Anti-Iran Rouhanis, IMF and United Barbarians

These days are historic days. The West and its stooges (Islamists, Marxists etc) are making history, and if you can open your eyes, you can learn a lot. There are important lessons to be learned from these days. As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, their media openly says: ‘Humiliating Iranians is Rouhani Agenda !’ (Feb 2014) Do you know who says this?! The Mullah Media, and the pro-Rouhani’s media! They openly say: ‘Humiliating Iranians and hurting Iranians are among Rouhani’s main goals. Rouhani tries to humiliate Iranians, because he wants to make a deal with the West. Humiliating Iranians is part of the [Mullah-Satan deals]. Humiliating Iranians is a good thing. The US-Mullah deal is worth Humiliating the Iranian people’ (Feb 2014) Maybe you think it’s a joke, or it’s too ridiculous to be true! You are not alone. For several days, many were shocked, and could not believe this level of Mongolism. But if you check the Mullah media and the pro-Rouhani websites like KhabarOnline (
ht-tp:// ), you can see that it’s not a joke. Mullahs and Islamists are bad Mongols. Their IQs are less than the pig’s IQ. They openly say: ‘Rohani is a smart guy, and that’s why Rohani tries to humiliate Iranians, and to make a deal with the US and the West‘ ! Even in the Qajar era, the stupid Qajars didn’t say such things. In Iran’s history, no one has said such things. Mullahs are worse than Qajars and Pahlavis. Anti-Iranian agents like Rouhani, AhmadiNejad (AN), Khatami, and all Mullahs are the worst anti-Iranian agents and the worst enemy spies in history”. These days are important and historic days. If you open your eyes, you can learn many things. As the wise Iranians say: “The West and the Left censor almost all news. It’s so important. The West and the Left tell many many big lies. It’s so important. The West and all bad guys -from Islamists to Marxists- cannot hide their true colors and their shameful paradoxes any longer. They are in deep shit. The daily Orwellian Lies and the horrible Censorship in the UK, the US, and the West are unique in history. The West’s propaganda machine is breaking all world records for
Evil-Orwellian acts. Each week, or even each day, if you want to list all American lies, British lies, and American-British Censorship in the Western media, you should write one or two books! This level of censorship and Orwellian behavior is a clear sign of bankruptcy, confusion, desperation and frustration. They have confused, and that’s why they show their true face in this way. Now the IMF and this British monkey (Rohani) not only reveal the secrets of the 1979 Tragedy and the 2009 Coup, but they reveal truths about Chomsky, Marxists and all agents of the Big Brother. The story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’ [for more info, check Archive] can show you everything you need to know about Chomsky, Marxists, Islamists and the Big Brother. It can explain why Chomsky is a CIA agent, or why Marxists and Islamists are pawns of the so-called Imperialists. Now it’s quite clear that who is the main obstacle on the road to freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran. The West, the United Barbarians, is the main obstacle”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “the IMF team was in Iran, and many asked why this British Monkey (Rouhani) should distribute free foods, and should give the Mullah TV an interview (on Feb 5) about the IMF plans at this moment in time (when the IMF team is in Iran)?! When the IMF team is in Iran, Rouhani says he wants to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans! This British Monkey (Rouhani) knows that 99% of Iranians hate the IMF plans. But why he ate such shit?! The answer is clear. The IMF plan is part of the US-Mullah deals, and Mullahs must obey the IMF. Mullahs must make Satan happy. On 5 Feb 2013, this British spy (Rouhani) wanted to make the IMF happy. Now their media says: “Hurting and humiliating Iranians is Rouhani’s main goal’ ! In fact, Ruining Iran and Destroying Iran’s economy is Rouhani’s main goal. This British spy (Rouhani) is like that Jewish Spy (AN). They both reveal that the Mullah regime is the worst anti-Iran regime in history. In Jan. 2014, when Reuters reported: ‘The IMF mission visits Iran for its first assessment of the impact of US sanctions’ !, many could not believe it. They said: ‘Is the Mullah era like the Qajar era?!’ But the IMF team arrived in Iran on Jan. 25 2014, and met with Rouhanis (Mullahs) and uneducated Islamists (Tayebnia, etc) -who refer to Bank as Bang !, but the IMF calls them Economists! The Mullah TV was so happy that Mullahs lick the IMF’s ass. Satan and the IMF were happy, too. The IMF said Wednesday (12 Feb) ‘In Iran, Inflation and unemployment are high. [We are happy that our IMF plans worked]. The Mullah government needs to continue pursuing the priority of subsidy reform, including increasing domestic energy prices‘ ! (AFP, Feb 2014) The sons of Satan collaborate: the IMF orders, the Islamists obey, and the West and the Left censor all news! It’s funny that the CIA media (Huffington Post, LobeLog etc ) and the MI6 media (the Guardian, BBC etc) refer to the IMF Plan as ‘RouhaniCare’ ! (Feb 2014) They even say If you want to know Iran and Iranians, ‘you should read My Uncle Napoleon and other [MI6-engineered] books’ ! (2014) They actually say if you want to know Snowden and his revelations, you should read what the NSA and the GCHQ say, because the NSA and the GCHQ tell the truth! It’s funny that all anti-Iranian agents have low IQs. All anti-Iran agents have no shame, and no brain”.


In these days, many talk about traitors, Islamists, whores, and the West. As the wise Iranians say: “The West censors almost everything. The Left and the Jewish CIA just repeat their old lies and their old crap, and censor all important facts. Mullahs and their British masters have badly confused, and their media openly and shamelessly says: ‘Rouhani wants to make a deal with the West. So, Rouhani should humiliate Iranians. Rouhani made a show of distributing free foods, because he had to show the West that the IMF plans have worked, and have created in Iran‘ ! (Feb 2014) It’s not a joke. It’s what the Mullah media says! Mullahs openly confirm what Iranians already said! The Mullah regime is the worst puppet regime in Iran’s history. Independence, Honor (Sharaf), and Iranian values are meaningless things to Mullahs. Islamists are the sons of Ahriman (Satan). The Islamic regime’s evil acts are unique in history. In all countries, those who try to hurt and humiliate the country’s people, are called ‘Traitors’. But in the Islamic regime, traitors are rulers, and traitors openly defend hurting Iran’s people and aiding Iran’s enemies! Islamists are the worst traitors, and the Islamic regime is the worst anti-Iranian regime in Iran’s history. This Satanic regime just serves the West’s interests. Now even the Mullah media says: ‘Rouhani knows that the sight of citizens lining up is damaging to Iran’s image abroad’ ! They are proud that they try to destroy Iran and Iran’s image! In Feb 2014, the Mullah media openly says: ‘Rohani is a smart politician. Rohani wants to humiliate Iranians in the eyes of the West and Westerners‘ ! They say Rouhani wants to send a green signal to American pigs like Kerry and Sherman! They openly confess that Mullahs just aid Iran’s enemies! Islamists suffer from Mongolism. They are proud that they are traitors, and aid the Enemy! They are proud that Islamists are pawns of their Satan and their Estekbar! Rouhanis (Mullahs) have created a unique farce in history. For the first time in history, Islamists openly say they can make love with Satan, and they can kill people, rape people, steal people’s