Immorality, Religious Fanatics, Evil Empire

2014 begins with a farce. In these days, Iranians laugh and spit at Islamists and the West, and express their anger because as they say: “Mullahs are celebrating ‘the 2009 Massacres’ ! In the anniversary of ‘the Ashoura Massacre’, the Islamist killers, who are puppets of the US, are celebrating the US-backed 2009 Coup/ Massacre .. The Mullah TV is worse than [the Nazi media]; from morning to night, this fucking mourning station is celebrating the Great Massacre of Iranians!”. Anyone with half a brain knows the meaning of the current farce. As the wise Iranians say: “the Mad Mullahs and their Great Satan (USA/ the West) are making love with each other, but trying to hide the truth by ‘Barking’, ‘Farting’, or Celebrating the US-backed massacre! What they do is a clear sign of their confusion, their misery, their bankruptcy, and their End. They just make a fool of themselves, and make people even angrier. Now Iran’s people say: ‘Mullahs are worse than animals .. Islamists are savage beasts .. Iran and Iranians will never forget and forgive these animals (Islamists), their Western supporters, and their Unforgivable Crimes’. Now even the Mullah newspapers (‘Islamic Republic’ etc) warn Mullahs about ‘the upcoming Revolution’ and ‘the large army of angry people‘! They say: ‘Iranians are mad at the Islamic regime’ ! (Dec 2013) They know the meanings of the Jalali-Rouhani farce (the 2013 Show). They know the public anger. They confess that ‘the Islamic regime has become the regime of Crooks and Thieves’. They talk about Economic Basijis and ‘the biggest corruptions in Iran’s history’! They talk about ‘Social Security Organization’, and Embezzling Billions of Dollars in the AN’s era’! But it’s important to note that the West censors these facts and all facts/ news of Iran, and just makes love with Islamists […] But why the Mullah media warns about the Public Anger, and arousing the anger of the people?! They know the year 1978, when the Shah was celebrating the US-backed 1953 coup! They know that Islamists (Basijis, Khatamists, etc) have no public support in Iran, and their ‘Hassan Mullah’ (Rouhani) is worse than AN. Now this British Rouhani openly praises the 2009 coup, and talks about implementing the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans! So, it’s obvious why they warn about ‘the upcoming Revolution’ and ‘the large army of angry people’. They know that the Big Bang is near. They know that Iran and Iranians will never forget and forgive the anti-Iranian Islamists and their Unforgivable Crimes. The Evil Empire (the West) and its agents (Chomsky, lefts, etc) love Islamists; but in Iran, Islamists are a symbol of Corruption, Tyranny, Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Killing, and all immoral things”. In these days, many things are informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Their collaborations are as laughable as their secret talks and secret deals. The US and the West censor all facts/ news of Iran, hurt Iranians, help Islamists, and praise Genocide, Bullying, Hurting Iranians, and Helping Anti-Democracy groups. On the other hand, Islamists lick the American ass & the British ass, slow down the filtered internet, try to ruin Iran & hurt Iranians, celebrate massacres of Iranians, and serve the West’s interests! Their collaborations show that they still live in the 19th century, the Age of Puppet Dictators! They still think they can use the dual policy of the 19th century: ‘Tyranny/ Oppression for Iran’, ‘Profit/ Concession for the West’ ! The current farces again confirm people’s views: the Mullah regime is a puppet regime, and the West is the number one Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran. The West is the real Evil Empire, and Islamists are the pawns of the Evil Empire”. They also add: “The Immorality of Religious Fanatics, aka the Religious Immorality, is so disgusting. Islamists, Zionists, and all religious fanatics openly say: ‘Genocide is good; Racism is good; Sadism is good; Killing/ Hurting innocent people is good; Cheating is good; Telling big lies is good; Eating shit is good’ ! Religious fanatics -ie Islamists, Jewish/ Christian fanatics etc- are really worse than animals. The social animals have some sort of morality. But religious fanatics have no morality. They openly say: ‘Is Genocide Really Unethical? Is Torture Unethical? Is Massacre Really Unethical? no! they can become moral in the right context [!!] Killing innocent people can be justified [!!]’