Persian Power, Iranian Lions, and Anti-Iran West

July 4, 2013

“The End of America, and the End of the West is really near. Just take a look at Snowden’s story. The Savage West has lost its mind. European barbarians openly aid savage Americans in violating basic human rights, and prove that the West is the main Enemy of Human Rights. US Congress and savage Americans openly defend Tyranny, Oppression, Racism, Fascism, etc and show that we all should refer to America as the Fascist America, the Racist America, or the Savage America. It’s funny that even Egyptians have become aware, and see Morsi and Islamists as ‘Stooges of America’, and chant anti-Obama & anti-Morsi slogans. The West is a big, bad loser. Now, the Savage West clearly says that they want to hurt the Iranian people. But as their media confess: ‘Persian Lion has not lost its power .. Persian power is on the rise!”, some wise Iranians say. Recently, the Western media are full of anti-Iran propaganda and racist crap -like ‘Persian power: Can Iran be stopped?’ (June 2013)- that we should write more about them later. But the story of “the Anti-Iran West and Persian Power” has become funny and informative. As the media report: ‘In the 2013 FIVB World League, Iran volleyball team outscored team Italy in two games. Iran made the biggest surprise and defeated the best European team’ or ‘June 28, 2013: Iran defeated the eight-time World League winners Italy, in an extraordinary game in Modena, Italy. Iran has already defeated Serbia, the last years bronze medalist’ or ‘June 30, 2013: Iran defeated France in the FIVB U19 World Championship’ or ‘Iran beat Italy 3-1, but Italy won the 2nd game [ended 3-2] with the help of referee and dirty tricks. Iranian lions brought team Italy to its knees’. Sports are not important, but the anti-Iran West and their shameful behavior is another matter. As many say: “The West is racist. Their anti-Iran Racism & their anti-Iran propaganda attack all Iranians. The Racist West is uncultured and stupid. As Italians revealed, when they see that the Persian Lion can defeat the West’s paper tiger in a clean game, they use all dirty tricks to win a dirty game. The Anti-Iran West knows that in the game of Logic, Culture, Civilization, or in any Fair Play, they cannot defeat Persia. But it’s funny that even with the help of Mullahs/ traitors and all dirty/ barbaric tricks, the West’s paper tiger cannot defeat the Persian Lion. The West has confused and is helpless”.


As some Iranians say: “The anti-Iran West censors everything. Even pictures of Iranian fans are censored. The West tries to not allow the world to know real Iranians and true Iran. Hundreds of Iranian fans in Italy shocked Italians, but when you search/ google for their pictures, you find nothing! [Iranian fans in Italy were like what you see here]. The West and Islamists are anti-Iran. When normal humans at the Mullah TV show a few pictures of Iranian fans, Islamist rapists and Basiji faggots like Ali Motahari protest against it! These Islamists, who are the 1% in Iran, suppress the 99% with the help of the West”. They also add: “Iranian fans in Italy proved many things; and after the first match, Italian officials used many dirty tricks to not allow Iranians to come and support team Iran”. As some wise Iranians say: “Real news/ pictures of Iran and Iranians are among the rare things in the internet. But why?! The West and search engines censor/ boycott everything [including our website!] that tells the truth about Iran and Iranians”. They also add: “Most Westerners are ignorant. They even don’t know that Iran is Persia or Persia is Iran! But Julio Velasco, the well-known coach of Iran, is not ignorant. When Italian journalists asked him about Iran, Velasco said to them: ‘Iranians are not Arabs. Iranians don’t live like Arabs. Iranians are very different from Arabs. Iran is a safe, peaceful, and interesting country. Iran is [the land of Aryans]. Iranians are cultured people of an ancient noble civilization. What [the West says] about Iran is wrong’. It’s funny that Velasco is much more Iranian than Mullahs and exiled journalists. Now, many Iranians say: Bravo Velasco! you don’t sell your soul .. Julio Velasco is more Iranian than Mullahs .. Velasco is a good guy. He is an Italian-Argentinean, but he is much more Iranian than Islamists, Pahlavists, and other traitors .. Good guys like Velasco tell the truth, but the anti-Iran West still pretends that Iran = Mullah! .. Mullahs and Islamists are anti-Iran, anti-Iranian, pro-Arab (Arab-parast), or Arabs. They kill Iranians and hate Iranian Civilization and Iranian Culture, and the West loves them and all Arab Locust-eaters”.


