The IMF and Islamists, Marxists and Imperialists

“The International Monetary Fund (IMF) visits Iran for its first assessment of the impact of US sanctions [!!] An IMF team already visited Iran in November [2013] to learn about Rouhani’s economic plan [!] The IMF mission, which is scheduled to arrive in Iran on Jan. 25 2014, allows the IMF to take a closer look at the impact of US sanctions“, the media reports. It’s very laughable and important. In these days, the Mullah regime talks about implementing the 2nd phase of the IMF plans, and the Mullah TV and Islamists openly praise the IMF and the IMF Plans, and the West censors all important news/ facts of Iran! As many say: “The current farce clearly shows that the IMF Plan is part of the Mullah-Satan deals”. As we said before (check: [1]: ‘West, Lies, and Censorship: Rouhani, IMF, Rial’) “In Sep 2013, the media reported: ‘Rouhani met the IMF’s chief [and asked] the IMF [to] visit Iran. The IMF mission to Iran will take a closer look at the impact of US sanctions in Iran [!!]‘ [But Iranians say:] If Mullahs allowed the CIA to take a closer look at the impact of US sanctions in Iran, it would be less laughable !” [1] The story of “the IMF and Mullahs” is important and informative. But as some wise Iranians say: “Today’s world is really a shitty Orwellian World. From morning to night, the English Lie Factory (UK media) and the US propaganda machine tell big lies about Iranians, and censor all important news/ facts. But they show us the West’s true face, and the truth of this shitty Orwellian World. The West is in deep shit. They use a stupid strategy of deception, and try to hide the truth. British spies, CIA agents, and Satan’s agents call themselves journalists, intellects, artists, dissidents, critics, think tanks etc and try to fool Westerners. The daily Orwellian Lies and the horrible Censorship in the UK, the US, and the West is really unbelievable. This level of ‘Censorship’ and this kind of ‘Big Lies’ belong to ultra-fascist countries and ultra-Orwellian states. As our people say: ‘Digeh Shoresh-o Daravordan’ ! (they made it too salty !) ‘Digeh Gandesh-o Daravordan’ ! (they make it too shitty !) In [2013 and 2014], the Guardian, Huffington Post, New York Times, CNN, PBS, BBC, AP etc show that the Big Brother’s agencies control the West, all Western media and public figures. Sooner or later a new Snowden will confirm this undeniable fact”. In these days, the wise Iranians say: “Even the Lefty intellects are stupid hypocrites. They say: ‘The IMF is an new form of Colonialism. The IMF plans increase poverty, reduce countries’ ability to develop strong domestic economies and allow multinational corporations to exploit the people and the
. The IMF ask client countries to eliminate subsidies; cut spending on education and health; devalue national currencies; freeze wages [etc] The IMF forces countries to eliminate assistance to domestic industries while providing benefits for Western corporations. [IMF plans] just create more unemployment, high inflation, poverty, injustice etc. In Korea and Argentina, IMF Plans led to more bankruptcies, more unemployment, and more poverty. Under the IMF plans, the number of Mexicans living in extreme poverty increased more than 50%’. It’s not wrong. But the main question is: why the Lefts defend those IMF plans that increase poverty and reduce Iran’s ability to develop strong domestic economies?! Why the Lefts aid the IMF and the West in hurting and exploiting Iranians?!. The Lefts and Marxists say: ‘the IMF’s Shock Therapy, or the economic Imperialism of the West [!], involves cutting subsidies, freezing wages, privatization, devaluation, etc’. But why do they defend Mullahs and the IMF’s Shock Therapy in Iran?! Why do they love Mullahs, the Pawns of Imperialism?! Marxists are brainless clowns”. They also add: “In Sep 2013, the media reported: ‘the IMF chief Christine Lagarde met Rouhani. IMF spokesman said the meeting was at the request of Rouhani ‘to discuss how the Mullah partnership with the IMF might be deepened [!!]’. At that time, Iranians preferred to wait and see how Rouhani shows his true face. But now as our people say: If Rouhani implements the 2nd phase of the IMF plans, it will clearly prove that Rouhani is a British spy, and Rouhani is worse than that Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad)“.


