Barbarians ask Iran to accept Orwellian Modernity

“In the 19th century, Barbarians wanted to teach us
. At that time, they said: ‘We may give Persia railroads; we may work its mines and exploit its resources ; but we shall not have brought it within the pale of civilized nations [!!] … the iron wall of resistance [in Persia], built up by all the most selfish instincts, is opposed to our progressive ideas [!!]’ [Curzon’s book, [*]: ‘Persia and the Persian Question’]. The land of Barbarians still craps about Civilization and Modernity. Even in the 21st century, the American-British barbarians call themselves ‘Defenders of Civilization, Democracy, Privacy, and Modernity! They still talk nonsense. For instance, the UK media like Financial Times (FT) says Iran is becoming a modern country, because ‘a mother of two girls has an affair with a friend of her husband, but her husband doesn’t know about the affair’ ! (FT, Jan 2014) In the British-Orwellian Society, Cheating, Lying, and living like animals are modern things!”, the wise Iranians say. In 2014, many things are laughable, but informative. As the funny Iranians say: “Iranians are not modern people, because they hate the bad guys, including Islamists and British monkeys like Rouhani and the BBC-Guardian’s journalists. But the US is a modern country, because more than 100 millions of Americans are religious fanatics. American fanatics are modern people, because they still think the earth is flat, and the sun orbits around the earth. America is a modern country, because Americans say: ‘For Americans, topless photo is a very bad and shameful thing [!] If they had topless photo, they are called sluts, lose their jobs, embarrass their families, and find themselves forever ruined [!!] American girls are afraid of their conservative boyfriends’ ! In the West, Fanaticism is Modernism. As the media reports: ‘Britain and France are trying to ban prostitution, and will punish the clients of s-e-x workers’ ! (Dec 2013) The UK is a modern country, because its national anthem is ‘God save the Bitch (Queen)’, and the UK government controls the internet, the media, and everything in the UK. Americans and Britons are very modern people. They say: ‘bad guys send our embarrassing photos (topless photos) to our family and friends. In the US, it’s a powerful way to threaten and to terrorize people [!!] At least two American women have killed themselves over revenge p-o-rn, and recent studies show that 47% of victims contemplate suicide’ ! (2014) They add: ‘an American girl erupted in tears. She said: ‘Oh my god, others have seen my topless photo’. She felt helpless, exposed, and violated. Who had seen her picture? internet users. Would it be saved on strangers’ hard drives? Yes, something horrible happened [!!]’ If this American girl was a Muslim or an Iranian, she would be a stupid fanatic. But as she is an American, she is a modern girl ! In 2014, the US media refers to Porn as the Great War, and says: ‘our people should not watch porn because they will become ‘spiritually wounded on the battlefield of the Great War (Porn) !’ In the US and the UK, Barbarians and Fanatics are modern people! But they say: Iran and other nations should know that Morality and Human values are bad things. Cheating, addiction, and living like pigs are good and modern things ! The West is a bad joke. Even their most prestigious media, ie the Guardian, which is the Guardian of Big Brother and Barbarians, just reminds you of the Ministry of Truth, and British agents like Sir John Malcolm (1769- 1833), who entered the service of the East India Company and the so-called British Freemasonry at the age of 12! John Malcolm, aka Boy Malcolm, can show you how they brainwashed little kids, and made them spies/ politicians. The story of ‘Boy Malcolm’ is very informative. ‘A British boy goes out to India at the age of 12, and grows into one of the most Orwellian agents of his day. Malcolm was a spy, a high rank politician, and a British intellect! Malcolm and the Barbarian UK said they want to aid Persia in becoming a modern Superpower! But they just aided Russia in occupying Persia. The story of ‘Boy Malcolm’ is like the story of many politicians, intellects and journalists in the West […] In the West, reality is beyond Orwell’s Worst Nightmare. In 2014, even Americans say: ‘In the early 1970s, Robert Gates worked as a young CIA analyst. [Finally,] he became Defense Secretary’! Now even Westerners say: ‘Control and Surveillance in the US and the UK exceed Orwell’s worst nightmare’! It’s obvious that in such an Orwellian society, Democracy is a joke, as the free press is a joke. The West and its mass media tell the biggest lies in history”.

