IMF Plans, Mullahs, Red & Black Colonialism

In these days, the West, the Left and Islamists are making history. As some wise Iranians say: “the West’s Lies and the Western Censorship are beyond Orwell’s imagination. The English Lie Factory (UK media) and the US Lie Factory (US media) censor all facts/ news of Iran, and tell Orwellian jokes. The British Censorship and the British Lies are beyond Orwell’s imagination. But like the Guardian and the UK media, the US media tells big lies about Iranians. The horrible censorship and the daily lies in Huffington Post, Washington Post, CNN, AP, WSJ, RFE, LobeLog and other CIA media are as Orwellian as what you can see in BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Economist and other MI6 media. They all love the MI6-CIA projects like ‘Tehran Bureau’, ‘Going to Tehran’, ‘the Iran Project’, NIAC, ‘Letters from Iran’, etc and tell Orwellian jokes like: ‘Iranians love Mullahs; Iranians love Obama; Iranians love US sanctions; Iranians love US-Mullah deals; Iranians love IMF Plans; Iranians love Economic Crisis and high inflation; Iranians love Tyranny; Iranians have come from Mars or Moon’ ! It’s exactly like the daily Orwellian Lies in the West. History will never forget these days”. They also add: “For about ten days, and from morning to night, Mullahs celebrate the Massacre of Iranians, while the UK and the US make love with Mullahs and openly talk about their secret talks, their secret deals, and their secret love affairs with Mullahs! The Lefts censor all facts. The UK openly thanks Mullahs for killing Iran’s people and celebrating the Massacre of Iranians! The UK media says: ‘UK-Mullah ties: Jack Straw leads British MPs to Tehran. Former British foreign secretary heads a British parliamentary group to Iran, when [Mullahs are celebrating the UK-backed Massacre of Iranians]’ ! (Jan 2014) It’s really a unique farce in history. Now this British Rouhani openly defends the 2009 coup and the Massacre of Iranians! But as the Mullah media reports: ‘[Even] Rouhani’s supporters (Zibakalam, etc) criticized Rouhani for his joining in the chorus of state officials to congratulate themselves on the anniversary of [Massacring Iranians]. Rouhani’s supporters say: ‘Rouhani just disappointed [those a few] people who voted for him’ [!] .. if people had believed the propaganda tsunami of the past 4 years, Saeed Jalili [and Basijis would have not been big losers]’ ! (Jan 2014) All bad guys have confused. Now Rouhani and the Mullah regime say they want to aid the West by implementing the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans! Now the Mullah TV and British Mullahs openly praise the IMF (ie their Zionist/ Imperialist Organization!), and the Left and their puppet leader, Noam Chomsky, openly defend the Mullah regime and the IMF Plans in Iran!”. In these days, many things are laughable or stupid. But Iranians say good things like: “Who Control the Mullah Regime? UK, USA, IMF, Jews, or what?! … Islamists and their leaders are brainless slaves of the UK and the US. They already said: ‘The US is Satan. We don’t talk/ negotiate with Satan! … The US is Wolf. But we, Islamists, are Sheep [!] Talk/ Negotiation between the Wolf and the Sheep is impossible … We, Islamists, don’t negotiate with those who threaten us with weapons .. the US has an Iron Hand. They want to fool us. We, Mullahs, are Principle-ists. We don’t negotiate with Satan‘! But do you know what Islamists and the Mullah leader say now?! They openly say: ‘We negotiate with Satan [!!] We talk/ negotiate with those who threaten us [with nuke]’ ! (Jan 2014) .. Those who negotiate & make deal with Satan are Principle-ist, Satanist, followers of Ali, or followers of Muawiyah/ Yazid?! .. Mullahs are puppets of the US and the UK (Mozdoor-e America va Englis) .. The current farces can shatter all illusions. The West and its puppets just disillusion all people .. Why do Mullahs want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans amid the sanctions?! Are the IMF plans part of the US-Mullah deals?! .. Why the Jewish CIA (Brzezinski, Sick, Chomsky, Leveretts, etc) defends