The story of “the IMF and Mullahs” can shatter many illusions. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now anyone with eyes open can see the truth of what Iranians said about ‘Mullahs & the West’, ‘Islamism & Colonialism’, the 2009 Coup, the 1979 Tragedy, etc. Islamists and Marxists are two sides of the same coin. They praise the IMF’s policies in Iran, but say: ‘The IMF was designed to keep countries dependent. Client Countries have to follow the IMF’s policies, and exchange their economic sovereignty for the IMF’s aids’ ! Marxists and Islamists are Orwellian stooges of the West. They say: ‘In the IMF the voting power is determined by the amount of money that each country pays into the IMF’s quota system. It’s a system of one dollar, one vote! So, looters and colonialists can enslave the world’s poor majority [!] Colonial powers are ‘Masters’, and client countries are ‘Slaves [!]’ They even said: ‘The IMF asks you to cut subsidies. But when costs rise due to IMF-imposed fees for the use of public services (so-called ‘user fees’) the poor are the first victims. User fees at public clinics and hospitals make healthcare unaffordable to those who need it most’. But now the Left, Islamists, and Noam Chomsky defend the IMF plans in Iran!”. They also add: “Red and Black Colonialism, Mullahs and Marxists have confused, and tell paradoxical jokes. The Mullah leader says: ‘We can make deal/ love with Satan’ !, and the Mullah Media says: “Under the stewardship of Paul Wolfowitz, a key architect of [blah blah], the World Bank sent a delegation to visit Iran (in Dec 2005) in order to finalize a $700 million loan for Mullah projects’ !! Mullahs and Islamists have badly confused. They say: ‘What US Imperialism Wants from Iran [?!] In the US-dominated world order, cutting subsidies, cutting social programs, violating human rights, destroying the environment, repressing workers. and crushing dissent are worthy deeds, but not enough [!!].You must fully obey them. If you abide by their rules and advance their interests, they will protect you, even if you are a torturer or a dictator‘ ! Can you believe it?! It’s what Islamists say! The soup is too salty, and now even Islamists say: ‘[Does the Mullah regime] want to be another pawn in the American empire [?!] [Mullahs] don’t want ‘political independence from Western imperialism? Our anti-Imperialist & anti-American gestures are [empty gestures ?!]”. In these years, many facts were informative. As some wise Iranians say: ‘the story of ‘Islamists and the IMF‘ made many aware. In 2012, the media reported: “IMF Chief Christine Lagarde visited Egypt, and met with Morsi and Islamists’. And in 2013, many said: ‘Egyptians should tell the IMF to go fuck itself .. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist Al-Nour Party argued that the IMF loan is Islamic and sharia-friendly !‘ .. In 2011, Mubarak said ‘No’ to the IMF (ie US Imperialism). But Egypt’s Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood were loyal to imperialism! Morsi, the US-approved replacement for Mubarak, said he will [implement IMF Plans] in Egypt! .. Islamists are the Pawns of Imperialism .. The Left, Marxists and Colonialist powers have always been sympathetic and supportive of Islamists“. In these years, many people are becoming aware. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even non-Iranians ask good questions like: Is the IMF Plan part of the Mullah-US deals?! Why [almost all] Western media and lefty media defend the IMF Plan in Iran, or censor it and say nothing about it?! Now many ask: Why do the Lefty-CIA media like LobeLog, Al-Monitor, Huffington Post, Guardian etc openly praise the IMF Plans in Iran?! Who do the Left and Noam Chomsky defend the IMF Plans in Iran?! Noam Chomsky is really a CIA agent. In these years, we all saw how Chomsky helps Brzezinski, Sick, Leveretts, the Jewish CIA and the notorious Imperialists. But do you know what Chomsky said about his beloved Imperialists?! You can take a look at [2]: ‘A conversation with Noam Chomsky: Telling the truth about Imperialism’ ! (International Socialist Review Issue 32) Chomsky says: ‘LORD Curzon was very honest’ or ‘Zbigniew Brzezinski is an imperialist’ ! [2] Chomsky shed crocodile tears for Iran, Mossadeq, etc and says: ‘A typical Hollywood joke was about the corporate executive who was laboring day and night for the benefit of the ordinary people’ ! [2] It can remind you of this fact that ‘A typical Lefty joke is about Chomsky who is laboring day and night for the social justice and the people’ ! Even if you ignore the CIA-backed 2009 Coup, the story of ‘the IMF Plans in Iran‘ can reveal Chomsky’s true face. If Chomsky was a good guy, he would not defend or cover up the IMF plans in Iran. Agent Chomsky has no shame. He says: ‘if you wrote that two and two is four, then somebody said, Where’s your evidence? [!] [But] there is no evidence [!] To look for evidence of that is like looking for evidence for the truths of Arithmetic’ ! [*] Agent Chomsky is a stupid Charlatan. His own crap (his lies/ bullshit) is like ‘two and two is four’ !, because he has no evidence for them! But what Iranians say about Agent Chomsky, Brzezinski, Leveretts, IMF etc is not like ‘two and two is four’, because Iranians have strong evidence for what they say! It’s Agent Chomsky’s logic, the Marxist logic!”