The IMF and Islamists, Marxists and Imperialists

January 27, 2014

“The International Monetary Fund (IMF) visits Iran for its first assessment of the impact of US sanctions [!!] An IMF team already visited Iran in November [2013] to learn about Rouhani’s economic plan [!] The IMF mission, which is scheduled to arrive in Iran on Jan. 25 2014, allows the IMF to take a closer look at the impact of US sanctions“, the media reports. It’s very laughable and important. In these days, the Mullah regime talks about implementing the 2nd phase of the IMF plans, and the Mullah TV and Islamists openly praise the IMF and the IMF Plans, and the West censors all important news/ facts of Iran! As many say: “The current farce clearly shows that the IMF Plan is part of the Mullah-Satan deals”. As we said before (check: [1]: ‘West, Lies, and Censorship: Rouhani, IMF, Rial’) “In Sep 2013, the media reported: ‘Rouhani met the IMF’s chief [and asked] the IMF [to] visit Iran. The IMF mission to Iran will take a closer look at the impact of US sanctions in Iran [!!]‘ [But Iranians say:] If Mullahs allowed the CIA to take a closer look at the impact of US sanctions in Iran, it would be less laughable !” [1] The story of “the IMF and Mullahs” is important and informative. But as some wise Iranians say: “Today’s world is really a shitty Orwellian World. From morning to night, the English Lie Factory (UK media) and the US propaganda machine tell big lies about Iranians, and censor all important news/ facts. But they show us the West’s true face, and the truth of this shitty Orwellian World. The West is in deep shit. They use a stupid strategy of deception, and try to hide the truth. British spies, CIA agents, and Satan’s agents call themselves journalists, intellects, artists, dissidents, critics, think tanks etc and try to fool Westerners. The daily Orwellian Lies and the horrible Censorship in the UK, the US, and the West is really unbelievable. This level of ‘Censorship’ and this kind of ‘Big Lies’ belong to ultra-fascist countries and ultra-Orwellian states. As our people say: ‘Digeh Shoresh-o Daravordan’ ! (they made it too salty !) ‘Digeh Gandesh-o Daravordan’ ! (they make it too shitty !) In [2013 and 2014], the Guardian, Huffington Post, New York Times, CNN, PBS, BBC, AP etc show that the Big Brother’s agencies control the West, all Western media and public figures. Sooner or later a new Snowden will confirm this undeniable fact”. In these days, the wise Iranians say: “Even the Lefty intellects are stupid hypocrites. They say: ‘The IMF is an new form of Colonialism. The IMF plans increase poverty, reduce countries’ ability to develop strong domestic economies and allow multinational corporations to exploit the people and the
. The IMF ask client countries to eliminate subsidies; cut spending on education and health; devalue national currencies; freeze wages [etc] The IMF forces countries to eliminate assistance to domestic industries while providing benefits for Western corporations. [IMF plans] just create more unemployment, high inflation, poverty, injustice etc. In Korea and Argentina, IMF Plans led to more bankruptcies, more unemployment, and more poverty. Under the IMF plans, the number of Mexicans living in extreme poverty increased more than 50%’. It’s not wrong. But the main question is: why the Lefts defend those IMF plans that increase poverty and reduce Iran’s ability to develop strong domestic economies?! Why the Lefts aid the IMF and the West in hurting and exploiting Iranians?!. The Lefts and Marxists say: ‘the IMF’s Shock Therapy, or the economic Imperialism of the West [!], involves cutting subsidies, freezing wages, privatization, devaluation, etc’. But why do they defend Mullahs and the IMF’s Shock Therapy in Iran?! Why do they love Mullahs, the Pawns of Imperialism?! Marxists are brainless clowns”. They also add: “In Sep 2013, the media reported: ‘the IMF chief Christine Lagarde met Rouhani. IMF spokesman said the meeting was at the request of Rouhani ‘to discuss how the Mullah partnership with the IMF might be deepened [!!]’. At that time, Iranians preferred to wait and see how Rouhani shows his true face. But now as our people say: If Rouhani implements the 2nd phase of the IMF plans, it will clearly prove that Rouhani is a British spy, and Rouhani is worse than that Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad)“.


The story of “the IMF and Mullahs” can shatter many illusions. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now anyone with eyes open can see the truth of what Iranians said about ‘Mullahs & the West’, ‘Islamism & Colonialism’, the 2009 Coup, the 1979 Tragedy, etc. Islamists and Marxists are two sides of the same coin. They praise the IMF’s policies in Iran, but say: ‘The IMF was designed to keep countries dependent. Client Countries have to follow the IMF’s policies, and exchange their economic sovereignty for the IMF’s aids’ ! Marxists and Islamists are Orwellian stooges of the West. They say: ‘In the IMF the voting power is determined by the amount of money that each country pays into the IMF’s quota system. It’s a system of one dollar, one vote! So, looters and colonialists can enslave the world’s poor majority [!] Colonial powers are ‘Masters’, and client countries are ‘Slaves [!]’ They even said: ‘The IMF asks you to cut subsidies. But when costs rise due to IMF-imposed fees for the use of public services (so-called ‘user fees’) the poor are the first victims. User fees at public clinics and hospitals make healthcare unaffordable to those who need it most’. But now the Left, Islamists, and Noam Chomsky defend the IMF plans in Iran!”. They also add: “Red and Black Colonialism, Mullahs and Marxists have confused, and tell paradoxical jokes. The Mullah leader says: ‘We can make deal/ love with Satan’ !, and the Mullah Media says: “Under the stewardship of Paul Wolfowitz, a key architect of [blah blah], the World Bank sent a delegation to visit Iran (in Dec 2005) in order to finalize a $700 million loan for Mullah projects’ !! Mullahs and Islamists have badly confused. They say: ‘What US Imperialism Wants from Iran [?!] In the US-dominated world order, cutting subsidies, cutting social programs, violating human rights, destroying the environment, repressing workers. and crushing dissent are worthy deeds, but not enough [!!].You must fully obey them. If you abide by their rules and advance their interests, they will protect you, even if you are a torturer or a dictator‘ ! Can you believe it?! It’s what Islamists say! The soup is too salty, and now even Islamists say: ‘[Does the Mullah regime] want to be another pawn in the American empire [?!] [Mullahs] don’t want ‘political independence from Western imperialism? Our anti-Imperialist & anti-American gestures are [empty gestures ?!]”. In these years, many facts were informative. As some wise Iranians say: ‘the story of ‘Islamists and the IMF‘ made many aware. In 2012, the media reported: “IMF Chief Christine Lagarde visited Egypt, and met with Morsi and Islamists’. And in 2013, many said: ‘Egyptians should tell the IMF to go fuck itself .. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist Al-Nour Party argued that the IMF loan is Islamic and sharia-friendly !‘ .. In 2011, Mubarak said ‘No’ to the IMF (ie US Imperialism). But Egypt’s Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood were loyal to imperialism! Morsi, the US-approved replacement for Mubarak, said he will [implement IMF Plans] in Egypt! .. Islamists are the Pawns of Imperialism .. The Left, Marxists and Colonialist powers have always been sympathetic and supportive of Islamists“. In these years, many people are becoming aware. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even non-Iranians ask good questions like: Is the IMF Plan part of the Mullah-US deals?! Why [almost all] Western media and lefty media defend the IMF Plan in Iran, or censor it and say nothing about it?! Now many ask: Why do the Lefty-CIA media like LobeLog, Al-Monitor, Huffington Post, Guardian etc openly praise the IMF Plans in Iran?! Who do the Left and Noam Chomsky defend the IMF Plans in Iran?! Noam Chomsky is really a CIA agent. In these years, we all saw how Chomsky helps Brzezinski, Sick, Leveretts, the Jewish CIA and the notorious Imperialists. But do you know what Chomsky said about his beloved Imperialists?! You can take a look at [2]: ‘A conversation with Noam Chomsky: Telling the truth about Imperialism’ ! (International Socialist Review Issue 32) Chomsky says: ‘LORD Curzon was very honest’ or ‘Zbigniew Brzezinski is an imperialist’ ! [2] Chomsky shed crocodile tears for Iran, Mossadeq, etc and says: ‘A typical Hollywood joke was about the corporate executive who was laboring day and night for the benefit of the ordinary people’ ! [2] It can remind you of this fact that ‘A typical Lefty joke is about Chomsky who is laboring day and night for the social justice and the people’ ! Even if you ignore the CIA-backed 2009 Coup, the story of ‘the IMF Plans in Iran‘ can reveal Chomsky’s true face. If Chomsky was a good guy, he would not defend or cover up the IMF plans in Iran. Agent Chomsky has no shame. He says: ‘if you wrote that two and two is four, then somebody said, Where’s your evidence? [!] [But] there is no evidence [!] To look for evidence of that is like looking for evidence for the truths of Arithmetic’ ! [*] Agent Chomsky is a stupid Charlatan. His own crap (his lies/ bullshit) is like ‘two and two is four’ !, because he has no evidence for them! But what Iranians say about Agent Chomsky, Brzezinski, Leveretts, IMF etc is not like ‘two and two is four’, because Iranians have strong evidence for what they say! It’s Agent Chomsky’s logic, the Marxist logic!”. In these days, Iranians say good things about the West, the Left, the IMF, Islamists etc. For instance they say: “AN and Mullahs implemented the IMF plans, the CIA plans, in Iran, and the Left helped them .. Mullahs are the pawns of Colonialism .. The UK-backed Seid Ali regime is like the US-backed Ben Ali regime. The Tunisian dictator, Bin Ali, implemented the IMF plans and cut off essential subsidies! .. The UK/ US’s corrupt puppet regime of Mullahs is not alone. In Syria, Assad implemented the IMF plans. In Turkey and Egypt, Islamists implemented the IMF plans. In Africa, all dictators implemented the IMF plans .. Who defend the IMF plans in Iran? the CIA agents like Farideh Farhi (NIAC), Pajouyan, Laylaz, Leveretts, and Tehran Bureau, Guardian, Washington Post, AP, PBS, CNN, LobeLog, Al-Monitor, Huffington Post and other CIA media and CIA agents, including Basijis, Khatamists and the Exiled Journalists/ Activists .. In Davos 2014, Rouhani gave a speech to chief executives from US/ UK Oil companies! .. the West loves Oil and Arabs (Mullahs) .. Mullahs said ‘Spirit of Davos’ is Zionist! But now their Rouhani goes to Davos, while the Zionist regime receives the ‘Spirit of Davos’ award !, and the US media says: Rouhani to woo [American & British] oil companies with ‘sexy’ contracts [!!] (Jan 2014)”.


