Mullah and Satan: A Love Story

“Islamists massacre Iranians, and celebrate the massacre of Iranians. Islamists lick the West’s ass, and obey the US/ UK orders. It’s not a new thing. But for the first time in history Islamists and the Mullah leader openly say: We can negotiate with Satan [!] We can make deal (make love) with Satan’ ! (Jan 2014) It’s a new thing”, the wise Iranians say. In these days, Iranians say many funny things about the Mullah-Satan deals, Satan’s love affair with Islamists, Satanic religions, Satan’s teachers, Satan’s agents etc. But what you read here is a fictional story about these days. Sometimes a fictional story can show us more truths, more than the true stories.

Mullah: Oh, Satan, my lord, I don’t know what I should do. I don’t know what I should tell Iranians. Please help me. Satan: I have asked the UK to help you. From morning to night, the BBC, Guardian and all UK media and US media tell big lies, censor all news, and just help you. Mullah, my dear, it’s not enough for you?! Mullah: Oh, my dearest Satan, the West badly tries to help our satanic regime in Iran. But Iranians hate … Zionist: Iranians are not important. Arabia: We, the sons of Satan, hate Iranians so much. Mullah: Yah, we all hate Iranians. We, the sons of Satan, hate Iran. We openly praise Palestine and those locust-eaters who aided Saddam or killed Iranians. We hate Iranian values. We love the Jewish-Satanic religions, and the Jewish-Satanic values. We love Satan, the US, the UK. We lick their ass and obey their orders. But it just creates more awareness in Iran. The large army of angry Iranians … Satan: I have asked Arabs and Jews, my dearest sons, to help you. They play the role of ‘Bad Dog/ Bad Cop’, and it can fool non-Iranians, and also Iranians. Stalin: Arabs and Jews?! the locust-eaters?! Are you kidding Mr Satan? Do you know what Iranians say about the locust-eaters? Arabia: we know them. They even say our Jewish religions are Satanic religions. They know the truth, but … Zionist: But we and our Arab brothers love our Barbaric-Satanic beliefs, and don’t care about Iranians. Hitler: All Satanic agents, including Basijis/ Islamists, should kill all people and suppress all critics. We used this tactic in the 1930s/ 1940s. Stalin: We, Marxists, and our leader Noam Chomsky can aid Satan and Islamists in killing and suppressing Iranians. We used … USA: We all used this tactic in 2009. We all aided Islamists in killing and suppressing Iranians. But what happened after that? Iranians started to change. We just showed our true face … Satan: Yah, we just make them aware. We disillusioned people. We are big losers … UK: Oh, your majesty, please don’t lose your hope. We still can fool non-Iranians. We ask Mullah to ruin Iran … Zionist: But we, the sons of Satan, have always tried to ruin the land of the Good (Iran). But … Arabia: But we have always failed. Iranians underestimated the locust-eaters, and we could occupy their lands, but … Zionist: We, the locust-eaters, could pollute the land of the Good with our Jewish-Satanic religions and our Satanic-Jewish laws. But we could not occupy their hearts and their minds. Satan: Oh, Persia makes me sick … UK: the land of the Good is dangerous. We should destroy it. Stalin: But how? Zionist: We must nuke it. Arabia: We can ask the US to nuke it. USA: Yah, we can nuke it. But Persia is not a small country like Little Britain or Arab states. Stalin: What would happen after nuking Iran?! The Persian revenge and the public awareness in the whole world … UK: We should destroy Persia, and there are many solutions. For instance, we can ask Mullah to implement all IMF plans in Iran. Hitler: But Mullah has already said: The IMF is a Zionist/ Imperialist/ Satanic organization! UK: Islamists and Marxists should defend the IMF and the IMF plans in Iran, but at the same time, they should say: ‘Death to the IMF’ ! Hitler: Oh, its great. Stalin: But if we, Marxists, defend the IMF, we just sacrifices ourselves for the UK… Satan: Watch your mouth, Stalin. The UK is equal to me, and me is equal to the UK. Hitler: The British tactics are really great. I have learned a lot from the UK. Islamists and Marxists work for Imperialism, but at the same time they say: ‘Death to Imperialism’ ! It’s great. USA: It’s an old British tactic. We used it a lot. But Iranians have become aware, and know the British tactics … Mullah: Oh, Satan, my dearest, I don’t know what I should do. What should I say to Iranians? Satan: Shut up Mullah. Lets wait and see which kind of shit we should eat. Iranians have confused all of us.

