Racist Australia, Racist America: The Racist West

In these days, many talk about Trayvon Martin, and many protest against the American Racism. But as some wise Iranians say: “Many know the Racist Europe, and many are seeing the true face of the Racist America. But many still know nothing about the Racist Canada or the Racist Australia. The Racist Australians kill the poor refugees, and the Racist Australia says even ‘genuine refugees’ have ‘no chance’ of settlement in Australia and they should go to poverty-hit New Guinea”. In these days, the Racist West kills and hurts Iranians and non-Iranians, and the mass media censor the news and the voices of ordinary people. So, here lets take a look at some censored facts about the Racist West. I dedicate this writing to all victims of the Racist West, specially to those Iranians and non-Iranians who sought a better life in Australia, but they were killed or tortured by the Racist Australia. In these days, many Iranians are mad at the Racist West and its stooges, including the anti-Iranian whores and the anti-Iranian Mullah Regime. It’s obvious why Iranians are angry, and why some of them say: “Aboriginals of Australia welcomed Europeans, but Europeans occupied Australia, killed aboriginals, took control of the country, and block other people from coming in, while bringing in their own pigs/ prisoners from Europe to populate the occupied land of Australia”. Australia has become a synonym for Racism. As some Iranians say: “Recently, the Australian pigs killed several Iranians. The racist Australians attacked Iranian asylum seekers and killed some of them. But the uncultured Australians and their leader, Kevin Rudd, not only refuse to condemn the racist attacks, but they try to punish the asylum-seekers in Australia’. Australian PM Kevin Rudd is a fascist pig”. Those who know history, know why some wise Iranians say: “The fucking Australia was/ is nothing but a big desert and a big prison (Tabeed-Gah). Most Australians were/ are thugs, thieves, murderers, rapists and criminals from the UK . We know who is who in Australia. We know who killed native Australians and who occupied Australia. We know how thugs and criminals were deported to Australia. We know the cultural roots of Australian faggots like Kevin Rudd”. Iranians are victims of racist attacks in Australia, while the West and its stooges just help the Anti-Iran Racism. As many Iranians say: “The Mullah regime and the Iranian expats [who are known here as ‘Iranian Baboons’, ‘Anti-Iranian Whores’, etc] only help the Racist West. Mullahs and other [anti-Iranian whores] are puppets of the West. They say nothing about the Racist West [and Racist Australia]”. But as some wise Iranians say: “We, Iranians, know how the British pigs occupied the land of Australia. Australian pigs like Kevin Rudd and their fathers have killed many aboriginals and occupied the land of native Australians”. They also add: “Now, the Australian regime that has killed the real owners of Australia (aboriginals), declares: ‘From now on, those who arrive in Australia by boat will have no chance of being settled in Australia as a refugee’ (July 2013). The Australian regime acts like those British pigs who occupied Australia. They still think that only those who arrive in Australia by the navy and the army can settle in Australia! The Australian pigs only understand force. The aboriginals of Australia welcomed the immigrants. The aboriginals of Australia were kind to the European pigs. But the savage Europeans killed aboriginals and occupied their lands. And now, these savage pigs (ie the uncultured Australians) attack Iranians and their basic rights. Persia and the Persian Army should free Australia from the British pigs and other European occupiers“. They also add: “Australia is really a racist country. The Iranian army should go and free Australia from racist pigs. Iran must defend Iranians and all good guys. The Racist West only understands force”. As the wise Iranians say: “The Australian regime is a puppet regime. Australians, Canadians and others are slaves of the British Bitch, ie the British Queen. Now in 2013, the British Bitch (Queen) wastes a lot of money (people’s money) on her grandchild, and all Western media cover this British Farce! Today’s West is really backward and stupid. But it’s funny that the Mullah Foreign Ministry openly licks the ass of the British Queen and proves what is said about ‘British Mullahs’ is not a myth”. They also add: “When the Western-Australian savages attack Iranians and kill innocent people, Iran’s government should defend Iranians and their rights. But as you know, the Mullah regime is an anti-Iranian regime. Mullahs are puppets of the West. They have occupied our country. The anti-Iranian Mullah regime is a puppet regime that kills and tortures Iranians with the help of the West. The Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad [AN]) and the British Mullahs only serve the West’s interests. But it’s not the whole story. The UK, the Jewish CIA, the politicians, the mass media, and even the West’s intellectual whores like Noam Chomsky openly defend the Mullah regime, and try to keep Iran weak and under tyranny. Pigs like Chomsky, who support dictators and Mullahs, are the main responsible for our pain and suffering in Iran, and as Iranians say: ‘Western Pigs like Chomsky, who love and defend the anti-Iranian Mullah regime, should be forced to live in the Mullah’s Iran. And those Iranians who want to leave the Mullah’s Iran, should be able to live wherever they want to live“. It’s a good point. The Right to Live wherever you want, is among the basic human rights. But as some wise Iranians say: “The West is anti-Humans and anti-Human Rights. The West makes love with Islamists, but oppresses ordinary people in Iran and the whole world. If you want to know the Anti-Human Rights West, just look at the story of Snowden, Iran, etc”.


