Iranian Wisdom, 2013 Facts: West is a Big Loser

In these days, many things are laughable. As some Iranians say: “Mullahs send parasite/ noise, and try to slow down the internet, and it says a lot about the current US-Mullah deal. The Western media tells big lies, censors the voice of Iranians, and help Mullahs, and it says a lot the US-Mullah deal, too. In these days, the West censors many facts, even this fact that the horrible air pollution in Tehran, Ahvaz, and other Iranian cities makes breathing very difficult”. But despite all horrible things -from horrible censorship and horrible inflation to horrible corruption and horrible air pollution- the Iranian people are happy, because they think they could defeat the West and all bad guys in the so-called ‘battle of wills’. As the wise Iranians say: “Iranian people solely (Yek-Taneh) fight against all bad guys. So, any victories can make them happy. If you read the full text of the nuclear deal, you can see why the West and its stooges are Big Losers, and why the Iranian people say: ‘After a lot of huffing and puffing (Badaz koli Hart-o Purt), the West gave in and failed miserably! (Terek-mun Zadan!)’ The 2013 facts, including the 2013 Show and the current nuclear farce reveal: ‘In the battle of wills with the Iranian people, the West and its stooges (Mullahs, Jews, Arabs etc) are Big losers. The West and Iran’s enemies try to hide their defeats, and that’s why they tell bad lies and hide many facts, including the Iranian victories (sport victories, etc) and even the full text of the Geneva deal”. In these days, the West censors many things. As some Iranians say: “Iran defeated Brazil, Italy, and Russia to win the championship of the 2013 Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup. But it was censored by the West ! The organizers and referees badly tried not to allow Iran to win the championship. But for the first time in history, one soccer team (Iran) could defeat Brazil, Italy, Russia and referees! But the West censored these facts”. They also add: “In the 2013 Volleyball Intercontinental Cup, Iran could defeat the US, Japan, and Italy. Americans had everything, but Iranians could defeat America. It’s really important, because as the recent Intercontinental Cups revealed ‘even in these conditions (ie under ‘the toughest sanctions in history’) Iranians can defeat the US and the West’. [In the 2009- 2013 era] the Lions of Persia remind the world of the Persian Glory”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now many confess to the Iranian Wisdom and the Western Hypocrisy. Now the mass media says: ‘Secret US-Mullah talks cleared way for historic nuclear deal’ ! or “This deal was made possible by years of
unprecedented secret meetings between US and Mullahs‘ ! (Nov 2013) They even say: ‘the US-Mullah meetings were kept hidden even from America’s closest friends, including I-s-rael and France .. America and Mullahs secretly engaged in a series of high-level, face-to-face talks over the past [years]‘ ! (AP, 24 Nov 2013) But it’s exactly what the Iranian people said in these years. It [says a lot about] the secrets of the 2009 coup, the 2013 Show, etc”. They also add: “Now even the New York Times (NYT) confesses: ‘the nuclear deal represents an Iranian victory -and an American defeat [!] This American defeat [has a long story]. Bush created a climate that made it very difficult to target Iran today[!] America’s will was spent [!!] It was evaporated in the violent streets of [Iraq!] Obama has made mistakes, too [!!] Obama was [a very stupid bastard] and turned his back on the freedom-seeking Iranian masses in 2009. Obama [made Iran’s people aware, and showed US true face]. When Obama finally endorsed punitive sanctions in 2011 and 2012, it was too late, and too [stupid] [It just made Iran’s people angrier, and revealed our real intentions] The US Empire is weary. It has lost the ardor and wisdom [!!]’ (NYT, 22 Nov 2013) US politicians have bad intentions and low IQs. Now they have confused. Now ‘John Bolton says: Iran deal is an ‘Abject Surrender’ for US‘ ! (Nov 2013), and the US media says: ‘Critics blast Iran deal as US Defeat’ ! (24 Nov 2013) Now Arabs, Jews, Islamists/ Basijis, and all Iran’s enemies are so mad at each other, because the Iranian people are the real winners, and deserve all credit”. In these days, many things are laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs try to slow down the internet, censor the voice of Iranians, and help the West’s propaganda machine. For Mullahs and the West, this nuclear deal is a heavy defeat. The West and its stooges (Mullahs, Jews, etc) are losing their face, and that’s why the Iranian people are happy […] The West is a joke. Now they praise Zarif and his role in the Iran-Contra Scandal ! They even say: ‘Every U.S. administration from Carter and Reagan to Obama has tried to reach out to Mullahs [!!] and Zarif has become heavily involved in secret bilateral relations between the US and Mullahs since [1979]. Zarif lived for 30 years in the US’ ! (Nov 2013) But Iranians just laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, the West loves Zarif and British Mullahs .. US and UK love traitors, whores, and Mullahs, ie those who serve the West’s interests and try to keep Iran week and unfree .. UK, USA, and their puppets are big losers”.


