The Shah paid a lot of subsidies to people. But now, Mullahs not only refuse to pay the people’s share of the Oil Money, but they lick the IMF ass and desperately try to cut all subsidies! In the 1960s, Iran’s inflation rate was about 2%. In the 1970s, Iran’s standard of living, Iran’s industries, Iran’s reserves, Iran’s economy etc were much better than South Korea and Norway. But now, the anti-Iran Mullahs just lick the ass of their beloved Zionist IMF, and try to set a new world record for the World’s Highest Inflation Rate, the World’s Greatest Corruptions, the world’s biggest embezzlements, the world’s greatest injustice, the world’s worst puppet regime etc. But the UK and the US censor all facts, and just defend this British faggot (Rohani), because he serves the West’s interests. The CIA and the MI6 control all exiled Media and all exiled journalists/ activists, who just lick the asses of Mullahs and the West, and even don’t protest against the IMF-Rouhani Farce! Anti-Iran whores and stupid traitors like Khatami, Akbar Ganji, Behnoud, Zibakalam and those who work for the Big Brother’s media -including BBC, Guardian, VOA, Huffington Post etc- are like or worse than Basijis, and now almost all Iranians are aware of this fact. Just ask yourself: what has happened to the anti-Iran cesspools like Balatarin.com, Kaleme, RoozOnline, Khatamists’ sites etc?! The fate of these traitors is informative […] Now, most Iranians say: ‘BBC, VOA, Manoto etc are like or worse than the Mullah TV’ ! It’s an important change”.


In this year (2014), the US media and the UK media just remind Iranians of the Mullah TV. As some wise Iranians say: “the anti-Iran Mullah TV is worse than the Nazi media; and the US media (CNN, PBS, VOA, Huffington Post etc) and the UK media (BBC, Guardian, Economist etc) are worse than the Mullah TV! Now what BBC, VOA, Guardian, and all Western mass media say about Rouhanis and the IMF plans is exactly like what the Mullah TV says! It shows that one team and one Big Brother controls the Mullah TV and the CIA/ MI6 media. Now, the Western mass media censors all news/ facts, tells childish lies, and pretends that Iranians love tyranny, poverty, high inflation, and the anti-Iran Rouhanis and the Anti-Iran West! Compared to the UK and the US, Hitler and Stalin are innocent kids! The UK media still collaborates with the Mullah TV. They tell bad jokes, and play Orwellian games. British Barbarians pretend that they are two groups. Group I are British barbarians like Jack Straw, the BBC and the Guardian, who openly and shamelessly defend Mullahs and Islamists. In 2014, the UK media reports: ‘Jack Straw says: In Rouhani’s Iran, you can feel the winds of change’ !! (2014) British animals lick the Mullah ass, and see the Mullah farts as the winds of change! In 2014, Jack Straw, the former head of the MI6, says: ‘On my previous five trips to Tehran, as British Foreign Secretary, I invented a personal measure of how relaxed people were feeling [!] More relaxed than I’d ever seen, is my scientific observation from this trip [in 2014]’ ! Straw’s observation is really scientific, because when he was in Tehran and licked the Mullah ass, Mullahs were celebrating the UK-backed Massacre of Iranians in 2009, and the Iranian people were spitting at the UK and British Mullahs! Jack Straw is full of crap. But it’s important to note that what Jack Straw -as a senior member of the MI6- says is exactly like what Islamists and other stooges say. It’s funny that the MI6 or the CIA invents a fallacy, an excuse, or a big lie, and then all whores, all agents and all journalists repeat it! In Feb 2014, the anti-Iran pigs say: ‘Rohani has changed the mood in Iran. But he faces opposition’ ! Do you know who say such things?! The UK Economist, Islamists, Lefts, Akbar Ganji etc […] Group II are British barbarians like the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom! These British beasts openly and shamelessly support the notorious anti-Democracy groups -like Monarchists (Pahlavists) or Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK)- while 99% of Iranians hate them. These British pigs attack Straw and say: ‘You are not honest! But we are not in the business of making gestures [!!] You only emboldened the murderous mullahs to further suppress the Iranian people. But we support [the murderous Marxist-Islamist terrorists] ! Shaking hands with terrorists [will not] backfire’ ! (2014) It’s not a joke. It’s exactly what the British pigs say. Britons just force the funny guys to say: The Nazi and Hitler were naive. They had to act like the UK. They had to create the Nazi Committee for Jewish Freedom ! Goebbels was stupid. Hitler and Goebbels had to defend the Holocaust in the name of the freedom and democracy for Jews ! Bin Laden was naive and stupid, too. He had to create ‘the Arab Committee for America Freedom’ ! Bin Laden had to defend the 9/11 attacks in the name of the freedom and democracy for the American people !‘. British barbarians and American animals used to pretend that they are smart bad guys. They tried to create an illusion of freedom and democracy. They tried to fool people into believing that the West cares about democracy or human rights. But now, they just try to convince all people that the West is number one Enemy of the freedom, democracy and progress in Iran and the world. Now the UK and the US openly support the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (ME/ MKO), ie a tiny group that 99.99% of Iranians know and hate it!”. In these years, the West and Islamists are proving many things. As some wise Iranians say: “Can people love high inflation and economic disaster?! The answer is clear. But the West and Islamists pretend that Iran’s people love economic disasters! Mullahs are in bed with their Zionist IMF and talk about Eqtesad-e Moqarebati ! (Fucking the Economy), and the West just tells bad jokes such as: ‘It isn’t clear that public unhappiness has reached a breaking point in Iran’ ! (2014) The American animals even say: ‘Mullahs managed the Green Revolution in 2009 because the protesters lacked broad public support’ !! (Forbes, by George Friedman) The US animals are worse than Mullahs. The UK and the US say: ‘In Iran, ‘it’s the economy, stupid’ which will determine Rouhani’s ultimate success- or failure’ ! (2014) But they pretend that Iranians love corruption, high inflation, economic problems and IMF Plans! They pretend that Iranians still like the Anti-Iran USA!, while almost all Iranians say: ‘Fuck America; when the anti-Iran pigs (American animals, Jewish pigs, British beasts etc) have nuclear weapons, Iran must have nuclear weapons’. Iranians have always hated Bullying, Barbarism and Big Lies”.

