Muharram and Ashura: Iranians vs Oppressors

The story of “Muharram and Ashura in Iran” (check Archive) has always opened old wounds. But in this year (2013), as some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs are proving that they are stupid slaves of the UK. Instead of apologizing to people, begging their god and people for mercy, and solving the main problems, Mullahs just make people angrier! The anti-Iran Mullah TV still aids Iran’s enemies, repeats old lies, and insults the people’s intelligence. Mullahs are like their British teachers, and think they are smart bad guys! But the Mullah retards even don’t know that the UK spies in the Mullah TV try to use the British ‘Divide and Rule’ tactic in Iran. Mullahs are bad retards, and just eat both ‘Onions & Sticks’. In the 2013 Show, Mullahs badly retreated, made bad concessions, and surrendered to people. Mullahs even begged people to vote, and said: ‘Maybe people don’t want to support the Islamic regime [!], but they do want to support Iran’! The meaning of appointing Rouhani and rejecting Jalili is clear. Jalili was equal to all crap, slogans, goals, ideology and so-called principles of the Mullah regime. Jalali, Islamists and the Jewish CIA said the same thing about the 2009 coup. But what happened to Jalili?! Mullahs said Jallili, ie all Basijis and all Islamists only have about 3 million supporters in Iran! In fact, Mullahs clearly confessed that all Basijis and all Islamists are only about 5% of the Iranian people, and more than 95% of Iranians hate all Islamists and Basiji faggots. Appointing this British Rouhani was a bad and big retreat. At that time, many laughed and said: Mullahs retreated and regretted! (Tobeh Kardand) Mullahs regretted ‘eating more shits’! But now Mullahs are eating ‘Onions & Sticks’, and making Iran’s people angrier! But what’s the use of such stupidities?! Do Mullahs want to make Iran’s enemies happy and serve the West’s interests more than they did?! It’s quite clear that sooner or later Iran will get rid of all puppet regimes. More than 90% of Iranians hate all oppressors, stooges, and evil forces – including Mullahs, Monarchists, MEK, Marxists, Islamists, and anti-Iranian spies/ stooges like Behnoud, Karbaschi, Nabavi, Ganji, Abdi, Hajjarian, Khatami, etc. Sooner or later the real Iranians will decide about Iran. The real Iranians care about Iran and Iranian culture, not the Arab/ Jewish culture. Mullahs/ Islamists are pro-Arab (Arab-parast), pro-Jew (Jewud-parast), and anti-Iranian”. As the wise Iranians say: “Ashura reminds Iranians of two facts: (1) Millions of Iranians who bravely fought against Mullahs, tyranny, corruption and oppression in 2009; and thousands of Iranians who were killed and tortured by Islamists and the West in 2009 (2) Those who were killed by Yazid’s army at the Battle of Karbala in 680. Iran’s religious people have always said: ‘Imam Hussein was killed for the truthfulness and fighting against Tyranny and Oppression. Ashura is a tribute to truth, justice and condemnation of tyranny and oppression anytime and anywhere’. And now, the religious people say: ‘Mullahs, Islamists, and their [British masters] are symbols of injustice, tyranny, oppression, and corruption … Basijis are the Yazid army, and Mullahs are worse than Yazid, Muawiyah and Abu Sufyan’! But why do the religious people say such things in Iran? The answer is clear. Who can love thieves, crooks, liars, killers, thugs and corrupt people?! Many truly say: ‘In Muharram and Ashura, Iranians suffer from the so-called ‘Shoor-e Husseini’ (strong emotions)’! But