In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “the Western media talks about years of ‘secret meetings between US and Mullahs’!, and reveals the Iranian wisdom, and the Western stupidity. They prove the US guilt, and the Iranian wisdom. Iranians had already said William Burns, Jeffery Feltman, Sullivan, and many other US officials love Mullahs and/ or are behind the 2009 coup. But the Left and Westerners denied the undeniable facts. But now even the US media says: ‘In Geneva, the State Department housed Burns and Sullivan at a different hotel from the rest of the U.S. delegation and shuttled them to and from meetings via back entrances (to hide them from reporters)’! (Nov 2013) Westerners were stupid, and ignored many facts, including the secret meetings between Burns and Zarif in 2009, or between the UK gov. and Mullahs in 2009. [In 2012,] Feltman became the first senior Jewish-American officials to meet with Khamenei publicly! [for more info, check Archive for [0]: ‘Sham Fight between USA and Mullahs’ (Oct 2012)] But when people like Feltman, Leveretts, and Brzezinski were making love with Mullahs, Chomsky helped them and showed his true face [for more info, check Archive for ‘Chomsky helps Brzezinski …’ (Nov 2012)] These years revealed many things, but Westerners were stupid”. They also add: “In May 2012, the LA Times reported: US officials say ‘if Mullahs agree to widespread inspection of nuclear facilities, the US might agree to let Mullahs continue enriching uranium to the 5% level’. [for more info, check Archive for [1]: ‘USA and Mullahs: a stupid Love Affair‘ (May 2012)]. At that time, Iranians said ‘this deal is not a new or important thing. Even in 2003 the US could end this fake crisis over the nuclear issue‘ [1] And now the US and the UK confess: ‘We (the West) could have produced a much better agreement in 2003’! (Nov 2013) The West is a big loser. In 2012, Iranians anticipated the 2013 events, and said: ‘Sanction and torturing Iranians is part of their stupid game for fooling Westerners. [Sooner or later] they will say: ‘Oh, yah, our sanctions worked, and that’s why we accept this nuclear deal’! [1] Iranians knew why ‘the US and Mullahs are in deep shit, and can’t justify their shameful deals’ [1] The US badly wanted a deal, but an open deal with AN, that everybody hated him, was a political suicide. So, they tried to set the stage for the 2013 Show and appointing this British Rouhani. But Iranians were aware of this issue [check Archive for [2]: ‘2013 British-American Coup in Iran’ (January 2013)] Iranians said: ‘Do you think it’s purely accidental that Obama and Mullahs are setting the stage for their last tango .. Do you think it’s purely accidental that the West
systematically censors and boycotts the voices of Iranians, and the UK media creates one of the greatest scandals in the history of digital media .. Do you think it’s purely accidental that when the US and Mullahs are preparing for their Last Tango, the West tries to pretend that the voice of traitors/ mercenaries is the voice of Iranians inside Iran?! Do you think it’s purely accidental that before the 2013 Show, the West stupidly tries to repeat the 2009 scenario, and again tells Orwellian lies/ jokes about Iran, Iranians, and their views about Mullahs, traitors, and the West ?!’ [2] The world and history should bow to the Iranian wisdom. The Iranian people anticipated many things. Many knew that ‘[Appointing] Kerry and Hagel show that the US wants to make a good deal with Mullahs’. But only Iranians knew the US-Mullah sham fights, and said: ‘the big loser will be the West that dishonors itself’ [0][1] Years before Snowden and 2013 Scandals, Iranians talked about ‘West in the Time of Cholera’ (check Archive). The first people who talked about the rotten brains and the real pseudo intellectuals (Chomsky etc) in the West, were Iranians. Iranians knew ‘the Orwellian West’, and said: ‘Most Westerners can’t believe the sad truths, because if they accept the truths, they have to deny all those big lies that are part of their life’. Iranians said such things in the pre-Snowden era, when most Westerners were blind and stupid, and know nothing about ‘War on Internet and Lonely Iranians’. The first people who used ‘Culture’ and ‘Pen’ to fight against