The American Stalinism

August 27, 2013

“In the 1910s, people lived with the British Evil Empire, the World War, the great famines, and many other disasters like the stupid Revolutions (1917 Tragedy in USSR, etc). But in the 2010s, many things have changed. Now the USSR and the UK Empire don’t exist, but now the US is following the USSR and the Barbarian UK! Now the US regime plays ‘Wag the Dog’, and tries to hide US Stalinists scandals”, some Iranians say. In 2012, we wrote about Religious Fascism in America. But in this year (2013), as the wise Iranians say: “the US tries to break all world records for Wickedness. Now the US openly supports Islamists, Marxists (MEK), and all evil forces. Now even Americans talk about ‘Stalinist tactics to Silence critics in USA’. Now everything is possible in USA!”. They also add: “Stalinism and Fascism are much similar in their methods and practices. But ‘Fascism is associated with Hitler’s brutal dictatorship and other fascist regimes in Europe’, while ‘Stalinism is associated with Stalin’s brutal dictatorship in USSR’. Those Americans who refer to USA as USSA, actually say: ‘USA is like USSR’ or ‘USA suffers from Stalinism’. But Sheeple live in a pure fantasy world, and close their minds to the outside world”. Unfortunately, there is a large number of Sheeple. But in this website, we (authors) don’t write for Sheeple or idiots, but we write for the present and future generations of good guys. In this year (2013), non-Westerners are becoming disillusioned with the US and the West, but as the wise Iranians say: “Westerners still defend their corrupt regimes or deny their main problems. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that most Americans are so stupid. Their wise guys are now trying to inform their people of ‘Why Tyranny is a bad thing’ ! and it says a lot about American IQ & American Foolishness”. In this year, many historic scandals like the stories of Swartz, Snowden, Manning, Miranda, Lavabit, etc show that the US is suffering from Stalinism. According to dictionaries ‘Stalinism = Methods used by Stalin. The main features of Stalinism are tyranny, and [evil deeds] were used to silence critics and to prevent any opposition’. A few Americans like James Cannon have already written about “American Stalinism”[1], and as the wise Iranians say: “It’s not important that they said many stupid things, and/or were Marxists. But it’s important that what they said about Stalinism is exactly like what you can see in today’s USA!”. I recommend that you read about Stalinism, or glance at Cannon’s work[1], and think about it. “Stalinism manifests itself in a police state and a terrorist apparatus”[1]. “The illusions of the masses as to the real nature of Stalinism are nourished and kept alive by the Stalinist propaganda machines with their perfected technique of demagogy and mass deception” [1]. And it’s exactly like what you can see in today’s America. “American Stalinists have endorsed and defended all the crimes and betrayals of [bad guys], and therefore fully share the guilt for them. The apologist and defender of [bad guys] is himself a [bad guy]” [1] And now the US regime and US intellectuals work as the apologists and defenders of dictators, Islamists, terrorists, etc. Even in the 1940s, Cannon knew Chomskyists!, and said: “[In USA], the Stalinists and the anti-Stalinists serve the same master in different ways”[1] He also added: “the greatest power of Stalinism derives from the illusion in the minds of [people] ” [1] As the wise Iranians say: “the greatest power of all dictators/ bad guys derives from the illusion in the minds of people. If people can see ‘King is Naked’, and if Americans can see the US is on the wrong side of history and the US regime is using Stalinist tactics, then many things will change. But when ‘despite all the crimes and betrayals of the US regime’, Americans still defend their regime, then the fate of the US is like the fate of the USSR. Only some Americans say:’ Obama’s USA is a Cross Between Stalinist USSR and Nazi Germany .. If Uncle Barack is not stopped, we will be in a new USSR!’. But most Americans are stupid. They don’t know ‘the record of Obama’s America is indeed a record of crimes and betrayals’. They even don’t know that the Manning trail was like ‘the Show trials in Stalins USSR’. Those Americans who say: ‘Manning’s apology reminds us of Stalin’s show trials’, are among the 1% of Americans, who know the world and history. As they say: ‘[in the best care] only 10% of Americans (30 millions) are not [so stupid]’. But 10% is very small, isn’t it?!”. Some Americans talk about “Obama, Stalin and Hitler” and say good things like: the Manning trial puts Stalin to shame .. the entire trial was a farce .. the purposes of such show trials and [Stalinist tactics] are to make the public quail in terror before the power of the state .. the Manning show trial is a declaration of war on all critics of the US Gov .. History will never forget the unforgivable crimes of Obama. History will never forget [the 2009 coup, the Anti-Iran Racism,] the indefinite detention, the show trials, the murder of innocent people, Obamas nonexistent humanity, the Orwellian spying, the crushing critics, the brainwashing citizens, [the open support of Islamists, Terrorists, Marxists] etc”. But it’s not the whole story.


Today’s West is really turning into a backward society. Even the so-called public intellectuals in the West just work as the apologists and defenders of brutal dictators, Islamists, and corrupt regimes. It’s so shameful. As the wise Iranians say: “Most Americans are ignorant, and don’t know that ‘the US and the UK officially declaring war not only on whistleblowers, but on journalism‘, as some Americans say. Now the US and the UK say journalists are terrorists, and whistleblowers are traitors! But how many Westerners rally to protest against such Tyranny in the West?! [..] Westerners are so ignorant. They don’t know what George Orwell said about the UK and the British Tyranny is not a myth, and the UK is a stupid police state. They don’t know that Britain is the Land of the Barbarians, Bastards, and Big Lairs. They don’t know how the British Barbarians helped and still help Mullahs, Marxists, Monarchists, and all evil forces. They even don’t know why ‘Persecuting whistleblowers & journalists who report crimes the government is trying to hide, is nothing but Tyranny’. In today’s West, most people are ignorant, and almost all public figures are fake heroes. Chomsky is a political prostitute, and even journalists like Glenn Greenwald are stupid and defend Leverett, spies, etc [..] Fascism and Stalinism need such conditions to rise up again”. They also add: “Miranda scandal is so shameful, but Greenwald has serious weak points like defending bad guys. We all should ask: why almost all public figures in America and Britain should have serious weak points?! Why the wise guys or normal people, who condemn all bad guys, are systematically censored or boycotted in the West ?!“. It’s a good point. In these days, the media reported: “Bradley Manning says: ‘I am Chelsea Manning’ ! After his [shameful apology], Manning [smeared himself] again. He issued a [stupid statement in improper time] and said: ‘I want everyone to know the real me. I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female. Given the way that I feel, and have felt since childhood, I want to begin hormone therapy [ASAP]. I request that you refer to me by my new name and use the feminine pronoun [!]” (22 August 2013) As the wise Iranians say: “In the US, many still say gays are faggots; and when a whistleblower obeys US Stalins, and then immediately says he is gay or female, it discredits all whistleblowers [..] In the US and the West, public figures, public intellectuals or journalists should be fake heroes, that means they should have serious weak points; they should be so stupid, and they should defend bad guys and bad things. Those who tell the truth, don’t sell their souls, and don’t defend bad guys are censored or boycotted. It’s one of the main Stalinist/ Orwellian tactics”. Unfortunately, most Americans are so naive, and remind you of this fact that “the mass influence of the Stalinists is not the result of police measures. In the main it is the product of the illusions of the masses, nourished and reinforced by the demagogy and deception of the Stalinist propaganda” [1]. As some wise Iranians say: “In July 2013, Richard Stallman -who is wiser than many Americans- said: ‘I don’t trust Obama. I trust Snowden (Manning)’ ! But after the Manning’s apology, Stallman wrote: ‘Manning should have stood firm in defending the moral legitimacy of [Whistle-blowing]. I don’t despise Manning for not being such a hero .. but I feel a great disappointment. I still admire the past Manning, but I can’t admire the present Manning. With a heavy heart, I no longer plan to celebrate Bradley Manning Day‘ (August 2013). ‘American Naivety’ is unbelievable, and just helps American Fascism/ Stalinism [..] the US regime acts like the Mullah regime and uses those Stalinist tactics that most Iranians know them well. But most Americans are so ignorant. They even don’t know the show trials. In the 1930’s Stalin began his elimination of all who opposed him. This was called the Great Purge. In the Moscow Trials of the Great Purge period, ie the first Show Trials, the old Bolshevik leaders -Kamenev, Zinoviev, Bukharin, etc-
apologized and said they hurt the USSR. Kamenev said at his trial: ‘I Kamenev, together with Zinoviev and Trotsky, organized and guided [plots]. My motives?.. We were actuated by hatred and by lust of power’! They all apologized and admitted their crimes in court just as Stalin wished. The old Bolsheviks agreed to say what Stalin wants on condition that their lives would be spared. But they all were executed, after saying what Stalin wanted. And now after his shameful apology, Manning sentenced to 35 years in prison. Manning is young and inexperienced. His alcoholic parents and then the US regime tortured/ bullied him”. They also add: “Many say Manning’s statements are forced confessions, because what Manning did was ‘Smearing himself’. It’s a known Stalinist tactic [..] Manning, Greenwald, etc are not heroes. We defend their basic rights, while many Americans call them gay, ‘fag traitor’, etc [..] we think the important thing is the Truth, not the US, Manning or Greenwald [..] What US & UK say/ do about journalists and their families is so shameful. In 1934, Stalin signed a decree that held the family of a prisoner as guilty as he was. And now US & UK use the same Stalinist tactics [..] Some say: ‘Why photographs of Manning dressed in make-up, wig, and womens clothing are published? Are fag whistleblowers the only ones with the balls to stand up to the regime?[!] They seek to make an example of Manning’. But many Americans defend the US regime and say: ‘Manning is a fag traitor/ gay faggot/ gay martyr ‘. There is no public protests against the Stalinist tactics in America, and it shows that the American Society is really a backward society”. Of course some Americans write about: “Manning conviction: A sick parody of justice”, “Totalitarianism at the Heart of the Obama Scandals”, “Are Bush and Obama Different from Hitler and Stalin?”, etc. Even some Americans say: “Move Over Stalin: Obama Takes The Gold” [2], and add: “[American Tyranny] has reached totalitarian levels that would make Stalin, Mao, and Hitler envious!”[2] But as many ask: “How many Americans are aware of ‘the Crimes and Betrayals of [the US Stalin (Obama)] and the US regime? How many Americans know that US foreign policy relies on propping up dictators, terrorists, Islamists and corrupt regimes? How many Americans know the world and history?”.