what the Iranian people say about the 2009 coup is very logical and rational. In 2009, Mullahs/ Islamists defended a Jewish spy (AN) and killed and oppressed the Iranian people with the help of the West. Now, even Rouhani, Zarif, and all Mullahs openly confess -through what they say & what they do- that AN only served the interests of Zionists and Iran’s enemies. Now even Mullahs, Jewish Americans and little kids know & say that AN just served the interests of Zionists. But Iranian people ask: ‘Why did Mullahs/ Islamists support a Jewish spy, and aid Iran’s enemies? Why did (do) Islamists/ Basijis say nothing about the IMF, IMF plans, Jewish CIA (Leverett, Sick, etc) or Jewish Barbarians (Adelson, Rabbi Yosef, etc), who are anti-Iranian?!’ There are many facts that force Iranians to say: Islamists, from Khatamists to Basijis, are the pawns of the Jewish CIA. After the 2009 coup, the Basijis are openly making love with the Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Sick, etc). It’s so laughable. As ordinary Iranians ask: ‘Why do McCain, Graham, Tea party, Republicans, and the Left support and [make love with] Islamists?! .. Since when the US senators, the UK, or [the Jewish CIA] are the legitimate representatives of Islamists?! .. Why do the little UK and Great Satan (USA) love and support Islamists?!’. Mullahs have no shame and no brain. Mullahs say: ‘Lie is worse than Wine, adultery, etc. Lie is the worst of the worst’. But Mullahs and their British masters are the worst liars in history! Mullahs used to say: ‘IMF is a Zionist organization’ or ‘Gary Sick is the Zionist CIA’. But now the Mullah media and the Mullah TV (Press TV, etc) openly make love with Gary Sick, or praise IMF & implementing IMF plans in Iran! In these years, the UK and the Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Chomsky, Brzezinksi, US Congress, etc) openly supported Islamists. Iran’s story and Egypt’s story showed how the US and the West love and support Islamists. The West sees Islamists as useful idiots and useful dictators. And now the Iranian people are aware of this fact, and ask for instance: ‘why does the UK media strongly support Mullahs (Rouhani, etc)?! Who do Asssholes CNN, BBC, Guardian, etc delete most comments?! Who do VOA and BBC just help Mullahs and anti-democracy groups?! Why do almost all UK/ CIA/ Lefty media help Islamists?! Why do US officials say: ‘Regime change is not our policy,’ but ‘[making love] with the Mullahs regime certainly is’?! Iranians are not stupid, and know who is enemy, who is friend, and who is a puppet of the enemy […] Mullahs still obey the [UK/ IMF] orders. Mullahs use the UK Orwellian dictionary, and say: ‘Oppress = to protest against dictator/ oppressor’ ! But according to all normal dictionaries: ‘Oppress = to treat people unfairly or cruelly, and prevent them from having basic rights; to make someone feel unhappy or uncomfortable‘. Mullahs and the West oppress people. Mullahs try to make Iranians feel unhappy or uncomfortable. The Iranian people are oppressed, because they are treated unfairly or cruelly and are prevented from having basic rights. What Mullahs and the West did and do is Oppression […] What Mullahs say is like what the UK and the Jewish CIA say. There were many apparent paradoxes in the Mullah system. What Mullahs say are full of crap and contradictions. And as the religious people say: What Mullahs do is like what Yazid and Shemr did […] Now almost all Iranians say: “Fuck you, Obama .. Shame on USA, UK, EU and those who support Lie, Tyranny, Oppression, Jews and Islamists”.


