Iranian Wisdom, 2013 Facts: West is a Big Loser

November 28, 2013

In these days, many things are laughable. As some Iranians say: “Mullahs send parasite/ noise, and try to slow down the internet, and it says a lot about the current US-Mullah deal. The Western media tells big lies, censors the voice of Iranians, and help Mullahs, and it says a lot the US-Mullah deal, too. In these days, the West censors many facts, even this fact that the horrible air pollution in Tehran, Ahvaz, and other Iranian cities makes breathing very difficult”. But despite all horrible things -from horrible censorship and horrible inflation to horrible corruption and horrible air pollution- the Iranian people are happy, because they think they could defeat the West and all bad guys in the so-called ‘battle of wills’. As the wise Iranians say: “Iranian people solely (Yek-Taneh) fight against all bad guys. So, any victories can make them happy. If you read the full text of the nuclear deal, you can see why the West and its stooges are Big Losers, and why the Iranian people say: ‘After a lot of huffing and puffing (Badaz koli Hart-o Purt), the West gave in and failed miserably! (Terek-mun Zadan!)’ The 2013 facts, including the 2013 Show and the current nuclear farce reveal: ‘In the battle of wills with the Iranian people, the West and its stooges (Mullahs, Jews, Arabs etc) are Big losers. The West and Iran’s enemies try to hide their defeats, and that’s why they tell bad lies and hide many facts, including the Iranian victories (sport victories, etc) and even the full text of the Geneva deal”. In these days, the West censors many things. As some Iranians say: “Iran defeated Brazil, Italy, and Russia to win the championship of the 2013 Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup. But it was censored by the West ! The organizers and referees badly tried not to allow Iran to win the championship. But for the first time in history, one soccer team (Iran) could defeat Brazil, Italy, Russia and referees! But the West censored these facts”. They also add: “In the 2013 Volleyball Intercontinental Cup, Iran could defeat the US, Japan, and Italy. Americans had everything, but Iranians could defeat America. It’s really important, because as the recent Intercontinental Cups revealed ‘even in these conditions (ie under ‘the toughest sanctions in history’) Iranians can defeat the US and the West’. [In the 2009- 2013 era] the Lions of Persia remind the world of the Persian Glory”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now many confess to the Iranian Wisdom and the Western Hypocrisy. Now the mass media says: ‘Secret US-Mullah talks cleared way for historic nuclear deal’ ! or “This deal was made possible by years of
unprecedented secret meetings between US and Mullahs‘ ! (Nov 2013) They even say: ‘the US-Mullah meetings were kept hidden even from America’s closest friends, including I-s-rael and France .. America and Mullahs secretly engaged in a series of high-level, face-to-face talks over the past [years]‘ ! (AP, 24 Nov 2013) But it’s exactly what the Iranian people said in these years. It [says a lot about] the secrets of the 2009 coup, the 2013 Show, etc”. They also add: “Now even the New York Times (NYT) confesses: ‘the nuclear deal represents an Iranian victory -and an American defeat [!] This American defeat [has a long story]. Bush created a climate that made it very difficult to target Iran today[!] America’s will was spent [!!] It was evaporated in the violent streets of [Iraq!] Obama has made mistakes, too [!!] Obama was [a very stupid bastard] and turned his back on the freedom-seeking Iranian masses in 2009. Obama [made Iran’s people aware, and showed US true face]. When Obama finally endorsed punitive sanctions in 2011 and 2012, it was too late, and too [stupid] [It just made Iran’s people angrier, and revealed our real intentions] The US Empire is weary. It has lost the ardor and wisdom [!!]’ (NYT, 22 Nov 2013) US politicians have bad intentions and low IQs. Now they have confused. Now ‘John Bolton says: Iran deal is an ‘Abject Surrender’ for US‘ ! (Nov 2013), and the US media says: ‘Critics blast Iran deal as US Defeat’ ! (24 Nov 2013) Now Arabs, Jews, Islamists/ Basijis, and all Iran’s enemies are so mad at each other, because the Iranian people are the real winners, and deserve all credit”. In these days, many things are laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs try to slow down the internet, censor the voice of Iranians, and help the West’s propaganda machine. For Mullahs and the West, this nuclear deal is a heavy defeat. The West and its stooges (Mullahs, Jews, etc) are losing their face, and that’s why the Iranian people are happy […] The West is a joke. Now they praise Zarif and his role in the Iran-Contra Scandal ! They even say: ‘Every U.S. administration from Carter and Reagan to Obama has tried to reach out to Mullahs [!!] and Zarif has become heavily involved in secret bilateral relations between the US and Mullahs since [1979]. Zarif lived for 30 years in the US’ ! (Nov 2013) But Iranians just laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, the West loves Zarif and British Mullahs .. US and UK love traitors, whores, and Mullahs, ie those who serve the West’s interests and try to keep Iran week and unfree .. UK, USA, and their puppets are big losers”.


In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “the Western media talks about years of ‘secret meetings between US and Mullahs’!, and reveals the Iranian wisdom, and the Western stupidity. They prove the US guilt, and the Iranian wisdom. Iranians had already said William Burns, Jeffery Feltman, Sullivan, and many other US officials love Mullahs and/ or are behind the 2009 coup. But the Left and Westerners denied the undeniable facts. But now even the US media says: ‘In Geneva, the State Department housed Burns and Sullivan at a different hotel from the rest of the U.S. delegation and shuttled them to and from meetings via back entrances (to hide them from reporters)’! (Nov 2013) Westerners were stupid, and ignored many facts, including the secret meetings between Burns and Zarif in 2009, or between the UK gov. and Mullahs in 2009. [In 2012,] Feltman became the first senior Jewish-American officials to meet with Khamenei publicly! [for more info, check Archive for [0]: ‘Sham Fight between USA and Mullahs’ (Oct 2012)] But when people like Feltman, Leveretts, and Brzezinski were making love with Mullahs, Chomsky helped them and showed his true face [for more info, check Archive for ‘Chomsky helps Brzezinski …’ (Nov 2012)] These years revealed many things, but Westerners were stupid”. They also add: “In May 2012, the LA Times reported: US officials say ‘if Mullahs agree to widespread inspection of nuclear facilities, the US might agree to let Mullahs continue enriching uranium to the 5% level’. [for more info, check Archive for [1]: ‘USA and Mullahs: a stupid Love Affair‘ (May 2012)]. At that time, Iranians said ‘this deal is not a new or important thing. Even in 2003 the US could end this fake crisis over the nuclear issue‘ [1] And now the US and the UK confess: ‘We (the West) could have produced a much better agreement in 2003’! (Nov 2013) The West is a big loser. In 2012, Iranians anticipated the 2013 events, and said: ‘Sanction and torturing Iranians is part of their stupid game for fooling Westerners. [Sooner or later] they will say: ‘Oh, yah, our sanctions worked, and that’s why we accept this nuclear deal’! [1] Iranians knew why ‘the US and Mullahs are in deep shit, and can’t justify their shameful deals’ [1] The US badly wanted a deal, but an open deal with AN, that everybody hated him, was a political suicide. So, they tried to set the stage for the 2013 Show and appointing this British Rouhani. But Iranians were aware of this issue [check Archive for [2]: ‘2013 British-American Coup in Iran’ (January 2013)] Iranians said: ‘Do you think it’s purely accidental that Obama and Mullahs are setting the stage for their last tango .. Do you think it’s purely accidental that the West
systematically censors and boycotts the voices of Iranians, and the UK media creates one of the greatest scandals in the history of digital media .. Do you think it’s purely accidental that when the US and Mullahs are preparing for their Last Tango, the West tries to pretend that the voice of traitors/ mercenaries is the voice of Iranians inside Iran?! Do you think it’s purely accidental that before the 2013 Show, the West stupidly tries to repeat the 2009 scenario, and again tells Orwellian lies/ jokes about Iran, Iranians, and their views about Mullahs, traitors, and the West ?!’ [2] The world and history should bow to the Iranian wisdom. The Iranian people anticipated many things. Many knew that ‘[Appointing] Kerry and Hagel show that the US wants to make a good deal with Mullahs’. But only Iranians knew the US-Mullah sham fights, and said: ‘the big loser will be the West that dishonors itself’ [0][1] Years before Snowden and 2013 Scandals, Iranians talked about ‘West in the Time of Cholera’ (check Archive). The first people who talked about the rotten brains and the real pseudo intellectuals (Chomsky etc) in the West, were Iranians. Iranians knew ‘the Orwellian West’, and said: ‘Most Westerners can’t believe the sad truths, because if they accept the truths, they have to deny all those big lies that are part of their life’. Iranians said such things in the pre-Snowden era, when most Westerners were blind and stupid, and know nothing about ‘War on Internet and Lonely Iranians’. The first people who used ‘Culture’ and ‘Pen’ to fight against barbarians and the West, were Iranians. Iranians (Seif Farghani [1247- 1327] etc) said: ‘The owl of misfortune that brings ruin, Will perch on your palace too .. In this country, our lions roared and passed, The barking of you, the little dogs will pass (cease) too .. Your turn came to you, the barbarians, by way of noble men, The time of your barbaric rule will pass too .. their time [passed], Your a few days, that is less than theirs, shall pass too .. With patience we shield ourselves from your arrows of oppression, Until the tautness of your bow shall pass (fail) too‘ [check Archive for ‘Persian Answer to West: This Shall Pass, Too! (Nov 2012)]. The world and history should bow to the Iranian wisdom”. They also add: “Now Iranians laugh at the West and Mullahs. Some talk about ‘the cracks in all sanctions’, but the funny Iranians laugh and say: ‘This stupid Rouhani even cannot pronounce Crack (Tarak) in the correct way. Instead of ‘Tarak’, he says Terek!, and it reminds you of his Terek-mun or the US/ UK Terek-mun! (Terek-mun is what the Big losers do)’ ! The West and its stooges are Big losers. But the UK still tells jokes like: ‘Iran nuclear deal takes [the UK and] Catherine Ashton from Zero to Hero’ ! (Nov 2013) In these days, ‘the English Lie Factory‘ make Iranians laugh. The Guardian and the UK media are telling the funniest jokes of history“. As the wise Iranians say: “UK and France are proving two things: (1) France is Anti-Iran, and Iran should not work with French companies (Peugeot, Renault, etc) (2) The UK is worse than the US and France. Iran should not have any relations with the UK‘. Before the 2009 coup, Iranians cared about the US, because the US had fought against the UK. Iranians said relations between the US and Iran is much more acceptable than relations between the Western Europe and Iran, or between Arabs and Iran. (the 2009 coup and Obama changed many things in Iran) But the UK is still more hateful than the US”. As some wise Iranians say: “The US is stupid. Now the locust-eaters, Arabs and Jews, say: ‘the US is Afraid of Iran’ (Nov 2013), and the US media says: ‘Arabia rebels against US .. Arabia threatens to reappraise its entire foreign policy after America’s nuclear deal with Iran’ ! (Nov 2013) But the stupid US loves Arabs, who created the 9/11. The US acts like the UK. The US media says: ‘Iran is Shiite [!] and the Saudis are Sunni. They hate each other!’ The American pigs even censor this simple fact that Saudis are Arabs, but Iran is not Arab; Iranians are not Arabs‘. The US media acts like the Nazi media, which was a weaker version of the UK Orwellian media”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now both Mullahs and the West confess that AN was a Jewish spy, and just wanted to damage Iran’s economy and Iran’s national product. Now the West confesses that AN and Islamists just tried to serve the West’s interests and ‘make a pariah state’ ! (Nov 2013) Now even this stupid Rouhani confesses: ‘AN acted like a traitor [!] AN destroyed Iran’s economy and Iran’s national product, and served the interests of Iran’s enemies’ ! (Nov 2013) Now Mullahs repeat what Iran’s people, and Mousavi & Karrubi said in 2009! Now it’s quite clear that ‘Who is Traitor’. But Mullahs and their British teachers still think Today is the 19th century (Ahd Boogh)! Now the UK media, and UK spies and Islamist whores in the Mullah TV, the Mullah newspapers (Etemad, Shargh, Keyhan, etc) and the exiled media, tell the same big lies and desperately try to censor the voice of people. As the old Iranians said: ‘They think they can remove a Stain (Nang) with more Stains (Ba Rang)!’ They think their horrible censorship, their horrible lies, their old dirty tricks, and their Orwellian stupidities still work! But now, many laugh and say: ‘If you want to know the UK spies and the Big Brother’s agents, read the Guardian or watch the BBC and the Mullah TV’ ! Now many know the Big Brother’s media. Now the Lefty-CIA media like the Huffington Post, Lobelog, etc act like or worse than the Guardian, Forbes, WSJ, Economist, Washington Post, CNN, BBC etc and tell bad Orwellian jokes about Iran, Iranians, or ‘Daily Life in Iran’. They have badly confused. All bad guys have confused. Just look at the UK/ US media. On 24 and 25 Nov, they had funny headlines like: ‘I-s-rael has lost its nerve’ !, ‘Jews and Netanyahu have lost impact on the international community’ !, ‘I-s-rael and the US: Chillier than ever’! ‘Iran nuclear deal: I-s-rael rages -but no one cares !‘ ! Iran’s enemies have badly confused. The UK media says: ‘The US and Mullahs ease decades of hostility with this agreement’ ! (Nov 2013) And the savage Jews say: ‘Despite the desperate propaganda by the US and [UK], in reality the US and the West gave the Iranians the implied right to enrich its uranium’ ! (24 Nov 2013) If you google and read the full text of the Joint Plan of Action or the Geneva agreement, that is a 4-page agreement signed on 24 Nov 2013, you can understand why Obama, Kerry, and other idiots tell big lies. As the US media says: ‘the deal allows Iran to claim the West has accepted its right to enrich uranium .. The deal legitimizes Iran’s status as a nuclear state’ ! (24 Nov 2013) But both the West and Mullahs are Big losers. Now the West says: ‘This deal is better than We thought it would be. The verification is so extensive. It caps every aspect of their program’ ! (Nov 2013) It’s funny that Lobelog says: ‘This deal is great for I-s-rael because it grants unprecedented access to Iran’s nuclear facilities’ ! (Nov 2013). Now the West’s mass media repeatedly says: “the deal will allow our inspectors to gain a greater knowledge about Fordow’ ! Apparently, the West just wants to know Iran’s nuclear facilities for any future attacks! But if Iran’s regime was a smart regime, it could neutralize the West’s plots. The UK and the US don’t respect any agreements. What happened to their agreements with the native Americans in the past centuries?! Lie, Deceit, Cheating and Inhumanity is part of their DNA. Now, they clearly say: ‘Iran nuclear deal is Just a piece of paper [!] But they are stupid bad guys. As they confess: ‘It’s not hard to develop a bomb in secret. Iran is a big country, with a lot of mountains and deserts to hide [what should be hidden from Bad guys] Iran can continue working toward its programs in private’ !! We all know who is who. The US, UK, Jews and other barbarians have many secret, Orwellian, Barbaric programs. They openly threaten Iran with nukes, or talk about ‘Western efforts to control, exploit or weaken Iran‘ ! (25 Nov 2013) But these stupid barbarians just show why Iranians want, and should want, a nuclear deterrent“. They also add: “Iran’s people care about Iran’s national interests, while the Mullah regime serve the West’s interests. The Iranian people have forced the West to confess: ‘Any deal that stops Iran enriching uranium would have had no chance of acceptance’! (Nov 2013) Now even Iran’s enemies say: ‘Iranians will not accept any limits on their nuclear program’ (Nov 2013) They know that Iran’s people can accept the current limits only because it’s ‘Temporary‘. Iran’s people have forced Iran’s enemies to accept Iran’s rights, and the world and history should bow to Iran’s people and their wisdom and bravery”. In these days, the nuclear issue reminds Iranians of Democracy and Western Hypocrisy. As the wise Iranians say: “our people said: ‘the important issue is Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights, not the nuclear issue’. But the West openly said: ‘For the West, the only important issue is ‘Nuclear Issue’, not Freedom and Democracy in Iran’! But what they gained?! The stupid West just showed its true face, and gained nothing but dishonor. ‘Ahd Boogh’, ie the age of puppet dictators and puppet regimes, has passed ! […] Rouhani, his team and his Central Bank obey the IMF and say: The value of Iran’s national money (Rial) must be decreased!’ (Sep 2013) But the West censors such important facts, and now, their stupid spies/ stooges like S. Leilaz say: ‘Rouhani’s deals worked! The value of Rial increased’! They have no shame and no brain. They still live in ‘Ahd Boogh’. Mullahs still praise IMF plans and high prices!, but now all Iranians say: ‘the end result (of their stupid deals) must become reduction of prices’. So, if Mullahs continue to obey the IMF, and If instead of stopping the IMF plans, Rouhani continues to implement the next phases of IMF Plans, it proves many things, including: Rouhani is worse than AN and Netanyahu”.


