Ahvaz to Tehran: Horrible Air Pollution, No Solution

In these days, Iranians talk about the old wounds, including “the Air Pollution”. In these days, “the Horrible Air Pollution in Iran” makes breathing very difficult, and most people complain of headache, sore throat, chest-ache, feeling of nausea, etc. We have already written about the Air Pollution (check Archive for [*]: “Iran in 2011: Betrayal and Silent War” (Dec 2011), “Air Pollution Crisis in Tehran”, (Dec 2011), “Nowruz 2012 and Air Pollution” (March 2012), “Ahvaz has the Worst Air Pollution in the World” (Sep 2011), etc). But “the Horrible Air Pollution” stills exist, hurt Iranians, and reminds them of many old wounds and open wounds. As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs still censor all facts, send [horrible noise/ parasite], try to slow down the internet and tighten the internet filtering, and the West still censors facts/ news of Iran -including ‘Pollution, Corruption and Mismanagement’ in the Mullah regime- mainly because such facts can reveal many things. The UK and the US even censor the so-called Rouhani’s 100-day report, in which this stupid Rouhani said a few good things about Corruption and Mismanagement in the AN’s era. But why almost all Western media censored what Rouhani said about the AN’s era?! As our people say: ‘AN was a Jewish spy, and the West is AN-Lover (shit-Lover)! If they tell the truth about their AN, it reveals the secrets of their spies, their 2009 coup, etc’. Iranians say such things, while the West, the Left, Sick, Jewish Americans and US politicians talk about ‘Our old friend AhmadiNejad (AN)‘ !, praise Mullahs, or say they miss AN !” In these days, many things are laughable, but here lets focus on the story of Air Pollution in Iran and its solutions. As some wise Iranians say: “Iranians refer to the horrible air pollution as ‘the Silent War’, ‘the Chemical War’, etc. Now almost all people in Tehran and other Iranian cities feel ‘the common symptoms of pollution-related illnesses’ [*] But Mullahs censor all facts, and have no solution and nothing to do except pray for wind ! In the best case, their media just says people stay indoors, while the indoor pollution is like or more than the outdoor pollution”. As you know, the toxic air pollutants are very dangerous. They enter the body, and some toxic air pollutants accumulate in body tissues. In fact, the toxic air pollutants can enter the food chains, and cancer and other health effects can result from exposures to air toxics [1] But as the wise Iranians: “Mullahs and their Western employers just try to hide the truth. In this [Mullah shithole] even Air Pollution is a political issue! In this f-u-cking [Mullah Heaven] everything is political; even healthcare and the people’s health (Salamat-e Mardom) is a political issue, and Mullahs [send noise], slow down the internet, and censor everything. Mullahs desperately try to hide/ censor those obvious things that everybody can feel them and see them! Islamists are bad retards, and that’s why Iranians curse Islamists and say: ‘Fuck you, Islamists. Fuck you and your barbaric beliefs, that are Jewish beliefs .. their Jewish God is the god of Barbarism, Lie, Hypocrisy, Corruption, Pollution etc .. Fuck you, Mullahs/ Arabs. Fuck you, your British teachers & your American supporters”. They also add: “When you live in Tehran and other Iranian cities, there’s no escaping the fact that air pollution has horrible effects on all people. The Mullah media says each year 10,000 Iranians die from pollution-related illnesses. But when Mullahs talk about 10,000 victims, the real number of victims should be tens of thousands. In Iran, statistics are not reliable, and it’s one of the fruits of Tyranny and Oppression. The lack of scientific/ reliable statistics is a serious problem. In Iran, the official statistics, ie Mullah statistics, are fake and political statistics, which often try to say Black is White!” In Iran, ‘common sense’ (Aghl-e Salim) is very important. As some wise Iranians say: “In Iran, even economic statistics are not reliable at all. In Iran, even the acceptable statistics are ‘fairly accurate’, and fairly means: more than a little, but much less than very! So, Iranians [including us] only accept those statistics/ data that ordinary people, independent scientists/ experts, and Common Sense (Aghl-e Salim) can accept them. For instance, most Iranians say the minimum wage in Iran is about $1 per hour, but Mullahs reject it, and talk nonsense. But lets assume you are a teach of a kindergarten in Tehran. Do you know what is your monthly wage?! (even) according to the Mullah TV: You earn a monthly wage of 75 dollar (2m Rial) for about 150hours works! (Nov 2013) It’s equal to 50 cent per hour! But Mullahs and their Lefty supporters still