. Of course, none of this should be surprising. As our people say: Religious fanatics don’t believe in the Good, the Truth, or Iranian values; If they believed in such things, they would not think and behave like [Barbarians]”. In these days, many things are laughable. As the wise Iranians say: “the West and its stooges are showing their true colors, and trying to disillusion all people! We should thank them! Islamists, who are pro-Arab and anti-Iranian, are celebrating Killing, Lying, Raping, Cheating, Stealing etc. They show that the Islamist Morality is nothing but the Jewish-British Morality, ie the Morality of Barbarians. On the other hand, the West and Islamists are making love. The West badly shows its true face. But the Western Lies, the Western Censorship, and the West’s sadistic & immoral behaviors just confirm that the Immorality of Islamists is a copy of the Immorality of the West. The West, Islamists and their Jewish morality praise Lying, Fraud, Sadism, Oppression, Tyranny, and all evil things. The West and Islamists have created the worst coups/ election frauds in Iran’s history, the greatest embezzlements/ corruptions in Iran’s history, the biggest lies in Iran’s history, the worst anti-Iranian regime in Iran’s history, great massacres, great injustice, and many other unforgivable crimes. In 2009 and these years, all Iranians saw the true face of the Islamist morality, that is a Jewish morality. Clergymen and religious fanatics do all evil things in the name of Religion. But as most Iranians say: ‘It just leads to the abandonment of Religion entirely’. And it’s what we all can see in Iran under the Mullah regime, or in Europe after the Middle Ages. The irony of it is that the main enemies of God and Religion are Religious Fanatics!”.


The bad guys try to shatter people’s illusions -all illusions! In these conditions, many thank the bad guys for such stupidities, and many talk or think about the roots of problems. For instance, some Iranians say: “All bad guys try to prove: Religion = Religious fanatics, and Morality = Religion! But why?! Why do religious fanatics and all bad guys try to destroy Religion, and even Morality?! […] They just want to enslave all humans. One day they try to enslave humans by Religion, and one day they try to enslave humans by Anti-Religion”. As some Iranians say: “The stupid West and its stooges (Islamists, etc) want to hurt Iran and Iranians. But these stupid sadists actually help Iran and Iranians. For restoring the Great Iran (Persia), Iranians should know the West and its stooges very well […] Now the West shows its true colors, and it’s exactly what Iran needs! Now it’s clear that Islamists and all exiled whores are stupid slaves of the West’s Evil Empire. Now it’s clear why Iranians refer to Islamists and exiled whores as spies, stooges, crooks, etc. Now Islamists and Jewish/ Christian fanatics clearly show that the meanest people and the most corrupt/ immoral people are religious fanatics”. As some wise Iranians say: “Westerners are ignorant. But our people, ie the people of the Land of the Good (Iran), say to Islamists and all religious fanatics: ‘You are sick idiots (Bimar). You even don’t believe in your own crap. You say: ‘Lying is worse than Adultery’! But from morning to night, you tell the biggest lies! You not only tell big lies, but you cheat, you steal, you kill/ torture innocent people, and you do all evil things. You are psychos (Ravani). You need a good doctor!”. They also add: “Islamists and all religious fanatics in the West are Sadists. According to dictionaries, ‘Sadist = someone who enjoys hurting other people or making them suffer’. This definition just remind you of the West & Islamists! And that’s why many Iranians say to Islamists and all religious fanatics: “You, the sadists, are sworn enemies of the Morality, and all good things. You say: ‘We want to protect the Morality by telling big lies, killing innocent people, stealing people’s money, oppressing people, and doing all immoral things! You, the sadists, are a joke. Your religious morality is like the Nazi morality. Your Jewish God is really the Devil. You are the forces of Evil”. The current farces and the love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan (USA)’ just open all old wounds. As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs have no morality, no honor, and no brain. Mullahs just obey the Evil Empire and the Biblical-Jewish immorality. Mullahs just try to repeat the history of Europe, the Middle Ages, and what Jews/ Christians did and do in the name of Religion. Europeans committed the most horrible crimes against humanity in the name of Religion and religious morality. They defended, and still defend, Genocide, Racism, Colonialism, Explanation, Slavery, and all evil things in the name of Religion and religious morality. They and Islamists just show that religious fanatics are the main source of ‘immoral behaviors’ & immoral crimes”. They also add: “Many religious people are good guys, and most