Ordinary people in the US and Iran hate War, and it’s a good thing. But as some wise Iranians say: “the US is so stupid. Now, they say: ‘A majority of Americans support an interim deal with Iran’ (CNN, Nov 2013). Their CNN even has headlines like ‘Why Rouhani deserves praise [!]‘ Can you believe it?! The Iranian people ridicule this British Rouhani, but the US and the UK praise him! The West loves Mullahs, but Iranians hate all bad guys. Now the CNN confesses: ‘[our barbaric] threats and sanctions are central reasons why Iranians want a nuclear bomb’! (Nov 2013) The West and all bad guys are Big losers […] Just look at John Kerry. He is a typical American, a stupid bad guy, and a very bad lair. John Kerry is ‘Shoot va Mashang’ (bad retard); John Kerry, like all American retards, is Eshqe Gooze (Fart-lover) ! The US and Kerry just fart, and try to hide the US defeats”. They also add: “Now Jews sleep with Arabs, and the Jewish media says: ‘For five years, Obama has been betraying I-s-rael, Saudi Arabia and UAE’ !! (24 Nov 2013) You can ask: Since when Jews love Arabs?! But on 22 Nov 2013, Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg, a savage Jew, had an interview with the Arab Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, in which the savage Arab openly said: ‘The threat is from Persia, not from I-s-rael!’ But it’s funny and important that Mullahs and exiled Journalists -who are anti-Iranian slaves of Big Brother- censored what these savage Arabs/ Jews say about Persia (Iran). It shows that Jews, Arabs, and Islamists are the same anti-Iranian shits”. In these days, many things are laughable, but important. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the American retards say: ‘the only thing Iranians love more than their nuclear weapons is their football [!]’ (FP, Nov 2013). It’s funny that these US retards shape ‘Foreign Policy’ in the US! In these days, the CNN reports: ‘Peres backed up Netanyahu, but also extended an olive branch. Peres said: ‘I would like to say to the Iranian people: You are not our enemies and we are not yours .. there is a possibility to solve this issue
diplomatically’ ! But what it means?! The Jewish regime and the savage Jews openly incite to genocide and threaten Persia! First and Foremost, the Jews must apologize to Persians, and must condemn the Jewish barbarians and the Jewish incitement to genocide. They should know that Persia (Iran) has the right and obligation to defend itself with its own forces against every threat. We, Persians, want to make clear that Persians will not tolerate Barbarians. Both Jews and Arabs must accept Iran as a world power, and respect Iran’s rights. Arabs must apologize to Iranians. Arabs must pay compensation (hundreds of billions of dollars) to Iran and Iranians”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “Jews and Arabs have confused. On 24/ 25 Nov 2013, their media had headlines like: ‘Total, unmitigated defeat‘, ‘Historic Mistake’, ‘Total Defeat’, ‘I-s-rael blasts US-Iran deal as historic mistake’, ‘This agreement is the greatest diplomatic victory of Iran’, etc. Jews and Arabs are showing their true face, and it’s a good thing. The Jewish incitement to Genocide or this fact that Jews and Arabs are cooperating just make all humans aware. Now the savage Jews/ Arabs confess to good things like: ‘President Obama had to choose between dishonor and war, and he chose dishonor [!] .. Obama has dishonored US allies in the Middle East, including I-s-rael (Jews) and Arab states [!] .. Let us be clear. The agreement is a total US defeat and Iranian victory .. US officials defamatory attacks against Jews by calling them war mongers [!] .. Iranian influence and stature will grow, while US influence and stature as a reliable ally will diminish‘ (24 Nov 2013). Iran’s enemies are stupid bad guys”. Yah, Iran’s enemies are really stupid. As the wise Iranians say: “The stupid West says the right to enrich is not part of the Non
Proliferation Treaty (NPT). But as the educated Iranians say: ‘the US, the UK and France have signed the NPT. So, they don’t have the right to enrich, too! If the UK and France stop their enrichment activities or destroy their nuclear programs, then Iran can do the same thing’ ! It’s a good point. But the US, the Little Britain and France believe the NPT says all countries are equal, but USA, UK and France are more equal! It’s the logic of the West and NPT! But Iranians and all good guys don’t give a shit about such Orwellian logic and such Orwellian laws […] The UK said: ‘All countries are equal, but we are more equal’! It’s the British logic, that the West and all Barbarians love it and use it. But all normal humans just laugh at this Orwellian logic. The Iranian people strongly reject those ridiculous international laws that say ‘all countries are equal, but US, UK, etc are more equal’ ! Such International laws are Orwellian laws, and Iranians and all good guys just laugh and spit at all Orwellian laws”.

British Mullahs, Barbarian UK, Anti-Iran Front

November 22, 2013

This year (2013) has become a very informative year. In this year, people can know the West, the Big Brother’s slaves, and many other things better. As the wise Iranians say: “Now the French -Jewish Barbarians, the savage Arabs, the stupid Americans, etc make people aware. But the most laughable retards are the Little Britain and its stooges. The Little UK has low IQ. They are proving that what Iranians say about the UK and British Mullahs is not a myth or a conspiracy theory. This year (2013) has become ‘the Moment of Truth on the UK and British Mullahs’. Now the UK openly defends Tyranny, Censorship, Lie and other evil things! Now any sane person can understand why the Iranian people say: ‘the UK is the worst Orwellian regimes in history’ or ‘the UK is behind the Mullah regime’, or ‘Mullahs are ‘puppets/ slaves’ of the UK ! (Nokar-e Englis, Mozdoor-e Englis !)’. Now the love story of British Mullahs and Little Britain [can show you many things]. The British media and all British spies censor all important facts/ news of Iran, tell big lies, and support British Mullahs (Rouhani, Jannati, etc)! Now the English media says: ‘David Cameron becomes first British leader to speak to Iran in a decade’ !! (Telegraph, 19 Nov 2013) Now the UK Orwellian media says: ‘Iranian concession and Cameron phone call raise hopes’ !! (GU, Nov 2013) The Guardian (GU) loves Mullahs, Big Lies, and Orwellian headlines! On 19 Nov, and on the GU first page, the British barbarians said ‘Iran concession [!!] and Cameron phone call raises nuclear hopes’ ! (GU, 19 Nov 2013). It can explain many things. It can explain why the UK loves Rouhanis, or why all British stooges in Iran censor what the Guardian and the UK media say […] What the Guardian did and does in 2013, before and after the 2013 Mullah Show, clearly show that the Guardian (GU) is nothing but a cesspool of Big Brother’s agents”. What the Guardian, the UK media, and the UK stooges say and do is laughable and informative. As some wise Iranians say: ‘The GU Orwellian crap, ‘Iranian concession and Cameron phone call raise nuclear deal hopes’ !, written by one Jewish agent and two MI6 agents (Julian Borger, Saeed Kamali Dehghan (SKD !), and H. Sherwood in Jerusalem !) shows why the UK loves Mullahs, and why the UK strongly supports this British Rouhani. Relations between the UK and Mullahs are laughable. The UK media censors all important news/ facts of Iran, and the Mullah media and the UK spies censor the UK-Mullah love affairs and what the UK media says! But these idiots don’t know that such Lies and such Censorship just prove the truth of what Iranians said and say about the UK and Mullahs. Now it’s clear that the anti-Iran Mullah TV and the so-called Journalists/ Activists in exile and their anti-Iranian media like Rooz, Balatarin, Gooya, etc are two sides of the same coin. They all hate Iran, Iranians, Truth, and what is good and decent. The Mullah TV is a cesspool of UK spies and non-Iranians (Arabs, Lebanese, etc). Islamists and those who work for Balatarin, Rooz, Gooya, etc are non-Iranian pigs or anti-Iranian spies/ stooges who work for Iran’s enemies. They hate Iran and Iranians. They are ‘Vakil Vasi’ (passionate advocate) of Iran’s enemies, Arabs, the Barbarian UK, or Jewish Barbarians ! They desperately try to hide/ censor the Jewish threats, the UK-Mullah love affair, the IMF-Mullah love affair, etc. These pigs helped the CIA-backed 2009 coup. These retards still think today (Age of Internet) is the 19th century (Ahd Boogh)!”. They also add: “The Little UK is a symbol of the Barbarian West. Their media (Guardian, BBC, etc) and their spies/ stooges like Behnoud, Rooz, Basijis, etc tell the same Orwellian jokes. Recently, the Guardian (GU) said: ‘ Iranians stayed awake all night [!!!!] to find out whether their negotiators [!!] have made a deal or not’ (GU, 10 Nov 2013). It’s one of the UK laughable jokes. But the funniest part of this joke is that some days before Guardian, Rooz and Behnoud said: ‘Iranians stayed awake all night to find out whether their negotiators have made a deal or not’ ! It’s very funny that all British spies tell exactly the same big and unique lies! In the 2009-2013 era, UK media and almost all activists/ journalists in exile tell the same Orwellian jokes. In these days, all of them say: ‘In Iran, France, not Britain, now the Little Satan’! But it’s important that all UK spies and all ‘Shitty, Kiddie Devils (SKDs)’ tell the same Orwellian jokes. Their jokes are unique, and it shows that one team invents such Orwellian lies/ jokes, and then all spies/ SDKs repeat them. In fact, the Guardian, the BBC, the so-called exiled Media/ exiled journalists, and the Mullah TV are controlled by one team (Ministry of Truth). Now it’s clear that those who work/ write for Guardian, BBC, etc and the notorious stooges/ spies like Behnoud, M. Ghomi (AliNejad), E. Nabavi, Kowsar, Ganji, Abdi, Dad, Zibakalam, Jannati, Basiji faggots, Mullahs, Khatamists, Pahlavists, etc are controlled/ managed by the same Big Brother. In fact, as the Iranian people say: ‘British Mullahs (Akhud-e Englisi) and all slaves of the UK, ie Islamists and exiled whores, work for the same Lord and Master”.