talk nonsense, and deny what Iranians say about minimum wages, inflation rates, prices, IMF plans etc in Iran […] All bad guys tell big lies. So, all people should use their common sense when they talk about problems or solutions. But many many Westerners still live like sheep”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs (Islamists) have made breathing difficult for all people, and it’s what all people can feel it and see it. But as Islamists are followers of the UK and Jews/ Arabs, they try to censor obvious things and hide the truth of everything! Do you remember the story of HIV/ AIDs in Iran?! Islamists attacked those non-political activists who talked about HIV/ AIDs! But now even the stupid Mullahs confess that Mullah Lies and Mullah Censorship only worsened the problems. The air pollution crisis in the major cities of Iran, is just a good example or a symbol of the horrible problems in the Mullah regime. Only retards, stupid Islamists and other stupid bastards work with the Mullah system, which suffers from horrible mismanagement, idiocy, corruption, tyranny, etc. When air pollution in Tehran, Isfahan, Mashad, Ahvaz, Arak, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, and other Iranian cities pass the horrible level, Mullahs have no Solution, except censorship, talking nonsense, praying for wind, and making people angrier. In the winter (from November to March) pollutants reach critical levels, and the major cities should close all government offices and schools for all days, or people must stay indoors for all days of winter! But Mullahs do nothing to solve problems, and the West censors all facts. The West and its stooges -including Islamists, Islamist-Reformists, Monarchists, Exiled journalists etc- just try to hurt and betray Iran’s people, and that’s why the Iranian people openly use rude words and a stream of invective (Fohsh Khar-Madar) for referring to Mullahs, Khatamists, Pahlavists, Marxists, exiled journalists, Obama, UK etc”. As we said before, “Taxi Talks” in Iran [1] are important, and clearly show that almost all Iranians know that ‘Iran’s main problems have only one reason: the Mullah regime and its systematical corruption and horrible
mismanagement’ [*] As the wise Iranians say: “In Iran -from Ahvaz to Tehran- the horrible air pollution is the result of Tyranny and the absence of Freedom. The West and its stooges are really Disaster Makers. Mullahs just try to hurt Iranians, and serve the West’s interests. But the future of Iran is bright, because the future belongs to the younger generations of Iranians. Mullahs and their western employers just remind you of this old Persian proverb: ‘You just disgrace/ dishonor yourself, and make temporary problems for us’ (Erz-e Khod Mibari-o …)” They also add: “Those who decide about Iran’s air quality, Iran’s industry, or Iran’s economy are a bunch of spies and stooges, who are non-Iranians or anti-Iranians. Now the Mullah media talks about a Basiji faggot, Jamshid Pajouyan, and says: ‘Pajouyan work for the IMF and World Bank [!] He is the architect of ‘Cutting Subsidies Plan’ (IMF Plan) in Iran’! It’s a sad truth that Basiji faggots like Pajouyan or the Rouhani’s cabinet, who are non-Iranians or anti-Iranian stooges, decide about Iran, while the real Iranian elites and the large army of the wise and well-educated Iranians are systematically suppressed, mainly because they can solve Iran’s problems! The large army of the wise and well-educated Iranians know problems and solutions. They know the world and history. They know that ‘In 19th-century London, smog was so severe that street lights were turned on by noon because soot and smog darkened the midday sky!’ They know the stupid UK. They know that in 1952 in London about 4,000 people died in one of the notorious smog events known as London Fogs. They know how Londoners died from ‘Air Pollution’. They know ‘Los Angeles Smog Crisis‘. They know Tokyo Smog crisis (Smog is intense pollution usually trapped by a thermal inversion ) They know why Americans referred to Los Angeles as ‘Smog City, U.S.A.’ !, and why London had the title ‘Smog City, Europe’! But they ask: “Why Mullahs have turned our cities into smog cities, while we already knew problems and solutions?”