Stalin: Unfortunately, Iranians are not as stupid as Westerners. Only Marxists can … USA: Marxists?! Iranians hate Marxists. Chomsky did his best to fool people. But he only could fool Westerners. He has become an object of ridicule among Iranians. Arabia: We, Islamists, are better agents – better than Marxists. Stalin: Ha-ha. Iranians hate you. Iranians see you as slaves of ‘British Colonialism’. Iranians know the truth of “Islamism and British Colonialism”. Iranians know that the UK created Qom, Hozeh, Mullaism, Bahaism, Wahabism … Arabia: But Iranians are not important. Hitler: Lets ask the UK to teach us new solutions. UK: Thanks Mr. Hitler. But our old tactics are still the best Satanic tactics. Mullah, my dear, tell them about our tactics. Mullah: We make love with Satan, but at the same time we say: ‘Death to Satan’. We work for the US and the UK, lick their ass and obey their orders, but at the same time we say: Death to the US & the UK’ … Stalin: British tactics worked in 1979 and the past. But do you think they work in these years, after your 2009 coup?! Arabia: We still can fool Westerners with these tactics. Zionist: Only Iranians know the 2009 coup. Non-Iranians, specially Americans, are so stupid. They still think we and Mullah are enemies! Hitler: British tactics are great. Mullah licks Satan’s ass, but at the same time, Mullah accuses others of working for Satan! … Stalin: But Iranians know this tactic. UK: Who cares. Westerners are so stupid. Mullahs celebrate the massacre of Iranians, but we go to Iran and thank Mullahs for massacring Iranians! Rouhani is our agent. Iranians hate him, but we support him, and we openly ask him to return our favors. But Westerners are blind. British Oil Companies owe Iran a lot (trillions of dollars). In the recent years, our oil companies owes Iran Billions of Dollars. But Rouhani and his Oil Minister invite British Oil Companies to plunder Iran’s oil ! Mullahs work for us, while Westerners are blind, deaf, and stupid. Zionist: AN, his Oil Minister, Zanjani, and all Islamists/ Basijis worked for us. They just served our interests, and implemented our plans in Iran. But non-Iranians are blind… Mullah: But Iranians… UK: Iranians are not important. We censor their voices. We rewrite history… Stalin: UK could hide the long history of British Barbarians. The UK Ministry of Truth says: Black is White; Lie is Truth; Tyranny is Democracy; Barbarization is Civilization … Zionist: Westerners are so stupid. Satan’s agents, including our Chomsky, can easily brainwash them … Pahlavi: But Iranians know that Agent Chomsky works for the Devil. UK: Who cares! Satan: My dearest Chomsky is great. UK: If Chomsky says the IMF is good or Satan is God, the Western Sheeple will accept it. Arabia: Arabs worship Chomsky. Mullah: We, the locust-eaters, worship Satan. But Iranians know us. They know that locust-eaters, Marxists, the West’s journalists/ intellects etc are the forces of evil. Satan: Iranians just give me a headache … USA: Almost all Iranians know and hate Satan’s agents, including Islamists, Pahlavists, Marxists, Terrorists (MEK, etc), Khatamists … Hitler: The West’s Sheeple love Chomsky. But why Iranians are such a wise and smart nation … Arabia: Iranians know that we, Islamists/ Basijis work for Satan and serve the Satan’s interests. They know that Satan tries to keep the Mullah regime safe … Zionists: Iranians know our Jewish-Satanic culture. Iranians know the
British-Barbaric Culture. Iranians know the Barbarian West. Iranians know that the 2009 coup was a Satan-backed coup. UK: Don’t lose your hope. Only Iranians know such things. We can say such things are conspiracy theories. In the past 200 years, we have always used this tactic. Westerners are brainless. They don’t know our golden rule: You work for Colonialism, but at the same time you say: ‘Death to Colonialism’! … Pahlavi: Excuse me my lords. But I used this British tactic in 1978. It didn’t work. Iranians know this tactic, and refer to such horseshit as ‘Inverse Horseshoe’ (Naal Varuneh)! Stalin: Mr Pahlavi, you are stupid. You can only use this tactic when Satan, the UK, the US and all satanic agents support you. In 1978, Mr. Satan has stopped supporting you. In 1978, Satan and his agents supported Mullah. Hitler: Pahlavi was and is a brainless idiot, but … UK: But all media, all journalists, all intellects, and all public figures work for us, and obey us. Who cares about Iranians, and ordinary people. When all media, all journalists, all intellects, and all public figures work for us, we will not have any problems. We can do whatever we like. Let’s openly announce that we want to keep the Mullah regime safe and it’s equal to keep Iran weak and dependent! USA: Our people are so stupid, but … Stalin: people like Snowden are everywhere. Now many are becoming aware. USA: UK Orwellian system is an old system. It worked well in the past. But now … Stalin: the British tactics work well until when people are stupid and ignorant. When people become aware, they will laugh at British tactics, which are childish tactics. Mullah: Now Iranians even laugh and spit at Orwellian America. The End is near …. USA: Oh, our Lord, Satan, what we should do?


