Iran and Egypt: America openly Helps Islamists !

This year (2013) has become a very informative year. In these days, as the people’s media reports: “US leaders -from Obama to McCain and Graham- openly support Islamists and terrorists”. The US used to tell big lies about the US-Islamist love affairs. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now, the US openly supports Islamists! Now, Obama, McCain, Graham, Chomsky, Leverett, Jewish CIA, White House, US lefts and US Congress openly defend Islamists! Now the US Sheeple (Western Retards) can open their eyes and see the truth: Islamists are puppets of America, and the US openly supports Islamists and terrorists”. In these days, the media reported: “Republican war-lovers McCain and Graham went to Egypt and [openly and shamelessly] supported Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood. John McCain and Lindsey Graham described [the anti-Morsi revolt] as a coup. McCain (Ariz) and Graham (S.C.) -who ask Congress to cut off US Aid to Egypt- called for release of Islamists. McCain and Graham said they represent the views of Congress [!] [But Egypt] called the US senators ‘clumsy’, ‘moronic’, ‘irresponsible’ .. Egyptians [hate] USA and Obama” ! (6 August 2013). The mass media censors the true meanings of such facts, but it’s so important that the US Lefts and the US Rights both support Islamists. As some wise Iranians say: ‘The US is really bankrupt. The US is a big loser. Now, many nations/ people are repeating what Iranians say. Now, almost all Egyptians are saying anti-US things and chanting anti-American slogans! ‘How Embarrassing for America’, many say. Now many can understand why Iranians refer to the 2009 coup as ‘US-backed coup’, or why Iranians say: ‘Who are puppets of America? Islamists, Mullahs, anti-Iranian whores like Khatamists, Pahlavists, Journalists/ Actives in Exile, etc‘. Now, most Americans condemn Graham and McCain, but they don’t know why the US supports Islamists. They have confused”. As the wise Iranians say: “Those idiots who said: ‘the US hates Islamists’, and those who said: ‘Obama loves Islamists, but Republicans hate Islamists’, were so stupid and had childish theories. Their stupid theories even cannot explain why Neocons and Republican war-lovers (McCain, Graham, etc) support Islamists ! Americans have no answer to many questions. Americans have confused”. As some wise Iranians say: “This year can make the American people aware, and they can see why the Iranian people, and even Egyptians, are becoming both anti-Islamist and anti-American. Now many say: ‘the US has lost its mind’ or ‘US and Obama are big losers’. [In August 2013,] even the US media has headlines like this: ‘Anti-Americanism soars in Egypt, both sides blame America and Obama ‘, ‘McCain and Graham Tell Egyptians to Embrace Terrorists’, ‘Obama, Kerry, McCain, and Graham: Intervening for War’, ‘ US-Backed Islamists Crush Egypts Hope for Democracy’, ‘Republicans Lobby for Islamists’ !, ‘McCain and Graham Lobby for Muslim Brotherhood’, etc. Now, even the US media says: ‘The pro-Morsi Islamists calls Obama a hypocrite for claiming he stops supporting Islamists [!] .. and the anti-Morsi Egyptians say: ‘The US supports Islamists and terrorists. The US is using the Islamists to impose the kind of order they want to create a new Middle East, which would guarantee the Jewish-American interests’ (August 2013). Now, the ordinary people in Iran, Egypt, etc not only hate Islamists and anti-Democracy groups, but they hate Obama and the USA. Obama is a big, useful idiot! He proved that the US is the main supporter of Islamists, Terrorists, and all anti-Democracy groups. Obama, McCain, Graham and US Fascists prove that America is Anti-Democracy, pro-Tyranny and pro-Islamist. They show that the US is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights, and the new Anti-Americanism = Defending Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights! In fact, the US is showing that all good guys, all libertarians and all freedom-fighters should fight against the US, if they want to have a better world and a better life !“. In these days, many shameful events, that we should write more about them later, show that we all should think more about what these wise Iranians say.