. They also add: “ON 14 Sep, 1955, the LA Times reported: ‘they asked for roadblocks on all freeways leading into downtown Los Angeles. APCD Director requested the power to close oil refineries, and all petrol-chemical plants’. Iranians and many people still remember how ‘the Yogi Bear Show’ and U.S. animations talked about the horrible air pollution in the US. In those cartoons all people wore a Gas Mask, and it was a satirical exaggeration. But in today’s Tehran and Ahvaz, all people should really wear a Gas Mask, because the current air pollution in Iran is really like a chemical attack”. They also add: “In April 1987, National Geographic (NG) reported on the Air Pollution in the West. As they said: ‘[Here in California, you have] a metallic taste in your mouth and a queasy stomach .. When the wind died and the fumes lingered, it kept us like prisoners in our homes .. Airborne pollutants play a significant role in killing trees .. Perhaps the most controversial environmental issue of the decade is acid rain, but that too is clouded in mystery .. We are in the infancy of understanding the full effects on an atmosphere acidified by burning fossil fuels .. [But] our mistakes are costly. Americans spend more than 10 billion dollars a year on medical problems caused by pollutants .. Japan’s problems are far from over. [Their] buildings were disappearing behind smog. Nitrogen oxide emissions from Tokyo traffic are still high the children are often ill and sometimes can barely breathe .. London’s sulfurous smog [was horrible] .. What we are now doing is to inject [pollution] into the atmosphere .. We are our own guinea pigs” (NG, April 1987) After this well-known National Geographic article, Congress passed a new Clean Air Act in 1990″. They also add: “Iranians know the global problems, and solutions. But Mullahs just try to worsen the problems, censor all facts, and hurt Iranians, and that’s why our people say: the Mullah regime not only is ‘a puppet regime’, but is ‘an occupying regime’. Mullahs/ Islamists are Arabs, and have occupied our country”. They also add: “Each year in the U.S., industrial operations emit nearly 100 million tons of pollutants into the air’ [1] Toxic pollutant was/ is ‘the number one environmental threat to the health of children in the US’ [1] ‘Most air toxics -originate from mobile sources (vehicles), stationary sources (factories, refineries, etc), and indoor sources- can cause Cancer and horrible illnesses […] It’s really shameful that even the so-called Air Cleaners, that are used in homes, are polluters. As the experts say: ‘Ozone Generators are Sold As Air Cleaners’! [1] So, it’s not important that we, Iranians, cannot buy a good air cleaner or a gas mask in Iran, because today’s air cleaners are really stupid […] In these stupid conditions, inventing a pollution detector device can be more useful. At least we should know about ‘Indoor Air Quality’ and the levels of major pollutants in our homes. Experts say: In homes, CO should be X ppm, SO2 should be Y ppm, etc. But people are not able to measure the major air pollutants in homes. If all people were able to use a pollution-meter or a pollution detector device in homes, then it could show them how horrible the pollution levels are … and it could bring Change”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The West and its stooges are anti-Iranian and anti-Human. The US congressmen like Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) and other pigs in Congress openly say they want sanctions to ‘hurt the Iranian people‘ ! (Nov 2013) The West and its stooges are not human. They are worse than animals […] Now it’s quite clear who has converted Iran into a big prison, and who wants to hurt Iranians and keep Iran weak and unfree”. As we said before, ‘Iran, as an ancient nation, had its own ups and downs. The past 300 years were Iran’s downs. Iran’s people were illiterate, and Iran’s rulers were [stupid stooges]’ [*] So, ‘Iran lost everything, from prestige and power to welfare and progress. But even in these horrible conditions, Iran was the first nation in Asia and Africa that had [many progressive movements]’ [1] As the wise Iranians say: “the West and its stooges, specially the UK and its puppets (ie Mullahs, Mercenaries, etc) have imposed many horrible problems on Iran. The English Lie Factory and the Ministry of Truth still censor all important facts/ news, and just try to help Mullahs and traitors […] Ahvaz, Tehran, and other Iranian cities suffer from the World’s worst Air pollution. As the people’s media says: ‘Ahvaz’s people suffer from horrible problems, simply because they are brave Iranians who hate the UK and the anti-Iran Arabs. In Ahvaz (and also in Tehran etc) the horrible air pollution makes breathing very difficult. SO2, NOx etc can react with rain/ water (H2O) and other chemicals in the air to from very dangerous things like nitric acid or Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) which make breathing very difficult. But the West and Mullahs censor such facts’. As our experts say: ‘what you can see in Ahvaz is not a classic acid rain. Ahvaz, and also Tehran, suffer from a new severe form of acid rain’. Our scientists should do more researches and more tests. But Mullahs just censor all facts and hurt our scientists. Our experts and our well-educated people know how they should solve Iran’s problems, But Mullahs and the West desperately try not to allow Iran’s problems to be solved […] In Ahvaz and in Tehran, you can see one of the worst acid rains in history. But why? In Tehran, Shomal, Jonub, and the whole Iran you can see the worst environmental disasters in Iran’s history, simply because the Mullah regime is the worst anti-Iranian, puppet and polluted regime in Iran’s history”. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs have no shame and no brain. Thousands of Iranians are in Ahvaz’s hospitals because of the horrible air pollution, but the anti-Iran Mullah TV censors all facts, and says: ‘Ahvaz is not a polluted city. Ahvah has one of the cleanest air in the world’ !(Sep 2013) The Mullah TV is a cesspool of UK spies and Anti-Iranian pigs. They act like the English Lie Factory, and their big lies are like the British lies, because their teacher is the UK”. In November 2013, the people media reported: “In Ahvaz, Abadan, etc the acid rains and the horrible air pollution make breathing very difficult. About 14,000 people in Ahvaz have been hospitalized. The acid rain in Tehran is horrible, too. But Mullahs just try to hide the truth”. As some experts say: “High level of SO2 and NOx cause acid rain and do damage human health. In Ahvaz and Tehran, more researches/ studies should be done. But Mullahs just try to hide the truth”. Many people know “Acid Rain”. “Acid rain occurs when SO2 and NOx react in the atmosphere with water, oxygen, and other chemicals to form various acidic compounds” [1] Many know the solution: “Reducing emissions of SO2 and NOx that cause acid rain” [1] But as many Iranians say: “the Mullah regime is an anti-Iranian regime, and that’s why they do nothing to solve Iran’s problems”. As the experts say: “the major air pollutants, which are called the 6 ‘criteria’ pollutants, are: 1- Carbon monoxide (CO) 2- Sulfur dioxide (SO2) 3- Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) 4- Particulate matters (nitrates, sulfates, zinc, and many other metals) 5- Lead (Sb) 6- Ozone (O3). Their Major Source is motor-vehicles and plants (ie burning fossil fuels)” [1] As some Iranian experts say: “Some pollutants return to Earth in the form of acid rain, and Inversion (thermal inversion) brings almost all pollutants to the earth’s surface. It’s what we can see in Tehran, specially at night. Tehran Smog is really like a chemical attack, and all people should wear a gas mask”. As the experts said and say: ‘Air pollutants can penetrate the lungs and enter the bloodstream. Those particles less than 10 micrometers (PM10) pose a great health concern ” [*] “The PM10, SO2, NO2, & CO kill the people gradually. The amount of SO2 in the air of Ahvaz, Tehran, and Isfahan is about 100 times more than the world standards. SO2 is very [dangerous]” [*] But as the experts say: “In this year (2013), Ahvaz, Tehran, etc suffer from more severe problems, and its reason is not clear. There are many rumors, but it’s not quite clear that which kind of shits Mullahs are eating. Maybe their new cars have serious problems. Maybe Mullahs have added more sulfur (S) to petrol”. They also add: “Mullahs just try to hide/ censor the facts of Air Quality, an indication of the
healthfulness of the air based on the quantity of major pollutants. Air samples are often graded on a scale of 0 to 500, indicating how many parts per million (ppm) contain major pollutants. A sample of 0 to 50 ppm indicates good air quality; 100 to 200 ppm, unhealthy; and 300 to 500 ppm, hazardous or horrible. But Mullahs censor/ change the real ppm numbers. In Tehran and Ahvaz, many pollutants are 1000+ ppm! […] Smog was/ is a global problem. But Mullahs just [act like retards], while the Iranian people ask: “Why Mullahs have not tried to solve the Smog problem in the past 20 years? Why Mullahs just try to worsen the problems?! why is the Air Pollution in this year (2013) even worse than the last year (2012) ?!”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Our experts know the problem of air pollution, and its solutions. As our experts say: ‘Pollution is controlled in two ways: with limiting and capturing pollutants already created, and by limiting the quantity of pollutants produced in the first place. End-of-the-pipe devices -including catalytic converters in automobiles and various kinds of filters in industrial plants- are well-known. Catalytic Converter reduces the amount of pollutants in the automobile’s exhaust gases, and since the early 1980s, all new cars sold in the US have been equipped with catalytic converters. But Mullahs don’t allow Iran’s cars to have catalytic converters! In 2009, AN and Islamists openly said that new cars should not have catalytic converters! Our experts can build good catalytic converters, but Mullahs