Conspiracy Theories or Manufactured Crises?

Some see the world in black and white. Some think there is no conspiracy, and some think everything is conspiracy. Some think all people are bad guys with bad intentions, and some think all people are good guys with good intentions. As the wise Iranians say: “You will lose touch with reality, if you think all people are dishonest persons with bad intentions; or if you think all public figures, journalists and the so-called intellectuals/ think tanks are good people with good intentions. The bad guys (psychos, cyber mercenaries etc) try to pollute the world and the cyber space with conspiracy theories and false information. The bad guys (the media, media whores etc) try to misinform and brainwash people. But unfortunately, many don’t know the dirty world of politics, and the Orwellian world of media. Many don’t know the Orwellian world of power and control. Many don’t know that the Orwellian mass media says the most ridiculous things. They censor everything, and say War is Peace, or Black is White, but if you criticize them, they would say that you are conspiracy theorist! They openly say: ‘All people are equal, but we are more equal’. But if you talk about how ridiculous things had become, you are censored or boycotted! The West has become a ridiculous Animal Farm. Just look at the manufactured crises in Syria, Egypt, Ukraine and other countries. The US and the UK openly support the bad guys (Islamists, stooges etc) and dictators. In Egypt, they say to people: Islamist dictator (Morsi/ Islamists) or secular dictator (Al-Sisi/ Army) are the only options! In Ukraine, they say to people: the Great Evil (Russia) or the Great Satan (EU/ US) are the only options! In Syria, they say to people: Savage Islamists (terrorists) or Brutal dictator (Assad) are the only options! The West says the most ridiculous things. But many Westerners don’t know the West’s true face. They love childish theories […] What Americans say about the 9/11 attacks, or about Snowden and his revelations? What Britons say about the deaths of Princess Diana, David Kelly, Robin Cook etc? They love conspiracy theories, but they still praise the West and its apparent paradoxes. The story of Robin Cook is funny. Robin Cook was the British FM and the head of the MI6. In July 2005, Robin Cook said: ‘There is no terrorist group called Al-Qaede. Any informed intelligence officer know this’. Robin Cook, the former British FM, wrote an article on 8th July 2005, and said: ‘Al Qaeda was only a database of Jihadis run by CIA .. Bin Laden was a product of a monumental miscalculation by western security agencies. Throughout the 80s he was armed by the CIA .. Al-Qaida, literally ‘the database’, was originally the computer file of the thousands of Mujaheds [Jihadis] who were recruited and trained by the CIA. Al-Qaeda, also spelled al-Qaida, is the Arabic word for the base or database’. You can find this famous article in the internet. As Britons say, ‘Robin Cook was telling the truth about Al-Qaeda’ ! But on 7 August 2005, the UK media reported: ‘Robin Cook dies after collapse on mountain‘ [!!] Robin Cook, the former Foreign Secretary, and the 59-year-old MP, died very suddenly! His death last night left colleagues in shock’ ! At that time, Britons talked about ‘Conflicts between Robin Cook and MI6’, ‘Conflicts between Robin Cook and the Queen’, ‘his comments on Al-Qaeda and CIA a few weeks before his death’, ‘the Queen and Robin Cook hated each other’ or ‘Robin Cook was killed by the dark forces’ ! As you know, David Kelly was an MI6 agent, and before his death, David Kelly said Dark Actors and ‘Dark Forces’ want to kill him. After the Orwellian deaths of David Kelly and Robin Cook, conspiracy theories about the British ‘Dark Forces’ became very popular in the UK. But the main question is: Why such conspiracy theories became popular in Britain? If Britain is a democracy or an open society, why Britons should talk about ‘dark forces’ and Orwellian metaphors? Only in a very closed society, and under a horrible tyranny, terms like ‘dark forces’ are used to answer serious questions. If Britain is a democracy and an open society, the independent groups and the independent media should be able to provide acceptable answers or rational explanations for the people’s serious questions. When people live under tyranny and cannot receive any reasonable answer to their questions, conspiracy theories will be born, and will become popular. The popularity of ‘conspiracy theories’ among Britons just means that Britain is an Orwellian Tyranny. But the Britons reject the British Tyranny, but talk about the British ‘Dark forces’! Some Britons even say: ‘The obvious nature of the Robin Cook killing indicates the existence of an extremely powerful ‘dark force’ that is quite unconcerned about public opinion –a dark force controlled by the Royal Family‘ ! (Aug 2011, the Tap) But what Britons say about ‘dark forces’ is as ridiculous as what the Lefts say about the so-called imperialists. The Lefts say: ‘the IMF is Imperialist’ ! But they defend the IMF plans in Iran! The Lefts say: “Who were the Taliban? The Taliban were those Islamists that the CIA and Imperialists trained them and used them’! But the Left is stupid and hypocrite, and says: ‘Yah, they can create and support Al-Qaeda and Taliban; it’s possible. But can they create and support Mullahs and the Islamic regime? No, it’s impossible’ ! Britons talk about the British ‘dark forces’, but reject Britain’s evil acts! The Lefts and Britons have stupid theories, which cannot provide answers to many basic questions. Their theories suffer from many paradoxes, contradictions, and ‘collective delusions’. But you are a conspiracy theorist, if your theory suffers from many contradictions, and cannot provide answers to many basic questions, and if you reject the logical consequences of your theory […] Idiots say: ‘there is no conspiracy’. They are like conspiracy theorists who say: ‘everything is conspiracy’! They cannot answer many questions, suffer from many paradoxes, and reject the logical consequences of their own theory”.