Some Americans say: “We know that our emails, internet posts, and online activity are being heavily monitored. We know that our phone call data is being collected, our snail-mail covers are being tracked, and the US government are tracking & storing our healthcare information [and] collecting & monitoring citizens personal financial accounts”[2]. But most Americans don’t protest against such Orwellian system! As some Americans truly say: “We surely face a greater tyranny from Washington today than the colonists faced under King George. What remains to be seen, is when Americans decide theyve had enough“[2]. It’s true. We all should wait and see when Americans decide theyve had enough Tyranny. But as the witty Iranians say: “the US openly supports Islamists, Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK) and all evil forces, but it’s not enough for Americans! The US regime aided Islamists in killing the Iranian people, but it’s not enough for Americans! Americans badly need a naked Tyranny and [Stalinism] in America”. They also add: “Americans are so stupid, but it doesn’t mean that they love Tyranny and want to be fucked up by a brutal dictator. They are still in denial phase. They still deny that Fascism, Stalinism, and Capitalism (Western Systems) are much similar in their methods and practices. But when it’s too late, they will stop denying!”. It’s obvious that the USSR’s Stalinism is different from the USA’s Stalinism, but as some Americans say: “the difference between Bush/Obama and Hitler/Stalin has narrowed alarmingly: aggressive wars, torture, show trials, renditions, abasement of rights, attacks on free speech, claims of executive privileges and powers, propaganda machinery, claims of the power to assassinate, waging wars, holding prisoners without trial, favoritism to particular interests, multiplication of arbitrary agencies & bureaucracies, a rising climate of fear, encouraging people to spy on one another, massive surveillance, messianic goals, etc. This list is no doubt incomplete” (, August 2013). As some wise Iranians say: “The mass deception of the Big Brother’s media is dreadful. They work with spies, political whores, and bad guys, who get money and tell big lies. The Big Brother’s media works with the CIA agents like Leverett and Ganji, who defend the 2009 coup and the Islamic dictators. Now Stalinist spies like Akbar Ganji openly praise Khamenei !, and the CNN & BBC praise these shits”. They also add: “The stupid CIA-Mullah agents like Ganji are not important at all. Islamist-Reformists and the so-called Journalists/ Activists in exile, that almost all of them are spies or bad guys, are not important at all. But it’s important that they openly defend bad guys, tell big lies, and censor many things. It’s important that the so-called Media in Exile gets money from the West, and censors the facts and news about Manning, Miranda, Snowden, and other shameful events in the US and the UK. It’s important that almost all Journalists/ Activists in exile are nothing but stupid stooges who lick the West’s ass and serve the same master (Big Brother Mafia). They all show us why the Khatami’s era was nothing but a total failure, why Iranians refer to Islamists/ journalists as whores, spies, etc and why Iranians should fight against the US and the UK, if they want Freedom and Democracy [..] Now even the taxi drivers in Iran say: ‘If US and UK wanted to bring the Islamic regime down, then instead of aiding Mullahs in killing/ suppressing the Iranian people in 2009, they would have supported the Iranian people and the anti-Mullah protests .. Khatamists are stupid traitors. Khamenei is really smarter than [Islamist pigs] like Khatami, Ganji, etc .. the West loves Islamists, and just wants to destroy Egypt, Syria, etc’. In fact, most Iranians know the West and fake heroes -from little whores like Ganji & Behnoud to big whores like Chomsky. But how many Americans know fake heroes?”. In these days some Americans say good things like: ‘Lindsey Graham isn’t US’s first openly gay Senator?! .. Graham defends Egypt’s Islamists and NSA Spying Programs! Everyone knows Graham is Faggot .. Graham [who defends Islamists and Anti-Iran Racism] is a terrorist faggot .. Graham shows that the US has become a nation ruled by greed and apathy .. Senator Graham is Gay, but Anti-LGBT!”. Now some Americans say: “On August 8th, the Guardian posted a fake ‘Exclusive’ letter from 55 [whores that the UK calls them] ‘political prisoners’ in Iran [!] The BBC soon followed. The Financial Times excitedly posted the fake letter. [But] Do prisoners in Iran use Wi-Fi to keep themselves informed about the outside world, and then decide to write a collective essay and send it to the Guardian ?!!“. But most Westerners still don’t know their media and their bad guys. As some wise Iranians say: “Most Iranians know that Khamenei is a British Mullah. Most Iranians know Islamists, whores, and spies like Khatamists who are puppets of the West. But most Americans don’t know their bad guys. Only some Americans truly say: ‘US Democracy has become a joke -and it’s not funny .. the first Stalin was [a tragedy], but our American Stalin is a bad joke”.


As some wise Iranians say: “if you google for ‘Obama and Stalin’, you can find many things. But most Westerners don’t know the crimes of the American Stalin. They know nothing about the 2009 coup or the US support of Islamists, terrorists, and dictators. They don’t know Stalinist tactics. They don’t know that the West raises ‘the Stalinist technique of falsifying, lying, and slandering’. They don’t know how the US and the UK tell big lies. They even don’t know the ‘Wag the Dog’ tactics. Now the US is playing Wag the Dog over Syria, but no one asks: Why in the middle of Manning-Miranda scandals, the US plays Wag the Dog over Syria?! The West’s media and journalists are bad jokes. In the middle of the Stalinist scandals, they talk about a restricted war in Syria! And it’s exactly like ‘Wag the Dog’ film. They want to divert public attention form the greatest scandals in US history . It’s one of the known Stalinist tactics. Now almost all media in the US, the UK, etc just talk about Syria, and say nothing about the Manning Show Trial and other historic scandals. They just tell big lies about Syria, and no one asks: Why the US and the West just tried to destroy Syria, and did nothing in the past 3 years?! Why America is supporting Al Queida in Syria?! Why the US is supporting Salafis (savage Islamists) in Syria?! Why the UK supports Assad & his British wife?! Why the US, the UK, and the Lefts help both the Syrian Dictator and the Syrian terrorists?!”. In Iran, most people know what the West is doing to Syria or Egypt and as they say: “the West supports Islamists and dictators, because the West wants to enslave other states. In Egypt and Syria, the Islamists and the Army are killing Democracy, and it’s what the West wants”. As some wise Iranians say: “The US lefts & rights both support evil forces. They both use Stalinist methods, and tell big lies. They both love War and Terrorism. Of course they know that any serious war will lead to the End of the United States. So, they just talk about a restricted war in Syria! They just want to divert attentions from the current scandals, including the US support of Islamists “. Recently even some Americans say: “US Fascism is a serious threat to world peace .. Obama trampled rights, destroyed privacy, heightened secrecy, ruined trust, and worst of all, betrayed so many of the fundamental principles on which this country is founded”. But as some wise Iranians say: “they don’t know that the West tries to hide historic facts. For instance, the West tried to hide this fact that ‘the 1953 coup was a Western-backed coup’. Of course they now confess that the 1953 coup is a Western-backed coup! But the 2009 coup is much more important than the 1953 coup. Perhaps in the 2070s, the West would confess: the 2009 coup is a CIA-UK-backed coup. But Iranians already know who created the 2009 coup. Iranians know why and how Islamists, Lefts, CIA, UK, etc created the 2009 coup. Iranians know the role of media, journalists, Marxists, and Islamists in 2009 and 1953. Now the CIA confesses to part of the truth, including ‘the US support of Marxists and media whores in 1953’ ! or ‘the UK support of Mullahs and Islamists in 1953’. But as our people say: ‘UK & US have always supported dictators, Islamists, and evil forces. [Now] they openly support Marxist terrorists (MEK), Monarchists, etc. In the recent years, UK and CIA openly support Islamists and show us who is behind the Mullah regime”. As the wise Iranians say: “The first Orwellian country and the first Big Brother state in the world is Britain. Even before the USSR, the UK used Orwellian tactics. [the US already fought against the UK]. But now, the US is following the UK! it’s shameful”. In these days, many say good things like: “the modern people don’t need heroes. All good guys are heroes .. We care about whistleblowers and defend [their basic rights], but not their stupidities .. We just defend what is good and decent .. Americans should stop being so naive. They need an ethical code like this: ‘Help those who say and do good things, but don’t trust them’ .. Trust is a very complicated issue .. It’s too naive to trust politicians, media, or public figures .. Naivety just helps bad guys .. The US is on the Wrong Side of History .. For more on [Stalinism] read George Orwells 1984, or the Big Brother’s media like the Guardian”. As Cannon said: “Can [people] still believe in Stalinism? Are there any illusions left? The known reaction of [people] would give us the answer. The very fact that the terror, instead of mitigating, grows worse from year to year, with the police apparatus swelling to ever more monstrous proportions-
all this testifies not to the strength of the Stalinist regime, but to its weakness, to its isolation and lack of mass support. The Stalinist regime isolated from [people] and ruling by terror alone, is weakest at the moment when it appears to be most secure” [1]. Think about it.