In these days, the story of Mullahs and their Great Satan has become a funny story. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs pretended that ‘Down with America’ is their ideology/ principle, not politics. Islamists pretended that ‘Down with Oppressor’ is their ideology/ principle, not politics! But now Mullahs openly say: ‘our approach to negotiations with the US (Great Satan) is quite pragmatic! .. Down with America is a political tactic (not ideology)’ ! (Oct 2013) Mullahs say such things, when Obama says: ‘our sanctions and our threats worked’ !!, and that’s why Mullahs make love with Great Satan !! (Oct & Nov 2013). Now the Western media says: ‘The amount of time Mullah and American top diplomats have spent talking to each other in the last 24 hours is more than the preceding 34 years’ ! (9 Nov 2013) Mullahs have no answer to those religious people who say: ‘Did you kill our children for political tactics -for nothing?!’ Mullah Paradoxes are so laughable. In their own TV series, Imam Ali, Mullahs said: ‘Muawiyah, Abu Sufyan, and Amr ibn al-As were politicians and super-pragmatists. So they were bad guys! But Ali cared about Justice and principles. Ali was a man of principle, but Muawiyah was a super-pragmatist’! But now Mullahs praise Pragmatism! The stupid Mullahs don’t know that when you suffer from the paradox of ‘principles’ and play with your own principles, maybe sick people like Gary Sick, Farrideh Farrahi and anti-Iranian Baijis say you are super-pragmatists! But Iranians, religious people, etc say you are like Muawiyah!”. They also add: “The Orwellian UK and its stooges/ spies like Behnoud, Zibakalam, and British Mullahs tell bad jokes like: ‘the vast majority of Iranians love the US-Mullah love affair’ !! But the truth is that the vast majority of Iranian people just laugh and say: the UK is behind the Mullah regime. The US is the Great Evil, and Mullahs are stooges of the US and the UK (Nokar-e America va Englis)!”. In these days, many things are stupid and laughable. As the wise Iranians say: ‘the West tells bad jokes like ‘Iranians Lack Adequate Money for Food and Shelter’ ! But they say nothing about the IMF plans! The stupid West and the stupid Left censor the IMF-Mullah love affairs! And it says lot about the Left and the IMF, which are two sides of the same coin”. They also add: “The uncultured West still praise the UK Evil Empire, that was based on Bullying, Barbarism, Racism, Oppression, and Lie. But now, the little UK is on the edge of annihilation and disintegration. As some Mullahs say: ‘you can rule people with Blasphemy (Kofr), but you cannot rule people with Oppression (Zolm)’! But most Mullahs still obey the little UK. Mullahs tell big lies, and then say: ‘Lie is worse than Adultery’! Mullahs suffer from the English Disease!“. They also add: “In 2009, Islamists/ Basiji told big lies, killed people, and just aided the Jewish CIA and a Jewish spy (AN) whose mission was destroying Iran. They aided, and still aid, the big oppressors. But as you know, Khamenei recently said: ‘Iran’s motto is: ‘You must not Oppress others, and you must not allow others to Oppress you‘ (Sep 2013). It’s true. But the important thing is that this motto is an Iranian motto, not a Mullah/ Arabian motto. Iranians have always fought against Zahaks (oppressors), Deevs (evil forces), and Ahriman (Great Evil). Iran has always (since thousands of years ago) had many Kaveh, Freydoon, Rostam […] Just ask yourself: What did Iran’s people do in 2009? Iranians bravely fought against all bad guys, big liars, oppressors, tyrants, and anti-Iranian spies. Iranians wanted not to allow others to oppress them. But what did Mullahs/ Islamists do in 2009?! They obeyed the West’s orders, defended a Jewish spy, betrayed Iran, and oppressed Iranians with the help of the West. In 2009, all humans saw that Islamists and their Western masters were the oppressors. The 2009 movement and the 2009 Karbala clearly showed: Who is the Oppressor (Zalem), Who is the Oppressed (Mazlum), Who is Traitor, who aids Iran’s enemies, and who is puppet of the West. But Islamists pretend that those who kill people – ie dictators/ killers- are the oppressed, but the victims and those who fight against dictators/ bad guys are oppressors! And it’s like the British/ Jewish logic. Mullahs/ Islamists tell such Orwellian jokes, because their teacher is Jewish/ British […] But the Iranian people are not stupid, and that’s why most of them say: ‘Mullahs and Islamists are puppets of the US and the UK (Mozdoor-e America va Englis)”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Almost all Iranians know the UK. The UK is the worst Orwellian regime in