As the wise Iranians say: “In 2001, the Washington Post confessed: ‘The IMF and World Bank Hurt Poor Countries and Undermine Democracy’ ! They said: ‘People in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America [protest against] the IMF and World Bank. The IMF undermines democracy. Countries should be much freer to pursue different economic strategies in accordance with the democratic determinations of their people. We share these modest democratic aspirations with people across the globe [!!]’. They said such things, because at that time all media talked about ‘Global Resistance to IMF and World Bank policies’, ‘Anti-IMF Protests Sweep the World’ !, ‘People call for an end to IMF-imposed economic reforms’ ! […] Now even Westerners talk about ‘the IMF and world bank’s unconditional support of dictators’, and say: ‘The IMF and World Bank are notorious for giving bad advice‘ ! In Iran, even idiots know that IMF Plans are much more destructive than US Sanctions“. In these days, many things are laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “The Mullah TV defends the IMF plans in Iran, but adds: ‘the IMF is responsible for the economic collapse of Africa‘ ! The Mullah TV is a cesspool of MI6/ CIA agents. Spies, whores, brainless faggots, and hateful figures have the upper hand in the Mullah TV. The Mullah TV hates Persia, wise Economists, wise Iranians, and all Iranians. Only retards, whores and non-Iranians, specially Arabs, are free in the Mullah TV. Criticism and criticizing Mullahs and IMF Plans are banned in the Mullah TV. Only licking Ass, telling big lies, insulting the people’s intelligence, serving the West’s interests etc are allowed in the Mullah TV. The CIA agents and Basiji faggots like Nader Talebzadeh (Jalili’s aide), Jamshid Pajouyan and other whores/ spies are the heroes of the Mullah TV, because (1) they are hateful retards, and more than 90% of Iranians hate them so much (2) they are Arabs, non-Iranians, or anti-Iran (3) the Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Sick, Chomsky etc) and the UK love them (4) they are brainless whores with low IQs. Iran has many wise Economists, many students of economics, and many wise people who know the world, history, sciences, etc. But the Mullah regime has banned them from working, talking, writing etc. Experts, critics and the wise people are systematically suppressed and silenced, because the West and its puppets (Mullahs etc) want to keep Iran weak and dependent. They ban all experts and wise Iranians, but a Basiji faggot like Jamshid Pajouyan, who works for the IMF, can bark and fart in the Mullah TV. As the Mullah media says: ‘Pajouyan worked for the IMF and World Bank. Pajouyan was a main defender of the IMF plans in the AN’s era’. But instead of going to jail for ruining Iran’s economy and torturing Iranians, Jamshid Pajouyan goes to the Mullah TV and says: ‘Iranians deserve these disasters’ ! Pajouyan is a stupid CIA agent, and suffers from inferiority complex. He says: I’m pundit; I’m Economist; I’m Scientist ! But Iranians say to him: ‘You are nothing but a brainless faggot; you are nothing but a stupid whore’! It’s funny that only whores and non-Iranians defend the IMF plans in Iran! All Iranian experts/ wise guys are suppressed and silenced, but non-Iranians and Arab faggots (Jabal Al-x !) go to the Mullah TV, and say: ‘In the West, the prices change on a daily basis. High inflation is a natural thing. The West has a high inflation rate, and prices change on a daily basis in the West‘ ! Can you believe it?! These brainless monkeys even say: ‘In 2011, we implemented the IMF plans, and destroyed Iran’s national product, because it had to be destroyed! .. High Inflation is a good thing .. Economic Instability is a good thing .. In the West, today you buy X for 2$, and tomorrow you buy X for 10$! It’s the Free Market’ ! Can you believe it?! These brainless monkeys think that all people are brainless monkeys as well. But Iranians say to them and their Western masters: ‘Fuck you and this Free Market! .. Fuck UK universities, which gave you idiots a degree in economics! .. You bribe British
universities, and they give you university degree! .. British Mullahs like Tavakoli already denounced the IMF and IMF Plans as Zionist! .. Tavakoli, Mullahs and Basijis go to the UK, and their British masters teach them Islamic Economics! .. Why did Basijis/ Islamists study Economics or Islamic Economics at British Universities?! Why is the UK their teacher?! .. In the UK, Basijis/ Islamists trained as Economists, or as spies/ whores?! .. Britain educated Mullahs and Basijis about Economics, or about Orwellian tactics of ruining Iran?! .. Why Islamists/ Basijis have non-Iranian family names like Iraq-chi, Jabal Ameli, Arab etc?! .. Islamists are not Iranians. They are brainless donkeys, and think that all humans are brainless donkeys as well ! .. The Mullah media had a funny paradoxical article about ‘Iran, Globalization, and US imperialist agenda in the Middle East’ ! The Islamist clowns wrote: ‘AhmadiNejad [AN] implements [IMF Plans], because he hates the US-dominated capitalist club [!!] Increasing popular disillusionment and dissatisfaction with the Islamic regime had one clear reason: Rafsanjani and Khatami, who implemented part of the IMF plans [!] Privatization and an end to multibillion-dollar public subsidies dominated their economic policies. It made Iranians angry. But AhmadiNejad [AN] implemented the whole IMF plans, and his IMF-style ‘adjustments’ in subsidy, labour and banking laws made Iranians happy [!] AN’s plan to end to all public subsidies was good. AN used the IMF’s ‘Shock Therapy’[!!]’ Can you believe it ?! .. Mullahs are full of crap and paradox, because their teacher is the Orwellian UK .. The Mullah Parliament (Majlis) is a cesspool of British Spies, Arabs and CIA agents. Mullah MPs are a bunch of anti-Iranian faggots and non-Iranians, who for the UK and Iran’s enemies .. In 2011, public transport was 400 Rial, and now it’s 5000 Rial ! (ie +1000% increase !) What Mullahs say about Petrol, and public transport is bullshit. Mullahs just try to ruin Iran’s economy. It’s their mission. Mullahs are slaves/ puppets of the UK and the US”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Jang-e Zargari (Sham Fight/ Fake War) between Mullahs and their Great Satan (USA) is ridiculous. They use a strategy of deception, and try to fool Westerners. But Iranians know Mullah and Satan – who hate Persia, Iranian Culture and Persian Civilization. Mullahs are Arab stooges of the Savage West. In the past 200 years, the Savage West and its stooges hurt Persia (Iran) a lot. They plundered our resources, occupied our lands, killed our people, and created many horrible disasters. But the Payback Time is near. Sooner or later, Persia will pay them back for what they did to Persians and all humans. The Large Army of Angry Iranians should know the West and its stooges well, and we really thank the IMF, Mullahs, the West, and Iran’s enemies for showing their true colors, digging their own graves, and creating more and more awareness, hatred and anger in Persia! […] In Davos, Rouhani licks the US ass, and John Kerry says Mullahs are brainless cowards, who serve the US interests! According to the US-Mullah media, this American faggot, John Kerry, has said in Davos (lets change his words, but not the meaning of his words): ‘We threaten Mullahs with war and nuke, and Mullahs obey us. Mullahs are brainless cowards (ie Heroic Cowards) and lick our ass. The Mullah Regime and the US-Mullah Deals Make Israel and the Zionist Regime Safer [!!] Lets be clear, Mullahs must obey our orders; Mullahs must continue to implement IMF Plans; Mullahs must continue to ruin Iran, hurt Iranians and serve the US interests’ ! ( Jan 2014) If Iran’s regime was an Iranian regime, it would stop all negotiations. But the Islamic regime is a puppet, anti-Iranian regime. Mullahs and their Heroic Cowardliness (Bozdeli Qahramananeh) are as stupid as America and its Orwellian Democracy. The Mullah-Satan farce, Egypt’s farce, Syria’s farce, Saudi farce etc show that America is a state sponsor of Terrorism, Islamism, Salafism, Mullaism, Wahhabism and Satanism. America is the principle supporter of all terrorists, Islamists, Marxist-Islamists (MEK) and all evil forces. But the American faggots -Obama, Kerry, Congress etc- are not important. Congress tries to play the role of ‘Bad Dog/ Bad Cop’. But most humans know them, and hate them. They are not important. But the Jewish CIA and pigs like Noam Chomsky who love ‘telling the truth about Imperialism’ are important. They play the role of ‘Good Dog/ Good Cop’, and fool naive people. Chomsky is a stupid bastard, but he still can fool many Americans and Europeans”. They also add: “The stupid Americans say: ‘Chomsky has been a leading voice for social justice’ ! But Chomsky defends the Mullah regime, the Gaddafi regime, the Assad regime, and all brutal dictators. If Chomsky was a good guy, he would not defend the Mullah regime and the IMF Plans in Iran. The West tries to rule the world and enslave all humans with the help of pigs like Agent Chomsky”. In these days, we all can know this Orwellian World better. As the wise Iranians say: “The Left and Marxists crap about ‘Western Imperialists’, the American imperialist bourgeoisie [!] etc but they themselves work for so-called ‘Imperialists’, and defend brutal dictators, terrorists, IMF Plans etc. All informed people know the IMF and ‘the consequences of the IMF plans’ in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America etc. As many know, the common elements of IMF Plans in client countries include: Cutting subsidies, making cuts in health/ education/ social welfare services, Currency devaluation, privatization, removal of price controls, ruining national product etc. Many Criticisms of IMF include Lack of Transparency and increasing corruption. In the 2000s, the Western media talked about ‘How the IMF Sank Argentina’ ! and said: “the IMF asked them to cut subsidies [and to] devalue the Peso. [Cutting subsidies and] Devaluation cut the wages and savings of most people, bankrupt many companies and raise the prices of basic goods from flour to petrol. The IMF made the Central bank remove controls over flows of capital; the IMF asked for inflationary devaluations. The IMF supported [brutal dictatorship]. Many people lost their jobs. [IMF Plans] pushed people below the poverty line’ ! It reminds you of what?! The IMF plans in Iran and Argentina were alike. The IMF (not sanctions) forced Mullahs to devalue Rial. Devaluation was part of the IMF-designed programs. Mullahs just implemented ‘the IMF-imposed economic plans’. But the stupid West still says: ‘Sanctions are lowering Iranian’s living standards, weakening Rial and increasing inflation’ ! They censor all facts, including the story of ‘Mullahs, IMF and Rial’ [1] They know that Mullahs and IMF Plans are lowering Iranian’s living standards, as IMF Plans weaken Rial and increase inflation. But their Orwellian media (PBS, CNN, NBC etc) still say: ‘High inflation or the weak Rial is connected to Sanctions’ ! (Jan 2014) They are bad retards. They confess: ‘In Iran, you really have no sense that this country is under our Crippling Sanctions [!!] The stores are full. The grocery stores are packed with goods’ ! (Jan 2014) They have confused. They still say: “Iranians love Obama, Mullahs, the US and Sanctions’ ! (Jan 2014) But they know that their Orwellian Crap, their big lies and their evil acts have created a new wave of Anti-Americanism among the Iranian people, who were pro-American in the pre-2009 ! […] In 2001, they confessed that their IMF has created ‘the deepest crisis in Argentina’. In 2004, they said: ‘IMF admits mistakes in Argentina crisis’! In these years, they even said: ‘the IMF asked Argentina to cut state subsidies .. prices for state-run utilities and basic goods greatly increased .. Argentina saw 200% inflation .. hyperinflation ruined national currency and national product .. corruption was rampant, and the IMF [loved] corruption .. the country entered a long recession; Economic stability became economic stagnation .. the IMF asked them to cut more subsidies .. mass protests began, and finally led to big political changes .. they stopped implementing IMF Plans .. they started to improve tax collection, and allocated large sums for social welfare, while controlling expenditure in other fields and reducing corruption’ […] When the Lefty media talked about ‘the food riots in Argentina’, or ‘jobless Argentines, who chant anti-IMF and anti-government slogans’, they didn’t say: It’s a result of Sanctions! But they said: ‘The IMF: A Cure or a Curse?’ ! But now they defend the IMF plans in Iran, and shed crocodile tears for Iran & Sanctions! They have forgotten what they already said about the IMF-made disasters/ crises ‘across the Globe’! Satan and all bad guys have forgotten that ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

Mullah and Satan: A Love Story

January 21, 2014

“Islamists massacre Iranians, and celebrate the massacre of Iranians. Islamists lick the West’s ass, and obey the US/ UK orders. It’s not a new thing. But for the first time in history Islamists and the Mullah leader openly say: We can negotiate with Satan [!] We can make deal (make love) with Satan’ ! (Jan 2014) It’s a new thing”, the wise Iranians say. In these days, Iranians say many funny things about the Mullah-Satan deals, Satan’s love affair with Islamists, Satanic religions, Satan’s teachers, Satan’s agents etc. But what you read here is a fictional story about these days. Sometimes a fictional story can show us more truths, more than the true stories.