“All stupid mules -from the US lefts to the anti-Iranian whores like Akbar Ganji, Khatamists and exiled journalists/ activists- repeat what McCain, Graham, Leveret, and the Jewish CIA say. They say the anti-Morsi revolt is a coup! But they don’t say that Egyptians asked Morsi to hold a referendum, but he refused and acted like Mubarak. They don’t say that the anti-Morsi revolt is like the anti-Mubarak revolt, and if the former (that US hates it) is a coup, then the latter is a 100% CIA-backed coup. Morsi won by a weak majority (~55%), and then he lost many of his supporters. The Egyptian people asked for ‘Referendum’, but Morsi didn’t accept it. Even the Egypt’s army asked Morsi to hold a referendum. But Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood knew that they don’t have enough supporters and most Egyptians hate them. So, they acted like brutal dictators, and even threatened people with brutal suppression. Morsi was worse than Mubarak”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Egyptians asked Morsi to hold a referendum. Egyptians said: ‘Let’s people vote and make decision’. But Morsi and Islamists didn’t agreed to hold a referendum. Now, Islamists and whores say: ‘What Morsi did was legal [!!] The anti-Morsi revolt was illegal !’ Islamists and whores say: ‘You should obey the law, even the tyrannical laws !’. But people not only say: ‘Fuck you and your laws !’ But they add: ‘Hey, Motherfuckers, what you did to Mubarak was legal?! Your anti-Mubarak revolt was totally illegal. Mubarak (like Assad) said that you should wait for the election time, and then you can dismiss Mubarak by your votes! Why didn’t you obey the law in 2011?! Your anti-Mubarak revolt was an illegal coup!”. They also add: “All dictators talk about the Law !, and say: ‘Your protest is illegal. You should obey the law, even our tyrannical laws !. In 2009, Iranians asked for a free referendum under the International eyes. But Mullahs refused to hold a referendum, and killed Iranians. Mullahs knew that just about 10% of Iranians support Islamists. The West and its whores hate Free Referendum or Free Election in Iran, because they know that almost all Iranians hate the Mullah regime. So, they say the 2009 movement was illegal ! But it’s obvious if the 2009 movement was illegal, then what Mullahs did in 1979 is an illegal (US-backed) coup, and the Mullah regime is illegal. The West and Mullahs tell big lies, but we all know that if a law was irrational, tyrannical, and unethical, we should not care about that law. The Truth is much more important than the Laws”. We should write more about the Laws and the Truth, and how the bad guys abuse the laws. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Whores like Ganji, Leverett, etc are paid to tell big lies. But even the stupid mules like Ganji know that Morsi and Mullahs hate election and referendum. The stupid mules (whores and Islamists) just censor and hide the facts. They don’t say that the Jewish CIA, McCain, Graham, and other fascists help Islamists. They don’t say why the UK loves Mullahs. They don’t say how and why the UK, the US, and their media and their agents helped Mullahs in 2009 and 2013, by telling big lies, publishing fake polls, selling tools of suppression, etc”. We have already written about the anti-Iranian whores, the 2009 coup, the 2011 Farce, etc (check Archive). And now you can see that what Iranians said and say about “Obama, Egypt and Iran” and other things is not ‘Conspiracy Theory’. As we said in 2011, ‘the stupid lefts and Chomsky tell big lies. They say: Obama and USA didn’t help the Egyptian Islamists, they just helped Mubarak !’. And now the stupid lefts say McCain-Graham support the Mubarak regime, not Morsi and Islamists !! As the wise Iranians say: “What the lefts and Chomsky said and say about the 2009 coup, the Mullah regime, the Egyptian farce, the Islamists, the 1979 tragedy, etc are big lies that just show: Lefts and Chomsky can be deep cover CIA agents. Now McCain-Graham help Chomsky (lefts) and Chomsky helps the Leveretts and ‘Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter’s National Security advisor‘ ! [For more info, check Archive]. But why should Chomsky help Brzezinski and Imperialists?! Why should McCain-Graham support Islamists ?!”. As some Iranians say: “Now, it’s an open secret that the US is having a love affair with Islamists. Now, even Americans write: ‘Egypt Revolts Against Islamists and Obama’ (July 2013), and add: ‘In 2009, with millions of Iranians in the streets demanding an ouster of their Islamist despots, Obama refused to raise a voice for their liberty. But in 2011, Obama helped Islamists in Egypt’. The US regime is revealing the hidden facts. Now many say: ‘Graham is [an-Iranian Nazi] who openly praises War & Racism, and helps Islamists! .. Graham and the US want to wage war (civil war) in Egypt. They use the US-backed Islamists to destroy Egypt”.


