British Mullahs, Barbarian UK, Anti-Iran Front

This year (2013) has become a very informative year. In this year, people can know the West, the Big Brother’s slaves, and many other things better. As the wise Iranians say: “Now the French -Jewish Barbarians, the savage Arabs, the stupid Americans, etc make people aware. But the most laughable retards are the Little Britain and its stooges. The Little UK has low IQ. They are proving that what Iranians say about the UK and British Mullahs is not a myth or a conspiracy theory. This year (2013) has become ‘the Moment of Truth on the UK and British Mullahs’. Now the UK openly defends Tyranny, Censorship, Lie and other evil things! Now any sane person can understand why the Iranian people say: ‘the UK is the worst Orwellian regimes in history’ or ‘the UK is behind the Mullah regime’, or ‘Mullahs are ‘puppets/ slaves’ of the UK ! (Nokar-e Englis, Mozdoor-e Englis !)’. Now the love story of British Mullahs and Little Britain [can show you many things]. The British media and all British spies censor all important facts/ news of Iran, tell big lies, and support British Mullahs (Rouhani, Jannati, etc)! Now the English media says: ‘David Cameron becomes first British leader to speak to Iran in a decade’ !! (Telegraph, 19 Nov 2013) Now the UK Orwellian media says: ‘Iranian concession and Cameron phone call raise hopes’ !! (GU, Nov 2013) The Guardian (GU) loves Mullahs, Big Lies, and Orwellian headlines! On 19 Nov, and on the GU first page, the British barbarians said ‘Iran concession [!!] and Cameron phone call raises nuclear hopes’ ! (GU, 19 Nov 2013). It can explain many things. It can explain why the UK loves Rouhanis, or why all British stooges in Iran censor what the Guardian and the UK media say […] What the Guardian did and does in 2013, before and after the 2013 Mullah Show, clearly show that the Guardian (GU) is nothing but a cesspool of Big Brother’s agents”. What the Guardian, the UK media, and the UK stooges say and do is laughable and informative. As some wise Iranians say: ‘The GU Orwellian crap, ‘Iranian concession and Cameron phone call raise nuclear deal hopes’ !, written by one Jewish agent and two MI6 agents (Julian Borger, Saeed Kamali Dehghan (SKD !), and H. Sherwood in Jerusalem !) shows why the UK loves Mullahs, and why the UK strongly supports this British Rouhani. Relations between the UK and Mullahs are laughable. The UK media censors all important news/ facts of Iran, and the Mullah media and the UK spies censor the UK-Mullah love affairs and what the UK media says! But these idiots don’t know that such Lies and such Censorship just prove the truth of what Iranians said and say about the UK and Mullahs. Now it’s clear that the anti-Iran Mullah TV and the so-called Journalists/ Activists in exile and their anti-Iranian media like Rooz, Balatarin, Gooya, etc are two sides of the same coin. They all hate Iran, Iranians, Truth, and what is good and decent. The Mullah TV is a cesspool of UK spies and non-Iranians (Arabs, Lebanese, etc). Islamists and those who work for Balatarin, Rooz, Gooya, etc are non-Iranian pigs or anti-Iranian spies/ stooges who work for Iran’s enemies. They hate Iran and Iranians. They are ‘Vakil Vasi’ (passionate advocate) of Iran’s enemies, Arabs, the Barbarian UK, or Jewish Barbarians ! They desperately try to hide/ censor the Jewish threats, the UK-Mullah love affair, the IMF-Mullah love affair, etc. These pigs helped the CIA-backed 2009 coup. These retards still think today (Age of Internet) is the 19th century (Ahd Boogh)!”