The Anti-Iran West and The Law of the Jungle

In these years many things prove that the West is anti-Democracy, anti-Progress, and anti-Iran. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, the US retards openly support Taliban, Marxists (MEK), terrorists, Salafis, Islamists or those Jewish Barbarians who say: ‘Non-Jews were born only to serve Jews’! Now, the US retards openly says: ‘If Irans scientists succeed in manufacturing [this or that], then US interests would be in peril‘ (June 2013). The Western leaders, aka the Western retards, are anti-Peace and anti-Progress. They know that if we were strong and free nations, then they cannot exploit and plunder our resources. They think the world is a jungle and they can eat any shits that they want! But even if the world is a jungle, lions (of Persia) can easily defeat hawks, asses, and dogs (of the West)!”. As the wise Iranians say: “The uncultured West still sees the civilized world as a jungle. The West’s main law is ‘the law of the jungle’, that according to dictionaries, means: ‘(1) the idea that people should only look after themselves and not care about other people if they want to succeed (2) the principle that only the strongest creatures will stay alive’. Many Westerners think if they want to succeed, they should forget ethics and humanity, and they should live like animals, whose small brains don’t allow them to understand human values and long-term interests. Animals are short-sighted, and don’t care about long-term goals and long-term interests. They cannot understand the benefits/ advantages of Peace, Progress, Collaboration, Far-sightedness, Happiness, Culture, Civilization, or Human values. They cannot understand the problems/ disadvantages of War, Savagery, Short-sightedness, Selfishness, Bullying, or barbaric values. They just obey the law of the jungle. For instance, when carnivores attack herbivores, they often start to run away. Each herbivore obeys the law of the jungle and doesn’t care about others. But if instead of obeying the law of the jungle, they try to work together as a team (like below pix), they can defeat all carnivores, and carnivores cannot hurt them. But herbivores and cows have low IQs, and that’s why carnivores eat them! But it’s funny that many westerners are worse than cows! Their Gov./ bad guys attack them and hurt them, but they […]”. The story of US whistleblowers, the Western Racism, the Western crimes, etc -that we have written about them (check Archive)- force the wise Iranians to say: “The West loves Bullying and Barbaric values, because the West has a long history of Barbarism. Barbaric values is part of the Western culture. They say: ‘You should cheat/ betray/ hurt others if you want to succeed’. In their societies and their foreign relations, they obey this barbaric law. Now, they say: Iran should not have this or that, because it’s not in the West’s interests!”. The West’s anti-Iran sanctions and the West’s anti-Iran/ pro-Islamist policies are undeniable facts (check Archive). I don’t know why they try to prove that the West is anti-Iran, anti-Democracy, anti-Progress, and anti-Humanity. But they should know they reap what they sow. Now, all pro-American people in Iran are changing their views about the US and the West. The West’s Anti-Iranian sentiment is so shameful. Let’s give you a new example.


As some wise Iranians say: “British barbarians and savage Jews openly and shamelessly praise Racism and say anti-Iran things. For instance, Jeffery Goldberg, the Jewish Nazi, and the British barbarians write shameful propaganda pieces, like [*]: ‘Persian power: Can Iran be stopped?’ (Economist, 22 June 2013). They clearly say that they and their stooges try to destroy Iran and hurt Iranians, but ‘yet the Persian lion has not lost its power‘ ! [*] These Jewish-British barbarians clearly say that they hate Persia and Persians. Of course they love Mullahs and Islamists, who are Arabs and aid the Savage West in keeping Persia weak and unfree”. They also add: “The Jewish-British barbarians make funny confessions. For instance, they confess that their main concern is about Iran’s power: ‘the balance of power between Iran and [the West] has been shifting in Irans favor’ [*]. These savage beasts and uncultured pigs say: ‘Despite [all our attacks], the Iranian state is a powerful beast compared with its neighbors, and is keen to assert itself abroad’ [*] The British-Jewish barbarians openly say that Iran should be a weak country, because the West/ Jews want to be the strongest beasts! They know that Persian power is on the rise[*] and Irans progress and Irans peaceful development is not in the interests of savage beasts. Peace, Progress, Justice, a better life, and all good things have always made pigs angry. In the past 300 years, the British pigs have always tried to keep other nations weak and unfree. They want to exploit/ plunder other nations. So, others should remain weak! Now, they clearly say: ‘Iran should not become the regional hegemon [!!] It is not in the Wests interest [!!]’ [*] But as Iranians say: ‘Regional hegemon?! Iran must be a Superpower and the most powerful country in the world, as it used to be. The Anti-Iran West, aka the Barbarian West, can be sure that all parts of Great Iran -form Georgia and Armenia to Tajikistan and all parts of the Caucasus, that were occupied by the Russian-British barbarians in the 19th century- will return home. Those who know history, know Persia and all parts of Great Iran, including Great Khorasan, Great Khawrazm, Great Sistan, Great Kurdistan, Great Azerbaijan, Great Elam and Khuzestan, etc. Mullahs are pro-Arab (Arab-parast) and anti-Iranian. They just server the West’s interests. But we, Iranians, will put an end to the West’s Evil Empire”. They also add: “Persia is the heart/ brain of the Civilized World. We, Persians, know our old enemies/ friends. Barbarians have always been our enemies, because they were enemies of Culture and Civilization. But as many know, our relations with India date back to about 8,000 years ago; our relations with China date back to about 5,000 years ago. India and China are our old friends. Our economic relations has a long history. The Silk Road is just one example. (Of course India, China, and others can remain our friends, only if they don’t follow the West like sheep). The informed people know our glorious past and our glorious culture. Iran has a great cultural/ civilizational influence on the world. Iran is the Cradle of Civilization, and the Iranian values is the base of the Human values. Iran means ‘the land of Aryans’, and cultured people in Europe have Iranian (Aryan) roots. Only barbarians/ bad guys hate our Culture, Humanity, Tolerance, and Human values. For instance, the ungrateful Jews & savage Semites, who just return your favor with ungratefulness and savagery, only love War and Barbarism. They love their Barbaric Bible or books like ‘How to eat shit and die’. Is-r-a-eli Moshe Dayan used to say: ‘Is-r-a-el must be seen as a rabid dog; too dangerous to bother’ ! But the Persian Lions can easily stop all little/ rabid dogs, and all animals who love to eat shit and die”.