For more Information:

[1] American Stalinism and Anti-Stalinism , by James P. Cannon, 1947
[2] Move Over Stalin: Obama Takes The Gold , 2013

1984, US version: American Fascism, US Stalinism

August 21, 2013

“The US regime is acting like the worst regimes in history. Now the US regime forces whistleblowers, dissidents, email providers, journalists, etc to apologize for ‘committing crimes against the American people’! It’s exactly like what Stalin, Fascists, and brutal dictators did and do. US Stalinist show trials (like Bradley Manning trial), the story of Snowden and many other shameful events just reveal ‘the End of American Democracy‘ and ‘the Rise of American Fascism“, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “The US is attacking Freedom, Democracy, and Basic Rights, and showing that the US has become a police state. But most Americans still live like sheep, and don’t care about what the US regime is doing inside and outside America. They even don’t care about their own freedom and privacy! US Sheeple just aid their leaders in creating Fascism”. In these days, many things are so shameful. For instance, as the people’s media reports: “The US regime has forced, one of the alternative Email providers, to shut down. The US regime says Lavabit and all email providers have 2 options: Join the NSA Spying Program or Die! The USA is really like the USSR. In his statement, Ladar Levison who is Owner and Operator of Lavabit, says: ‘I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people [!!] or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit .. I wish that I could legally share with you the events that led to my decision. I cannot [!!] I feel you deserve to know whats going on [!] the first amendment is supposed to guarantee me the freedom to speak out in situations like this [!] Unfortunately, Congress has passed laws that say otherwise[!] .. I cannot share my experiences over the last six weeks, even though I have twice made the appropriate requests .. This experience has taught me one very important lesson: … I would strongly recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the US [!!]‘ [1][2][3]”. This statement is so important. It doesn’t sound like a message coming from a citizen of a free country. As the wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the US regime, the American society, or the American Fascism, you should think about such statements. Accusations like ‘to become complicit in crimes against people‘ is what the worst regimes in history said and say to dissidents and critics. But most Americans know nothing about this issue. Recently, the media published ‘Bradley Manning statement’, and reported: ‘Manning took the stand at the sentencing part of his trial and pleaded for mercy! Bradley Manning is facing a jail sentence of 100 years. But on an attempt to receive a reduced sentence, he apologized and begged forgiveness. Looking nervous, he turned to the martial judge and said: ‘I want to start off with an apology. I am sorry that my actions hurt people [!!]’‘. [Fascist US hopes] this apology will disappoint Manning’s supporters. Manning statement [finished with these words]: ‘I have flaws and issues that I have to deal with, but I know that I can and will be a better person. I hope that you can give me the opportunity to prove, not through words, but through conduct, that I am a good person and that I can return to productive place in society. Thank you, Your Honor’. (14 August 2013)”. Manning trial is really shameful. As many say: “Manning hurt people?! Manning’s actions just hurt USSA & US Stalin! .. Manning didn’t hurt anyone but politicians .. In USSA, you should apologize for telling the truth! .. Manning trial was like a Stalinist show trial .. Mannings apology was extracted by force .. These American-Stalinist show trials and NSA Orwellian programs just prove that the US is a Big Brother state”.


“The story of Snowden is the greatest scandal in US history, and shows that today’s USA is a police state. In [August 2013], many events [need more attention]. For instance, Tor Mail, a secure email provider for users of Tor network, was shut down. FBI raids and took down Tor Mail! A few days later, secure email provider Lavabit, which had provided US whistleblower with an email address, was shut down! And after Lavabit, another secure email provider Silent Circle was shut down ahead of receiving data requests from the US government! Do you know what it means?! The US has lost its mind, and suffers from ‘Mad Cow Disease’. They say those who don’t obey the Big Brother, should be suppressed. The US says ‘Big Brother’ loves people, but ‘Truth-tellers’ hurts people!”, the wise Iranians say. In these days, the media reported: “Greenwald’s partner, David Miranda, was being detained under the Terrorism Act. The US and the UK [openly] try to bully journalists and their families”. As the people’s media reports: “Like Stalin and KGB, the US and the UK say journalists are traitors or terrorists! The US and the UK are sending a message of intimidation to all journalists. Miranda said the UK had pandered to the US in intimidating him. ‘They were threatening me all the time and saying I would be put in jail if I didn’t co-operate’, Miranda said. The UK government has threatened newspapers to destroy Snowden’s documents, and now the British newspapers say computers containing files from Snowden are physically destroyed !”. Many know the Orwellian UK, but the important point is that, as the wise Iranians say: “the US has become a Big Brother state, while most Americans still defend the US regime or US lefts! Americans are the stupidest people in the world. They still defend their bad guys, and dig their own grave. America needs public awareness, and if Americans remain stupid, America would turn into the worst fascist state in history. The number of wise Americans is very small. In the US, the wise guys are censored, and whores like Chomsky are heroes. But do you know who are making Americans aware? The US fascists, who are big idiots! Now, the American Fascists (in Congress, White House, etc) openly defend Islamists, terrorists, dictators, Orwellian acts, etc and openly attack Basic Rights and Basic Freedoms!”. In these days, some Americans say good things: “We have a fascist government; they even didn’t allow Lavabit to tell us what happened! .. At least Lavabit’s users get a taste of [US Fascism]! .. Goodbye Freedom & Democracy. Hello the US Evil Empire .. Welcome to Nazi America .. Pick any hundred random Americans off the street, you’ll be lucky to find even one of them who knows who Snowden is .. Americans are the stupidest people on Earth; many refer to Snowden as ‘that terrorist traitor Russian guy’!”. In these days, many Iranians say good things: ‘the US regime is like the Mullah regime?! .. Sending an email is like giving a letter to the Post Office. You expect the Post Office to deliver the letter based on the address written on the envelope. But US mail carriers open your letter, read it, and make copies of it ! .. USA is economically & intellectually bankrupt; the majority of Americans are so ignorant; So, it’s a good time to restore Fascism in the West .. USA has become the Land of the Sheeple and Pseudo Intellects. Where are their good guys? why are the wise Americans silent? why are the good Americans ignorant? .. Educated Americans still praise idiots like Chomsky, and still know nothing about the main problems .. Americans seem like big idiots, who are too stupid to understand the main problems .. US officials openly help Islamists, but most Americans still deny the truth! .. Americans are stupid sheeple. They deserve what they get .. those sheeple who hurt other nations and don’t care about the human pain, deserve fascism and all what they get .. Americanism is a form of Fascism! America openly helps Islamists/ terrorists, and openly violates basic rights .. all good guys should fight against the US”.


“The strange story of Lavabit” [5] has shocked many Americans. They are shocked to hear that ‘[Lavabit’s owner] is not allowed to even tell people what happened’. As many say: “Yahoo/ Gmail alternatives are now being forced to shut down! It’s big news inside the online community. It shows that the US is a Big Brother state”. As the wise Iranians say: “The US media often say China, Russia, etc censor or bully dissidents. But now America censors dissidents and bullies email providers, dissidents and truth-tellers into saying their actions hurt people! The US regime is like the worst regimes in history, which didn’t allow their citizens to speak freely, and said: ‘it hurts people’ or ‘it hurts national security’. Now even the FOX news says: ‘This is exactly what as Americans were not supposed to have to do -worry about breaking laws when were talking to the press’ (9 August 2013)”. In these days, Levison says: ‘If You Knew What I Know About Email, You Might Not Use It‘[3] and Phil Zimmermann, one of Silent Circles founders and the guy who created the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), says: ‘I dont use e-mail (& PGP tools) that much anymore’ ![6] He also adds: “There are far too many leaks of information and metadata in E-mail protocols. E-mail as we know it with SMTP, POP3, and IMAP cannot be secure”. But as some wise Iranians say: “Zimmermann [acts like] a businessman and just talks about his own Silent Circle, while people like him should try to create new protocols, new designs, new alternatives, etc. The experts say: ‘Theres no Secure E-Mail. Even if the messages were encrypted, the governments are able to crack them once it got the messages’. But the experts should try to create new ideas for secure messaging. Many say: ‘Lavabit Shuts Down Rather than Join NSA Spy Network’. But they don’t ask why other email providers join NSA Spy Network! They even don’t ask people to boycott these email providers. It’s shameful”. They also add: “the media reports: ‘the US systematically and intentionally reads your private messages containing information you don’t want anyone to know’. They even say: ‘Gmail Users Shouldn’t Expect Privacy, Google Says In Filing’ (NPR, 14 August 2013) They also add: ‘Google says: email users cannot be surprised if their emails are processed by [snoopers] in the course of delivery .. Gmail, that has 400 million users, says anyone sending an email is essentially giving their implied consent to [spying]!’. But most Americans still live like sheep and don’t protest against US Orwellian system. They even don’t stop using the Orwellian email services or social networks”. In Iran and the world many people used alternative Email providers like Lavabit. And now they ask: What Alternatives are left? As some experts say: “We all need new alternatives. The old alternatives like Hushmail cooperate with Canadian and US regimes and has been caught controversially handing over user data”. As Phil Zimmermann says: ‘Our mail server is in Canada. But the US can approach the Canadian judicial system and ask for them to cooperate, and the Canadians might choose to cooperate’! [6] Now many say: “It’s the End of Mail Privacy. It’s the End of Privacy and Freedom in America”. But the Internet is a double-edged sword. It can be a tool for mass surveillance, and it can be a tool for direct democracy and getting rid of politicians. And it’s important to note that the American Fascism or what the US regime says and does is a double-edged tyranny. We would write more about this issue later. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now the US regime says whistleblowers and truth-tellers are traitors! Now the US is spying on people, and reminding them of ‘1984’, but it’s a double-edged attack on people. They are spying on people and creating an Orwellian society, but at the same time, they are revealing their true colors and making all people aware . So, they are actually digging their own graves. Now even Americans laugh at the US regime and say: ‘Those who betray the US are its leaders who have ignored their oath to defend the Constitution'”.