the Mullah regime?! .. Why the UK & the Guardian love Mullahs, including Jewish Mullahs like Jannati & British Mullahs like Rouhani?! .. In the US or the UK, journalists and intellects call themselves ex-CIA, ex-MI6 etc. But why their journalists should be CIA agents, or should work for the Big Brother’s agencies?! .. It’s the true meaning of the Free Press in the West! .. In the West, Journalism means Prostitution. In the UK and the US, Journalism means ‘selling your soul and your pen; getting money and writing/ doing what the bad guys want’. And this is the definition of Prostitution .. In 2013, Snowden confirmed that the NSA and UK control all communications, all servers/ tools/ big companies/ scientists etc. Sooner or later a new Snowden will confirm that the CIA and UK control all media, all journalists/ intellects/ public figures etc in the West .. The Britain-Mullah parliamentary friendship group can remind you of the 19th century, when the UK paid Mullahs in cash! The UK and Mullahs called this dirty money ‘the Indian Money’, because the British East India Company paid it! Mullahs have always been puppets of the British Colonialism .. Iran’s regime should say: We stop negotiating with those who threaten Iran with Nuke and Iron Hand. We don’t negotiate by force, or under threats‘. But Islamists and the Mullah leader are brainless Cowards, who call themselves Heroic Cowards! They hate Iran. They are Arabs. They just lick the West’s ass and aid the Enemy .. Mullahs are animals, and only understand Force. Mullahs, Zionists, and the West are the same shit, and that’s why the US says: ‘Our sanctions and our military threats forced Mullahs to obey us and negotiate with us’! … Islamists are beasts. They hurt Iran and Iranians, but bow before the Savage West .. If British spies, Jewish spies, or CIA agents want to control the Mullah regime, what would they do?! They only do something to maintain the status quo!”.


As the wise Iranians say: “The Iranian people are not blind. They ask: ‘Why do Rouhani, Islamists and the Mullah regime insist on implementing the IMF plans, creating Economic Instability/ Economic Crisis, and helping the US sanctions ?!! ‘ When ‘Hassan Mullah’ (Rouhani) went to New York (in 2013), his first meeting was very meaningful and laughable: He met with the IMF Boss! As the media reported: ‘He promised the IMF (the US & the UK) that he would continue to implement the IMF Plans in Iran’! Now Iran’s people ask: Are IMF Plans part of the Mullah-Satan deals?! Are IMF Plans and Keeping Iran Weak and Dependent are part of the Mullah-US nuclear deals?!‘ The Iranian people are not stupid. Now they say: ‘Mullahs desperately try to implement IMF Plans amid the sanctions because Mullahs are slaves of the UK and the US (Nokar-e America va Englis). Their Master (Arbab-e-shoon), ie the West, has asked them to implement IMF Plans. So, Mullahs/ Islamists obey their master’ ! If you want to know [the Red and Black Colonialism], you can reflect on ‘relations between the IMF and the Mullah regime’. We all know that the Left (Marxists) and pigs like Chomsky used to say: ‘puppet regimes implement the IMF plans [!] Those who obey the IMF are stooges/ agents of the Imperialist/ Colonialist Powers’ ! So, you can ask: ‘Why did Mullahs openly implement the IMF plans in 2010, after the 2009 Coup?! Mullahs still talk about implementing the IMF plans (ie the Enemy’s plans) amid the Economic War! But why do the Left and pigs like Chomsky defend the IMF plans in Iran, and praise the IMF’s love affair with Mullahs?!”