The love story of British Mullahs and their beloved UK is so laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “Do you remember what the UK slaves like Behnoud, Rooz and the Mullah TV already said about ‘Catherine Ashton’? They said ‘Ashton’ is a Swiss woman or a Swiss politician! But now, the anti-Iran Mullah TV openly praises ‘Catherine Ashton and sees her as a great British politician! It’s so funny that a Swiss woman suddenly becomes a British woman! And it’s so funny that Mullahs praise the UK Bitches. Their stupid Araqchi (Iraq-chi, ie Iraqi or non-Iranian!), who is Zarif’s aide, openly made love with the Big Bitch (British Queen), and now the Mullah TV has become a lover of British Bitches […] For several years, they said to Iranians: Ashton is a Swiss politician! But why?! Because they know what the Iranian people say about the UK and the UK-Mullah love affairs […] Mullahs loves Ashton because she was the Big Bitch’s slave and Lord President of the Queen’s Privy Council !“. In these days, almost all media censor the love story of ‘Mullahs and UK’, that is as important as the love story of ‘Jews and Arabs’ . In these days, many truly talk about “the Moment of Truth on Jews and Arabs”, and many refer to “Jews, Arabs, and West” as the real Axis of Evil. But as the wise Iranians say: “Jews and Arabs, aka S-e-m-ites, are not important. The savage Semi[..] and the French Barbarians are a small part of the Anti-Iranian Front. The main Enemy of Iran and Iranians is the US and the Little UK. The most Barbarian regime of history is the UK regime. The Barbarian UK has killed millions of Iranians in the 19th century, the 1910s, etc. The Barbarian UK has killed millions of Indians, millions of Africans, millions of native Australians, millions of native Americans, and millions of Asians (Chinese, etc) in the recent centuries. The Little UK is a small country that has committed great crimes against humanity”. We have already written about a small part of the history of Barbarians and Barbarism in Britain (check Archive). But there are many many historic facts about the Barbarian UK and the Barbarian France that we should write about them in proper time, but as the wise Iranians say: “Even if you forget the past and the shameful history of the Land of Barbarians and the Home of Barbarism (UK/ Western Europe), the present time can show you many things. Now the UK and the US openly supports Islamist, Marxists and Terrorists in Iran, Egypt, Syria, etc. Now the UK openly helps and supports Mullahs and anti-Democracy groups […] The Little Britain has lost its mind, and it’s a good thing. It’s good that the UK openly supports Islamist-Marxist terrorists or savage Mullahs like Jannati. It’s good that the Brits censor all facts/ news of Iran, and try to support Rouhani by telling bad lies/ jokes like: ‘Rouhani has ordered the morality police to stop arresting women’ ! (Telegraph, Nov 2013) Now it’s clear that the UK (BBC, Guardian, etc) is ‘Ghayem / Vakil Vasi’ (Guardian/ passionate advocate) of Mullahs! Now the Iranian people say many funny things about UK stooges like Behnoud and Akbar Ganji, who have become Vakil Vasi (passionate advocate) of Khamenei”. In these days, the UK and the West censor many facts/ news, even the news of the horrible air pollution in Ahvaz and Tehran -that we should write more it later. But as the wise Iranians say: “The Western censorship, the Western lies, and the Western Bullying just backfire. Now the Western media say: ‘the UK, the US, France, Germany, Russia and France say they should not grant Iran’s right to uranium enrichment’ ! (19 Nov 2013) They even say: ‘Mullahs Concede On Right To Enrich’ ! (AP, 19 Nov 2013), and add: ‘[Mullahs] have suddenly gone public with a significant concession .. Zarif says: ‘We (British Mullahs) see no necessity for its recognition as a right [!!]‘. US officials call it a ‘very significant concession, a key concession by Mullahs‘ ! Mullahs are heroic cowards, and anti-Iranian slaves of the West. But Iranians are not stupid. Now the West claims that Zarif has said: ‘The right to enrichment does not need to be recognized because, according to the NPT this right is inalienable [!!]’. Mullahs are bad retards. But Iranians know the UK and the US. Iranians know that Iran’s enemies play dirty/ stupid games. Now you can hear all sorts of rumors. But Iranians know the West. Iranians know that the only important thing in their stupid talks is Iran’s rights. Mullahs are anti-Iranian puppets of the West, but even the stupid Mullahs know that all Iranians say the right to enrichment is a very very basic right, and Iran even has the right to have nuclear weapons, simply because the Jewish Barbarians and the Barbarian West have nukes and threaten Iran with nukes. Almost all Iranians know when the Western Barbarians have nukes, Iran must have nukes and everything, and it’s Iran’s basic right. But now Iranians, prefer to wait and see what would happen. Iranians hate Rouhani, Zarif, and British Mullahs. But Iranians prefer to wait and see how they show their true colors. Rouhani, Zarif, etc can prove or reject what is said about them. We, Iranians, can wait and see”. They also add: “The West has imposed its stupid sanctions, bans, censorship, oppressions, etc on Iranian people, not Mullahs/ Islamists! Now Mullahs use Facebook, Twitter, etc and Iranians are spitting at the anti-Iran West. When they say: ‘Zarif, launched a Facebook/ YouTube channel’! Iranians just laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, the West loves Mullahs’ ! […] Facebook, Twitter, Guardian, BBC, CNN, UK, Lefts, and the Anti-Iran West strongly help and support Mullahs, and ‘Mullah Horseshit’ is like ‘Inverse Horseshoe’ (Naal Varuneh)! British Mullahs talk bout ‘Heroic Cowardliness’ ! or call themselves Principle-ists or followers of Ali, but they praise Pragmatism and act like Yazid and Muawiyah! Mullahs and Islamists are heroic cowards. They worship Arabs, Jews, UK, and non-Iranian pigs. But the Iranian people know Islamists and their British/ Jewish teacher, and that’s why terms like Basiji, Islamist, Khatamist or Mullah have become a synonym for Traitor (Khaen, Vatan-Forush, etc), Anti-Iranian, pro-Arab (Arab-parast), pro-Jew (Jewud-parast), Puppet of Iran’s enemies (Mozdoor-e Doshman), Stooge of US & UK (Nokar-e America & Englis), Crook & Thief (Dozd & Mal Mardom Khor), Savage, etc […] Mullahs are stupid slaves of the UK. But instead of repeating old lies and giving concession to Iran’s enemies, Mullahs should apologize to Iran’s people, and beg the Iranian people for mercy. It’s ‘Solution’. Obeying the UK/ IMF/ Big Bitches, making Iran’s people angrier, listening to savage non-Iranian Islamists like Jannati (that UK & Zionists love them) and giving concession to Iran’s enemies, is Stupidity, not Solution. What Mullahs do is like ‘Eating Onions & Sticks’. [We had already warned about this issue. For more info, check Archive for “Mullahcracy and Illusion of …]”.


In these days, many talk about “Jews and Arabs” and the anti-Iranian Front. As the wise Iranians say: “The good Jews or good Arabs are like other good guys. But their voices are censored or silenced. We, Iranians, can only hear the voice of savage Jews/ Arabs. But we, Iranians, are not like the Racist West, who tells racist lies like Iran’s regime = Iran’s people! We don’t say all Arabs or all Jews are bad guys. We are Iranians (Persians), and we are very different from the savage Jews or the Barbarian West. Iranians use ‘Jews and Arabs’ to refer to the savage Jews/ Arabs, and it’s a natural reaction to what they say/ do. What we, Iranians, say about them is a natural reaction to their shameful acts and their shameful history that is full of Barbarism, Racism, Genocide, and Crimes against Humanity. The good Arabs/ Jews are victims of their own bad guys, and they can understand us. We, Iranians, are not Anti-S-e-m-i-te, but ‘Jews and Arabs’ are Anti-Iranian (Anti-Persian & Anti-Aryan). They hate the Home of Tolerance. All informed people know the Jewish Intolerance and the Jewish Barbarism. The ungrateful Jews still think/ act like their savage ancestors. But Today is not ‘Ahd Boogh’ or ‘Ahd Atigh’ ! (Age of the Old Testament !) Now all normal people hate the Jewish Racism, the Jewish Intolerance, and the Jewish Barbarism. Only the savage Mullahs/ Islamists like Jannati, who are non-Iranians, still love the savage Arabs/ Jews […] Now the Western media say: Jews and Arabs cooperating! They even talk about ‘the Possible Western-Jewish-Arab alliance’ ! And it’s very laughable. Some say: ‘It’s important that the US loves those who created the 9/11 !, and Jews love Arabs and the Western-made Holocaust!’ It’s a good point. But it’s not the whole story. Now, the whole world can see the truth of what Iranians say about Jews, Arabs, and the Palestine issue. Now the world can see that both Jews and Arabs are savage terrorists, who love war, barbarism, terrorism, and intolerance. Even the good Arabs/ Jews are aware of this fact. Now, British newspapers say: ‘Jews (Isr-a-el) and Arabs (Arabia) are working on a secret plan against Iran’ (Nov 2013) or ‘Jews and Arabs cooperating on military option against Iran’ ! (Nov 2013) The stupid UK tries to use its old ‘Divide and Rule’ tactic. Even the good Arabs/ Jews are aware of this tactic […] It’s very good that barbarians are showing their true faces, and proving that the UK, Jews and Arabs are sworn enemies of Peace, Goodness, Humanity, and Human Civilization. It’s good that the world can see why the Iranian people say: ‘Fuck you, Palestine. Fuck you, savage Arabs, Fuck you, savage Jews. You deserve each other’ ! Jews are full of crap and
contradictions. They openly say: ‘A good Jew hates Arabs !‘ (Haaretz, Aug 2013), and add: ‘Hatred of Arabs is part of the test of our loyalty and our identity .. Jews hate Arabs and want them dead .. The Arab, as we know, always has his eyes on the daughters of I-s-rael [!] .. we urge Jewish girls to keep away from Arabs [!] .. our motto is ‘Death to the Arabs’ [!] .. A good Jew hates Arabs. A loyal I-s-raeli will leave an Arab to die, because he’s an Arab. And someone who isn’t like that, as we know, sleeps with Arabs [!!]’ It’s exactly what Haaretz said in Aug 2013! But now all people can see how Jews sleep with Arabs ! This year is ‘the Moment of Truth on Jews and Arabs’, and all people can see that Jews and Arabs belong to the same tribe. Now Iran’s people say what the savage Jews/ Arabs deserve to hear: ‘ Jews are proving that they really deserved the Holocaust .. Jews, Arabs, and Palestine should go to hell … Arabs kill innocent kids (Jewish kids, etc); Jews/ US/ UK kill innocent kids (Arab kids, etc). But we, Iranians, have always said: ‘Stop War; Stop killing innocent kids; Stop Racism; Stop Barbarism .. Jewish Barbarians threaten Iran with nukes, but prove Iran must have nuclear weapons ! .. the Islamist culture is the Jewish culture .. Hijab and all Islamic/ Arab laws are Jewish laws .. Jews have occupied the Arab lands, and Arabs have occupied the Iranian lands (UAE, Bahrain, etc). Jews and Arabs are savage occupiers .. Arabs are worse than Jews. Part of Palestine is Jewish. But Arabs have occupied our 100% Iranian lands with the help of UK .. Where is the good Jews?! Do they really exist?! Or a good Jew is a dead Jew?! .. The good Jews exist, but are silenced .. The West is a stupid bad guy. They say: ‘the public uproar over Obama’s plans for a limited strike against Syria – a much smaller and weaker [barbaric] adversary -shows that the US is not ready to sign up for a costlier and riskier conflict with Iran’! (Nov 2013) … the West is so savage and stupid. They say: ‘Bad deal with Iran will lead to war’ ! (Nov 2013) But such threats just backfire .. Bullies are often cowards .. To[…] Darid Hamle Konid! (You don’t dare attack Iran!), you the little Jews .. If Jews attack Iran, we should flatten all Jewish cities of the little I-s-r-ael .. Jews are worse than the Nazi … Jews are slaves of the US. But If Jews attack Iran, they just prove they deserve annihilation, and Iran must obliterate the ungrateful Jews from the face of the earth .. All Jews are not bad guys, but savage Jews are worse than Hitler .. Savage Jews/ Arabs say Iran (not Mullahs) is a threat to their influence in the Muslim world! They talk about Iran’s hegemony & say ‘Iran wants to be the regional gendarme’! But Iran must be a superpower, as it used to be. Arabs/ Jews, ie locusts-eaters should know that their Islamists/ spies like Jannati and AN have no place among today’s Iranians .. Mullahs serve the interests of Iran’s enemies. The Mullah regime is anti-Iranian and pro-Arab … UK and their Arabs have occupied our Iranian lands of the Persian Gulf. In 19th & 20th centuries, the barbarian UK attacked our Iranian lands and occupied them … Barbarians -ie UK, Arabs, and Jews- occupy the land of other people .. Almost all Arab states are fake countries. They are UK-made countries, and before the World War 1, almost all Arab states didn’t exist .. Jews & Arabs both love Occupation and Barbarism .. They are Mongol. They talk about crippling sanctions or Iran’s weakness!, but at the same time, they say: ‘Iran has the money, technical capability, and the infrastructure to build a nuclear weapon’! .. The West is in deep shit. Now they say: ‘If the US -rather than Iran- rejects deals or negotiations, the US will suddenly become the problem, and [it’s] disastrous’! (Nov 2013) .. The West is a stupid bad guy. Now they say: ‘By turning down a deal, the US will shift international opinion from our side to Iranians’ ! .. NSA scandals and all 2013 events show that international opinion hate the West and spit at the US! .. The stupid West just forces people to see the whole West as a Bad Guy, and hate the West as a whole .. Those who deny or violate the basic rights of Iranians, or threaten Iran with war, nuke and barbaric things, are stupid barbarians .. those who sow wind, will reap Typhoon“.


