The Fascist West and Anti-Iranian Whores

July 20, 2013

“Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African-American was killed in Feb 2012. His crime? wearing a special cloth! But the US judiciary system is racist and says Martin’s killer is not guilty! But what if Martin was white and his killer black -consider the case of Marissa Alexander. Alexander is an African American who was put on trial in Florida. She just fired a warning shot into a wall in order to scare off an abusive husband. But George Zimmerman directly shot at an innocent kid, and killed him. Zimmerman was acquitted of any responsibility in the death of Trayvon; but Alexander, who was accused of firing a single warning shot that didn’t cause the least harm to anyone, was found guilty by a jury that deliberated just 12 minutes, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison! The United States of Racists just encourages Racism”, the people media report. In these days, many protest against the American Racism. As some wise Iranians say: “History of Racism in America -from the Native American Holocaust and the Slave Trade to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Segregation- is so shameful. Before the mid-1960s and the Civil Rights Movement, America was officially a racist country. US laws allowed racial separation. Segregation was an racist attempt by whites to separate the races in every sphere of life and to achieve supremacy over blacks. In the US, local and state laws specified certain places ‘For Whites Only’ and some places for ‘Colored’. Blacks had separate schools, transports, restaurants, parks, etc that were inferior to those of whites. Before the mid-1960s, Americans officially discriminated against the races in every possible place in the United States of Racism. Americans were such racists/ fascists in the recent descends, while Iranians have always (since thousands of years ago) believed/ said: ‘those who have no sympathy for human pain – the name of human they cannot retain’. In about 1000 years ago, Iranians said: ‘your race or your religion is not important; Being a real human (good guy) is the main issue’. And it’s one of the big differences between the Iranian Culture and the Barbarian Culture (Western Culture)”. We have already written about the Iranian mindset, and also about the West’s Anti-Iran Racism (check Archive). But as the wise Iranians say: “Many don’t care about the West’s crimes, the West’s anti-Iran Racism, or the West’s Barbaric Culture. They are like those who promoted Fascism/ Nazism. Now, the media report: ‘White House condemns human rights groups’ meeting with U.S. whistleblower [!]’ (July 2013). Human rights groups defend Snowden’s basic rights. But most Americans don’t care about this fact that the US has become the main enemy of Humans and Human Rights. Racism and Fascism are killing the US, but the idiots still defend the United States of Fascism that openly says: We need Mass Surveillance. It’s legal. It keeps us safe!”. As some wise Iranians say: “In the US Animal Farm, War is Peace; Spying is Strength; Corruption is Democracy; and Big Brother keeps you safe! The American Animal Farm is like the UK-Canadian Animal Farm. The British- Canadian terrorists openly support the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), and the Canadian fascists openly say: ‘Now, wearing a mask at protests is a crime in Canada’ (June 2013). As the media report: ‘Bill C-309 bans the wearing of masks at protests and carries a 10-year prison sentence. Bill C-309 was proclaimed law during a royal assent ceremony in June 2013’. The Canadian fascists love the Fascist Bill C-309, but as some Canadians say: ‘All Civil liberties activists say such measures create a chilling effect on free speech and peaceful protests. There are legitimate reasons for wearing masks at protests. For instance, you may be worried about reprisals at work, if sighted at a political protest’. Harper Canada (aka Farter Canada) and Obama’s America are like Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany. Canada’s anti-Iran Racism is laughable. They lick the ass of Mullahs, crooks and anti-democracy groups, But they hurt aboriginals, native Canadians, and ordinary Iranians. Racism is the base of Fascism. And now, the Canadian-fascist laws like Bill 78 and Bill C-309 show how the Racist Canada becomes the Fascist Canada. Now, Canadians talk about Harper’s election frauds, Harper’s tyranny, or ‘Canadian tactics for stealing votes and election frauds’. Yah, America and Canada become such fascist states. The Fascist West is not a myth”.