As some Iranians say: “Non-Iranians put comments and say: ‘Australia is always a place full of racism .. Australians are racists. They attack Indian students … Australia is not tolerant, it is a terribly racist country. I lived in Australia .. Kevin Rudd shows the World how Racist Australians are‘. About 22 million people live in Australia, and Iranians know that all of them are not racists or bad guys. We, Iranians, don’t talk/ act like the stupid West; the West says Iran’s regime = Iran’s people; but we don’t say all Australians are racists or bad guys. Many people in Australia, Canada, or America are not bad guys. But the sad truth is that the bad guys have the upper hand in Australia, Canada, or America. The bad guys control almost everything in the West. But ordinary people and the so-called Civil Society and NGOs don’t protest against their bad guys. How many Westerners protest against the West’s anti-Iran Racism? How many Westerners defend Snowden’s basic rights? The Australian regime is a racist, puppet regime and just licks the ass of the UK and the US. But according to the Australian media, ‘67% of Australians [are proud that] Australia is a racist country … the Australian people act in a cruel and abusive way towards asylum seekers‘ (July 2013). It’s funny that those who have occupied Australia and killed native Australians, attack new immigrants. These Australians are worse than pigs. Of course, some Australians say: ‘Australias plan to send asylum seekers to neighboring Papua New Guinea (PNG) are being criticized by rights groups and liberals. They branded the plan as racist, and a grave violation of the countrys human rights obligations‘. Some Australians even talk about ‘The rise and fall of racist Australia’. They are good guys. But many Australians are sick pigs. They are like Gary Sick !”. In these days, many Iranians talk about the sick pigs. As some Iranians say: ‘The Sick West is a bad joke. Many know Gary Sick and Brzezinski, who worked as NSA (National Security Advisor). The Sick Gary and Brzezinski are known as ‘the Architect of the Mullah regime’. They had a key role in the 1979 tragedy. But it’s funny that the Mullah Media and the Jewish Keyhan refer to the Sick-Brzezinski as the ‘Zionist CIA’, while the Sick-Brzezinski only support the Mullah regime! If you check the Gary Sick’s blog, you can see how he and the ‘Zionist CIA’ openly defend the Mullah regime. Brzezinski openly supports the Mullah Mafia (NIAC, etc), and Trita Parsi, the notorious member of the Mullah Mafia in the US, is Brzezinski protégé. But [it’s funny that] sick pigs like Noam Chomsky openly help and support Brzezinski and Brzezinski protégé ! [we have already written about this issue; check Archive]”. In these days, sick pigs make Iranians sick. As Iranians say: “Appointing this British Rohani and the current Mullah bullshits show that Mullahs and Khamenei try to drink the Cup of Poison (Jam-e Zahr). Now, American/ British pigs [like the Sick Gary and Jack Straw] send green signal to Mullahs, and Mullahs and Khamenei send green signal to their beloved UK/ US!”