In this year, the West and the mass media still censor the voices of Iran’s people. But as some wise Iranians say: “Now Iran’s people just laugh and spit at the West and this British Monkey (Rouhani). The large army of angry Iranians know what they should do to this British spy (Rouhani) and British Mullahs, who lick the IMF’s ass and insist on implementing the IMF plans, the Enemy’s plans, amid the so-called Economic War. But it’s funny and important that the West defends Rouhani, censors all news, and desperately tries to hide the truth, and to fool non-Iranians. The West, the Left, and Islamists use the same tactics. In Iran, Islamists are stooges of the West, but they labeled their opponents as spies, stooges, free-m-a-sons, etc. Islamists are stupid bastards, and try to hide the truth. But it’s obvious that you cannot say: spies, stooges, or free-m-a-sons don’t exist, because Islamists talk about such things’! Islamists and intellectual whores have always been puppets of Iran’s enemies, and Freemasonry is a historic fact. According to British dictionaries, ‘Free-m-a-son = a man who belongs to a secret society in which each member helps the other members to become successful’ ! After the 2009 coup, the Iranian people say Mullahs, Islamists, and exiled activists are spies/ stooges of the West. But some think what Iranians say is just a ‘tit for tat’ !, or even a conspiracy theory. Many don’t know the differences between a good theory and a conspiracy theory. A good theory can explain many phenomena. A long list of strong evidence support a good theory, and you don’t need to reject or hide the logical consequences of a good theory. Iranians have a good theory about Mullahs and the West. Today’s Iranians don’t care about those facts that are not very reliable. But the internet and books are full of such facts, which are more acceptable/ reliable than what Islamists and lefty intellects say. For instance, Egyptians say: ‘Muslim Brotherhood was created by Britain’s Masonic Brotherhood. Free-m-a-s-onry was very popular in the first half of the 20th century, and many important Egyptians were M-a-sons. In [the 19th century] Egypt’s Islamists like Sheikh Mohammed Abduh were Freemasons, and created the Salafiyya movement (Salafism) .. In 1927, at the age of 22, Hasan al-Banna established the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Banna was only twenty-two. He was [a stupid kid], and a puppet of Britain. Like the M-a-s-onic Brotherhood, the Muslim Brotherhood was devoted to secrecy, [Brotherhood & careful calculation]! They said: ‘We need three generations for our plans – one to listen, one to fight, and one to win’ .. Britain’s Suez Canal Company provided the funds for the first Brotherhood mosque that was built in the heart of British occupied territory .. Sayed Qutb was the same age as al-Banna, and also a Freemason. Sayed Qutb lived in the United States, but he became the ‘chief ideologist’ of the Muslim Brotherhood after al-Banna’. It’s what Egyptians say. In the internet and historic books, you can find many things about British Colonialism, Muslim Brotherhood, Mullahs, Fadayeen-e Islam (Sacrificers for Islam), Salafis, Wahhabis, Al-Qaeda, Bahais etc. Many talk about the notorious Free-m-a-sons like Seyyed Jamal-al-Din Afghani (Asad-Abadi) and other British Mullahs. Many connect Free-m-a-sonry with Islamism and Mullaism. Many know the story of the Muslim Brotherhood, and ask why their name is Brotherhood?! Many know the story of ‘the Mullah and the British’. It’s funny that even the Mullah TV confesses: ‘in the late 19th century, some Mullahs didn’t accept the so-called ‘Indian money’ (from the British East India Company)’ ! In 2013, the Mullah TV aired a documentary film about Khomeini’s teacher, Mullah Shah-Abadi. The Mullah TV said Mullah Shah-Abadi was a good guy, because he rejected the ‘Indian money’ and other contributions from Britain! There are many interesting facts that Iranians can talk about them. But the wise Iranians ignore those facts that have been polluted with conspiracy theories”. They also add: “Islamists and Basijis like Ahmad Fardid loved conspiracy theories. Islamists are anti-Iranian agents, and don’t care about the truth. They hate Iran, Iranian culture, and Iranian values like the Truth and Tolerance. Islamists are pro-Arab (Arab-parast), pro-Mullah