“What happened after the 2009 coup, clearly showed that the West is anti-Iran, anti-Democracy, and anti-Humanity. The stupid West openly supports Terrorists, Islamists, Marxists, Monarchists, and all anti-democracy groups that Iranians hate them. In 2009, the West opposed the anti-Mullah sanctions, but in 2012, the West imposed the anti-Iran sanctions! The West and lefts helped the Egyptian Islamists, but betrayed the anti-Islamist Iranians. The West and lefts support the reactionary Islamists in Egypt, Syria, or Turkey. But they hurt the modern people in Iran and other countries, and it says a lot about the Barbarian West”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The Barbarian West and the Savage Jews say: ‘Iranian advisers, money and special forces turn the tide of the war in Syria in Irans favor. The great reason why Obama agreed to arm [Salafis/ Terrorists] in Syria was his reluctance to see Assad hold on to power as a client of Irans‘[*] The Barbarian West thinks that all dictators and all countries should be clients of the West! They imagine that we all are stupid, but the stupid Westerners that have low IQs, can eat any shits that they want and can act like pigs without any backlash! The stupid West talks about ‘National Interests’, and thinks other nations -who are older, wiser and smarter than the stupid West- are stupid !”. It’s a good point. We have already written about [+]: National Interests or Animal Interests” (check Archive). But unfortunately, the stupid Westerners still live in the age of Tribalism, and defend the tribal interests and the law of the jungle. As the wise Iranians say: “The stupid Westerners are like Nazis and Fascists, who said what they do is in their national interests. Now, they say Barbarism and killing others/ torturing others/ hurting others is in their national interests! Their low IQs don’t allow them to ask: ‘What would happen if all humans act like us, and only care about their own national interests?!’ They act like animals. But it’s funny that their ‘national interests’ is nothing but the interests of the 1%. Their politicians wage war and hurt other nations in the name of National Interests, but they only serve the interests of the 1%, ie big corporations, crooks & thieves“. The West supports dictators, terrorists and anti-democracy groups in the name of national interests. “The West used the same logic for justifying Slavery, Colonialism, [Fascism or Nazism]”[+] The West thinks that Iranians don’t talk about ‘National Interests’, because Iranians are stupid or weak! But as many Iranians say: “We didn’t support the Mullah presence in Lebanon, Syria, etc because they often help pigs/ bad guys, and because we thought that the West/ Jews are better than pigs! But now, when the West/ Jews are anti-Democracy, anti-Iran, anti-Peace & anti-Humanity (they kill/ hurt innocent people), we support Iran’s presence in the region and all parts of the world. We know our national interests”. Now, the wise Iranians say to the West: “We know what is national interests, geopolitics, etc. But we think the Truth, the Good, and all humans are more important than one nation or one race. We will be happy to see the progress and development of other humans. We know it can lead to a better world and a better life. But you, the Savage West, cannot understand such things. You are animals. Your main law is the law of the jungle. You say: ‘When Persian power is on the rise, it is not the time to back away from the ME’! [*] But what are you doing in our region? What if the Iranian army and others go to Europe and North America?! and What if Iranians and others act like you, idiots?! Iranians are able to destroy/ dominate you, idiots. If you only understand force and hate the power of logic, Iranians can speak to you with the logic of power”. They also add: “The post-2009 era revealed the West’s true colors, and made Iranians aware. Now, the racist West openly says that the main issue is not the Mullah regime, but is the Persian Power and a free/ democratic Iran! So, as almost all Iranians say: ‘Now, Iran must have everything, including nukes and modern weapons. Yah, the Persian Lion is waking up. But it’s just the beginning. Persians have become aware, now they say: This Barbarian West must be stopped. And We, Iranians, will stop them. We will break/ cut their beak !“.