In 2014, the West still censors everything, and tells big and bad lies. As some wise Iranians say: “On 5 Feb 2014, when the IMF delegation (the IMF’s team) is in Iran, Rouhani gives the Mullahs TV an interview, and says he wants to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans in Iran! Can you believe it?! The IMF orders, and Mullahs obey! This British monkey, Rouhani, is a bad joke. He knows why almost all Iranians hate him, and why ‘only a small number who are ‘supported’ by the UK and Satan, support Mullahs and Rouhani’. But he says: ‘Why the Iranian people and Iranian universities don’t support me and my deals?’! (2014) […] Amid sanctions, high inflation and unemployment rates, and a failing economy caused by the IMF plans, corruption and
, Rouhani and Mullahs try to implement the the IMF Plans, the CIA plans, in Iran! The Left and the West just censor everything, and tell big and bad lies. Now the Lefty-CIA media like the Huffington Post refers to the IMF plans as ‘RouhaniCare’ ! The MI6 media like the Guardian refers to the IMF plans as ‘RouhaniCare’ !, as well. Now it’s quite clear who is behind the Mullah regime, which is a puppet, anti-Iranian regime”. They also add: “In these days, the US officials bark a lot, but Mullahs are Heroic Cowards, and just aid Iran’s enemies. Now Mullahs and Satan (Zarif & Kerry, Rouhani & UK/ IMF, Mullahs & IMF/ CIA, Mullahs & US/ UK/ France etc) are making love on a daily basis. Mullahs (Islamists) praise the Jewish-Satanic values, and the Jewish-Arab Satanism. Mullahs suppress Iranians, and make love with Satan and the West”. They also add: “Now Iranian workers demonstrate against Mullahs and the IMF. As people’s media reports: ‘Mullahs arrested many workers’ (2014) But the West and the Left censor workers protests in Iran. Mullahs, the Left and the West, ie the sons of Satan, are the same shits. Their ‘Economic Reforms’ are IMF Plans -which create more Corruption, more Poverty, more Injustice, more inflation, more unemployment, and more economic problems. Their Democracy is a joke. In their Satanic Democracy, the Big Brother controls everything. Now their own media says: ‘6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America’, or ‘Canada snoops on WiFi users in airports and pubic places’, or ‘If You used Secure Email websites, including Tormail, the FBI Has Your Inbox’, or ‘The UK press says a system of mandatory prior censorship will be imposed‘, or ‘Orwell never could have imagined that the UK and the NSA would violate the basic human rights in this way’!”. They also add: “The 99% of Iranians hate the IMF plans. But Mullahs still try to satisfy Satan’s demands and the IMF’s demands! They say ridiculous things like: ‘Distribution of two small packages of staples among one group of Iranians is a good tactic. Those Iranians who wait for hours to collect these packages show that we can fool Iranians by such Divide and Rule tactics’. But do you know what Iranians say? They say: ‘Why people refer to the Mullah leader as Ali Geda (Ali, the beggar)?! Iranians know that Mullahs were beggars. But the beggars have become billionaires, because they have stolen our money and our national resources’. In Iran, you can see two main groups. One group say: Mullahs have stolen our oil, our money and everything. So, Mullahs should distribute free things among people, and you should see it as an opportunity (for getting part of your stolen money back), and seize it ! (Yek Mu az Khers Kandan …) Mullah products are cheap and nasty (2 zar ham Nemiarzeh), but when they are free, they are better than nothing’! Another group say: Mullahs just want to fool people. They just insult Iranians. Mullah products are very crappy, and even if they are free, they are good for nothing (Moft ham Nemiarzeh)! Mullahs must pay our stolen money back, but not in this way’. But both groups, ie almost all Iranians, are so mad at Mullahs and this British spy (Rouhani). They clearly say: ‘Our basic rights and our demands must be met; there is no other way’. But the West craps about Iranians, and the BBC says: ‘Iranians have become beggars. They must go knock on Mullah government’s door, to maybe get something’ ! (Feb 2014) British beggars, who were naked barbarians, say such things because they so desperate and worried. Now they ask their spies, including Rouhani, to apologize to Iranians! They know that Iranians will not allow a bunch of whores and spies to do whatever they want to do. They know that the Large Army of Angry Iranians is ready to explode, and the Big Bang is near”. In these days, many things are ridiculous, but informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now Mullahs say Zanjani’s embezzlement is equal to Iran’s budget in one year! They say AN and his Basiji friends have stolen more than $700 billion. But it’s funny that the West and the Left censor such news!”