Mullah: Oh, Satan, my lord, I don’t know what I should do. I don’t know what I should tell Iranians. Please help me. Satan: I have asked the UK to help you. From morning to night, the BBC, Guardian and all UK media and US media tell big lies, censor all news, and just help you. Mullah, my dear, it’s not enough for you?! Mullah: Oh, my dearest Satan, the West badly tries to help our satanic regime in Iran. But Iranians hate … Zionist: Iranians are not important. Arabia: We, the sons of Satan, hate Iranians so much. Mullah: Yah, we all hate Iranians. We, the sons of Satan, hate Iran. We openly praise Palestine and those locust-eaters who aided Saddam or killed Iranians. We hate Iranian values. We love the Jewish-Satanic religions, and the Jewish-Satanic values. We love Satan, the US, the UK. We lick their ass and obey their orders. But it just creates more awareness in Iran. The large army of angry Iranians … Satan: I have asked Arabs and Jews, my dearest sons, to help you. They play the role of ‘Bad Dog/ Bad Cop’, and it can fool non-Iranians, and also Iranians. Stalin: Arabs and Jews?! the locust-eaters?! Are you kidding Mr Satan? Do you know what Iranians say about the locust-eaters? Arabia: we know them. They even say our Jewish religions are Satanic religions. They know the truth, but … Zionist: But we and our Arab brothers love our Barbaric-Satanic beliefs, and don’t care about Iranians. Hitler: All Satanic agents, including Basijis/ Islamists, should kill all people and suppress all critics. We used this tactic in the 1930s/ 1940s. Stalin: We, Marxists, and our leader Noam Chomsky can aid Satan and Islamists in killing and suppressing Iranians. We used … USA: We all used this tactic in 2009. We all aided Islamists in killing and suppressing Iranians. But what happened after that? Iranians started to change. We just showed our true face … Satan: Yah, we just make them aware. We disillusioned people. We are big losers … UK: Oh, your majesty, please don’t lose your hope. We still can fool non-Iranians. We ask Mullah to ruin Iran … Zionist: But we, the sons of Satan, have always tried to ruin the land of the Good (Iran). But … Arabia: But we have always failed. Iranians underestimated the locust-eaters, and we could occupy their lands, but … Zionist: We, the locust-eaters, could pollute the land of the Good with our Jewish-Satanic religions and our Satanic-Jewish laws. But we could not occupy their hearts and their minds. Satan: Oh, Persia makes me sick … UK: the land of the Good is dangerous. We should destroy it. Stalin: But how? Zionist: We must nuke it. Arabia: We can ask the US to nuke it. USA: Yah, we can nuke it. But Persia is not a small country like Little Britain or Arab states. Stalin: What would happen after nuking Iran?! The Persian revenge and the public awareness in the whole world … UK: We should destroy Persia, and there are many solutions. For instance, we can ask Mullah to implement all IMF plans in Iran. Hitler: But Mullah has already said: The IMF is a Zionist/ Imperialist/ Satanic organization! UK: Islamists and Marxists should defend the IMF and the IMF plans in Iran, but at the same time, they should say: ‘Death to the IMF’ ! Hitler: Oh, its great. Stalin: But if we, Marxists, defend the IMF, we just sacrifices ourselves for the UK… Satan: Watch your mouth, Stalin. The UK is equal to me, and me is equal to the UK. Hitler: The British tactics are really great. I have learned a lot from the UK. Islamists and Marxists work for Imperialism, but at the same time they say: ‘Death to Imperialism’ ! It’s great. USA: It’s an old British tactic. We used it a lot. But Iranians have become aware, and know the British tactics … Mullah: Oh, Satan, my dearest, I don’t know what I should do. What should I say to Iranians? Satan: Shut up Mullah. Lets wait and see which kind of shit we should eat. Iranians have confused all of us.

Stalin: Unfortunately, Iranians are not as stupid as Westerners. Only Marxists can … USA: Marxists?! Iranians hate Marxists. Chomsky did his best to fool people. But he only could fool Westerners. He has become an object of ridicule among Iranians. Arabia: We, Islamists, are better agents – better than Marxists. Stalin: Ha-ha. Iranians hate you. Iranians see you as slaves of ‘British Colonialism’. Iranians know the truth of “Islamism and British Colonialism”. Iranians know that the UK created Qom, Hozeh, Mullaism, Bahaism, Wahabism … Arabia: But Iranians are not important. Hitler: Lets ask the UK to teach us new solutions. UK: Thanks Mr. Hitler. But our old tactics are still the best Satanic tactics. Mullah, my dear, tell them about our tactics. Mullah: We make love with Satan, but at the same time we say: ‘Death to Satan’. We work for the US and the UK, lick their ass and obey their orders, but at the same time we say: Death to the US & the UK’ … Stalin: British tactics worked in 1979 and the past. But do you think they work in these years, after your 2009 coup?! Arabia: We still can fool Westerners with these tactics. Zionist: Only Iranians know the 2009 coup. Non-Iranians, specially Americans, are so stupid. They still think we and Mullah are enemies! Hitler: British tactics are great. Mullah licks Satan’s ass, but at the same time, Mullah accuses others of working for Satan! … Stalin: But Iranians know this tactic. UK: Who cares. Westerners are so stupid. Mullahs celebrate the massacre of Iranians, but we go to Iran and thank Mullahs for massacring Iranians! Rouhani is our agent. Iranians hate him, but we support him, and we openly ask him to return our favors. But Westerners are blind. British Oil Companies owe Iran a lot (trillions of dollars). In the recent years, our oil companies owes Iran Billions of Dollars. But Rouhani and his Oil Minister invite British Oil Companies to plunder Iran’s oil ! Mullahs work for us, while Westerners are blind, deaf, and stupid. Zionist: AN, his Oil Minister, Zanjani, and all Islamists/ Basijis worked for us. They just served our interests, and implemented our plans in Iran. But non-Iranians are blind… Mullah: But Iranians… UK: Iranians are not important. We censor their voices. We rewrite history… Stalin: UK could hide the long history of British Barbarians. The UK Ministry of Truth says: Black is White; Lie is Truth; Tyranny is Democracy; Barbarization is Civilization … Zionist: Westerners are so stupid. Satan’s agents, including our Chomsky, can easily brainwash them … Pahlavi: But Iranians know that Agent Chomsky works for the Devil. UK: Who cares! Satan: My dearest Chomsky is great. UK: If Chomsky says the IMF is good or Satan is God, the Western Sheeple will accept it. Arabia: Arabs worship Chomsky. Mullah: We, the locust-eaters, worship Satan. But Iranians know us. They know that locust-eaters, Marxists, the West’s journalists/ intellects etc are the forces of evil. Satan: Iranians just give me a headache … USA: Almost all Iranians know and hate Satan’s agents, including Islamists, Pahlavists, Marxists, Terrorists (MEK, etc), Khatamists … Hitler: The West’s Sheeple love Chomsky. But why Iranians are such a wise and smart nation … Arabia: Iranians know that we, Islamists/ Basijis work for Satan and serve the Satan’s interests. They know that Satan tries to keep the Mullah regime safe … Zionists: Iranians know our Jewish-Satanic culture. Iranians know the
British-Barbaric Culture. Iranians know the Barbarian West. Iranians know that the 2009 coup was a Satan-backed coup. UK: Don’t lose your hope. Only Iranians know such things. We can say such things are conspiracy theories. In the past 200 years, we have always used this tactic. Westerners are brainless. They don’t know our golden rule: You work for Colonialism, but at the same time you say: ‘Death to Colonialism’! … Pahlavi: Excuse me my lords. But I used this British tactic in 1978. It didn’t work. Iranians know this tactic, and refer to such horseshit as ‘Inverse Horseshoe’ (Naal Varuneh)! Stalin: Mr Pahlavi, you are stupid. You can only use this tactic when Satan, the UK, the US and all satanic agents support you. In 1978, Mr. Satan has stopped supporting you. In 1978, Satan and his agents supported Mullah. Hitler: Pahlavi was and is a brainless idiot, but … UK: But all media, all journalists, all intellects, and all public figures work for us, and obey us. Who cares about Iranians, and ordinary people. When all media, all journalists, all intellects, and all public figures work for us, we will not have any problems. We can do whatever we like. Let’s openly announce that we want to keep the Mullah regime safe and it’s equal to keep Iran weak and dependent! USA: Our people are so stupid, but … Stalin: people like Snowden are everywhere. Now many are becoming aware. USA: UK Orwellian system is an old system. It worked well in the past. But now … Stalin: the British tactics work well until when people are stupid and ignorant. When people become aware, they will laugh at British tactics, which are childish tactics. Mullah: Now Iranians even laugh and spit at Orwellian America. The End is near …. USA: Oh, our Lord, Satan, what we should do?


Mullah: Your majesty, I have confused. I’m worried. Stalin: All locust-eaters are worried. Zionist: Yah, we and our brothers, Mullahs and Arabs, are really worried. Satan: Don’t be worried. Just obey your old master, the UK. Hitler: Our lord, we all know that locust-eaters are not important. Arab states are British-made states, but … Stalin: But the oldest country on earth (Iran) is important. Iran is the brain of the East, and the heart of the civilized world. Lord Curzon, the ideologue of British Colonialism in the 19th century, said: ‘The Persian is so very superior to any other Asiatic, to Indian, or Turk, or Arab/ Jew, or even Russian and European .. If Britons and Europeans [want to conquer & enslave] the East, Persia and the military resources of Persia [should be destroyed]’. Hitler: It’s what Curzon wrote in his book, ‘Persia and the Persian Question’. As Curzon said, Iran is the gate of the East and the civilized world. Satan: Curzon was right. If Iranians can restore Persia … UK: But we all try not to let this happen. All forces of Devil try to keep Iran weak. Zionist: We all, Satan and the sons of Satan, want to ruin Iran. The land of the Good is our main enemy. USA: We all know that China and India are not important. They obey us. The main obstacle is Persia; the Persian Question … Hitler: The main problem is the Iranian Culture. Satan has already tried to pollute Iran with the Arab/ Jewish culture. But unfortunately, Iranians could penetrate the Jewish-Satanic culture, and tried to replace all Satanic things with good things! Satan: Iranians give me headache … UK: The only nation that can defeat us is Persia. We hurt them a lot. But we could not destroy them. We all are so jealous of Persia. Stalin: We all know who is who. We all know that Persia is the home of Civilization. Little Britain is a small and barbaric island. The UK was so jealous of the land of Aryans, the Great Iran, the Lion, the Sun, Iranian symbols, Iranian Civilization, … Zionist: Britain is a small island. But Little Britain calls itself Great Britain! The Inferiority Complex. Britons used to say they have Aryan (Iranian) roots and their origin is the land of Aryan (Iran)! Stalin: We all know the Truth about the UK and British Barbarians. USA: the UK is a joke. Their system is a stupid Monarchy. Their national anthem is ‘God Save the Queen’! But they call themselves ‘Democracy’ or ‘the first Democracy’! I don’t know why we follow them like sheep. Satan: Oh, my dearest sons, don’t let Iranians pollute your minds. We are the Evil, and they are the Good. Don’t forget it! UK: In the Big Brother’s Democracy, your national anthem should be ‘God Save the Big Brother’, but you should pretend that you are the father of Democracy. Hitler: UK is our teacher. But do British Lies still work? UK: British lies and British tactics always work. As you know, Britain is the land of barbarians and barbarism. For thousands of years, we, Britons, were barbarians. We ate humans. We were human-eaters. But when Iranians and civilized men underestimated the power of Satan and Barbarians, we could conquer the civilized world … Stalin: We, Russians, were barbarians, too. For thousands of years, we were Tatars, Savages etc. But in the 19th century, with the help of the UK and Satan, we could occupy many parts of Iran … USA: Russia owes the UK a lot. But they are ungrateful. Stalin: You, savage Yankees, are more ungrateful. Who revolted against the UK in the American Revolution?! USA: But we tried to correct our mistakes. Stalin: We corrected our mistakes, as well. Satan: Don’t fight against each other. My dearest sons, we all should thank the UK. UK: Thank your majesty. Arabia: If we want to be as clever as UK, what we should do? UK: you should have no shame. Of course we all know that Arabs have no shame, and no brain. But if you want to be as clever as Britons, you should be able to say for instance: Killers and Rapists are Moralists! Crooks and thieves are ‘defenders of Justice’! Serial killers are ‘defenders of Morality’ ! Liars are ‘defenders of Truth’ ! Zionist: But it’s not a new thing. Ancient locust-eaters said such things, too. Satan: Shut up. UK is great. Mullah: We all are slaves of Satan and the UK. Cheating and Lying is the main pillar of our British-Jewish Morality. But do you think British-Orwellian tactics still work in Iran? UK: Iranians are not important. We cannot fool Iranians any longer, but we can fool non-Iranians. We should use non-Iranians for hurting Iran and Iranians.