In this year, many Iranians say: “We thought that the West is not savage and uncultured. ‘Fekr Mikardim Adamand !’ (We thought they are humans/ good guys!). But now it’s clear that they are ‘Yek Mosht Barbar & Vahshi Bi-Farhang !’ (a bunch of barbarians & uncultured savages)”. Now, many ordinary Westerners/ Iranians put comments, and say: “With the exception of UK, US and Is-r-a-el, all nations on earth desire only peace .. Why shouldn’t Iran have nuclear weapons? Worse states have them .. When was the last time Iran attacked any other country? How many countries in the region and the whole world have such a non-aggressive record? .. The West has no right to be interfering in the ME and other parts of the World .. When we, Iranians, see the Hypocrisy of the West, and this fact that they just want to hurt us, we support any efforts to have nuclear weapons .. What is being called ‘the West’ is nothing more than our stupid politicians .. UK tries to use their Machiavellic principle of divide to conquer .. UK hands are full of blood .. I am a Chinese student. Iran is great. Go to Iran, it’s different than you think .. The West is a paper tiger. The West should not play with the Persian Lion’s tail ! .. The Mullah regime is a British puppet regime. Mullahs are pro-Arab and anti-Persia .. Iran must enjoy real democracy. Iran must have nuclear weapons“. As some wise Iranians say: “Many know what happened in the Shah’s era. In the 1960s-1970s, Israel, Pakistan, India, etc wanted to have nukes. But when Iran wanted to have nukes, the West/ Jews started to topple the Shah. In the 1970s, Mullahs that worked for the UK/ USA, started to oppose Iran’s nuclear programs. What Mullahs said in the 1970s, was exactly like what Reza Pahlavi and other traitors say today. The West’s stooges have always tried to keep Iran weak and unfree. Iran could have nukes and many things in the 1970s. But at that time, the Shah was a big idiot and a corrupted dictator; and the West could topple the stupid Shah with the help of Islamists/ traitors -who served the West’s interests- because Iranians were naive. But now, Iranians have become ware. Now, they say: ‘Iran, even this regime, must have nukes’. In the 2010s, Iranians will not repeat the 1970s mistakes”. Recently, the stupid West tells many anti-Iranian jokes. As some wise Iranians say: ‘The West’s anti-Iran Sanctions is a big insult to all nations. The US openly says to all nations: ‘We decide about you, your domestic affairs, your foreign relations, and your trades’! Now, they say: ‘Georgia has become the new Dubai [!] Iranian companies are marketing their products in Georgia [!!] Companies registered by Iranians in Georgia shot up to 1,489 last year from just 84 in 2010. Georgian officials say they regard Iran as too important to ignore. [But we should not allow] Georgia and Iran to have economic relations [!!]” (WJS, June 2013). Can you believe it?! They openly eat such shits that is bigger that their mouth. The Barbarian West thinks that all nations should bow to a bunch of US faggots! But now, Iranians clearly declare: ‘Instead of caring about a stupid wasteland like Dubai, we must invest in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, and other parts of Great Iran. The people of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, and all parts of the Caucasus and Great Iran are our own people. Our strategic investment and our strategic approach for developing all parts of Great Iran, is in the interests of Iran and the civilized world”. They also add: “We care about all humans. Even if the two countries of North America would become 50 to 60 countries (after the End of USA), we would not act like the West, and would not try to exploit them by using ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics. But if the West attacks our interests at our home/ region, we will pay them back for what they did in the past 300 years; and those barbarians who exploited other nations in the past 300 years will be sent to hell”. The West’s anti-Iran Racism/ Sanctions just show us the West’s confusion, bankruptcy, idiocy and evilness. As some wise Iranians say: “The Barbarian West thinks that all humans/ all nations are slaves of a bunch of Western faggots! But now, even their media talk about ‘the shocking evidence of Americas weakening position in the world ‘, and confess: ‘The World Kicks Sand In Uncle Sam’s Face‘ (Forbes, June 2013). They say that Japan, India, China, etc work with Iran, and don’t want to be slaves of America! Iran have, and should have, good relations with all countries in South America, Africa, Asia, and all parts of Great Iran and all independent nations. Iran, the land or Aryans, can also have good relations with many European nations -like Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, etc. In the recent years, we could know our friends and our enemies better. It was a godsend for Iran. The fate of Iran’s enemies and those who obey the law of the jungle, is clear. They are on the wrong side of history, and will go to hell”.

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