The West’s Animal Farm: 2014 Farce

“These year are important years, and show that the West is a stupid Animal Farm. Now it’s clear that the Western media and the Western journalists/ intellects are controlled by the Big Brother’s agencies. The 2009 CIA Coup revealed many things about America’s Animal Farm, and the American animals still show that the 2009 Coup was a project like the 1953 Coup. In 2014, Ramin Asgard, the head of the VOA Persian, openly defends Mullahs and the US-Mullah love affair! In 2011, Iranians asked: Who is Asgard, the new head of the VOA? But now it’s clear that Asgard is a stupid CIA whore. According to the US media, Atlantic Council’s Iran Task Force member Ramin Asgard and his PAAIA publish a report -‘Re-establishing a U.S. Diplomatic Presence in Iran: Advancing U.S. National Security and Serving American Citizens’ ! (Feb 2014) – and openly defend the Mullah regime and the US-Mullah love affair”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Now it’s clear why the US and the West aided Mullahs in killing, torturing and suppressing the Iranian people in 2009. Now it’s clear that the 2009 Coup and all tragic farces in these years were ‘Manufactured Crises’ and the Big Brother’s projects. Now it’s clear why AN and Mullahs implemented all IMF plans after the 2009 Coup. Now it’s clear why the West tells big lies, censors all news, and supports the notorious anti-Democracy groups. The lessons of these years are so important […] Now anyone with half a brain can see that the BBC is the Big Brother Corporation, the Guardian is the guardian of Big Brother and Barbarians, and the VOA is the Voice Of America’s Animals. Now anyone with half a brain can see the truth of what Iranians already said. Now many can see the true face of the West’s Animal Farm. In West’s Animal Farm, the CIA cesspools like NIAC, AIC, PAAIA, VOA, RFE etc openly defend the Mullah regime, and the Atlantic Council proudly says: ‘Yah, we betray the Iranian people’ ! (2014) In the West’s Animal Farm, the IMF and the Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Sick, Brzezinski, Chomsky etc) openly praise Islamists, terrorists and brutal dictators, and Islamists and Basiji faggots openly lick the ass of the IMF and the Jewish CIA […] In 2014, the Atlantic Council openly defends the Mullah regime and the 2009 CIA Coup! Relations between anti-Iran agents are funny and informative. Do you know who was the Chairman of the Atlantic Council? Chuck Hagel ! Other notorious members of the Atlantic council are: Susan Rice !, the VOA’s Ramin Asgrad, the CIA bitches like Barbara Slavin of the Al-Monitor, and other anti-Iranian whores. In 2013, Barbara Slavin was the first American whore who openly asked Rouhani about ‘Re-establishing a U.S. Diplomatic Presence in Iran’. In 2013, she was in Tehran, and licked Rouhani’s ass. She is an anti-Iran agent, and ‘a Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council’! The anti-Iran agents like Slavin go to Iran, write for VOA and other CIA media, defend Rouhanis and IMF Plans, and tell big lies about Iran and Iranians”. They also add: “Americans refer to the Atlantic Council as Chuck Hagel’s Think Tank!, while Iranians see it as a cesspool of evil agents, who are pro-Mullah, pro-Tyranny, anti-Iran and anti-Democracy. Americans say Obama, Kerry and Clinton have implemented much of the Atlantic Council’s policy recommendations! But the Atlantic Council is just part of the Anti-Iran Mafia. The Anti-Iran Mafia is a large cesspool of bad guys, including the Jewish CIA, the UK, Mullahs, Arabs, Jews, Lefts, the US media, the UK media and all Big Brother’s media and all Big Brother’s agents -from notorious whores like Leveretts and Akbar Ganji to unknown agents like A. Nader (at RAND). The Anti-Iran Mafia praises ‘the role of Rouhani in the Iran Contra Scandal‘ ! and says: ‘Do you know who was one of the three Mullahs McFarlane, Reagan’s national security advisor, dealt with in Tehran 27 years ago? Hassan Rouhani’ ! (Washington Post). In fact, Rouhani is an old whore. But many know this old whore, Hassan Fereydoon (Rouhani). In the near future (after implementing