. They also add: “The Little UK is a symbol of the Barbarian West. Their media (Guardian, BBC, etc) and their spies/ stooges like Behnoud, Rooz, Basijis, etc tell the same Orwellian jokes. Recently, the Guardian (GU) said: ‘ Iranians stayed awake all night [!!!!] to find out whether their negotiators [!!] have made a deal or not’ (GU, 10 Nov 2013). It’s one of the UK laughable jokes. But the funniest part of this joke is that some days before Guardian, Rooz and Behnoud said: ‘Iranians stayed awake all night to find out whether their negotiators have made a deal or not’ ! It’s very funny that all British spies tell exactly the same big and unique lies! In the 2009-2013 era, UK media and almost all activists/ journalists in exile tell the same Orwellian jokes. In these days, all of them say: ‘In Iran, France, not Britain, now the Little Satan’! But it’s important that all UK spies and all ‘Shitty, Kiddie Devils (SKDs)’ tell the same Orwellian jokes. Their jokes are unique, and it shows that one team invents such Orwellian lies/ jokes, and then all spies/ SDKs repeat them. In fact, the Guardian, the BBC, the so-called exiled Media/ exiled journalists, and the Mullah TV are controlled by one team (Ministry of Truth). Now it’s clear that those who work/ write for Guardian, BBC, etc and the notorious stooges/ spies like Behnoud, M. Ghomi (AliNejad), E. Nabavi, Kowsar, Ganji, Abdi, Dad, Zibakalam, Jannati, Basiji faggots, Mullahs, Khatamists, Pahlavists, etc are controlled/ managed by the same Big Brother. In fact, as the Iranian people say: ‘British Mullahs (Akhud-e Englisi) and all slaves of the UK, ie Islamists and exiled whores, work for the same Lord and Master”.


The love story of British Mullahs and their beloved UK is so laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “Do you remember what the UK slaves like Behnoud, Rooz and the Mullah TV already said about ‘Catherine Ashton’? They said ‘Ashton’ is a Swiss woman or a Swiss politician! But now, the anti-Iran Mullah TV openly praises ‘Catherine Ashton and sees her as a great British politician! It’s so funny that a Swiss woman suddenly becomes a British woman! And it’s so funny that Mullahs praise the UK Bitches. Their stupid Araqchi (Iraq-chi, ie Iraqi or non-Iranian!), who is Zarif’s aide, openly made love with the Big Bitch (British Queen), and now the Mullah TV has become a lover of British Bitches […] For several years, they said to Iranians: Ashton is a Swiss politician! But why?! Because they know what the Iranian people say about the UK and the UK-Mullah love affairs […] Mullahs loves Ashton because she was the Big Bitch’s slave and Lord President of the Queen’s Privy Council !“. In these days, almost all media censor the love story of ‘Mullahs and UK’, that is as important as the love story of ‘Jews and Arabs’ . In these days, many truly talk about “the Moment of Truth on Jews and Arabs”, and many refer to “Jews, Arabs, and West” as the real Axis of Evil. But as the wise Iranians say: “Jews and Arabs, aka S-e-m-ites, are not important. The savage Semi[..] and the French Barbarians are a small part of the Anti-Iranian Front. The main Enemy of Iran and Iranians is the US and the Little UK. The most Barbarian regime of history is the UK regime. The Barbarian UK has killed millions of Iranians in the 19th century, the 1910s, etc. The Barbarian UK has killed millions of Indians, millions of Africans, millions of native Australians, millions of native Americans, and millions of Asians (Chinese, etc) in the recent centuries. The Little UK is a small country that has committed great crimes against humanity”. We have already written about a small part of the history of Barbarians and Barbarism in Britain (check Archive). But there are many many historic facts about the Barbarian UK and the Barbarian France that we should write about them in proper time, but as the wise Iranians say: “Even if you forget the past and the shameful history of the Land of Barbarians and the Home of Barbarism (UK/ Western Europe), the present time can show you many things. Now the UK and the US openly supports Islamist, Marxists and Terrorists in Iran, Egypt, Syria, etc. Now the UK openly helps and supports Mullahs and anti-Democracy groups […] The Little Britain has lost its mind, and it’s a good thing. It’s good that the UK openly supports Islamist-Marxist terrorists or savage Mullahs like Jannati. It’s good that the Brits censor all facts/ news of Iran, and try to support Rouhani by telling bad lies/ jokes like: ‘Rouhani has ordered the morality police to stop arresting women’ ! (Telegraph, Nov 