. We have already written about the IMF plan in Iran (Check Archive for: “Why Mullahs Aid the Enemy amid Economic War ?!”, “Sanctions, IMF Plan, Mullahs, and the West”, “West, Lies, and Censorship: Rouhani, IMF, Rial”, etc). Now even the little kids know that the IMF plan was a total failure and a total disaster. As the wise Iranians say: “Now all Iranians know the IMF Plan. Now the results of the IMF Plan, the meanings of the IMF Plan, the goals of the IMF Plan and Sanctions, and all things are clear. The solutions are clear, too. [We have already written about part of the solutions; Check Archive for: “Norway to Mullahs: Iran must be a Welfare State”, etc]. The Iranian people already said: ‘Lets wait and see how Rouhani shows his true face’. And now this British Rouhani is badly showing his true face. Now Rouhani openly defends the 2009 coup and the IMF Plans! But now even their own whores confess that the IMF Plans are Anti-Iran Plans, like or worse than the US Sanctions! They even talk about the large army of angry Iranians, and confess that more than 99% of Iranians hate the IMF plans! So, as people say: If Rouhani implements the 2nd phase of the IMF plans, it will prove that Rouhani is a British spy, and Rouhani is worse than that Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad)“. In these days, the farcical story of ‘IMF, West, Mullahs, and Lefts’ can remind you of the story of “The Red and Black Colonialism”. As some wise Iranians say: “In January 1978, the Shah regime published a famous article, ‘Iran and The Red and Black Colonialism‘, in the Ettelaat newspaper. In this article, they talked about British Colonialism, Western Colonialism, New Colonialism, and the British Colonial Strategy in Iran. If you google in Persian, you can find this article. (Of course if you google in English, you find nothing!) In this article, they said: ‘Colonialists/ Imperialists (ie the West) want to find a new puppet in Iran, and this new puppet is Khomeini .. Khomeini, known as ‘Seyed Hindi’, is [not Iranian]. He is an Indian poet. He has his roots in [the British colony of] India .. He has had connections with the UK and the British Colonialism .. Khomeini is a puppet of the anti-Iranian Colonialist Powers’ (Jan 1978). History and even Mullah confessions showed that ‘the Red and Black Colonialism’ was not a myth. The Shah and Monarchists (Pahlavists) themselves were puppets of the West. They were & are part of ‘The Red and Black Colonialism in Iran’. But what they said about Mullahs, Marxists, and other anti-Iranian puppets of the West was not wrong. As today’s Iranians say: ‘In 1978, the Ettelaat’s article had hit the Bullseye! (Zadeh Bud Tu Khal !)’, and that’s why the UK and British Mullahs went into hysterics, and used their English tactic of ‘Demagogy’ (Hochi-gari) to hide the truth. But why didn’t the Iranian people defend the Shah against foreigners? The answer is clear. The Shah regime itself was a puppet of the UK and the US. The Shah regime just reminded Iranians of an old saying: ‘the Pot calling the Kettle black !’ The Shah regime was like the Mullah regime. Their ridiculous jokes about the 1953 Coup, the White Revolution, ‘a suitcase full of money’ etc were like the Mullah lies about the 2009 coup, the Mullah Revolution, Seditions etc. The puppet dictators are the same shit. Mullahs say: ‘Only those who watch/ listen to Mahvareh (Satellite Channels) hate the Mullah regime’ ! And the Shah said: ‘Only those who listen to the BBC Radio, hate the Shah regime’! […] In the 1970s, many Iranians (+40%) were illiterate and ignorant. But in the 2010s, Iranians are more educated and wiser than their Western counterparts. What today’s Iranians say about Mullahs, Monarchists, the West and all evil forces are interesting. For instance, Iranians say: ‘Mahvareh (Satellite TVs) and Menbar (Mullah Pulpit/ Bully Pulpit) both tell big lies and try to brainwash people .. Monarchists are being brainwashed by ‘Mahvare’, and Basijis/ Islamists are being brainwashed by ‘Menbar’. But the Iranian people hate both of them .. ‘Pa Menbari’ (Basiji/ Islamist) is like ‘Pa Manghali’ (Drug Addict)! Mullahs love the opium, and the opium of the people .. Many Mullahs -including high rank Mullahs- and their ‘Pa Menbari’ (Islamists) are ‘Pa Manqali’ (drug addicts)! They love opium, Manghal (a tool for doing drug), addiction and slavery … They love illusion, self-deception, hypocrisy, lies and brainwashing … They still send noise/ parasite. They still try to slow down the internet in Iran. But why?! They have no answer. They have nothing to say. Iranians know them and their irrational & illogical