the CIA plans, the IMF plans, in Iran) all Iranians will hate him, and will strongly attack him, and that at time the world will hear many interesting things about this British Monkey (Rouhani). Now, almost all Iranians have started to laugh and spit at this British faggot (Rouhani), who wants to create more poverty, more inflation, and more economic problems in Iran. All Iranians know what Mullahs already said about the Zionist IMF ! But now Islamists and Mullahs openly lick the Zionist ass! In Feb 2014, the UK media reports: ‘At the International Renewable Energy Agency’s annual assembly in Abu Dhabi in mid-January, the Mullah energy minister Hamid Chitchian remained at the table when his Israeli counterpart, Silvan Shalom, spoke. No Mullah delegate would dare take such a risk without clearance from the very top! .. At the Munich security conference in early February, I-s-rael’s defense minister, Moshe Ya’alon, remained in his seat to listen to Javad Zarif ! .. In September 2013, [for the first time in history, Rouhanis] wished a happy Rosh Hashanah’ ! (Feb 2014) Rouhanis (Mullahs) and Arabs are in bed with Zionists, but pretend otherwise! But now all people are aware of the love story of Saudi Arabia and I-s-rael. Now ‘Arabs are in bed with Jews’, and the sons of Satan make love with each other. The savage Arabs and Jews, the locust-eaters, belong to the same tribe (S-e-m-ites). They are sworn enemies of Iran, the land of Aryans and the home of the Good. Mullahs are locust-eaters (s-e-mites), not Iranians (Aryans). Mullahs love the Arab/ Jewish Satanic beliefs, and obey the Zionist IMF’s orders. Mullahs are slaves of Britain’s Animal Farm and America’s Animal Farm. Mullahs/ Islamists love licking the asses of British animals, Jewish Animals, and American animals, who still think they are more equal than others!”.


The 2014 Farce is laughable. Islamists desperately try to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans in Iran, and the West and the lefts censors all news of Iran! As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs are worse than whores, and Islamists are worse than animals. Even whores and animals have some sort of shame. But Mullahs and their British masters have no shame. British Mullahs lick the IMF’s ass and try to implement the IMF plan in Iran, but they refer to the IMF plan as Eqtesad Moqavemati (Resistance Economy)! But Iran’s people just spit at Mullahs, and the funny Iranians refer to the Mullah Economy and the IMF plan as Eqtesad Moqarebati ! (Raping Economy/ Fucking Economy !) Islamists are in bed with the IMF, and making love with the West, but call it Resistance!”. They also add: “The story of ‘IMF and Islamists’ is so important. The 99% of Iranians hate the IMF plans. But the main question is: Why Rouhanis try to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans, and to commit such political suicide?! As Iranians say: ‘The IMF Plan is part of the Mullah-Satan deal .. Rouhanis (Mullahs) are anti-Iranian agents, and should obey their masters (Arbab-e shoon) .. their Masters (Arbab IMF, Arbab UK, Arbab USA etc) ask them to create more poverty, more inflation, more injustice, and more disasters in Iran, and Mullahs just obey their masters’! Islamists are digging their own grave, and putting an end to their Satanic regime and their Jewish-Satanic beliefs in Iran, and it really makes Iranians happy. In 2011, Islamists implemented the IMF plans, ie cut subsidies, ruined Iran’s national product and Iran’s national currency, and created high inflation, economic instability, stagflation and many economic disasters. In 2011, they said they would pay the people’s share, and started to pay each person a few dollars per month. But now, the IMF asks Rouhanis to commit suicide. The IMF has commanded Mullahs to repeat the 2011 Farce, but this time, Rouhanis must: (1) not pay the people’s share, and not increase it (2) Cut the people’s share, and deprive millions of people of their current share! So, it’s obvious why most Iranians have started to say: ‘ Rouhani is much worse than AhmadiNejad (AN). This British Spy (Rouhani) is worse than that Jewish