As the wise Iranians say: “The educated people know the British Evil Empire, and how the British Barbarians ruined the civilized world. And now many say: ‘America is an Empire Of Evil’ or ‘The United States has become the Evil Empire’. When the Jewish or American barbarians openly praise War, Bullying, Tyranny, Terrorism, Racism (Anti-Iranian Racism, etc) or Barbarism (Anti-Iran Barbarism, etc) it’s quite clear why many talk about the American Evil Empire. The 2009 coup, Iran’s story, Egypt’s story, the stories of Snowden, Lavabit, NSA, and all recent scandals showed that America is becoming anti-Democracy and anti-Human Rights. Now the USA reminds many of the USSR. Now the little UK, the US and the West’s Evil Empire are nearing the End”. They also add: “The West and its stooges (Mullahs, Arabs, Jews, Islamists, etc) form the Anti-Iran Front, which is the real Axis of Evil. Now the world knows Big Brother’s agencies such as GCHQ and NSA, which use Private Firms and mass spying/ surveillance technologies to snoop on all emails, messages, phone calls, etc. As the media reports: ‘Firms from the UK, I-s-rael, Germany, France and the US aid their governments in secretly hacking into internet cables (fibre-optic cables) [!] [So] they can monitor and analyze in real time almost all communications, including SMS (texting), GSM (mobile calls), billing data, emails, conversations, and everything’ ! (Nov 2013) Now many experts talk about this fact that the Big Brother uses ‘Hidden cameras and Hidden microphones in your car and your home appliance to watch and control you! As they say: ‘Ordinary vans, cars and motorbikes can offer everything a spy (and the Big Brother) could need. Tiny cameras and microphones are hidden in wing mirrors, headlights and even the makers’ logo‘ ! (Nov 2013) Now the experts talk about ‘Packet Injection‘, that is used by the West and its puppets, including Mullahs. As the experts say: ‘The most infamous use of packet injection is censorship. The ISPs and the Great Firewalls inject TCP reset packets (RST) to block undesired traffic. When a computer receives one of these injected RST packets, it closes the connection, believing that all communication is complete’ (Nov 2013) The West sells these Orwellian tools to Mullahs, and as the experts say: ‘these tools (and Packet injection) are widely used for
‘man-on-the-side’ and ‘man-on-the-middle’ attacks! The Anti-Iran Front is the real Axis of Evil”. As some wise Iranians say: “The whole West is savage and stupid. France is like the UK. French Barbarians try to hide themselves behind the good guys in France […] Most people say ‘France is the Land of Whores and Faggots’, while the truth is that both French Barbarians and British Barbarians were Adam-Khor (human-eaters), and didn’t know what is Culture or what is Civilization […] French Intellectual is a joke. They are slaves of Big Brother. Just ask yourself: How many of these retards (French intellects) protest against the NSA or the main problems?! French Intellectuals are stupid whores. In 2013, instead of the Big Brother’s scandals, they talk about S-e-x ! As their media says: ‘French intellectuals demand right to visit sex-workers’! (Oct 2013) In fact, France’s problem is not a stupid faggot like Hollande or Sarkozy. This French faggot Francois Hollande is a stupid ass-licker, and no one takes him serious. France’s main problem is their intellectuals, their corruption, and their ignorance. Instead of caring about the 2013 scandals or the main problems, they still talk about the primitive things! As their media reports: ‘A group of French intellectuals have come under fire from feminists over a magazine petition in which several high-profile male journalists, commentators and actors demanded the right to visit sex-workers .. The French parliament will soon make it illegal to pay for se-x [!], meaning anyone who buys s-ex from sex-worker would face heavy fines [!] .. French intellectuals say: we have gone, go, or will go to prostitutes -and we are not even ashamed … but their petition on prostitution was titled ‘the manifesto of the 343 bastards'[!] sparked fury from women’s groups and MPs .. [so-called] French female intellects say: ‘The 343 bastards are demanding the right to use others’ bodies’ [!] Yah, French intellectuals, male or female, are stupid bastards!”. Iran’s enemies are really stupid bad gays. But unfortunately, Westerners even don’t know who is who. As the wise Iranians say: “Ignorance and Corruption are the West’s serious problems. Most Westerners don’t know the world, history, and even their own country. Iranians know that the good Westerners exist. But the main question is: why are they silent/ inactive? Their mass media censors many things, tells big lies, and tries to silence the good guys. Instead of telling the truth or reflecting the voice of the people, their media try to shape public opinion! […] Now even the wise Americans talk bout Self-Censorship in America !. They say: ‘Scared Silent: NSA Surveillance has ‘Chilling Effect’ on American Writers !‘ (Nov 2013) It’s really horrible. Now all good websites are censored or boycotted. Their search engines censor or boycott almost all good links/ websites. The mass media censor/ delete almost all good comments. It’s obvious that all good guys, including the good Westerners, should protest against such Orwellian Tyranny and such Orwellian Censorship in the West. But most Westerners are silent, or live like sheep or slaves. Of course the NSA stories and the 2013 scandals are making all people aware. Sooner or later even the slaves will wake up. The West’s Evil Empire and the Anti-Iran Front, ie the United Barbarians, are on the wrong side of history, and nearing the End. The future belongs to the good guys”.

Muharram and Ashura: Iranians vs Oppressors

November 17, 2013

The story of “Muharram and Ashura in Iran” (check Archive) has always opened old wounds. But in this year (2013), as some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs are proving that they are stupid slaves of the UK. Instead of apologizing to people, begging their god and people for mercy, and solving the main problems, Mullahs just make people angrier! The anti-Iran Mullah TV still aids Iran’s enemies, repeats old lies, and insults the people’s intelligence. Mullahs are like their British teachers, and think they are smart bad guys! But the Mullah retards even don’t know that the UK spies in the Mullah TV try to use the British ‘Divide and Rule’ tactic in Iran. Mullahs are bad retards, and just eat both ‘Onions & Sticks’. In the 2013 Show, Mullahs badly retreated, made bad concessions, and surrendered to people. Mullahs even begged people to vote, and said: ‘Maybe people don’t want to support the Islamic regime [!], but they do want to support Iran’! The meaning of appointing Rouhani and rejecting Jalili is clear. Jalili was equal to all crap, slogans, goals, ideology and so-called principles of the Mullah regime. Jalali, Islamists and the Jewish CIA said the same thing about the 2009 coup. But what happened to Jalili?! Mullahs said Jallili, ie all Basijis and all Islamists only have about 3 million supporters in Iran! In fact, Mullahs clearly confessed that all Basijis and all Islamists are only about 5% of the Iranian people, and more than 95% of Iranians hate all Islamists and Basiji faggots. Appointing this British Rouhani was a bad and big retreat. At that time, many laughed and said: Mullahs retreated and regretted! (Tobeh Kardand) Mullahs regretted ‘eating more shits’! But now Mullahs are eating ‘Onions & Sticks’, and making Iran’s people angrier! But what’s the use of such stupidities?! Do Mullahs want to make Iran’s enemies happy and serve the West’s interests more than they did?! It’s quite clear that sooner or later Iran will get rid of all puppet regimes. More than 90% of Iranians hate all oppressors, stooges, and evil forces – including Mullahs, Monarchists, MEK, Marxists, Islamists, and anti-Iranian spies/ stooges like Behnoud, Karbaschi, Nabavi, Ganji, Abdi, Hajjarian, Khatami, etc. Sooner or later the real Iranians will decide about Iran. The real Iranians care about Iran and Iranian culture, not the Arab/ Jewish culture. Mullahs/ Islamists are pro-Arab (Arab-parast), pro-Jew (Jewud-parast), and anti-Iranian”. As the wise Iranians say: “Ashura reminds Iranians of two facts: (1) Millions of Iranians who bravely fought against Mullahs, tyranny, corruption and oppression in 2009; and thousands of Iranians who were killed and tortured by Islamists and the West in 2009 (2) Those who were killed by Yazid’s army at the Battle of Karbala in 680. Iran’s religious people have always said: ‘Imam Hussein was killed for the truthfulness and fighting against Tyranny and Oppression. Ashura is a tribute to truth, justice and condemnation of tyranny and oppression anytime and anywhere’. And now, the religious people say: ‘Mullahs, Islamists, and their [British masters] are symbols of injustice, tyranny, oppression, and corruption … Basijis are the Yazid army, and Mullahs are worse than Yazid, Muawiyah and Abu Sufyan’! But why do the religious people say such things in Iran? The answer is clear. Who can love thieves, crooks, liars, killers, thugs and corrupt people?! Many truly say: ‘In Muharram and Ashura, Iranians suffer from the so-called ‘Shoor-e Husseini’ (strong emotions)’! But what the Iranian people say about the 2009 coup is very logical and rational. In 2009, Mullahs/ Islamists defended a Jewish spy (AN) and killed and oppressed the Iranian people with the help of the West. Now, even Rouhani, Zarif, and all Mullahs openly confess -through what they say & what they do- that AN only served the interests of Zionists and Iran’s enemies. Now even Mullahs, Jewish Americans and little kids know & say that AN just served the interests of Zionists. But Iranian people ask: ‘Why did Mullahs/ Islamists support a Jewish spy, and aid Iran’s enemies? Why did (do) Islamists/ Basijis say nothing about the IMF, IMF plans, Jewish CIA (Leverett, Sick, etc) or Jewish Barbarians (Adelson, Rabbi Yosef, etc), who are anti-Iranian?!’ There are many facts that force Iranians to say: Islamists, from Khatamists to Basijis, are the pawns of the Jewish CIA. After the 2009 coup, the Basijis are openly making love with the Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Sick, etc). It’s so laughable. As ordinary Iranians ask: ‘Why do McCain, Graham, Tea party, Republicans, and the Left support and [make love with] Islamists?! .. Since when the US senators, the UK, or [the Jewish CIA] are the legitimate representatives of Islamists?! .. Why do the little UK and Great Satan (USA) love and support Islamists?!’. Mullahs have no shame and no brain. Mullahs say: ‘Lie is worse than Wine, adultery, etc. Lie is the worst of the worst’. But Mullahs and their British masters are the worst liars in history! Mullahs used to say: ‘IMF is a Zionist organization’ or ‘Gary Sick is the Zionist CIA’. But now the Mullah media and the Mullah TV (Press TV, etc) openly make love with Gary Sick, or praise IMF & implementing IMF plans in Iran! In these years, the UK and the Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Chomsky, Brzezinksi, US Congress, etc) openly supported Islamists. Iran’s story and Egypt’s story showed how the US and the West love and support Islamists. The West sees Islamists as useful idiots and useful dictators. And now the Iranian people are aware of this fact, and ask for instance: ‘why does the UK media strongly support Mullahs (Rouhani, etc)?! Who do Asssholes CNN, BBC, Guardian, etc delete most comments?! Who do VOA and BBC just help Mullahs and anti-democracy groups?! Why do almost all UK/ CIA/ Lefty media help Islamists?! Why do US officials say: ‘Regime change is not our policy,’ but ‘[making love] with the Mullahs regime certainly is’?! Iranians are not stupid, and know who is enemy, who is friend, and who is a puppet of the enemy […] Mullahs still obey the [UK/ IMF] orders. Mullahs use the UK Orwellian dictionary, and say: ‘Oppress = to protest against dictator/ oppressor’ ! But according to all normal dictionaries: ‘Oppress = to treat people unfairly or cruelly, and prevent them from having basic rights; to make someone feel unhappy or uncomfortable‘. Mullahs and the West oppress people. Mullahs try to make Iranians feel unhappy or uncomfortable. The Iranian people are oppressed, because they are treated unfairly or cruelly and are prevented from having basic rights. What Mullahs and the West did and do is Oppression […] What Mullahs say is like what the UK and the Jewish CIA say. There were many apparent paradoxes in the Mullah system. What Mullahs say are full of crap and contradictions. And as the religious people say: What Mullahs do is like what Yazid and Shemr did […] Now almost all Iranians say: “Fuck you, Obama .. Shame on USA, UK, EU and those who support Lie, Tyranny, Oppression, Jews and Islamists”.