Mullah: Your majesty, I have confused. I’m worried. Stalin: All locust-eaters are worried. Zionist: Yah, we and our brothers, Mullahs and Arabs, are really worried. Satan: Don’t be worried. Just obey your old master, the UK. Hitler: Our lord, we all know that locust-eaters are not important. Arab states are British-made states, but … Stalin: But the oldest country on earth (Iran) is important. Iran is the brain of the East, and the heart of the civilized world. Lord Curzon, the ideologue of British Colonialism in the 19th century, said: ‘The Persian is so very superior to any other Asiatic, to Indian, or Turk, or Arab/ Jew, or even Russian and European .. If Britons and Europeans [want to conquer & enslave] the East, Persia and the military resources of Persia [should be destroyed]’. Hitler: It’s what Curzon wrote in his book, ‘Persia and the Persian Question’. As Curzon said, Iran is the gate of the East and the civilized world. Satan: Curzon was right. If Iranians can restore Persia … UK: But we all try not to let this happen. All forces of Devil try to keep Iran weak. Zionist: We all, Satan and the sons of Satan, want to ruin Iran. The land of the Good is our main enemy. USA: We all know that China and India are not important. They obey us. The main obstacle is Persia; the Persian Question … Hitler: The main problem is the Iranian Culture. Satan has already tried to pollute Iran with the Arab/ Jewish culture. But unfortunately, Iranians could penetrate the Jewish-Satanic culture, and tried to replace all Satanic things with good things! Satan: Iranians give me headache … UK: The only nation that can defeat us is Persia. We hurt them a lot. But we could not destroy them. We all are so jealous of Persia. Stalin: We all know who is who. We all know that Persia is the home of Civilization. Little Britain is a small and barbaric island. The UK was so jealous of the land of Aryans, the Great Iran, the Lion, the Sun, Iranian symbols, Iranian Civilization, … Zionist: Britain is a small island. But Little Britain calls itself Great Britain! The Inferiority Complex. Britons used to say they have Aryan (Iranian) roots and their origin is the land of Aryan (Iran)! Stalin: We all know the Truth about the UK and British Barbarians. USA: the UK is a joke. Their system is a stupid Monarchy. Their national anthem is ‘God Save the Queen’! But they call themselves ‘Democracy’ or ‘the first Democracy’! I don’t know why we follow them like sheep. Satan: Oh, my dearest sons, don’t let Iranians pollute your minds. We are the Evil, and they are the Good. Don’t forget it! UK: In the Big Brother’s Democracy, your national anthem should be ‘God Save the Big Brother’, but you should pretend that you are the father of Democracy. Hitler: UK is our teacher. But do British Lies still work? UK: British lies and British tactics always work. As you know, Britain is the land of barbarians and barbarism. For thousands of years, we, Britons, were barbarians. We ate humans. We were human-eaters. But when Iranians and civilized men underestimated the power of Satan and Barbarians, we could conquer the civilized world … Stalin: We, Russians, were barbarians, too. For thousands of years, we were Tatars, Savages etc. But in the 19th century, with the help of the UK and Satan, we could occupy many parts of Iran … USA: Russia owes the UK a lot. But they are ungrateful. Stalin: You, savage Yankees, are more ungrateful. Who revolted against the UK in the American Revolution?! USA: But we tried to correct our mistakes. Stalin: We corrected our mistakes, as well. Satan: Don’t fight against each other. My dearest sons, we all should thank the UK. UK: Thank your majesty. Arabia: If we want to be as clever as UK, what we should do? UK: you should have no shame. Of course we all know that Arabs have no shame, and no brain. But if you want to be as clever as Britons, you should be able to say for instance: Killers and Rapists are Moralists! Crooks and thieves are ‘defenders of Justice’! Serial killers are ‘defenders of Morality’ ! Liars are ‘defenders of Truth’ ! Zionist: But it’s not a new thing. Ancient locust-eaters said such things, too. Satan: Shut up. UK is great. Mullah: We all are slaves of Satan and the UK. Cheating and Lying is the main pillar of our British-Jewish Morality. But do you think British-Orwellian tactics still work in Iran? UK: Iranians are not important. We cannot fool Iranians any longer, but we can fool non-Iranians. We should use non-Iranians for hurting Iran and Iranians.