money, violate people’s rights, and obey Satan’s orders, because ‘Corruption on earth’, ‘Making love with Satan’ and ruining the Land of the Good is part of their Jewish-Satanic beliefs. Islamists hate the Truth and Iranian values like Tolerance, Goodness, Kindness, Justice, Truthfulness etc. Islamists love the Jewish-Arabian Satanism, and hate the Land of the Good (Persia)”. In these days, anyone with half a brain can see who is who, and who works for who. As some wise Iranians say: “Rouhani means Mullah, but it’s just a literal meaning. These days show that Rouhani actually means a British spy or a British monkey, who loves ‘ruining Iran’, ‘hurting Iranians’, aiding Iran’s enemies, and ‘Khosh Khedmati’ & ‘Khosh Raqsi’ (dance to the enemy’s tune). Rouhani means an enemy spy, who licks the IMF’s ass and is proud of licking Satan’s ass!”. They also add: “Now the MI6 media like the Economist has Orwellian reports such as ‘Empty stomachs’ ! (Feb 2014) But even British barbarians, who have empty heads say: ‘Rohani [implements our beggar-raising plan in Iran,] but it has embarrassed Rohani, triggering a local outcry and denting his popularity [!] The spectacle has publicly embarrassed Rouhani in the eyes of the poor, and the middle and upper class‘ ! (Economist, Feb 2014). Islamists are stupid animals, while even little kids know why Iranians spit at Rouhanis (Mullahs) and say: ‘Mullahs are Mongols. Rouhani proved that he is a British spy .. AN, Khatami and Rouhani proved that Mullahs are foreigners (Ajnabi) or stooges of foreigners (Mozdur-e Ajnabi) .. Islamists and Khatamists are a bunch of anti-Iranian agents, who sell their soul for money and power … the CIA agents go to Iran, and confess: ‘Still, Iran does not look like a sanctioned country. Bazaars and stores are full of goods and all kinds of things’ ! (2014) They ask Mullahs to implement the IMF plans, because as they say: ‘Iran should not look like a sanctioned country’ ! (2014) .. the UK loves Islamists, but Iran’s people say to the UK and Islamists: ‘Tof beh oon Sharaf-e Nadashtatun’ ! (We spit at you and your non-existent honor) .. Islamists are locust-eaters (S-e-m-i-tes), not Iranians. Islamists have non-Iranian family names like Jabal Ameli, Lebanoni, Iraq-chi etc … Islamists are proud of the bussed whores! The Shah regime was proud of the bussed whores/ thugs, too. But what happened to Pahlavi?! The bussed whores, who chant pro-regime slogans, just remind you of the 1953 CIA Coup in Iran .. Who loves Rouhani?! The UK and whores. The Guardian is worse than Keyhan. The BBC is worse than the Mullah TV. They censor everything, and just defend Rouhani, because Rouhani tries to ruin Iran, to hurt Iranians, and ‘to explain nuclear detonators to IAEA’ ! .. Iran’s people have no media. The West and the mass media only care about whores, Chalquz (shits), and those who work for the Big Brother’s agencies, because they are anti-Iran and anti-Truth .. In the absence of independent media, a network of whores and spies pretend that they are the voices of the people! This network of anti-Iran agents has money, media, and everything. But they are Heife-Noon (Good for Nothing)! Almost all Iranians hate them so much. If people can have any independent media, all Islamists, exiled clowns, and all anti-Iran agents will go to hell … Who praises Obama’s Back-Door Dealing with Mullahs?! The stupid CIA agents, who say: ‘the IMF plans created unemployment, high inflation, and a brain drain of educated youth. It’s a [good thing], and that’s why Iranians love the IMF plans’ ! .. The West forced Iranians to change. Do you know what the pro-American Iranians say now about America?! They have changed, and say: Anti-Americanism means anti-Satanism; if you hate Ahriman (Satan) and the bad guys, you naturally hate the US, the UK and their stooges (ie all evil forces -Islamists, Marxists, Monarchists etc) as well !”.