. As some wise Iranians say: “The West’s love affair with Mullahs is so sickening, and so informative. It reveals the secrets of the 2009 coup. Now, Mullahs and Khamenei try to eat both ‘Onions and Sticks’. They still support the Jewish Spy (AN). They still send green signals to the West. They still imagine that ‘Foreign Support’ can save their bankrupt, puppet regime! But when even Egyptians repeat what Iranians say and chant anti-Islamist and anti-American slogans, it’s clear that who is in deep shit. Now, the US/ British pigs and the British Mullahs exchange love letters, and openly flirt with each other. But as ordinary Iranians say: ‘They just prove that ‘the Mullah regime is a British-made regime’ & ‘Mullahs are puppets of the UK/ US’. Iranians know who are drinking the Cup of Shit (Righ-e Rahmat) and will go to hell”. They story of Iran, Mullahs, and the Racist West is informative. As some wise Iranians say: ‘The Mullah’s Iran is a living hell. The West and Mullahs aid each other in hurting Iranians and destroying Iran. Mullahs are stooges of the West, and their mission is clear: Playing the role of Brake Pedal in the path of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran. Mullahs and the West just try to hurt Iranians. And in this situation, it’s obvious that some Iranians don’t want to live in this Western-made living hell. Yah, they don’t know (or don’t care about) the Fascist West, and want to immigrate. You can say they are so stupid, but you cannot deny the Right to Immigrate. The Right to Live wherever you want is among the basic human rights. But the Racist West is the Enemy of Humans and Human Rights. After the US, Canada, and the EU, now the Racist Australia reveals its true colors”. They also add: “Australia asks Indonesia to tighten visa restrictions for Iranians! And Indonesia’s puppet regime tries to prevent Iranians from being granted visas on arrival. But the Racist West and the Racist Australians should know that many Iranians believe/ say: ‘Australia is a f-u-c-king desert. The fucking Australia and its f-u-cking wastelands/ deserts is the home of thugs and criminals. The fucking Australia was a big prison (Tabeed-Gah). Only prisoners, criminals, and helpless/ hopeless people were sent to Australia. So, Australia is not important at all. Who cares about the stupid Australia’. But Racism, Fascism, and Human Rights violations in the West is really important”. All good guys should know the Racist West and the story of immigration. As some wise Iranians say: “Dumb people talk dumb shit. But the West badly needs immigrants. Without new immigrants, the so-called new world -Australia, Canada, America- will be bankrupted soon. It’s the talented immigrants that build the new world. If immigrants decide to boycott the West, and if Asian immigrants (Iranians, Indians, Chinese, etc) decide to return to their own countries, then the West and the new World will collapse soon”. They also add: “When you think about ‘The World’s Most and Least Racist Countries’, you can see that ‘The Least Racist Country is Iran, and the Most Racist Countries are European countries, Isr-a-el, Australia, and unfortunately USA. The KKK is an American legacy, while Iranians have always said your race and your religion is not important. Only being a good guy is important”.