Stalin: We, Marxists, and our leader Chomsky do our best to hurt Iran and Iranians. The great Chomsky defends the IMF plans in Iran, and says: Imperialists and Capitalists are ‘defenders of the poor’! Hitler: Chomsky uses British tactics. He says: In Iran, the IMF is a defender of the poor and the workers! UK: Chomsky has always been one of the Devil’s best agents. He knows the basic rules. He works for Imperialism, but he pretends that he is a great anti-Imperialist! Learn from him. Those who work for Satan should say: We are men of God! Satanists and the sons of Satan should call themselves ‘men of God’ or ‘men of Principle’ ! USA: Yah, It’s a good joke. Apparently we, Capitalists, should say: Capitalists are defenders of the poor, the working class, and average people! UK: Why not?! Rapists and sex addicts should say: We hate Sex and sexual abuse! Rapists should arrest young men and women for violating sexual morality! The most corrupt people, who create greatest corruptions/ embezzlements in history, should call themselves ‘men of Justice’ !, ‘men of God’, men of Principle! Satan: My dearest UK is a teacher for us all … Arabia: Britain is our master. Arab states are British-made states. ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and many British agents were our … USA: OK, we continue to use British tactics. The NSA should call itself ‘Guardian of Privacy’ ! Brutal Dictators should call themselves ‘Guardians of Democracy’! Liars should call themselves ‘Guardians of Truth’. Satan’s agents should call themselves ‘Guardians of Good Guys’! Satan: Apparently even the stupid USA is learning its lessons! USA: You majesty, America is the home of Satan. But what would happen if most people become aware? If many insiders become a new Snowden? … UK: We can enslave Americans and Westerners by money, sex and fashion. America is a Nation of Sheep. Zionist: Chomsky and our agents can fool Americans. In Orwellian America, most of those who call themselves ‘dissidents’, ‘critics’ or ‘freedom fighters’ work for Satan. Those who defend free software, free internet, etc work for the system. Stalin: The US is the land of the Retard. Their Orwellian agents say: “Mullahs need to forgive the Great Satan” ! (Jan 2014) And their dissidents say: “The Mullah idea of making an agreement with Satan is great” ! These Orwellian dissidents can fool Americans. They help Satan and the Big Brother’s plans. Mullah: I have confused. What I should say to Iranians. UK: Repeat our Larijani’s words. You should say: We can negotiate with Satan. We can make love with Satan! You should think all people are brainless donkeys. Arabia: But Islamists have always said: X is evil because X wants to negotiate with Satan. Mullah: We have always said those who make deal with Satan are Satanists. Hitler: Now you should think all people are brainless monkeys! UK: If you want to obey us, you should have no shame and no brain. Stalin: In British Democracy, you should put your brain in your ass. USA: In our satanic democracy, If you have 1000 supporters but 74 million Iranians hate you, you can call yourself a leader or a president, and the West and the Western media support you and see you as a representative of Iranians! If 99% of Iranians hate you and spit at you, you can become a millionaire and a somebody in the BBC, the Mullah TV, the VOA, the Guardian, etc UK: In the Big Brother’s Democracy, retards, whores and hateful figures should become heroes. We need fake heroes. We have one golden rule: you can become a somebody or a hero, only if you have no principle, no morality, no shame and no brain, and if you get money and betray the truth and the people. In our satanic democracy, those who care about the truth and the people are bad guys. In our satanic democracy, rulers, public figures and heroes are: those who can tell big lies; those who can kill and rape people; those who can steal, cheat, and betray; those who hate humanity and human values; those who love Racism and Barbarism; those who worship Satan”.

IMF Plans, Mullahs, Red & Black Colonialism

January 15, 2014

In these days, the West, the Left and Islamists are making history. As some wise Iranians say: “the West’s Lies and the Western Censorship are beyond Orwell’s imagination. The English Lie Factory (UK media) and the US Lie Factory (US media) censor all facts/ news of Iran, and tell Orwellian jokes. The British Censorship and the British Lies are beyond Orwell’s imagination. But like the Guardian and the UK media, the US media tells big lies about Iranians. The horrible censorship and the daily lies in Huffington Post, Washington Post, CNN, AP, WSJ, RFE, LobeLog and other CIA media are as Orwellian as what you can see in BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Economist and other MI6 media. They all love the MI6-CIA projects like ‘Tehran Bureau’, ‘Going to Tehran’, ‘the Iran Project’, NIAC, ‘Letters from Iran’, etc and tell Orwellian jokes like: ‘Iranians love Mullahs; Iranians love Obama; Iranians love US sanctions; Iranians love US-Mullah deals; Iranians love IMF Plans; Iranians love Economic Crisis and high inflation; Iranians love Tyranny; Iranians have come from Mars or Moon’ ! It’s exactly like the daily Orwellian Lies in the West. History will never forget these days”. They also add: “For about ten days, and from morning to night, Mullahs celebrate the Massacre of Iranians, while the UK and the US make love with Mullahs and openly talk about their secret talks, their secret deals, and their secret love affairs with Mullahs! The Lefts censor all facts. The UK openly thanks Mullahs for killing Iran’s people and celebrating the Massacre of Iranians! The UK media says: ‘UK-Mullah ties: Jack Straw leads British MPs to Tehran. Former British foreign secretary heads a British parliamentary group to Iran, when [Mullahs are celebrating the UK-backed Massacre of Iranians]’ ! (Jan 2014) It’s really a unique farce in history. Now this British Rouhani openly defends the 2009 coup and the Massacre of Iranians! But as the Mullah media reports: ‘[Even] Rouhani’s supporters (Zibakalam, etc) criticized Rouhani for his joining in the chorus of state officials to congratulate themselves on the anniversary of [Massacring Iranians]. Rouhani’s supporters say: ‘Rouhani just disappointed [those a few] people who voted for him’ [!] .. if people had believed the propaganda tsunami of the past 4 years, Saeed Jalili [and Basijis would have not been big losers]’ ! (Jan 2014) All bad guys have confused. Now Rouhani and the Mullah regime say they want to aid the West by implementing the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans! Now the Mullah TV and British Mullahs openly praise the IMF (ie their Zionist/ Imperialist Organization!), and the Left and their puppet leader, Noam Chomsky, openly defend the Mullah regime and the IMF Plans in Iran!”. In these days, many things are laughable or stupid. But Iranians say good things like: “Who Control the Mullah Regime? UK, USA, IMF, Jews, or what?! … Islamists and their leaders are brainless slaves of the UK and the US. They already said: ‘The US is Satan. We don’t talk/ negotiate with Satan! … The US is Wolf. But we, Islamists, are Sheep [!] Talk/ Negotiation between the Wolf and the Sheep is impossible … We, Islamists, don’t negotiate with those who threaten us with weapons .. the US has an Iron Hand. They want to fool us. We, Mullahs, are Principle-ists. We don’t negotiate with Satan‘! But do you know what Islamists and the Mullah leader say now?! They openly say: ‘We negotiate with Satan [!!] We talk/ negotiate with those who threaten us [with nuke]’ ! (Jan 2014) .. Those who negotiate & make deal with Satan are Principle-ist, Satanist, followers of Ali, or followers of Muawiyah/ Yazid?! .. Mullahs are puppets of the US and the UK (Mozdoor-e America va Englis) .. The current farces can shatter all illusions. The West and its puppets just disillusion all people .. Why do Mullahs want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans amid the sanctions?! Are the IMF plans part of the US-Mullah deals?! .. Why the Jewish CIA (Brzezinski, Sick, Chomsky, Leveretts, etc) defends the Mullah regime?! .. Why the UK & the Guardian love Mullahs, including Jewish Mullahs like Jannati & British Mullahs like Rouhani?! .. In the US or the UK, journalists and intellects call themselves ex-CIA, ex-MI6 etc. But why their journalists should be CIA agents, or should work for the Big Brother’s agencies?! .. It’s the true meaning of the Free Press in the West! .. In the West, Journalism means Prostitution. In the UK and the US, Journalism means ‘selling your soul and your pen; getting money and writing/ doing what the bad guys want’. And this is the definition of Prostitution .. In 2013, Snowden confirmed that the NSA and UK control all communications, all servers/ tools/ big companies/ scientists etc. Sooner or later a new Snowden will confirm that the CIA and UK control all media, all journalists/ intellects/ public figures etc in the West .. The Britain-Mullah parliamentary friendship group can remind you of the 19th century, when the UK paid Mullahs in cash! The UK and Mullahs called this dirty money ‘the Indian Money’, because the British East India Company paid it! Mullahs have always been puppets of the British Colonialism .. Iran’s regime should say: We stop negotiating with those who threaten Iran with Nuke and Iron Hand. We don’t negotiate by force, or under threats‘. But Islamists and the Mullah leader are brainless Cowards, who call themselves Heroic Cowards! They hate Iran. They are Arabs. They just lick the West’s ass and aid the Enemy .. Mullahs are animals, and only understand Force. Mullahs, Zionists, and the West are the same shit, and that’s why the US says: ‘Our sanctions and our military threats forced Mullahs to obey us and negotiate with us’! … Islamists are beasts. They hurt Iran and Iranians, but bow before the Savage West .. If British spies, Jewish spies, or CIA agents want to control the Mullah regime, what would they do?! They only do something to maintain the status quo!”.


As the wise Iranians say: “The Iranian people are not blind. They ask: ‘Why do Rouhani, Islamists and the Mullah regime insist on implementing the IMF plans, creating Economic Instability/ Economic Crisis, and helping the US sanctions ?!! ‘ When ‘Hassan Mullah’ (Rouhani) went to New York (in 2013), his first meeting was very meaningful and laughable: He met with the IMF Boss! As the media reported: ‘He promised the IMF (the US & the UK) that he would continue to implement the IMF Plans in Iran’! Now Iran’s people ask: Are IMF Plans part of the Mullah-Satan deals?! Are IMF Plans and Keeping Iran Weak and Dependent are part of the Mullah-US nuclear deals?!‘ The Iranian people are not stupid. Now they say: ‘Mullahs desperately try to implement IMF Plans amid the sanctions because Mullahs are slaves of the UK and the US (Nokar-e America va Englis). Their Master (Arbab-e-shoon), ie the West, has asked them to implement IMF Plans. So, Mullahs/ Islamists obey their master’ ! If you want to know [the Red and Black Colonialism], you can reflect on ‘relations between the IMF and the Mullah regime’. We all know that the Left (Marxists) and pigs like Chomsky used to say: ‘puppet regimes implement the IMF plans [!] Those who obey the IMF are stooges/ agents of the Imperialist/ Colonialist Powers’ ! So, you can ask: ‘Why did Mullahs openly implement the IMF plans in 2010, after the 2009 Coup?! Mullahs still talk about implementing the IMF plans (ie the Enemy’s plans) amid the Economic War! But why do the Left and pigs like Chomsky defend the IMF plans in Iran, and praise the IMF’s love affair with Mullahs?!”. We have already written about the IMF plan in Iran (Check Archive for: “Why Mullahs Aid the Enemy amid Economic War ?!”, “Sanctions, IMF Plan, Mullahs, and the West”, “West, Lies, and Censorship: Rouhani, IMF, Rial”, etc). Now even the little kids know that the IMF plan was a total failure and a total disaster. As the wise Iranians say: “Now all Iranians know the IMF Plan. Now the results of the IMF Plan, the meanings of the IMF Plan, the goals of the IMF Plan and Sanctions, and all things are clear. The solutions are clear, too. [We have already written about part of the solutions; Check Archive for: “Norway to Mullahs: Iran must be a Welfare State”, etc]. The Iranian people already said: ‘Lets wait and see how Rouhani shows his true face’. And now this British Rouhani is badly showing his true face. Now Rouhani openly defends the 2009 coup and the IMF Plans! But now even their own whores confess that the IMF Plans are Anti-Iran Plans, like or worse than the US Sanctions! They even talk about the large army of angry Iranians, and confess that more than 99% of Iranians hate the IMF plans! So, as people say: If Rouhani implements the 2nd phase of the IMF plans, it will prove that Rouhani is a British spy, and Rouhani is worse than that Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad)“. In these days, the farcical story of ‘IMF, West, Mullahs, and Lefts’ can remind you of the story of “The Red and Black Colonialism”. As some wise Iranians say: “In January 1978, the Shah regime published a famous article, ‘Iran and The Red and Black Colonialism‘, in the Ettelaat newspaper. In this article, they talked about British Colonialism, Western Colonialism, New Colonialism, and the British Colonial Strategy in Iran. If you google in Persian, you can find this article. (Of course if you google in English, you find nothing!) In this article, they said: ‘Colonialists/ Imperialists (ie the West) want to find a new puppet in Iran, and this new puppet is Khomeini .. Khomeini, known as ‘Seyed Hindi’, is [not Iranian]. He is an Indian poet. He has his roots in [the British colony of] India .. He has had connections with the UK and the British Colonialism .. Khomeini is a puppet of the anti-Iranian Colonialist Powers’ (Jan 1978). History and even Mullah confessions showed that ‘the Red and Black Colonialism’ was not a myth. The Shah and Monarchists (Pahlavists) themselves were puppets of the West. They were & are part of ‘The Red and Black Colonialism in Iran’. But what they said about Mullahs, Marxists, and other anti-Iranian puppets of the West was not wrong. As today’s Iranians say: ‘In 1978, the Ettelaat’s article had hit the Bullseye! (Zadeh Bud Tu Khal !)’, and that’s why the UK and British Mullahs went into hysterics, and used their English tactic of ‘Demagogy’ (Hochi-gari) to hide the truth. But why didn’t the Iranian people defend the Shah against foreigners? The answer is clear. The Shah regime itself was a puppet of the UK and the US. The Shah regime just reminded Iranians of an old saying: ‘the Pot calling the Kettle black !’ The Shah regime was like the Mullah regime. Their ridiculous jokes about the 1953 Coup, the White Revolution, ‘a suitcase full of money’ etc were like the Mullah lies about the 2009 coup, the Mullah Revolution, Seditions etc. The puppet dictators are the same shit. Mullahs say: ‘Only those who watch/ listen to Mahvareh (Satellite Channels) hate the Mullah regime’ ! And the Shah said: ‘Only those who listen to the BBC Radio, hate the Shah regime’! […] In the 1970s, many Iranians (+40%) were illiterate and ignorant. But in the 2010s, Iranians are more educated and wiser than their Western counterparts. What today’s Iranians say about Mullahs, Monarchists, the West and all evil forces are interesting. For instance, Iranians say: ‘Mahvareh (Satellite TVs) and Menbar (Mullah Pulpit/ Bully Pulpit) both tell big lies and try to brainwash people .. Monarchists are being brainwashed by ‘Mahvare’, and Basijis/ Islamists are being brainwashed by ‘Menbar’. But the Iranian people hate both of them .. ‘Pa Menbari’ (Basiji/ Islamist) is like ‘Pa Manghali’ (Drug Addict)! Mullahs love the opium, and the opium of the people .. Many Mullahs -including high rank Mullahs- and their ‘Pa Menbari’ (Islamists) are ‘Pa Manqali’ (drug addicts)! They love opium, Manghal (a tool for doing drug), addiction and slavery … They love illusion, self-deception, hypocrisy, lies and brainwashing … They still send noise/ parasite. They still try to slow down the internet in Iran. But why?! They have no answer. They have nothing to say. Iranians know them and their irrational & illogical crap. Mullah arguments are totally illogical, childish, ridiculous, and Orwellian. Mullahs openly say: Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength! .. And that’s why the CIA, the UK, and spies/ whores love Mullahs .. It’s funny that whores/ spies work for the CIA/ UK, live in the West, and lick the Mullah ass! .. the unknown whores/ spies -like Farhang Jahanpour, Farrideh Farrahi, etc- are so eager to lick the UK-IMF-Mullah asses! .. The Mullah TV is a stupid bully pulpit. They openly praise the Coup, the IMF and Chomsky! .. The Mullah TV is worse than the Nazi media, because their teacher is the BBC .. Even Islamists call the Mullah TV ‘Censorship Box’ or ‘Propaganda Machine’! .. George Orwell must be smiling. The Mullah TV and the MI6-CIA media like VOA, BBC, RFE/ RL, Manoto etc are two sides of the same coin. They all are controlled by the Big Brother … It’s important that the Mullahs want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans and aid the US/ UK! It’s really important that the Left (Marxists) defend the IMF plans in Iran! It’s important that British politicians go to Iran and want to thank Mullahs for massacring Iranians and celebrating the Massacre of Iranians !“.


