Little Britain vs Persia: Persian Question (Curzon)

March 27, 2014

“In the past 200 years, the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Progress in Iran is Britain, the land of Barbarians. These years showed that what Iranians already said about Britain was not wrong. These years showed that what George Orwell said about the UK -from the Ministry of Truth to Big Brother Corporation (BBC)- was not wrong. These years showed that If Iranians want to enjoy freedom, democracy and progress, they should know the UK and its stooges (the US is a new version of the UK). All good guys should know the long story of the Barbarian UK, the British Colonialism and the British Evil Empire. It’s necessary to have a better world”, the wise Iranians say. In this year, many things are ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “the UK media acts as Rohani’s media. Mullahs still send noise/ parasite, and try to slow down the filtered Internet. The West’s media and the Mullah Great Firewall -which is a British-American product- just remind you of the Orwellian World of ‘1984’. The British media -from the BBC to the Guardian- is ‘Lie Factory’. They tell big lies and censor everything. The UK and the West falsify the past, because as Orwell said, they believe: ‘Who controls the past, controls the future, and who controls the present controls the past’ ! But as ancient Iranians said, liars and bad guys suffer from many problems, including short memory and low IQs. They and their contradictions (paradoxes) can reveal many things”. We have already written about the past (history) and what Europe said about Persia, [for instance, check Archive for [2]: “Iran Gifts to Mankind: German Confession (Olearius)”] and here lets take a look at Curzon’s book [1]: ‘Persia and the Persian Question’. Curzon is a British politician, and it’s obvious that his book is not reliable. But as some Iranians say: “European books are full of lies, and are not reliable, but Common sense (Aghl-e Salim) can help you to judge what you read, and to find their contradictions/ confessions”. Curzon is a notorious politicians. As some wise Iranians say: “Lord Curzon (1859- 1925) was a high rank politician, a high rank freemason/ spy, and a high rank ideologue of British Colonialism. ‘In the autumn and winter of 1889’ [1] Curzon was in Iran, and his book[1] was written in the early 1890s; and in the late 1890s, Curzon was appointed governor-general of India! Curzon was a conservative member of the House of Commons, and served as parliamentary under-secretary for India, and for foreign affairs (1895- 98) in Robert Salisbury’s second and third governments. In the 1910s, Curzon became leader of the House of Lords, and a member of the war cabinet. From 1919 to 1924, Curzon was the UK foreign secretary. The UK and Curzon were behind the 1921 Coup (Pahlavi’s coup), and Curzon was the architect of the ill-fated 1919 Pact”. They also add: “In his book [1], Curzon talked about ‘his lifelong concern for Persia’ ! [1], ‘Britain’s problems in Persia’ [1], and ‘Britain’s position in Persia’ [1] He even said that most of the British tourists/ agents who went to Persia and wrote about Persia ‘worked for the East India Company’! [1] As Curzon said, ‘Anglo-Persian relations were in the hands of the East India Company‘! [1] It’s a good confession. Most Freemasons and British Spies worked for the East India Company, and it was the East India Company that paid Mullahs ‘Indian Money’ !”. They also add: “Curzon was a typical British Politician, ie a typical stupid bastard. He said: I am a friend of Persia ! [1] But he crapped about Persia, and praised the UK for occupying many parts of Iran, including Eastern Iran [1] Curzon’s book can reveal part of the UK Orwellian tactics. Curzon said Iran is considered as ‘The Origin of the Aryans’. But ‘now (in the 19th century), [the Ministry of Truth] reject this old hypothesis. ‘But I still prefer the old hypothesis’ ! [1] It’s funny and important. In the 19th century, the UK started to rewrite history and to falsify the past, but most people just laughed at the UK; So, in Curzon’s book Iran was still the land of Aryans, as the Persian Gulf was still the Persian Gulf [1] In fact, before the 20th century, most people didn’t care about false names or fabricated history manufactured by the Evil Empire (Ministry of Truth, etc)”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘Little Britain has committed the greatest crimes and evil acts in history, and common sense and scientific evidence tell you to reject what the Evil Empire says. Now even modern sciences show that Britons were Barbarians and Human-eaters (Adam-khor), and Arabs/ Jews were savages and Locust-eaters. The West’s Jewish Bibles and Jewish religions praised Genocide, Sadism, Racism, and Intolerance. They still praise such barbaric things. But Iranians are the first humans who talked about Tolerance, Basic Rights and Human values, and that’s why many tried to know more about Persia, and to learn from it. The West learned a lot from Iran. As Curzon confessed: ‘the
administrative regime of Persia is in essence the same at this day as under the Achaemenian. Persia is divided into satrapies or provinces, ruled by governor-generals who are appointed by, and are directly responsible to, the Crown, and these are further subdivided into beluks, or districts, cities and their dependencies, and towns, the lieutenant governors […]’ [1] In fact, when Americans and Europeans didn’t know how to utter or spell ‘system’, ‘government’, ‘law’ etc Iranians had a modern government. Europeans learned (from Persia) about ‘the tax list’ [1], ‘Barats, or orders, payable some weeks or months from date’ [1], and ‘Darogheh (head of police), Kalantar (mayor of a city), Kadkhoda (head of a village), etc’ [1] When Europeans didn’t know what is clerks, secretaries, or accountants, as Curzon said: ‘In Iran, every minister, every governor, every petty official, was surrounded by an immense staff of munshis, mirzas, and mustofis, i.e. clerks, secretaries, and accountants‘ [1] But the West is so ungrateful and so shameless. They said: ‘the system is so open in Persia’ ! [1], and added: ‘From one point of view, Persia is the most democratic country in the world‘ [1] But they loved to crap about Persia, and to praise the Fake Democracy and the Barbarian-Orwellian System in Europe! They talked about ‘the theory of the law in Persia‘ [1], and said: ‘the law in Persia consists of two branches: the religious law, and the common law .. criminal cases are decided by the ecclesiastical, and civil cases by the secular courts‘ [1] But they loved to crap about Persia, and to praise the Medieval laws and the Law of the Jungle in Britain (Europe)! As our people say: ‘Even dogs are grateful. If you give or learn dogs something, they are grateful’. But Europeans, specially British pigs, are so ungrateful”. They also add: “Curzon has indirectly confessed to many things. For instance, he said: ‘Government is Machiavellian. Religion inspiring at one moment the bigot’s rage, at the next the agnostic’s indifference. The most scandalous corruption is combined with a scrupulous regard for the moral law’ ! [1] And it’s the philosophy of Britain and their Mullahs. As they say: ‘one of the chief reasons the Roman oligarchy survived for 1,000 years was because it had learned how to use cults and religions to control its people‘ ! It’s what Britons said in the 19th century, when the UK started ‘a cult-building project’ [1] This British religion-building project created many new cults, including Mormonism, Bahaism, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Zionism, and other freemasonic cults. Iranians reject this religion-building project, but Britons said: ‘Persians could not be otherwise described than as the greatest rascals in the world’ ! [1] It’s funny, because the British rascals, the worst barbarians in history, said such things. Freemasons and British barbarians like Curzen and Malcolm said: ‘Persia [should be] a backward country’ ! [1] They and their UK were behind the Mullahs, the Treaty of Gulistan in 1813, and the Treaty of Turkomanchai in 1828 [1] In Iran’s history, we have many Hakim (scientist, doctor, expert). Hakim was pro-Iranian and pro-Truth, while Mullah was/ is fanatic, stooge/ spy, anti-Iranian and anti-Truth. Mullahs were/ are slaves of the Devil and Iran’s enemies. But Curzon and the UK pretended that Mullah is Hakim! [1] They still pretend that their own spies are Iranians or representatives of Iranians! It’s one of the old British tactics”. They also add: “Curzon talked about Iran’s Civil Society and people’s organizations like ‘Majlis of elders, or rish-sefid’ in Persia [1] As Curzon said: ‘[In small towns, Iran’s judiciary system is unique]. A council of elders is convoked in the house of a leading citizen. Both sides state their case; the documents are produced and inspected; and a decision, which is almost always in the nature of a compromise, is given. The verdict is signed and registered by the authorities’ [1] It shows that Persia was much more modern than Europe. When Europeans were following the Jewish law of ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’ [1], Iranians cared about ‘compromise’, and ‘separation from both the state and the church’. Curzon even confessed: ‘In Persia, the Shah is not the religious head of [the Church]’ [1] It’s important, because we all know the Medieval Europe”. They also add: “Bribery and Corruption (Lobbying) was, and still is, a main part of the political system in the UK, the US and the EU. But they crap about ‘Corruption in Persia’ ! [1] Persia was not Utopia, and suffered from corruption. But it’s funny that those who openly praise Bribery and Corruption (Lobbying), and those whose system is still based on Bribery and Corruption (Lobbying), crap about Persia!”. As some wise Iranians say: “The UK just tried to worsen the problems in Persia. They used Mullahs and other traitors to create more problems. Curzon said: ‘Women in [Northern Iran & many parts of Iran] never cover the face, but converse freely with man’ [1] But the UK just supported Mullahs and fanatics. Curzon knew ‘the interesting pages of the Persian history’ [1] But he loved ‘the Persia of Malcolm, of Morier, of Ouseley, and of [other Freemasons]’ ! [1] He just cared about spies/ stooges, who were like today’s British stooges -from Rouhani to Behnoud. Curzon acted liked Ashton, Straw, BBC, Guardian etc”.