“McCain, Graham, Obama, Chomsky and the Jewish CIA support Islamists and reveal many things, including the secrets of the 2009 coup and the secrets of the 1979 tragedy. In 1979, the US [and the West] supported Islamists and toppled the Shah (like what they did in 2011’s Egypt). At that time the Iranian people were naive/ stupid (like Egyptians in 2011). But in 2009, the US and the West helped Islamists in killing and suppressing the Iranian people, who have become aware and hate all Islamists and all stooges. In 2009, when tens of thousands of Iranians were being killed and tortured, the US was making love with Mullahs. In 2009, the US pigs like the undersecretary of state William Burns met with Javad Zarif, and assured Mullahs of US support. When tens of thousands of Iranians were being killed and tortured, the Jewish CIA and pigs like the Leveretts who have worked for the CIA and the AIPAC (Is-r-a-eli Lobby) for decades, supported the Mullah killers. They said: ‘Iranians love their [killers] ! Iranians love AN/ Mullahs because Iranians love tyranny, corruption, and hyperinflation !’ In 2009, when tens of thousands of Iranians were being killed and tortured, the media reported: ‘Trita Parsi, the NIAC, [and the Mullah Mafia in the US] are arranging meetings for Mullahs (ie killers of Iranians) with members of Congress and US officials. Recently, Javad Zarif met with John Limbert, who began his job at the US State Department as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iran’ (Nov 13, 2009). And now in 2013, Mullahs appoint Javad Zarif as their new FM!”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The 2009 coup revealed who is behind the Islamists. The US/ UK mass media (ie the Big Brother’s media) and the notorious CIA agents like the Leverets, Scott Lucas, Gareth Smyth, Jason Rezaian, and all whores who work with the Big Brother’s media, showed Iranians who is behind the Islamists and the Mullah regime. Now, these whores praise Rohani and ‘US-Mullah Talks’. Now, the CIA/ MI6 agents and/ or the anti-Iranian whores like Farideh Farhi, Hooman Majd, Golnaz Esfandiari, Masoud Behnoud, Akbar Ganji, and other ‘Spies in Exile’ [!] defend Mullahs and praise the US-Mullah love affairs. The Big Brother’s media, from the BBC and the VOA to the RFE/RL and the Guardian, tell big lies about Rouhani and his Cabinet. They even praise Rouhani’s Cabinet! They say nothing about Janati’s son, the Son of [Bin Laden]! They say nothing about the Oil Minister Zangeneh and his shameful acts. But Iranians know that Zangeneh used to say: ‘Iran doesn’t need Refinery and the Petrochemical industry. We can buy Petroleum! It’s better and cheaper !’. Iranians know that Zangeneh and Islamists are puppets of the West and just try to keep Iran weak and dependent. Iranians know why the West loves Islamists”. They also add: “The Lefty-MI6 media like the Guardian praise Mullahs, Islamists (Khatamists), and Anti-Iranian whores and call them ‘political prisoner’, ‘reformist’, or ‘intellect’ ! The Lefty-CIA media like the Huffington Post,, etc praise Mullahs and the US-Mullah Tango, and pretend that Republicans and War-lovers hate Islamists! It’s like what Chomsky says. But now, Hawkish senators and Republicans openly support Islamists !, and show that US Lefts and US Rights both love Islamists, because Islamists serve the West’s interests. Now, Obama, McCain. Graham, Chomsky, and the Jewish CIA support Islamists and say the same thing. They are the same shit, and just want to keep other countries weak”. Now, Americans put comments and say: “McCain and Graham are clumsy? Of course they are. We see that every day .. Why do McCain and Graham love Islamists so much?! .. More proof that USA and Muslim extremists are working hand in hand .. The Tea Party supports Islamists and terrorist organizations who stand against everything America ought to stand for [!]”. As the wise Iranians say: “Those who used to talk about ‘War on Terror’, openly defend ‘Terror’ ! They just make people aware. Now Egyptians, and even Americans, have started to repeat what the Iranian people say. We Hope Americans will not remain ignorant/ stupid”.