We have repeatedly written about the IMF Plans and the story of “IMF and Mullahs” (check Archive). Iranians and all informed people know what Mullahs did and said in these years. The stupid West and Mullahs cannot pretend that the past years didn’t exit and the history begins in 2014! All informed people, and almost all Iranians, know what happened before and after the 2009 Coup. As some wise Iranians say: “Rouhani repeats AN’s words, and thinks it’s a new thing! But all Iranians know what AN/ Mullahs said about the IMF plans. Iranians know the past and the present, and that’s why they say Mullahs are puppets of the West and their mission is Ruining Iran. Iranians know why Mullahs pray for the population boom! Iranians know what Mullahs said about human sciences, education and universities after the 2009 Coup. The West censors such things, but Iranians know them, and that’s why Iranians talk about British Mullahs and their Western masters. But Mullahs are just a small part of the Anti-Iran Mafia. As Iranians truly say: ‘these years showed that If the Iranian people want to have a better life, a better future, a better world, and to enjoy freedom, democracy, progress etc, they should fight against the West and the Anti-Iran Mafia, not the Mullahs’ [for more info, check Archive for: [*] ‘Iranians Should Stop Anti-Iran Mafia, not Mullahs’ (2013)]. Iranians know when Tragedy becomes Comedy [*] As they say, ‘It’s when you live in Iran, and see how the British media and the American media defend Rouhanis. It’s when you can see how the UK and the US censor all news and make love with Mullahs. It’s when you can see who was behind the 2009 coup, the 1997-2004 tragicomedy, the 1979 tragedy, and the tragedy of ‘Keeping Iran Weak, Unfree, and Undeveloped in the past 200 years. It’s when you can see that the West is a real Animal Farm’. The UK, the US and their Mullahs just try to hurt Iranians, and it’s obvious why Iran’s people express their thanks to Mullahs and the West by rude words and a stream of invective. It’s obvious why Iranians say: ‘the meanest pigs, the worst traitors, and the worst enemy spies in Iran’s history are Islamists and anti-Iran whores like Akbar Ganji, Zibakalam and Behnoud’. Iranians know the Anti-Iran Rouhanis, the West’s censorship, the West’s anti-Iran Racism, the IMF plans, the West’s Orwellian lies, the West’s Bullying, the West’s Barbarism, and many other things. Today’s Iranians know that the main problem of Iran and Iranians is the West, not Mullahs [*] The West is the number one Enemy of a better world and a better future. The Barbarian West is still Barbarian. Technology has not changed the barbaric nature of the Barbarian West. Barbarians wear masks and try to hide their true face, but after Snowden’s revelations and all Western scandals, anyone with half a brain can see who is who”. In this year (2014), the West still acts like retards. But as the wise Iranians say: ‘The world should learn from Iran’s people. Iranians are alone. They have no media, and all journalists and all bad guys try to betray or mislead them. But Iranians are smart people, and just laugh/ spit at the UK, the US, Mullahs and all bad guys. Iranians solely fight against all bad guys. It’s the true meaning of Greatness. It’s the true meaning of Wisdom. Iranians hate all devils. But the West is still stupid. The stupid America just tries to promote a new wave of
Anti-Americanism! After the 1953 CIA Coup, they created the first wave of Anti-Americanism in Iran. And now, after the 2009 CIA Coup, they just try to create and promote a new wave of Anti-Americanism among the majority of Iranians, who already were pro-American! But this time the US just shows you that Anti-Americanism is actually Anti-Satanism, and if you hate the bad guys, you naturally hate America! The West is really stupid. The stupid West even doesn’t know that ‘Censorship and Oppression (Bullying, Racism etc) will backfire, as Support for Terrorism and Tyranny will backfire”.

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