. In these days, Iranians say good things about the West, the Left, the IMF, Islamists etc. For instance they say: “AN and Mullahs implemented the IMF plans, the CIA plans, in Iran, and the Left helped them .. Mullahs are the pawns of Colonialism .. The UK-backed Seid Ali regime is like the US-backed Ben Ali regime. The Tunisian dictator, Bin Ali, implemented the IMF plans and cut off essential subsidies! .. The UK/ US’s corrupt puppet regime of Mullahs is not alone. In Syria, Assad implemented the IMF plans. In Turkey and Egypt, Islamists implemented the IMF plans. In Africa, all dictators implemented the IMF plans .. Who defend the IMF plans in Iran? the CIA agents like Farideh Farhi (NIAC), Pajouyan, Laylaz, Leveretts, and Tehran Bureau, Guardian, Washington Post, AP, PBS, CNN, LobeLog, Al-Monitor, Huffington Post and other CIA media and CIA agents, including Basijis, Khatamists and the Exiled Journalists/ Activists .. In Davos 2014, Rouhani gave a speech to chief executives from US/ UK Oil companies! .. the West loves Oil and Arabs (Mullahs) .. Mullahs said ‘Spirit of Davos’ is Zionist! But now their Rouhani goes to Davos, while the Zionist regime receives the ‘Spirit of Davos’ award !, and the US media says: Rouhani to woo [American & British] oil companies with ‘sexy’ contracts [!!] (Jan 2014)”.


As the wise Iranians say: “In 2001, the Washington Post confessed: ‘The IMF and World Bank Hurt Poor Countries and Undermine Democracy’ ! They said: ‘People in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America [protest against] the IMF and World Bank. The IMF undermines democracy. Countries should be much freer to pursue different economic strategies in accordance with the democratic determinations of their people. We share these modest democratic aspirations with people across the globe [!!]’. They said such things, because at that time all media talked about ‘Global Resistance to IMF and World Bank policies’, ‘Anti-IMF Protests Sweep the World’ !, ‘People call for an end to IMF-imposed economic reforms’ ! […] Now even Westerners talk about ‘the IMF and world bank’s unconditional support of dictators’, and say: ‘The IMF and World Bank are notorious for giving bad advice‘ ! In Iran, even idiots know that IMF Plans are much more destructive than US Sanctions“. In these days, many things are laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “The Mullah TV defends the IMF plans in Iran, but adds: ‘the IMF is responsible for the economic collapse of Africa‘ ! The Mullah TV is a cesspool of MI6/ CIA agents. Spies, whores, brainless faggots, and hateful figures have the upper hand in the Mullah TV. The Mullah TV hates Persia, wise Economists, wise Iranians, and all Iranians. Only retards, whores and non-Iranians, specially Arabs, are free in the Mullah TV. Criticism and criticizing Mullahs and IMF Plans are banned in the Mullah TV. Only licking Ass, telling big lies, insulting the people’s intelligence, serving the West’s interests etc are allowed in the Mullah TV. The CIA agents and Basiji faggots like Nader Talebzadeh (Jalili’s aide), Jamshid Pajouyan and other whores/ spies are the heroes of the Mullah TV, because (1) they are hateful retards, and more than 90% of Iranians hate them so much (2) they are Arabs, non-Iranians, or anti-Iran (3) the Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Sick, Chomsky etc) and the UK love them (4) they are brainless whores with low IQs. Iran has many wise Economists, many students of economics, and many wise people who know the world, history, sciences, etc. But the Mullah regime has banned them from working, talking, writing etc. Experts, critics and the wise people are systematically suppressed and silenced, because the West and its puppets (Mullahs etc) want to keep Iran weak and dependent. They ban all experts and wise Iranians, but a Basiji faggot like Jamshid Pajouyan, who works for the IMF, can bark and fart in the Mullah TV. As the Mullah media says: ‘Pajouyan worked for the IMF and World Bank. Pajouyan was a main defender of the IMF plans in the AN’s era’. But instead of going to jail for ruining Iran’s economy and torturing Iranians, Jamshid Pajouyan goes to the Mullah TV and says: ‘Iranians deserve these disasters’ ! Pajouyan is a stupid CIA agent, and suffers from inferiority complex. He says: I’m pundit; I’m Economist; I’m Scientist ! But Iranians say to him: ‘You are nothing but a brainless faggot; you are nothing but a stupid whore’! It’s funny that only whores and non-Iranians defend