“In interviews with CNET and Forbes, Ladar Levison, 32, spoke about Lavabit and how the US government [acts like fascist regimes]. Levison can’t talk for legal reasons about [what has happened]”! [2][3] But he says: “I built Lavabit in a reaction to the Patriot Act. I didn’t want to be in a position to turn [user data] over without judicial review .. the US government tried to bully me .. People have the right to know what their government is doing … [But] I can’t tell you what [the US government is doing] ! .. [Here in the US, we have secret laws] .. Just the idea of secret laws bothers me tremendously .. We’ve shown that our important freedoms can’t be trusted to Congress, they need to be placed in the Constitution” [2][3]. Lavabit was a small company. “Lavabit at the time of the shutdown had 410,000 users, with 200,000 e-mails sent a day. Lavabit had 40,000 logging per day. Levison had just one full-time employee” [2][3]. But as Snowden says: “Employees and leaders at Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, and the rest of our internet titans must ask themselves why they aren’t fighting for our interests the same way small businesses are. America cannot succeed as a country where individuals like Levison have to relocate their businesses abroad”. But what would happen if most companies act like Lavabit or defend the basic rights? As the US mass media says: “Companies that receive surveillance demands [from US government] faced two bad options: to die or to spy .. [But] If enough companies were to take the drastic step of shutting down, the government would find itself in [deep shit]” [4]. In fact, even the idiots know the solution. As some wise Iranians say: “America’s Fascist regime should know that ‘Lavabit was created in 2004, in response to the Patriot Act’. And now many radical services can be created in response to the NSA”. They also add: “The good guys don’t need hero, and people like Levison, Manning or Snowden are not heroes. ‘Levison isnt an privacy absolutist[!] He has cooperated in the past with the US government [!!] .. It’s [just] the governments method that bothers him‘ ! [2][3] Levison, Snowden, etc are just better than great evils. But Americans are so naive. [In the best care,] they say: ‘I don’t trust Obama. I trust Snowden (Levison, etc)’ ! But the wise people don’t trust an ex-CIA agent. They defend the basic rights of Snowden and other whistleblowers, but they don’t trust ex-spies, politicians, media, or public figures. They know that Snowden tells us something that’s been common knowledge for a long time. They care about messages, not messengers. They just care about what is said/ done, and what is true, good, and decent”. The good guys try to use their brains, but the bad guys are stupid. The bad guys pay a very high price for their evil deeds, including betraying people’s trust. As some wise Iranians say: “What the US regime does/says about Snowden, NSA Spying, etc has serious effect on US economy. Now, the US media talks about ‘Snowden Effect’, and has reports like ‘Snowden chill: Aftershocks hit Silicon Valley’ (August 2013). They say: ‘US cloud computing industry could lose up to $35 billion as a result of the NSA spying programs. Even before Snowdens big reveal, foreign companies were pushing for a larger share of the market … Now those foreign companies have an effective new marketing slogan, We wont Spy on you‘ ! The US bad guys are big losers. When the media says: ‘Snowdens E-mail Provider Forced to Shut Down’, who can trust US companies?! When Lavabit’s founder says: ‘I would strongly recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the US‘; who can trust or like America and US companies anymore?! The Fascist USA is a big loser. They lose all their respects (Aberu). The US and other bad guys are on the wrong side of history”. In these days, Iranian and non-Iranian comments are interesting: “there are many political, cultural and economic reasons for [American Fascism] and Americas bankruptcy .. what we see now is American Wickedness & American Tyranny .. Show trial, Tyranny, Suppression, Censorship in USA?! It’s Fascism, Stupid ! .. the bad guys [the Big Brother Mafia] use the same tactics in Iran, USA, UK, etc .. USA Shut downs Email Providers?! It’s American Democracy?! .. It’s like the love story of Mullahs and Great Satan (USA) ! .. those Western regimes that openly (shamelessly) hurt the Iranian people and help Islamists, are turning into the worse fascist regimes in history and hurting their own people! It’s one of the old lessons of history .. Sheeple and idiots cannot understand the main problems, but [we hope] the good guys can open their eyes”.

For more Information:

[1] Wired: Lavabit and Snowden
[2] CNET: Interview with Lavabit owner
[3] Forbes: If You Knew What I Know About Email …
[4] Foreign Policy: Spy or Die [!]
[5] Americans: The strange story of Lavabit
[6] Forbes’s interview with Phil Zimmermann

The Big Brother Mafia and anti-Americanism

August 15, 2013

In these years, the story of “America and Islamists” is shattering many illusions. As the wise Iranians say: “Before the 2009 coup, most Iranians were pro-American. They were under many illusions. Iranians were under the illusion that the US really cares about Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights. Iranians were under the illusion that the US really hates Islamists, terrorists, and anti-democracy groups. Iranians didn’t know that both Democrats & Republicans love Islamists, terrorists, and evil forces. Iranians were under the illusion that if they want to enjoy Freedom and Democracy, they only should fight against the Mullah regime, and the US and the West would help the Iranian people, not the Islamic regime! But after the 2009 coup, Iranians saw and see how Islamists and their Great Satan (USA) help each other !”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Idiots tell bad jokes. They say: ‘the UK, the Jewish CIA, or Americans like Chomsky defend Iran’s interests!, and that’s why they love Mullahs and other puppets the West’! But Iranians don’t need that the stupid Americans/ Brits defend Iran’s interests! Iranians know Islamists/ Mullahs, who are pro-Arab (Arab-parast) and anti-Iranian. Iranians know that Mullahs or US-Mullah affairs serve which interests. Iranians know that Mullahs cannot openly make love/ deal with their Great Satan (US). Who can accept the Mullah-Satan love affair?! Basijis ?! or Iranians?! Mullahs killed and suppressed Iranians and destroyed Iran and its public image. Mullahs hate Iran, Iranian Culture and Iranian Values (like Tolerance, Humanity, etc). Mullah just serve the West’s interests. If Iran had a good and democratic regime, then would the US be able to deny Iran’s rights to have nuclear weapons? If the world could see that Iranians are cultured people & good guys, who hate all bad guys including Islamists, then would the West be able to hurt Iranians and threaten Iran? If the world could know the Iranian Legacy and the Iranian Culture, then would the West be able to insult Iranians? If the world could know the wise Iranians and the power of the Iranian Logic/ Wisdom, then would the West be able to talk nonsense, act like animals, or deny Iran’s rights? Islamists just serve the West’s interests. The Mullah regime is a puppet regime. The Iranian experts, who can convert Iran into a world power, and the Iranian people, who can expose the real image of Iran, are systematically suppressed by Mullahs. And it’s what the West wants. They know that if Iranians were free, and if Iran had a real
Iranian-democratic regime, then Iran would be a superpower again. They love Mullahs, because Mullahs hate Iran and Iranian values/ culture”. Many Iranians, including the wise Iranians, know Iran’s problems. As the wise Iranians say: “Iranians were naive and optimistic. Iranians were under the illusion that the so-called Journalists in Exile are not spies or bad guys. Iranians were under the illusion that Islamist-Reformists (Khatamists) are not spies or bad guys. But now these bastards openly confess (in Mullah Media, Mullah Parliament, etc) they are the regime’s agents, and in 2009 (&1997) they just wanted to fool people and destroy people’s movement! Iranians were under the illusion that the UK media, the US media, the Lefty media, etc don’t tell big and systematic lies. Iranians were under the illusion that ‘Comment is Free’ in the West’s mass media. Iranians were under the illusion that the West’s Polling Organizations don’t publish fake polls. Iranians were under the illusion that Western journalists don’t tell big lies”. They also add: “But after the 2009 coup, the stupid West shattered many illusions. They didn’t know that when they tell big lies and insult people’s intelligence, they are actually revealing their true colors. They didn’t know that when they tell big lies, defend big lairs, and censor the voices of people, they are actually making people aware. They didn’t know that all people are not as stupid as Americans. They didn’t know that when their media and their stooges repeat the same big lies, use the same tactics, work with the same bad guys, and all work together to orchestrate stupid plots, many can see that a Global Mafia -ie the Big Brother Mafia that controls media, puppet regimes, pseudo intellectuals, etc- is behind many events. Those who live like sheep repeat the media’s big lies. But those who don’t close their minds to the outside world, can see the facts. And now many facts seem like the pieces of a large puzzle, and need more attention”.



