Anti-Iran Mullahs & United States of Anti-Democracy

“In these days, if you want to know the Backward West, you can take a look at the story of British Queen, Royal Baby, Western Tyranny, US Whistleblowers, Snowden, Manning, Spying scandals, Racist Australia, and many other shameful events in the West. Now, the media report: ‘Bradley Manning, the US whistleblower behind the WikiLeaks disclosures of [US Crimes against Humanity], is on trial for Aiding the Enemy [!] and Transmission of US state secrets to WikiLeaks, that carrying a sentence of 100+ years in jail’. It’s unbelievable! But the story of WikiLeaks- Manning is just a small part of the tragedy of US Tyranny”, some wise Iranians say. In this year, many can see the true face of the United States of Anti-Democracy. As some wise guys, Americans and Iranians, say: “Bradley Manning should be treated as a hero, or a defender of the so-called American principles. According to dictionaries: ‘Whistleblower = someone who tells people about dishonest or illegal practices at the place where they work‘. So, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are Whistleblowers. In the past, whistleblowers were heroes in the US. But in today’s America, whistleblowers/ truth-tellers are traitors, but Crooks, Liars, Whores, Killers, Terrorists, Rapists, etc are heroes!”. The story of America is informative. As the wise Iranians say: “In 2009, when the US regime and the CIA defended Mullahs and aided Islamists in killing/ suppressing Iran’s people, many were silent. In 2011, when the US hurt Iranians, but helped Islamists in Egypt, many were silent. In 2012, when the US praised Anti-Iran Racism, and defended the notorious anti-Democracy groups, many were silent. In these years, the US regime supports Anti-Iran Islamists, Monarchists, Terrorists, Racists, etc but Americans are silent. The US even defends a tiny group (MEK) that is Islamist, Marxist and Terrorist ! (ie the worst of the worst)”. They also add: “The US regime and the US pigs like Chomsky kill Freedom, Democracy, and Humans in Iran and the world, but Americans are silent. So, when the US regime violates basic rights and basic freedoms in the US, Americans deserve it. Those who don’t care about Iranians or the pain and suffering caused by the US pigs, are not humans. They deserve what they get. The current crises in the US and the EU is just a beginning. Americans and Europeans pay the price of their crimes in 2009 and past years“. Unfortunately, many live like sheep. Some wrote for us: “You don’t realize just how much support there is amongst people in the west for Iranians”. We know that many Westerners are not bad guys. But Westerners should ask themselves: Iranians don’t see our support, but why? Is our invisible Support like our fake glories, our fake democracy, our nonexistent Honors, etc?!’ Their support is not visible to Iranians, maybe because: ‘(1)The West’s media/ search engines censor their voices. In this case, they should protest against such horrible censorship in the West. But why are they silent and say/ know nothing about such Censorship in the West? (2)They tell big lies, and their nonexistent Support is like their nonexistent Honor!’ Some write to us: “Don’t demonize the West based on the nefarious actions of its leaders, any more than we should demonize Iranians based on your leaders [!]”. Unfortunately, many Westerners are so stupid and cannot see the big differences between Iran and the West. Iranians hate Mullahs, and strongly protest against them. In 2009, tens of thousands of Iranians were killed and tortured by Mullahs and with the help of the West. Iranians clearly showed and show that they hate Mullahs. But the Western people still defend their corrupt regimes and their corrupt politicians. They defend the anti-Iran Racism. They defend their leaders. The 2012 US Election revealed many things. How many Americans boycotted the US Election Farce and protested against pigs/ retards like Obama or Romney? We have already written about this issue, in “2012 US Election Tells the Truth about USA ” (check Archive). Westerners should stop acting like retards. They not only must apologize to Iranians for what the West does/ says about Iranians, but they should accept this fact that the West is the Great Evil. They should accept that many Westerners are so stupid, and many Iranians are wiser and more modern than Westerners. As the wise Iranians say: “The West is becoming a backward cesspool. How many Westerners know the 2009 coup, the Egyptian farces, the Chomsky- Obama’s crimes, etc? How many Westerners protest against the West’s anti-Iran Racism and the US-Islamists love affairs? How many people/ NGOs in the US and the West support Snowden’s rights and rally to defend Snowden’s basic rights?!”