2013) Now it’s clear that the UK (BBC, Guardian, etc) is ‘Ghayem / Vakil Vasi’ (Guardian/ passionate advocate) of Mullahs! Now the Iranian people say many funny things about UK stooges like Behnoud and Akbar Ganji, who have become Vakil Vasi (passionate advocate) of Khamenei”. In these days, the UK and the West censor many facts/ news, even the news of the horrible air pollution in Ahvaz and Tehran -that we should write more it later. But as the wise Iranians say: “The Western censorship, the Western lies, and the Western Bullying just backfire. Now the Western media say: ‘the UK, the US, France, Germany, Russia and France say they should not grant Iran’s right to uranium enrichment’ ! (19 Nov 2013) They even say: ‘Mullahs Concede On Right To Enrich’ ! (AP, 19 Nov 2013), and add: ‘[Mullahs] have suddenly gone public with a significant concession .. Zarif says: ‘We (British Mullahs) see no necessity for its recognition as a right [!!]‘. US officials call it a ‘very significant concession, a key concession by Mullahs‘ ! Mullahs are heroic cowards, and anti-Iranian slaves of the West. But Iranians are not stupid. Now the West claims that Zarif has said: ‘The right to enrichment does not need to be recognized because, according to the NPT this right is inalienable [!!]’. Mullahs are bad retards. But Iranians know the UK and the US. Iranians know that Iran’s enemies play dirty/ stupid games. Now you can hear all sorts of rumors. But Iranians know the West. Iranians know that the only important thing in their stupid talks is Iran’s rights. Mullahs are anti-Iranian puppets of the West, but even the stupid Mullahs know that all Iranians say the right to enrichment is a very very basic right, and Iran even has the right to have nuclear weapons, simply because the Jewish Barbarians and the Barbarian West have nukes and threaten Iran with nukes. Almost all Iranians know when the Western Barbarians have nukes, Iran must have nukes and everything, and it’s Iran’s basic right. But now Iranians, prefer to wait and see what would happen. Iranians hate Rouhani, Zarif, and British Mullahs. But Iranians prefer to wait and see how they show their true colors. Rouhani, Zarif, etc can prove or reject what is said about them. We, Iranians, can wait and see”. They also add: “The West has imposed its stupid sanctions, bans, censorship, oppressions, etc on Iranian people, not Mullahs/ Islamists! Now Mullahs use Facebook, Twitter, etc and Iranians are spitting at the anti-Iran West. When they say: ‘Zarif, launched a Facebook/ YouTube channel’! Iranians just laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, the West loves Mullahs’ ! […] Facebook, Twitter, Guardian, BBC, CNN, UK, Lefts, and the Anti-Iran West strongly help and support Mullahs, and ‘Mullah Horseshit’ is like ‘Inverse Horseshoe’ (Naal Varuneh)! British Mullahs talk bout ‘Heroic Cowardliness’ ! or call themselves Principle-ists or followers of Ali, but they praise Pragmatism and act like Yazid and Muawiyah! Mullahs and Islamists are heroic cowards. They worship Arabs, Jews, UK, and non-Iranian pigs. But the Iranian people know Islamists and their British/ Jewish teacher, and that’s why terms like Basiji, Islamist, Khatamist or Mullah have become a synonym for Traitor (Khaen, Vatan-Forush, etc), Anti-Iranian, pro-Arab (Arab-parast), pro-Jew (Jewud-parast), Puppet of Iran’s enemies (Mozdoor-e Doshman), Stooge of US & UK (Nokar-e America & Englis), Crook & Thief (Dozd & Mal Mardom Khor), Savage, etc […] Mullahs are stupid slaves of the UK. But instead of repeating old lies and giving concession to Iran’s enemies, Mullahs should apologize to Iran’s people, and beg the Iranian people for mercy. It’s ‘Solution’. Obeying the UK/ IMF/ Big Bitches, making Iran’s people angrier, listening to savage non-Iranian Islamists like Jannati (that UK & Zionists love them) and giving concession to Iran’s enemies, is Stupidity, not Solution. What Mullahs do is like ‘Eating Onions & Sticks’. [We had already warned about this issue. For more info, check Archive for “Mullahcracy and Illusion of …]”.