“Iranian fans and real Iranians can nullify and invalidate the West’s anti-Iran propaganda, and that’s why the West and the Western media censor pictures of Iranian fans”, many Iranians say. They also add: “It’s funny that both Mullahs and the West censor real pictures of Iranian. Mullahs have always aided the anti-Iran West in destroying the public image of Iran and Iranians . Mullahs and Islamists, aka Basiji faggots & Islamist whores, only serve the Anti-Iran West’s interests”. As some Iranians say: “Iranian fans in Italy were great. Their chants were so loud that people watching at home could hear them. But both Mullahs and the West hate Iranian fans and censor real Iranians. The West is anti-Truth and anti-Democracy. They support anti-democracy groups -ie Mullahs, Marxist-Islamists (MEK), Monarchists, etc- but they ban/ censor ordinary Iranians”. They also add: “Many know the story of the 2012 Olympics, and how Mullahs helped the anti-Iran West, and instead of strengthening Iranian Olympians, they just hurt our Olympians. But despite all sabotage, Iranian Olympians made a miracle: ‘If all countries of Middle East, Western Asia & Southern Asia -including all Arab states, Jewish state and many others- be considered as one country, then as the 2012 games showed: the number of this country’s medals is less than the number of Iran’s medals! Iran also had a better performance than Canada, Sweden, Spain, etc”. They also add: “If Mullahs and traitors didn’t help the anti-Iran West, then Iran could be a superpower again. Mullahs and traitors just try to play the role of the Brake Pedal in the path of progress in Iran. They are stooges of Big Brother”. As tourists say: “Those who travel to Iran find their preconceptions about Iran wrong; westerners find they are brainwashed by their media, and this ancient land (Iran) is different”. As some wise Iranians say: “The Racist West pretends that Iran’s regime = Iran’s people, while Mullahs are Arabs and pro-Arab (Arab-Parast), not Iranians. Iranian players and Iranian fans [see pix] expose today’s Iran, while the West and Mullahs both try to create a fake image of Iran. They are in fear of the Rise of Persia and Persians […] The media report: ‘Persian footballers facing jail for kissing fans’! Mullahs torture Iranians, destroy Iran’s image, and serve the Big Brother’s interests. But nothing can stop the lions of Persia”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Julio Velasco (born 1952), the head coach of Iran volleyball team and one of the biggest names in the volleyball world, is an Argentinean- Italian. And the head coach of Iran football team, Carlos Queiroz, former Real Madrid, Man United and Portugal coach, is a Portuguese. But both Velasco and Queiroz defend Iran and praise Iranians. They, like all ordinary Westerners who travel to Iran, say that the anti-Iran propaganda is shameful. As Velasco’s wife, Rebecca, says: Iran’s culture is a very very big and interesting culture. Persian poets, Iranian foods, etc are great. Iranians are very nice people. They are very gentle “. The bad guys in the West control and censor the media, the internet, and everything, but they cannot fool all people. Many Westerners still live like normal humans. As some Iranians say: “Many Italians are not bad guys. ‘We played well but not as good as Iranians. They played a fantastic match’, said some Italians. Many Italians know what is sport, what is racism/ fascism, or what is dirty game/ dirty politics. Iranians know obvious things, too. Iranians don’t say: ‘Italy’s people = Mussolini, Berlusconi, or Sicily Mafia’. But the anti-Iran West and their big lies -like Iran’s regime = Iran’s people- are so stupid”. They also add: ‘Many Westerners are not bad guys. The general atmosphere in Italy was good. Supporters cheered for their team and had fun. At the first match, Italians could see Iranian fans and it surprised them. But Italian officials used many dirty tricks to not allow Iranian fans to support team Iran at the second match, that was a weaker version of that football match in South Korea. South Koreans were really worse than Italian officials. South Koreans threw bottles, cans/ debris at Iranians. ‘As the Iranian players celebrated on the pitch at Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium, Korean fans threw water bottles and other items’, the media reported”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘All Asians, including Koreans, know the Persian Power and Iranian Lions. When you talk about Iran, its power and its history, you don’t talk about a regime, but you talk about people, culture, thousands of years of civilization, and many important facts. But the stupid coach of Korean team said anti-Iranian things, mixed sports with dirty politics, and ate a shit that was bigger than his mouth. Iranians called his comments ‘shameful’, and called for an apology. But instead of apologizing, the uncultured Koreans ate more shits, and their verbal attacks and racist comments didnt stop. Their politest words were uttered by their stupid captain, who said ‘I will make Iran captain shed tears of blood’! The silence of Korean federation and Korean officials was shameful. Instead of apologizing for the shameful comments of their coach, they put his big picture everywhere, even in Iran’s locker room! But team Iran defeated them at their home. The uncultured Koreans confused, hurled bottles and debris at Iranians, and punched the Iranian goalkeeper in the face. But do you know what the mass media said about such things?! They censored everything! The FIFA and the West’s mass media said nothing about the uncultured Koreans and their shameful behavior. The West and the mass media censored news, pictures, and everything. But you should ask yourself: ‘what if, God Forbids, Iranians acted like Koreans? Then from morning to night, the West and the mass media would open their dirty mouth and would bullshit the world”. They also add: “The uncultured Koreans (not all Koreans) and their shameful anti-Iran Racism remind many of the anti-Iran West and its stooges. It’s so shameful that South Korea becomes a puppet of the anti-Iran West”.