. In these days, the media report: “Lon Snowden, Edward Snowden’s father, says he has lost faith in the US justice department and his son needs a safe haven. Lon Snowden says his son is now better off staying in Russia. He says Russia is probably the best place to seek asylum because it’s most likely to withstand US pressure” ! (July 2013). As the wise Iranians say: “When the USSR becomes a safe haven for US whistleblowers, and when US truth-tellers are forced to flee from USSA to USSR, it’s clear that America is nearing the End“. The American Tyranny is shameful, but how many Americans protest against it ? As the media report: “Lon Snowden says FBI asked him to fly to Moscow. FBI agents spoke to him for 4hours, and he shared emails he had exchanged with his son [!] .. Snowden’s father says: If he comes back to the US, he is going to be treated horribly. He is going to be thrown into a hole. He is not going to be allowed to speak” ! (July 2013). As the wise Iranians say: “It’s shameful that the US is turning into such backward cesspool. Now, their media say: ‘US Congress defends NSA Programs’ ! US Congress is Fascist; its members are thieves, terrorists, racists, and fascists. They openly defend the anti-Iran Racism and the anti-Democracy groups, while Americans are silent. Of course the US Fascists not only defend the anti-Iran Racism, but they defend the Orwellian Spying and the American Tyranny!. They hurt Americans; and those Sheeple who don’t care about Iranians and others, pay the price of their sheepish life. US Sheeple deserve Obama and Tyranny”.


“People like Bradley Manning, Aaron Swartz, or Edward Snowden are messengers who tell the truth about the Fascist America. But the US regime and the US media just Shoot the Messengers! The US is turning into a backward/ third world country”, many say in these days. As we said before, one day (before the 2009 coup) most Iranians were pro-American. They cared about America, and the wise Iranians said: “People like Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine had many problems/ weak points. But they talked about ‘Independence’, Freedom, Democracy, and wrote about ‘The Rights of Man’. So, we can ignore their mistakes/ crimes”. But now, the wise Iranians say: “America has become an Orwellian cesspool like the UK”. They also add: “Australia is a third-world country and a backward cesspool. Australia, or Canada, was/ is a slave of the UK. But America was different. Australia was/ is a big Shithole. Yah, many Australians are good guys. But most Australians are still racists/ bad guys. Just look at what they say/ do in this year. Australia has a shameful history. Who were the founding fathers of Australia? Criminals, Killers, Thieves and Rapists. Australia’s history is the history of Genocide, Racism, and great crimes against Humanity. Australia was a British Cesspool. But America was different. The American Revolution against the British pigs, or US wars against the British Evil Empire, is not a myth. Americans fought against the UK. Most Australians or Canadians were savages/ retards, who defended British Tyranny and British Barbarism. But Americans hated British Monarchy/ British Tyranny, and fought against it. And that’s why Iranians cared about the US. America is not Australia or Canada. America had many problems, but it was not a backward shithole like Australia. America wasn’t like Canada, that just licks UK ass and praises UK Monarchy. Americans fought against ‘British Tyranny and British Imperialism’. But what has happened to that USA? Now, the US regime openly defends Tyranny, Monarchists, Islamists, Terrorists, Jewish Nazis, etc. The US Civil War was the first war against Slavery (Racism) in the uncultured West. But now, the US openly praises Racism, and attacks Freedom, Democracy, and Basic Rights! It’s shameful the US is following the Barbarian UK”. As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, the American Nazis like Lindsey Graham (R-SC) openly praise Nazism and lick the ass of the Jewish Nazi. Now, this American faggot, Lindsey Graham, talks about ‘his plans for the use of military force in Iran in two months’ ! (July 2013). But Iranians know that the US faggots, aka the US Nazi, don’t have the balls! Iranians know that the US pigs just play ‘the Good Cop, the Bad Cop’ game, and just want to make a deal with Mullahs. Iranians know that the US is bankrupt. Now, even the Sick Pigs like Gary Sick say: ‘its abundantly clear that Is-r-aels threats [US threats] are empty’. The US is in deep shit, and eating more shits and Waging War is equal to the End of America. The US pigs bluff and think all people are as stupid as Americans! But Iranians know why they just bark, and don’t have the balls. The old Iranians said: A dog that barks a lot, doesn’t bite ! [or doesn’t have the balls to bite!]”