history. The Barbarian UK is the Animal Farm of Big Brother. The UK is the teacher of Mullahs. Mullahs just ape the UK like monkeys, and think it’s a smart tactic! The British have low IQs, and that’s why they tell Orwellian jokes in the 21st century (the age of information). But Mullahs/ Islamists still worship UK and non-Iranians, while Iranians want to get rid of all Jewish/ British crap and contradictions. The 21st century Iran wants to get rid of all Arab/ Lefty/ Western/ Jewish crap, contradictions, and paradoxes. The Iranian people are not like the Western Sheelpe. Now, even the West confesses: ‘The [Iranian] man and woman-on-the-street comments demonstrate the lack of popular support for the Mullah regime as a whole … Iranian society is evolving beyond the ability of any politicians to control. One has only to experience Tehran’s traffic to know that Iranians do not like to be told what to do by anyone‘ (Sep 2013) It’s true, and very important. The Iranian people are not the Sheeple, while the US people, the Britons, etc live like sheep or slaves. Their politicians act like Hitler, and talk about ‘the use of military force to [bully] Iran’ ! Their barbarians openly threaten Iran with nuke! Their NSA and their Big Brother control and watch all of them. But the Western Sheeple still live like slaves. Of course sooner or later even the slaves will rise up & wake up”. They also add: “It’s funny that after the 2009 coup, Iran’s enemies are losing everything. Some say: ‘It’s Divine Justice or God’s punishment’ ! And many say: ‘It’s the fate of all bad guys’. Iran’s enemies that betrayed the freedom and democracy and the freedom-seeking Iranians in 2009, are totally confused. Just look at the international scene. The Jewish barbarians are showing their true face. The Orwellian UK is showing its true face. Now their media says: ‘the UK government’s response to the mass surveillance revealed by Snowden is doing serious damage to the UK’s reputation’ ! (Nov 2013) The US is losing everything. As their own media says: ‘the US is a big loser .. Obama’s credibility was further tarnished following his reversal on punishing Assad once he crossed our red line’ ! (Oct 2013) The 2009 coup marks the beginning of the End of the West. Now even the little kids know the NSA, GCHQ and the Orwellian West. Now even idiots know that Iran has to be ready to defend itself with its own power, and Iran must be able to defeat all barbarians. Now many know that the Jewish threat is an existential threat to the whole world and all humans. Pigs like Aledson, Rabbi Yosef, and Jewish fanatics clearly showed that the Jewish barbarians are sworn enemies of Goodness, Humanity, Justice, Tolerance, and what is good and decent”. In these years, you can understand many things better. As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs have ruined many things, specially their own beliefs! In the past, most Iranians didn’t go to Shomal (Caspian sea’s beaches) in Muharram and Ashura. But after the 2009 coup many things changed. Now, the Mullah TV says: ‘people go to Shomal, because they want to mourn for Ashura! And the Iranian people laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, people want to have fun, because they want to mourn! Mullah IQ is less Goat’s IQ (IQ-e Boz). They even cannot tell a good lie! Anyone with half a brain knows why Iranians go to Shomal. Anyone with half a brain knows and sees how and why Bazaar, Tajrish, and almost all places/ streets in Tehran are almost empty in Muharram and Ashura. All people know what it means. The anti-Iran Mullahs even ruined the good tradition of ‘Nazr’ (distributing free foods). It’s an ancient Persian tradition that Iranians cook food and give it to other people. This charity food is called Nazri. But now even Nazri is becoming extinct, and the regime and its municipalities give the oil money to Islamists for cooking Nazri and holding Muharram ceremonies! It’s a very clear sign of the Mullahs’ bankruptcy in Iran. If you ask: Why do even the religious people hate Mullahs and Islamists? The answer is clear. Almost all Iranians, including the religious Iranians, hate oppression, tyranny, big lies, hypocrisy, stealing people’s money, violating people’s rights, etc. Just ask yourself: Who support Mullahs and Islamists? the barbarian UK, the Big Brother media, the Jewish CIA, the Big Brother’s lefty agents, and other bad guys. In Iran, only prostitutes, pimps, drug addicts, faggots, and thugs support Mullahs and Islamists. They get money, and say or do what Mullahs want! But all normal people (ie more than 90% of Iranians) hate Mullahs, their Western supporters, and all bad guys and puppets of the West”.