We, the authors of this website, hate politics, politicians, political activists, and those who just care about money and power, and their language is political language. As the wise Iranians say: “In the best case, political activists are like Noam Chomsky and think power is more important than the truth. They pretend that they are good guys, and say: ‘We tell big lies and defend the truth’! Their paradoxes are laughable. But we all can see who is a good guy, or who is a political prostitute. First and foremost, we should see who defends whom. Those who defends the bad things or the bad guys -ie dictators, politicians, racists, fascists, big liars, killers etc- are not good guys. Those who defend the anti-Iran Racism, the American Fascism, the 2009 coup, the Mullah-Obama’s crimes, the West’s crimes, the anti-Iran sanctions, the US-Mullah relations, etc are political prostitutes who lick the ass of Power“. They also add: “The story of Snowden is the greatest scandal in US history. Now, the US openly attacks Freedom, Democracy, and Basic Rights. Now US officials openly support Islamists. Now the US is trying to break all world records for wickedness and evil deeds! Now the US has started to shut down the alternative Email Providers! Now even Google says Gmail Users Shouldn’t Expect Privacy!”. As the people’s media reports: “Snowden used Lavabit’s email service, and the US forced to shut down. The US regime said Lavabit has 2 options: Join the NSA Spying Program or Die! After TorMail and Lavabit, Silent Circle said it was shutting its email service ahead of receiving data requests from the US government. [Now, even] Google says Gmail users have no privacy. As US experts say: ‘It’s the End of Privacy in the US. There is no email privacy any more. Don’t use Email as far as possible. Email is one of the first targets for spying (surveillance). There is no privacy (freedom) in the US”. It’s really shameful. In his statement, the Owner of Lavabit says: “I have been forced to make a difficult decision .. I wish that I could legally share with you the events that led to my decision. I cannot [!!] I feel you deserve to know what’s going on[!] the first amendment is supposed to guarantee me the freedom to speak out in situations like this [!!] Unfortunately, Congress has passed laws that say otherwise [!!] .. This experience has taught me one very important lesson: … I would strongly recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the United States [!!] “. This event and this statement say a lot about the US regime and American Fascism, and we would write more about it. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now the US regime acts like the worst fascist regimes in history; US officials openly support Islamists/ terrorists; US media tells big laughable lies, but Khatamists, Islamists, Marxists, etc are becoming pro-American!”. As some wise Iranians say: “Many Khatamists (Islamist-Reformists) like Ganji, Hajarian, Abdi, etc were members of Mullah Gestapo. Most Iranians preferred to be optimistic about these ex-spies. But now, these spies (Hajarian, Ganji, Abdi, etc) openly and shamelessly defend the 2009 coup and betray the people’s blood. As average Iranians say:
‘Islamist-Reformists and all Islamists sell everything -even their souls, their mothers, etc- for staying in power at any price […] Now Khatamists lick the Mullah ass and betray the people, but they gain nothing and the Mullahs treat them like shits. Khatamists are ‘Choobe 2Sar Gohi’ (very big losers)! Islamist-Reformists are nothing but [stupid bad guys]’. Now just the bad guys -including the Jewish CIA, the Western media, the Lefts, etc- support the anti-Iranian Islamists, who defend the 2009 coup, the Mullah regime, and the US-Mullah affairs. Now the Big Brother Mafia is not a myth. Just ask yourself: ‘Who helped Rohani? Who helped AN? Who tried to heat up the 2013 Show? Who published fake polls? Who said Iranians love AN, because Iranians love hyperinflation? Who told big lies in 2009 and 2013? Who can write for the West’s media? Who can put comments in the West’s mass media? What facts & news get a lot of attention in the West’s media? What facts & news get less or no attention in the West? The West censors the voice of whom? Who support Islamists or Islamic dictators in Turkey, Egypt etc? Why the Jewish agents of CIA defend Islamists and Mullahs? Why only spies and big liars can write/ work for the West’s mass media? etc’. In this year (2013), almost all Western media repeat the same big lies about Iran, Rouhani, Mullah Elections, Khatamists, Islamists, etc. All British-MI6 Media, from the BBC to the Guardian, praise this British Rohani and his cabinet. They even praise Ali Janati (the son of Bin Laden!), who is a Basiji ! The UK/ US media and their stooges (ie exiled media/ journalists, Islamists, lefts, etc) tell the same big lies, and it’s important. Now even the Mullah Media and Mullah Parliament confess that Mullah officials are crooks and thieves who just plunder Iran’s resources, but the US/ UK media and their stooges still defend crooks, thieves, and killers”. They also add: “It’s funny that the US supports Islamists; the anti-American pigs (Islamists/ Marxists) are becoming pro-American!; and the pro-American people are becoming anti-American. The Marxist or Islamic Anti-Americanism was so stupid and disgusting. But the new Anti-Americanism = Defending Freedom, Democracy, & Human Rights, and Rejecting US Fascism, US Orwellian acts, US support of Islamists, Marxists (MEK), Monarchists and other evil forces”. They also add: “Look at Egypt, Turkey etc; the US openly supports Islamist dictators, and one week after the McCain-Graham visit to Egypt, Egypt is on the edge of Civil War, because instead of supporting Free election & Referendum, the US supports Islamists. The West loves Islamists, because Islamists are stupid bad guys, who ruin their countries, kill their people, destroy all hopes for Democracy, Reform, etc and serve the West’s interests. Islamists have no principles. They just care about power. They tell big lies, and their Arabic/ Jewish logic is like the West’s logic. Now the US is following this barbaric logic, and the stories of Snowden, Manning, Swartz, Orwellian Spying, Email Privacy, etc show that the US is a fascist/ police state. Now the US openly supports tyranny, dictators, and evil forces, and show that all good guys, all libertarians and all freedom-fighters should fight against the Fascist America, if they want to have a better world and a better life”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Orwell, Goebbels, and many others (even films like ‘Wag the Dog’) reveal the tactics of the Big Brother Mafia. These British-Orwellian tactics are used to misinform people, and to engineer public opinion. But now many people are becoming aware. Now, the Big Brother Mafia has confused: they openly attack Basic Rights, and openly support Islamists! Now Islamists (Khatamists, Basijis, Salafis, Saudis, etc) defend the Fascist America and the Jewish CIA!, while all good guys protest against the Fascist USA .. Now, US officials -from McCain and Graham to Obama and Chomsky- defend Islamists and terrorists. Now, it’s clear that Islamists are enemies of Iran, but friends and puppets of America … The good Americans are victims of their Fascist regime, but the Sheeple defend their Fascist regimes .. USA is really turning into a backward country. The rate & number of Religious Fanatics in the US is much more than Iran .. Now, the US is a stupid bad guy on the wrong side of history. The good Americans should not remain silent”. In these days, many talk about anti-Americanism. As the wise Iranians say: “Marxist or Islamic anti-Americanism was a bad joke. But as the US regime is showing us, the real anti-Americanism = defending the Iranian values, ie defending the Truth, the Humanity, the Human values, the Tolerance, the Human rights, and other good things. One day most Iranians were pro-American. But now many things have changed in Iran, and if the US continues to hurt Iranians and help Islamists and anti-democracy groups, it will create more anti-Americanism and more anti-American sentiments in Iran and the world”. They also add: “The West just cares political issues like the Nuclear Issue. But most Iranians just care about Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights, a better world and a better life. Iranians hate Mullahs, not Iran. The West’s anti-Iran Racism (sanctions, 2009 crimes, etc) just convinced Iranians that Iran must have nuclear weapons … Iran must be a free, independent, and powerful country. And it’s what all Iranians want: Iran not only must enjoy real Freedom and real Democracy, but Iran must have nuclear weapons and all advanced tools that secure Iran’s progress, Iran’s national security and Iran’s national interests … Politicians create crises, and it’s the job of politicians to solve political problems. We hate politics and politicians“. They also add: “Most Iranians cared about the US (& West), because they imagined that the US (& West) care about Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights. But if the US or the West becomes the main Enemy of Iranians and all good guys and good things, then no one would give a shit about the US or the West. The stupid West should know that we don’t live in the 19th century or in the age of puppet dictators, who suppressed their people and gave concessions to the West”. In these days, many Iranians say good things. As they say: “Khamenei, Rohani and their cabinet show that Mullahs want to make love/ deal with Great Satan! But Mullahs and [their Great Satan (US)] are in deep shit. Mullahs know what happened to Morsi and those Islamists who openly made love with the US. Mullahs know what happened after the 2009 coup. Mullahs know that people are the determining factor. The silent majority of Iranians [including the corps of Iranian intellectuals] are watching the West and its stooges, and [the West should know that] the Information Age is not like the Colonialism Age!”. They also add: “We are not politicians. We don’t care about Rohani, AN, or other shits. We don’t care about this shit or that shit in the Mullah regime, that is a shitty regime. But they must solve political and economical problems. It’s their job. They must defend Iran’s Rights. They must care about what we, Iranians, need and want. What we want is a free, independent, and powerful country. What we want is a better life and a better society in which we could freely express our opinions, and we could freely have our own lifestyles and enjoy our own life. [The Big Brother Mafia] cannot ignore people. [The real power is the power of people]. We, the people, can be silent, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t exist“.

Iran and Egypt: America openly Helps Islamists !

August 9, 2013

This year (2013) has become a very informative year. In these days, as the people’s media reports: “US leaders -from Obama to McCain and Graham- openly support Islamists and terrorists”. The US used to tell big lies about the US-Islamist love affairs. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now, the US openly supports Islamists! Now, Obama, McCain, Graham, Chomsky, Leverett, Jewish CIA, White House, US lefts and US Congress openly defend Islamists! Now the US Sheeple (Western Retards) can open their eyes and see the truth: Islamists are puppets of America, and the US openly supports Islamists and terrorists”. In these days, the media reported: “Republican war-lovers McCain and Graham went to Egypt and [openly and shamelessly] supported Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood. John McCain and Lindsey Graham described [the anti-Morsi revolt] as a coup. McCain (Ariz) and Graham (S.C.) -who ask Congress to cut off US Aid to Egypt- called for release of Islamists. McCain and Graham said they represent the views of Congress [!] [But Egypt] called the US senators ‘clumsy’, ‘moronic’, ‘irresponsible’ .. Egyptians [hate] USA and Obama” ! (6 August 2013). The mass media censors the true meanings of such facts, but it’s so important that the US Lefts and the US Rights both support Islamists. As some wise Iranians say: ‘The US is really bankrupt. The US is a big loser. Now, many nations/ people are repeating what Iranians say. Now, almost all Egyptians are saying anti-US things and chanting anti-American slogans! ‘How Embarrassing for America’, many say. Now many can understand why Iranians refer to the 2009 coup as ‘US-backed coup’, or why Iranians say: ‘Who are puppets of America? Islamists, Mullahs, anti-Iranian whores like Khatamists, Pahlavists, Journalists/ Actives in Exile, etc‘. Now, most Americans condemn Graham and McCain, but they don’t know why the US supports Islamists. They have confused”. As the wise Iranians say: “Those idiots who said: ‘the US hates Islamists’, and those who said: ‘Obama loves Islamists, but Republicans hate Islamists’, were so stupid and had childish theories. Their stupid theories even cannot explain why Neocons and Republican war-lovers (McCain, Graham, etc) support Islamists ! Americans have no answer to many questions. Americans have confused”. As some wise Iranians say: “This year can make the American people aware, and they can see why the Iranian people, and even Egyptians, are becoming both anti-Islamist and anti-American. Now many say: ‘the US has lost its mind’ or ‘US and Obama are big losers’. [In August 2013,] even the US media has headlines like this: ‘Anti-Americanism soars in Egypt, both sides blame America and Obama ‘, ‘McCain and Graham Tell Egyptians to Embrace Terrorists’, ‘Obama, Kerry, McCain, and Graham: Intervening for War’, ‘ US-Backed Islamists Crush Egypts Hope for Democracy’, ‘Republicans Lobby for Islamists’ !, ‘McCain and Graham Lobby for Muslim Brotherhood’, etc. Now, even the US media says: ‘The pro-Morsi Islamists calls Obama a hypocrite for claiming he stops supporting Islamists [!] .. and the anti-Morsi Egyptians say: ‘The US supports Islamists and terrorists. The US is using the Islamists to impose the kind of order they want to create a new Middle East, which would guarantee the Jewish-American interests’ (August 2013). Now, the ordinary people in Iran, Egypt, etc not only hate Islamists and anti-Democracy groups, but they hate Obama and the USA. Obama is a big, useful idiot! He proved that the US is the main supporter of Islamists, Terrorists, and all anti-Democracy groups. Obama, McCain, Graham and US Fascists prove that America is Anti-Democracy, pro-Tyranny and pro-Islamist. They show that the US is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights, and the new Anti-Americanism = Defending Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights! In fact, the US is showing that all good guys, all libertarians and all freedom-fighters should fight against the US, if they want to have a better world and a better life !“. In these days, many shameful events, that we should write more about them later, show that we all should think more about what these wise Iranians say.