As the wise Iranians say: “History, and what we can see with our own eyes, show that ‘The Red and Black Colonialism’ is not a myth. Mullahs and Marxists were and are the anti-Iranian agents of Imperialism/ Colonialism. Now we all can see how Islamists try to hurt Iranians, to ruin Iran, to serve the West’s interests, and how Marxists help and defend Islamists, the IMF, and the Mullah regime’s evil acts. Islamists celebrate the CIA-backed 2009 coup and the UK-backed Massacre of Iranians, and Marxists defend the Islamists’ love affairs with the US, the UK, and the IMF! The retards make love with the IMF, praise the IMF plans, but say: ‘Death to the IMF’ ! But this level of Hypocrisy and Idiocy just turn you into an object of ridicule. You cannot make love with the Great Satan (USA), obey the US orders and the IMF orders, celebrate the UK-backed coups/ plots, serve the West’s interests and be a puppet of the West, but say: ‘Death to America’ ! or ‘Death to the Red & Black Colonialism’ ! With this level of Hypocrisy and Foolishness, you just become an object of ridicule among people. But both the Shah regime and the Mullah regime could not understand such obvious things. Like Mullahs and other puppet dictators, the Shah suffered from many illusions and self-deception, and finally became a victim of his own propaganda. Like the Mullah regime, the Shah regime was in the pockets of the West. Censorship was very strong. No criticism of the regime, however good and well-intentioned, was tolerated. In both the Shah regime and the Mullah regime, you can see the same problems: a puppet regime; a brutal dictatorship; a greater repression and a more arrogant attitude & behavior towards the public; horrible corruption, horrible mismanagement, horrible censorship etc. So, it’s obvious that the society becomes alienated from the state; it’s obvious why people prefer foreign attack to brutal dictatorship, or why people say: ‘Instead of dealing with puppet regimes or puppet dictators, we should deal with their Master (the West) directly’ ! It’s obvious that foreign supports cannot save any regimes. In November 1977, the Shah paid a state visit to the US. In January 1978, Jimmy Carter celebrated the New Year as the Shah’s special guest in Tehran! Carter called the Shah regime ‘the Island of Stability’! And in October 2013, Gary Sick and the Jewish CIA called the Mullah regime ‘the Island of Stability’! […] The Shah or Mubarak was a servant of America, as the Mullahs are servants of America and Britain. But as (Egypt’s) Mubarak clearly said: ‘America betrays and abandons its friends’. America, like all bad guys, just cares about its evil interests, not Friendship. Even the stupid Mullahs are aware of this issue, and that’s why the Mullah leader says: ‘We [make love with the US & serve the US interests], but we don’t trust the US’ !”. In these days, the Western Censorship, the Western Lies, and the West’s love affairs with Islamists and anti-democracy forces are so ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “The West makes a fool of itself. Iranians just ridicule the West. Iran and History will never forget these days. Both Iranians and non-Iranians are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the West. They say for instance: ‘Members of the all-party British group on Iran, led by Jack Straw, arrived in Tehran in Jan 2014! The US Architects of the Mullah regime (Zbigniew Brzezinski, Gary Sick etc) still defend Islamists, the Mullah regime and the US-Mullah love affairs! Gary Sick and the CIA media like LobeLog talk about ‘Our old friend AhmadiNejad (AN)‘, and confess: ‘American politicians say they miss AN [!] and they love Rouhani’ ! It shows you what?! .. Homeland is one of the CIA TV series which try to brainwash Americans. The significant anti-Iran sentiments that are running throughout the series (Homeland) are sickening .. The Air Pollution is horrible. Breathing is very difficult. An epidemic of sore throat, rough voice, dry cough, and chest pain hurts the Iranian people. The horrible Air Pollution has caused this epidemic. But Mullahs just bow to the West, and do nothing to solve the real problems .. the Mullah Parliament is a British parliament. They remind you of the Shah and Azhari, who said the people’s slogans had come out of cassette tapes and had not been shouted by the people. But as people say to Mullahs: Miserable Mullahs!/ Four-star donkeys/ Keep saying it’s Sedition/ But your fate is worse than the fate of the Shah and Azhari .. In Iran, the whores still love Rouhani. But the West says: the whores = the people! .. The West has lost its mind. They just try to create more and more hatred of the West and its puppets! Now their media talks about ‘Reading all SSL connections’ or ‘Encrypted Traffic Monitoring’! They say: ‘Government agencies are able to use valid SSL certificates for man-in-the-middle-attacks. Government agencies like the NSA control the CAs and all digital certificates’! They even say: ‘the NSA has compromised the server hardware systems at the BIOS level‘ ! (Dec 2013) But who can love or trust this Orwellian West?! .. Only whores and retards still love the Orwellian West. The Exiled Whores like Behnoud, Nourizadeh, Ganji, Nabavi and all Khatamists, Pahlavists, Marxists, terrorists (MEK, etc), Islamists and other shits still lick the US ass, the UK ass, the IMF ass .. More than 99% of Iranians hate Monarchists (Pahlavists) and Mujadeh (MEK or Islamist-Marxist Terrorists). Mujadeh means ‘Jihadi’, but the US regime and the UK regime love Jihadis and all terrorists … Now it’s clear that the root of Iran’s problems is the West … Just look at Syria, Egypt, Turkey, etc. The US and the Left defend Islamists or dictators! They say: Our puppets are the only options; your only options are (the current Tyranny [dictators] or the future Tyranny [terrorists etc] !) .. The West’s Evil Empire imposes these two options on Egypt (Islamists or Generals [the Army]), on Syria (Assad or Terrorists), on Saudi (Dictator or Al-Qaede), on Turkey (Islamists or Generals), on Iran (Mullah or Monarchist/ Mujadeh!), on the US (Romney (Rep.) or Chomsky/ Obama), on the UK (Tories or other puppets of the Queen!). It’s the British Democracy. In the British Democracy, your national anthem should be ‘God Save the Big Brother’, and people should only choose between the Big Brother’s agents. There is no real election, no real debate, no free press, no Privacy, and no Democracy. The Big Brother controls everything. The Big Brother is watching, spying, and controlling all people. The Big Brother controls all mass media, all big companies, and all public figures. This is the Big Brother’s Democracy, the British Democracy .. their national anthem is ‘God Save the Big Brother’ ! But all normal people hate the Big Brother, and are becoming disillusioned with the Big Brother’s Democracy. Sooner or later all people will revolt against the Big Brother”.

Morality, Ethics, Religion, and Humanity

January 9, 2014

“Islamists and their Western masters have confused. The meanings of their 2013 Election Show are clear. But now, for about ten days, and from morning to night, Islamists celebrate the 2009 coup and the massacre of Iranians, while the US, UK and EU make love with Islamists, and [censor Iran’s news]”, many say. The current farces are important. The bad guys are showing the depth of their wickedness and their foolishness. But as the wise Iranians say: “Crisis is the mother of Evolution, and Necessity is the mother of Invention. The pain and suffering caused by the bad guys (barbarians, politicians, clergymen, fanatics, etc) has been a godsend for humanity. Those who created revolutions and big changes, and even those who created ‘new thoughts and good solutions’ have had a main source of inspiration: the hardships of their own time and their pain and suffering. The good guys could develop concepts like ‘Ethics’, ‘Rights’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Democracy’ etc and could create ‘new ideas and new horizons’ because the bad guys and bad things like ‘ignorance’, ‘corruption’, ‘tyranny’, ‘barbarism’ etc hurt them, and forced them to change. If you study history, you can see that the bad guys caused a lot of pain and a lot of trouble, but their crimes and their evil deeds finally created Evolution, Progress, A better world, A better life”. It’s really important. They also add: “the bad guys were trying to destroy the good, to enslave humans, and to ruin the civilized world, but they were just switching on the engine of evolution and the engine of change! […] Ancient Iranians said: ‘the Evil (enemy) can be a godsend’ or ‘We learn ‘Politeness’ from impolite people’! It shows the depth of Iranian Wisdom. Ancient Iranians knew that ‘being good/ civilized’ means ‘not being bad/ barbarian’. Ancient Iranians knew obvious things, but the West is still stupid”. The bad guys and their whores are really stupid. The pain and suffering caused by bad guys is very useful, and just provides the fuel for the engine of evolution/ growth/ progress. As some wise Iranians say: “The bad guys and their evil deeds just add fuel to the flames of Change. The bad guys are retards. They are sworn enemies of the good and all good things, but their stupidities just add fuel to the engine of the good! Now even their own media say: ‘Rather than providing a solution, our acts and our statements merely add fuel to the fire’ ! The bad guys have always been useful idiots. Now, the daily lies in the West, the horrible censorship in the West, the human rights violations in the West, or the West’s love affairs with Islamists is really a godsend for Iranians and all good guys. Now it’s clear that the West and Islamists are two sides of the same coin. Now it’s clear why the UK and the West have supported Mullahs and Monarchists in the past 200 years. Now it’s clear that the Islamist Morality is a copy of the Jewish Morality, as the Religious Immorality is a copy of the Western Immorality”. The lessons of history are important. As the wise Iranians say: “Bad guys and Barbarians are big losers. Good guys have won a very important victory other them. Now bad guys and barbarians cannot openly defend their own values. They are forced to use those values, concepts, or language that belong to the tribe of the good guys. It’s a great victory. The bad guys cannot openly say: ‘Yah, we are racists, dictators, sadists, savages, crooks, thieves etc’. The Evil is a big loser. Now even modern sciences (modern philosophy/ psychology etc) talk about Morality, Human values, or Healthy People who don’t live like animals, barbarians and bad guys. Now all normal people know the high level joys like joys of music, joys of arts, joys of Being Good, joys of Human values etc. But beasts and barbarians cannot understand such joys, and it’s one of the main differences between Civilization (Tamadon) and Barbarization (Tavahosh). The good guys know the Hierarchy of Needs, and this fact that the joys of sciences & arts or the joys of truth/ goodness/ friendship etc is much more than the joys of food/ s-e-x/ money etc. But religious fanatics are like those savages who cannot understand the joys of music. They think sex or ‘under the stomach’ is everything! The main pillar of their Jewish Religion is s-e-x. Religious fanatics and all bad guys hate ‘the brain’ and ‘the reason’, and just care about ‘the stomach’ and ‘under the stomach’. They have lost their humanity. They do all evil things in the name of Religion. They actually ask all people to hate ‘God, Religion, and even Morality’.