Unfortunately, many non-Iranians know nothing about Iran and the Religious Tolerance in Iran. As the wise Iranians say: “many even don’t know our famous Persian proverbs like ‘Mousa beh Din-e Khod, Eisa beh Din-e Khod’ (literally means ‘Moses can have his own religion; and Jesus can have his own religion’. Iranians use this proverb when they want to say everyone is free to have his/ her own religion/ beliefs) Iranians believe you are free to have your own beliefs, but you should not impose your own religion/ beliefs/ laws on other people. And it’s the Persian Tolerance. It’s the exact opposite of the Western/ Jewish Intolerance. You can find many good examples of Barbarism and ‘Intolerance’ in the Jewish Bible. Their Bible and their holy texts can show how they commit genocide, and try to kill all men, women, and children, because the victims want to have their own religion/ beliefs! But even the West and Jews confess that Iranians (Persians) have always been tolerant people, and Cyrus the Great was just one of many many many Iranians who cared about Tolerance, Kindness, Goodness, etc. Iran is the only nation that has always (since thousands or years ago) said: ‘If you have no sympathy for human pain, the name of human you cannot retain‘. Iran is the only nation that has always (since thousands of years ago) followed the Iranian creeds of ‘ Good thoughts, Good wills, and Good deeds‘. Iran, the land of Aryans, is the Cradle of Civilization. Iran is the birthplace of Human Values, Tolerance, Human Rights, and many many many other good things. Iran is very different from the Barbarian West and the land of Barbarians (UK), as Iranians are very different from the savage Jews/ Arabs. But Mullahs are Jews, Arabs, or puppets of Iran’s enemies (Mozdoor-e Doshman)”. They also add: “Iran and Iranians are such a great nation that they can solely (Yek-Taneh) fight against all bad guys and all barbarians, ie the West (UK, US, France, Russia, etc) and its puppets (Mullahs, Arabs, Jews, Islamists, etc). Iran’s enemies have always been barbarians and bad guys. And now the whole world is laughing/ spiting at Iran’s enemies, including the stupid US, the Orwellian UK, the Jewish barbarians, the French barbarians, Arabs, etc. The NSA scandals and all 2013 events are making people aware. Now, even the West confesses: ‘Iran is the ‘Rising nation’ (Oct 2013). But a good question is: Who is the ‘Falling nation’?! Obama, Cameron, and Snowden can show you the answer!”. In this year (2013), the Iranian people, both religious people and irreligious people, say many good and funny things. For instance, they say: ‘After Netan-yabu Jean crap, the Jewish retards talk about ‘the Persian phrase book that Netanyahu should own’, and say: [Jewish leaders] should know the meaning of ‘Gondeh-goozi: loud gas-passing’ ! (Haaretz, Oct 2013) But these retards don’t know what Gondeh-goozi really means, and when Iranians use it! … Gondeh-goozi is exactly what the Jewish leaders did and do! … the West and Jews should learn Persian slang terms like ‘Goh Ziadi Khordan (eating extra shits), Oscol, Gagool, Barbar, Ar-Ar, etc! If they learn such things, they would know that the main problem of the West and its stooges is ‘Gondeh Goozi’ or ‘Goh Ziadi Khordan’! .. Asgar-Oladi was a Jewish convert. He was a British-Jewish-Islamist crook! But he went to hell and left all stolen money .. I wonder what Asgar-Olaqi and Mullahs think before their death. If they really believe in God, they should know that they cannot fool the god; they are bad guys, whose place is the deepest/ worst part of the Hell .. If you kill people, steal people’s money, violate people’s rights, tell big lies, and do all evil things, then can you think that the god will forgive you?! .. Mullahs refer to people’s rights as ‘Hagh al-Nas’, and people’s money as ‘Beit al-Mal’. Even Mullahs say that ‘God only can forgive his own right, not ‘Hagh al-Nas’ or ‘Beit al-Mal’ .. In 2009, what did Mullahs/ Islamists do to people’s rights?! In the past 34 years, what did Islamists do to people’s money and people’s