and their Auto Industry Mafia have a monopoly on almost all air polluter devices in Iran. Our Iranian experts can create a real national auto industry that can compete with the West. But they are systematically suppressed by Mullahs, who serve the interests of Iran’s enemies. As our people say: ‘Mullahs love corruption & pollution, because their brains/ heads are full of shits and other pollutants’! Almost all Iranians know that we should focus on preventing pollution than on curing it. Fossil fuels should be reformulated to achieve cleaner burning (Iranian experts are working on new bio diesels, that have no sulfur, nitrates, acids, and harmful pollutants). Car manufacturers should produce much more cars that run on electricity or on cleaner-burning fuels. But the Car Mafia in Iran and the world still resist any serious changes”. Iranians know many problems and solutions. As some wise Iranians say: “In Europe, during periods of intense smog, pollution control authorities often urge people to avoid trips by car. In bad-air periods, authorities in Paris make bus and subway travel temporarily free. These temporary solutions are not real solutions, but they are better than nothing. But Mullahs even refuse to use such temporary solutions in all days of winter and bad-air periods. In Tehran, half of the cars are banned in only a few days, while if they were banned in all days of winter, it could be a good temporary solution. But Mullahs don’t use good temporary solutions, and don’t care about real solutions. The Iranian people demand cleaner technologies, cleaner cars, cleaner fuels, etc. They know the standard solutions. But Mullahs just worsen the problems”. Iranians know the world. As some wise Iranians say: “We know that the US is the world’s largest polluter. The US accounts for about 35% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Russia is the next largest polluter at 17%. We know that man-made pollutions are global problems. We know Garbage Sea in Pacific Ocean, aka the great Pacific garbage patch. The sources of pollutants is the US, Canada and Japan […] Now smog in the US is expected to increase again. As their experts say: ‘New efforts/ solutions to control air pollution will be necessary’. Our Iranian scientists work on new methods and new solutions, but Mullahs even refuse to use the old, known solutions! Mullahs are like Jews, who have no shame and say to Iranians: ‘We have never threatened you -why are you threatening us?’ ! The savage Jews pretend that the Jewish Incitement to Genocide is not a threat, and Sheldon Adelson, Rabbi Yosef (Shas), Goldberg, etc were praising Persians! The Jewish barbarians are followers of Hitler and Goebbels, as Mullahs are followers of Jews and the UK”. As the wise Iranians say: “In today’s world, Iranians and other nations talk about man-made problems, man-made pollutions, and this fact that Pollution is changing Earth’s atmosphere. Now many humans are aware of ‘Global Warming’, and this fact that most air pollution comes from one human activity: burning Fossil Fuels. Many experts truly talk about the atmosphere’s ability to cleanse itself of pollutants, and this fact that man-made pollutants are changing the atmosphere and its abilities. Some Iranian experts talk about finding methods for increasing the atmosphere’s ability to cleanse itself, and say: ‘pollution take place in the lowest layer of the atmosphere, the troposphere, which at its widest extends from Earth’s surface to about 16 km. The troposphere is the region in which most weather occurs. This is the layer in which most clouds and most winds occur […] So, we can try to create local winds and local clouds, and get rid of pollutants in major cities. The modern meteorology is a science (based on physics and mathematics). We can think about creating something like the exhaust pipe for the Earth, and sending pollutions into the empty universe, where they can be converted into raw materials for making new stars and new planets’. Those Iranians who say such things are good people with good intentions. But you should not forget that such innovations and such science can backfire. The bad guys can convert such science into ‘Evil Science’. Now politicians and bad guys try to control all scientists and the whole ‘Science and Technology’, that is a legacy from the good and wise humans. So, before or during solving any serious problems, all humans should try to get rid of politicians, the main bad guys and those bad things that belong to the tribe of the bad guys, including tyranny, corruption, suppression, censorship, public ignorance, etc”.

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[1] Check the website of “US Environmental Protection Agency”, URL: ht-tp://www.epa.gov/

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