As some wise Iranians say: “It’s funny that the UK hated Nadir Shah and Agha Mohammed Khan because ‘they defeated Russia and Iran’s enemies, and tried to restore Great Iran’! Curzon hated Nadir Shah, because ‘in the reign of Nadir Shah, [traitors to Iran, including] Mullahs have been superseded and ignored’ ! [1], and ‘Nadir Shah overran the East’ ! [1] ‘In 1729, Nadir Shah gained his great victory over [Traitors to Iran]’ [1], and it made Britain angry. In the early 18th century, traitors and barbarians attacked Persia. ‘Russians attacked Persia, the shore of the Caspian’ [1] Russian barbarians killed many Iranians. But Iran’s people resisted, and as Curzon said: ‘Gilan became the grave of Russians’ ! [1] But as Curzon was a shameless idiot, he added: ‘Russians very prudently [!] consented to evacuate Persia in 1734, without drawing any advantage from it’! [1] He falsified history, but said: ‘There is another version of [history !] According to this version [ie the Truth], a patriotic Persian, Nadir Shah, having obtained the throne, sent an imperious ultimatum to the Russian army, that unless the Russians [stopped killing Iranians & occupying Persia], Nadir Shah would send his army to sweep all Russians into the sea‘ [1] It’s obvious why the UK and all barbarians hate Nadir, a patriotic Persian. Nadir knew how to deal with Barbarians; and maybe that’s why they assassinated Nadir […] Nadir Shah made many mistakes, and did many bad/ stupid things. But it’s funny that the UK was glad of Nadir’s assassination & Agha Mohammed Khan’s assassination!”. They also add: “Unfortunately, India helped Iran’s enemies, and when Nadir decided to punish India for betraying Iran, he didn’t think about the European/ British pigs – ie enemies of both Iran and India- who were ready to make use of any hostility between Iran and India. For thousands of years, Iran had defended India against the Barbarian West. The Greek historians thought that India and Persia are brothers, because many Indians fought against Iran’s enemies, and the Persian Army actually defended both Iran and India. As history shows, only when Iran was not as strong as it used to be, barbarians could hurt India. The stories of Arab invasion, Mongol invasion, etc are not hidden facts. But the story of British invasion of India is more informative […] India betrayed Iran, Nadir punished India, and Britain used ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics, and finally occupied India. And when did the Barbarian UK start to occupy India? After ‘the death of Nadir Shah in 1747’ ! [1] The stupid Indians thought that Britain is like Iran, and would never occupy India! But Britain was a land of Barbarism; and when it was too late, Indians saw that what Britain gave India was Occupation, Colonialism, Exploitation etc”. The sad story of ‘Iran, India and Britain’ needs more attention, and we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “Iran, India and China are old neighbors. The UK ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics cannot hide the long history (+8000 years) of close relations between Iran and India, and also the long history (+5000 years) of close relations between China, Persia and India. The long story of Silk Road is as important as this fact that the number of wars between Persia and China, or Persia and India in 5000 years is less than the number of wars between England and Scotland in 100 years!”. In the 1790s, Iran was still a world power. As Curzon says: “[Even] under Agha Mohammed Khan, Persians destroyed the Russian armies” [1] In fact, as some wise Iranians say: “Even at the turn of the 19th century, Iran was as powerful as Russia and Britain. But in the 1800s and 1810s, the United Barbarians (UK, Russia etc) attacked Persia. But Persians were naive and thought that Europeans are as civilized, honest and reliable as Persians, while it was a wrong assumption”. They also add: “the story of the UK and Eastern Iran is informative. Eastern Iran is the birthplace of many Iranian legends/ heroes, including Rustam. Even Curzon knew ‘the heroic Rustam in the Iranian myths’ [1] Eastern Iran is one of the oldest parts of Iran. Curzon even said: ‘Sistanis [Eastern Iranians] are Iranians of the purest Aryan type‘ [1] But Britain occupied many parts of Eastern Iran, and called it ‘British protected territory’! They openly talked about the idea of creating ‘an independent Afghanistan’ [1] and ‘an independent Baluchistan (Pakistan)’ ! [1] British barbarians occupied our ancient lands, called our Iranian lands ‘British protected territory’ [1], and talked about ‘the chance afforded to Persia of invading [British protected territory]’ ! [1] If you occupy Scotland and Wales, and call them ‘Persian protected territory’, you are less shameless than the UK!”. Those who read history know why Iran should hate the UK. As some wise Iranians say: “Now Iranians talk about the payback time and returning Britain’s favors! But Iranians and all good guys should learn from history. Little Britain is a tiny virus, and a good vaccine can kill the British-Barbarian virus. This good vaccine is Awareness. At first, people should know U.K. virus […] The UK tried to study ‘the personality of the future king of Persia’ ! [1] They said: ‘[this Shah] pays marked respect to Mullahs’ ! [1] or ‘He is under the influence of Mullahs’ !! [1] But why Britain loved Mullahs?! Qajar kings were so stupid, but most of them were not stooges of foreigners. Even Fath-Ali Shah was independent, and hated Iran’s enemies (the first puppet regimes in Iran’s modern history were Pahlavis, and then Mullahs). But since the 19th century, the UK has used Mullahs and other stooges to create more tyranny and more problems in Iran. Relations between Britain and Mullahs, or ‘Britain and Babis (Bahais)’ are important. Curzon praised ‘the Babi conspiracy’ ! [1], and even said: ‘the Babi movement was initiated by [our] Mullahs and Hajis’! [1] Curzon and Britain praised ‘Jewish converts‘ [1], and it’s funny that many British Mullahs, Babis and other stooges were ‘Jewish converts‘! In his book [1], Curzon becomes a defender of Mullahs and Jewish converts, and a Bahai ideologue! It’s very funny. Curzon just reminds your of today’s British media”.


As the wise Iranians say: “The Evil Empire and its media try to fool people, and to blind people. They have no shame. They are like Curzon, who told big lies and crapped about Persia, but said: ‘I am a friend of Persia’ ! [1] Curzon even talked about ‘introduction of a series of reforms into Persia’ ! [1] He shamelessly said: ‘We may give Persia railroads; we may work its mines and exploit its resources; but we shall not have brought it within the pale of civilized nations [!!]’ [1] British Barbarians have no shame. They learned Civilization and all good and civilized things from us, Persians. But in the past 200 years, ‘Barbarians wanted to teach us Civilization !, while the UK Civilization was/ is nothing but Modern Barbarism. Curzon talked about ‘Persian education’ [1], and said: ‘Education is very cheap in Persia, only 1 to 3 kran [~1s] per month’ [1] He even said: ‘the lower classes in Persia are the best educated in the East‘ ! [1] But he believed it’s a bad thing, and Iranians should not be educated people! Curzon said: ‘I would organize a coup d’état in the Persian schools’ !! [1] He talked about ‘better teachers’ ! [1], and his better teachers were Mullahs! [1] Curzon’s plans and all British plans in the 19th century were like IMF Plans and British-Mullah plans in these years. The UK has always prayed for ‘the stupidity of Persians’ [1], and said: ‘How faint is the hope that Persia will ever work out her own salvation’ !! [1] or ‘Until a better régime is inaugurated in the country, the necessity of foreign assistance will continue to be felt’ ![1] The UK and its spies still tell such things. They have no shame. They create many problems for Persia, but want ‘to assist in the solution of Persia’s problems’! [1] Their Curzon said: ‘Colonial domination repeatedly gave rise to mass resistance by Iran’s people’ [1], but added: ‘the iron wall of resistance [in Persia], built up by all the most selfish instincts, is opposed to our progressive ideas [!!]’ [1] But it shows that Iranians were not stupid. Iranians were naive and thought that Britons are humans. But Britons were human-eaters (Adam-Khor), not humans (Adam)!”. If people want to have a better world and a better life, they should learn from the past. As some wise Iranians say: “All good guys should know British tactics. And if you want to know British tactics, you can read Orwell’s novels: 1984 and Animal Farm. The UK is a real Animal Farm, in which the Big Brother falsifies the past and controls intellects […] since the ancient time, Barbarians have used the same tactics. They loved to destroy Iranian libraries. They set Iran’s libraries and Persian books on the fire, because they wanted to hide the truth, and to claim that Persia -the Cradle of Civilization- didn’t exit, or Persians were stupid! But no one can hide the truth for ever, and that’s why even Curzon confessed: ‘the Persian is so very superior to any other Asiatic, to Indian, or Turk, [or Arab/ Jew], or even Russian .. If Britons [want to conquer] the East, Persia and the military resources of Persia [should be destroyed]‘ ! [1] The UK tried to poison Iran. As Curzon said: ‘In 1850, the first newspaper was established, under an English editor, whose duty was to [control & censor everything !]’ ! [1] What the UK gave Iran was Censorship, Orwellian media, and other Satanic things”. Curzon’s book can reveal many things. As some wise Iranians say: ‘He talked about the value of the Iranian Currency, and said: ‘[In 1800s] Malcolm gave the value of the Toman as 1l. [In 1820s] Fraser valued it at 11s. [In 1870s] Toman was worth 8s. In 1890, when I was in Persia, it had sunk to 6s’ [1] In fact, the UK tried to ruin Iran’s Currency. In 1900, a Toman was worth 10 dollar. In 1978, a Toman was wroth 0.14 dollar, ie a dollar was worth 7 Toman; and now, under the Mullah Regime, a Dollar is worth 3000 Toman! It can explain why the UK, the US and the IMF love Mullahs!”. They also add: “the IMF, the UK and their Rouhanis (Mullahs) have always tried to create more problems in Iran. But when Britons were Barbarians and knew nothing about systems of business and administration, the Persian Mint made coins, and Iranian money-changers, Iranian accountants and Iranian men of ‘commerce and industry’ created ‘International Commerce’ (Silk Road, etc) and managed international trade between Persia and India-China […] When Britons were playing with the skulls of the beheaded victims, and when Europe’s modern games were Barbaric Games like gladiatorial combats, Persians were playing Chess. Even in the 17th century, Iran was more modern than Europe, and as Olearious said: ‘Epidemical diseases, such as the bloody-flux and the plague, are not so ordinary here [in Persia] as in Europe. Persians are very neat’ [2] But Rouhanis still lick the UK’s ass. Rouhanis (Mullahs) make love with their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan, and desperately try to implement IMF Plan, and to create more economic crises in Iran, while their Arbab (Master) already said: ‘[We] invaders should know the conditions in Iran’! [1] Now the Large Army of Angry Iranians is ready to explode, and Iranians know who is who, and as Curzon said: ‘If the Persians were united, nothing [can defeat] Persia’ ! [1] Today’s Iranians remind many of Persia’s Golden Ages, in which as Europeans said: ‘there were an infinite number of men in Persia who live only by writing’ [2] In fact, when many Iranians were educated people whose jobs were writing, thinking, inventing, doing research etc, Iran was a superpower or a world power. And now millions of Iranians are wise and well-educated people, who know what they should do […] Curzon was the architect of ‘1919 pact; and now Ashton and Straw act like Curzon. But today is not the 19th century, as 1919 is 2020! Now Little Britain is in deep shit. Now, many talk about the End of the US, the End of the UK (Scotland’s independence, etc), the West’s bankruptcy, and the collapse of the Evil Empire. Now, Persia, China and India are on the rise”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘Curzon talked about Tehran, and said: ‘In the 1620s, [Europeans wrote:] Teheran is a large city. The gardens being extremely large, and producing abundance of fruit of various descriptions, of an excellent quality. All the streets are watered by a number of considerable streamlets. The streets, moreover, are shaded by beautiful, lofty plane-trees, called in Persia Chenar; some of them are so extremely thick that it would take from two to three men to clasp them round .. Tehran’s inhabitants are pretty stately, the Women lovely, and curious in novelties’ [1] Curzon even said: ‘[19th century Tehran] is beautiful. In Tehran, shops were seen with glass windows. Street lamp-posts built for gas. Avenues bordered with footpaths and planted with trees’ [1] Curzon even said: ‘In Persia, the streets are stone paved’ [1], and ‘Sang farsh (lit. stone carpet)’ [1] is an Iranian industry. But as British bastards have low IQs, Curzon added: ‘Tehran has been Europeanized’ !! [1] Europeans/ Britons were barbarians and learned all civilized things from Persia [2] Almost all good things in Europe had Iranian roots, or had been Iranianized! [2] But Europe had no shame, and told paradoxical jokes. Curzon’s book says a lot about the British jealousy and the British inferiority complex. When Curzon talks about ‘handsome buildings in the Persian style’ [1], and ‘beautiful gardens, with ingenious arts’ [1] and says: ‘It is shocking to our eye, but not to a Persian’s‘ [1], you can see who is who. When he talks about ‘the great Persian Palaces .. the King of Kings .. the exquisite luxury .. the white marble throne, a great structure .. Mirror works, Persia arts, Persian architecture, Persia crowns, jewels, thrones, lovely gardens, elegant kiosques etc’ [1], you can see the British jealousy. When he says: ‘At the festival of Nowruz or New Year, the Shah displays himself to the people in a fashion not essentially different from that in which Darius and Xerxes appeared in the Talars of Persepolis 2,500 years ago’ [1], and when he talks about ‘Ancient Persia – the Persia of Herodotus and Xenophon’ ! [1], you can see the British inferiority complex, and also this fact that even at the worst time in Persia – ie in the 19th century, known as ‘the worst of the worst’- Britain still envied Persia”, They also add: “When London was swathed in smoke and pollution, ‘Tehran was clean’ [1] Curzon even talked about ‘the large number of trees and gardens in Niavaran, Agdasieh [etc]’ [1], and said: ‘These are all in the immediate neighbourhood of Teheran, [on] the hill-slope known as Shimran. There are many tasteful and beautiful residences in Shimran [that belong to] Shah’s sons and the nobility’ [1] In fact, Shimran or Northern Tehran has always been a beautiful place. As Curzon says, ‘[Even in the 19th century] Shimran Road is a very passable road, planted for the most part with trees, leads to Gulhek on the north’ [1] In the 19th century, Europeans started to live in Northern Tehran [1] As Curzon said: ‘Germans now live at Dizashub; Austrians are leaseholders at Rustamabad’ [1] But as Britons were uncultured, they praised Colonialism and said: ‘Britain is favored in the possession of the village of Gulhek [!] Russia is similarly favored in the possession of the village of Zargandeh’ [1] […] At that time, many Europeans knew who is who; so Curzon was forced to say: ‘[As] Fraser said: Iranians were as respectful and polite as their towns were admirable, and the bazaars were as excellent as the towns’ [1] or ‘Persian roads had at one time been paved with cobbles, [but now] they have fallen into ruin’ [1] or ‘lakes and fountains, like most such things in Persia, have gone to ruin’ [1] or ‘In Northern Iran, Rice is the staple of every-day consumption’ [1]; ‘the manufacture of gunpowder is a local industry in Iran’ [1]; the cost of tickets for [Tehran to Ray train] is two krans or one kran (1 Rial), according to the class’; ‘there are tigers in the north [of Iran], and lions in the south and south-west’ [1]; ‘In Persia, soap boiling is a chief local industry’ [1]; ‘Persians are the first nation to embrace a monotheistic faith’ [1] ‘the Shah’s library has bookcases behind glass doors, and in which I saw well-bound European books’ [!]; ‘When you arrive in Persia you still can [find &] buy everything in the bazaar of any Persian town’ [1] Curzon knew ‘principles of humanity and the laws of hospitality in Persia’ [1] He knew that ‘Iran is a great country’ [1] He knew that ”In the past centuries, Persia was wealthy and famous’ [1] But he and his UK preferred to tell big lies, and to distort facts”.