barbarians and the West, were Iranians. Iranians (Seif Farghani [1247- 1327] etc) said: ‘The owl of misfortune that brings ruin, Will perch on your palace too .. In this country, our lions roared and passed, The barking of you, the little dogs will pass (cease) too .. Your turn came to you, the barbarians, by way of noble men, The time of your barbaric rule will pass too .. their time [passed], Your a few days, that is less than theirs, shall pass too .. With patience we shield ourselves from your arrows of oppression, Until the tautness of your bow shall pass (fail) too‘ [check Archive for ‘Persian Answer to West: This Shall Pass, Too! (Nov 2012)]. The world and history should bow to the Iranian wisdom”. They also add: “Now Iranians laugh at the West and Mullahs. Some talk about ‘the cracks in all sanctions’, but the funny Iranians laugh and say: ‘This stupid Rouhani even cannot pronounce Crack (Tarak) in the correct way. Instead of ‘Tarak’, he says Terek!, and it reminds you of his Terek-mun or the US/ UK Terek-mun! (Terek-mun is what the Big losers do)’ ! The West and its stooges are Big losers. But the UK still tells jokes like: ‘Iran nuclear deal takes [the UK and] Catherine Ashton from Zero to Hero’ ! (Nov 2013) In these days, ‘the English Lie Factory‘ make Iranians laugh. The Guardian and the UK media are telling the funniest jokes of history“. As the wise Iranians say: “UK and France are proving two things: (1) France is Anti-Iran, and Iran should not work with French companies (Peugeot, Renault, etc) (2) The UK is worse than the US and France. Iran should not have any relations with the UK‘. Before the 2009 coup, Iranians cared about the US, because the US had fought against the UK. Iranians said relations between the US and Iran is much more acceptable than relations between the Western Europe and Iran, or between Arabs and Iran. (the 2009 coup and Obama changed many things in Iran) But the UK is still more hateful than the US”. As some wise Iranians say: “The US is stupid. Now the locust-eaters, Arabs and Jews, say: ‘the US is Afraid of Iran’ (Nov 2013), and the US media says: ‘Arabia rebels against US .. Arabia threatens to reappraise its entire foreign policy after America’s nuclear deal with Iran’ ! (Nov 2013) But the stupid US loves Arabs, who created the 9/11. The US acts like the UK. The US media says: ‘Iran is Shiite [!] and the Saudis are Sunni. They hate each other!’ The American pigs even censor this simple fact that Saudis are Arabs, but Iran is not Arab; Iranians are not Arabs‘. The US media acts like the Nazi media, which was a weaker version of the UK Orwellian media”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now both Mullahs and the West confess that AN was a Jewish spy, and just wanted to damage Iran’s economy and Iran’s national product. Now the West confesses that AN and Islamists just tried to serve the West’s interests and ‘make a pariah state’ ! (Nov 2013) Now even this stupid Rouhani confesses: ‘AN acted like a traitor [!] AN destroyed Iran’s economy and Iran’s national product, and served the interests of Iran’s enemies’ ! (Nov 2013) Now Mullahs repeat what Iran’s people, and Mousavi & Karrubi said in 2009! Now it’s quite clear that ‘Who is Traitor’. But Mullahs and their British teachers still think Today is the 19th century (Ahd Boogh)! Now the UK media, and UK spies and Islamist whores in the Mullah TV, the Mullah newspapers (Etemad, Shargh, Keyhan, etc) and the exiled media, tell the same big lies and desperately try to censor the voice of people. As the old Iranians said: ‘They think they can remove a Stain (Nang) with more Stains (Ba Rang)!’ They think their horrible censorship, their horrible lies, their old dirty tricks, and their Orwellian stupidities still work! But now, many laugh and say: ‘If you want to know the UK spies and the Big Brother’s agents, read the Guardian or watch the BBC and the Mullah TV’ ! Now many know the Big Brother’s media. Now the Lefty-CIA media like the Huffington Post, Lobelog, etc act like or worse than the Guardian, Forbes, WSJ, Economist, Washington Post, CNN, BBC etc and tell bad Orwellian jokes about Iran, Iranians, or ‘Daily Life in Iran’. They have badly confused. All bad guys have confused. Just look at the UK/ US media. On 24 and 25 Nov, they had funny headlines like: ‘I-s-rael has lost its nerve’ !, ‘Jews and Netanyahu have lost impact on the international community’ !, ‘I-s-rael and the US: Chillier than ever’! ‘Iran nuclear deal: I-s-rael rages -but no one cares !