(Akhund-parast) or pro-Jew (Jewud-parast). Today’s Iranians know and hate Islamists. If Iranians wanted to behave like Islamists and lefts, they would have many many things to say. The internet is full of interesting things! For instance, some Americans say: ‘Rouhani is a Freemason’ or ‘AhmadiNejad [AN] Revealed To Be A Free-m-a-son’ ! If you google the internet, you can find many things about AN and Masons. For instance, Americans say: ‘Larry King and AhmadiNejad signal M-a-s-o-nic Allegiance. AhmadiNejad (AN) is exchanging a Masonic handshake with Larry King .. King is giving AN a traditional M-a-s-onic handshake. When you shake hands, the thumb naturally extends upward or straight ahead. When it points downward, you are signaling that you are a member of the world’s largest satanic cult, the British Free-m-a-s-onry. Read what Stephen Knight wrote about the M-a-sonic handshake in ‘The Brotherhood’ (1983)’. It’s what Americans say. Iranians know what Americans and websites like Wikipedia say about ‘Secret handshake’ : ‘the Free-m-a-son Society is one of the most well-known implementations of secret handshakes. The Fr-e-e-m-asons use their set of unique handshakes to not only identify members of the society, but also to identity the different levels of people within the societies’. In the internet, you can find many things about Mullahs and Masons. But Iranians ignore such things. Iranians have a long of list of undeniable facts, which can reveal truths about ‘Mullahs and the West’. Iranians don’t need stupid theories. When the UK, the US, the EU, the Lefty media, the UK media and the US media openly and shamelessly help Mullahs, censor Iran’s news, censor the voices of Iranians, tell many big lies, hurt Iranians, and help Islamists, MEK and other Terrorists, Iranians don’t need conspiracy theories!”.


The 2009 Coup and the recent years revealed many things. As the wise Iranians say: “Now even the Westerner analysts say: ‘It isn’t surprising that most Iranians are disillusioned’ ! (2014) In fact, all
well-informed people know why most Iranians have changed. The wise Westerners know the 2009 Coup and these years. They know the West and its stooges. They know that British Mullahs lick the West’s ass and the IMF’s ass, but say: Death to the West! They know British tactics. They know that the main Enemy of the freedom, democracy and progress in Iran is the West and its stooges. They say Iranians should (solely) fight against all bad guys, but they add: ‘Iranians can overcome such problems’. They know those who control the media, and those who control journalists and intellects. They also know the rank and file, the disillusioned insiders, and the grave danger of shattering public illusions. They blame the West for shattering the illusions of freedom, democracy, privacy, and human rights. But their politicians are so stupid, and openly attack democracy, privacy, and basic rights. The 2013 scandals, Snowden’s revelations, and current farces have shattered many illusions about the West. The 2013 scandals shocked all people, all of us. The story of Lavabit was really unbelievable. Have you ever thought that one day the US closes down an email service provider?! Manning’s show trial was unbelievable. Have you ever thought that one day the media talks about Stalinist confessions and Show Trails in America?! The 2013 Oscar was an Orwellian farce. Have you ever thought that one day the Oscars (Academy Awards) just remind you of the Mullah Film Festival?! The story of Snowden was unbelievable. Have you ever thought that one day the US openly and shamelessly attacks whistleblowers for telling the truth?! Have you ever thought that one day the US openly violates the basic human rights in America?! Have you ever thought that one day the US aids Islamists in suppressing Iranians?! Have you ever thought that one day the US openly and shamelessly supports the Mullah regime, and the Marxist-Islamist Mujaheds (MEK/ MKO)?! Have you ever thought that one day the US openly and shamelessly supports Egypt’s Islamists, Syria’s Salafis, and Saudi’s Wahhabis (Al-Qaeda)?! Have you ever thought that one day the US makes love with Mullahs, while the US media censors all news, censors the voices of Iran’s people, and defends the notorious anti-Democracy groups (Islamists, Marxists, Mujaheds, Monarchists, etc)?! Now even they wise Americans say: ‘The US is revealing its true nature to anyone who cares to look’ ! (2014) They talk bout ‘Orwellian America’, ‘Fascist America’, and ‘The US Satanic Democracy’ ! (2014) Now the US regime openly defends dictators, terrorists, Islamists, the