In these days, the story of Mullahs and their Great Satan has become a funny story. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs pretended that ‘Down with America’ is their ideology/ principle, not politics. Islamists pretended that ‘Down with Oppressor’ is their ideology/ principle, not politics! But now Mullahs openly say: ‘our approach to negotiations with the US (Great Satan) is quite pragmatic! .. Down with America is a political tactic (not ideology)’ ! (Oct 2013) Mullahs say such things, when Obama says: ‘our sanctions and our threats worked’ !!, and that’s why Mullahs make love with Great Satan !! (Oct & Nov 2013). Now the Western media says: ‘The amount of time Mullah and American top diplomats have spent talking to each other in the last 24 hours is more than the preceding 34 years’ ! (9 Nov 2013) Mullahs have no answer to those religious people who say: ‘Did you kill our children for political tactics -for nothing?!’ Mullah Paradoxes are so laughable. In their own TV series, Imam Ali, Mullahs said: ‘Muawiyah, Abu Sufyan, and Amr ibn al-As were politicians and super-pragmatists. So they were bad guys! But Ali cared about Justice and principles. Ali was a man of principle, but Muawiyah was a super-pragmatist’! But now Mullahs praise Pragmatism! The stupid Mullahs don’t know that when you suffer from the paradox of ‘principles’ and play with your own principles, maybe sick people like Gary Sick, Farrideh Farrahi and anti-Iranian Baijis say you are super-pragmatists! But Iranians, religious people, etc say you are like Muawiyah!”. They also add: “The Orwellian UK and its stooges/ spies like Behnoud, Zibakalam, and British Mullahs tell bad jokes like: ‘the vast majority of Iranians love the US-Mullah love affair’ !! But the truth is that the vast majority of Iranian people just laugh and say: the UK is behind the Mullah regime. The US is the Great Evil, and Mullahs are stooges of the US and the UK (Nokar-e America va Englis)!”. In these days, many things are stupid and laughable. As the wise Iranians say: ‘the West tells bad jokes like ‘Iranians Lack Adequate Money for Food and Shelter’ ! But they say nothing about the IMF plans! The stupid West and the stupid Left censor the IMF-Mullah love affairs! And it says lot about the Left and the IMF, which are two sides of the same coin”. They also add: “The uncultured West still praise the UK Evil Empire, that was based on Bullying, Barbarism, Racism, Oppression, and Lie. But now, the little UK is on the edge of annihilation and disintegration. As some Mullahs say: ‘you can rule people with Blasphemy (Kofr), but you cannot rule people with Oppression (Zolm)’! But most Mullahs still obey the little UK. Mullahs tell big lies, and then say: ‘Lie is worse than Adultery’! Mullahs suffer from the English Disease!“. They also add: “In 2009, Islamists/ Basiji told big lies, killed people, and just aided the Jewish CIA and a Jewish spy (AN) whose mission was destroying Iran. They aided, and still aid, the big oppressors. But as you know, Khamenei recently said: ‘Iran’s motto is: ‘You must not Oppress others, and you must not allow others to Oppress you‘ (Sep 2013). It’s true. But the important thing is that this motto is an Iranian motto, not a Mullah/ Arabian motto. Iranians have always fought against Zahaks (oppressors), Deevs (evil forces), and Ahriman (Great Evil). Iran has always (since thousands of years ago) had many Kaveh, Freydoon, Rostam […] Just ask yourself: What did Iran’s people do in 2009? Iranians bravely fought against all bad guys, big liars, oppressors, tyrants, and anti-Iranian spies. Iranians wanted not to allow others to oppress them. But what did Mullahs/ Islamists do in 2009?! They obeyed the West’s orders, defended a Jewish spy, betrayed Iran, and oppressed Iranians with the help of the West. In 2009, all humans saw that Islamists and their Western masters were the oppressors. The 2009 movement and the 2009 Karbala clearly showed: Who is the Oppressor (Zalem), Who is the Oppressed (Mazlum), Who is Traitor, who aids Iran’s enemies, and who is puppet of the West. But Islamists pretend that those who kill people – ie dictators/ killers- are the oppressed, but the victims and those who fight against dictators/ bad guys are oppressors! And it’s like the British/ Jewish logic. Mullahs/ Islamists tell such Orwellian jokes, because their teacher is Jewish/ British […] But the Iranian people are not stupid, and that’s why most of them say: ‘Mullahs and Islamists are puppets of the US and the UK (Mozdoor-e America va Englis)”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Almost all Iranians know the UK. The UK is the worst Orwellian regime in history. The Barbarian UK is the Animal Farm of Big Brother. The UK is the teacher of Mullahs. Mullahs just ape the UK like monkeys, and think it’s a smart tactic! The British have low IQs, and that’s why they tell Orwellian jokes in the 21st century (the age of information). But Mullahs/ Islamists still worship UK and non-Iranians, while Iranians want to get rid of all Jewish/ British crap and contradictions. The 21st century Iran wants to get rid of all Arab/ Lefty/ Western/ Jewish crap, contradictions, and paradoxes. The Iranian people are not like the Western Sheelpe. Now, even the West confesses: ‘The [Iranian] man and woman-on-the-street comments demonstrate the lack of popular support for the Mullah regime as a whole … Iranian society is evolving beyond the ability of any politicians to control. One has only to experience Tehran’s traffic to know that Iranians do not like to be told what to do by anyone‘ (Sep 2013) It’s true, and very important. The Iranian people are not the Sheeple, while the US people, the Britons, etc live like sheep or slaves. Their politicians act like Hitler, and talk about ‘the use of military force to [bully] Iran’ ! Their barbarians openly threaten Iran with nuke! Their NSA and their Big Brother control and watch all of them. But the Western Sheeple still live like slaves. Of course sooner or later even the slaves will rise up & wake up”. They also add: “It’s funny that after the 2009 coup, Iran’s enemies are losing everything. Some say: ‘It’s Divine Justice or God’s punishment’ ! And many say: ‘It’s the fate of all bad guys’. Iran’s enemies that betrayed the freedom and democracy and the freedom-seeking Iranians in 2009, are totally confused. Just look at the international scene. The Jewish barbarians are showing their true face. The Orwellian UK is showing its true face. Now their media says: ‘the UK government’s response to the mass surveillance revealed by Snowden is doing serious damage to the UK’s reputation’ ! (Nov 2013) The US is losing everything. As their own media says: ‘the US is a big loser .. Obama’s credibility was further tarnished following his reversal on punishing Assad once he crossed our red line’ ! (Oct 2013) The 2009 coup marks the beginning of the End of the West. Now even the little kids know the NSA, GCHQ and the Orwellian West. Now even idiots know that Iran has to be ready to defend itself with its own power, and Iran must be able to defeat all barbarians. Now many know that the Jewish threat is an existential threat to the whole world and all humans. Pigs like Aledson, Rabbi Yosef, and Jewish fanatics clearly showed that the Jewish barbarians are sworn enemies of Goodness, Humanity, Justice, Tolerance, and what is good and decent”. In these years, you can understand many things better. As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs have ruined many things, specially their own beliefs! In the past, most Iranians didn’t go to Shomal (Caspian sea’s beaches) in Muharram and Ashura. But after the 2009 coup many things changed. Now, the Mullah TV says: ‘people go to Shomal, because they want to mourn for Ashura! And the Iranian people laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, people want to have fun, because they want to mourn! Mullah IQ is less Goat’s IQ (IQ-e Boz). They even cannot tell a good lie! Anyone with half a brain knows why Iranians go to Shomal. Anyone with half a brain knows and sees how and why Bazaar, Tajrish, and almost all places/ streets in Tehran are almost empty in Muharram and Ashura. All people know what it means. The anti-Iran Mullahs even ruined the good tradition of ‘Nazr’ (distributing free foods). It’s an ancient Persian tradition that Iranians cook food and give it to other people. This charity food is called Nazri. But now even Nazri is becoming extinct, and the regime and its municipalities give the oil money to Islamists for cooking Nazri and holding Muharram ceremonies! It’s a very clear sign of the Mullahs’ bankruptcy in Iran. If you ask: Why do even the religious people hate Mullahs and Islamists? The answer is clear. Almost all Iranians, including the religious Iranians, hate oppression, tyranny, big lies, hypocrisy, stealing people’s money, violating people’s rights, etc. Just ask yourself: Who support Mullahs and Islamists? the barbarian UK, the Big Brother media, the Jewish CIA, the Big Brother’s lefty agents, and other bad guys. In Iran, only prostitutes, pimps, drug addicts, faggots, and thugs support Mullahs and Islamists. They get money, and say or do what Mullahs want! But all normal people (ie more than 90% of Iranians) hate Mullahs, their Western supporters, and all bad guys and puppets of the West”.


Unfortunately, many non-Iranians know nothing about Iran and the Religious Tolerance in Iran. As the wise Iranians say: “many even don’t know our famous Persian proverbs like ‘Mousa beh Din-e Khod, Eisa beh Din-e Khod’ (literally means ‘Moses can have his own religion; and Jesus can have his own religion’. Iranians use this proverb when they want to say everyone is free to have his/ her own religion/ beliefs) Iranians believe you are free to have your own beliefs, but you should not impose your own religion/ beliefs/ laws on other people. And it’s the Persian Tolerance. It’s the exact opposite of the Western/ Jewish Intolerance. You can find many good examples of Barbarism and ‘Intolerance’ in the Jewish Bible. Their Bible and their holy texts can show how they commit genocide, and try to kill all men, women, and children, because the victims want to have their own religion/ beliefs! But even the West and Jews confess that Iranians (Persians) have always been tolerant people, and Cyrus the Great was just one of many many many Iranians who cared about Tolerance, Kindness, Goodness, etc. Iran is the only nation that has always (since thousands or years ago) said: ‘If you have no sympathy for human pain, the name of human you cannot retain‘. Iran is the only nation that has always (since thousands of years ago) followed the Iranian creeds of ‘ Good thoughts, Good wills, and Good deeds‘. Iran, the land of Aryans, is the Cradle of Civilization. Iran is the birthplace of Human Values, Tolerance, Human Rights, and many many many other good things. Iran is very different from the Barbarian West and the land of Barbarians (UK), as Iranians are very different from the savage Jews/ Arabs. But Mullahs are Jews, Arabs, or puppets of Iran’s enemies (Mozdoor-e Doshman)”. They also add: “Iran and Iranians are such a great nation that they can solely (Yek-Taneh) fight against all bad guys and all barbarians, ie the West (UK, US, France, Russia, etc) and its puppets (Mullahs, Arabs, Jews, Islamists, etc). Iran’s enemies have always been barbarians and bad guys. And now the whole world is laughing/ spiting at Iran’s enemies, including the stupid US, the Orwellian UK, the Jewish barbarians, the French barbarians, Arabs, etc. The NSA scandals and all 2013 events are making people aware. Now, even the West confesses: ‘Iran is the ‘Rising nation’ (Oct 2013). But a good question is: Who is the ‘Falling nation’?! Obama, Cameron, and Snowden can show you the answer!”. In this year (2013), the Iranian people, both religious people and irreligious people, say many good and funny things. For instance, they say: ‘After Netan-yabu Jean crap, the Jewish retards talk about ‘the Persian phrase book that Netanyahu should own’, and say: [Jewish leaders] should know the meaning of ‘Gondeh-goozi: loud gas-passing’ ! (Haaretz, Oct 2013) But these retards don’t know what Gondeh-goozi really means, and when Iranians use it! … Gondeh-goozi is exactly what the Jewish leaders did and do! … the West and Jews should learn Persian slang terms like ‘Goh Ziadi Khordan (eating extra shits), Oscol, Gagool, Barbar, Ar-Ar, etc! If they learn such things, they would know that the main problem of the West and its stooges is ‘Gondeh Goozi’ or ‘Goh Ziadi Khordan’! .. Asgar-Oladi was a Jewish convert. He was a British-Jewish-Islamist crook! But he went to hell and left all stolen money .. I wonder what Asgar-Olaqi and Mullahs think before their death. If they really believe in God, they should know that they cannot fool the god; they are bad guys, whose place is the deepest/ worst part of the Hell .. If you kill people, steal people’s money, violate people’s rights, tell big lies, and do all evil things, then can you think that the god will forgive you?! .. Mullahs refer to people’s rights as ‘Hagh al-Nas’, and people’s money as ‘Beit al-Mal’. Even Mullahs say that ‘God only can forgive his own right, not ‘Hagh al-Nas’ or ‘Beit al-Mal’ .. In 2009, what did Mullahs/ Islamists do to people’s rights?! In the past 34 years, what did Islamists do to people’s money and people’s rights? God will punish Islamists so badly .. Islamists like Asgar-Olaqi know that both people and God hate them so much; but how can they sleep at night?! .. Mullahs badly suffer from insomnia! .. Only UK and its notorious spies endorse the childish foolishness of British Mullahs .. Islamists just try to damage Iran or Iran’s image, and serve the West’s interests … If Iran was a Democracy, then on one is able to say: ‘Iran should not have nukes’ … Islamists are puppets of the West. But we, Iranians, know how we should deal with the West. After the Mullah regime, instead of serving the West’s interests and crapping about the Western-made Holocausts, we will say what Mullahs and other puppets of the West censor it, ie We tell the truth about the long history of Barbarians, Barbarism, Intolerance, Racism, Genocide, etc in the West and the UK .. Since 2009, Iran’s slogan is: ‘Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic’. And ‘Iranian Republic’ is just ‘Farting in Mullah face & their Islamic Republic .. What almost all Iranians want is: True/ real
Independence, True/ real Freedom, and True/ real Republic System
.. Iran must be a superpower, as it used to be. After the Mullah regime, we, Iranians, will break the West’s monopoly. We, Iranians, will develop new alternatives to all-Western made networks/ organizations, including their stupid SWIFT .. We, Iranians, will break/ cut the West’s horns! (Shakh-e-sho Mishkanim!) .. if Iran’s regime was not a puppet regime, then all people in all around the world will know and hate the Jewish barbarians and [the barbarian UK] .. I-s-rael (anti-Iran Jews) and Saudi Arabia (anti-Iran Arabs) aid each other in hurting Iran! In fact, Savage Jews & savage Arabs are the same shit .. USA is so stupid. They love savage Saudis/ Arabs! But who created the 9/11? Arabs/ Saudis! .. Now even average Americans say: ‘With friends like the Saudis, who needs enemies. They are most culpable for 9/11’! … USA and Saudis (Arabs) deserve each other. They should kill and fuck each other! .. the West and Jews deserve each other, too. Who created the Holocaust? the West! .. Iran knows the West’s biggest secrets. The King is naked. The UK is the land of Barbarians & Barbarism. What the UK and the West say about their non-existent Culture (Farhang-Nadashte), their non-existent Civilization (Tamadon-e Nadashte), their non-existent Honor (Sharaf-e Nadashte), etc are the biggest lies in history .. US pigs like Wendy Sherman -Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs and US representative in the P5+1 nuclear talks- said, with reference to Iranians, ‘We know that deception is part of their DNA’! This Anti-Iranian Racism is important, As some say: ‘If a senior US official made public statements about ‘deception’ or some other negative character trait being ‘part of the DNA’ of Jews, what would happen to that US official’?! .. The West is Racist. But Iranians care about all humans .. Why we, Iranians, care about the truth, justice, goodness, decency, tolerance, and human values? Simply because it’s part of our culture .. Iran’s importance derives from the fact that Iran is the Cradle of Civilization, the Home of Tolerance, and the Land of Human Values .. The savage Jews/ Arabs/ West are uncultured Barbarians .. Mullahs are retards, and just try to make people angrier! But what’s the use of making people even angrier ?! .. Mullahs act like retards and serve the West’s interests, because their teacher is the UK .. All Westerners are not bad guys. The good Westerners are like good Iranians, and say: ‘Iranians on their knees?! You are kidding .. Iran is where the game of chess was invented .. Obama and his USA are the forces of Evil. What the US did in 2009 and 2012/ 2013 [proved many things] … [UK media says:] ‘The search for informers in dissident groups on UK college campuses is part of a broader pattern of oppression’! .. Iranians hate [UK & UK stooges], simply because Iranians hate all bad guys, all oppressors, (and all traitors)”.

