2013 Facts: Egypt and End of the West

“People like Aaron Swartz and Edward Snowden show that the End of America and the End of the West is near. The US and the West used to pretend that they care about Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights. But now, they openly and shamelessly defend Tyranny, Censorship, Surveillance, Oppression, or violating basic human rights. Now, the US bullies Europe into arresting dissidents, violating basic rights, or withdrawing their offer of asylum, and Europe obeys America like a slave. ‘The plane of Evo Morales was forced to land, because the US believed it was carrying the American whistleblower Snowden! France and Spain were the first to cancel air permits. Morales’s plane was forced to land in Austria, and Europeans searched the plane of Bolivian president for Snowden’!, the media reported. The West has lost its mind. The West has become a stupid Tyranny and an enemy of Human Rights. European Leaders -ie obedient slaves to US Big Brother- just prove that Europe is nothing but a slave of America”, some wise Iranians say. The story of Snowden has become so informative. As the wise Iranians say: “Snowden is a human and a political asylum seeker. According to the Geneva Convention and the Charter of Human Rights, If a political activist seeks asylum to be defended against violence or prosecution in his country, in this case the US, the world should protect him. Europe must be hosting this person because he is a human and a political asylum seeker. But US and Europe -ie the land of Fascism, Nazism, Colonialism, Barbarism and Big Brother- don’t care about Freedom, Democracy, or Human Rights. Europe just licks the ass of USA”. It’s really shameful that even the so-called Civil Society in the West don’t care about Snowden’s basic rights. As some wise Iranians say: “Only a few Westerners defend Snowden’s basic rights and protest against their police states. The West’s Civil Society is non-existent or death. The Western media openly say: ‘Snowden should be treated as a Cold War spy’. But only if USA becomes USSA/ USSR, Snowden becomes a Cold War spy! What the US says/ does about Snowden is like removing the mask from the West’s face. Snowden showed that in the United States of Assholes (USA) truth-tellers are bad guys, but crooks, thieves, censors and big lairs are heroes“. The US and the West act like the worst tyrannies in history. They even say: “We Need Mass Surveillance; Surveillance keeps us safe” (July 2013). But as the wise Iranians say: “Yah, Big Brother keeps us safe! All dictators tell such jokes. Fascist states say surveillance/ censorship keeps us safe! Mullahs say tyranny/ censorship keeps us safe! Brutal dictators say Dictatorship keeps us safe! But it’s clear that they just want to keep Tyranny/ Orwellian System safe”. The West has lost its mind. As Americans say: “US media present whistleblowers as extremists or traitors”! It’s really shameful. “The West is the Empire of Lies, in which truth-tellers are traitors! But if Swartz, Manning, or Snowden is A Traitor, then all Americans and all Europeans are Slaves!”, the wise guys say. The West is really nearing the End. But it’s funny that other nations are becoming aware, and expose the power of public awareness.