Nowruz, Norooz: Iranian Legacy vs the West

March 21, 2014

Nowruz or Norooz, the Iranian New Year, is when the nature renews itself and overcomes the harshness of winter. Nowruz represents the victory over the Darkness. As the wise Iranians say: “Nowruz is very political ! Nowruz ceremonies are symbolic representations of two Iranian concepts – the End and the Rebirth; or Good and Evil. Nowruz is a symbol of the Iranian victory over the forces of Ahriman (Evil). Nowruz is full of Hope, a real and important Hope. Nowruz heralds the defeat of the forces of Ahriman/ Darkness. In the Nowruz season, you can see the true meaning of the Iranian Legacy and the Iranian Wisdom”. The Nowruz celebrations go back as far as recorded history. Nowruz is as old as the oldest legends -including the ancient legends of ‘Jamshid, Zahak and Kaveh’ – that we have already written about them. Nowruz is a season full of hope, love, laughter and happiness. As the wise Iranians say: “In the Norooz season, Iranians prefer to talk/ write about good and positive things. But in these years, the forces of Darkness, ie the West and its stooges (Islamists, etc) just remind you of the Zahak era. In these dark years (after the 2009 Coup), the West and all bad guys desperately try to hurt the Iranian people. The West showed, and still shows, that they are enemies of the Iranian people and the Iranian legacy. In March 2014, the 300 movie still tells childish lies, and shows that the West is really nothing but the home of Evil and the land of Barbarians. All well-educated people know that the West is the ancient land of Barbarism. But many preferred to think that the West has changed, and many preferred to forget the past. But these years show that the West is still Barbarian. They still think and behave like their savage ancestors, and openly praise Genocide, Sadism, Racism, Collective Punishment, Bullying other nations, War, Military leverage, etc. What Iran (the land of Aryans) gave the West was Civilization, Culture and Human values, ie the Iranian Legacy. But the Barbarian West could not change its barbaric nature. These years showed that the West is so ungrateful, so mean and so stupid. In their 300 movie, a bunch of Barbarians (Spartans), ie the 300 savage and naked barbarians are heroes, but the Great Iran and the good and civilized Iranians are bad guys! The West has no shame. Lets assume that you live in 4014 (ie 2000 years later), and you want to be as shameless as the West; so, you should say: Do you know the 9/11 attacks? In 2001, Al-Qaeda – a good and popular group of 300 Arabs- defeated the US Army and +300 million Americans, and occupied America. This event is known as the 9/11 attacks’ ! If you can tell such big lies, you are as shameless/ brainless as the UK, the US, and the 300 movie”. They also add: “Nowruz is a symbol of the Iranian Legacy, and says a lot about both Iran (the land of Aryans) and the West (the land of Barbarians). In the late 16th century, Pope Gregory ordered a new calendar (Gregorian Calendar) to replace the Iranian calendars in Europe. The new calendar called for New Year’s Day to be celebrated Jan 1. But as historians say, many refused to accept the new date and continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on March 25 or April 1. As European historians say: ‘One problem was that many people didn’t like this new day. They decided to continue celebrating [Nowruz] in the spring, like their Aryan (Iranian) ancestors‘ ! But do you know how Europe solved ‘this problem’?! Barbarians started to kill and torture those who were celebrating the Iranian New Year (Nowruz) in Europe! The West has always been uncultured. But when European Barbarians were eating humans, and even didn’t know how to utter or spell ‘Civilization’, ‘Arts’, ‘New Year’ etc, Iranians were celebrating Nowruz and writing about Arts, Culture, Humanity and Iranian values -including goodness, kindness, happiness, joy, friendship, hope etc. When Iranians were talking about Good, Evil, Truth, Tolerance etc, Europeans were eating humans, and living live savage beasts”. We have already written about Iranian Gifts to Mankind: Nowruz Ceremonies , and why the West is so ungrateful. But as some wise Iranians say: “Most non-Iranians know nothing about the Iranian legacy. They even know nothing about Nowruz (ie the New Year ceremonies), as a legacy from Iranians. Those who start to know Iran and Nowruz say: ‘What an abundance of symbolism; ancient Iranians were wise people .. In harmony with rebirth of nature, the Persian New Year (Nowruz) begins on the first day of spring. The concept of the new year beginning with spring is so fitting. The world should [bow to the Iranian Wisdom]’. But most people still know nothing about the Iranian Legacy, because the West is still uncultured and ungrateful, and just tries to censor the facts, to falsify the past and the present, and to distort the Truth”.


In the 2014 Nowruz, the Iranian people are just cursing Rouhani for creating economic crisis. As some wise Iranians say: “In 18 & 19 March, the Mullah TV reported that Rouhani’s cabinet and the Mullah TV have several meetings for ‘Preparing Public Opinion’ !, and Fooling People into accepting the IMF Plan! This British Money (Rouhani) openly said: ‘We want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans after Nowruz. ‘Sali keh Nekoost az …’ ! (our shitty plan in this spring confirms that this new year is a shitty year !). Mullahs are worse than Animals. All Iranians (+99%) know and hate the IMF Plan’s disastrous results. All Iranians (+99%) hate the anti-Iran Mullah TV and the IMF Plan. All Iranians and all normal humans hate high inflation and economic crises, but the West and their Mullahs say that people love such things! Now, all Iranians (+99%) just spit at this British Animal (Rouhani), and say good things like: ‘this British Spy (Rouhani) is worse than that Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad [AN]) .. Rouhani is not Iranian, because his supporters & his media openly say: ‘his main goal is: hurting Iranians, humiliating Iran, and helping Iran’s enemies’ .. Rouhani is a British spy, who implements the AN’s plan and the Enemy’s plan .. Rouhani is a British agent, who just wants to create more poverty, more inflation, and more disasters in Iran. It’s his British Mission .. If Rouhani really eats such shit (ie if he implements IMF Plan), he would be more hateful than AN and UK .. Rouhani is a Pofyooz. Only the UK and the US love Rouhani, because he serves the West’s interests and hurts Iranians .. All Rouhanis (Mullahs) are pro-Arab (Arab-parast) and anti-Iranian. Their Jewish God is Ahriman (Satan), and that’s why they tell many big lies and do all evil things .. The Mullah TV openly confesses: We, Islamists, have nothing except Shamelessness! Islamists are really as stupid as their Arbabs (Masters), ie the Devil and the UK”. In these days, the Western media, specially the UK media, work as the Mullah media and make you laugh. As some wise Iranians say: “British Barbarians and Mullahs are two sides of the same coin. Now what the UK media says about Nowruz and Iranian traditions is exactly like what Mullahs say! If you take a look at what the Guardian and other Mi6 media say about Chaharshanbe Soori, Zoroastrians, ancient Iranians etc you can see that what the UK and Mullahs say is a copy of each other! It’s so important. Many know that the UK is so jealous, so mean, and so stupid (Now the stupid UK even says: ‘Iran means the land of Aryans. But Ireland means the land of Aryans, too’ !) But many don’t know that the UK media works as the Mullah media, and the UK is the teacher of Mullahs. The UK & the US just care about Islamists, terrorists, dictators, and other bad guys. The UK, the US, and their spies/ whores like MEK, Basijis, Bahais and those who work with the Big Brother’s media – from the BBC and CNN to the Guardian and Huffington Post- hate the Truth and what is good and decent. They tell jokes like: if Tolerance is an Iranian value, why Iranians don’t tolerate [terrorists, dictators, and sadists]?! These idiots don’t know obvious things. They don’t know that Iranians say: You are free to worship Shit, and be a Shit-worshiper. Iranians will tolerate you. Iranians have always said: ‘Mosa be Din Khod, Isah be Din Khod (Moses can have his own religion, Jesus can have his own religion). In fact, Iranians have always believed that you are free to have your own beliefs. It’s part of the Iranian Legacy, and we all know why it’s so important. When Iranians were such tolerant people, the Jews/ Arabs/ Europeans were barbarians and openly praised Intolerance and Genocide. But the bad guys play with concepts like Tolerance and Intolerance, while Iranians even say: ‘You are free to worship Shit. It’s none of our business. But if you worship Shit and want to force others to worship Shit as well, we will not tolerate you. If you worship Shit, but praise Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Terrorism etc and try to hurt other humans, Iranians and all wise & normal people will not tolerate you’. Iran is the home of Tolerance, and Iranians say: ‘You are free to worship Shit, but you are not free to hurt other humans and to force them to accept your bullshit’ ! It’s the Iranian Legacy. But non-Iranian pigs defend Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Intolerance, Big Lies etc and expect Iranians to tolerate them! Iranians and all wise people will not tolerate the intolerant people. What people like Karl Popper said about ‘Enemies of Open Society’ is like what the great Iranians said about Enemies of the Good and Enemies of the Truth. If you try to hurt other humans and to bully other nations, and to justify Tyranny, Racism, Sadism, Genocide etc Iranians will not tolerate you. Since the ancient time, Iranians care about the Truth and telling the Truth. Even the Greek historians (in 2500 years ago) confessed that Iranians care about speaking the truth, being honest, and being grateful. As even the Western scholars say, Tolerance and Truth have always been among the Iranian values. So, Iranians know Enemies of the Truth. Iranians hate Islamists, because Islamists act like the bad Jews – ie because Islamists are intolerant people who tell many big lies. If you tell many big lies, and just try to fool people and to control/ enslave people, Iranians and all wise people will not tolerate you“. In these days, Mullahs and their Anti-Iran Mullah TV act like the UK and the British media. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now Mullahs say to people: Give your oil money to us! We want to help the poor! But Iranians laugh and say: ‘Hey Motherfuckers (Mullahs), if we want to help the poor, we will give our money, our oil money, directly to the poor, not to you! – who just steal our oil money’. Mullahs are stupid bastards. They say: Our TV channels like iFilm want to tell the world (Arabs, Westerners etc) what is the Iranian Culture. But on this Nowruz, their iFilm not only refuses to talk about Nowruz and Iranian traditions, but they air Arabic songs and Arabic music, and praise the anti-Iran Locust-eaters! Mullahs and their teacher, the UK, are the same shit. In 2014, British barbarians refer to non-Iranian pigs (ie their own spies) as ‘representatives of Iran’s civil society’ ! Now it’s quite clear that the main Enemy of Iran is the UK, as the main supporter of Mullahs is the UK. In fact, the UK and the US are the Devil, while Mullahs are Zahak, ie the Arab agents of the Devil. If Iranians want to get rid of Zahak, they should fight against all agents of the Devil. And as Nowruz and Iran’s history show, Iranians can defeat all devils and Satan’s agents, including Zahak”.