NSA’s Orwellian programs, etc. These facts are undeniable facts. Now no one is able to reject these facts as conspiracy theories. Now all people can see these facts with their own eyes. But the bad guys try to set the stage for falsifying the current facts in the future. Today they tell many big lies, and tomorrow they will present these big lies as truths! For instance, now they say: Iranians love this British monkey (Rouhani), the IMF and destroying Iran’s economy! In 2013, they said: ‘Iranians, specially the poor, love AhamadiNejad (AN) and poverty’! We all know that if they said: ‘the Jews love Hitler’ or ‘Americans love Bin Laden’, it would be less laughable. But maybe in 2050, they would say: ’37 years ago, in 2013, the Western media said: ‘Iranians, specially the poor, love AhamadiNejad (AN)’. So what Iranians say is a Conspiracy Theory. In 2013, Iranians loved AN and the Mullah regime. It’s the truth, because it’s what the Western media said at that time’! The West has used this Orwellian trick a lot. In the 19th and 20th centuries, they occupied many parts of Persia, they killed many Persians, and they created many crises and disasters in Persia, but now they say: ‘Persians think disasters, defeats in war, revolutions, and general backwardness can be blamed on Britain and the West. Since the beginning of the 20th century Persians from all walks of life have relied on conspiracy theories as a basic mode of understanding politics and history. Persians still talk about ‘the rumored activities of foreign conspirators’! The West has no shame. If you want to be as shameless as the West, you should say: ‘In the 1940s, the Jews loved Hitler and the Nazi’ ! or ‘In 2002, after the 9/11 attacks, Americans loved Bin Laden and Al-Qaede’ ! And If people tried to reject your ridiculous crap, you should say that these people are conspiracy theorists!”.

The West is a bad joke. As some wise Iranians say: “the West manufactures many crises, but after several years/ decades, they would say: those who talk about these manufactured crises are conspiracy theorists! Just think about ‘the assassination of Kennedy, Luther King, Malcolm X, or even the 9/11 attacks. Now those who talk about such things are often seen as conspiracy theorists! In Iran, the number of British crimes and British conspiracies is so large, and that’s why almost all Iranians hate Britain. But the British stooges/ spies still say: those who blame Britain, or those who criticize the West are Uncle Napoleon (conspiracy theorists)’! [Uncle Napoleon’ is a stupid person, who believes ‘everything should be attributed to the hidden hand of the British’]. The British stooges talk about ‘the Persia paranoia about the British’ !, and pretend that the 19th and 20th centuries didn’t exist. But all informed people know the British crimes/ conspiracies. The stories of the Anglo-Russian attacks/ invasions to Persia, and the stories of ‘the Angle-Russian Conventions, the British plots, the British stooges, the British-backed dictators etc are not hidden facts. ‘The British-backed coup of 1921, the British-CIA coup of 1953, and the story of Iran’s Oil are not hidden facts. But idiots still say: Truth is a Conspiracy Theory ! They even say: We should trust politicians [!] We should trust the mass media, even if what the mass media says is too ridiculous to be true’ ! They have confused, because Persians talk about ‘anti-Persian conspiracy led by the British’, and say: ‘Mullahs are British agents. If you lift up the Mullah’s beard, you will find ‘Made in England’ written under his chin!’ The bad guys are angry, because they cannot reject or justify many scandals -from the American ‘Iran-Contra affair to the 2009 Coup and the Mullah-IMF affair’. They know the 1979 Manufactured Revolution. They know the roles of Carter, Brzezinski, Gary Sick, Vance, Sullivan and all Big Brother’s agents. They know General Huyser’s secret mission to Persia in January 1979, to neutralize the Persian army. They know the Guadeloupe summit, at which Western powers decided to replace the shah with the Islamic regime. They know all manufactured crises in Iran, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine etc, but they still think they can hide the truth for ever! They are so stupid. Now they and the Mullah TV openly praise Gary Sick, Leveretts, the Jewish CIA and the IMF! […] The story of ‘IMF plans, Sanctions, and the 2009 Coup’ is their Achilles’ heel. In 2014, their media -from