crap. Mullah arguments are totally illogical, childish, ridiculous, and Orwellian. Mullahs openly say: Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength! .. And that’s why the CIA, the UK, and spies/ whores love Mullahs .. It’s funny that whores/ spies work for the CIA/ UK, live in the West, and lick the Mullah ass! .. the unknown whores/ spies -like Farhang Jahanpour, Farrideh Farrahi, etc- are so eager to lick the UK-IMF-Mullah asses! .. The Mullah TV is a stupid bully pulpit. They openly praise the Coup, the IMF and Chomsky! .. The Mullah TV is worse than the Nazi media, because their teacher is the BBC .. Even Islamists call the Mullah TV ‘Censorship Box’ or ‘Propaganda Machine’! .. George Orwell must be smiling. The Mullah TV and the MI6-CIA media like VOA, BBC, RFE/ RL, Manoto etc are two sides of the same coin. They all are controlled by the Big Brother … It’s important that the Mullahs want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans and aid the US/ UK! It’s really important that the Left (Marxists) defend the IMF plans in Iran! It’s important that British politicians go to Iran and want to thank Mullahs for massacring Iranians and celebrating the Massacre of Iranians !“.


As the wise Iranians say: “History, and what we can see with our own eyes, show that ‘The Red and Black Colonialism’ is not a myth. Mullahs and Marxists were and are the anti-Iranian agents of Imperialism/ Colonialism. Now we all can see how Islamists try to hurt Iranians, to ruin Iran, to serve the West’s interests, and how Marxists help and defend Islamists, the IMF, and the Mullah regime’s evil acts. Islamists celebrate the CIA-backed 2009 coup and the UK-backed Massacre of Iranians, and Marxists defend the Islamists’ love affairs with the US, the UK, and the IMF! The retards make love with the IMF, praise the IMF plans, but say: ‘Death to the IMF’ ! But this level of Hypocrisy and Idiocy just turn you into an object of ridicule. You cannot make love with the Great Satan (USA), obey the US orders and the IMF orders, celebrate the UK-backed coups/ plots, serve the West’s interests and be a puppet of the West, but say: ‘Death to America’ ! or ‘Death to the Red & Black Colonialism’ ! With this level of Hypocrisy and Foolishness, you just become an object of ridicule among people. But both the Shah regime and the Mullah regime could not understand such obvious things. Like Mullahs and other puppet dictators, the Shah suffered from many illusions and self-deception, and finally became a victim of his own propaganda. Like the Mullah regime, the Shah regime was in the pockets of the West. Censorship was very strong. No criticism of the regime, however good and well-intentioned, was tolerated. In both the Shah regime and the Mullah regime, you can see the same problems: a puppet regime; a brutal dictatorship; a greater repression and a more arrogant attitude & behavior towards the public; horrible corruption, horrible mismanagement, horrible censorship etc. So, it’s obvious that the society becomes alienated from the state; it’s obvious why people prefer foreign attack to brutal dictatorship, or why people say: ‘Instead of dealing with puppet regimes or puppet dictators, we should deal with their Master (the West) directly’ ! It’s obvious that foreign supports cannot save any regimes. In November 1977, the Shah paid a state visit to the US. In January 1978, Jimmy Carter celebrated the New Year as the Shah’s special guest in Tehran! Carter called the Shah regime ‘the Island of Stability’! And in October 2013, Gary Sick and the Jewish CIA called the Mullah regime ‘the Island of Stability’! […] The Shah or Mubarak was a servant of America, as the Mullahs are servants of America and Britain. But as (Egypt’s) Mubarak clearly said: ‘America betrays and abandons its friends’. America, like all bad guys, just cares about its evil interests, not Friendship. Even the stupid Mullahs are aware of this issue, and that’s why the Mullah leader says: ‘We [make love with the US & serve the US interests], but we don’t trust the US’ !”