The world should know more about Nowruz, the oldest New Year celebration in the world. We have already written about part of the Nowruz traditions (check Archive). As we said before, Nowruz is celebrated from March 21st (Spring equinox) to April 1st. Nowruz is still celebrated in all parts of the Great Iran. As the wise Iranians say: ‘In the 19th century, the neo-barbarians (ie the UK and Russia) invaded the Great Iran (Persia), killed millions of Iranians and occupied many parts of Iran, including today’s Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Persian lands/ islands in the Persian Gulf, etc. But they could not ruin the Iranian legacy and the Iranian culture. Yah, most non-Iranians know nothing about the Iranian Legacy, including Iranian language, Iranian literate, Iranian festivals, Iranian traditions, Iranian innovations, Iranian arts, and Iranian values. But those who seek the truth, can find the truth. They can see who is who. The average people in all part of Great Iran, specially in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Great Khorasan/ Herat, Great Kurdistan, Great Sistan etc still care Iran and Iranian traditions, including Nowruz. They still remind you of the ancient Iranian cities of Samarghand, Bukhara, Balkh, Herat, Marv and many other Iranian cities in our Great Kharazm. Our bothers and sisters in Tajikistan and all parts of Great Iran think like other Iranians, ie they think about Restoring Great Iran (Persia) and Freeing all occupied parts of Iran Zamin (Great Iran) from the forces of Ahriman. Rejoining and Restoring Great Iran is important, partly because of the disintegration and downfall of the UK and the US. As Iranians truly say, Mullahs are not Iranians and have occupied our Iran. Mullahs and Islamists are anti-Persia, anti-Iranian, and Arab stooges of the Devil. Mullahs still praise savage Arabs and anti-Iranian pigs like Ghazali (1058- 1111), who declared that Nowruz and all Iranian festivals must be abandoned and one should not even mention the name of Nowruz, Mehregan, Sadeh, ChaharShanbe Soori etc. Anti-Iranian pigs like Ghazali said: ‘the Iranian-Zoroastrian traditions will become degraded and no name or trace of them shall remain’! But what happened to these devils and their evil wishes? As our people say: they and their evil wishes went to hell (… een Arezoo ro beh Gur bordanad)! Satan and his agents -including the savage Arabs/ Jews- desperately tried to ruin Nowruz and Iranian traditions, but they failed. A detailed account of Nowruz celebration in the 10th-century Isfahan says: ‘During the Nowruz festival, people gather for seven days in a suburb of Isfahan; they enjoy various food and go around visiting decorated shops. The inhabitants and those coming from other places to participate in this festival, spend a good deal of money, wear beautiful clothes, and take part in gatherings for plays and merrymaking. Skillful singers, both male and female, take their places side by side on the riverside along the palaces. The whole atmosphere is filled with joy and happiness. Many assemble on rooftops and in the markets, engage in festivities, drinking, consuming sweets, etc. It is a well-established tradition’. The festive celebration of Nowruz during the Safavid period (17th century) is well attested, too. Even in the Safavid era, female dancers, musicians & singers entertained Iran’s people at Nowruz. Iranians, including the great Iranian writers/ poets, have always fought against the forces of Ahriman, and Iran has always had great men like Ferdowsi, Nezami, Biruni, Khayyam, Rumi, Attar etc who cared about Iranian values and Iranian culture […] For instance lets take a look at what Rumi says about the story of ‘Moses and Shepherd’. It’s a famous story, and Rumi tries to show you the difference between the Iranian mindset and the Jewish mindset. As Rumi says, a shepherd talked to God, but used improper words and rude words. When Moses saw this shepherd, he said to the shepherd: you should do this and do that, and you cannot talk to God in this way. But ‘God’s voice came to Moses at that time, what you do is a crime .. We don’t care about your gestures and your words, We just look inside and care about your intentions and your heart .. the heart is the essence, not your gestures and your words’. So, ‘When Moses heard the Lord’s harsh reprimand, Ran after the shepherd over the sand .. He apologized to the shepherd and said: “Seek no ceremony, system or rule, and say whatever you want; your blasphemy is faith .. Don’t [censor] yourself’. In fact, the Iranian God says the heart is the essence, and you should not censor the voices of others and yourself. Indeed, the Iranian God is kind, tolerant, and open-minded, while the Arab/ Jewish God loves Censorship, Sadism, Intolerance, Genocide, War etc. The Anti-Iran West, Islamists and their Arab/ Jewish God are the forces of Ahriman/ Darkness. They have occupied our Iran, the Land of the Good and the Home of Tolerance. But as most Iranians chanted in 2009: ‘We, Iranians, get our Iran back; We fight and we get our Iran back’. It’s one of the most important slogans in 2009 and these years. In fact, Iranians say to today’s Zahak and all agents of Satan: ‘We are descendants (sons/ girls) of Kaveh, Arash, Rostam, Cyrus etc. We get our Iran back. We are descendants of Ferdowsi, Khayyam, Rumi, Attar etc. We get our Iran back. We don’t allow Ahriman and its agents -from Islamists to the Anti-Iran West- to implement their evil plans, and to ruin the Good and the Truth. Iranian values -from Truth to Tolerance- and Iranian traditions/ festivals -from Nowruz (New Year), Mehregan (Thanksgiving) and Cheleh (Yalda/ Christmas) to Sadeh and Tirgan- show why Iran, the Land of Aryans, is the Cradle of Civilization, and why Iranians have always hated the forces of Ahriman (Evil), and talked about the defeat of the forces of Ahriman. As the Iranian traditions show, the forces of Evil are losers. Just look at the UK and the US. Now many say: the End of the UK is near, and Scotland’s independence is just a sign. Now many, including good Americans, talk about America’s Evil Empire, and the End of the Evil Empire […] Those who tell big lies, falsify the past and the present, censor the voice of people, hurt other humans and bully other nations are the forces of Ahriman (Evil). They are on the wrong side of history, and sooner or later they will go to hell. It’s what Nowruz, the Iranian Legacy, and the history of Iran, as the oldest country on earth, show all of us”.

Happy Nowruz/ Norooz

The West and Mullahs: Machiavellian Games

March 16, 2014

In these days, we preferred to write about Nowruz, but as some wise Iranians say: “when the West tells many big lies, and just helps Rouhanis (Mullahs); when Rouhanis make love with their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan, and desperately try to hurt Iran’s people; when the West and Mullahs badly try to hide the truth, and to insult your intelligence; when Mullahs send horrible noise and parasite, and try to slow down the fucking filtered internet in Iran; and when the UK and the US are in bed with Islamists and all bad guys, and desperately try to hurt Iran’s people, Iranians [prefer] to give Rouhanis (Mullahs) and the Sadistic West shit, as a way of expressing thanks to them! […] These days are historic days. Just look ‘How the West and the media insult your Intelligence’; just look what the UK stooges do, and what the UK media says. Ashton’s visit to Iran was so shameful. Mullahs said: It’s a ‘goodwill gesture from the EU’, and the West’s media said the UK and the EU just try to send a green signal to Mullahs! The Big Brother’s media even said: ‘Ashton’s visit to Tehran is crucially Important, because [it just] helps relations between Mullahs and Europe [!!] Ashton’s visit improves EU-Mullah Ties’ ! But [it’s funny that] the West and Mullahs play Orwellian/ Machiavellian games, and desperately try to fool people. Ashton met with the bad guys -including Jalili, Rohani, Larijani and whores like Narges Mohammadi of Rooz! As you know, Rooz ( is a cesspool of ‘Traitors to Iran and Iranians’. They betrayed the people movement and the Anti-Mullah movement in 2009. They defend Mullahs. These years showed that they are members of the Mullah Gestapo, the MI6 and the CIA. What they did and said in 2009, and also in 2012 and 2013, are not hidden facts. But now, Catherine Ashton meets with a member of Rooz!, and the MI6 media like the BBC and the Guardian (GU) censor all news, but say: ‘Ashton met with Iranian women activists’ ! or ‘Catherine Ashton criticized for meeting Iranian women activists’ ! (GU, 10 March 2014) Can you believe it?! Ashton meets with their own spies/ stooges in Iran – from Saeed Jalili to Narges Mohammadi-, but the Western media pretends that Ashton meets with Iranian women activists! It’s the joke of the year, and says a lot about the West’s games. Now, the educated Iranians, who read/ watch the West’s media, say good things like: ‘the UK and the US refer to Islamic whores as women’s right activists! Is it a joke ?! .. since when Islamists/ traitors have become women’s rights activists?! .. If Ashton and Islamists are women’s rights activists, then Hitler and Nazis should be the defenders of the Jews, and Jewish rights activists’ ! Now both the UK and Mullahs act like retards. In these days, dozens of Islamist whores were bussed to chant Anti-Ashton slogans! Now the notorious British stooges like Larijani chant anti-UK slogans!, but Iranians just laugh and say: ‘If Hitler chanted anti-Fascist slogans, or if Stalin chanted anti-Marxist slogans, it would be less laughable! .. Basijis/ Islamists are so mean and so stupid, because their teacher is the UK”. In these days, many things are ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “A British cesspool calls itself ‘Campaign for Human Rights in Iran’ !, but they just lick Rohani’s ass and the UK’s ass […] Even Nazis had some sort of shame. If they were as shameless as the UK, Nazis would have created a Campaign for Jewish Rights! […] Britons think they are smart bad guys, but they even don’t know that their 2009 Coup has changed Iranians, and the UK should not make a fool of itself in this way. Now Iranians are aware of an undeniable fact: After the 2009 Coup, those who work for the anti-Iran media like BBC, VOA or Rooz are a bunch of spies and traitors, whose job is helping Iran’s enemies, hurting Iran’s people, and betraying democracy and human rights in Iran. But the West is so stupid. Now the EU’s whores, who call themselves ‘Member of the European Parliament, and Solidarity Group with Women for Free Iran’ !, shamelessly say: ‘[Marxist-Islamist terrorists (PMOI/ NCRI) celebrated the 2014 Women’s Day with the Western officials] included Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada; Michèle Alliot-Marie, former French Minister of Defense; Rita Süssmuth, former President of the Bundestag; Linda Chavez, and former White House Director of Public Liaison. In the European Parliament we have often raised our voice [to support] [the Marxist-Islamist terrorist] PMOI, a democratic movement which believes in democracy and equality’ !! (March 2014) Can you believe it? It’s what the EU’s PMs say! The UK, the EU, and the US have lost their minds, and just confirm that the West is the number one Enemy of Democracy and Human rights in Iran”.