‘ ! Iran’s enemies have badly confused. The UK media says: ‘The US and Mullahs ease decades of hostility with this agreement’ ! (Nov 2013) And the savage Jews say: ‘Despite the desperate propaganda by the US and [UK], in reality the US and the West gave the Iranians the implied right to enrich its uranium’ ! (24 Nov 2013) If you google and read the full text of the Joint Plan of Action or the Geneva agreement, that is a 4-page agreement signed on 24 Nov 2013, you can understand why Obama, Kerry, and other idiots tell big lies. As the US media says: ‘the deal allows Iran to claim the West has accepted its right to enrich uranium .. The deal legitimizes Iran’s status as a nuclear state’ ! (24 Nov 2013) But both the West and Mullahs are Big losers. Now the West says: ‘This deal is better than We thought it would be. The verification is so extensive. It caps every aspect of their program’ ! (Nov 2013) It’s funny that Lobelog says: ‘This deal is great for I-s-rael because it grants unprecedented access to Iran’s nuclear facilities’ ! (Nov 2013). Now the West’s mass media repeatedly says: “the deal will allow our inspectors to gain a greater knowledge about Fordow’ ! Apparently, the West just wants to know Iran’s nuclear facilities for any future attacks! But if Iran’s regime was a smart regime, it could neutralize the West’s plots. The UK and the US don’t respect any agreements. What happened to their agreements with the native Americans in the past centuries?! Lie, Deceit, Cheating and Inhumanity is part of their DNA. Now, they clearly say: ‘Iran nuclear deal is Just a piece of paper [!] But they are stupid bad guys. As they confess: ‘It’s not hard to develop a bomb in secret. Iran is a big country, with a lot of mountains and deserts to hide [what should be hidden from Bad guys] Iran can continue working toward its programs in private’ !! We all know who is who. The US, UK, Jews and other barbarians have many secret, Orwellian, Barbaric programs. They openly threaten Iran with nukes, or talk about ‘Western efforts to control, exploit or weaken Iran‘ ! (25 Nov 2013) But these stupid barbarians just show why Iranians want, and should want, a nuclear deterrent“. They also add: “Iran’s people care about Iran’s national interests, while the Mullah regime serve the West’s interests. The Iranian people have forced the West to confess: ‘Any deal that stops Iran enriching uranium would have had no chance of acceptance’! (Nov 2013) Now even Iran’s enemies say: ‘Iranians will not accept any limits on their nuclear program’ (Nov 2013) They know that Iran’s people can accept the current limits only because it’s ‘Temporary‘. Iran’s people have forced Iran’s enemies to accept Iran’s rights, and the world and history should bow to Iran’s people and their wisdom and bravery”. In these days, the nuclear issue reminds Iranians of Democracy and Western Hypocrisy. As the wise Iranians say: “our people said: ‘the important issue is Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights, not the nuclear issue’. But the West openly said: ‘For the West, the only important issue is ‘Nuclear Issue’, not Freedom and Democracy in Iran’! But what they gained?! The stupid West just showed its true face, and gained nothing but dishonor. ‘Ahd Boogh’, ie the age of puppet dictators and puppet regimes, has passed ! […] Rouhani, his team and his Central Bank obey the IMF and say: The value of Iran’s national money (Rial) must be decreased!’ (Sep 2013) But the West censors such important facts, and now, their stupid spies/ stooges like S. Leilaz say: ‘Rouhani’s deals worked! The value of Rial increased’! They have no shame and no brain. They still live in ‘Ahd Boogh’. Mullahs still praise IMF plans and high prices!, but now all Iranians say: ‘the end result (of their stupid deals) must become reduction of prices’. So, if Mullahs continue to obey the IMF, and If instead of stopping the IMF plans, Rouhani continues to implement the next phases of IMF Plans, it proves many things, including: Rouhani is worse than AN and Netanyahu”.