religious people hate religious fanatics. But unfortunately, religious people are silent, and allow religious fanatics to prove: all religious people = religious fanatics. In Iran, Islamists (Mullahs, Basijis, Khatamists, etc) are nothing but a small group of anti-Iranian crooks, thieves, killers, spies, and bad guys who hurt Iranians and help Iran’s enemies. But they and all religious fanatics show and prove an important thing: ‘Religion can create bad guys and immoral people’. On the other hand, we all can see that many great men, moral people and good guys are irreligious people. So, even if you ignore science, evolution, philosophy, history, etc, you still can see that Morality is independent of Religion“. We would write more about this issue later. But as some Iranians say: “The West and all bad guys love ‘immorality’ and religious fanatics. Who created, defend, or strongly support Wahabism, Salafism, Mullahism, Bahaism, Mormonism, Zionism, Terrorism, Colonialism, Racism, Fanaticism, Monarchism, Sadism, Charlatanism, etc?! the US, the UK, and Europe, aka the Evil Empire. They are still animals in human’s clothing. They tell big lies, censor all facts, and aid Islamists. Just Look at Syria, Saudi, Egypt, Turkey, etc […] Now Mullahs are celebrating ‘the UK-backed Massacre’, and their British masters sending the Queen’s envoys (Jack Straw, etc) to Iran to thank British Mullahs! The British Bitch (Queen) is the Mother of Mullahs and all evil forces”. They also add: “Almost all Iranians hate Islamists, Marxists, Terrorists, Monarchists, and other Anti-Iran shits. But the UK and the US openly support these evil, anti-Democracy and anti-Persia groups, and show that why even the pro-West Iranians have changed, and now say: ‘… Az Yek Mosht Adam-Khor va Barbar chi Mishe Tavagho Dasht !’ (The UK has no understanding of humanity & human civilization; What you can expect from a bunch of human-eaters & barbarians !) … Az Yek Mosht Gav Cheroon Vahshi bish az-in nemishe Tavagho Dasht ! (The US can’t understand more than this; What you can expect from a bunch of savage cow boys!) Their history of Civilization is a 500 years-old history, while our history of Civilization is a 15,000 years-old history. So, they are like a stupid upstart or a worthless parvenu .. We should teach them Civilization and Humanity, and make them Human!”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the CIA agents call themselves ‘American intellectuals’ and say: ‘In the USA, Moralism is out, with good reason [!!] Only nations with a comfortable surfeit of power can permit themselves the luxury of allowing moral considerations [!!!] to shape basic policy [!!]” (Dec 2013) Can you believe it?! They confess that they and their USA are very immoral pigs. They show why even the good Americans say: ‘the most barbaric & racist piece of theology belongs to the Jewish fanatics and [our ancestors]. The Christian fanatics have spilled most blood ‘under the Cross’ ! In the Evil Empire, their main religion is ‘Barbarism, Power and Money'”.


As the wise Iranians say: “We, Iranians, don’t see the West in black and white. We don’t say all Westerners are bad guys. But the Barbarian West makes love with the Mullah regime, hurts Iranians, helps Islamists, and says: Iran’s regime = Iran’s people! The West has no shame. US Congressmen openly say: ‘We should hurt the Iranian people’! But why does the West show its true face in this way?! […] The West has confused. The West is totally bankrupt, and nearing the End. Now even Americans say: ‘America is drowning in ‘sea of immorality’ (sea of lie and corruption)! It’s true. The West and its stooges, including Islamists, are drowning in ‘Sea of Immorality’; Sea of Stupidity. Now, all Iranian predictions seem to have come true. The Dawn is near; and as you know, the night before dawn is always the darkest“. Unfortunately, many know nothing about the Western fanatics, or religious fanatics in America. As some wise Iranians say: “Congressmen and the savage Americans in authority openly praise Sadism, Genocide, Biblical Barbarism, Racism, Fanaticism, etc. But they are only the tip of the iceberg. It’s interesting to know that the sadistic & immoral pigs in America call themselves ‘Fellowship of God’s Covenant People’! (FGCP), etc […] FGCP, like KKK, is one of many religious groups in America that openly praise Genocide & Barbarism. They say, for instance: ‘We had to exterminate the Canaanite/ Jew in the Promised Land .. The Canaanite could not ever serve our God, the God of the Bible .. But millions of Americans disobey the commandments of the God of the Bible’ !! (, 2012) These savage Americans praise Genocide, but shed crocodile for Morality, and say: ‘Marilyn Monroe was a foolish and immoral woman. ‘The Seven Year Itch’ is a horrible, horrible, wicked movie produced in 1954. The statue of Marilyn Monroe on Michigan Avenue in Chicago is of the Devil. Chicago is a hell-hole. Marilyn Monroe’s statue is the height of wickedness’ ! (, 2012) These barbarians praise Racism and incite Genocide, but they crap about the poor Monroe! They show that the empty head of all religious fanatics is a hell-hole, a shit-hole! All religious fanatics hate the Good, the Truth, and Human values. Their real religion is Satanism. Their Jewish God is the Devil, and asks them to lie, to cheat, to rape, to kill, to massacre, to genocide, to torture, to hurt, and to ruin the humanity and the civilized world”. They also add: “People are becoming aware. Now many ask: ‘Who control the West? Who control the World?! And many say: ‘the Evil Empire. Those bad guys who control the West want to control the whole World’. But how they could control the West? By creating many illusions and delusions, like the illusions of Democracy, Freedom, Human Rights, etc. But now they just disillusion people and show that the West is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, Rights, and all good things! So, sooner or later all people will rebel. Now many insiders are like Snowden. Many insiders are tired of the Evil Empire. For instance, as the media says: ‘Mathematicians in Wall Streets are corrupt people, Chris Arnade [says about his former colleagues in Wall Streets]. In the US, there is a constant battle between profit (cheating) and morality [, Arnade says] My job was to try to extract as much value as possible through math and clever trading [!] They paid me big checks. I was, for the first time in my life, feeling valued for my math skills [!!] After a few years on Wall Street it was clear to me: you could make money by gaming anyone and everything [!!] [We must] slow down Wall Street’s wild behavior’ ! (Nov 2013) It says a lot about the wild and immoral culture of the USA”. They also add: “Iranian people laugh at Mullahs and the West, and say: ‘Dorugh Migan Mesl-e Sag’ ! (they tell big lies like pigs!) But now even Americans and Canadians say such things about their politicians. In these days, the Canadian people talk about ‘Christmas in the Dark‘, and the media says: A bad situation: Ice storm cuts power in Eastern Canada’. Apparently about 500,000 families (millions of Canadians) were without power. As their media says: ‘many people left in the dark. Many were forced to spend Christmas at a shelter in a school or a warming center’. The poor people in the US are suffering, too. As the US media says: ‘Almost 400,000 homes and businesses in Michigan, upstate New York and northern New England were without electricity. Many spent Christmas at a school’. A Canadian blogger in Montreal writes about ‘Ice Rain and Ice Strom in Canada’, and says: ‘Stephen Harper (Farter) ignores the suffering of so many. Six days after the ice storm, many people are still without power from Ontario to New Brunswick .. Harper (Farter) is a force of destruction, who is leading us to disaster, and this country as we know it to extinction .. Replace this Harperland winter of destruction with Maple Spring. Turn Anger into Resistance‘ ! It’s funny, and important, that even Canadians say such things. The Canadian government doesn’t care about average people in Canada. The stupid Canada’s government even doesn’t try to solve the problem of the power lines once and for all. They can put all power lines, cables and pipes under the underground, in a warm tunnel. But they just steal their people’s money, and don’t care about their people’s problems. The Canadian politicians are a bunch of crooks and thieves, and it’s obvious why Canadians talk about Turning Anger into Resistance […] How Canadians trying to keep warm in their darkened, frozen homes? Some Canadians say: ‘Many use a gas-powered generator in their garage to supply electricity to heat the house. It can seeping carbon monoxide into a home. In Toronto, thousands were taken to hospital with signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, and some died. Police in Quebec say carbon monoxide poisoning has been the cause of several deaths’. It’s really shameful. Unfortunately, idiots, corrupt people and bad guys rule the world. Fictions talked about ‘when computers rule the world’ or ‘when the Big Brother and the Evil Empire rule the world’. But what you can see today is not a fiction. Now the Evil Empire and bad guys try to rule the world and keep all humans under control. Of course they will fail, because the Land of the Good is still alive, and many many good guys still exit on earth; they can be silent, but they exist; and sooner or later they will break their silence”.

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