The Mullah-Ashton farce on the Women’s Day is a historic farce. But as the wise Iranians say: “this British Bitch (Ashton) and other British stooges -from Exiled whores and Rouhanis (Mullahs) to the BBC and the Mullah TV- still live in the 19th century. They still think that people are uneducated! But now even idiots have become aware and say good things. The West and the Left censor all facts, but now even the Mullah media says good things like: ‘All people, and we all, remember what AhmadiNejad [AN] said about the IMF plans and the people’s share, aka the Holy Money (Pul-e Imam Zaman)! AN and [Mullah TV] praised the IMF plans and said: ‘We cut subsidies, and use this money to build [A, B, C, ..Y, Z]. But they not only didn’t build [A, B, C, ..Y, Z], but now they ask people to return the Holy Money (Pul-e Imam Zaman)! We, Islamists, have confused, and don’t know that we should dance to which tune ! (Beh Kodam Saz Beraqsim)’ ! (March 2014) It’s exactly what the Mullah media says in 2014! Now Iranians say to Islamists: ‘Dance to the UK tune! You, Mullahs and Islamists, have always danced to the Enemy’s tune, ie to the UK tune, the IMF tune, etc. Now your leader and his Eqtesad-e Moqarebati just dance to the Zionist IMF tune and the UK tune. So, you Islamists should dance to the West’s tune as well’ ! It’s funny that the Mullah media even says: “Rouhani should not implement the IMF Plans. The IMF plans just destroyed Iran’s economy. Iranians hate the IMF plans’ ! (2014) It’s true. The IMF Plan is the most stupid/ disastrous plan in Iran’s history, and has created the Highest Inflation Rate in Iran’s history, and more Corruption, more poverty, more injustice, and more economic disasters. Now even the Mullah media refer to the IMF Plan as the most Fruitless Plan in Iran’s history. But the UK and the US just defend their anti-Iran Rouhanis, and tell big lies. What they and their Rouhanis say is ‘Rozeh’ (Crap/ Nonsense). But what Iran’s people say is ‘Hesab-e 2, 2 ta 4 ta’ (A Strong Logic, like Maths), which has convinced sane people and even religious people to say: Islamists are Omol-Fitnah ! (mother of all seditions); Mullahs are ‘Fetneh Englisi’ ! (British sedition)”. In these days, many things are laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “Islamists say Iraq-chi is a member of Hezbollah. Apparently, when Iraq-chi openly licks the UK Queen, Ashton and Wendy Sherman; and when Iraq-chi (Hezbollah) licks their Great Satan’s ass, Islamists just say: ‘Mashallah Hezbollah’ ! (thanks Hez..) Islamists are retards, and just love ‘Hochi-gari’ and ‘Englisi-gari’ (acting like the UK)! Now Iraq-chi confesses: ‘I lived in the UK -for about 3 years. I studied there’ ! (2014) But Iranians just laugh and say: ‘in the UK?! He and other Mullahs studied what in the UK?! Spying lessons, Eqtesad-e Moqarebati (fucking the Economy), ‘How to become a Traitor’, or what?!”. In this year (2014), many things are ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “In 2014, even the Mullah media ridicules AN and his ‘Paktarin Dolat-e Tarikh’ ! (the cleanest government in history). But the West and the Left censor all news, and just defend AN and Rouhanis! Iran’s people refer to Islamists as ‘crooks and thieves’, stooges of the UK and the US (Nokar/ Jire-Khar-e Englis & America), and non-Iranian or anti-Iranian (Ajnabi, or Mozdur-e Ajaneb). But the West loves Islamists. The Big Brother’s media -from the Washington Post (WP) to the Huffington Post (HU)- censors all news, and just defends Mullahs. In 2014, Mullahs still censor all forms of media in Iran, including websites, newspapers, films and books. But do you know what the US and the UK say?! In their Orwellian articles – like ‘In Iran, a battle over control of media and culture is heating up- !! (WP, March 2014)- the West’s media defends Rohani, because Rohani openly defends Censorship, Tyranny, and IMF Plans! In March 2014, Rohani openly defends Censorship and Fooling people, but the CIA media (US media) and the MI6 media (UK media) censor all news, and tell big lies like: ‘Rouhani is in favor of freedom of expression’ !! or ‘Rouhani tries to promote democracy and human rights in Iran’ !! (GU, HU, WP, etc) The West’s media -from the CNN to the NYtimes- tells many big lies, censors all news, attacks Iran’s people, but defends Islamists, Marxists, Terrorists”. Since the ancient time, Nowruz is a season for Joy, Pleasure, smiling faces and other good things. But in these years, the Nowruz season has changed. As the wise Iranians say: “In these years (after the 2009 Coup), it’s rare to see smiling faces in Iran’s public places. But why? As the long history of Iranian Civilization shows, Iranians actually signal to each other that they have not forgotten the past (the 2009 coup etc) and they are not satisfied. Iranians have used this tactic since the ancient time. After the 2009 Coup, Iranians have celebrated nothing except the End of AN, and Iran’s victory over Iran’s enemies. It’s so important. Iranians don’t have any Eid (Celebration) in public place, until when the killers of Iranians and this puppet and satanic regime go to hell. It’s a very old tradition in Iran”. They also add: “Now Iranians are happy, and full of hopes, but in their private life, not in public place. In the dark years, Iranians protest and resist in many different ways. Iran’s history -from the Zahak era to the Mullah era- shows that Iranians know how they should live in the dark years, and how they should fight against barbarians, and that’s why Iran is the oldest country on earth. Iranians know that the life has a lot of ups and downs. Iranians know Ahriman (Evil/ Satan) and its stooges/ devils. Iranians know joys & sorrows, defeats & victories, etc. But the UK and the US don’t know obvious things. The West’s Evil Empire still thinks that they can defeat the Good and the Land of the Good (Iran)! They don’t know Iran and the Iranian wisdom, courage, bravery, patience, determination, stubborn, resistance etc. Most Iranians are average people, not intellectuals, analysts, politicians etc. But it’s funny that what average Iranians do/ say is much better/ wiser than what the West’s intellectuals say!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “When you live in Iran, many things hurt you and annoy you, but you can know the West, the media and many other things better. When you live in Iran and take a look at the World and the West, you can see that Iran’s people are really smart people. Iranians know the West-Mullah Sham Fight (Jang-e Zargari), and correctly guess what is happening behind the scenes! But the West’s stooges, who are dumber than average Iranians, want to fool Iran’s people! These idiots defend Rohani, IMF, terrorists, dictators, poverty, dependency, backwardness, corruption, censorship etc, and think they themselves are smart guys! On of these smart retards is Saeed Laylaz, an Islamist faggot who works with Rooz, BBC, IMF, etc. In an interview with the CIA Al-Monitor, this Islamist faggot defends Rouhani and IMF Plans, and says: ‘Rohani started a new program: distributing goods among the poor people. [But] these goods were not domestically produced. Rice from India and chicken from Ukraine. Supporting domestic production is not possible [!!] [ie Rohani just tries to humiliate Iranians, to ruin Iran’s national production, and to serve the West’s interests]. If we increase the wages, it might create economic problems; [But the results of IMF Plans are good things like: ] the living conditions of the working class have deteriorated; the purchasing power of the Iranian citizens has been reduced to the subsistence level; domestic production was ruined; high inflation rate [+ 1000%] was unprecedented in history (the inflation was putting so much pressure on the working class); Iran had negative economic growth (the combination of high inflation and negative economic growth rarely happens anywhere)’ !! (March 2014) Islamist faggots like Laylaz defend Rouhanis (Mullahs), because they know that the IMF and Rouhanis just want to create more poverty and more economic problems in Iran! This simple fact says a lot about the anti-Iran Islamists”. In these days, many things are ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the West and their UN – who have only helped Mullahs in 2009, and also in 2011, 2012, and 2013- shed crocodile tears for democracy and human rights in Iran! They defend their own spies/ stooges in Iran, not average Iranians and the basic rights of Iran’s people. They just play political games, ie Machiavellian games. They don’t care about democracy or human rights in Iran and other countries. Just look at Venezuela. A lefty dictator suppresses its people and serves the West’s interests. This Venezuelan faggot, Maduro, has created economic crises/ disasters in Venezuela, but the lefty pigs say: People, specially the poor, love economic crises! They tell the same big lies about Iran, and that’s why Iranians say: ‘We don’t know Venezuela. But what the Venezuelan dictator says/ does just shows that he can a CIA agent, who chants anti-Imperialist slogans to fool public opinion’. Iranians are not blind. Iranians can see that the West is continuing to make love with terrorists, dictators and all bad guys- from the Mullah regime to the MEK (PMOI) and Salafis/ Wahhabis (ie Al-Qaeda)”. They also add: “After Snowden’s revelations and the 2013 scandals, all normal humans can see the true face of the West. Now even Americans say: ‘The CIA Has Brought Darkness to America’ or ‘The CIA is blocking the Senate from publishing a report about CIA torture and CIA lies’ ! (2014) Now, as the media reports: even China reports on US human rights violations ! (2014) Now even Mullahs can report on US human rights violations! America’s regime and China’s regime are like the Mullah regime. But ordinary people in America and China, like Iranians and all normal people in all around the world, hate tyranny, oppression, injustice, inhumanity etc […] In 2014, Julian Assange has said some good things: ‘All of us have to do something. The NSA has grown to be a rogue agency . [If you remain silent], within a few years [you will see] a huge transfer of power from the people who are surveilled upon, to those who control the surveillance complex. Congress [wants] to stop publication of material about the NSA. [We all see] an
unprecedented theft of wealth from the majority of the population to [the bad guys] .. This penetration of the internet by the NSA and (British spy agency) GCHQ is the penetration of our human society. It’s a military occupation of our civilian space, and a very serious matter’. We, Iranians, hope that all normal humans can open their eyes, do something, and break their silence/ inactivity. If the good guys and average people remain silent and/ or ignorant, the bad guys will ruin the whole world and all good things- from Privacy and Justice to Freedom and Democracy”.

Humor: British Culture, American Values

March 10, 2014

The 2014 Farce is so ridiculous. As the wise Iranians say: ‘Tragedy at its peak becomes Comedy. Just look how Rouhanis (Mullahs) are making love with their Great Satan and their Zionist IMF, and how the US and the UK defend their Mullahs, and censor all news. Now it’s clear that Religious Morality at its peak becomes Immorality; Western Democracy at its peak becomes Orwellian Tyranny; Religious Fanaticism at its peak becomes Satanism; Islamism at is peaks becomes Zionism; Journalism at its peaks becomes Prostitution; Americanism at its peak becomes Stalinism; and the West at its peak becomes Animal Farm”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “We are nearing the Nowruz 2014, but as most people say: ‘Nowruz is not in the air’. Now Iranians just curse this British spy (Rohani) for fucking the Economy and aiding the Enemy (the West). In this Nowruz season, it’s rare to see smiling faces in public places, and Iranians just express their anger by their silence or by cursing Mullahs & the West. Now only the UK, the US and their spies defend this anti-Iran Rohani”. As the wise Iranians truly say: ‘Iranians are happy, and full of hopes, but in their private life, not in public places. Iranians know what they should do in the dark years. When the West and its stooges (Islamists etc) desperately try to hurt them, Iranian people just say: Lets know the West better! Iranians know the West-Rohani’s Nowruz Gift to people. Now many use satire as a tool to criticize the West, and to send a Nowruz Gift to the UK, the US and their stooges (IMF, Islamists etc)!”. So, here lets take a look at what Iranians say -in a satirical and sarcastic manner- about the Western values and the West in 2014.

Mongolism and Stupidity: Western politicians and their journalists/ intellects are proud that they are animals, not humans. They openly defend Islamists, censor all facts/ news, tell big lies, but say: it’s Modernism! In 2014, the West and their Rouhanis (Mullahs) openly defend Censorship and praise Tyranny. On 8 March 2014, the Zionist Mullahs openly said: ‘the media should aid us in controlling people and preparing public opinion. We want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans in Iran, and we need the media’s help. The media should defend [Zionist IMF]. It’s what [Arbab (Master), ie the West] wants’! In March 2014, the Mullah TV and Rohani openly say that the media should help Mullahs in fooling Iran’s people into accepting the IMF Plans! But the West censors all news. On 8 March 2014, the Mullah TV aired Rouhani’s words, when he defended Censorship and IMF, and said: ‘Censorship is a good thing; IMF Plan is a good thing; I defend Censorship’ ! But the UK and the US censor all news, and even say: ‘Rouhani condemns media crackdown’ ! (AP) They tell such big lies and censor everything, because they know that if they don’t censor what Rouhanis do/ say, then as Iranians say: ‘Gandesh Darmiad’ ! (their secrets will be revealed), and all humans will know the truth. But the West suffers from Mongolism, and doesn’t know if they use this level of Censorship and Big Lies, then as Iranians say: ‘[baz] Gandesh Darmiad’ !

Big Lies and Insulting the people’s intelligence: On the Women’s Day (8 March 2014), the UK/ EU Bitch Catherine Ashton wears Hijab and makes love with Mullahs in Iran, but the Shameless West says: ‘The issue of women rights is on Ashton’s agenda’ !! The shameless way they (the West) lie to people is unique. The US and the UK are the architects of the 2009 Coup and the Mullah Dual Policy -ie Benefits and Concessions for the Enemy (the West); Tyranny and Oppression for Iran’s people- which is worse than the Qajar/ Pahlavi policies. The West knows that most Iranians boycotted the 2013 Election Show; and many know that the appointment of Rouhani is like the appointment of ‘Mirza X’ and other spies/ stooges in the Qajar era. But Mullahs are worse than Qajars. Just look at their senior negotiator, Iraq-chi. He and his family name are non-Iranian! Iraq-chi licked the UK Queen’s ass in 2013, and embarrassed Mullahs. Even the Mullah media said: ‘the story of the UK Queen and Iraq-chi was a big mistake’! But instead of downgrading Iraq-chi, Rohani promoted him to a senior negotiator! In the Mullah regime, a non-Iranian pig licks the Queen and Ashton (Sar beh Astane Queen misayad !) and becomes a very top Mullah Diplomat! Even Fath-Ali Shah was more honorable (Ba Sharaf-tar) than Mullahs, who openly praise ‘Hurting and Humiliating Iranians’. It’s funny that the UK, the US and their notorious agents (Leveretts, Sick, Chomsky etc), who are behind the 2009 CIA Coup, still defend Mullahs and even say: ‘Most Iranians support the Mullahs’ crackdown on protesters in 2009’ ! The West has lost its mind. Now they support a tiny Marxist-Islamist-Terrorist group (MEK/ PMOI), while 99.99% of Iranian know and hate it. Now they create the Mullah-Ashton farce on the Women’s Day!