. They also add: “In the West, the female prostitutes (who sell their body) are more honorable than the western intellects. In the West, the real prostitutes are journalists, intellects, think tanks, etc who proudly call themselves ex-CIA, ex-MI6, or ex-Human! In the West, almost all public figures -from lefty intellects to right-wing artists- are proud that their profession is the oldest profession (prostitution)! They are proud that they are CIA agents. These CIA agents -from Leveretts and Scott Peterson to NIAC and Tehran Bureau’s staff- go to Iran, make love with Islamists, and write about their ‘Going to Tehran’. They openly praise the Mullah regime, and the IMF plans in Iran! But they are angry that ‘Still, Iran does not look like a sanctioned country’! (2014) They and the Guardian, Huffington Post, BBC, PBS, CNN, AP, FT and other MI6/ CIA media ask Rouhani to implement the IMF plans, because as they say: ‘Iran should look like a sanctioned country’ ! (2014) The West is a joke. In the West, stupid barbarians have become ‘Defenders of Democracy, Civilization, Social Justice, or Modernity!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “British Barbarians and their Orwellian media -including the Guardian, BBC, FT, Telegraph, Independent, Economist, etc- say: ‘Iran should respect extramarital affairs, drug addiction, financial corruption, prostitution, IMF Plans etc’! But do you know what they say about about their own country?! British Barbarians talk about solving social problems such as drug addiction and prostitution in the UK! (Dec 2013) The UK and France are banning Prostitution! They openly praise Britain’s Great Firewall, and Orwellian Censorship. They even say: ‘We have a certain number of principles’! But they openly pray for ‘a tsunami of extramarital affairs’ and ‘a tsunami of drug addiction and sexual diseases’ in Iran, and say it’s Modernity!”. Now anyone with half a brain knows that the West just wants to keep Iran weak, dependent, and unfree. As the wise Iranians say: “Since the 19th century, the West and its puppets (Mullahs, etc) have always tried to ruin Iran, and to hurt Iranians. Even in the 21st century, they openly praise racism, lying, cheating, hurting other humans etc and say such evil things are modern things! But Iranians know obvious things. They know that you can decide about your own life, including your s-e-xual life. You can be a single, and enjoy your freedoms. But if you got married and created children, you are not as free as before. You must care about your children. You have created children, and forced them to live in this world. So, you must care about their needs, their welfare, their life, their personal/ mental growth etc. You are free to decide about your own life, but you are not free to hurt other humans, including your children. Britons, killers, rapists, religious fanatics, and liars call themselves Moralists! But If you want to have a better life, a better world, and a better society, you should (1) care about the quality of life, and stop producing children (2) if you produce children, you should be responsible parent, and convert your children to normal, healthy and good people. As the media says: ‘over 11 million Iranians have never married, 14% of the population’. But it’s a good thing. Single men and single women can care about the quality of life, and make Iran a very advanced country […] The West and its puppets know that If you want to destroy a society, you should create irresponsible parents, and sick families, which suffer from many serious problems”. The West’s leaders are stupid pigs. But as some wise Iranians say: “Now even their own media blames pigs like France’s president, François Hollande, and says: ‘Holland uses a scooter to meet his second girlfriend, while the ‘first girlfriend’ stays at home! Holland is cheating on his partner’! In 2014, their media even says: ‘Michael Douglas claimed: I licked Catherine, and it gave me tongue cancer! [But now] he apologizes to Catherine Zeta-Jones .. Michael’s asked Catherine to give things another try and she’s agreed. It’s not just for the sake of the children .. In 2010, Douglas’s older son was sentenced to five years in prison for drugs dealing’ […] In 2013, Mullahs said: ‘France is Little Satan’, and the West said: ‘France is just Britain’s twin’! But now, a French delegation of more than 100 French Whores met with Mullahs in Iran. Now Rouhani and Mullahs, who are anti-Iranian spies, make love with Satan, the US, the UK and France. Mullahs love Jewish traditions and Britain’s barbaric culture, because as they say, Jews and Britons have a love of royalty -they even follow their Monarchy and their Religion in a [barbaric,] bloodline fashion! On the other hand, American-British barbarians love stupid whores, including Mullahs and other anti-Iranian stooges like Masoud Behnoud, Farideh Farhi, Akbar Ganji, Hamid Dabashi, and all Khatamists and the so-called journalists/ activists in Exile. British barbarians love Thieves Alley, Lefty Alley, and Barbarians Alley”.