“All stupid mules -from the US lefts to the anti-Iranian whores like Akbar Ganji, Khatamists and exiled journalists/ activists- repeat what McCain, Graham, Leveret, and the Jewish CIA say. They say the anti-Morsi revolt is a coup! But they don’t say that Egyptians asked Morsi to hold a referendum, but he refused and acted like Mubarak. They don’t say that the anti-Morsi revolt is like the anti-Mubarak revolt, and if the former (that US hates it) is a coup, then the latter is a 100% CIA-backed coup. Morsi won by a weak majority (~55%), and then he lost many of his supporters. The Egyptian people asked for ‘Referendum’, but Morsi didn’t accept it. Even the Egypt’s army asked Morsi to hold a referendum. But Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood knew that they don’t have enough supporters and most Egyptians hate them. So, they acted like brutal dictators, and even threatened people with brutal suppression. Morsi was worse than Mubarak”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Egyptians asked Morsi to hold a referendum. Egyptians said: ‘Let’s people vote and make decision’. But Morsi and Islamists didn’t agreed to hold a referendum. Now, Islamists and whores say: ‘What Morsi did was legal [!!] The anti-Morsi revolt was illegal !’ Islamists and whores say: ‘You should obey the law, even the tyrannical laws !’. But people not only say: ‘Fuck you and your laws !’ But they add: ‘Hey, Motherfuckers, what you did to Mubarak was legal?! Your anti-Mubarak revolt was totally illegal. Mubarak (like Assad) said that you should wait for the election time, and then you can dismiss Mubarak by your votes! Why didn’t you obey the law in 2011?! Your anti-Mubarak revolt was an illegal coup!”. They also add: “All dictators talk about the Law !, and say: ‘Your protest is illegal. You should obey the law, even our tyrannical laws !. In 2009, Iranians asked for a free referendum under the International eyes. But Mullahs refused to hold a referendum, and killed Iranians. Mullahs knew that just about 10% of Iranians support Islamists. The West and its whores hate Free Referendum or Free Election in Iran, because they know that almost all Iranians hate the Mullah regime. So, they say the 2009 movement was illegal ! But it’s obvious if the 2009 movement was illegal, then what Mullahs did in 1979 is an illegal (US-backed) coup, and the Mullah regime is illegal. The West and Mullahs tell big lies, but we all know that if a law was irrational, tyrannical, and unethical, we should not care about that law. The Truth is much more important than the Laws”. We should write more about the Laws and the Truth, and how the bad guys abuse the laws. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Whores like Ganji, Leverett, etc are paid to tell big lies. But even the stupid mules like Ganji know that Morsi and Mullahs hate election and referendum. The stupid mules (whores and Islamists) just censor and hide the facts. They don’t say that the Jewish CIA, McCain, Graham, and other fascists help Islamists. They don’t say why the UK loves Mullahs. They don’t say how and why the UK, the US, and their media and their agents helped Mullahs in 2009 and 2013, by telling big lies, publishing fake polls, selling tools of suppression, etc”. We have already written about the anti-Iranian whores, the 2009 coup, the 2011 Farce, etc (check Archive). And now you can see that what Iranians said and say about “Obama, Egypt and Iran” and other things is not ‘Conspiracy Theory’. As we said in 2011, ‘the stupid lefts and Chomsky tell big lies. They say: Obama and USA didn’t help the Egyptian Islamists, they just helped Mubarak !’. And now the stupid lefts say McCain-Graham support the Mubarak regime, not Morsi and Islamists !! As the wise Iranians say: “What the lefts and Chomsky said and say about the 2009 coup, the Mullah regime, the Egyptian farce, the Islamists, the 1979 tragedy, etc are big lies that just show: Lefts and Chomsky can be deep cover CIA agents. Now McCain-Graham help Chomsky (lefts) and Chomsky helps the Leveretts and ‘Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter’s National Security advisor‘ ! [For more info, check Archive]. But why should Chomsky help Brzezinski and Imperialists?! Why should McCain-Graham support Islamists ?!”. As some Iranians say: “Now, it’s an open secret that the US is having a love affair with Islamists. Now, even Americans write: ‘Egypt Revolts Against Islamists and Obama’ (July 2013), and add: ‘In 2009, with millions of Iranians in the streets demanding an ouster of their Islamist despots, Obama refused to raise a voice for their liberty. But in 2011, Obama helped Islamists in Egypt’. The US regime is revealing the hidden facts. Now many say: ‘Graham is [an-Iranian Nazi] who openly praises War & Racism, and helps Islamists! .. Graham and the US want to wage war (civil war) in Egypt. They use the US-backed Islamists to destroy Egypt”.


“McCain, Graham, Obama, Chomsky and the Jewish CIA support Islamists and reveal many things, including the secrets of the 2009 coup and the secrets of the 1979 tragedy. In 1979, the US [and the West] supported Islamists and toppled the Shah (like what they did in 2011’s Egypt). At that time the Iranian people were naive/ stupid (like Egyptians in 2011). But in 2009, the US and the West helped Islamists in killing and suppressing the Iranian people, who have become aware and hate all Islamists and all stooges. In 2009, when tens of thousands of Iranians were being killed and tortured, the US was making love with Mullahs. In 2009, the US pigs like the undersecretary of state William Burns met with Javad Zarif, and assured Mullahs of US support. When tens of thousands of Iranians were being killed and tortured, the Jewish CIA and pigs like the Leveretts who have worked for the CIA and the AIPAC (Is-r-a-eli Lobby) for decades, supported the Mullah killers. They said: ‘Iranians love their [killers] ! Iranians love AN/ Mullahs because Iranians love tyranny, corruption, and hyperinflation !’ In 2009, when tens of thousands of Iranians were being killed and tortured, the media reported: ‘Trita Parsi, the NIAC, [and the Mullah Mafia in the US] are arranging meetings for Mullahs (ie killers of Iranians) with members of Congress and US officials. Recently, Javad Zarif met with John Limbert, who began his job at the US State Department as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iran’ (Nov 13, 2009). And now in 2013, Mullahs appoint Javad Zarif as their new FM!”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The 2009 coup revealed who is behind the Islamists. The US/ UK mass media (ie the Big Brother’s media) and the notorious CIA agents like the Leverets, Scott Lucas, Gareth Smyth, Jason Rezaian, and all whores who work with the Big Brother’s media, showed Iranians who is behind the Islamists and the Mullah regime. Now, these whores praise Rohani and ‘US-Mullah Talks’. Now, the CIA/ MI6 agents and/ or the anti-Iranian whores like Farideh Farhi, Hooman Majd, Golnaz Esfandiari, Masoud Behnoud, Akbar Ganji, and other ‘Spies in Exile’ [!] defend Mullahs and praise the US-Mullah love affairs. The Big Brother’s media, from the BBC and the VOA to the RFE/RL and the Guardian, tell big lies about Rouhani and his Cabinet. They even praise Rouhani’s Cabinet! They say nothing about Janati’s son, the Son of [Bin Laden]! They say nothing about the Oil Minister Zangeneh and his shameful acts. But Iranians know that Zangeneh used to say: ‘Iran doesn’t need Refinery and the Petrochemical industry. We can buy Petroleum! It’s better and cheaper !’. Iranians know that Zangeneh and Islamists are puppets of the West and just try to keep Iran weak and dependent. Iranians know why the West loves Islamists”. They also add: “The Lefty-MI6 media like the Guardian praise Mullahs, Islamists (Khatamists), and Anti-Iranian whores and call them ‘political prisoner’, ‘reformist’, or ‘intellect’ ! The Lefty-CIA media like the Huffington Post,, etc praise Mullahs and the US-Mullah Tango, and pretend that Republicans and War-lovers hate Islamists! It’s like what Chomsky says. But now, Hawkish senators and Republicans openly support Islamists !, and show that US Lefts and US Rights both love Islamists, because Islamists serve the West’s interests. Now, Obama, McCain. Graham, Chomsky, and the Jewish CIA support Islamists and say the same thing. They are the same shit, and just want to keep other countries weak”. Now, Americans put comments and say: “McCain and Graham are clumsy? Of course they are. We see that every day .. Why do McCain and Graham love Islamists so much?! .. More proof that USA and Muslim extremists are working hand in hand .. The Tea Party supports Islamists and terrorist organizations who stand against everything America ought to stand for [!]”. As the wise Iranians say: “Those who used to talk about ‘War on Terror’, openly defend ‘Terror’ ! They just make people aware. Now Egyptians, and even Americans, have started to repeat what the Iranian people say. We Hope Americans will not remain ignorant/ stupid”.