We have already written about the Iranian Mindset and ‘God and Religion’ (check Archive for: “Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance”, etc). As we said before, the majority of Iranians believe: ‘Being human [good guy] is important (Adam Budan Moheme); Being religious or irreligious is not important‘. Since the ancient time, Iranians believed in this Iranian belief, known as ‘Persian Tolerance’. As the wise Iranians say: “Are all religious people bad guys? no! Are all irreligious people good guys? no! Being good guy or bad guy is independent of Religion. In Iran, we have seen many religious people, who were good guys. They cared about humanity, truth, tolerance, and other good things. On the other hand, we have seen many irreligious people who were bad guys. They were intolerant, and charlatan. They didn’t care about other humans and human values. Of course we all know that many great men and many good guys were and are irreligious people. They care about the good, the truth, and human values. They just hate Islamists and religious fanatics […] Islamists kill and torture Iranians with the help of the West, and instead of regretting or apologizing, they celebrate the massacre of Iranians! Islamists and Zionists are two sides of the same coin. In Iran, Islamists (Mullahs, Basijis, Khatamists, etc) desperately try to hurt Iranians and help Iran’s enemies. But Islamists and all religious fanatics show and prove an important thing: Religion can create very bad guys and immoral people”. They also add: “If you read the story of Civilization and the story of Evolution, you can see that Morality is independent of Religion. Religion is a product of human civilization, but Morality is a product of the social life, and you can see morality in the social animals. Many believe ‘Religion emerged after Morality, and it seems right, because you can see morality in the social animals, but we don’t have a Christian monkey, a Muslim donkey, or a Jewish pig! Of course, the funny guys make joke and say we have such creatures! […] The social animals like ants, bees, elephants, whales, etc have some sort of morality. Elephants care about each other, even after their death. The social animals even sacrifice themselves for family, group, or children. They care about cooperation, compassion, and those behaviors that strengthen group cohesion. The social animals hate behaviors that threaten group cohesion and cooperation such as stealing & cheating. In fact, morality is natural and necessary for the social life”. Topics like ‘Evolutionally Ethics’, ‘Morality and group living’ or ‘Evolution of Morality’ are interesting topics that we should write more about them later. But as some wise Iranians say: “the precursors of human morality can be traced to the behaviors of other social creatures. But even if you ignore Science and Evolution, you still can see that ‘Ethics is independent of Religion’. Its not rocket science. Islamists, Jewish/ Christian fanatics and their Religious Immorality are proving it to you!”. Ethics has been a branch of Philosophy. Many philosophers have talked about Morality. They have said many stupid things & many good things. But here lets ignore what they said. Philosophical issues can be very complicated, but fortunately or unfortunately, many philosophical issues have become sociopolitical issues and practical problems. So, as the wise Iranians say: “we all can understand [these issues]. For instance, some argue that religious beliefs are necessary to provide moral guidance. But it’s totally wrong. In Iran under the Mullah regime, or in the West, you can see that religious fanatics and their religious beliefs just create a corrupt, materialistic, and degenerate world. The most immoral things in Iran’s history, including the biggest lies/ corruptions/ frauds/ etc belong to the Mullah era. Of course no sane person can say: ‘(With or) Without Religion, we will get rid of idiots and corrupt people’. Idiots can call themselves Religious, Atheist, Intellect, Pragmatist, Utilitarian, or even Liberal. Idiots just care about the Fashion! They accept or reject Religion, because it’s in fashion! They accept or reject Ethics, because it’s in fashion. Idiots say stupid things. For instance, Islamists and other idiots say only Marx and Marxists said: ‘the religion is the opium of the people’! But since the ancient time, the wise Iranians have said such things. Ancient Iranians knew that clergymen use Religion as a tool of Control and fooling people (Tahmigh). For instance, ‘Hafiz’ is a great Iranian poet, and in many of his famous poets, he talks about ‘Religions fanatics’ and those who see Religion as a Business (Dokan). Hafiz and many great men of Persia criticized clergymen/ fanatics for shedding crocodile tears for Religion and doing the most immoral things in the name of Morality. Ancient Iranians knew the clergymen’s business, and their customers (Sheeple). Ancient Iranians knew why fanatics and all bad guys hate ‘Literacy’, ‘Public Awareness’, Progress etc”. They also add: “Religious fanatics, including Islamists, have no morality and no logic. They use Religion as the opium of the people. They have nothing to say, and that’s why they kill people, and suppress all critics. Just look at Syria, Turkey, Saudi, all Jewish-Arab states, and those savage terrorists that the West supports them. Their Jewish-Barbaric culture is really like the West’s barbaric culture. They all praise Genocide, Racism, Inhumanity, Sadism etc. Their logic is the Logic of Sword, or the Logic of Power. It’s exactly the West’s logic. The West’s bullying and the West’s sadistic, immoral and Orwellian behaviors show the true face of the Western Logic. But idiots still say: the West’s Barbaric Culture is superior to all others! […] Even If you ignore the long history of Barbarians in the West, or if you ignore this fact that the Western culture has created Nazism, Fascism, Colonialism,
Utilitarianism, Orwellian Society etc, the recent years will reveal the truth. Barbarians wear new clothing. Nazis, British Barbarians, or Fascists look like and dress like modern humans. But their views/ values belong to the Stone Age. Now British Mullahs celebrate the great massacre of Iranians, and the Barbarian Britain thanks Mullahs! Now British Mullahs celebrate the Tyranny and the 2009 Massacres, and the Great Satan (US) makes love with Mullahs. Now British Mullahs praise Injustice, Corruption, Oppression, IMF Plans and Anti-Iran Plans, and the Barbarian West -the UK, the Left (Marxists), the Western media etc- close their dirty eyes, help Islamists and hurt Iranians”.


As the wise Iranians say: “The Role of Culture in Religion’ is important. The world and history show that each nation has its own perceptions of the god. Iranians think the god is the Good, Love, or Friend. Barbarians think that the god is a barbarian. Dictators think that the god is a dictator. Those who love Genocide and Racism say the god loves such barbaric things, too! The Arab/ Jewish fanatics think the god is as barbarian as themselves. But it’s not a weird thing. Idiots think all people are idiots. The uncultured people think all people are uncultured. Psychos, sadists or rapists (fanatics) think the god and all people are sick pigs, too”. They also add: “Clergymen and politicians are the same shit. They just care about Power and Control. The wise men already said: ‘They claim morality is the answer to the question ‘how ought we to live’. But politics is addressing the same question! So, their morality = politics?!’ ! It’s a [good point]. Attitudes in their morality and politics are the same. They don’t care about the truth, the better life and other good things. They just care about the Power, and enslaving people. What religious fanatics do and say has deep roots in the Jewish-Barbarian culture. They praised, and still praise, Genocide, Racism, Slavery, Mass Murder, Ethnical cleansing etc. They saw, and still see, women as slaves or s-e-x objects. Their Jewish Hijab and their Jewish laws show that they think sex or ‘under the stomach’ is everything! The main pillar of their religion is s-e-x, because they are sex-obsessed beasts, and have no understanding of the high level needs and the hierarchy of needs. They say: there are many moral principles about s-e-x! They crap about relations between men & women, while they themselves rape people! But all normal humans know that the joys of s-e-x is like the joys of all basic needs. Normal people are not s-e-x addicts. They know that you will be sick and tired of s-e-x, food, etc, if you care about such things more than normal. They know that s-e-x can be joyful and painful (boring, sickening, etc), and it depends how much you do it. In the 21st century, normal people know such obvious things. But religious fanatics and all bad guys still ask people to be s-e-x addict, s-ex-obsessed, or s-e-x object. [They] pollute normal sex/ joys with evil things like slavery, addiction, organized crimes etc”. They also add: “there is no special moral principle about s-e-x. All you can see is fundamental principles. Marriage: commitment/ lying/ cheating/ care of children etc; rape: hurting/ harming (sadism); doing s-e-x from morning to night: living like sheep/ addiction/ slavery. But religious fanatics and all bad guys love lying, cheating, hurting, addiction, slavery, and the base of Immorality. They just crap about s-e-x, joys etc. So, it’s oblivious why the US media reports: ‘a (Christian) fanatic had sex with his own child’ or ‘a clergyman had sexual relations with his biological daughter’! Jewish/ Christian fanatics and Islamists are sick animals. Now even the Mullah media confesses that Islamists and AN’s friends are a bunch of spies, crooks and rapists. They talk about sick Basijis, and say for instance: ‘Economic Basijis (Zanjani etc) can be CIA agents. They just help the anti-Iran Sanctions’! or ‘Sajadpur, the deputy ministry of ‘Islamic Culture & Islamic Guidance’ [!], is on trial for raping women’ !! Sajadpur is a high rank Islamist, who made a film (PayanNameh) about the 2009 coup, and defended the Massacre of Iranians. He is an ideologue of the Islamic Cinema. Sajadpur was the head of ‘Islamic Censorship’ department. In the AN’s era, he decided which film is Islamic, and which film should be banned! The West and the Left censor all facts, but the Mullah media reports: ‘He has raped many women in his office. Even during ‘the Youth Films Festival’, he raped a youth in a hotel in Isfahan, but his rape scenes were filmed’. It’s important that AN’s friends and Islamists -who hurt Iranians, ruined Iran’s Arts & Iran’s Economy, and defended the 2009 coup & Islamist Tyranny- are crooks and rapists. Now the Iranian people make joke, and say: ‘His rape-porn film (in that hotel) is the real Islamic Cinema .. He raped women, because he wanted to guide them! .. Islamists kill people, torture people, or rape people, because Islamists want to guide people into the Islamist Morality .. Who loves these rapists, crooks and spies?! the West and Noam Chomsky .. Islamists are sick dogs with Golden Collars .. They defend the 2009 coup & celebrate the Massacre of Iranians, because they want to rape and to steal with impunity’. The Iranian people know the Morality of Islamists. They know why Islamists work as spies or stooges for Iran’s Enemies. Islamists and all religious fanatics have no principles. They say: ‘Religion provides moral guidance’! But their Jewish religion just provides guidance on enslaving, raping, lying, cheating, killing, stealing etc”. Iranians are angry. But as some wise Iranians say: “Iranians don’t say all religious people are bad guys, or all irreligious people are good guys! Idiocy and corruption are independent of Religion. But clergymen and politicians love idiots and idiocy, and Idiots still defend the Western barbarians, while the West’s barbaric values are not hidden facts. Their Holly Barbarism still defends Genocide, Racism, Sadism etc. Their Judeo-Christian values created a theocratic hell and a medieval tyranny in the West. They created Nazism, Fascism, Colonialism, World Wars etc and massacred billions of people. They try to rewrite history. But even their Plato confessed that he learned from Persian philosophers; and even American Founding Fathers confessed that they were aware of what Persians already said about God-given human rights, tolerance, etc. Barbarians cannot hide the truth for ever. Now they themselves talk about their bankruptcy, the Death of their Morality, or the End of America, and their media says: ‘the US regime wants control human beings through control of their machines [!] The NSA puts security ‘back doors’ in all software and hardware, including Cisco’s firewalls[!] The NSA is compromising the technology and products of all American
[!] [But] Federal Judge Rules Orwellian NSA Surveillance Program Is Legal‘ ! (Dec 2013) This Orwellian America is making love with Islamists, and hurting all humans”. They also add: “Western politicians, clergymen and religious fanatics are very sick and amoral people. But most people say moral things like: ‘we cannot accept that so many children grow up in poverty’ or ‘we cannot accept child porn’ or ‘we cannot accept mass spying and state censorship’ or ‘women have a moral right to work without being s-exually harassed’. It’s quite different from what religious fanatics say. But unfortunately, many still think that Morality is a religious matter, and if you hate religion or clergymen, you should hate ethics and human values, too! It’s a big problem; Religious fanatics have created it”.