Prostitution: the media says: ‘the UK and France are banning Prostitution’! They laugh at the poor prostitutes, and say: “Prostitutes in Italy demand the right to get a pension !” (2014) But in the West, Prostitutes are more honorable than Journalists. In the West, journalists and intellects proudly call themselves ex-CIA, ex-MI6, or even ex-Human! Their media proudly says: ‘Big Hollywood names work as I-s-r-aeli spies or CIA agents’ ! The NSA and GCHQ try to enslave scientists, and pay journalists and intellects to fool people. The West’s media is worse than the Mullah Media. The Guardian, Financial Times and other MI6 media tell childish lies. They refer to IMF Plan as RouhaniCare and say: Iran launches RouhaniCare! (March 2014) If the UK media referred to Cameron’s anti-NHS plans as CameronCare!, it would have been less laughable. The MI6 media defend Rohani very passionately, and the CIA whores -who already defended AhmadiNejad (AN)- praise Rohani! In 2014, the American whores go to Iran, and lick Rohani’s ass. For instance, Deborah Amos licks Rohani’s ass, but writes in “On my third day in Tehran last week, I was detained by the morals police [who attack Iranians and arrest them for violating the Arab/ Jewish satanic laws] My introduction to the morality squad ended with fruit juice and a hug from a Mullah cop! [Mullah] told me, ‘We wanted to buy you a gift …” ! (March 2014) This US whore badly licks Rohani’s ass, but confesses: ‘[Mullahs and their] morals police have lost the war. Iranians tell them: ‘We’ve done nothing wrong. You have no right to harass us ‘! American whores are like British whores. They know the brave Iranians, but they are paid to lick the Mullah ass, and to tell big lies.

Money, Power, and Satanism: The main religion of the West, Jews, Islamists and all bad guys is Satanism. In these years, Satanism is the religion of ‘Money and Power’. Those who worship Satan (ie Money & Power), live like animals, tell big lies, and do all evil things. Their God is Money, and they sell and buy everything, including ethics and democracy. It’s what you can see in the US and the Mullah regime. When your God is Satan (Power), you tell big lies, kill and torture people, and do all evil things only because you want to stay in power at any price. And it’s exactly what Mullahs and the UK do. When you worship Satan, you tell many big lies, hurt people, suppress people, censor the voices of people, steal people’s money, and violate people’s rights. When you worship the Devil, you defend dictators, oppressors, crooks, thieves and all bad guys. But it’s funny that the followers of Satan call themselves the men of God! They praise Genocide, Racism, Sadism etc, but call themselves men of God or moral people! As you know, Bribery is part of the American system. People like Jack Abramoff showed that Lobbying is Bribery. But the UK and the US still defend Corruption and Bribery, as they defend Genocide, Sadism, and NSA’s programs. They are like Mullahs, ie they are Omol-Fesad (mother of all Corruptions)! They are like Brzezinski (Imperialists) and Chomsky (Marxists). They all defend brutal dictators, terrorists, crooks, Islamists and other bad guys.

Ethics and Morality: the US, the UK and their stooges like Rohani, Ashton, Straw, Larijani, Jannati, Nourizad, Khatami, Pahlavi etc can show you American Values and British Morality. Just look how the UK media and the US media tell many big lies, and how the US president openly talks about “using force to advance American interests”! (2014) In an interview with a Jewish Barbarian, Jeffery Goldberg, the US president praises bullying other nations, and says the US politics is like “gangster movies”! Obama even adds: “We helped to shape the Mullah election” ! (2014) The United States of Animals (USA) is really a moral country, because they openly support terrorists, dictators, Islamists etc and say genocide, sadism and bullying other nations are moral things. The UK and the US openly say: ‘Iran’s people should be poor people who need food stamps’ ! (2014) They use the American Logic, and say to the poor people: ‘Are you suffering? Well, You Deserve It’ ! (2014) The American logic says: Create problem for others, but claim they deserve it! According to this American logic, If Jews died in the concentration camps, they got what they deserved, and if the Americans died in the 9/11 attacks, they got what they deserved! The UK and the US say: ‘The outcome [of this logic] depends on how successful the cheating is’ ! (2014) Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Bullying etc are among the moral values in the UK and the US; and that’s why they hurt Iranians, and help Mullahs and this Satanic regime, which is the worst puppet, anti-Iranian regime in Iran’s history. The US regime shows that the US national anthem should be about The Star Swastika Banner, not the Star- Spangled Banner.


The Star Swastika Banner

Oh, say! can you see by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed our Barbarians as heroes;
Whose sins and crimes, through the barbaric fights,
O'er the Native Americans Genocide we watched,
And the Nuke's red glare, the atomic bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our nukes hit Japan:
Oh, say! does that American Barbarism yet exist
O'er the land of the Lie and the home of the Barbarian?

In Congress, our Barbarians inciting Genocide, the racist shits, Our government and Congress, our Barbarians, are in deep shit, They tell lie and lie and lie, and eat shit and shit and shit, They fart and fart and fart, half conceal, half disclose,
Our intellects, our media and our politicians are the same shit, They all are savage Barbarians; They are like the Nazi shits: 'Tis the Star-Swastika banner! Oh, long may it wave
O'er the land of the Lie and the home of the Devil !

And where are Native Americans, the real owners of America
Yah, our Congressmen praise Genocide, and even more,
A corrupt democracy, a corrupt society, and a lot more,
Sadism, Racism, Tyranny, Mass Spying, and even more!
No refuge could save our people, the Native Americans
From the terror of our Barbarism or the gloom of our Tyranny: And the Star-Swastika banner in triumph doth wave
O'er the land of the Lie and the home of the Sadist.

Oh, thus be it ever, when Barbarians shall stand
Between the Occupied land and the war crimes
Blest with defeat and shame, may the Evil Land
Praise Genocide that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then Occupy we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: "In Lie is our trust":
And the Star-Swastika banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the Lie and the home of Evil

Barbarism, Sadism, and Narcissism: Barbarians have become Narcissists; they think they are more equal than others! They openly bully Iran, and threaten Iranians with nuke & genocide, but say: ‘Iran should not have nuke’! The US barbarians in Congress openly say: ‘Hit Iran with nukes‘ ! But Islamists not only refuses to condemn American Barbarians, but they say: ‘It is only natural for US lawmakers to [threaten Iran with nuke and to] be skeptical of Iran nuclear deal [!!] I believe that’s only natural in a democratic society’ ! (Zarif in Washington Post, Dec 2013) Islamists work for the CIA and the MI6. Islamists praise US Congressmen (like Brad Sherman [D-CA]) who openly say: ‘We should hurt the Iranian people’ ! Islamists are anti-Iran pigs. Islamists, Britons and Americans are Sadists, because they get pleasure from hurting ordinary people or making them suffer. This is the definition of Sadism. The good people in America talk about ‘How Sadistic And Cruel America Has Become‘, but Islamists (Rouhanis) lick the asses of their Great Satan and their Zionist IMF! The good Americans talk about “St. Obama the Sadist“, But Mullahs praise Sadists. The good Americans talk about “the Barbarism of the Old Testament”, “the Barbarism of the UK”, ‘Jewish Barbarism’ etc. But Islamists (Mullahs) love the Barbarian West, because the West’s Jewish Bible praises Genocide and Sadism. Iranians know that the good Jews and the good Arabs exist, and the good Jews know that Jews owe Persia a lot. But Jewish barbarians like Jeffery Goldberg are in bed with Arabs, and show you why Iranians hate the ungrateful Jews, and say: ‘Fuck Palestine, Fuck Jews’ or ”the US, Arabs and Jews deserve each other’.

Censorship: the good guys in the West say: ‘West Inciting Genocide, Iran Booing Barbarians’. But the West’s media just tell big lies, and censor all facts. Rouhanis openly defend Censorship, Tyranny, Oppression, Poverty, the Zionist IMF and all anti-Iran plans, which try to create more problems in Iran. But the West censors all news. On 8 March 2014, the Mullah TV openly said said that their job is brainwashing people and fooling people! But it’s sadly funny that the Mullah media (not the Mullah TV which is worse than the Nazi media) is more liberal than the UK media and the US media! In 2014, some Mullah media, who know the Large Army of Angry Iranians, try to publish a small part of the people’s comments about the IMF Plans. But the UK media and the US media censor all Iranian comments! This level of Censorship is unique in history. The Western Censorship just reminds you of the Mullah TV and Islamists, who openly say: ‘People have no rights; people should not criticize us. But those who steal people’s money or kill people on a large scale, have many rights; they have Aberu (honor), and we should defend the honor of crooks, thieves, and serial killers’ ! (2014) The UK and Mullahs are two sides of the same coin. Even the UK national anthem, “God Save The Queen”, is a joke and can show you the UK true face:

God Save the Queen

God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen, [!]
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us; [!!]
God save the Queen!
O Lord our God arise,
Scatter her enemies
And make them fall ...

From every latent foe,
From the assassins blow,
God save the Queen!
O’er her thine arm extend,
For [ruining the world, not for defend !],
Our mother, prince, and friend, [!!]
God save the Queen!

Tyranny, Democracy, and Modernism: ‘God Save the Big Brother’ is the UK national anthem, but the UK calls itself Democracy! The UK’s ordinary people hate this song, which just shows that British Democracy is a joke. But the UK media just praises the British Tyranny. Britain, as the ancient land of Barbarians and Barbarism [for more info, check Archive], is the main Enemy of Iranians and the main Friend/ Supporter of Mullahs. The UK is the main Enemy of the Good, the Truth, and the Human Rights. In the UK, Democracy is Tyranny, and Modernism is Barbarism. The UK and the US say: those who praise Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Colonialism etc are Modern people, but those who care about the Truth are fanatics! In the UK and the US, whores are heroes, and barbarians are modern people. In 2014, the US media reports: ‘NSA chief says: We ought to come up with a way of stopping journalism related to the Snowden revelations’ ! or ‘The proposed HTTP 2 spec allows ISP proxies to decrypt your communications! Just what the NSA wants!‘. It’s the American Modernism. The US has become a stupid cesspool like the UK Animal Farm. The US Animals openly praise Bullying, Force, Tyranny, Orwellian Spying / Surveillance, Bribery & Corruption etc and say it’s a modern thing! The UK and the US love Modern Slavery. They say their people should live like slaves, and should not be able to think about problems & solutions. In the West, employers, banks, credit cards, fashion and media have enslaved people. The West has become the home of Modern Slaves.