Spy (AN)‘. Now, almost all Iranians are spitting at this British Monkey (Rouhani), and Mullahs are in deep shit. Mullahs are so worried, because they know what would happen if the Large Army of Angry Iranians explode […] Mullahs are the worst puppets of Iran’s enemies in history. Mullahs badly suffer from Mongolism. Their Heroic Cowardliness (Bozdeli Qahramananeh)! and their ‘Eqtesad Moqarebati’ (Fucking the Economy) ! are as ridiculous as what they openly say about ‘Humiliating Iran and Iranians, and licking the West’s ass’ ! In Feb 2014, the pro-Rouhani media openly says: ‘Humiliating Iran and Iranians is Rouhani’s main goal’ ! But now even the Mullah media refers to Rouhani and his team as ‘A Bunch of Traitors’ ! This British Rouhani is a stupid pig. Rouhani’s economic guys are Basiji faggots like Tayebnia, who even cannot spell and utter words like ‘Bank’. Basiji faggots like Tayebnia refer to Bank as Bang! But such Islamist faggots who are economically illiterate, are called Economists by the UK and the IMF! British pigs, their media, and their Mullahs refer to The IMF Plan as ‘Economic Jihad’ or ‘RouhaniCare’! But do you know what Iran’s people say? Iran’s people say, for instance: ‘UK and Mullahs are worse than Mongols (Roye Moghol-ha/ Mongol-ha ro Sefid Kardand)! .. Rouhani just dances to Britain’s tune .. Mullahs are worse than Qajars .. Mullahs are ‘Yek Mosht Ravani’ (a bunch of Psychos). Mullahs implement the Enemy’s plans, but say: ‘Licking the Enemy’s ass is Resistance! .. Mullahs were ‘Yek Mosht Geda Goshneh’ (a bunch stupid beggars). They stole Iran’s money, and became billionaires. Islamists are a bunch of crooks and thieves who work for Iran’s enemies .. Mullahs dance to the Enemy’s tune’. In fact, Iran’s people know Iran’s enemies”. They also add: “Iranians know the story of ‘Mullahs, Rial, IMF and Inflation’. They know the 2012 sanctions, the IMF Plans, and the 2009 Coup. They know who manufactured these crises. But the Western animals still tell bad jokes. For instance, the Financial Times (FT) censors all facts, and says: ‘Sanctions worked; Inflation and weak Rial push Iran’s middle class towards poverty’! They openly praise this British Monkey (Rouhani), and pretend that the results of the IMF plans are the results of US sanctions! The British pigs love the IMF plans, because as they say: ”[IMF plans create] poverty, Inflation and unemployment, and Iran’s national currency, the Rial, would lose its value’ ! (FT, 2014) Since 2012, the Western animals have always tried to present the results of the IMF plans as the results of US Sanctions, and Islamists have only tried to aid the West and Iran’s enemies. Rouhani is worse than that Jewish Spy (AN)”. It’s funny that just after several months, Rouhani is showing his true face, and almost all Iranians is spitting at him. As some wise Iranians say: “Iran’s people hate this piece of shit (Rouhani), but the West loves him, because he serves the West’s interests, and as they say: ‘Iran’s economy has deteriorated thanks to [IMF Plans and Rouhanis]’ ! (2014) The West is a stupid Animal Farm. The UK media openly says: ‘New Reformist Paper Hopes to Boost Rouhani’ ! (FT, Feb 2014) The UK media praises Islamists like Ghouchani (Khatamists), and calls them Reformist! It’s funny. Almost all Iranians know and hate Islamists, and only the UK, the US and their whores love Rouhani and Islamists. The UK and Islamists are two sides of the same coin. As you know, Islamists/ Basijis already said Sanctions are worthless papers, and are not important at all. But now Islamists lick the IMF’s ass and talk about the importance of ‘Sanctions’ ! Now you can understand why Iran’s people say that Mullahs and Islamists are Omol-Fesad (mother of all Corruptions) and Omol-Fetneh (Mother of all seditions) ! Mullahs/ Islamists tell big lies, steal people’s money, violate people’s rights, oppress people, and do all evil things. They hate the truth, and tell many big lies, because their Jewish God is the Devil. Their Arabian/ Jewish beliefs are Satanic beliefs. Islamists love the West’s Animal Farm, and hate the Good and the land of the Good (Persia)”.