the IMF plans in Iran! All Iranian experts/ wise guys are suppressed and silenced, but non-Iranians and Arab faggots (Jabal Al-x !) go to the Mullah TV, and say: ‘In the West, the prices change on a daily basis. High inflation is a natural thing. The West has a high inflation rate, and prices change on a daily basis in the West‘ ! Can you believe it?! These brainless monkeys even say: ‘In 2011, we implemented the IMF plans, and destroyed Iran’s national product, because it had to be destroyed! .. High Inflation is a good thing .. Economic Instability is a good thing .. In the West, today you buy X for 2$, and tomorrow you buy X for 10$! It’s the Free Market’ ! Can you believe it?! These brainless monkeys think that all people are brainless monkeys as well. But Iranians say to them and their Western masters: ‘Fuck you and this Free Market! .. Fuck UK universities, which gave you idiots a degree in economics! .. You bribe British
universities, and they give you university degree! .. British Mullahs like Tavakoli already denounced the IMF and IMF Plans as Zionist! .. Tavakoli, Mullahs and Basijis go to the UK, and their British masters teach them Islamic Economics! .. Why did Basijis/ Islamists study Economics or Islamic Economics at British Universities?! Why is the UK their teacher?! .. In the UK, Basijis/ Islamists trained as Economists, or as spies/ whores?! .. Britain educated Mullahs and Basijis about Economics, or about Orwellian tactics of ruining Iran?! .. Why Islamists/ Basijis have non-Iranian family names like Iraq-chi, Jabal Ameli, Arab etc?! .. Islamists are not Iranians. They are brainless donkeys, and think that all humans are brainless donkeys as well ! .. The Mullah media had a funny paradoxical article about ‘Iran, Globalization, and US imperialist agenda in the Middle East’ ! The Islamist clowns wrote: ‘AhmadiNejad [AN] implements [IMF Plans], because he hates the US-dominated capitalist club [!!] Increasing popular disillusionment and dissatisfaction with the Islamic regime had one clear reason: Rafsanjani and Khatami, who implemented part of the IMF plans [!] Privatization and an end to multibillion-dollar public subsidies dominated their economic policies. It made Iranians angry. But AhmadiNejad [AN] implemented the whole IMF plans, and his IMF-style ‘adjustments’ in subsidy, labour and banking laws made Iranians happy [!] AN’s plan to end to all public subsidies was good. AN used the IMF’s ‘Shock Therapy’[!!]’ Can you believe it ?! .. Mullahs are full of crap and paradox, because their teacher is the Orwellian UK .. The Mullah Parliament (Majlis) is a cesspool of British Spies, Arabs and CIA agents. Mullah MPs are a bunch of anti-Iranian faggots and non-Iranians, who for the UK and Iran’s enemies .. In 2011, public transport was 400 Rial, and now it’s 5000 Rial ! (ie +1000% increase !) What Mullahs say about Petrol, and public transport is bullshit. Mullahs just try to ruin Iran’s economy. It’s their mission. Mullahs are slaves/ puppets of the UK and the US”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Jang-e Zargari (Sham Fight/ Fake War) between Mullahs and their Great Satan (USA) is ridiculous. They use a strategy of deception, and try to fool Westerners. But Iranians know Mullah and Satan – who hate Persia, Iranian Culture and Persian Civilization. Mullahs are Arab stooges of the Savage West. In the past 200 years, the Savage West and its stooges hurt Persia (Iran) a lot. They plundered our resources, occupied our lands, killed our people, and created many horrible disasters. But the Payback Time is near. Sooner or later, Persia will pay them back for what they did to Persians and all humans. The Large Army of Angry Iranians should know the West and its stooges well, and we really thank the IMF, Mullahs, the West, and Iran’s enemies for showing their true colors, digging their own graves, and creating more and more awareness, hatred and anger in Persia! […] In Davos, Rouhani licks the US ass, and John Kerry says Mullahs are brainless cowards, who serve the US interests! According to the US-Mullah media, this American faggot, John Kerry, has said in Davos (lets change his words, but not the meaning of his words): ‘We threaten Mullahs with war and nuke, and Mullahs obey us. Mullahs are brainless cowards (ie Heroic Cowards) and lick our ass. The Mullah Regime and the US-Mullah Deals Make Israel and the Zionist Regime Safer [!!] Lets be clear, Mullahs must obey our orders; Mullahs must continue to implement IMF Plans; Mullahs must continue to ruin Iran, hurt Iranians and serve the US interests’ ! ( Jan 2014) If Iran’s regime was an Iranian regime, it would stop all negotiations. But the Islamic regime is a puppet, anti-Iranian regime. Mullahs and their Heroic Cowardliness (Bozdeli Qahramananeh) are as stupid as America and its Orwellian Democracy. The Mullah-Satan farce, Egypt’s farce, Syria’s farce, Saudi farce etc show that America is a