“The US regime and US officials openly defend Islamists and all anti-Democracy groups, and it’s among the most important scandals in history. It’s America’s Great Shame. It proves that the US is the Great Evil. Now, even the Westerners can see how the US supports Islamists and terrorists in Egypt, Syria, etc. But they don’t know why the US loves Islamists. They don’t know that Islamists keep their countries weak, backward, and dependent, and that’s why the West loves Islamists. U.S. Sheeple don’t know why Iranians and others say: ‘Islamists are puppets of the US’, ‘Mullahs are puppets of the UK/ US’, ‘US-backed Islamists killed Iranians in 2009’ or ‘US-backed Islamists are killing innocent people in Syria, Egypt, etc”, the wise Iranians say. The current American-Islamic Farce is very important and informative. Now, the wise Iranians laugh and say: “Mullahs and the US are badly flirting with each other. But when the US cannot make a deal with Islamists in Egypt, how they can make a deal with Islamists (Mullahs) in Iran! Many Egyptians (40% to 50%) are still Islamists or like Islamists. But most Iranians (more than 90%) hate all Islamists and Mullahs. So, when even in Egypt, the US is a big loser and most people hate the US, the fate of the current US-Mullah love affairs is clear. As many Iranians say: the US-Mullah farces just create more anti-American sentiments in Iran and the world. The US is in deep shit. The US is a big loser; and it’s the fate of those who betray Freedom & Democracy “. In these days, even Americans write about “US corrupt destructive foreign policies”. For instance, they write: “In May [2013], the Obama administration blessed Islamist repression when Secretary of State John Kerry quietly released this years $1.5 billion in military aid .. [But now, the US regime] tries to suspend US Aid to Egypt! Why do we aid Islamists?!”. As the wise Iranians say: “People’s comments show that many hate McCain-Graham, and these two clowns have shocked many people. Americans didn’t know why Iranians/ Egyptians said: ‘Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood leaders work for the US/ CIA’, ‘Islamists and Terrorists serve the US interests’, etc. Americans thought what our people say is Conspiracy Theory! But now the Republicans openly support Islamists, and Americans are shocked. But if they open their eyes, they can see how the US helps Salafis, Wahhabis, Al-Qaede, Taliban, Marxist-Islamist terrorists, and the worst of the worst in Syria, Egypt, etc. Now, even kids can see why and how the US and the West love and support dictators, Islamists, and Mullahs, who just serve the West’s interests”. In this year, not only the US-Mullah Farce and the 2013 Mullah Show, but even the story of Egypt, Syria, etc can make people aware. In August 2013, people put comments and say good things: “US and UK just want to destroy Syria and Egypt, and that’s why they support both dictators and terrorists .. Obama is a wolf in apes clothing, and Graham/ Netanyaho is a wolf in wolfs clothing .. US tactics are ‘Wag the Dog tactics’! US Senators are in a country where they closed their embassy due to terrorist threats ! But what are US Senators doing in that country? They are supporting Terrorists/ Islamists ! .. Wow, US openly supports Islamists and Terrorists! .. Who is behind the Islamists and the Mullah regime? UK and USA .. Americans are Terrorists. They openly support all Terrorists .. US War on Terror = War on Democracy .. US supports Terrorism and hates Democracy .. Americans, Democrats and Republicans, are Terrorists and support Islamists, Marxists (MEK), Jewish terrorist, etc .. the story of McCain, Graham and Islamists reminds us of the story of British Mullahs .. American Revolution or US constitution was a coup overthrowing our English governments! .. Ordinary people, even in Egypt, are becoming aware and repeating what Iranians say”. I hope the good guys in the US and the West can think more about the 2013 facts.

Anti-Iran Mullahs & United States of Anti-Democracy

August 4, 2013

“In these days, if you want to know the Backward West, you can take a look at the story of British Queen, Royal Baby, Western Tyranny, US Whistleblowers, Snowden, Manning, Spying scandals, Racist Australia, and many other shameful events in the West. Now, the media report: ‘Bradley Manning, the US whistleblower behind the WikiLeaks disclosures of [US Crimes against Humanity], is on trial for Aiding the Enemy [!] and Transmission of US state secrets to WikiLeaks, that carrying a sentence of 100+ years in jail’. It’s unbelievable! But the story of WikiLeaks- Manning is just a small part of the tragedy of US Tyranny”, some wise Iranians say. In this year, many can see the true face of the United States of Anti-Democracy. As some wise guys, Americans and Iranians, say: “Bradley Manning should be treated as a hero, or a defender of the so-called American principles. According to dictionaries: ‘Whistleblower = someone who tells people about dishonest or illegal practices at the place where they work‘. So, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are Whistleblowers. In the past, whistleblowers were heroes in the US. But in today’s America, whistleblowers/ truth-tellers are traitors, but Crooks, Liars, Whores, Killers, Terrorists, Rapists, etc are heroes!”. The story of America is informative. As the wise Iranians say: “In 2009, when the US regime and the CIA defended Mullahs and aided Islamists in killing/ suppressing Iran’s people, many were silent. In 2011, when the US hurt Iranians, but helped Islamists in Egypt, many were silent. In 2012, when the US praised Anti-Iran Racism, and defended the notorious anti-Democracy groups, many were silent. In these years, the US regime supports Anti-Iran Islamists, Monarchists, Terrorists, Racists, etc but Americans are silent. The US even defends a tiny group (MEK) that is Islamist, Marxist and Terrorist ! (ie the worst of the worst)”. They also add: “The US regime and the US pigs like Chomsky kill Freedom, Democracy, and Humans in Iran and the world, but Americans are silent. So, when the US regime violates basic rights and basic freedoms in the US, Americans deserve it. Those who don’t care about Iranians or the pain and suffering caused by the US pigs, are not humans. They deserve what they get. The current crises in the US and the EU is just a beginning. Americans and Europeans pay the price of their crimes in 2009 and past years“. Unfortunately, many live like sheep. Some wrote for us: “You don’t realize just how much support there is amongst people in the west for Iranians”. We know that many Westerners are not bad guys. But Westerners should ask themselves: Iranians don’t see our support, but why? Is our invisible Support like our fake glories, our fake democracy, our nonexistent Honors, etc?!’ Their support is not visible to Iranians, maybe because: ‘(1)The West’s media/ search engines censor their voices. In this case, they should protest against such horrible censorship in the West. But why are they silent and say/ know nothing about such Censorship in the West? (2)They tell big lies, and their nonexistent Support is like their nonexistent Honor!’ Some write to us: “Don’t demonize the West based on the nefarious actions of its leaders, any more than we should demonize Iranians based on your leaders [!]”. Unfortunately, many Westerners are so stupid and cannot see the big differences between Iran and the West. Iranians hate Mullahs, and strongly protest against them. In 2009, tens of thousands of Iranians were killed and tortured by Mullahs and with the help of the West. Iranians clearly showed and show that they hate Mullahs. But the Western people still defend their corrupt regimes and their corrupt politicians. They defend the anti-Iran Racism. They defend their leaders. The 2012 US Election revealed many things. How many Americans boycotted the US Election Farce and protested against pigs/ retards like Obama or Romney? We have already written about this issue, in “2012 US Election Tells the Truth about USA ” (check Archive). Westerners should stop acting like retards. They not only must apologize to Iranians for what the West does/ says about Iranians, but they should accept this fact that the West is the Great Evil. They should accept that many Westerners are so stupid, and many Iranians are wiser and more modern than Westerners. As the wise Iranians say: “The West is becoming a backward cesspool. How many Westerners know the 2009 coup, the Egyptian farces, the Chomsky- Obama’s crimes, etc? How many Westerners protest against the West’s anti-Iran Racism and the US-Islamists love affairs? How many people/ NGOs in the US and the West support Snowden’s rights and rally to defend Snowden’s basic rights?!”. In these days, the media report: “Lon Snowden, Edward Snowden’s father, says he has lost faith in the US justice department and his son needs a safe haven. Lon Snowden says his son is now better off staying in Russia. He says Russia is probably the best place to seek asylum because it’s most likely to withstand US pressure” ! (July 2013). As the wise Iranians say: “When the USSR becomes a safe haven for US whistleblowers, and when US truth-tellers are forced to flee from USSA to USSR, it’s clear that America is nearing the End“. The American Tyranny is shameful, but how many Americans protest against it ? As the media report: “Lon Snowden says FBI asked him to fly to Moscow. FBI agents spoke to him for 4hours, and he shared emails he had exchanged with his son [!] .. Snowden’s father says: If he comes back to the US, he is going to be treated horribly. He is going to be thrown into a hole. He is not going to be allowed to speak” ! (July 2013). As the wise Iranians say: “It’s shameful that the US is turning into such backward cesspool. Now, their media say: ‘US Congress defends NSA Programs’ ! US Congress is Fascist; its members are thieves, terrorists, racists, and fascists. They openly defend the anti-Iran Racism and the anti-Democracy groups, while Americans are silent. Of course the US Fascists not only defend the anti-Iran Racism, but they defend the Orwellian Spying and the American Tyranny!. They hurt Americans; and those Sheeple who don’t care about Iranians and others, pay the price of their sheepish life. US Sheeple deserve Obama and Tyranny”.