British Tyranny: Horrible Censorship, Orwellian Lies

November 11, 2013

In these days, ‘British Tyranny’ is so laughable. In September 2013, we wrote about the UK Guardians of Big Brother and a small part of horrible censorship in the UK media and the Guardian. But as the wise Iranians say: “Apparently the British barbarians want to set a new world record for horrible censorship and Orwellian lies. The barbarian UK has lost its mind. They used to pretend that they are smart bad guys! They used to hide their true colors. They pretended that they use smart lies or smart censorship! But now they just make a fool of themselves. Now ‘the Little Britain and the UK government openly defend tyranny and censorship, and the British media (Guardian, etc) and their ridiculous and horrible censorship in Britain show that ‘the little UK is in deep shit, and suffers from ‘Goh Gijeh’ (shitty confusion)”. In these days, many talk about “Police State Britain” and say, for instance: “Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) operates like NSA. They’re out-of-control rogue agencies. They spy on their own people .. Obama (and UK) wage war on freedom. They target whistleblowers and investigative journalists exposing government wrongdoing .. [In Britain,] Journalists involved in exposing government wrongdoing are threatened ! .. America and Britain want unchallenged power. They want government wrongdoing suppressed. UK Prime Minister David Cameron threatens Britain’s media ! .. [In Britain,] the national interest has always been what’s good for the government, not what’s right for the people .. On August 18, UK authorities detained Glenn Greenwald’s partner, David Miranda .. On November 2, Reuters headlined ‘NSA Leaks Journalist Glenn Greenwald’s Partner Accused of ‘Terrorism,’ ‘Espionage’! .. Most chilling is that UK security services, on their own, can decide if legitimate journalism is terrorism .. The so-called ‘Enemy’ apparently is We the people” ! (Nov 2013, in It’s a good point. As the wise Iranians say: “The English Lie Factory has been bankrupted, and many people are becoming aware. The stories of GCHQ, Britain’s Great Firewall, the UK internet filtering and surveillance, etc are making non-Iranians aware of this fact that the UK regime is a totalitarian regime. But Iranians already knew the Orwellian UK. Now even the stupid BBC and Jack Straw openly say that the UK has been a bad guy, and that’s why almost all Iranians hate the UK ! […] Now the wise/ good Britons talk about their ‘Orwellian nightmares’, and say: [In the UK, we have] one government surveillance camera for every 14 British people ! Britain has the world’s largest number of surveillance cameras. [In the UK,] the Big Brother is watching you and your private life (all your
communications, internet browsing, etc). Britons live [like slaves, and their media are] worse than Fox News and the Nazi media”. We have already written about the Orwellian UK, the British Barbarians, and the long history of Barbarism in Britain (check Archive). And now, as some wise Iranians say: “many can see why the land of barbarians (UK) is the first and the worst Orwellian society. Now the stupid UK openly attacks the freedom of the press!, and that’s why even non-Iranians are becoming aware, and say: ‘Police State Britain [says:] Journalism is Terrorism‘ (Nov 2013) Now even the so-called British ‘Human rights groups’ (who are not good guys) say to David Cameron: ‘the UK government’s response to the revelations of mass surveillance is eroding fundamental human rights in the country. The UK government’s response has been to condemn Journalism .. We are concerned about ‘Your call on 16 October 2013 for a House of Commons Select Committee to review whether the [British media] has damaged national security by publishing material provided by Snowden, and a subsequent announcement that the review will be conducted by the Home Affairs Select Committee as part of their inquiry into anti-terrorism .. National security should never be used to justify preventing disclosures of illegalities or wrongdoing, no matter how embarrassing such disclosures may be to the UK government‘! (Nov 2013) The British bastards say such things, because the UK soup is too salty, and now even idiots are aware of ‘the UK government’s pressure on the media/ journalists’. The UK soup is too salty, and now even the stupid Britons talk about the Beginning of Fascist Tyranny in Britain !”.


In these days, many talk about the West and Iran’s nuclear program. As the wise Iranians say: “The Guardian and other Big Brother’s media tell bad jokes. They censor all important news/ facts, strongly support this British Rouhani, and say: ‘There are reasons to be cheerful .. [Rouhani] hints at significant concessions over nuclear program [!!]‘ (GU, Oct 2013) But their beloved Rouhani is just becoming a hateful figure in Iran! Now the West’s retards and barbarians -including the British, the French, and Jews- are playing silly games (‘good cop, bad cop’, etc). The Jewish/ French faggots play the role of bad dogs, and the British faggots play the role of good dogs and say: ‘Rouhani is a very good [puppet]! Very good progress made!’ (GU, Nov 2013) But the Iranian people just laugh at the stupid West. Iranians, and even Mullahs, know the West’s silly games (‘good cop, bad cop’, etc) well. But the Iranian people [including us] are not politicians, and hate silly/ political games. The Iranian people clearly say: ‘Iran must have nuclear weapon‘. Iranians know that if the US/ British/ French/ Jewish barbarians have nukes, then Iran must have nukes. No one is able to deny Iran’s rights. The Iranian people know that the main issue is the freedom and democracy, not the nuclear issue. Iranians know how the West has betrayed the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran […] After the US-backed 2009 coup and the West’s anti-Iranian Racism/ Barbarism in 2012 and 2013, almost all Iranians say: ‘The West just wants to keep Iran weak and unfree. So, Iran (even the Mullah regime) must have nukes. Iran must be a world power. Iran must be a free and welfare state‘. Iranians are not stupid, and know that the US is badly bankrupt. The US faggots are traitors to freedom, democracy, and Iranian people. So, it’s obvious why Iranian people just fart in US face, and say: Why the US faggots even were not able to wage war on Syria?! Because the US is in deep shit, and [any serious war will be equal to the End of USA!] Iran must have nukes and everything, and the US faggots can go to hell and fuck themselves’. The US faggots are bankrupt, blind and stupid. Now even Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg, an anti-Iran Jewish Nazi, says: ‘the US desperately tries to find a way out of the confrontation with Iran’ ! (Oct 2013) […] Iran, the Cradle of Civilization, and Iranian people are such a great nation that they sit at one side (of a table) and all bad guys and all barbarians sit at the other side! Iran and Iranians are such a great nation that they solely (Yek-taneh) can fight against all bad guys and all barbarians, including US, UK, France, Jews, Arabs, Russia, etc! […] Iranian people are not politicians, but know political games. Now almost all Iranian people say: ‘Lets wait and see which kind of shit Rouhani wants to eat ! (Che Gohi Mikhad Bokhore) – that means (lets wait and see what he wants to do and how he wants to solve the main problems). Our red line is the basic rights of Iran and Iranians’. Almost all Iranians defend Iran and Iran’s rights, not the Mullah regime. Iranians have become aware of the real intentions of the anti-Iran West and the anti-Iran Jews/ Arabs, etc. Iranians know that public or private meetings between Mullahs and Great Satan (USA) just disgrace and discredit both of them, and it’s a good thing. Iranians know many things”. They also add: “Iranians just laugh at this British Rouhani and the stupid West. Rouhani’s Central Bank openly says: ‘The fall of the Rial value is good, but the fall of the Dollar value is bad’ ! (24 Sep 2013) But the UK media and the US media censor it ! They not only censor such big news, but they stupidly make a fool of themselves and say: ‘Crippling US sanctions have caused the value of the Iranian Rial to plummet’ !! (Reuters, 16 Oct 2013) The stupid West has no shame and no brain. They not only censor this important fact that Mullahs just implement IMF plans and lick IMF’s ass, but they say: ‘Our sanctions (not our IMF plans!) work! They censor what the Iranian people say about British Mullahs, IMF plans, and stupid sanctions. The West’s horrible censorship is so laughable. In October 2013, the most important facts/ news of Iran were: – Rouhani’s cabinet praise IMF plans and the fall of Rial value – Rouhani’s cabinet say they want to obey IMF’s orders and cut that 15$ aid; and almost all Iranians spit at Rouhani – Rouhani’s Industry Minister (Nemat-Zadeh) openly says: ‘the high price of car is a good thing. People should not expect that car price goes down. We defend high prices and high inflation’! – Rouhani’s Spokesman, Health Minister, Economy Minister, Industry Minister, etc openly defend soaring prices, IMF plans, and high inflation – Rouhani’s Central Bank openly says: ‘High Inflation is a good and useful thing ! People should not expect that high inflation goes down’ ! – A newspaper (Bahar) is closed down, and Rouhan’s Islamic Culture Minister (Jannati) openly defends censorship and suppression – Rouhani’s cabinet openly says that the fate or conditions of political prisoners, including Mousavi and Karroubi, are not important to Rouhani – Rouhani changes his Education minister, and Iranian students laugh at Rouhani. These big news, and similar news, were the most important news/ facts in October 2013. But do you know what the Guardian, the British media, the US media, and the Lefty media said/ did in October 2013 ?! They censored almost all of these big news and important facts! But it’s not the whole story. The Guardian and the UK media not only censored these big news, but they told big, laughable lies”. So, here lets take a look at what the Guardian said in October 2013. It can show you why the wise Iranians refer to the UK as ‘the first Orwellian Society’ or the Worst Big Brother’s state.


As some wise Iranians say: “The British censorship is really horrible. The Guardian, ie the UK most prestigious media !, censors almost all important facts/ news, including Rouhani cabinet’s comments about IMF plans, political prisoners, newspapers, high prices, cutting that 15$, corruptions, etc. These news are the most important news of Iran, and almost all Iranians talk about them. But the Guardian and the UK media censored such big news! But do you know what was on the Guardian’s first pages in October 2013?! Their Orwellian headlines/ reports were so laughable. For instance, they said: ‘ ‘Iran opens doors to tourists as Rouhani fosters thaw in relations with the west’ ! (GU, 18 Oct 2013) or ‘Iran arrests network of homos-e-xuals and Satanists‘ at birthday party’ ! (GU, 10 October 2013) Many of these Orwellian crap are written by a little MI6 whore, Saeed Kamali Dehghan (SKD !), who is an anti-Iranian whore/ spy. The funny guys call him a ‘Shitty, Kiddie Devil’ ! (SKD !) But the Guardian, MI6 and GCHQ are full of such shitty, kiddie devils. They love to lick the Big Brother’s ass. They also love to bring facts right out of their ass. For instance, they write about a dozen of Satanists in a small city, while as you know, each day Mullahs arrest a dozen of partygoers and ordinary people in Iran, but the Guardian and British faggots censor all such facts/ news. As Iranians say: ‘why they only wrote about Satanist faggots?! maybe because this small group was a network of UK-backed pigs in Iran’! The Guardian loves to bring facts right out of its ass. On 31 Oct 2013, they censored everything and their SKD wrote about an unknown stooge (that they call him a Tehran-based artist) who could not visit US due to visa ‘complications’! It’s really a big news! As they say this stooge is ‘Iran’s own superman’! But 99.9999% of Iranians don’t know him !, because ‘He is actually very isolated’ ! The Guardian’s lies are laughable. They censor all important news/ facts, and tell stupid lies. And it’s the true meaning of British Journalism! In British Journalism, you must censor all important facts/ news and what the ordinary people (the so-called 99%) say or want. In British Journalism, you should bring facts out of your ass and only care about what the %1 say or want ! . This Orwellian Journalism has a long history in the UK. The British media, aka the Ministry of Truth, only tries to fool people. They desperately try to make heroes out of retards and faggots, who easily sell their soul to the devil. For instance, in the recent days the Guardian censored everything, and wrote about an anti-Iranian faggot, Ebrahim Nabavi, who is one of the 2009 hateful traitors! As Iranians say: ‘Only the UK and (Ministry of Truth, ie BBC, GU, etc) care about this anti-Iranian spy/ faggot. Every year this faggot says he wants to return to Iran! And now he says to the GU: ‘I supported Rouhani with all my energy; I want to return to Iran’! Apparently the UK wants to send him to Iran, because he thinks that’s the price of licking Rouhani’s ass and betraying the people’s blood, and the UK needs spies/ stooges like Nabavi, Zibakalam, Behnoud, Ganji, etc”. They also add: “Now Iranians see Rouhani, his cabinet, and his supporters as ‘A Bunch of Retards‘ or ‘A Bunch of Stupid Mules’. Now Rouhani’s Central Bank man (Seif), who is an anti-Iranian whore/ spy, openly says: ‘High Inflation is good [!] We don’t want to reduce inflation [!] The current inflation rate (44%) is good [!!]‘ But the Guardian and the West censor what this Basiji faggot (Seif) says, because it can reveal many things. The Guardian (GU) says nothing about Corruption & Mismanagement in the Mullah regime. In October 2013, Iranians and even the Mullah media talked about Corruption in Football (Mullah Football) and Corruption in the AN era. But the GU censored these facts [..] In October 2013, a newspaper (Bahar) was closed down by Rouhani and Jannati. But the Guardian censored this fact for more than 15 days (2 weeks)! The GU and the UK badly love and support Ali Jannati, the son of Bin Laden. And now this UK-backed Basiji faggot, ie Rouhani’s minister of culture and Islamic guidance, openly praises censorship and shutdown of a newspaper! Iranians know Jannani and Rouhani, and spit at them. But the UK badly loves these retards. Iranians say: ‘It’s truly ridiculous. Instead of criticizing the suspension of a newspaper, Rouhani’s gov openly support censorship and tyranny!, and the UK openly supports Rouhani !’. But the stupid Guardian says: ‘Iranians [love] Rouhani and Jannati’ !’ or ”Rouhani has the overwhelming support of the Iranian nation’ !! (Oct 2013) The Guardian (GU) even had a laughable, Orwellian headline: ‘Jannati wants to relax book censorship’ ! (GU, 24 Oct 2013) The Guardian is really much worse than the Nazi media and the Stalin’s media. But the GU is so stupid. The GU is just proving why Jannati and Rouhani are British spies, and why almost all Iranians say: The UK is behind the Mullah regime”. They also add: “Mullah newspapers (Bahar, etc) are not important at all. As even the Mullah media says: ‘In 2000, 50 people read one newspaper; but now, 50,000 people read one newspaper in Iran. The daily circulation of all newspapers in Iran has been reduced to 250,000’ ! Iranians hate Mullah newspapers, because Iranians hate censorship and British Mullahs, including Khatami and Rouhani […] Now this anti-Iranian pig Khatami has become a hateful figure. Iranians hate all Khatamists, but the UK still supports them. The Guardian says: ‘500 prominent Iranian intellectuals [!] wrote to Obama’ (GU, 23 Sep 2013) But who are these 500 men?! They are a bunch of unknown whores that 99% of Iranians have never heard the names of 490 of them!, and non-Iranians only know one of them, Asghar Farhadi. Asghar Khayemal (Farhadi) signed this letter and licked the Mullah ass, and Mullahs sent his new film (the Past) to Oscar! […] The GU also talks about ‘the prominent intellectual Saeed Hajjarian [!!]’, but Iranians just laugh and say: ‘It’s funny that they love/ praise this prominent anti-Iranian spy & high rank member of Mullah Gestapo!’ The Guardian has no shame, and says: ‘this letter says with a loud voice that Rouhani has the support of reformists and those seeking for democracy in Iran’ ! And Iranians just laugh and say: Ajab! God Bless Goebbels ! (Baz Khoda Pedare Goebbels ro Biamorzeh !) The UK and the Guardian are really worse than Goebbels and Stalin […] British journalists and many many British scientists work for the Big Brother, and maybe that’s why Hardy wrote about ‘Evil Science’, ‘War and Science’, etc in his book ‘Mathematical Apology’ (1940). Hardy said: ‘my mathematics (Number theory) is free from corruption. My mathematics is not an evil science .. Only the elementary mathematics is an evil science’! The poor Hardy […] Hardy wrote on the last page of his book: ‘they tell me that I think (and talk) a lot about ‘War and Science’ and [Evil Science] ! Apparently Hardy didn’t know that the UK and bad guys believe: ‘Freedom of Speech’ means ‘Freedom of Silence’ !”.