Stalin: We, Marxists, and our leader Chomsky do our best to hurt Iran and Iranians. The great Chomsky defends the IMF plans in Iran, and says: Imperialists and Capitalists are ‘defenders of the poor’! Hitler: Chomsky uses British tactics. He says: In Iran, the IMF is a defender of the poor and the workers! UK: Chomsky has always been one of the Devil’s best agents. He knows the basic rules. He works for Imperialism, but he pretends that he is a great anti-Imperialist! Learn from him. Those who work for Satan should say: We are men of God! Satanists and the sons of Satan should call themselves ‘men of God’ or ‘men of Principle’ ! USA: Yah, It’s a good joke. Apparently we, Capitalists, should say: Capitalists are defenders of the poor, the working class, and average people! UK: Why not?! Rapists and sex addicts should say: We hate Sex and sexual abuse! Rapists should arrest young men and women for violating sexual morality! The most corrupt people, who create greatest corruptions/ embezzlements in history, should call themselves ‘men of Justice’ !, ‘men of God’, men of Principle! Satan: My dearest UK is a teacher for us all … Arabia: Britain is our master. Arab states are British-made states. ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and many British agents were our … USA: OK, we continue to use British tactics. The NSA should call itself ‘Guardian of Privacy’ ! Brutal Dictators should call themselves ‘Guardians of Democracy’! Liars should call themselves ‘Guardians of Truth’. Satan’s agents should call themselves ‘Guardians of Good Guys’! Satan: Apparently even the stupid USA is learning its lessons! USA: You majesty, America is the home of Satan. But what would happen if most people become aware? If many insiders become a new Snowden? … UK: We can enslave Americans and Westerners by money, sex and fashion. America is a Nation of Sheep. Zionist: Chomsky and our agents can fool Americans. In Orwellian America, most of those who call themselves ‘dissidents’, ‘critics’ or ‘freedom fighters’ work for Satan. Those who defend free software, free internet, etc work for the system. Stalin: The US is the land of the Retard. Their Orwellian agents say: “Mullahs need to forgive the Great Satan” ! (Jan 2014) And their dissidents say: “The Mullah idea of making an agreement with Satan is great” ! These Orwellian dissidents can fool Americans. They help Satan and the Big Brother’s plans. Mullah: I have confused. What I should say to Iranians. UK: Repeat our Larijani’s words. You should say: We can negotiate with Satan. We can make love with Satan! You should think all people are brainless donkeys. Arabia: But Islamists have always said: X is evil because X wants to negotiate with Satan. Mullah: We have always said those who make deal with Satan are Satanists. Hitler: Now you should think all people are brainless monkeys! UK: If you want to obey us, you should have no shame and no brain. Stalin: In British Democracy, you should put your brain in your ass. USA: In our satanic democracy, If you have 1000 supporters but 74 million Iranians hate you, you can call yourself a leader or a president, and the West and the Western media support you and see you as a representative of Iranians! If 99% of Iranians hate you and spit at you, you can become a millionaire and a somebody in the BBC, the Mullah TV, the VOA, the Guardian, etc UK: In the Big Brother’s Democracy, retards, whores and hateful figures should become heroes. We need fake heroes. We have one golden rule: you can become a somebody or a hero, only if you have no principle, no morality, no shame and no brain, and if you get money and betray the truth and the people. In our satanic democracy, those who care about the truth and the people are bad guys. In our satanic democracy, rulers, public figures and heroes are: those who can tell big lies; those who can kill and rape people; those who can steal, cheat, and betray; those who hate humanity and human values; those who love Racism and Barbarism; those who worship Satan”.

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