state sponsor of Terrorism, Islamism, Salafism, Mullaism, Wahhabism and Satanism. America is the principle supporter of all terrorists, Islamists, Marxist-Islamists (MEK) and all evil forces. But the American faggots -Obama, Kerry, Congress etc- are not important. Congress tries to play the role of ‘Bad Dog/ Bad Cop’. But most humans know them, and hate them. They are not important. But the Jewish CIA and pigs like Noam Chomsky who love ‘telling the truth about Imperialism’ are important. They play the role of ‘Good Dog/ Good Cop’, and fool naive people. Chomsky is a stupid bastard, but he still can fool many Americans and Europeans”. They also add: “The stupid Americans say: ‘Chomsky has been a leading voice for social justice’ ! But Chomsky defends the Mullah regime, the Gaddafi regime, the Assad regime, and all brutal dictators. If Chomsky was a good guy, he would not defend the Mullah regime and the IMF Plans in Iran. The West tries to rule the world and enslave all humans with the help of pigs like Agent Chomsky”. In these days, we all can know this Orwellian World better. As the wise Iranians say: “The Left and Marxists crap about ‘Western Imperialists’, the American imperialist bourgeoisie [!] etc but they themselves work for so-called ‘Imperialists’, and defend brutal dictators, terrorists, IMF Plans etc. All informed people know the IMF and ‘the consequences of the IMF plans’ in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America etc. As many know, the common elements of IMF Plans in client countries include: Cutting subsidies, making cuts in health/ education/ social welfare services, Currency devaluation, privatization, removal of price controls, ruining national product etc. Many Criticisms of IMF include Lack of Transparency and increasing corruption. In the 2000s, the Western media talked about ‘How the IMF Sank Argentina’ ! and said: “the IMF asked them to cut subsidies [and to] devalue the Peso. [Cutting subsidies and] Devaluation cut the wages and savings of most people, bankrupt many companies and raise the prices of basic goods from flour to petrol. The IMF made the Central bank remove controls over flows of capital; the IMF asked for inflationary devaluations. The IMF supported [brutal dictatorship]. Many people lost their jobs. [IMF Plans] pushed people below the poverty line’ ! It reminds you of what?! The IMF plans in Iran and Argentina were alike. The IMF (not sanctions) forced Mullahs to devalue Rial. Devaluation was part of the IMF-designed programs. Mullahs just implemented ‘the IMF-imposed economic plans’. But the stupid West still says: ‘Sanctions are lowering Iranian’s living standards, weakening Rial and increasing inflation’ ! They censor all facts, including the story of ‘Mullahs, IMF and Rial’ [1] They know that Mullahs and IMF Plans are lowering Iranian’s living standards, as IMF Plans weaken Rial and increase inflation. But their Orwellian media (PBS, CNN, NBC etc) still say: ‘High inflation or the weak Rial is connected to Sanctions’ ! (Jan 2014) They are bad retards. They confess: ‘In Iran, you really have no sense that this country is under our Crippling Sanctions [!!] The stores are full. The grocery stores are packed with goods’ ! (Jan 2014) They have confused. They still say: “Iranians love Obama, Mullahs, the US and Sanctions’ ! (Jan 2014) But they know that their Orwellian Crap, their big lies and their evil acts have created a new wave of Anti-Americanism among the Iranian people, who were pro-American in the pre-2009 ! […] In 2001, they confessed that their IMF has created ‘the deepest crisis in Argentina’. In 2004, they said: ‘IMF admits mistakes in Argentina crisis’! In these years, they even said: ‘the IMF asked Argentina to cut state subsidies .. prices for state-run utilities and basic goods greatly increased .. Argentina saw 200% inflation .. hyperinflation ruined national currency and national product .. corruption was rampant, and the IMF [loved] corruption .. the country entered a long recession; Economic stability became economic stagnation .. the IMF asked them to cut more subsidies .. mass protests began, and finally led to big political changes .. they stopped implementing IMF Plans .. they started to improve tax collection, and allocated large sums for social welfare, while controlling expenditure in other fields and reducing corruption’ […] When the Lefty media talked about ‘the food riots in Argentina’, or ‘jobless Argentines, who chant anti-IMF and anti-government slogans’, they didn’t say: It’s a result of Sanctions! But they said: ‘The IMF: A Cure or a Curse?’ ! But now they defend the IMF plans in Iran, and shed crocodile tears for Iran & Sanctions! They have forgotten what they already said about the IMF-made disasters/ crises ‘across the Globe’! Satan and all bad guys have forgotten that ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

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