Poverty, Marxism and Capitalism: In 2014, the media talks about “Hunger in Britain” and “The rise of food banks in Britain” ! Million of Britons need foot stamps, and as their media says: “thousands of poor people die from their situations in the UK’. The UK media even says: “The UK government denies that its policies have pushed many Britons into hunger, and still pretends that they are poor because they are lazy”! Now, Persia and other countries have not imposed any sanctions on Britain, and only the Cameron’s plans (ie CameronCare !) and the British Capitalism are killing/ torturing people in the UK. The West is a joke. Their media says: ‘the IMF demands more poverty in Spain‘ ! (2014) But when the IMF demands more Poverty in Iran, and Mullahs just try to create more Poverty & more Economic Problems in Iran, the West’s media censors all news. The West and the IMF love Islamic Capitalism & Islamic Marxism, which just create poverty, corruption and economic problems in Iran. The West says Islamist faggots like Teyabnia, Nili, Leilaz, Pajouyan are Economists, because they lick the IMF’s ass and praise “Corruption”, “Poverty” and “Food stamps Theory”! Islamic retards don’t know basic things. They even don’t know the US, the US state subsidies, and even this fact that all Iranians know how Islamists and ass-lickers become billionaires. All Iranians know who stand behind this Islamic regime of Crooks and Thieves. Iranians know the British stooges -from Seyyed Zia to Seyyed Ali Geda. Now only the UK, the US and their spies defend this Anti-Iran Rohani, while almost all Iranians hate Rohani, who just repeats AN’s crap. Iranians know the UK games. Iranians know the UK Rouhanis and why they try to create more poverty in Iran.

God Curse the Queen

God curse the UK Queen,
People hate this shitty Queen,
God curse this Savage Queen,
Send her more shame,
In her Barbaric games,
Long to reign over barbarians;
God curse the British Queen

O Lord, the UK fails and falls,
Scatter Scotland and Wales,
And make the UK fall;
Confound this Little Britain,
Frustrate their knavish tricks,
God send the Barbarian UK to hell

Thy punishments from the Hell
On her be pleased to pour;
Long may she reign over the English hell;
May she defend Barbarism more,
And ever give us cause
To sing with heart and voice,
Fuck you, the English Queen

Not in this land alone,
But be Evil's mercies known,
From shore to shore!
God make the nations see,
Britain is the land of Barbarism,
And the Barbarian UK should know,
the game is over!

God curse the UK Queen,
this motherfucker, devil, and Big Brother,
The Evil Queen, the Orwell's Big Brother!


O, Little Britain !
The land of Barbarians and Human-eaters,
You tell big lies, you are the shit-eater,
Fuck the Queen, the mother of Ass-lickers

O, Little Britain !
The land of Barbarism,
You support Terrorism, You defend Mullaism,
Fuck the UK, their Bahaism and Zionism,

O, Little Britain!
The land of Barbarians,
You are behind Mullahs, You will go to hell
Fuck the UK media, God Bless Orwell

O, Britain, the land of Barbarians and Big Brother,
You love English Mullahs, You are real brothers,
Rohani is a British spy, You are his Master
Mullahs are slaves, You're their 'Teacher'

O, Little Britain !
The land of Barbarians and Barbarism,
You support Tyranny, you love Satanism
Fuck England, the home of Charlatanism

Racism and Fascism: The Racist West says: Iran’s regime = Iran’s people !, because Iran’s people hate the Mullah regime, which is an anti-Iranian regime. The Racist West says: Iran’s people = Mullahs!, because Iran’s people are modern people, and victims of the West and Mullahs. The Racist West says: Iran’s regime = Iran’s people, because Iran’s people are wise people who hate Islamists, Marxists, Zionists, Terrorists, and all bad guys. Now, Arabs are in bed with Jews, and desperately try to hurt Iranians. Now, the US openly says: ‘Arabs are America’s close friends’! Now the US makes love with Arabs, and proves that the US deserved the 9/11. But it’s not the whole story. The US openly defends Egypt’s Islamists, Syrian’s Salafis, Saudi Islamists etc. But they pretend that Iranians love Arabs/ Islamists, but the US hates Arabs/ Islamists! The US is worse than Nazis. All Informed people know the story of Persia and Arabs/ Jews. They also know that ‘since the ancient time, Iranians are tolerant people, and don’t judge you by your race or your religion’. Even the West, the land of Fascism and Nazism, knows that Persia is the Home of Tolerance. But they don’t know that if you praise Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Bullying others etc, then the Iranian people will not tolerate you. Yah, Iranians don’t prejudge you. So, you can fool Iranians for a while. But as history shows, when you show your true face & Iranians realize that you are a bad guy with bad intentions, they will teach you a lesson that history will never forget it.

Bullying, Savagery and Inhumanity: Iranians hate Bullying, and that’s why even the stupid agents say: “If someone threatened to punish you unless you did something they want, how would you respond? If the price were right we’d agree, but Iranians hate [bullying]’. The West is really Barbarian. Now they talk about ‘the distinction between blackmail and bullying” ! or ‘the military and economic leverage the U.S. possesses !‘, and say: “US diplomacy must be backed by military power”! They refer to Bullying and Barbarism as the military leverage we possess !, and just remind you of the Nazi Hitler and his military leverage. The US and Jews repeat Hitler’s words, and just show you why the West’s Culture is the Culture of Barbarians. If you know history, you know that Britain is the land of Barbarism, and the British Culture is the Culture of Barbarians and Human-eaters. But even if you don’t know history, today’s West can show you many things. Now they openly praise ‘Bullying other nations’, and ‘hurting the ordinary people [in Iran & other countries]’ ! But it’s funny that this Savage West sheds crocodile tears for Humanity and Democracy!

Orwellian Society, NavaBegh (Genius) and NavaBigh (Ultra-stupid): In the UK and the US, Ignorance is Strength. Their Tech giants work with the NSA/ CIA, but they are proud of themselves. But the soup is too salty that even Merkel says to Obama: “The NSA is like the Stasi (Gestapo)” ! Now the media reports: “The British government is proposing to weaken protection for journalists from police searches and demands. These changes can damage investigative journalism and the public’s right to know’ ! or ‘the ex-GCHQ chief says spy agencies should not be accountable to people and parliament’ ! In 2014, the media says: ‘NSA chief criticizes media and suggests UK was right to detain David Miranda’ or ‘NSA chief says Snowden’s revelations have caused ‘grave damage’ ! Now people ask: who controls the West? who controls journalists and intellects in the West?! But the West is stupid, and just remind you of the story of ‘NavaBegh (Genius) and NavaBigh (Ultra-stupid)’ ! As you know, some are NavaBegh (Genius), and some are retards or NavaBigh (Ultra-stupid). But in the West, NavaBigh are politicians, intellects and think tanks! The Mullah regime, the UK regime and the US regime are full of NavaBigh, who still think ‘Support for Tyranny, Sadism, Barbarism and Terrorism will not backfire’ ! They still think Sowing the Seeds of Hate is a good/ wise thing!

Western Censorship: Media and British Rouhanis

March 4, 2014

“In this year (2014), when you take a look at the UK media and the US media, you think that you are reading/ watching the Mullah Media! The Western censorship is really unbelievable”, many say in this year. As the wise Iranians say: “the West has really confused. In the past, when almost all people were talking about X and Y, the Western media didn’t censor X and Y, but tried to fool people in a smart way. For instance, the Western media tried to pretend that if you approach X and Y from different angles, you can see different things! In the past, the West used face-saving formulas. They tried to avoid insulting the people’s intelligence. They tried to hide their true face and their real intentions. But now, the UK and the US behave like brainless idiots. They censor almost everything, and tell very big and blatant lies! It’s a clear sign of their confusion and their bankruptcy. In 2013 and 2014, the UK and the US censor those important issues that all Iranians talk about them! For instance, in Sep and Oct 2013, all Iranians talked about the story of ‘Rouhani, Rial and Dollar’, because at that time, the dollar value was declining in Iran, but the Anti-Iran Rouhanis said: It’s bad; the Rial value should be declining! The fall of the US dollar value is bad. But the fall of Iran’s Rial value is good’ ! Rouhani’s cabinet openly tried to strengthen US Dollar, and to weaken Iran’s Rial ! [For more info, check Archive for: ‘West, Lies, and Censorship: Rouhani, IMF, Rial’]. At that time, all Iranians talked about this issue, but the UK and the US censored everything! This level of censorship is unbelievable. In this year (2014), the UK and the US badly censor the story of ‘IMF and Islamists’. The IMF team go to Iran, and British Rouhanis say they want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans, the Enemy’s plans, in Iran! Now all Iranians talk about this issue, and laugh and spit at Rouhanis. But the UK media and the US media censor all news and all fact, and just tell big lies. For instance, they pretend that the results of the IMF plans are the results of Sanctions! This level of censorship, and this kind of big and childish lies is unique in history. The West and its stooges still think the logic of Hitler and Stalin (Zur Tepun [Only by Force]) and the logic of Animal Farm still work! Now the BBC, the VOA, the Guardian etc act as the Mullah media, and just defend the Anti-Iran Rouhanis and the IMF Plans! Now most Iranians say: ‘when you watch the BBC and the VOA, you think you are watching the Mullah TV!’ or ‘when you watch the Mullah TV, you think you are watching the BBC and other Anti-Iran Media!”. In these days, many things are ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs send horrible noise and parasite, and try to slow down the fucking filtered internet in Iran. Now even the Mullah media protests against the fucking Filtering, the horrible Censorship, and the slow internet. But it’s funny that the West censors all news, and just helps Rouhanis (Mullahs). All Iranians and informed people know that the UK and the US have sold Mullahs the tools of Suppression, Filtering, Tracking and Censorship. The Mullah Great Firewall is a Western product [For more info, Check Archive]. But it’s not the whole story. The West censors all Iran’s news and the voices of the Iranian people, and allows Islamists, terrorists and Basiji faggots to pretend that they are Iranians! In 2014, Islamists and Basijis openly say that they use the unfiltered internet! They openly say that the Iranian people should use the filtered and censored internet, but the West allows Islamists and Basijis, ie the Mullah Cyber Army, to use the unfiltered internet! In 2014, Islamists and Basijis, ie the Mullah Cyber Army, openly say that each of them has 200 to 300 accounts in Fackbook and other social networks, and try to pretend that they are the Iranian people!, and the West just help them in reaching this goal and fooling non-Iranians! History will never forget these years. The West and its stooges are the main responsible for all tragic problems and all Pain and Suffering in Iran“. The tragedy of the Internet, and the love story of “the West and Islamists” is so imporant. We have repeatedly written about this important issue, and we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “the Western Censorship and the Mullah Censorship just show that what the Iranian people say is really true! The US is as stupid as the UK and Mullahs. They even don’t know that ‘Support for dictators, Islamists and terrorists will backfire’ ! In Iran, the hatred of Mullahs and their Arab/ Jewish satanic beliefs, or the Hatred of Evil, the Hatred of Britain is not a new thing. But now Iranians talk about the Hatred of America, and know that ‘the West is a friend of Islamists and dictators, and an enemy of Iranians and all good guys. But the West even doesn’t’ know that ‘Since the ancient time, Iranians hate dictators and those who support dictators’. The West knows Mullahs, but not Iran. Since the ancient time, Iranians have solely fought against all bad guys, and Iranians have always -sooner or later- defeated all Deevs (all Devils) and all Zahaks (Satan’s agents). Iran is the Land of Kavehs, Arashs and Rostams”.