the Guardian to the PBS- still tell big lies about sanctions and IMF Plans. The US mass media has no shame. They censor the IMF-Mullah affair. They censor all facts about the IMF plans in Iran. But on Jan. 25, 2014, their PBS aired an Orwellian show about ‘How have sanctions impacted daily life in Iran’ ! Lets take a look at what the PBS said: ‘Hari: Our own William Brangham has been in Iran for the last two weeks. I began by asking him about the crippling economic sanctions … William: On the surface, you really have no sense that Iran is under this regime of sanctions .. But at the very same time, the value of the money that the people use here – the Rial- has completely plummeted. The prices of many products have doubled or tripled in the last couple of years. Just one example: a single bar of soap a few years ago cost about 1,500 rials. Now, that same bar of soap costs 5,000 rials’ ! (PBS, Jan 2014) The American animals have no shame. They censor all facts, and say nothing about ‘How prices changed in the AN era, after implementing the IMF plans in Iran’. [We have already written about this issue; check Archive]. All Iranians know why and how prices changed in the AN’s era (from 2005 to 2013). All Iranians know the story of Rial, IMF and Mullahs [for more info, check: ‘West, Lies, and Censorship: Rouhani, IMF, Rial’]. But the American mass media censors all facts, and the PBS pigs airs a very ridiculous Orwellian Show, and says: ‘William: It’s very difficult for Iranians to buy as much as they used to … Hari: ‘Of course that inflation is connected to the economic sanctions! … William: … Yah, but we went into one electronics bazaar in the middle of downtown Tehran, and it was like an electronics bazaar out of New York City … Hari: You said you met a man there, [who was a dissident and] part of the protests .. William: Yah, we went to meet a man named Saeed Laylaz. He is a very prominent Iranian economist and journalist! we went to talk to him about the impact of sanctions on the Iranian economy … Hari: I’ve read that social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, are censored … William: The irony about blocking Twitter and Facebook in Iran is that Rouhani’s Administration is one of the most active users of social networks. Rouhani has a very active Twitter account. Foreign Minister Zarif has a very busy Facebook page’ ! (PBS, Jan 2014) Yah, the West allows Mullahs to use Twitter, Facebook, and the unfiltered internet, but the people of Iran should use the f-u-c-king filtered internet, with a lot of parasite and censorship. But it’s just part of the Western Farce […] When the West’s Orwellian media like PBS, CNN, Guardian, BBC, NBC etc praise Islamists/ Basijis, and see Islamists like Saeed Laylaz as dissidents or reliable sources, Iranians don’t need conspiracy theories! When the US media tells big and ridiculous lies about the popularity of Islamists or terrorists, and censors the story of ‘The IMF and Islamists’ [for more info; check Archive], Iranians can easily see America’s true face and America’s real intentions. When the West and the Big Brother’s media tell many big lies, help this British Monkey (Rouhani), and show their true face in the best way, does any sane person need conspiracy theories?! In 2013 and 2014, the West’s Orwellian media like the Guardian and the Huffington Post just show us the differences between a conspiracy theory and a manufactured crisis!’. It’s a good point. As the wise Iranians say: “Conspiracy theories are based on secret knowledge, secret facts, and virtual realities. Conspiracy theorists suffer from many paradoxes and apparent contradictions. For instance, the Lefts say: ‘the economic imperialism of the West imposes the IMF plans on client countries’. They see the IMF plans as ‘evil/ imperialist plans’, but at the same time, they defend the IMF plans in Iran! They even say: ‘Mullahs fight against the imperialism of the West by making love with the IMF’ ! The lefty intellects are stupid charlatans. They defend dictators, terrorists, Islamists, and pawns of the so-called imperialists in the name of fighting against Imperialism! The wise intellects like Karl Popper hate conspiracy theorists, but say: ‘Conspiracies occur, it must be admitted’. But charlatans like Noam Chomsky defend Islamists, conspiracy theorists, terrorists, and dictators, but at the same time they pretend that truths are conspiracy theories!”.

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