We have already written about the West’s Anti-Iran Racism (check Archive). As we said before, the Racist America and the Fascist US Congress openly say: ‘All countries should stop their trades/ relations with Iranians. The US will ban sales of gold by anyone to either the Islamic regime or to Iranian citizens! As many Iranians say: “In 2009, when the Iranian people were in the streets and asked the US and the West to put pressure on Mullahs, the US and the West only helped Mullahs and refused to impose anti-Mullah sanctions. But in 2012, they imposed their Anti-Iran sanctions on ordinary Iranians, and proved that the West is pro-Islamist, anti-Iranian, anti-Democracy, and anti-Progress”. Iranians and other nations should know the Fascist West better. As some wise Iranians say: “When people know the Fascist West, they don’t want to immigrate to the Racist West and help the Fascist West. The West is depend on immigrants, ie Iranians, Indians, Chinese, and others. Without immigrants and foreigners, the West is nothing but a paper tiger. Without the talented Iranians, Asians, etc the US and the West will say hello to their end soon“. The US and the West need immigrants, but as some wise Iranians say: “We, Iranians, have an old saying: ‘Ba Pa Pish Mikeshand, Ba Dast Pas Mizanad’ ! (they pull by their legs, they push by their hands!). It’s a known dirty trick. When Mullahs try to send green signals to the US, they use this dirty trick. And when the Racist West talks about immigrants and immigration, they use this dirty trick. They badly need immigrants, but they try to hide their needs”. We have already written about “2025: Fall of the West, End of Evil Empire” [*] (check Archive). “[As Fareed Zakaria and other Americans say:] ‘Americas hidden secret is that most of US engineers are immigrants. More than 75% of all science PhDs in the US are awarded to foreign students. Foreign students and immigrants account for more than 50% of all science researchers in the US. The situation in Canada [or Australia] is much worse than USA. Without immigrants and foreigners -who are Iranians, Indians, Chinese, etc- USA [Canada and Australia] will be nothing […] US productivity depends not on education system or R&D spending, but on immigration policies. If foreigners are allowed and encouraged to stay, then innovation will happen here. If they leave, theyll take it with them. By 2025, the United States is likely to face a critical shortage of talented scientists. Now, nearly half of all graduate students in the sciences in the US are foreigners, most of whom will be heading home, not staying here as once would have happened” [*]. The West is so stupid. As the wise Iranians say: “The West stupidly reveals its true colors. But If the young and talented Iranians and Asians see the true face of the West and decide to boycott the stupid West, and if they try to clear their countries from the Western stooges and puppet dictators, and if they try to (re-)build their own countries, it will put an end to the Wests Evil Empire”. Many Westerners are stupid racists. They say, for instance: “We, Australians, want our navy to sink the boats .. they pay thousands of dollars and go from the East to Indonesia, and then Australia. But we (the West) don’t want them here and if people think that’s racist we don’t care”. These racist pigs know that “Iranians travel to Australia for a better life. They need to get out of Iran and sail thousands of kilometres to Sri Lanka or Indonesia, before going to the Christmas Islands. Smugglers charge between $7,000 & $20,000 (an average of $14,000) to get them to Australia by boat”. But as non-Westerners say: “Most Australians are violent, hatefilled white trash .. Australia is one of the most comfortably racist places .. Australians are racist pigs. But why?! because they are descendents of […] If Australian aboriginals say they hate immigrants, it could be understandable. But when the white shits, who have occupied Australia and killed many aboriginals, say they hate new immigrants, it’s so sickening and so laughable .. Brits and Europeans have occupied the new world. Persia should free the new world from the Western pigs. Australia belongs to real Australians (aboriginals), not the white shits! .. Iranians are whites, but they don’t act/ think like the Westerners, aka the white shits! .. Australia has more racism than America .. Pigs like Noam Chomsky -who love and defend brutal dictators/ Islamists- should be forced to live in the Mullah’s Iran”. Now, even Americans talk about “Western Racism” or “American Fascism”. They even say: “By violating his own oath to the Constitution, Obama has become a traitor to Americans and to the ideals that the US was founded on”. Now, at least some Americans know why the wise Americans say: “[Snowden’s case] showed the true colors of the US regime. It exposed to the world the real viciousness of the US regime and their disdain for international law and basic human rights .. The US regime is the [Great Evil]. Who uses a colonial mentality, bullying other countries, undermining their sovereignty, turning the world into a battlefield, killing innocent people with assassination drone attacks, etc?”. In these days, many say: “US leaders are openly hostile to basic democratic principles. They expressed hostility over Snowdens meeting and press conference with human right activists !”. In these days, many Americans say: “We are being spied on in blatant violation of the Constitution. Is America a corrupt surveillance state?”. The wise Americans know why the US is turning into “a Big Brother police state”. But they are hopeful. Now, they say: “Revelation of the Snowden files is just a beginning. People who have been asleep are now awakening. Yes We the People Can“. I hope they can see the true face of the intellectual whores like Noam Chomsky and those who betray the freedom, democracy, progress, and humanity in the whole world. Humans can have a better future and a better world, in which all humans can live in peace wherever they want to live and all humans can enjoy a Happy Life and can decide about their own life, without obeying politicians and political/ racial laws.

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