“Ethics or moral philosophy talks about important issues such as what is good and bad. Such issues can be very complicated, but not in the sociopolitical contexts. We all can know politicians, fanatics, and media whores. According to dictionaries, ‘Conscience = the part of human mind that tells you whether what you are doing is morally right or wrong’. Conscience is not so reliable, because it can be under the influence of fanatics, who try to instil stupid things in children from an early age. But if you mix conscience with logic and reason, it can be a good guide”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “the bad guys don’t want the main problems solved. They, barbarians and idiots say: ‘without religious belief there is no restriction on personal behavior’! They want people to live like sheep. They say: ‘Morality is doing what you are told’! But following a moral system blindly & without reflection can create very immoral and corrupt pigs who can kill, rape, torture, betray etc. It’s what you can see in the Mullah regime, the West, the Jewish-Arab states etc. All bad guys, including clergymen and politicians, just care about their own power and their own business, not the truth, the good, or the people. They have a long list of moral rules, but they often break their own rules! They say: ‘We can break moral rules; it’s moral’ ! They are stupid charlatans. They just want to enslave people. Their mural rules are stupid & immoral. For instance, they say genocide, racism, sadism, addiction, slavery, killing people, fooling people, living like sheep etc are moral things! But science, awareness, truth, joy, happiness, normal life, and living ‘like Healthy Humans’ (Mesl-e Adam) are bad things!”. They also add: “But Iranians don’t think like fanatics and bad guys. We think there are a few Moral principles. They are about lying, cheating, killing, hurting, fooling, enslaving, commitment, care of children, sympathy, inhumanity, and some other things. Almost all humans know them. For instance, most know that if lying became a habit, and if you tell many lies, or if you tell big lies, you are not a good guy. Lying destroys trust, friendship, etc”. They also add: ” Is there a Universal Morality? It’s an old question, and its answer is like the answer to this question: ‘Is there a universal value?’ As you know, the answer is Yes. But those who call themselves ‘Ethical Relativists’, while they are ‘Charlatans’ not Relativists, deny that there is any universal value! But many ask them: ‘Do you love & defend telling big lie, killing innocent people, eating people etc?! Do you love & defend Racism, Sadism, Barbarism, Genocide etc?! Those who love such things are psychos, and should be sent to a psychiatric hospital !”. They also add: “Now we can see Morality as a part of the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’. Human Morality is almost equal to ‘Human values’. But Idiots and fanatics still say stupid things such as: ‘there is no scientific beliefs that all humans share’ ! They think scientific beliefs are like religious beliefs! For instance, they say ‘the earth is flat’ or ‘the sun orbits the earth’, and call such crap ‘scientific beliefs! They don’t know the difference between ‘Science’ and ‘Fiction’, or between maths, physics, and clergymen’s crap […] It’s obvious that universal values exist. But charlatans, clergymen, and all bad guys have always tried to pretend that what they say (their bullshit & their crap) are universal values! It’s a problem that will be solved by public awareness”. They also add: “Religion was not a bad thing. In the ancient time, the good guys -Iranians and others- discovered that the values of morality and even religion can enhance group survival. The well-educated people are aware of the role of Religion and the role of Iranians in creating ‘cultured people’. Religion, as a product of Civilization, could create hope, progress etc in the darkest times. But bad guys and barbarians polluted Religion”. As some Iranians say: “Religious fanatics and bad guys refer to their own barbaric laws as ‘moral code’! They ask people to obey them, and when people resist obeying them and their barbaric laws, they say: ‘It’s for weakening the church [!], and the church = morals [!]’ It’s exactly what Europeans said in the Middle Ages. But what happened to the Church, Religion, and Morality in Europe?! […] Their fanatics went to America, and now American Sadists have become Masochists. As their media reports: ‘Corporations such as McDonald’s, Monsanto, Shell, BP, Chevron, Dow, Wal-Mart, Bank of America, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce now engage in espionage against nonprofit civic organizations and the individuals involved in them‘ ! (Dec 2013) Wow! This Orwellian America is behind Islamists”.

As the wise Iranians say: “Both the good guys and the bad guys talk about morality, religion, philosophy, science, etc. But how can you know who is who?! The key rule is: the bad guys defend politicians, dictators, thugs, sadists, Islamists, colonialists, terrorists, crooks, thieves and other bad guys. Many Western philosophers tried, and still try, to justify Tyranny and Evil things, and to help politicians, dictators, and bad guys. It’s funny that many of them were and are British! For instance, those who developed the idea of Utilitarianism worked for the East India Company! The British barbarians referred to Charlatanism as Relativism! They just try to fool people. They defend dictators in the name of Relativism, and say: ‘There is no principle, no evil, no ‘absolutely wrong’! But it’s Charlatanism, not Relativism. You can’t work for bad guys, defend Racism/ Genocide, and help brutal dictators, and then say: ‘Oh, it’s not absolutely wrong. We all are grey’! It’s Charlatanism, not Relativism”. We have already written about this issue. (For more info check Archive for: “Nothing But the Truth”, “Alternative to Tribalism: Good Guys vs. Bad Guys”, etc). The bad guys and their whores just play with concepts like Relativism, Principle, Tolerance, Good, Evil, etc. They want to fool and confuse people. But as the wise Iranians say: “Logic, reason, and our instincts and our humanity can aid us in knowing [these bastards]. For instance, behaviors that threaten group cohesion and cooperation such as cheating, lying, and stealing disgust humans and social animals […] Instincts and emotions are not reliable, but if you mix these natural guides with logic, reason and human values, you can have a good guide”. Unfortunately, many still admire the Western Crap or the Lefty Crap. As some wise Iranians say: “Many think only clergymen and fanatics should talk about ‘Morality’ or ‘Ethics’ !, and when you talk about ‘Ethics’, they see it as ‘Rozeh’ (preaching)! Unfortunately many philosophers thought in this way, too. For instance, Nietzsche was sick and tired of clergymen, fanatics and their religious morality. But he concluded that ‘Morality’ is a stupid thing, and only the poor and the weak creatures care about Morality, and it’s what the Power wants. Nietzsche said many stupid things, because the bad guys and fanatics had blinded him. Religious fanatics have always caused a lot of pain and a lot of trouble, and it has blinded many people. But we all should not allow these stupid bastards to blind us to the truth. Fortunately, many have become aware. Many talk about ‘the dark and savage morality of the Jewish Bible’, and say: ‘The Church has praised or condoned slavery, racism, s-exism, genocide etc throughout most of Christianity’s history. During the Middle Age, the Church and clergymen showed how corrupt a so-called religious society can be’. Now many know that the bad guys can be religious or irreligious people. Those American and European politicians/ journalists who love Sadism, Racism, Genocide, Censorship, Big lies, Orwellian acts etc are two groups: religious and irreligious. They are stupid charlatans, and say for instance: ‘lifestyle choices represent an individual’s conception of the good life, and Morality’! In fact, they confess that Racism, Sadism or Barbarism is part of their lifestyle and their culture!”. As the wise Iranians say: “All bad guys are the same shit. They tell big lies, hurt Humans and do all evil things, but shed crocodile tears for Morality or Humanity! […] But we, Iranians, don’t see the West in black and white. We don’t see Religion and religious people in black and white. We don’t see irreligious people in black and white, as well. We just care about [the Truth]”. They also add: “Whores and fanatics shed crocodile tears for ‘Lack of Morality, Individualism, etc’. British Barbarians defend Utilitarianism, Colonialism, Tyranny, Monarchy, Censorship etc but call themselves Democrats! Unfortunately, whores are everywhere. Many Western scientists are whores. But the good scientists exist, and care about the truth. As they truly say, the development of human values and modern morality is a process closely tied to the sociocultural evolution of humanity. The sociocultural evolution belongs to the civilized humans, and is different from the biological evolution. The process of biological evolution is senseless and merciless. It merely creates life-forms, and insures that all possible combinations are tested for survivability. But the survival of the species is in importance. The survival of the individual is the least important. In the animal world, behavior which supply less opportunity for species survival is perverted. But in the human world, we care about the quality of life, the high level needs, the individual, and those things that are as important as survival. We, humans, climb up the Hierarchy of Needs, and see the importance of the human values and the high level needs. We don’t want to live like animals. We want to know more about the life, the world, the universe, etc. We want to have a better world, a better life, a better future. We want to enjoy our life. We know that the joys of high level drives is much more than the joys of animal drives (food, s-e-x, money, etc). We, humans, care about the long term welfare and the long term goals, but most animals are very short-sighted. Of course, part of our species -ie politicians, fanatics, and other retards- are more short-sighted than animals”.

Immorality, Religious Fanatics, Evil Empire

January 3, 2014

2014 begins with a farce. In these days, Iranians laugh and spit at Islamists and the West, and express their anger because as they say: “Mullahs are celebrating ‘the 2009 Massacres’ ! In the anniversary of ‘the Ashoura Massacre’, the Islamist killers, who are puppets of the US, are celebrating the US-backed 2009 Coup/ Massacre .. The Mullah TV is worse than [the Nazi media]; from morning to night, this fucking mourning station is celebrating the Great Massacre of Iranians!”. Anyone with half a brain knows the meaning of the current farce. As the wise Iranians say: “the Mad Mullahs and their Great Satan (USA/ the West) are making love with each other, but trying to hide the truth by ‘Barking’, ‘Farting’, or Celebrating the US-backed massacre! What they do is a clear sign of their confusion, their misery, their bankruptcy, and their End. They just make a fool of themselves, and make people even angrier. Now Iran’s people say: ‘Mullahs are worse than animals .. Islamists are savage beasts .. Iran and Iranians will never forget and forgive these animals (Islamists), their Western supporters, and their Unforgivable Crimes’. Now even the Mullah newspapers (‘Islamic Republic’ etc) warn Mullahs about ‘the upcoming Revolution’ and ‘the large army of angry people‘! They say: ‘Iranians are mad at the Islamic regime’ ! (Dec 2013) They know the meanings of the Jalali-Rouhani farce (the 2013 Show). They know the public anger. They confess that ‘the Islamic regime has become the regime of Crooks and Thieves’. They talk about Economic Basijis and ‘the biggest corruptions in Iran’s history’! They talk about ‘Social Security Organization’, and Embezzling Billions of Dollars in the AN’s era’! But it’s important to note that the West censors these facts and all facts/ news of Iran, and just makes love with Islamists […] But why the Mullah media warns about the Public Anger, and arousing the anger of the people?! They know the year 1978, when the Shah was celebrating the US-backed 1953 coup! They know that Islamists (Basijis, Khatamists, etc) have no public support in Iran, and their ‘Hassan Mullah’ (Rouhani) is worse than AN. Now this British Rouhani openly praises the 2009 coup, and talks about implementing the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans! So, it’s obvious why they warn about ‘the upcoming Revolution’ and ‘the large army of angry people’. They know that the Big Bang is near. They know that Iran and Iranians will never forget and forgive the anti-Iranian Islamists and their Unforgivable Crimes. The Evil Empire (the West) and its agents (Chomsky, lefts, etc) love Islamists; but in Iran, Islamists are a symbol of Corruption, Tyranny, Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Killing, and all immoral things”. In these days, many things are informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Their collaborations are as laughable as their secret talks and secret deals. The US and the West censor all facts/ news of Iran, hurt Iranians, help Islamists, and praise Genocide, Bullying, Hurting Iranians, and Helping Anti-Democracy groups. On the other hand, Islamists lick the American ass & the British ass, slow down the filtered internet, try to ruin Iran & hurt Iranians, celebrate massacres of Iranians, and serve the West’s interests! Their collaborations show that they still live in the 19th century, the Age of Puppet Dictators! They still think they can use the dual policy of the 19th century: ‘Tyranny/ Oppression for Iran’, ‘Profit/ Concession for the West’ ! The current farces again confirm people’s views: the Mullah regime is a puppet regime, and the West is the number one Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran. The West is the real Evil Empire, and Islamists are the pawns of the Evil Empire”. They also add: “The Immorality of Religious Fanatics, aka the Religious Immorality, is so disgusting. Islamists, Zionists, and all religious fanatics openly say: ‘Genocide is good; Racism is good; Sadism is good; Killing/ Hurting innocent people is good; Cheating is good; Telling big lies is good; Eating shit is good’ ! Religious fanatics -ie Islamists, Jewish/ Christian fanatics etc- are really worse than animals. The social animals have some sort of morality. But religious fanatics have no morality. They openly say: ‘Is Genocide Really Unethical? Is Torture Unethical? Is Massacre Really Unethical? no! they can become moral in the right context [!!] Killing innocent people can be justified [!!]’. Of course, none of this should be surprising. As our people say: Religious fanatics don’t believe in the Good, the Truth, or Iranian values; If they believed in such things, they would not think and behave like [Barbarians]”. In these days, many things are laughable. As the wise Iranians say: “the West and its stooges are showing their true colors, and trying to disillusion all people! We should thank them! Islamists, who are pro-Arab and anti-Iranian, are celebrating Killing, Lying, Raping, Cheating, Stealing etc. They show that the Islamist Morality is nothing but the Jewish-British Morality, ie the Morality of Barbarians. On the other hand, the West and Islamists are making love. The West badly shows its true face. But the Western Lies, the Western Censorship, and the West’s sadistic & immoral behaviors just confirm that the Immorality of Islamists is a copy of the Immorality of the West. The West, Islamists and their Jewish morality praise Lying, Fraud, Sadism, Oppression, Tyranny, and all evil things. The West and Islamists have created the worst coups/ election frauds in Iran’s history, the greatest embezzlements/ corruptions in Iran’s history, the biggest lies in Iran’s history, the worst anti-Iranian regime in Iran’s history, great massacres, great injustice, and many other unforgivable crimes. In 2009 and these years, all Iranians saw the true face of the Islamist morality, that is a Jewish morality. Clergymen and religious fanatics do all evil things in the name of Religion. But as most Iranians say: ‘It just leads to the abandonment of Religion entirely’. And it’s what we all can see in Iran under the Mullah regime, or in Europe after the Middle Ages. The irony of it is that the main enemies of God and Religion are Religious Fanatics!”.