“The UK is the oldest Orwellian Animal Farm in the world. Canada and the United States of Animal Farm just copy from the Barbarian UK. Now, even the British media say: ‘Tory historians try to whitewash the racism, violence and torture of the British empire’ (June 2013). The Little Britain has committed great crimes against humanity. They try to hide the truth and change history by telling big lies. But many people know the UK. Iran and the world have turned a blind eye to the British Barbarism and the UK crimes against humanity. But sooner or later, Iran and the world will say: ‘It is time to make them pay’. The End of the Barbarian UK and the Savage West is near”, some wise Iranians say. In this year, many things are funny and informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, the West openly attacks the freedom, democracy, and human rights! The story of Snowden is one of the greatest scandals in history. Now, the barbarian UK and the Jewish Nazi openly praise the anti-Iranian Racism. But do you know what the so-called exiled journalists like Behnoud, Ganji, Nourizadeh, etc say about such things?! These anti-Iranian whores and their media censor everything that tells the truth about the West! They censor everything, tell big lies, and show why Iranians say: ‘Faggots like Behnoud and Ganji work for the CIA/ MI6/ Mullah Gestapo’. Now, faggots say: ‘The 2009 event was not a coup. Iranians voted for AN. But Iranians say the 2009 event is a coup, and the anti-Morsi revolt is not a coup. But the truth is that the anti-Morsi revolt is a coup, and the 2009 event is not a coup’ (July 2013). Do you know who has said this? Mullahs? Jews? Arabs? No; it’s what Akbar Ganji and Khatamists say! Now, it’s clear that the anti-Iranian faggots like Akbar Ganji and Khatamists work for whom”. They also add: “The anti-Iranian whores like Ganji and Behnoud are fake heroes. But who made these retards heroes? The West made them heroes. These fake heroes are bad jokes. When the Savage Jews threaten to strike Iran, and when the Fascist West hurt ordinary Iranians, the CIA/ MI6 agents like Ganji, Hooshang Hasanyari, and Behnoud not only refuse to condemn the anti-Iranian Jews, but they even praise the Jewish Barbarians, and say: ‘I-s-r-a-el has the right to Nuke Iran’ !! (RoozOnline, Sep 2012). Anti-Iranian whores like Behnoud and Ganji defend the 2009 Coup, the 2013 Show, and the anti-Iran West/ Arabs/ Jews. Now, Anti-Iranian faggots like Behnoud say: ‘What happened in 2009 was not a coup. But at that time (in 2009), we could not say that the 2009 coup is not a coup, because Iranians were so angry!’ (June 2013) Anti-Iranian whores like Behnoud, Nabavi, Abdi, Ganji, Balatarin, etc work for the CIA/ MI6. Now, it’s clear that one team and one Mafia manage and control all Big Brother’s media -from the AP, the BBC, and the Guardian to little cesspools like and Now, it’s clear why the West and its whores helped the 2013 Show, and aided Mullahs in appointing this British Rohani. Now, it’s clear who is behind the Mullah regime. Who can forget the role of the UK or the Jewish CIA in the 2009 coup, the 2013 Show and appointing this British Rohani? Iranians know why and how the British Mullahs appointed AN or Rohani. Iranians know the stupid game of ‘AN, Jalili, or Rohani’. Now, the UK & US openly talk about making love with Mullahs! But Iranians will never accept the US-Mullah relations or the UK-Mullah relations. The UK/ US is the number one Enemy of Iran and Iranians. Only anti-Iranian whores praise the West’s love affair with Mullahs”. They also add: “Now many say: ‘the exiled media is part of the West’s Propaganda Machine. They even praise the anti-Iran Racism/ Sanctions! What they say is worse than what the Arab/ Jewish pigs say‘. Anti-Iranian whores like Ganji and Behnoud have not written even a single line about the anti-Iran Jews, the anti-Iran UK/ BBC/ Guardian, the Jewish CIA, the Leveretts, etc. They just remind you of this fact that since about 150 years ago, the anti-Iranian whores have always served the West’s interests, and have been traitors to Iran, Iranians and the Freedom and Democracy in Iran. Now, the anti-Democracy West and United States of Terrorism openly support Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), Monarchists and all anti-Democracy groups, but the so-called journalists in exile still lick the West’s ass. The Fascist West and lefts support Islamists and whores like Ganji and Behnoud, who praise the CIA-backed 2009 coup and the CIA-backed Islamists in Egypt. The anti-Iranian whores are like or worse than the Jewish CIA and the Leveretts. Now, it’s clear who paid anti-Iranian whores like Ganji and Behnoud to misinform people and keep Iran week/ unfree. The Fascist West make these whores heroes. But now, Iranians have become aware, and don’t give a shit about all anti-Iranian whores -from Pahlavists to Khatamists”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Even many Jews, like Mofaz, say: ‘The world is sick of Netanyahu. Never in all of the Jewish states years of existence, had the drums of war beat so hard as today’. But Mr. ‘Yes We Can’, the Fascist West and the anti-Iranian whores defend the Jewish Hitler (Netanyahu)!”