“The US regime and US officials openly defend Islamists and all anti-Democracy groups, and it’s among the most important scandals in history. It’s America’s Great Shame. It proves that the US is the Great Evil. Now, even the Westerners can see how the US supports Islamists and terrorists in Egypt, Syria, etc. But they don’t know why the US loves Islamists. They don’t know that Islamists keep their countries weak, backward, and dependent, and that’s why the West loves Islamists. U.S. Sheeple don’t know why Iranians and others say: ‘Islamists are puppets of the US’, ‘Mullahs are puppets of the UK/ US’, ‘US-backed Islamists killed Iranians in 2009’ or ‘US-backed Islamists are killing innocent people in Syria, Egypt, etc”, the wise Iranians say. The current American-Islamic Farce is very important and informative. Now, the wise Iranians laugh and say: “Mullahs and the US are badly flirting with each other. But when the US cannot make a deal with Islamists in Egypt, how they can make a deal with Islamists (Mullahs) in Iran! Many Egyptians (40% to 50%) are still Islamists or like Islamists. But most Iranians (more than 90%) hate all Islamists and Mullahs. So, when even in Egypt, the US is a big loser and most people hate the US, the fate of the current US-Mullah love affairs is clear. As many Iranians say: the US-Mullah farces just create more anti-American sentiments in Iran and the world. The US is in deep shit. The US is a big loser; and it’s the fate of those who betray Freedom & Democracy “. In these days, even Americans write about “US corrupt destructive foreign policies”. For instance, they write: “In May [2013], the Obama administration blessed Islamist repression when Secretary of State John Kerry quietly released this years $1.5 billion in military aid .. [But now, the US regime] tries to suspend US Aid to Egypt! Why do we aid Islamists?!”. As the wise Iranians say: “People’s comments show that many hate McCain-Graham, and these two clowns have shocked many people. Americans didn’t know why Iranians/ Egyptians said: ‘Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood leaders work for the US/ CIA’, ‘Islamists and Terrorists serve the US interests’, etc. Americans thought what our people say is Conspiracy Theory! But now the Republicans openly support Islamists, and Americans are shocked. But if they open their eyes, they can see how the US helps Salafis, Wahhabis, Al-Qaede, Taliban, Marxist-Islamist terrorists, and the worst of the worst in Syria, Egypt, etc. Now, even kids can see why and how the US and the West love and support dictators, Islamists, and Mullahs, who just serve the West’s interests”. In this year, not only the US-Mullah Farce and the 2013 Mullah Show, but even the story of Egypt, Syria, etc can make people aware. In August 2013, people put comments and say good things: “US and UK just want to destroy Syria and Egypt, and that’s why they support both dictators and terrorists .. Obama is a wolf in apes clothing, and Graham/ Netanyaho is a wolf in wolfs clothing .. US tactics are ‘Wag the Dog tactics’! US Senators are in a country where they closed their embassy due to terrorist threats ! But what are US Senators doing in that country? They are supporting Terrorists/ Islamists ! .. Wow, US openly supports Islamists and Terrorists! .. Who is behind the Islamists and the Mullah regime? UK and USA .. Americans are Terrorists. They openly support all Terrorists .. US War on Terror = War on Democracy .. US supports Terrorism and hates Democracy .. Americans, Democrats and Republicans, are Terrorists and support Islamists, Marxists (MEK), Jewish terrorist, etc .. the story of McCain, Graham and Islamists reminds us of the story of British Mullahs .. American Revolution or US constitution was a coup overthrowing our English governments! .. Ordinary people, even in Egypt, are becoming aware and repeating what Iranians say”. I hope the good guys in the US and the West can think more about the 2013 facts.

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