In this year (2014), many people are becoming aware. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even Westerners talk about ‘ Obama’s Animal Farm‘, the EU Animal Farm, or Britain’s Animal Farm. Now Europeans talk about “the choice between barbarism and democracy’ !, and Britons say: ‘Britain’s Great Firewall has switched on! The British filter is designed to block sites deemed unsuitable. The filters also block access to search engines and search results. Britain is an [Animal Farm]’. In this year (2014), if you open your eyes, you can see many things. The UK Animal Farm’s media tells many Orwellian jokes. Their most prestigious media, the Guardian (GU), censors all news, tells big lies, and tries to test people! In 2014, they had a ‘Iran quiz: test your knowledge’ ! (GU, 2014) In this Orwellian quiz, they said: ‘- Mullah nuclear deal with the west came about in large part because of: (1) Hossein Mousavian’s many persuasive comment columns for western newspapers [!] (2) Israel’s acquiescence [!] (3) The [s]election of Rouhani (4) The infiltration of the upper echelons of Revolutionary Guards by CIA agent Majid Javadi [!]’ (GU, 2014) It’s exactly what the GU said! They even added: ‘- What is one of the key demands of the Green Movement? (1) A return to pre-Islamic socio-cultural values (2) The implementation of environmental policies (3) The release of Zahra Rahnavard from house arrest (4) A critical reassessment of the Arab Spring’ ! (GU, 2014) Can you believe it?! It’s not a joke. It’s exactly what the Guardian, the most prestigious media of the Animal Farm, said. The British beasts want to know how many people have become aware! In ‘Fact or fiction: CIA or Homeland?’ (GU, 2014), they said: ‘Can you separate fact from fiction? Take our quiz’ ! (GU, 2014) Their questions were funny: ‘- The agent traveled to Iran, where she posed as a tourist and met Mossad agents (1)Fact (2)Fiction .. -To avoid a lawsuit, the CIA paid the agent’s family (1)Fact (2)Fiction .. When the agent disappeared, the CIA claimed he was in Iran on private business (1)Fact (2)Fiction’ ! (GU, 2014) They know that Westerners are becoming aware. Snowden’s revelations made many aware, and now many talk about America’s Animal Farm and American Barbarism. Now the good and wise Americans say: ‘Modern barbarians are barbarians with toys and technology. American barbarity can be seen in culture that praises violence as a solution to many problems. American barbarism exists in other ways, too: many Americans lead barbarous lives of gluttony and ignorance, for example. American culture, for historical reasons, has always been particularly strong in its anti-intellectualism .. Last but not least, America’s barbarous side is reflected in a common attitude of contempt for the poor. Treating either human beings or the natural world as objects of conquest is a crude, violent, and barbaric way of conceiving of one’s interaction with the rest of the world. Americans carry cellphones, and watch HDTV. But many Americans are too often barbarians in how they think and act, in how they choose to relate to other humans and to the ecosystem’. It’s what the wise Americans say. They know the West’s modern barbarism, and they can know the love story of ‘the West and Islamists’. Since the 19th century, the West has supported Islamists, dictators, and all anti-Democracy forces. The West tries to cover up the truth, but every now and then they have good confessions. For instance, they say: ‘[Americans/ Mullahs] are describing their nuclear deal in a certain way towards their domestic audience, because [they want to fool] their people’ ! (2014) They even say: ‘Our message to Mullahs is clear: You will not achieve your objectives unless you satisfies ours’ ! (2014) or ‘Mullahs pledge to play nicer on home front. Senior Mullah negotiator Iraq-chi defended his American counterpart during a closed-door meeting, describing the lead US negotiator, Wendy Sherman, as being committed to finding a deal and not anti-Iran’ ! (Feb 2014) The Arab anti-Iran pigs like Iraq-chi lick the British Queen’s ass and Wendy Sherman’s ass, and show why Iranians say Mullahs are Arabs/ Jews, not Iranians. The West knows the Islamist Stupidities and the Iranian wisdom, and that’s why they confess: ‘Some inconvenient truths would cause Iranians to know [our true face]’ ! (GU, 2014) They even confess: ‘the UK and the US impose and support a regime that torture innocent Iranians .. the regime’s brutality and [the West’s brutality] have been well documented by Iranians’ ! (2014) Islamists/ Basijis are retards. They love the Iran Project and praise it, but as the US media reports: ‘the director of the Iran Project says: the anti-Iran sanctions have brought the Iranian economy to its knees’ ! (2014) Mullahs and Basijis are Arabs/ Jews, not Iranians. So, they love the Jewish CIA and the Iran project. Arab/ Jewish barbarians hate the Good, the Truth, and Persia. Their Jewish God loves Genocide, Racism, Inhumanity and Intolerance. Their Jewish God is Satan, who hates Persia, Persians and all good guys and all good things, including the Truth and Tolerance. In the West’s Animal Farm, they worship Satan, and that’s why they tell many big lies, and support terrorists, dictators, Islamists, Zionists and all evil forces […] Just look at Venezuela. The Western animals support Venezuelan dictator (Maduro) and other pigs, not average people. Maduro, Chavez and lefty pigs have created an Animal Farm in Venezuela. As the Venezuelan people say: ‘The official inflation rate is 55%! The internet and the media are censored. There are shortages of bread, meat and other basics. Power cuts leave many cities in darkness. The average people protest against Maduro. The students protest against the dictator, Maduro. But [the West, the Lefts, and pigs like Noam Chomsky] defend the Venezuelan dictator!’. The West and the Lefts have always defended Corruption, Censorship, Oppression, and Tyranny. But the good guys say: Fuck Lefty Dictators, and Fuck American Pigs”.