As the wise Iranians say: “The UK is really the Animal Farm of Big Brother. Do you remember the story of that British Terrorist in Kenya? As the people’s media says: ‘A British woman, Samantha Lewthwaite, who was a member of the MI6, turned terrorist ! Kenyan officials already said that a white British woman was the head of the terrorist attack on a shopping mall in Kenya’. But the Guardian said nothing about this British terrorist!, because the UK believes All terrorists are equal, but British terrorists are more equal ! The UK terrorists are the worse terrorists in history. They have killed millions of Iranians, Indians, Africans, Americans, and Asians […] The UK has no shame, and no brain. In this year, their media said: ‘British diplomats tried to convince their US counterparts to suppress ‘very embarrassing’ details of MI6’s role in the 1953 coup in Iran [!] (Telegraph, Aug 2013) But when ‘Britons tried to suppress details of MI6 role in Iran coup’ (Telegraph, Aug 2013), Iranians already knew the truth! And now funny Iranians say: ‘the UK tried to suppress details of MI6 role in which coup?! 1921 coup, 1953 coup, 2009 coup, 1979 disaster, or other disasters?!’ ‘The Little Britain’ is a sick retard […] Their Guardian censors almost all important news and tell bad lies, and their BBC makes a fool of itself and says: ‘Iran was part of the Ottoman Empire! Iran is a fake (British-made) country, like the Arab states !’ (Oct 2013) The British IQ is less than the Pig IQ. This fake and barbarian country (UK) thinks the human history begins in the 19th century! The Land of Barbarians (UK) is so jealous of Iran (Persia), the Persian Glory, and this fact that Iran is the oldest country on earth. When Britons sucked the Iranians’ cocks and begged Iran, as a superpower, to fight against the Ottoman Empire, the BBC and most of the British things even didn’t exist ! […] The Barbarian UK is so laughable. They say: ‘For Syria’s sake, end Iran’s isolation’ ! (GU, Sep 2013) Read it again: For Syria’s sake, not for freedom, democracy, human rights, or Iranian people! […] The UK openly supports bankrupt whores/ spies like Khatamists, Pahlavists, or MEK. But it’s a clear sign of the UK bankruptcy. The UK is totally confused. Now they say:’ Netanyahu’s interview is a perfect lesson in how not to talk to Iranians [!] .. Netanyahu’s comments to the BBC ‘prompted a backlash and a wave of negative reaction by almost all Iranians’ ! (GU, Oct 2013) The Jewish pigs and their British masters wanted to test the water. But when Netanyahu spoke directly to Iranians for the first time, both the Barbarian UK and the Jewish barbarians saw the plain truth: Almost all Iranians hate the anti-Iran West, including the UK and the Jewish barbarians […] After the 2009 coup, many things have changed in Iran. Now the savage Mullahs are making love with their Great Satan (USA) !, but ordinary Iranians laugh and say: Down with USA ! Down with Obama !”. As the wise Iranians say: “Many non-Iranians don’t know How UK Media Insult their Intelligence! But some try to be optimist, and say: OK, the BBC, the Guardian, and most of the UK media are Big Brother’s media, but the Independent is not bad !’ And we say: OK. Lets be optimistic about the Independent! Lets read what they say. Lets read ‘Hassan Rouhani is not a moderate’ ! (16 Oct 2013) that has a good title. At first, they say: ‘Iranian people have suffered greatly under the rule of a theocratic dictatorship. [Mullahs] have deprived Iranians from their basic human rights. [Mullahs] decide how the Iranian people must dress, what they are allowed to read, watch or listen to’. Yah, it’s not bad. You can ask: Are pigs flying that the Brits say such things?! But let’s read more. They add: ‘Sadly, the reality in Iran is that you cannot openly challenge the ruling elite’s medieval policies. However many brave Iranians do just that, in defiance of the regime and at great personal risk to themselves’. Yah, you can ask: Is the Sky falling down that the Brits say such things?! But lets read more. After saying a few good things, they reveal their true colors, and say: ‘ the President-elect of the [Islamist-Marxist terrorist] MEK (NCRI), Mrs Maryam Rajavi is the force for good [and] legitimate representatives of the Iranian people .. the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom supports Rajavi and [the MEK, ie the tiny group of Marxist-Islamist terrorists] ! .. we should empower and support the MEK’ ! Can you believe it?! It’s exactly what the Independent wrote on 16 Oct 2013. The Independent and British faggots like Robert Fisk are worse than Goebbels”. They also add: “Many already said: ‘The English are experts at the art of hiding their misdeeds behind a facade of virtue. They have been at it for centuries, and it has become a part of their nature‘. But now you can see that the English are stupid bad guys, who act like a [bad retard]. They openly support Islamists, Marxists, Terrorists, Dictators, and all anti-Democracy Groups, and then shed Crocodile tears for Democracy ! They use this formula in Iran, Egypt, Syria, and almost all parts of the world, including the UK and the US ! Now they openly defend Tyranny, Censorship, and Orwellian Society in the UK! The Barbarian UK has lost its mind. Their big lies and their horrible censorship just prove the truth of what George Orwell said about the UK in ‘1984’, ‘Animal Farm’, etc. As Orwell and many others truly said: In the UK, Ignorance is Strength; Freedom is Slavery; Tyranny is Democracy; Lie is Truth; and Censorship is Freedom of Expression !”.

Corrupted Science, or Why is The West Bankrupt?

November 5, 2013

“[In this year (2013),] many say the West is bankrupt. Now even a member of US Congress says: ‘Congressional oversight of the NSA is a joke’ ! (Oct 2013) But as many know, and as the 2013 scandals show: ‘In the West, Democracy is a joke; Privacy is a joke; Free Press is a joke; Intellectual (like Chomsky) is a joke; Scientific Integrity/ Honesty is a joke’. Now the US government and the UK government openly defend Tyranny and Orwellian Society! Now David Cameron and the UK government openly praise Censorship and Tyranny, and say: ‘what the media is dealing with is dangerous for national security [!] What has happened [ie revealing a small part of Corruption, Orwellian methods & Orwellian Tyranny in the UK] has damaged national security and [revealed] Britain’s secrets’ ! (Oct 2013) Now it’s clear that the UK/ US ‘War on Terror’ is nothing but ‘the War on Democracy’, ‘the War on Privacy’, ‘the War on Freedom’, and ‘the War on Human Rights’. Now many can see that the West (ie ‘the Evil Empire‘) is morally, culturally, intellectually, and economically bankrupt. But the main question is: the West (the Evil empire) went bankrupt, but why?”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Several books can be written about this issue/ question. But a short and simple answer is Corruption. What the 2013 scandals reveal is the West’s Cancer of Corruption. ‘Corruption in Media’, ‘Corruption in Government’, ‘Corruption in Society’, and Corruption in Science are just parts of this Cancer of Corruption. Now even Westerners talk about corrupt media, ‘corrupted representational system’, or ‘corrupted democracy in the UK and the US’. But their writings only have good titles like ‘Cancer of Corruption, Seeds of Destruction‘ [6] They often say nothing about their main problems, including their corrupt culture, corrupt scientists & corrupt intellectuals”. Unfortunately, many know nothing about “Corrupted Scientists” in the West. In the recent posts, we wrote about the “Biggest Scandal in History of Science & Technology” (check Archive), but as the wise Iranians say: “Many still cannot see the depth of tragedy. This fact that the Western scientists sell their souls, work for the bad guys, and have been poisoned with money is so important, simply because scientists should be good people, with good intentions. Scientists should care about the truth and the joys of Science, not money and the joys of licking the Big Brother’s ass! With good scientists you can have Progress, Development, Better World, Better Life, etc. But with corrupted scientists you can only have Evil Science, Orwellian Society, Disaster, Evil Empire, Corrupt Society, etc”. Scientists must care about the truth or the real science, not money. But unfortunately, many Western scientists are bad/ corrupted people, with bad intentions. As some Americans say: “Abramoff might be the most prominent example of the corruption that has infected [our country] but he is not the best example of it” [8] It’s a good point. The story of the widespread and systematic corruption in the West is not about a few bad guys like Abramoff. As the wise Iranians say: “Corrupt scientists, corrupt journalists, corrupt media, etc are much more important than Abramoff. The US pigs/ crooks like Jack Abramoff, Dana Rohrabacher, Sheldon Adelson, Bob Nay, Enron’s guys, Congressmen, etc are only the tip of the iceberg”. We have already written about “the Lobbying industry in USA” (check Archive). Now even Americans say: ‘For many Americans, lobbying is a form of bribery .. After bribes were outlawed, lobbyists realized that the law permitted them to pay congressmen Consulting Fees’! [8] “Bribery and Corruption is a legal business in the West, but they play with words and refer to ‘bribe’ as gift, consulting fee, etc and think it can hide the truth! But now even Americans know ‘How Money Corrupts Congress’, and that’s why the US media confesses: ‘Trust in our government has reached an all-time low’ ! And in the near future, they will say: ‘Trust in our science and scientists has reached an all-time low’!, because the 2013 scandals are revealing ‘How the West and Money Corrupt Science”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Books like ‘Corrupted Science: Fraud, Ideology and Politics in Science’ [9] say: ‘Did you know that test results were faked by such scientific giants as Isaac Newton and Galileo?!’ [9] But the main issue is not a few fake results. The main issue is ‘widespread and systematic Corruption’ in the Western Science and Technology. The main problem is that many many Western scientists work for the bad guys, and care about money, not the truth. In the West, they sell and buy everything, including Science and scientists! But people don’t know ‘puppet scientists’ or ‘puppet intellectuals’ (ie pigs like Noam Chomsky). People didn’t know the West’s ‘War on Truth’. But the 2013 scandals are making people aware of ‘the Ministry of Truth’, the Illusion of Choice, and ‘the War on Truth/ Science’ in the UK and the US”.