. They also add: “Now, many talk about the Fascist West and the United States of Terrorists. As many Iranians say, Americans support the Jewish Nazis and the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (PMOI), and prove that America is a terrorist state. Now, some Americans say: ‘What we are doing to Iran, China, or our people is much worse than what we’re accusing China of doing to us. What we are doing to our fellow American citizens is much worse than what we’re accusing the Evil of doing to us ! The NSA and US Cyber Command are Cyber Terrorists. The US is the main [founder/ supporter] of the Cyber Terrorism’. Now, even US media say: ‘Did US Cyberattacks On Iran Backfire On American Banks?’ (Forbes, June 2013). They talk about ‘Stuxnet attack on Iran’, and say: ‘US created Stuxnet, Flame, Duqu .. US launched cyberattacks against Iran .. and it lead to cyberattacks against America, [including] attack on ARAMCO that destroyed the hard drives on 30,000 company PCs […] and attacks on US banks [including Bank of America] and US firms [including JPMorgan]’. They also say: ‘When US military leaders advocated bombing the Russians in Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy asked what the Russians would do in response. But the US generals hadnt thought of that !‘. They know the US retards. But the anti-Iran media in exile, known as the exiled media, censor such facts. The anti-Iranian whores and the exiled media are like or worse the Jewish AN, the Zionist Keyhan, and the anti-Iranian Mullahs. The anti-Iranian media in exile, from the Ayatollah BBC and the VOA to Balatarin and RoozOnline are cesspools of mercenaries and spies. The UK and the CIA pay them to betray Iran and the Freedom and Democracy in Iran. Now, the British Barbarians (the Ayatollah BBC, etc), the Savage Americans (the VOA, etc), and their stooges openly defend all anti-democracy groups and all fascist/ racist groups like pan-Turks, pan-Arabs, and pan-Pigs”. They also add: “The British media, from the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) to the Guardian (of the Big Brother) are anti-Democracy. They are anti-Iranian and pro-Mullah. Recently Jack Straw and other British barbarians openly praise Mullahs, and the Mullah Media praise pigs like Jack Straw! Now, many things [are funny and informative]: the British barbarians openly praise the British Mullahs; Islamists openly praise the US-Mullah links and the UK-Mullah love affair; Mullahs openly help the BBC, the US/ British pigs, the anti-Iran West, and try to slow the Iran’s Internet down and silence the voice of Iranians by creating a lot of noise on telephone/ internet lines; Islamist faggots like Akbar Ganji openly praise the CIA-backed Islamist dictators in Egypt and Turkey; Basiji faggots (like Nader Talebzadeh, who is Jalili’s aide, AN’s advocate, and a Muslim Fundamentalist with US Green Card!) openly make love with the Jewish CIA, the Leveretts, etc; the Jewish CIA and the US lefts openly support Islamist dictators; Egyptians chant both anti-Islamist and anti-US slogans; and anti-Iranian whores like Mohsen Makhmalbaf praise dictators and the anti-Iranian Jews! Makhmalbaf still acts like an attention junky, and tries too hard for attention. Whores like Makhmalbaf and Ganji are worse than people like Lady Gaga. They not only suffer from a deep-rooted ‘Inferiority Complex’ (they refer to themselves as ‘intellectuals such as myself’ !), but they get money and betray the truth. Whores call themselves ‘Intellectuals’! and -instead of condemning the Jewish Nazi who are anti-Peace, anti-Iran, anti-Humanity, and anti-Democracy- they lick the ass of the Jewish Nazi, and say: ‘I am honored to have broken the taboo’ ! But as Iranians say: ‘the Taboo?! you, the Yaboo?!’ For the Yaboo (stupid mules), licking the ass of fascists/ dictators is breaking the taboo! Instead of Condemning War & Jewish Nazism; and instead of talking about ‘Cancer of Hatred & Racism in I-s-rael and the West’; the Yaboo praise the Jewish Nazi and the Racist West! The Yaboo ignore the 2009 coup, the West’s crimes, the anti-Iran Racism, and everything. The Yaboo talk about breaking the Taboo! They say getting money and licking the ass of Big Brother is breaking the taboo!”. It’s a good point. Instead of talking about the West’s Anti-Iran Racism, the Jewish Nazi, the current Orwellian scandals in the West, the story of Snowden, the role of the West in the 2009 coup, the 2011 Egyptian farce, the 2013 Mullah Show, etc, the pseudo intellectuals just praise the Fascist West, the Jewish Nazi, the Islamist dictators, and other bad guys. As some wise Iranians say: “The pseudo intellects get money and say: ‘Iran is one of the first cradles of human civilization. But who cares about the past? Now I live in a third world country’. Now, many Iranians are wiser than Westerners, and today’s Iranians are at least as modern as today’s Westerners, but the pseudo intellectuals [and anti-Iranian whores] still lick the ass of the Fascist West! Now, many people in Egypt and Turkey have become aware and repeat what Iranians say about the West and Islamists; now, even Americans say: ‘The NSA and their spying programs kill the US Economy. When US companies are spying on all people, no one trusts us any longer’. But the media whores still lick the ass of the West and those Fascists who say: ‘We can do this or do that. But Iranians/ others cannot do this or do that! We are masters. But Iranians/ others -who are wiser/ smarter/ better that us- are slaves!’. The media whores are anti-Iranian whores. They desperately try to serve the Fascist West’s interests. But they just show us that they and their Big Brothers have badly confused, and the End of the West and the End of America is really near. Just take a look at Detroit; it can show you many things”.