rights? God will punish Islamists so badly .. Islamists like Asgar-Olaqi know that both people and God hate them so much; but how can they sleep at night?! .. Mullahs badly suffer from insomnia! .. Only UK and its notorious spies endorse the childish foolishness of British Mullahs .. Islamists just try to damage Iran or Iran’s image, and serve the West’s interests … If Iran was a Democracy, then on one is able to say: ‘Iran should not have nukes’ … Islamists are puppets of the West. But we, Iranians, know how we should deal with the West. After the Mullah regime, instead of serving the West’s interests and crapping about the Western-made Holocausts, we will say what Mullahs and other puppets of the West censor it, ie We tell the truth about the long history of Barbarians, Barbarism, Intolerance, Racism, Genocide, etc in the West and the UK .. Since 2009, Iran’s slogan is: ‘Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic’. And ‘Iranian Republic’ is just ‘Farting in Mullah face & their Islamic Republic .. What almost all Iranians want is: True/ real
Independence, True/ real Freedom, and True/ real Republic System
.. Iran must be a superpower, as it used to be. After the Mullah regime, we, Iranians, will break the West’s monopoly. We, Iranians, will develop new alternatives to all-Western made networks/ organizations, including their stupid SWIFT .. We, Iranians, will break/ cut the West’s horns! (Shakh-e-sho Mishkanim!) .. if Iran’s regime was not a puppet regime, then all people in all around the world will know and hate the Jewish barbarians and [the barbarian UK] .. I-s-rael (anti-Iran Jews) and Saudi Arabia (anti-Iran Arabs) aid each other in hurting Iran! In fact, Savage Jews & savage Arabs are the same shit .. USA is so stupid. They love savage Saudis/ Arabs! But who created the 9/11? Arabs/ Saudis! .. Now even average Americans say: ‘With friends like the Saudis, who needs enemies. They are most culpable for 9/11’! … USA and Saudis (Arabs) deserve each other. They should kill and fuck each other! .. the West and Jews deserve each other, too. Who created the Holocaust? the West! .. Iran knows the West’s biggest secrets. The King is naked. The UK is the land of Barbarians & Barbarism. What the UK and the West say about their non-existent Culture (Farhang-Nadashte), their non-existent Civilization (Tamadon-e Nadashte), their non-existent Honor (Sharaf-e Nadashte), etc are the biggest lies in history .. US pigs like Wendy Sherman -Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs and US representative in the P5+1 nuclear talks- said, with reference to Iranians, ‘We know that deception is part of their DNA’! This Anti-Iranian Racism is important, As some say: ‘If a senior US official made public statements about ‘deception’ or some other negative character trait being ‘part of the DNA’ of Jews, what would happen to that US official’?! .. The West is Racist. But Iranians care about all humans .. Why we, Iranians, care about the truth, justice, goodness, decency, tolerance, and human values? Simply because it’s part of our culture .. Iran’s importance derives from the fact that Iran is the Cradle of Civilization, the Home of Tolerance, and the Land of Human Values .. The savage Jews/ Arabs/ West are uncultured Barbarians .. Mullahs are retards, and just try to make people angrier! But what’s the use of making people even angrier ?! .. Mullahs act like retards and serve the West’s interests, because their teacher is the UK .. All Westerners are not bad guys. The good Westerners are like good Iranians, and say: ‘Iranians on their knees?! You are kidding .. Iran is where the game of chess was invented .. Obama and his USA are the forces of Evil. What the US did in 2009 and 2012/ 2013 [proved many things] … [UK media says:] ‘The search for informers in dissident groups on UK college campuses is part of a broader pattern of oppression’! .. Iranians hate [UK & UK stooges], simply because Iranians hate all bad guys, all oppressors, (and all traitors)”.

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