There are many examples of ‘Corrupted Science’ / Corrupted Scientists in the West. We have already written about some of them (check Archive). But here lets focus on a new popular example: Chemistry and the Food industry. In this year (2013), many talk about Monsanto and The Monsanto Protection Act. As you know, some documentary films like “The Future of Food” (2004) have investigated Monsanto’s products, and unlabelled, patented, “genetically engineered foods (GMOs)” in the US. We should write more about Monsanto and GMOs later, but as the wise Iranians say: “the main question is: What’s in our foods? and what are corrupt scientists/ food producers doing? Unfortunately, many know nothing about chemical food additives and their toxic effects. Processed foods, which most Americans eat every day, typically contains industrial chemical additives to preserve, flavor, thicken, etc [4] These chemicals, additives, and artificial ingredients are toxins and poisons, and create cancer and other horrible diseases [2][4][5][6] Now even the mass media says: ‘Most food that comes in a packet or container contains at least some food additives, [that you know them as] three digit numbers [like E951, E110, E250]’ [3] But they pretend that most of these chemical additives or E numbers are not harmful to people and/or environment! [3] But as the experts say: ‘If you are shocked to learn that industrial chemicals are routinely in the food you are feeding to your family, you will be even more shocked to read about a new study published (in August 2013) in the professional journal Reproductive Toxicology .. the researchers report that about 1,000 additives are in the food supply without the FDA’s knowledge’ ! [4] But it’s not the whole story”. They also add: “You can accept a few food additives. But they use more than ‘8,000 FDA-regulated additives !‘ [4], and thousands of secret additives [4] Now their experts say: ‘manufacturers intentionally add thousands of [toxic] additives to our foods’ ! [4] And it’s funny that both ‘FDA and the food industry [are corrupt] and say chemical food-additives are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) !‘ [4] Now even their experts say: ‘Money (Bribery) has corrupted the FDA and the food industry’ ! [4][5] Now many ask good questions like ‘Why Are Industrial Chemicals in Food Not Safety Tested?’ [4], and the answer is clear: because of ‘Corruption in the FDA, EFSA, and other Food Safety Authorities. The food authorities know that thousands of chemical food additives should be safety tested by the independent scientists, but they don’t allow this to happen! Unfortunately, most Americans are so ignorant. Only some Americans ask: ‘Is Our Food Poisoning US?’ [5] or ‘Why are Americans so addicted to processed food?!‘ [5] ‘Food is supposed to provide us nourishment and health but because of the chemicals it contains, what we consume has become a major threat to our health’ [5] But most Americans don’t know How bad processed foods are”. They also add: “corrupt scientists and corrupt media try to fool people by words like ‘improved’, ‘enriched’ foods. Some Americans talk about ‘the mass poisoning’ [4] and ‘Exploration of American stupidity’ [4], but most Americans know nothing about ‘dangerous additives [that] are found in everyday items like soda, mac and cheese, cake, candy and almost all Western foods’! [2] Only a few Americans know that the FDA has been corrupted. They say: ‘the Food industry is poisoning our people, and the FDA looking the other way on toxic food ingredients’ ! [4] or ‘In America today, we are all being bombarded by chemicals, poisons and toxins’ [2] But most people even don’t know that ‘there are many chemicals to change the texture of food .. instant mashed potatoes is even lighter and fluffier than anything you could ever make at home’ [4][5]”. They also add: “It’s obvious that ‘with growing greed and corruption, food safety is being bypassed’ [4] But corrupt scientists just try to hide the truth and help the bad guys. For instance, as some experts say: ‘Oxytocin ‘increases milk production, while it destroys the cow’s reproductive system. Not only is the cow harmed, but those who drink milk from oxytocin-injected cows are also at risk, especially children’ [5] ‘Oxytocin is also used for growing vegetables’ [5]. But ‘because of such hormones in food, minor girls are attaining early puberty’ [5] and ‘Americans are sicker and die younger than other people’ [5]”. As some Iranians say: “In Iran, the bad guys are following the US like sheep. Recently, the greedy pigs use chemical gases to change the color of tangerine (make the green tangerine yellow)! But at least Iranians don’t use any GMOs, and many processed foods. Mullah authorities are as corrupt as US authorities, but they cannot fool our people, and most Iranians hate ‘processed foods”. But in ‘the United State of GMOs’ [4] ‘US food companies pick oranges that are green and unripe, and [with a chemical process] make them look like what you wish them to look like. Colorants, artificial flavors/ sugars/ thickeners/ etc are tampering with traditionally healthy foods such as meat, milk and yogurt’ [2] As some wise Iranians say: “The EU Commission and its EFSA are as corrupt as the FDA and US Congress. Many know about ‘EU Commission deception, coverup’ [6] or ‘EFSA coverup on behalf of Monsanto, that over half of the scientists involved’ [4][6]. The West’s bad guys control the media and ‘hope the obedient mass media would take the headline and close the embarrassing stories’ ! [6] In North America, corruption has reached a new peak. Americans talk about ‘a list of ingredients that are banned across the globe but still allowed for use here in USA’ ! [5], and Canadians say: Canada Wants VPNs to Log Customers .. Harper wants to destroy VPN services by stripping them of the very service they’re designed to provide: Security and Anonymity!’ (Oct 2013)”.


As some Iranians say: “The story of genetically modified foods, aka GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) is [a long story]. Monsanto and the corporate food giants, Kelloggs, General Mills, Nestle, Coca Cola, etc use [corrupt scientists] to hide the truth of GMOs”. But even if you ignore GMOs, “Genetic pollution” and this fact that “some toxins enter the food chain genetically, through genetic engineering of seeds and crops” [5], the story of chemical food additives (E numbers) is still shocking. As some say: “The next time you go to the supermarket, pick up a few products and read the labels. You will be shocked by what you find” [2]. As some Iranians say: “their labels are full of E numbers [..] Almost all foods in McDonalds and other fast food chains like Subway and Starbucks are factory processed foods. They use artificial flavors to add fake tastes to their shits (processed foods). Fake lemon flavor, fake butter flavor, fake berry flavor, etc make up while none of these ingredients are actually used to make (processed foods)”. As some Americans say: “Monsanto had repeatedly refused scientific requests to publish the exact chemicals used in its products” ! [6] The cancer of corruption in the US is really horrible. As Americans say: “the government has their hands tied by big food industry and chemical company lobbyists that basically control what the FDA approves” [5] This level of corruption belongs to third world countries and backward nations. As the wise Iranians say: “when the FDA is corrupt, it means that the US government is a corrupt government, and America is a corrupt society. Such horrible corruption has predictable results. As some say: ‘Diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes are absolutely exploding in America’ [2] and ‘41% of Americans are projected to get cancer in their lifetime‘ [5] But it’s not the whole story. Now even Americans talk about ‘The Alarming Corruption of the Think Tanks’ ! [8], and say: ‘The think tanks should be institutions for scholarship and research. [They should be] universities without teaching. But in [the 20th century] the think tanks became a political instrument in service of extremism [and barbarism]’ ! [8] The cancer of corruption is killing the West’s Evil Empire. Now even the Western scientists are as ‘Corrupt’ as their politicians”. As some Americans say: “Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) lays out five of the primary ‘methods of abuse’ utilized by corporations ‘to exert influence at every step of the scientific and policy-making processes .. Corrupting the Science, Shaping public perception, restricting agency effectiveness, influencing Congress, and exploiting judicial pathways are the five ‘methods of abuse’ noted … How they Corrupt Science? As UCS says: ‘By (1) suppressing research (2) Intimidating scientists (3) Manipulating researches (4) Ghostwriting scientific articles (corrupting the integrity of scientific journals by ‘planting’ ghostwritten articles that actually promote their products) (5) Publication bias (selectively publishing positive results and burying negative results” [7] But it’s just part of the truth. As some wise Iranians say: “They buy and sell scientists and their works. They bribe scientists to write/ say what they want. In these years, many write about ‘WHO Scientists Corruption Scandals’, ‘How Drug Company Money Is Undermining Science’ (2012, Scientific American), or the story of Monsanto or ‘the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI)’. ‘ILSI is funded by the multinational GM and Monsanto’ [1] But ‘ILSI describes itself as a public interest non-profit’ ! [1] They and ‘the European Food Safety Authority’ (EFSA) don’t allow ‘scientists to publish independent and critical research’ ! [1] Only the industry-funded scientists (ie corrupt scientists) are able to publish their fake/ corrupt works ! [1] In fact, the scientific journals censor/ boycott independent scientists! [1] And under such conditions, it’s obvious why the American polling organizations (like Gallup) publish fake polls, why the Western mass media tells big lies and censors many things, and why the West is ethically and intellectually bankrupt”. The 2013 scandals are making people aware. As the wise Iranians say: “Now even Americans say: ‘We Live Under a Total Surveillance State in America’. Now even Britons say: ‘In our Orwellian society, many things (from cable boxes to any computer that is inside your home) snoop on us. Our people are ignorant, and the establishment wants to keep people ignorant’. But sooner or later, most people will know the West’s Evil Empire, corrupt scientists, and corrupt intellectuals like Noam Chomsky, who are not well intentioned people. They defend Islamists, dictators, IMF plans, CIA plans, etc but pretend otherwise ! […] Noam Chomsky is an ignoble bastard. Chomsky, Brezizenski, Gary Sick, the lefts and so-called imperialists help each other and tell the same lies about Iran, Islamists, dictators, etc. Pigs like Chomsky are rotten brains, and signs of moral decay, intellectual decay, and cultural decay in the West. And when their top intellectuals are corrupt people, and their scientists, their FDA, EFSA, etc are rotten to the core, it just just remind you of a Persian proverb: ‘Harch-e Begandad …’ (corruptible things are salted, but what happens when [incorruptible] Salt goes rotten!) […] Their media/ journalists and their scientists/ intellectuals are as corrupt as their politicians, and it can explain why their intellectuals/ thinkers don’t have any new things to say […] Iranians laugh at the Mullah books, and refer to them as ‘Jame-ol Abaatil-e val Azdad’ ! (All Crap and Contradictions !) etc; but most of the Western/ Lefty books/ writings are full of ‘Crap and Contradictions’, too […] The West’s popular intellectuals are less honorable then Prostitutes. They are like the Guardian and the British media, and just tell big lies, bring facts right out of their ass, and ignore many important facts, because their job is ‘misleading the Western public’.”


As the wise Iranians say: “In this year (2013), many people protest against The Monsanto Protection Act, simply because ‘Instead of protecting the American people, the US government (Congress, White House, etc) protect Monsanto’ ! The passage of the Monsanto Protection Act is one of the most shameful episodes of US history. Now even Americans say: ‘the passage of [this act] is another sign of how corrupt and tyrannical is the US system, and how out of touch Congress and the White House are with the US public’ (Aug 2013). The farcical story of ‘Labeling of GMO Products’ is so laughable. Monsanto and US Congress say: ‘Don’t tell people what they’re eating! Ignorance is Strength!’ In March 2013, when ‘Obama signed Monsanto Protection Act’, many Americans said: ‘Obama sold out the public and signed this bill’ [3], and many protested against Monsanto and US gov. Some groups like ‘Food Democracy Now’ say: We’re marching: To Stop the Continued Corruption of Our Democracy … the bad guys (Monsanto) produce 75% of foods/ processed foods that we eat and feed our families everyday’ [6] But US Congress loves monopoly, corruption, war, barbarism, and other evil things”. They also add: “Over 90% of the American people support mandatory labeling of GM foods [4] Americans say: ‘They don’t want to allow us to understand what we are eating [!] But it is our fundamental right to know what’s in our food’ [4]. But the US regime even doesn’t allow people to know what they are eating! It’s really horrible. As many experts say: ‘the truth is we don’t really know how much our food is hurting us or if it is in fact safe’ ! [4] Now many ask: ‘If GMOs are so good, why they don’t allow people to know which foods are GMOs or non-GMOs ?! ‘ And the wise guys say: We don’t say GMOs are good or bad. We just say: Label them so people can make their own choices‘. But the US regime acts like a Tyrannical/ Orwellian regime. The US Cyber mercenaries are like the UK Cyber mercenaries, who are paid to put stupid comments and help the bad guys. They say for instance: ‘If you fear GMO foods, grow your own. Explain why you seek to impose your hysteria on others [!] .. anti-GMO propaganda is not Science [!] .. Don’t impose your beliefs on me; I love GMOs .. I trust Monsanto far more than I trust you’! [3] Mercenaries tell bad jokes, while many ask: If GM food is so wonderful why you don’t label it?!”. They also add: “Monsanto and US Congress act like a stupid dictator whose intention is to continue in power in spite of the will of the people. But it just backfires. Now even Americans say: ‘Monsanto Targets the Heart of Science’ [1] The West has become the Mecca for Corruption, and the soup is too salty that even their mass media confesses that they have a corrupt and closed society, not an open society! They say: ‘David Bickford, a former legal director of MI5 and MI6, says: ‘Secrecy in this country (UK) is over-protected and under-regulated. The UK has signally failed to prepare itself for openness [!]’ (Oct 2013)”. Unfortunately, the West suffers from both the cancer of corruption and the cancer of ignorance. As Snowden truly says: ‘public indifference is the real enemy in the NSA affair‘. Now the media reports: ‘Most Britons don’t seem to worry that government is collecting their personal data! A recent YouGov poll asked [British] respondents about the GCHQ and surveillance on ordinary people. 42% said that they thought the GCHQ was ‘about right’! and a further 22% thought that the GCHQ did not have enough powers! In another question, British respondents were asked whether they thought Snowden’s revelations were a good or a bad thing; 43% thought they were bad’ ! (Oct 2013) As the wise Iranians say: “Their polls actually say their people have low IQs and are so stupid! But unfortunately, this fact that they don’t’ protest against their Big Brother, their corrupt government, and their Orwellian society, show that these polls are not baseless. When their wise guys should explain to their people why ‘Tyranny is a bad thing’ ! or why ‘mass spying is not a good thing’ !, and when Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, says (at an event hosted by the New America Foundation): ‘Government spying is the nature of our society! there’s been spying for years; there’s been surveillance for years; it’s the nature of our society’ ! (Sep 2013), it shows that Ignorance and Corruption is the pillar of their society, and that’s why only idiots, corrupt scientists/ intellects, media whores, crooks and other bad guys get the publicity and the money in the West”. They also add: “Islamists and journalists/ actives in exile just repeat (QerQereh) what the stupid West says. They just desire to ape the West like monkeys. But Iranians are not stupid. We, Iranians, don’t see the West in black and white. We know that many Westerners are good guys or normal humans. We don’t say all Western scientists are corrupt people. But there are many terrible people who have called themselves scientists/ intellectuals in the West. They hurt and betray the freedom seeking people in Iran and the world. They wanted, and still want, to turn people into sheeple. But now at least Iranian people have become aware […] Transparency is the most important element in a Democracy, and all normal humans want to have a fair, democratic society. But now the West stupidly pretends that ‘Truth or Transparency is the Enemy!’ But even people like Lincoln knew that ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time & some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time‘. Today seems like the calm before the storm or the ‘volcano of resentment’. Evil things do not last forever. The Evil Empire has reached the end of line”.

For more Information:

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