“People like Bradley Manning, Aaron Swartz, or Edward Snowden are messengers who tell the truth about the Fascist America. But the US regime and the US media just Shoot the Messengers! The US is turning into a backward/ third world country”, many say in these days. As we said before, one day (before the 2009 coup) most Iranians were pro-American. They cared about America, and the wise Iranians said: “People like Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine had many problems/ weak points. But they talked about ‘Independence’, Freedom, Democracy, and wrote about ‘The Rights of Man’. So, we can ignore their mistakes/ crimes”. But now, the wise Iranians say: “America has become an Orwellian cesspool like the UK”. They also add: “Australia is a third-world country and a backward cesspool. Australia, or Canada, was/ is a slave of the UK. But America was different. Australia was/ is a big Shithole. Yah, many Australians are good guys. But most Australians are still racists/ bad guys. Just look at what they say/ do in this year. Australia has a shameful history. Who were the founding fathers of Australia? Criminals, Killers, Thieves and Rapists. Australia’s history is the history of Genocide, Racism, and great crimes against Humanity. Australia was a British Cesspool. But America was different. The American Revolution against the British pigs, or US wars against the British Evil Empire, is not a myth. Americans fought against the UK. Most Australians or Canadians were savages/ retards, who defended British Tyranny and British Barbarism. But Americans hated British Monarchy/ British Tyranny, and fought against it. And that’s why Iranians cared about the US. America is not Australia or Canada. America had many problems, but it was not a backward shithole like Australia. America wasn’t like Canada, that just licks UK ass and praises UK Monarchy. Americans fought against ‘British Tyranny and British Imperialism’. But what has happened to that USA? Now, the US regime openly defends Tyranny, Monarchists, Islamists, Terrorists, Jewish Nazis, etc. The US Civil War was the first war against Slavery (Racism) in the uncultured West. But now, the US openly praises Racism, and attacks Freedom, Democracy, and Basic Rights! It’s shameful the US is following the Barbarian UK”. As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, the American Nazis like Lindsey Graham (R-SC) openly praise Nazism and lick the ass of the Jewish Nazi. Now, this American faggot, Lindsey Graham, talks about ‘his plans for the use of military force in Iran in two months’ ! (July 2013). But Iranians know that the US faggots, aka the US Nazi, don’t have the balls! Iranians know that the US pigs just play ‘the Good Cop, the Bad Cop’ game, and just want to make a deal with Mullahs. Iranians know that the US is bankrupt. Now, even the Sick Pigs like Gary Sick say: ‘its abundantly clear that Is-r-aels threats [US threats] are empty’. The US is in deep shit, and eating more shits and Waging War is equal to the End of America. The US pigs bluff and think all people are as stupid as Americans! But Iranians know why they just bark, and don’t have the balls. The old Iranians said: A dog that barks a lot, doesn’t bite ! [or doesn’t have the balls to bite!]”. In these days, the US-Mullah love affair is laughable. As the people media report: ‘Appointing Zarif as Mullah FM is like appointing Kerry and Hagel. Now, the Big Brother’s media say: ‘ Khamenei’s new Foreign Minister Seen as Olive Branch to US !’ (Reuters, July 2013). They also add: ‘Mullahs could hardly do better than to select Javad Zarif as their new FM [!] .. Zarif has been at the center of several secret negotiations between Mullahs and USA [!] .. Zarif’s Washington contact book includes Joe Biden, Chuck Hagel, US national security officials [Gary Sick, Brzizenski, Chomsky, Jewish CIA, etc]! .. Zarif’s appointment is a strong gesture of positive intent toward the US [!] .. a diplomat who was involved in the back-channel talks [!], confirms that Khamenei had given the green light for negotiations to go ahead’ ! (July 2013). Now, Iranians laugh at Mullahs and say interesting things. For instance, they say: ‘ Zarif’s appointment is like or worse than appointing Hooshang Amir-Ahmadi, the notorious CIA agent, as Mullah FM or Mullah President ! .. Mullahs change their slogans to: ‘Ey Rahbar-e Bi-Khayeh, Amadeim, Amadeh! [Hey, the Spineless Leader, we are ready!] and ‘Ey Rahbar-e Va-Dadeh, Amadeim, Amadeh ! [Hey, Stupid Leader, the Coward, we are ready!] .. Mullahs stupidly try to prove: Islamic regime is nothing but a puppet regime .. They still think that the UK, the CIA, and Foreigners can save their bankrupt regime! The fate of Mullahs is worse than the fate of Shah (Pahlavi), Mubarak, Bin Ali, Saddam, etc”.


“Iranians know the UK and British Mullahs. Iranians know why Mullahs and the West help each other. Iranians know why and how Khamenei appointed this British Rouhani or that Jewish Spy (AN). Iranians know there was no Election. Iranians know who help Mullahs, and who is behind the 2009 coup or the 2013 show. Who can forget what the UK, the US, and the Anti-Iran West did and do?”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Rouhani’s cabinet is a bad farce. British Mullahs (ie Khamenei, Rouhani, Janati, Larijani, etc) appoint a spy or a puppet of America (Zarif) as their FM!, but at the same time, they appoint a British-Basiji faggot (Janati’s son), who is known as the son of Bin Laden ! or Islamist Extremist, as their Minister of Culture, Arts, Press, Cinema etc! Such appointments just confirm that the Mullah regime is a puppet regime. Mullah just listen to the UK advice, and their motto is: Hurting Iranians, Destroying Iran, Licking the West’s Ass, and Serving the West’s interests “. We already wrote about the story of “Onions & Sticks”, and what would happen if Mullahs just care about Foreign Advice and Foreign Support (check Archive for “Mullahcracy and Illusion of Democracy in America”). As we said before, If Mullahs were not big idiots, they would give concessions to the Iranian people, not the West (ie the Enemy). But now, as many Iranians say: “Rouhani’s cabinet reveals the British-Mullah plan: Tyranny for Iran, Concessions for the West! But Iranians never let this happen. Mullahs just eat Onions & Sticks (Choob & Piaz)”. Now, many say: “The Islamic regime is a puppet, anti-Iran regime. Mullahs have 2 goals: (1) Oppressing Iranians (2) Making Deal with the US. But is the US able to openly make love/ deal with a bankrupt regime that the world and Iranians know it and hate it?! never; Do Iranians, or even Islamists, accept such deals?! never”. As some wise Iranians say: “Spies and stooges praise the US-Mullah love affair. The Jewish CIA says: ‘In Washington, we and [Mullah Mafia (NIAC/ AIC)] have worked with Zarif !’ (July 2013). The anti-Iran Mullahs like Asgaroladi -who has Jewish roots- write love letter to Obama. But only people and their will/ awareness are important. Now, Iranians say: ‘Do you know who defend the Mullah regime? The Jewish CIA, people like Gary Sick and Brzizenski, or CIA agents like the Leveretts who have worked for the CIA and the AIPAC (Isr-aeli Lobby) for more than 20 years!’ Now, people say: ‘Rouhani and his cabinet (from his FM to his Oil Minister) show that the Mullah regime is a puppet regime, and Mullahs love the Cup of Shit (Righ-e Rahmat)’. What people say/ want is so important”. As some Iranians say: “Mullahs think ‘Foreign Support’ can save their bankrupt regime. But now, even the Jewish CIA say: ‘The West interprets Rouhanis selection as evidence of Mullah weakness and obeying the West’s orders’ ! (July 2013)”. Idiots think that Iranians don’t know their national interests! But as many say: “Iranians hate Mullahs, not Iran! Iranians know their enemies and their interests. Iranians know that [the Jewish CIA, the UK spies, the US stooges, etc] just serve the West’s evil interests, not Iran’s interests! Iranians know that Freedom, Democracy, Independence, Nuclear weapons, etc are good/ necessary for their national interests/ national security. Iranians know that Tyranny, Monarchy, Islamic Regime, Puppet regimes, Mullahs, Islamists, Spies, etc are so bad for their national interests/ national security”. But as some Iranians say: “The so-called activists/ journalists in exile just help Iran’s enemies -from Mullahs, Arabs, and the Jewish CIA to the UK and the anti-Iran West. But people know who is behind these whores and the anti-Iran media like VOA, BBC, Manoto, Gooya, RoozOnline, Balatarin, etc”. They also add: “The US regime is like the Mullah regime. The US regime says MEK (ie Marxist-Islamist terrorists) has many supporters! But now, even their media talk about ‘A Kyrgyz student, Alina Alymkulova, who recounts how she was recruited to travel from Prague to Paris to attend a rally for MEK’ (June 2013). As the Kyrgyz student says: ‘I was in Prague checking news on social media when an advertisement caught my eye. It offered a weekend trip to Paris. The price was amazingly cheap -roundtrip, bed and breakfast at a 4-star hotel would cost me only 35 euros ($45). I wrote to the trip organizer. S/he explained that I would have to take part in a rally in Paris for a few hours, chant a few slogans in Persian [!], and wave flags .. I arrived at a bus station in Prague .. there were 8 buses waiting to take us to Paris. Most ‘protesters’ were young and non-Iranian like me! I met many Russians, Ukrainians, Czechs, and students from other countries who were all recruited via the Internet. [What these protests!] think about the purpose of our trip: ‘To meet handsome Frenchmen/ hot women; who cares about Iranians’ .. We arrive in Paris. We have the whole day to see the city. I met a German student. He is sure we are going to attend a rally for Iraq! .. There are flags hanging everywhere. The name ‘Rajavi’ is written on the flags .. strange music is playing. All participants are given coupons for a free drink [Sandis] and sandwich !. We ate and drank and then joined the rally! .. All participants are non-Iranians .. Near the exit doors, organizers were distributing salmon sandwiches and kebabs .. A saying comes to my mind: Only a mousetrap has free cheese’ ! (June 2013). The West helps this MEK! How Shameless is the West?!”. The US Retards not only support Terrorists, Monarchists, Islamists, Jewish Nazis, etc but they even put comments and say: “If Snowden had any real ethics he would not have left the US. If Snowden was a principled leaker, he would have accepted 136 years in prison[!] .. NSA should spy on people. Long live government .. Our freedom of the press should be curtailed .. Manning should go to prison; he was given a job that he royally screwed up; there are consequences .. Snowden should go to prison” (July 2013). The Western Retards say: “Iran is a backward country, because Iran’s regime is a backward regime”! But as the wise Iranians say: “According to their logic: ‘USA, UK, Australia, etc are backward countries, because of their backward/ racist/ corrupt/ anti-democracy regimes’. The West is really stupid. Most Iranians are modern people. They hate the Mullah regime and don’t defend the Islamic regime. But the US has an anti-Democracy regime, and most Americans live like sheep and defend the US regime. Now, it’s the US that is a backward country .. Australia is a third-world country, because most Australians are racists and defend their racist, corrupt regime .. The Westerners even don’t know their media, their politicians, or their pseudo intellects like Chomsky. Both the Western regimes and the Western Sheeple show that the West is turning into a backward cesspool”. Think about it. I hope the good guys in the US and the West don’t remain silent and inactive. Their silence, indifference, or ignorance just help their bad guys.