Since the 19th century, the UK and the United Barbarians have tried to fool people with Orwellian tactics. The British tactics are so laughable, and so informative. We should write more about the 19th century, and the British tactics later. But as the wise Iranians say: “In the 19th century, Iranians were naive people and thought that Britons are humans! Iranians thought that when Britons officially promise to do something, and when Britons sign a treaty, it means that Britons keep their promises! But Britons were not humans (Adam). Britons were human-eaters (Adam-khor), and Lying, Cheating, Immorality and Barbarism was part of the British DNA. Britons broke all promises, and very soon Iranians knew Britain. Even idiots like Faht-Ali Shah (the Qajar king) knew Britain. But the main question is: How Britain managed to continue to hurt Iranians and other nations?! How Britain managed to continue to fool people with Orwellian tricks?! Britain used ‘Uncle Napoleon/ Conspiracy Theory‘ tactics. They tried to brainwash the younger generations. Their spies/ stooges said: ‘your older generations say that Britain is evil, and Britain has broken its promises, and Britain has created many disasters. But it’s a conspiracy theory! It’s what your illiterate people and your conspiracy theorists (your Uncle Napolean) say. Britain is a very nice country, and just wants to give you modernism. British Colonialism is a conspiracy theory. Your older generations say Britain is evil, because they are uneducated people who love conspiracy theories’. The British spies/ stooges tried to reset and reformat the national memory. The UK knew that if a nation doesn’t forget the past, and if a nation has a good national memory, the bad guys cannot exploit or enslave that nation. So, they started to falsify the past, and also to pretend that those who tell the truth about the past are conspiracy theories! Britain created a vicious circle. The older generations were uneducated, ignorant, and conspiracy theorists (Uncle Napoleon), and the younger generations are naive, illiterate, and brainwashed. Britons used Mullahs and other anti-Iranian agents to fool people into forgetting the past and believing the British lies. Uncle Napoleon tactics worked in the 19th and 20th centuries, when most Iranians were illiterate; and that’s why the MI6 media (the Guardian, etc) still loves ‘My Uncle Napoleon ‘. But British baboons don’t know that the Age of Information is not like the Age of Uncle Napoleon. The Golden Generations of Iranians -who were born in the 1970s and 1980s- are more modern, educated, and wiser than Britons and Americans. They know the world. They know the past. They have seen many things by their own eyes. They have created a good careful documentation of everything. The Golden Generations of Iranians know what is facts, and what is conspiracy theories. They know who is conspiracy theorist, and who is truth-teller. They know the differences between whores and intellectuals. They know the anti-Iranian agents, who call themselves intellects. They know tyrants and brutal dictators, who call themselves Democrats. They know crooks, killers and rapists, who call themselves Moralists. They know the sons of Satan, who call themselves the men of God. In 1997, 2009, and all these years, the Golden Generations of Iranians have seen many things by their own eyes. What the Golden Generations of Iranians say is based on a long list of strong evidence. The Golden Generations of Iranians can write many good and new books about the Orwellian West, the United Barbarians, and all problems. The Golden Generations of Iranians have changed Iran, and will change the world. They will put an end to the Evil Empire of the Savage West. The West still says: within 10 to 20 years, the Golden Generations of Iranians will be old people; and once again, we can use Uncle Napoleon tactics to reject all facts -from the 2009 CIA Coup to all recent facts. We can fool and brainwash new generations’ ! It’s their wish. They just express their evil wishes. They openly say: ‘the Islamic regime successfully ended the historic relationship of Iranians with their past’ !! (2014) It’s their wish, and they pray for it! But as ancient Iranians said: ‘they will bring this wish to their grave’. During the 2013 Mullah Show, they tried to fool and brainwash new generations, ie those who were 18 to 22 years old. But what happened? Only a small number were fooled. As you know, in each society about 6% of people are retards and Mongols. So, fooling 6% to 10% is not important at all. Now the vast majority of Iranians have become aware, and know that If Iranians want to enjoy freedom, democracy and progress, Iranians should fight against the UK, the US, and the West. It’s so important. In the past 200 years, Iranians were naive people and thought that Britons are humans. But now many things have changed. The 2009 Coup and these years changed many things. Britain is a symbol of the Savage West, and as many truly say: When Britons were in deep shit, they signed many treaties, and made a lot of promises. They believed treaties were just a piece of paper !, and their promises were just empty words’ ! Britons used this tactic a lot, in all around the world -from America to India. But today is another day. Now Iranians have become aware. Now the West is bankrupt, and nearing the End. Now Britain is drowning in a sea of corruption and severe domestic problems”.

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