In these days, the West and its stooges are making history. As some wise Iranians say: “Now Islamists openly defend their beloved Zionist IMF !, and the Anti-Iran Mullah TV defends the Zionist IMF Plan and repeats the 2011 Rozeh (Crap/ Big Lies), while Iran’s people know the IMF Plan and its disastrous results. Now even religious people say: Mullahs and Islamists are like or worse than animals (Kal An-aam, balkom Azal)! The Anti-Iran Rouhanis and the Mullah TV are brainless retards, and even don’t know that events and disasters in history can reappear, but the first time as tragedy, the second as farce! Now, all Iranians just laugh at the Mullah-IMF Farce, and say: ‘These Mothefuckers think people are blind and stupid (Fekr Mikonan Ba Dasteh Koor-ha Tarafand)?! Now, the Mullah TV, the BBC, and the VOA work as one team, and badly defend the IMF plans and the Anti-Iran Rouhanis! Now it’s quite clear that the so-called Exiled Media and Exiled Journalists work for the CIA and the MI6. They just say what the Big Brother wants. Now the Anti-Iran Rouhanis lick the ass of their beloved Zionist IMF, and try to create ‘Economic Instability’ in Iran. In these days, the prices of many things have increased, only because Rouhani tries to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans. Now, Rouhani’s men, including Hamid Chitchian who openly licks the Zionist ass, talk about 25% increase in utility bills (electricity etc)! Rouhani’s cabinet, which is a cesspool of the anti-Iran spies/ stooges, just aid Iran’s enemies, and sooner or later Iran’s enemies will say that the new Mullah-made inflation/ crisis or the public protest is a result of Sanctions! British Rouhanis aid the Enemy, but badly fear a public backlash. They have badly confused. Now the large Army of Angry Iranians is ready to explode, and Mullahs have shit in their pants. Now Iranians laugh/ spit at British Rouhanis, the UK and the United States of Animals (USA), and make joke like: ‘What’s Rouhani’s Nowruz Gift to people? Economic Crisis, and Making the UK Happy’ ! or ‘Question: If you want to work for the Mullah TV, the BBC, the VOA [the Guardian] etc you should … (1) you should be a stupid whore and a real motherfucker (2) you should be a brainless faggot, who has no shame and no balls (3) you should be animal, not human (4) 1, 2 and 3 are correct’ ! Iranians know the UK and Mullahs. Islamists and Mullahs are the worst enemy spies in Iran’s history. Islamists love to tell big lies, because their Jewish God is the Devil. But Iranians still remember what the BBC and Mullahs said in the 1970s. Khomeini and Mullahs said: ‘Water and Electricity (Utilities) should be free in Iran. Iran is a rich country, and Iranians should enjoy such welfares’ ! The UK and Mullahs even said: ‘Iran’s regime should pay the people’s share of the Oil Money. They should knock your doors, and pay your share of the Oil Money in cash. But the Shah steals your oil money and your shares’ ! The UK and Mullahs even said: ‘the Shah ruin Iran’s economy and Iran’s national currency (Rial). Now 1 Dollar = 70 Rial ! The Shah ruined Rial, and turned it into a worthless paper’ ! It’s exactly what the UK and Mullahs said in the 1970s! But now they try to hide the past, while Iranians know the truth. In 1979, 1 Dollar = 70 Rial, but now 1 Dollar = 30000 Rial ! In 1979, Water and Electricity (Utilities) was almost free. But now Mullahs has increased it by 15,000% ! In 2011, they increased it by 1000%, but they still talk about increasing it !, because it’s what the IMF wants In the 1970s, Iran was becoming a welfare state. The Shah paid a lot of subsidies to people. But now, Mullahs not only refuse to pay the people’s share of the Oil Money, but they lick the IMF ass and desperately try to cut all subsidies! In the 1960s, Iran’s inflation rate was about 2%. In the 1970s, Iran’s standard of living, Iran’s industries, Iran’s reserves, Iran’s economy etc were much better than South Korea and Norway. But now, the anti-Iran Mullahs just lick the ass of their beloved Zionist IMF, and try to set a new world record for the World’s Highest Inflation Rate, the World’s Greatest Corruptions, the world’s biggest embezzlements, the world’s greatest injustice, the world’s worst puppet regime etc. But the UK and the US censor all facts, and just defend this British faggot (Rohani), because he serves the West’s interests. The CIA and the MI6 control all exiled Media and all exiled journalists/ activists, who just lick the asses of Mullahs and the West, and even don’t protest against the IMF-Rouhani Farce! Anti-Iran whores and stupid traitors like Khatami, Akbar Ganji, Behnoud, Zibakalam and those who work for the Big Brother’s media -including BBC, Guardian, VOA, Huffington Post etc- are like or worse than Basijis, and now almost all Iranians are aware of this fact. Just ask yourself: what has happened to the anti-Iran cesspools like, Kaleme, RoozOnline, Khatamists’ sites etc?! The fate of these traitors is informative […] Now, most Iranians say: ‘BBC, VOA, Manoto etc are like or worse than the Mullah TV’ ! It’s an important change”.


In this year (2014), the US media and the UK media just remind Iranians of the Mullah TV. As some wise Iranians say: “the anti-Iran Mullah TV is worse than the Nazi media; and the US media (CNN, PBS, VOA, Huffington Post etc) and the UK media (BBC, Guardian, Economist etc) are worse than the Mullah TV! Now what BBC, VOA, Guardian, and all Western mass media say about Rouhanis and the IMF plans is exactly like what the Mullah TV says! It shows that one team and one Big Brother controls the Mullah TV and the CIA/ MI6 media. Now, the Western mass media censors all news/ facts, tells childish lies, and pretends that Iranians love tyranny, poverty, high inflation, and the anti-Iran Rouhanis and the Anti-Iran West! Compared to the UK and the US, Hitler and Stalin are innocent kids! The UK media still collaborates with the Mullah TV. They tell bad jokes, and play Orwellian games. British Barbarians pretend that they are two groups. Group I are British barbarians like Jack Straw, the BBC and the Guardian, who openly and shamelessly defend Mullahs and Islamists. In 2014, the UK media reports: ‘Jack Straw says: In Rouhani’s Iran, you can feel the winds of change’ !! (2014) British animals lick the Mullah ass, and see the Mullah farts as the winds of change! In 2014, Jack Straw, the former head of the MI6, says: ‘On my previous five trips to Tehran, as British Foreign Secretary, I invented a personal measure of how relaxed people were feeling [!] More relaxed than I’d ever seen, is my scientific observation from this trip [in 2014]’ ! Straw’s observation is really scientific, because when he was in Tehran and licked the Mullah ass, Mullahs were celebrating the UK-backed Massacre of Iranians in 2009, and the Iranian people were spitting at the UK and British Mullahs! Jack Straw is full of crap. But it’s important to note that what Jack Straw -as a senior member of the MI6- says is exactly like what Islamists and other stooges say. It’s funny that the MI6 or the CIA invents a fallacy, an excuse, or a big lie, and then all whores, all agents and all journalists repeat it! In Feb 2014, the anti-Iran pigs say: ‘Rohani has changed the mood in Iran. But he faces opposition’ ! Do you know who say such things?! The UK Economist, Islamists, Lefts, Akbar Ganji etc […] Group II are British barbarians like the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom! These British beasts openly and shamelessly support the notorious anti-Democracy groups -like Monarchists (Pahlavists) or Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK)- while 99% of Iranians hate them. These British pigs attack Straw and say: ‘You are not honest! But we are not in the business of making gestures [!!] You only emboldened the murderous mullahs to further suppress the Iranian people. But we support [the murderous Marxist-Islamist terrorists] ! Shaking hands with terrorists [will not] backfire’ ! (2014) It’s not a joke. It’s exactly what the British pigs say. Britons just force the funny guys to say: The Nazi and Hitler were naive. They had to act like the UK. They had to create the Nazi Committee for Jewish Freedom ! Goebbels was stupid. Hitler and Goebbels had to defend the Holocaust in the name of the freedom and democracy for Jews ! Bin Laden was naive and stupid, too. He had to create ‘the Arab Committee for America Freedom’ ! Bin Laden had to defend the 9/11 attacks in the name of the freedom and democracy for the American people !‘. British barbarians and American animals used to pretend that they are smart bad guys. They tried to create an illusion of freedom and democracy. They tried to fool people into believing that the West cares about democracy or human rights. But now, they just try to convince all people that the West is number one Enemy of the freedom, democracy and progress in Iran and the world. Now the UK and the US openly support the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (ME/ MKO), ie a tiny group that 99.99% of Iranians know and hate it!”. In these years, the West and Islamists are proving many things. As some wise Iranians say: “Can people love high inflation and economic disaster?! The answer is clear. But the West and Islamists pretend that Iran’s people love economic disasters! Mullahs are in bed with their Zionist IMF and talk about Eqtesad-e Moqarebati ! (Fucking the Economy), and the West just tells bad jokes such as: ‘It isn’t clear that public unhappiness has reached a breaking point in Iran’ ! (2014) The American animals even say: ‘Mullahs managed the Green Revolution in 2009 because the protesters lacked broad public support’ !! (Forbes, by George Friedman) The US animals are worse than Mullahs. The UK and the US say: ‘In Iran, ‘it’s the economy, stupid’ which will determine Rouhani’s ultimate success- or failure’ ! (2014) But they pretend that Iranians love corruption, high inflation, economic problems and IMF Plans! They pretend that Iranians still like the Anti-Iran USA!, while almost all Iranians say: ‘Fuck America; when the anti-Iran pigs (American animals, Jewish pigs, British beasts etc) have nuclear weapons, Iran must have nuclear weapons’. Iranians have always hated Bullying, Barbarism and Big Lies”.

We have repeatedly written about the IMF Plans and the story of “IMF and Mullahs” (check Archive). Iranians and all informed people know what Mullahs did and said in these years. The stupid West and Mullahs cannot pretend that the past years didn’t exit and the history begins in 2014! All informed people, and almost all Iranians, know what happened before and after the 2009 Coup. As some wise Iranians say: “Rouhani repeats AN’s words, and thinks it’s a new thing! But all Iranians know what AN/ Mullahs said about the IMF plans. Iranians know the past and the present, and that’s why they say Mullahs are puppets of the West and their mission is Ruining Iran. Iranians know why Mullahs pray for the population boom! Iranians know what Mullahs said about human sciences, education and universities after the 2009 Coup. The West censors such things, but Iranians know them, and that’s why Iranians talk about British Mullahs and their Western masters. But Mullahs are just a small part of the Anti-Iran Mafia. As Iranians truly say: ‘these years showed that If the Iranian people want to have a better life, a better future, a better world, and to enjoy freedom, democracy, progress etc, they should fight against the West and the Anti-Iran Mafia, not the Mullahs’ [for more info, check Archive for: [*] ‘Iranians Should Stop Anti-Iran Mafia, not Mullahs’ (2013)]. Iranians know when Tragedy becomes Comedy [*] As they say, ‘It’s when you live in Iran, and see how the British media and the American media defend Rouhanis. It’s when you can see how the UK and the US censor all news and make love with Mullahs. It’s when you can see who was behind the 2009 coup, the 1997-2004 tragicomedy, the 1979 tragedy, and the tragedy of ‘Keeping Iran Weak, Unfree, and Undeveloped in the past 200 years. It’s when you can see that the West is a real Animal Farm’. The UK, the US and their Mullahs just try to hurt Iranians, and it’s obvious why Iran’s people express their thanks to Mullahs and the West by rude words and a stream of invective. It’s obvious why Iranians say: ‘the meanest pigs, the worst traitors, and the worst enemy spies in Iran’s history are Islamists and anti-Iran whores like Akbar Ganji, Zibakalam and Behnoud’. Iranians know the Anti-Iran Rouhanis, the West’s censorship, the West’s anti-Iran Racism, the IMF plans, the West’s Orwellian lies, the West’s Bullying, the West’s Barbarism, and many other things. Today’s Iranians know that the main problem of Iran and Iranians is the West, not Mullahs [*] The West is the number one Enemy of a better world and a better future. The Barbarian West is still Barbarian. Technology has not changed the barbaric nature of the Barbarian West. Barbarians wear masks and try to hide their true face, but after Snowden’s revelations and all Western scandals, anyone with half a brain can see who is who”. In this year (2014), the West still acts like retards. But as the wise Iranians say: ‘The world should learn from Iran’s people. Iranians are alone. They have no media, and all journalists and all bad guys try to betray or mislead them. But Iranians are smart people, and just laugh/ spit at the UK, the US, Mullahs and all bad guys. Iranians solely fight against all bad guys. It’s the true meaning of Greatness. It’s the true meaning of Wisdom. Iranians hate all devils. But the West is still stupid. The stupid America just tries to promote a new wave of
Anti-Americanism! After the 1953 CIA Coup, they created the first wave of Anti-Americanism in Iran. And now, after the 2009 CIA Coup, they just try to create and promote a new wave of Anti-Americanism among the majority of Iranians, who already were pro-American! But this time the US just shows you that Anti-Americanism is actually Anti-Satanism, and if you hate the bad guys, you naturally hate America! The West is really stupid. The stupid West even doesn’t know that ‘Censorship and Oppression (Bullying, Racism etc) will backfire, as Support for Terrorism and Tyranny will backfire”.