We have already warned the West about Sowing the Seeds of Hate. But apparently, the West loves sowing the seeds of hate! As some wise Iranians say: “After the 2009 Coup, the US just sows the seeds of hate, and promotes Anti-Americanism! In 2013, Snowden showed that America’s Animal Farm is like the British Animal Farm, and in the West’s Animal Farm ‘Pig Brother is Watching You‘. In fact, Pig Brother not only aids Islamists in hurting Iranians, but Pig Brother hurts all humans. The West’s Pig Brother manufactures many crises. Just look at Ukraine. The tragicomedy of the Ukrainian Dictators, the Ukrainian Sheeple, and Ukraine’s bloodiest days is a tragic farce. Instead of saying: ‘Fuck Dictators, Fuck America, Fuck Russia, and Fuck the EU’, they support puppet and corrupt politicians, and turn Ukraine into an Animal Farm. Instead of protesting against all bad guys and all Evil forces, Ukrainians defend puppets of the EU or Russia! The story of Ukraine’s Animal Farm is as stupid as the stories of Syria’s Animal Farm and Egypt’s Animal Farm. The West’s Pig Brother can only fool those nations who don’t learn the lessons of history. If people become aware, they can defeat the West’s Pig Brother, and the good news is that not only Iranians, but many other people have become aware. Now even Americans talk about Orwellian America, and say: ‘the American media -including CNN, NBC, CBS, and PBS- have censored [X & Y] almost completely’ (2014) Now many know the Racist West. In the recent days, the racist pigs in Australia and Manus Island killed other Iranian asylum seeker, the 23 year-old Reza Berati. The Racist West has already killed many Iranians and non-Iranians [For more info, check Archive for [*]: ‘Racist Australia, Racist America: The Racist West’, etc] But such tragedies just make people aware. Now many truly say that British Barbarians and savage Europeans who have invaded Australia, killed millions of native people, and occupied the lands of aboriginals, have no right in Australia. Since the late 18th century, Barbarians have occupied Australia. They should be expelled from Australia, and Persians will expel Barbarians from all occupied lands. As Persians say: ‘Barbarians still think that only those who arrive in Australia by the navy and the army can settle in Australia! The British pigs only understand force. The aboriginals of Australia welcomed the immigrants. The aboriginals of Australia were kind to the European pigs. But the savage Europeans and British Barbarians killed aboriginals and occupied their lands. And now, these savage pigs attack Iranians and their basic rights. Persia and the Persian Army should free Australia from the European occupiers’ [*] Sooner or later, the Persian Navy and the Persian Army will free all occupied lands. The Australian regime is racist and fascist regime, and now even the good Australians talk about ‘Australia’s racist immigration policy’, and say: ‘thousands of Australians raised candles to ‘light the dark’ in protest at Australian immigration policies. They said: ‘The truth is we just don’t know what’s happening in these places, Australian government’s shut off the lights, taking censorship to an unprecedented level. We should know what’s being done in our name’ (Feb 2014) The good Westerners should not remain silent. As the media says: Scottish independence: English threats (currency union warning) ‘Backfires’ on Westminster .. Support for independence increased after George Osborne ruled out a currency union’ ! (Feb 2014) In fact, English Bullying and Western threats just backfire, even in Scotland. As they say, ‘English Bullying has backfired in spectacular fashion. Most people in Scotland would feel that George Osborne insulted the intelligence of the Scottish people‘ ! (Feb 2014) In fact, the good guys in the West are like Iranians. They hate bullying, racism, barbarism etc. But if the good Westerners remain silent, the West’s Pig Brothers repeat the story of Hitler and Mussolini. Now, the UK media talks about ‘Police raids on local brothels in Soho’s red-light district in London’ ! (Feb 2014), and say: ’18 brothels were closed in raids involving 250 officers .. the mass closure of London’s brothels pushes s-e-x workers on to the streets’ ! If Westerners remain silent and/or ignorant, the West’s Animal Farm would turn into the biggest Farce and the greatest Tragedy in history”.

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