. In these days, the US-Mullah love affair is laughable. As the people media report: ‘Appointing Zarif as Mullah FM is like appointing Kerry and Hagel. Now, the Big Brother’s media say: ‘ Khamenei’s new Foreign Minister Seen as Olive Branch to US !’ (Reuters, July 2013). They also add: ‘Mullahs could hardly do better than to select Javad Zarif as their new FM [!] .. Zarif has been at the center of several secret negotiations between Mullahs and USA [!] .. Zarif’s Washington contact book includes Joe Biden, Chuck Hagel, US national security officials [Gary Sick, Brzizenski, Chomsky, Jewish CIA, etc]! .. Zarif’s appointment is a strong gesture of positive intent toward the US [!] .. a diplomat who was involved in the back-channel talks [!], confirms that Khamenei had given the green light for negotiations to go ahead’ ! (July 2013). Now, Iranians laugh at Mullahs and say interesting things. For instance, they say: ‘ Zarif’s appointment is like or worse than appointing Hooshang Amir-Ahmadi, the notorious CIA agent, as Mullah FM or Mullah President ! .. Mullahs change their slogans to: ‘Ey Rahbar-e Bi-Khayeh, Amadeim, Amadeh! [Hey, the Spineless Leader, we are ready!] and ‘Ey Rahbar-e Va-Dadeh, Amadeim, Amadeh ! [Hey, Stupid Leader, the Coward, we are ready!] .. Mullahs stupidly try to prove: Islamic regime is nothing but a puppet regime .. They still think that the UK, the CIA, and Foreigners can save their bankrupt regime! The fate of Mullahs is worse than the fate of Shah (Pahlavi), Mubarak, Bin Ali, Saddam, etc”.


“Iranians know the UK and British Mullahs. Iranians know why Mullahs and the West help each other. Iranians know why and how Khamenei appointed this British Rouhani or that Jewish Spy (AN). Iranians know there was no Election. Iranians know who help Mullahs, and who is behind the 2009 coup or the 2013 show. Who can forget what the UK, the US, and the Anti-Iran West did and do?”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Rouhani’s cabinet is a bad farce. British Mullahs (ie Khamenei, Rouhani, Janati, Larijani, etc) appoint a spy or a puppet of America (Zarif) as their FM!, but at the same time, they appoint a British-Basiji faggot (Janati’s son), who is known as the son of Bin Laden ! or Islamist Extremist, as their Minister of Culture, Arts, Press, Cinema etc! Such appointments just confirm that the Mullah regime is a puppet regime. Mullah just listen to the UK advice, and their motto is: Hurting Iranians, Destroying Iran, Licking the West’s Ass, and Serving the West’s interests “. We already wrote about the story of “Onions & Sticks”, and what would happen if Mullahs just care about Foreign Advice and Foreign Support (check Archive for “Mullahcracy and Illusion of Democracy in America”). As we said before, If Mullahs were not big idiots, they would give concessions to the Iranian people, not the West (ie the Enemy). But now, as many Iranians say: “Rouhani’s cabinet reveals the British-Mullah plan: Tyranny for Iran, Concessions for the West! But Iranians never let this happen. Mullahs just eat Onions & Sticks (Choob & Piaz)”. Now, many say: “The Islamic regime is a puppet, anti-Iran regime. Mullahs have 2 goals: (1) Oppressing Iranians (2) Making Deal with the US. But is the US able to openly make love/ deal with a bankrupt regime that the world and Iranians know it and hate it?! never; Do Iranians, or even Islamists, accept such deals?! never”. As some wise Iranians say: “Spies and stooges praise the US-Mullah love affair. The Jewish CIA says: ‘In Washington, we and [Mullah Mafia (NIAC/ AIC)] have worked with Zarif !’ (July 2013). The anti-Iran Mullahs like Asgaroladi -who has Jewish roots- write love letter to Obama. But only people and their will/ awareness are important. Now, Iranians say: ‘Do you know who defend the Mullah regime? The Jewish CIA, people like Gary Sick and Brzizenski, or CIA agents like the Leveretts who have worked for the CIA and the AIPAC (Isr-aeli Lobby) for more than 20 years!’ Now, people say: ‘Rouhani and his cabinet (from his FM to his Oil Minister) show that the Mullah regime is a puppet regime, and Mullahs love the Cup of Shit (Righ-e Rahmat)’. What people say/ want is so important”. As some Iranians say: “Mullahs think ‘Foreign Support’ can save their bankrupt regime. But now, even the Jewish CIA say: ‘The West interprets Rouhanis selection as evidence of Mullah weakness and obeying the West’s orders’ ! (July 2013)”. Idiots think that Iranians don’t know their national interests! But as many say: “Iranians hate Mullahs, not Iran! Iranians know their enemies and their interests. Iranians know that [the Jewish CIA, the UK spies, the US stooges, etc] just serve the West’s evil interests, not Iran’s interests! Iranians know that Freedom, Democracy, Independence, Nuclear weapons, etc are good/ necessary for their national interests/ national security. Iranians know that Tyranny, Monarchy, Islamic Regime, Puppet regimes, Mullahs, Islamists, Spies, etc are so bad for their national interests/ national security”. But as some Iranians say: “The so-called activists/ journalists in exile just help Iran’s enemies -from Mullahs, Arabs, and the Jewish CIA to the UK and the anti-Iran West. But people know who is behind these whores and the anti-Iran media like VOA, BBC, Manoto, Gooya, RoozOnline, Balatarin, etc”. They also add: “The US regime is like the Mullah regime. The US regime says MEK (ie Marxist-Islamist terrorists) has many supporters! But now, even their media talk about ‘A Kyrgyz student, Alina Alymkulova, who recounts how she was recruited to travel from Prague to Paris to attend a rally for MEK’ (June 2013). As the Kyrgyz student says: ‘I was in Prague checking news on social media when an advertisement caught my eye. It offered a weekend trip to Paris. The price was amazingly cheap -roundtrip, bed and breakfast at a 4-star hotel would cost me only 35 euros ($45). I wrote to the trip organizer. S/he explained that I would have to take part in a rally in Paris for a few hours, chant a few slogans in Persian [!], and wave flags .. I arrived at a bus station in Prague .. there were 8 buses waiting to take us to Paris. Most ‘protesters’ were young and non-Iranian like me! I met many Russians, Ukrainians, Czechs, and students from other countries who were all recruited via the Internet. [What these protests!] think about the purpose of our trip: ‘To meet handsome Frenchmen/ hot women; who cares about Iranians’ .. We arrive in Paris. We have the whole day to see the city. I met a German student. He is sure we are going to attend a rally for Iraq! .. There are flags hanging everywhere. The name ‘Rajavi’ is written on the flags .. strange music is playing. All participants are given coupons for a free drink [Sandis] and sandwich !. We ate and drank and then joined the rally! .. All participants are non-Iranians .. Near the exit doors, organizers were distributing salmon sandwiches and kebabs .. A saying comes to my mind: Only a mousetrap has free cheese’ ! (June 2013). The West helps this MEK! How Shameless is the West?!”. The US Retards not only support Terrorists, Monarchists, Islamists, Jewish Nazis, etc but they even put comments and say: “If Snowden had any real ethics he would not have left the US. If Snowden was a principled leaker, he would have accepted 136 years in prison[!] .. NSA should spy on people. Long live government .. Our freedom of the press should be curtailed .. Manning should go to prison; he was given a job that he royally screwed up; there are consequences .. Snowden should go to prison” (July 2013). The Western Retards say: “Iran is a backward country, because Iran’s regime is a backward regime”! But as the wise Iranians say: “According to their logic: ‘USA, UK, Australia, etc are backward countries, because of their backward/ racist/ corrupt/ anti-democracy regimes’. The West is really stupid. Most Iranians are modern people. They hate the Mullah regime and don’t defend the Islamic regime. But the US has an anti-Democracy regime, and most Americans live like sheep and defend the US regime. Now, it’s the US that is a backward country .. Australia is a third-world country, because most Australians are racists and defend their racist, corrupt regime .. The Westerners even don’t know their media, their politicians, or their pseudo intellects like Chomsky. Both the Western regimes and the Western Sheeple show that the West is turning into a backward cesspool”. Think about it. I hope the good guys in the US and the West don’t remain silent and inactive. Their silence, indifference, or ignorance just help their bad guys.

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