“Egyptians were not only carrying anti-Morsi signs. They were also carrying anti-Obama and anti-American signs with slogans like Obama Supports Terrorism, Obama Supports Dictator Morsi, Obama Backs Up a Fascist Regime in Egypt’, ‘We know what You (America & Islamists) did last Summer’!, ‘Obama, Your Bitch is Our Dictator’. Egyptians were carrying pictures of US ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, with slogans like ‘You and Your Country Go to Hell’, ‘Kick This American Bitch Out of Egypt’. America and Obama are big losers”, the people media report. It’s funny that even Egyptians have become aware, and they can see the truth of what Iranians say about the West and Islamists. As some wise Iranians say: “Obama revealed the true face of America. Just think about Obama’s crap in the recent years: ‘Obama 2009: We cannot say Mullahs/ Islamist must go’! Obama 2011: Mubarak Must Go! Obama 2013: Its not our job to say Egypts leaders (Islamist dictators) must go!’. It’s obvious that the US/ CIA supports Islamists, because Islamists aid the US in keeping the ME backward, week and dependent. Many know why Iranians say: ‘Obama and America Back Up Islamists‘. Now, even Americans say: ‘Iranians understand Obama better than Americans and warn us’. But the US regime and US lefts both support Islamists and Islamic dictators. And sooner or later, Americans will say: Iranians understand Chomsky and lefts better than Americans and warned us”. People’s comments in the mass media show that many are becoming aware. Now, many say: “US is now beginning to reap the fruits of its insane police of backing Islamists, terrorists, and dictators .. Egyptians see the truth: USA supports Islamists .. US stance on Egypt’s Islamists is a big scandal in US history .. US media and Western media censor [real news/ pictures of Egypt], because Egyptians chant anti-American & anti-Obama slogans! .. We support Muslim/ Christian/ Jewish theocracy”. Now, as Egyptians say: “Egyptians Blame Obama For Morsi Dictatorship. Egyptians blame the US for helping Morsi & Muslim Brotherhood”. It’s really important that Egyptians chant both anti-Morsi and anti-American slogans. As some wise Iranians say: “The West’s intellectuals condemn Egyptians, because they ousted an Islamist dictator. The Western intellectuals love Islamists and brutal dictators. But many people, even in Egypt, are wiser and smarter than these Western jerks who call themselves Intellectuals. Now, many say: ‘Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood work for the CIA’. Many know why and how the US supported Morsi and Islamists”. They also add: “Now, even the Mullah TV says good things! What Mullah analysts say is better and wiser that what the Western analysts say. When the US and lefts defend Islamists and Morsi, some Mullah analysts say Morsi was a puppet, Islamist dictator who forced all people to obey Islamists! They also add: ‘In Egypt and Arab states, Islamists say people should obey rulers/ politicians (ie Olel-Amr). It’s a reactionary view. They say people should not protest and should obey politicians’! It’s funny that Mullahs say such things. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black! The Mullah TV even says: ‘What Egypt army did was not a coup. It was fulfillment of the popular will. But the West says it’s undemocratic. But what is democracy? People choose a representative, based on his promises. But when he breaks his promises and betrays people, people can depose him. It’s Democracy’. The Mullah TV has become so modern! And it’s so funny, specially when almost all Western media defend tyranny and terrorists”. As the wise Iranians say: “If the anti-Morsi revolt is a coup, then the anti-Mubarak revolt is a 100% US-backed coup. The anti-Morsi revolt is like the anti-Mubarak revolt, but the West, lefts and Islamists deny the truth. Now, many Mullahs lick US ass and support Salafis, Wahhabis, and other savage & anti-Iran Islamists in Egypt. But the wise analysts, even at the Mullah TV, know why the West and Islamists hate Democracy. In a real democracy, what people want is important, not what politicians want. In a real democracy, people can change anything/ anybody at any time. In a real democracy, the power of people is the main force, and if politicians betray people, then people can depose them. But US/ EU politicians and their stooges hate real democracy. They break their promises and betray people, but they say people should accept them for many years, and people cannot depose them after 1 year! It’s the West’s logic, that is so undemocratic”.


“Countries like Britain, America, or France are police states and surveillance states. ‘France runs vast spying operation using NSA-style methods. France has spied on French public’s phone calls, emails and internet activity. Le Monde says data from emails, text messages, phone records, and internet activity going through sites such as Google, Facebook or Yahoo was stocked for years on vast servers in the basement of the DGSE headquarters’ !, the media report. Now Le Monde says: ‘French Big Brother is able to spy on anybody at any time. All of our communications are spied on’. Now, many say: ‘French Orwellian system is the biggest Orwellian centre in Europe after the English! English Big Brother is much worse than French Big Brother and US Big Brother’. Britain is a bad Orwellian state. Recently, an activist, Trenton Oldfield, protested at UK government cuts. His protest was peaceful. He swam in front of the crews during the 158th Boat Race on the Thames. But ‘Oldfield was given a 6-month jail term, because his protest halted the race for minutes! He served 2 months in jail’. And now, the Brit order him to leave UK. In the Land of Barbarians (UK), Protest is not free, as Comment is not free. All comments and all cartoons that tell the truth, are censored in the UK. All British media, from the BBC to the Guardian, are Big Brother’s media. In the Land of Big Brother (UK), nothing is free except licking the ass of Queen and politicians!”, some wise Iranians say. It’s really shameful. As some wise Iranians say: “Now their media report: ‘hidden microphones have been found in the office of Ecuador’s ambassador in London. MI5/ MI6 normally be tasked with concealing listening devices in buildings such as embassies in the UK’. But it surprises no one. As the BBC says: ‘Spying on foreign embassies is nothing new in the UK’ ! Britain is the land of spies, bastards, and barbarians. But now even USA becomes as Orwellian as UK. And it’s the real tragedy”. They also add: “Western Democracy is a fake democracy. To be democratic a country at least must have a constitution that regulates the government. But Britain has never established a constitution! Britain has no written constitution. The Queen and her stooges control everything, even the media, in the UK. The unwritten laws is a joke, like unwritten books! But in the UK, the unwritten laws of unwritten books are the pillars of the so-called British Democracy!”. They also add: “The Jewish state has no written constitution, too. With Judaism as the constitution, Is-r-a-el is a Theocracy, not a Democracy. But the Jewish/ British leaders refer to bribery, embezzlement, corruption, censorship, tyranny, and surveillance as Democracy! NetanYabu is a corrupt, brutal dictator. But in the West, he is a hero!”. They also add: “In the West, Democracy means Lobbying, ie Corruption, Bribery, and Embezzlement. They sell and buy everything, including laws, freedom, and democracy. In the past, they wore mask to hide their true colors. But now, they remove their mask and act like brutal dictators; and it’s the end of the West. Now even Egyptians know the West and Islamists, and say: “Islamists are puppets of America .. Islamists see Morsi’s removal as US betrayal ! .. Obama Warns Against Arrests of Morsi and Islamists! But Obama didnt show the same concern about the arrest of Mubarak! Morsi is a US puppet .. Its not about elections. Hitler was elected too .. Islamists serve the US interests .. Shame on the US and the CNN .. Hagues says UK does not support Egypt army. UK only supports Islamists .. It’s not just an anti-Islamic revolt, but it’s an anti-American revolt’. It’s really funny that even Egyptians have become aware, and repeat what Iranians say”.