. In these days, the Western Censorship, the Western Lies, and the West’s love affairs with Islamists and anti-democracy forces are so ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “The West makes a fool of itself. Iranians just ridicule the West. Iran and History will never forget these days. Both Iranians and non-Iranians are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the West. They say for instance: ‘Members of the all-party British group on Iran, led by Jack Straw, arrived in Tehran in Jan 2014! The US Architects of the Mullah regime (Zbigniew Brzezinski, Gary Sick etc) still defend Islamists, the Mullah regime and the US-Mullah love affairs! Gary Sick and the CIA media like LobeLog talk about ‘Our old friend AhmadiNejad (AN)‘, and confess: ‘American politicians say they miss AN [!] and they love Rouhani’ ! It shows you what?! .. Homeland is one of the CIA TV series which try to brainwash Americans. The significant anti-Iran sentiments that are running throughout the series (Homeland) are sickening .. The Air Pollution is horrible. Breathing is very difficult. An epidemic of sore throat, rough voice, dry cough, and chest pain hurts the Iranian people. The horrible Air Pollution has caused this epidemic. But Mullahs just bow to the West, and do nothing to solve the real problems .. the Mullah Parliament is a British parliament. They remind you of the Shah and Azhari, who said the people’s slogans had come out of cassette tapes and had not been shouted by the people. But as people say to Mullahs: Miserable Mullahs!/ Four-star donkeys/ Keep saying it’s Sedition/ But your fate is worse than the fate of the Shah and Azhari .. In Iran, the whores still love Rouhani. But the West says: the whores = the people! .. The West has lost its mind. They just try to create more and more hatred of the West and its puppets! Now their media talks about ‘Reading all SSL connections’ or ‘Encrypted Traffic Monitoring’! They say: ‘Government agencies are able to use valid SSL certificates for man-in-the-middle-attacks. Government agencies like the NSA control the CAs and all digital certificates’! They even say: ‘the NSA has compromised the server hardware systems at the BIOS level‘ ! (Dec 2013) But who can love or trust this Orwellian West?! .. Only whores and retards still love the Orwellian West. The Exiled Whores like Behnoud, Nourizadeh, Ganji, Nabavi and all Khatamists, Pahlavists, Marxists, terrorists (MEK, etc), Islamists and other shits still lick the US ass, the UK ass, the IMF ass .. More than 99% of Iranians hate Monarchists (Pahlavists) and Mujadeh (MEK or Islamist-Marxist Terrorists). Mujadeh means ‘Jihadi’, but the US regime and the UK regime love Jihadis and all terrorists … Now it’s clear that the root of Iran’s problems is the West … Just look at Syria, Egypt, Turkey, etc. The US and the Left defend Islamists or dictators! They say: Our puppets are the only options; your only options are (the current Tyranny [dictators] or the future Tyranny [terrorists etc] !) .. The West’s Evil Empire imposes these two options on Egypt (Islamists or Generals [the Army]), on Syria (Assad or Terrorists), on Saudi (Dictator or Al-Qaede), on Turkey (Islamists or Generals), on Iran (Mullah or Monarchist/ Mujadeh!), on the US (Romney (Rep.) or Chomsky/ Obama), on the UK (Tories or other puppets of the Queen!). It’s the British Democracy. In the British Democracy, your national anthem should be ‘God Save the Big Brother’, and people should only choose between the Big Brother’s agents. There is no real election, no real debate, no free press, no Privacy, and no Democracy. The Big Brother controls everything. The Big Brother is watching, spying, and controlling all people. The Big Brother controls all mass media, all big companies, and all public figures. This is the Big Brother’s Democracy, the British Democracy .. their national anthem is ‘God Save the Big Brother’ ! But all normal people hate the Big Brother, and are becoming disillusioned with the Big Brother’s Democracy. Sooner or later all people will revolt against the Big Brother”.

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