The bad guys try to shatter people’s illusions -all illusions! In these conditions, many thank the bad guys for such stupidities, and many talk or think about the roots of problems. For instance, some Iranians say: “All bad guys try to prove: Religion = Religious fanatics, and Morality = Religion! But why?! Why do religious fanatics and all bad guys try to destroy Religion, and even Morality?! […] They just want to enslave all humans. One day they try to enslave humans by Religion, and one day they try to enslave humans by Anti-Religion”. As some Iranians say: “The stupid West and its stooges (Islamists, etc) want to hurt Iran and Iranians. But these stupid sadists actually help Iran and Iranians. For restoring the Great Iran (Persia), Iranians should know the West and its stooges very well […] Now the West shows its true colors, and it’s exactly what Iran needs! Now it’s clear that Islamists and all exiled whores are stupid slaves of the West’s Evil Empire. Now it’s clear why Iranians refer to Islamists and exiled whores as spies, stooges, crooks, etc. Now Islamists and Jewish/ Christian fanatics clearly show that the meanest people and the most corrupt/ immoral people are religious fanatics”. As some wise Iranians say: “Westerners are ignorant. But our people, ie the people of the Land of the Good (Iran), say to Islamists and all religious fanatics: ‘You are sick idiots (Bimar). You even don’t believe in your own crap. You say: ‘Lying is worse than Adultery’! But from morning to night, you tell the biggest lies! You not only tell big lies, but you cheat, you steal, you kill/ torture innocent people, and you do all evil things. You are psychos (Ravani). You need a good doctor!”. They also add: “Islamists and all religious fanatics in the West are Sadists. According to dictionaries, ‘Sadist = someone who enjoys hurting other people or making them suffer’. This definition just remind you of the West & Islamists! And that’s why many Iranians say to Islamists and all religious fanatics: “You, the sadists, are sworn enemies of the Morality, and all good things. You say: ‘We want to protect the Morality by telling big lies, killing innocent people, stealing people’s money, oppressing people, and doing all immoral things! You, the sadists, are a joke. Your religious morality is like the Nazi morality. Your Jewish God is really the Devil. You are the forces of Evil”. The current farces and the love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan (USA)’ just open all old wounds. As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs have no morality, no honor, and no brain. Mullahs just obey the Evil Empire and the Biblical-Jewish immorality. Mullahs just try to repeat the history of Europe, the Middle Ages, and what Jews/ Christians did and do in the name of Religion. Europeans committed the most horrible crimes against humanity in the name of Religion and religious morality. They defended, and still defend, Genocide, Racism, Colonialism, Explanation, Slavery, and all evil things in the name of Religion and religious morality. They and Islamists just show that religious fanatics are the main source of ‘immoral behaviors’ & immoral crimes”. They also add: “Many religious people are good guys, and most religious people hate religious fanatics. But unfortunately, religious people are silent, and allow religious fanatics to prove: all religious people = religious fanatics. In Iran, Islamists (Mullahs, Basijis, Khatamists, etc) are nothing but a small group of anti-Iranian crooks, thieves, killers, spies, and bad guys who hurt Iranians and help Iran’s enemies. But they and all religious fanatics show and prove an important thing: ‘Religion can create bad guys and immoral people’. On the other hand, we all can see that many great men, moral people and good guys are irreligious people. So, even if you ignore science, evolution, philosophy, history, etc, you still can see that Morality is independent of Religion“. We would write more about this issue later. But as some Iranians say: “The West and all bad guys love ‘immorality’ and religious fanatics. Who created, defend, or strongly support Wahabism, Salafism, Mullahism, Bahaism, Mormonism, Zionism, Terrorism, Colonialism, Racism, Fanaticism, Monarchism, Sadism, Charlatanism, etc?! the US, the UK, and Europe, aka the Evil Empire. They are still animals in human’s clothing. They tell big lies, censor all facts, and aid Islamists. Just Look at Syria, Saudi, Egypt, Turkey, etc […] Now Mullahs are celebrating ‘the UK-backed Massacre’, and their British masters sending the Queen’s envoys (Jack Straw, etc) to Iran to thank British Mullahs! The British Bitch (Queen) is the Mother of Mullahs and all evil forces”. They also add: “Almost all Iranians hate Islamists, Marxists, Terrorists, Monarchists, and other Anti-Iran shits. But the UK and the US openly support these evil, anti-Democracy and anti-Persia groups, and show that why even the pro-West Iranians have changed, and now say: ‘… Az Yek Mosht Adam-Khor va Barbar chi Mishe Tavagho Dasht !’ (The UK has no understanding of humanity & human civilization; What you can expect from a bunch of human-eaters & barbarians !) … Az Yek Mosht Gav Cheroon Vahshi bish az-in nemishe Tavagho Dasht ! (The US can’t understand more than this; What you can expect from a bunch of savage cow boys!) Their history of Civilization is a 500 years-old history, while our history of Civilization is a 15,000 years-old history. So, they are like a stupid upstart or a worthless parvenu .. We should teach them Civilization and Humanity, and make them Human!”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the CIA agents call themselves ‘American intellectuals’ and say: ‘In the USA, Moralism is out, with good reason [!!] Only nations with a comfortable surfeit of power can permit themselves the luxury of allowing moral considerations [!!!] to shape basic policy [!!]” (Dec 2013) Can you believe it?! They confess that they and their USA are very immoral pigs. They show why even the good Americans say: ‘the most barbaric & racist piece of theology belongs to the Jewish fanatics and [our ancestors]. The Christian fanatics have spilled most blood ‘under the Cross’ ! In the Evil Empire, their main religion is ‘Barbarism, Power and Money'”.


As the wise Iranians say: “We, Iranians, don’t see the West in black and white. We don’t say all Westerners are bad guys. But the Barbarian West makes love with the Mullah regime, hurts Iranians, helps Islamists, and says: Iran’s regime = Iran’s people! The West has no shame. US Congressmen openly say: ‘We should hurt the Iranian people’! But why does the West show its true face in this way?! […] The West has confused. The West is totally bankrupt, and nearing the End. Now even Americans say: ‘America is drowning in ‘sea of immorality’ (sea of lie and corruption)! It’s true. The West and its stooges, including Islamists, are drowning in ‘Sea of Immorality’; Sea of Stupidity. Now, all Iranian predictions seem to have come true. The Dawn is near; and as you know, the night before dawn is always the darkest“. Unfortunately, many know nothing about the Western fanatics, or religious fanatics in America. As some wise Iranians say: “Congressmen and the savage Americans in authority openly praise Sadism, Genocide, Biblical Barbarism, Racism, Fanaticism, etc. But they are only the tip of the iceberg. It’s interesting to know that the sadistic & immoral pigs in America call themselves ‘Fellowship of God’s Covenant People’! (FGCP), etc […] FGCP, like KKK, is one of many religious groups in America that openly praise Genocide & Barbarism. They say, for instance: ‘We had to exterminate the Canaanite/ Jew in the Promised Land .. The Canaanite could not ever serve our God, the God of the Bible .. But millions of Americans disobey the commandments of the God of the Bible’ !! (, 2012) These savage Americans praise Genocide, but shed crocodile for Morality, and say: ‘Marilyn Monroe was a foolish and immoral woman. ‘The Seven Year Itch’ is a horrible, horrible, wicked movie produced in 1954. The statue of Marilyn Monroe on Michigan Avenue in Chicago is of the Devil. Chicago is a hell-hole. Marilyn Monroe’s statue is the height of wickedness’ ! (, 2012) These barbarians praise Racism and incite Genocide, but they crap about the poor Monroe! They show that the empty head of all religious fanatics is a hell-hole, a shit-hole! All religious fanatics hate the Good, the Truth, and Human values. Their real religion is Satanism. Their Jewish God is the Devil, and asks them to lie, to cheat, to rape, to kill, to massacre, to genocide, to torture, to hurt, and to ruin the humanity and the civilized world”. They also add: “People are becoming aware. Now many ask: ‘Who control the West? Who control the World?! And many say: ‘the Evil Empire. Those bad guys who control the West want to control the whole World’. But how they could control the West? By creating many illusions and delusions, like the illusions of Democracy, Freedom, Human Rights, etc. But now they just disillusion people and show that the West is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, Rights, and all good things! So, sooner or later all people will rebel. Now many insiders are like Snowden. Many insiders are tired of the Evil Empire. For instance, as the media says: ‘Mathematicians in Wall Streets are corrupt people, Chris Arnade [says about his former colleagues in Wall Streets]. In the US, there is a constant battle between profit (cheating) and morality [, Arnade says] My job was to try to extract as much value as possible through math and clever trading [!] They paid me big checks. I was, for the first time in my life, feeling valued for my math skills [!!] After a few years on Wall Street it was clear to me: you could make money by gaming anyone and everything [!!] [We must] slow down Wall Street’s wild behavior’ ! (Nov 2013) It says a lot about the wild and immoral culture of the USA”. They also add: “Iranian people laugh at Mullahs and the West, and say: ‘Dorugh Migan Mesl-e Sag’ ! (they tell big lies like pigs!) But now even Americans and Canadians say such things about their politicians. In these days, the Canadian people talk about ‘Christmas in the Dark‘, and the media says: A bad situation: Ice storm cuts power in Eastern Canada’. Apparently about 500,000 families (millions of Canadians) were without power. As their media says: ‘many people left in the dark. Many were forced to spend Christmas at a shelter in a school or a warming center’. The poor people in the US are suffering, too. As the US media says: ‘Almost 400,000 homes and businesses in Michigan, upstate New York and northern New England were without electricity. Many spent Christmas at a school’. A Canadian blogger in Montreal writes about ‘Ice Rain and Ice Strom in Canada’, and says: ‘Stephen Harper (Farter) ignores the suffering of so many. Six days after the ice storm, many people are still without power from Ontario to New Brunswick .. Harper (Farter) is a force of destruction, who is leading us to disaster, and this country as we know it to extinction .. Replace this Harperland winter of destruction with Maple Spring. Turn Anger into Resistance‘ ! It’s funny, and important, that even Canadians say such things. The Canadian government doesn’t care about average people in Canada. The stupid Canada’s government even doesn’t try to solve the problem of the power lines once and for all. They can put all power lines, cables and pipes under the underground, in a warm tunnel. But they just steal their people’s money, and don’t care about their people’s problems. The Canadian politicians are a bunch of crooks and thieves, and it’s obvious why Canadians talk about Turning Anger into Resistance […] How Canadians trying to keep warm in their darkened, frozen homes? Some Canadians say: ‘Many use a gas-powered generator in their garage to supply electricity to heat the house. It can seeping carbon monoxide into a home. In Toronto, thousands were taken to hospital with signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, and some died. Police in Quebec say carbon monoxide poisoning has been the cause of several deaths’. It’s really shameful. Unfortunately, idiots, corrupt people and bad guys rule the world. Fictions talked about ‘when computers rule the world’ or ‘when the Big Brother and the Evil Empire rule the world’. But what you can see today is not a fiction. Now the Evil Empire and bad guys try to rule the world and keep all humans under control. Of course they will fail, because the Land of the Good is still alive, and many many good guys still exit on earth; they can be silent, but they exist; and sooner or later they will break their silence”.