In these days, many talk about “Jews and Arabs” and the anti-Iranian Front. As the wise Iranians say: “The good Jews or good Arabs are like other good guys. But their voices are censored or silenced. We, Iranians, can only hear the voice of savage Jews/ Arabs. But we, Iranians, are not like the Racist West, who tells racist lies like Iran’s regime = Iran’s people! We don’t say all Arabs or all Jews are bad guys. We are Iranians (Persians), and we are very different from the savage Jews or the Barbarian West. Iranians use ‘Jews and Arabs’ to refer to the savage Jews/ Arabs, and it’s a natural reaction to what they say/ do. What we, Iranians, say about them is a natural reaction to their shameful acts and their shameful history that is full of Barbarism, Racism, Genocide, and Crimes against Humanity. The good Arabs/ Jews are victims of their own bad guys, and they can understand us. We, Iranians, are not Anti-S-e-m-i-te, but ‘Jews and Arabs’ are Anti-Iranian (Anti-Persian & Anti-Aryan). They hate the Home of Tolerance. All informed people know the Jewish Intolerance and the Jewish Barbarism. The ungrateful Jews still think/ act like their savage ancestors. But Today is not ‘Ahd Boogh’ or ‘Ahd Atigh’ ! (Age of the Old Testament !) Now all normal people hate the Jewish Racism, the Jewish Intolerance, and the Jewish Barbarism. Only the savage Mullahs/ Islamists like Jannati, who are non-Iranians, still love the savage Arabs/ Jews […] Now the Western media say: Jews and Arabs cooperating! They even talk about ‘the Possible Western-Jewish-Arab alliance’ ! And it’s very laughable. Some say: ‘It’s important that the US loves those who created the 9/11 !, and Jews love Arabs and the Western-made Holocaust!’ It’s a good point. But it’s not the whole story. Now, the whole world can see the truth of what Iranians say about Jews, Arabs, and the Palestine issue. Now the world can see that both Jews and Arabs are savage terrorists, who love war, barbarism, terrorism, and intolerance. Even the good Arabs/ Jews are aware of this fact. Now, British newspapers say: ‘Jews (Isr-a-el) and Arabs (Arabia) are working on a secret plan against Iran’ (Nov 2013) or ‘Jews and Arabs cooperating on military option against Iran’ ! (Nov 2013) The stupid UK tries to use its old ‘Divide and Rule’ tactic. Even the good Arabs/ Jews are aware of this tactic […] It’s very good that barbarians are showing their true faces, and proving that the UK, Jews and Arabs are sworn enemies of Peace, Goodness, Humanity, and Human Civilization. It’s good that the world can see why the Iranian people say: ‘Fuck you, Palestine. Fuck you, savage Arabs, Fuck you, savage Jews. You deserve each other’ ! Jews are full of crap and
contradictions. They openly say: ‘A good Jew hates Arabs !‘ (Haaretz, Aug 2013), and add: ‘Hatred of Arabs is part of the test of our loyalty and our identity .. Jews hate Arabs and want them dead .. The Arab, as we know, always has his eyes on the daughters of I-s-rael [!] .. we urge Jewish girls to keep away from Arabs [!] .. our motto is ‘Death to the Arabs’ [!] .. A good Jew hates Arabs. A loyal I-s-raeli will leave an Arab to die, because he’s an Arab. And someone who isn’t like that, as we know, sleeps with Arabs [!!]’ It’s exactly what Haaretz said in Aug 2013! But now all people can see how Jews sleep with Arabs ! This year is ‘the Moment of Truth on Jews and Arabs’, and all people can see that Jews and Arabs belong to the same tribe. Now Iran’s people say what the savage Jews/ Arabs deserve to hear: ‘ Jews are proving that they really deserved the Holocaust .. Jews, Arabs, and Palestine should go to hell … Arabs kill innocent kids (Jewish kids, etc); Jews/ US/ UK kill innocent kids (Arab kids, etc). But we, Iranians, have always said: ‘Stop War; Stop killing innocent kids; Stop Racism; Stop Barbarism .. Jewish Barbarians threaten Iran with nukes, but prove Iran must have nuclear weapons ! .. the Islamist culture is the Jewish culture .. Hijab and all Islamic/ Arab laws are Jewish laws .. Jews have occupied the Arab lands, and Arabs have occupied the Iranian lands (UAE, Bahrain, etc). Jews and Arabs are savage occupiers .. Arabs are worse than Jews. Part of Palestine is Jewish. But Arabs have occupied our 100% Iranian lands with the help of UK .. Where is the good Jews?! Do they really exist?! Or a good Jew is a dead Jew?! .. The good Jews exist, but are silenced .. The West is a stupid bad guy. They say: ‘the public uproar over Obama’s plans for a limited strike against Syria – a much smaller and weaker [barbaric] adversary -shows that the US is not ready to sign up for a costlier and riskier conflict with Iran’! (Nov 2013) … the West is so savage and stupid. They say: ‘Bad deal with Iran will lead to war’ ! (Nov 2013) But such threats just backfire .. Bullies are often cowards .. To[…] Darid Hamle Konid! (You don’t dare attack Iran!), you the little Jews .. If Jews attack Iran, we should flatten all Jewish cities of the little I-s-r-ael .. Jews are worse than the Nazi … Jews are slaves of the US. But If Jews attack Iran, they just prove they deserve annihilation, and Iran must obliterate the ungrateful Jews from the face of the earth .. All Jews are not bad guys, but savage Jews are worse than Hitler .. Savage Jews/ Arabs say Iran (not Mullahs) is a threat to their influence in the Muslim world! They talk about Iran’s hegemony & say ‘Iran wants to be the regional gendarme’! But Iran must be a superpower, as it used to be. Arabs/ Jews, ie locusts-eaters should know that their Islamists/ spies like Jannati and AN have no place among today’s Iranians .. Mullahs serve the interests of Iran’s enemies. The Mullah regime is anti-Iranian and pro-Arab … UK and their Arabs have occupied our Iranian lands of the Persian Gulf. In 19th & 20th centuries, the barbarian UK attacked our Iranian lands and occupied them … Barbarians -ie UK, Arabs, and Jews- occupy the land of other people .. Almost all Arab states are fake countries. They are UK-made countries, and before the World War 1, almost all Arab states didn’t exist .. Jews & Arabs both love Occupation and Barbarism .. They are Mongol. They talk about crippling sanctions or Iran’s weakness!, but at the same time, they say: ‘Iran has the money, technical capability, and the infrastructure to build a nuclear weapon’! .. The West is in deep shit. Now they say: ‘If the US -rather than Iran- rejects deals or negotiations, the US will suddenly become the problem, and [it’s] disastrous’! (Nov 2013) .. The West is a stupid bad guy. Now they say: ‘By turning down a deal, the US will shift international opinion from our side to Iranians’ ! .. NSA scandals and all 2013 events show that international opinion hate the West and spit at the US! .. The stupid West just forces people to see the whole West as a Bad Guy, and hate the West as a whole .. Those who deny or violate the basic rights of Iranians, or threaten Iran with war, nuke and barbaric things, are stupid barbarians .. those who sow wind, will reap Typhoon“.