As the wise Iranians say: “The UK and the US are troublemakers and disaster-makers, but they still love to call themselves King-makers, Hero-makers or Revolution-makers. In the past 100 years, they manufactured many crises in Iran, including the 1953 Manufactured Coup, the 1979 Manufactured Revolution, the 1997 Manufactured Reform, and the 2009 Manufactured Coup. They have manufactured many crises and disasters in the world. In these days, they are proud of their manufactured crises in Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Thailand, Turkey, etc. They call themselves King-makers or Revolution-makers, and pretend that they can control the world. They pretend that all events and all changes are controlled by them! But it’s a big lie. Their media, their stooges, their Orwellian games, and their Wag the Dog’s tactics can only fool the Sheeple. They can only deceive naive people. They know that people like Snowden are everywhere. They know that their End is near. They know that more and more people are becoming aware […] Now they try to disappoint all people. For instance, the US media says: ‘In prior decades [American] students were a major force for social change. They played an active role in the Civil Rights movement, and the Free Speech movement. But today’s students [in America] don’t want to make a ruckus. They’re laden with debt. Since 1999, student debt has increased more than 500%. They buried students under so much debt. They made most Americans [slaves of the Big Brother]. People wouldn’t even try for change. Students would not protest’ ! (2014) They even add: ‘the American public [should] become so [stupid] that they no longer think reform is possible’ ! (2014) They know the truth, and say: ‘The Land Of The Free is now A Nation Of Sheep, Wolves, Pigs and Sloths‘ ! (Forbes, Sep 2013). But they don’t say that their people, and all humans, can easily get rid of Wolves and Pigs, if they decide not to live like Sheep”. In this year, many things need more attention. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now even Americans talk about America’s barbarous side! In 2014, even Westerners say: ‘It’s not just Muslims that try to shut down art that makes fun of religion. In Australia, Christians are worst than Muslims’. Australia is a racist and backward country. But the UK is worse than Australia. Now many talk about ‘British Censorship’ and ‘British D-notice system’. Even the UK media says: ‘the UK media cannot publish [those facts/ news] that might damage the so-called national security [!] Britain [refers to this Orwellian system of Censorship as] the voluntary censorship system [!], known as the DA-notice system. The system is supposed to be consulted when news organizations are considering publishing material relating to the military or the [Big Brother]. The UK government controls the entire British media’ ! (Jan 2014) It’s the truth of the British Democracy, which is the first Orwellian Democracy”. In these days, barbarians still crap about Persia. But as some wise Iranians say: “British barbarians have forgotten that in the 19th century, they confessed: ‘From one point of view, Persia is the most democratic country in the world‘ [*] In the 19th century, Curzon said: ‘The administrative régime of Persia is in essence the same at this day as under the Achaemenian kings. Persia is divided into satrapies or provinces, ruled by governor-generals, and these are further subdivided into beluks, or districts, cities and towns’ [*] Americans and Europeans learned a lot from Persia. When Western barbarians even didn’t know what is government or managing a country, Iranians had a modern government, and a modern federal system. As Curzon confessed: ‘[Even] in the ancient time, Iranians had ‘governors, Daroghah (head of police), Kalantar (mayor of a city), Kadkhoda (the headman of a village) [etc]’ [*] When Europeans didn’t know what is Civilization, as Curzon confessed: ‘In Persia, every minister, every governor, every petty official, was surrounded by an immense staff of munshis, mirzas, and mustofis, i.e. clerks, secretaries, and accountants‘ [*] The West learned a lot from Persia. But they are so ungrateful, and so stupid. They still know nothing about ‘differences between the two worlds of culture and barbarism’. In the world of culture (Persia), the human values are the main laws. But in the world of barbarism (Britain/ the West), the law of the jungle and the Satanic laws – ie bullying, cheating, hurting, living like animals etc- are the main laws […] When Britons were savage barbarians, and even didn’t know what is language, literacy, book, pen etc Iranians were writing books about Culture, Civilization and Human values. When Britons and Europeans were eating humans, sucking human blood, and living live savage animals, Iranians were the first modern and cultured humans, who cared about literacy, education, culture, humanity, tolerance, and even vegetarianism. Even in the 19th century, Britons said: ‘elementary education is very cheap in Persia, the fees for attendance amounting only to from one to three krans (7d.) per month for each child’ [*] But they said it’s a bad thing!, because Iranians should not be educated people. They said: ‘We should organize a coup d’état in the Persian schools’! [*] Britain, British Mullahs, British stooges and British plots/ plans, as the first form of the IMF Plans, tried to keep Iran weak and dependent. They said it Modernism! They still say Corruption, Poverty, Cheating, Ignorance, Illiteracy, Population boom etc are modern things! But today’s Iranians know the UK and Mullahs, as they know tradition, modernity, and the conflict between tradition and modernity. As Iranians say, this fact that Barbarians want to teach us Civilization and Modernity is one of the best jokes of all times”.

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