“The protests in Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, etc show that people can change many things. People can get rid of politicians and Big Brothers. We, ordinary people, can force bad guys to accept our power and our rights. But unfortunately, Americans act like a backward nation. As some Americans say: ‘Massive surveillance make Americans hesitate to sign petitions’. But such fears just lead to Tyranny/ Fascism in America. Americans should learn from Iranians and those who have the balls to protest against brutal dictators. If Americans remain silent, then America would be a third world/ fascist state soon”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Europe denied Snowden asylum, and even blocked Morales’ flight because of Snowden. But how many Westerners protest against it? As some Americans say: ‘US army bases are blocking access to all reporting about Snowden and mass surveillance. This government would block access for all of us. This blockage may be a precursor to that’. But how many Americans protest against such disasters? The End of the West is really near”. As the wise Iranians say: “Big Brother tries to control and scare Westerners. But instead of fearing, they should protest against the Big Brother, the American Tyranny, the British Barbarism, or the Orwellian systems in Europe. Now, ‘Some Germans are filing criminal charges against the US over NSA spying’. It’s good, but it’s not enough. The West needs mass protest and public awareness. Now some Westerners say: ‘If They Can Lie About NSA/ Snowden, They Can Lie About Egypt & Iran”. It’s good, but Westerners should try to know more about the 2009 Coup in Iran, or the 2011 Farce in Egypt”. They also add: “Democracy needs informed people -an informed public. When people live like sheep, they need Shepherds. And politicians play the role of Shepherds. Only when people become aware and stop living like sheep, they can get rid of politicians and big brothers. In the US and the West, most people are so ignorant/ stupid. They know nothing about the so-called Western Democracy, that is a very very indirect democracy, but a very very direct tyranny. But we all need real Democracy, not Western Democracy. We should not allow politicians/ jerks to decide on behalf of people. We don’t need representatives. We need a democracy in which each person has a voice and can vote and decide ‘in favor of’ or ‘against’ each law. In the age of the internet, we can have direct democracy. We can get rid of politicians and big brothers”. We have already written about this important issue [*]. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Most Westerners don’t know, or don’t care, that America becomes a third world/ fascist state, or the West becomes the land of surveillance, censorship, brainwashing, corruption, big lies, etc. They don’t care that the West is racist and hurt other humans, including Iranians. But we tell them: ‘Your stupidities just lead to a Blatant Tyranny in the West. And it’s the End of the West, Stupid!”. As the wise Iranians say: “The End of the West is near. So, the Westerners should try to learn from Iranians and other nations. They should know Fake Democracy, Fake intellectuals, etc. They should become aware. Informed public can put end to the West’s Orwellian Tyranny. Never underestimate the power of people. Informed public are able to create a better world and a better life”.

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[*] Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change .

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