As the wise Iranians say: “The educated people know the British Evil Empire, and how the British Barbarians ruined the civilized world. And now many say: ‘America is an Empire Of Evil’ or ‘The United States has become the Evil Empire’. When the Jewish or American barbarians openly praise War, Bullying, Tyranny, Terrorism, Racism (Anti-Iranian Racism, etc) or Barbarism (Anti-Iran Barbarism, etc) it’s quite clear why many talk about the American Evil Empire. The 2009 coup, Iran’s story, Egypt’s story, the stories of Snowden, Lavabit, NSA, and all recent scandals showed that America is becoming anti-Democracy and anti-Human Rights. Now the USA reminds many of the USSR. Now the little UK, the US and the West’s Evil Empire are nearing the End”. They also add: “The West and its stooges (Mullahs, Arabs, Jews, Islamists, etc) form the Anti-Iran Front, which is the real Axis of Evil. Now the world knows Big Brother’s agencies such as GCHQ and NSA, which use Private Firms and mass spying/ surveillance technologies to snoop on all emails, messages, phone calls, etc. As the media reports: ‘Firms from the UK, I-s-rael, Germany, France and the US aid their governments in secretly hacking into internet cables (fibre-optic cables) [!] [So] they can monitor and analyze in real time almost all communications, including SMS (texting), GSM (mobile calls), billing data, emails, conversations, and everything’ ! (Nov 2013) Now many experts talk about this fact that the Big Brother uses ‘Hidden cameras and Hidden microphones in your car and your home appliance to watch and control you! As they say: ‘Ordinary vans, cars and motorbikes can offer everything a spy (and the Big Brother) could need. Tiny cameras and microphones are hidden in wing mirrors, headlights and even the makers’ logo‘ ! (Nov 2013) Now the experts talk about ‘Packet Injection‘, that is used by the West and its puppets, including Mullahs. As the experts say: ‘The most infamous use of packet injection is censorship. The ISPs and the Great Firewalls inject TCP reset packets (RST) to block undesired traffic. When a computer receives one of these injected RST packets, it closes the connection, believing that all communication is complete’ (Nov 2013) The West sells these Orwellian tools to Mullahs, and as the experts say: ‘these tools (and Packet injection) are widely used for
‘man-on-the-side’ and ‘man-on-the-middle’ attacks! The Anti-Iran Front is the real Axis of Evil”. As some wise Iranians say: “The whole West is savage and stupid. France is like the UK. French Barbarians try to hide themselves behind the good guys in France […] Most people say ‘France is the Land of Whores and Faggots’, while the truth is that both French Barbarians and British Barbarians were Adam-Khor (human-eaters), and didn’t know what is Culture or what is Civilization […] French Intellectual is a joke. They are slaves of Big Brother. Just ask yourself: How many of these retards (French intellects) protest against the NSA or the main problems?! French Intellectuals are stupid whores. In 2013, instead of the Big Brother’s scandals, they talk about S-e-x ! As their media says: ‘French intellectuals demand right to visit sex-workers’! (Oct 2013) In fact, France’s problem is not a stupid faggot like Hollande or Sarkozy. This French faggot Francois Hollande is a stupid ass-licker, and no one takes him serious. France’s main problem is their intellectuals, their corruption, and their ignorance. Instead of caring about the 2013 scandals or the main problems, they still talk about the primitive things! As their media reports: ‘A group of French intellectuals have come under fire from feminists over a magazine petition in which several high-profile male journalists, commentators and actors demanded the right to visit sex-workers .. The French parliament will soon make it illegal to pay for se-x [!], meaning anyone who buys s-ex from sex-worker would face heavy fines [!] .. French intellectuals say: we have gone, go, or will go to prostitutes -and we are not even ashamed … but their petition on prostitution was titled ‘the manifesto of the 343 bastards'[!] sparked fury from women’s groups and MPs .. [so-called] French female intellects say: ‘The 343 bastards are demanding the right to use others’ bodies’ [!] Yah, French intellectuals, male or female, are stupid bastards!”. Iran’s enemies are really stupid bad gays. But unfortunately, Westerners even don’t know who is who. As the wise Iranians say: “Ignorance and Corruption are the West’s serious problems. Most Westerners don’t know the world, history, and even their own country. Iranians know that the good Westerners exist. But the main question is: why are they silent/ inactive? Their mass media censors many things, tells big lies, and tries to silence the good guys. Instead of telling the truth or reflecting the voice of the people, their media try to shape public opinion! […] Now even the wise Americans talk bout Self-Censorship in America !. They say: ‘Scared Silent: NSA Surveillance has ‘Chilling Effect’ on American Writers !‘ (Nov 2013) It’s really horrible. Now all good websites are censored or boycotted. Their search engines censor or boycott almost all good links/ websites. The mass media censor/ delete almost all good comments. It’s obvious that all good guys, including the good Westerners, should protest against such Orwellian Tyranny and such Orwellian Censorship in the West. But most Westerners are silent, or live like sheep or slaves. Of course the NSA stories and the 2013 scandals are making all people aware. Sooner or later even the slaves will wake up. The West’s Evil Empire and the Anti-Iran Front, ie the United Barbarians, are on the wrong side of history, and nearing the End. The future belongs to the good guys”.

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