Ordinary people in the US and Iran hate War, and it’s a good thing. But as some wise Iranians say: “the US is so stupid. Now, they say: ‘A majority of Americans support an interim deal with Iran’ (CNN, Nov 2013). Their CNN even has headlines like ‘Why Rouhani deserves praise [!]‘ Can you believe it?! The Iranian people ridicule this British Rouhani, but the US and the UK praise him! The West loves Mullahs, but Iranians hate all bad guys. Now the CNN confesses: ‘[our barbaric] threats and sanctions are central reasons why Iranians want a nuclear bomb’! (Nov 2013) The West and all bad guys are Big losers […] Just look at John Kerry. He is a typical American, a stupid bad guy, and a very bad lair. John Kerry is ‘Shoot va Mashang’ (bad retard); John Kerry, like all American retards, is Eshqe Gooze (Fart-lover) ! The US and Kerry just fart, and try to hide the US defeats”. They also add: “Now Jews sleep with Arabs, and the Jewish media says: ‘For five years, Obama has been betraying I-s-rael, Saudi Arabia and UAE’ !! (24 Nov 2013) You can ask: Since when Jews love Arabs?! But on 22 Nov 2013, Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg, a savage Jew, had an interview with the Arab Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, in which the savage Arab openly said: ‘The threat is from Persia, not from I-s-rael!’ But it’s funny and important that Mullahs and exiled Journalists -who are anti-Iranian slaves of Big Brother- censored what these savage Arabs/ Jews say about Persia (Iran). It shows that Jews, Arabs, and Islamists are the same anti-Iranian shits”. In these days, many things are laughable, but important. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the American retards say: ‘the only thing Iranians love more than their nuclear weapons is their football [!]’ (FP, Nov 2013). It’s funny that these US retards shape ‘Foreign Policy’ in the US! In these days, the CNN reports: ‘Peres backed up Netanyahu, but also extended an olive branch. Peres said: ‘I would like to say to the Iranian people: You are not our enemies and we are not yours .. there is a possibility to solve this issue
diplomatically’ ! But what it means?! The Jewish regime and the savage Jews openly incite to genocide and threaten Persia! First and Foremost, the Jews must apologize to Persians, and must condemn the Jewish barbarians and the Jewish incitement to genocide. They should know that Persia (Iran) has the right and obligation to defend itself with its own forces against every threat. We, Persians, want to make clear that Persians will not tolerate Barbarians. Both Jews and Arabs must accept Iran as a world power, and respect Iran’s rights. Arabs must apologize to Iranians. Arabs must pay compensation (hundreds of billions of dollars) to Iran and Iranians”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “Jews and Arabs have confused. On 24/ 25 Nov 2013, their media had headlines like: ‘Total, unmitigated defeat‘, ‘Historic Mistake’, ‘Total Defeat’, ‘I-s-rael blasts US-Iran deal as historic mistake’, ‘This agreement is the greatest diplomatic victory of Iran’, etc. Jews and Arabs are showing their true face, and it’s a good thing. The Jewish incitement to Genocide or this fact that Jews and Arabs are cooperating just make all humans aware. Now the savage Jews/ Arabs confess to good things like: ‘President Obama had to choose between dishonor and war, and he chose dishonor [!] .. Obama has dishonored US allies in the Middle East, including I-s-rael (Jews) and Arab states [!] .. Let us be clear. The agreement is a total US defeat and Iranian victory .. US officials defamatory attacks against Jews by calling them war mongers [!] .. Iranian influence and stature will grow, while US influence and stature as a reliable ally will diminish‘ (24 Nov 2013). Iran’s enemies are stupid bad guys”. Yah, Iran’s enemies are really stupid. As the wise Iranians say: “The stupid West says the right to enrich is not part of the Non
Proliferation Treaty (NPT). But as the educated Iranians say: ‘the US, the UK and France have signed the NPT. So, they don’t have the right to enrich, too! If the UK and France stop their enrichment activities or destroy their nuclear programs, then Iran can do the same thing’ ! It’s a good point. But the US, the Little Britain and France believe the NPT says all countries are equal, but USA, UK and France are more equal! It’s the logic of the West and NPT! But Iranians and all good guys don’t give a shit about such Orwellian logic and such Orwellian laws […] The UK said: ‘All countries are equal, but we are more equal’! It’s the British logic, that the West and all Barbarians love it and use it. But all normal humans just laugh at this Orwellian logic. The Iranian people strongly reject those ridiculous international laws that say ‘all countries are equal, but US, UK, etc are more equal’ ! Such International laws are Orwellian laws, and Iranians and all good guys just laugh and spit at all Orwellian laws”.

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