As some Iranians say: “South Korean media and Korean officials showed that they are puppets of Big Brother. Instead of apologizing for their shameful behavior, they blamed Iran’s coach, Queiroz, and talked about ‘Queiroz’s aggressive behavior’! and said: ‘At the end of the game, he offered our coach obscene gesture’! The West censored everything, and just covered Queiroz’s reaction! And it’s one of their main Orwellian tactics. They censor everything, tell big lies, ‘Connect Fart to Forehead’ (ie try to connect unrelated things), and try to mislead and brainwash people. But many are not stupid. Now some Westerners say: ‘Korean officials blame Iranians, while they provoked Iranians and Korean fans showered the field with plastic bottles‘. Now, even Koreans say: many Korean fans said they felt ashamed of the crowd’s behavior. But newspapers pointed the finger of blame at Iran”. Many Koreans are not bad guys, and as some Iranians say: “The Anti-Iran West uses ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics and poisons everything, even sports and entertainment, with dirty politics. We, Iranians, don’t want to judge Korea by its bad guys or its uncultured fans. But we ask: ‘What if some Iranians acted like Koreans? what would the mass media and the anti-Iran West said?! Koreans and their coach deserve an ‘up-yours’ gesture. But it’s funny that the West defends them, and praises Racism! The West is really the Great Evil. The World League debutants Iran defeats Italy, and reveals the Persian Power, but the anti-Iran West pretends that the Iranian Lions are weak and cannot defeat Big Brother and his little dogs, Zionists. Iran is the world champion in many fields – even in the FIVB U19 World Championship. But the West censors such facts, because facts show that if Iran can be free and independent, then Iran can easily be a superpower again. The West obeys the law of the jungle. They know that Persia will not allow them to hurt and exploit other nations, and that’s why they are worried about the Persian Power”.


“According to dictionaries, ‘the Law of the Jungle’ means: ‘(1) the idea that people should only look after themselves and not care about other people if they want to succeed (2) the principle that only the strongest creatures will stay alive’. In the West, the main law is the law of the jungle“, the wise Iranians say. We would write about this issue later. But as some wise Iranians say: “Their media clearly say: ‘Iran should not become the regional hegemon [!!] It is not in the Wests interest [!]’ (June 2013). The Barbarian West knows that a free and strong Iran will not allow a bunch of barbarians and human-eaters to exploit and enslave other nations. The West stupidly says: ‘When Persian power is on the rise, it is not the time to back away from the Middle East’! (June 2013), but no one asks them: “What are you doing in the Middle East?! What if the Iranian army and others go to Europe and North America?! What if Iranians act like you, idiots?!”. As the wise Iranians say: “The West is so stupid. We tell them: ‘Hey idiots, you only understand force and the law of the jungle. But Iranians are not stupid, and it’s their decency (Nejabat)/ wisdom, not their foolishness (Hemaghat)/ weakness, that prevent them from acting/ thinking like you. Iranians know that the Truth, the Good, all humans/ good guys are more important than one nation, one race, or one tribe. But your low IQs don’t allow you to understand such things. We care about all humans and human values. But you are animals, and your main law is the law of the jungle. You are racists, fascists, and big idiots. Iranians say: ‘Those who work/ practice better/ harder should win a match. If Iran wins all matches, it’s boring. Sports, entertainment, etc should create joy, peace, good feelings and good things for all humans’. We, Iranians, will be happy to see the progress and development of other humans and other nations; we know it’s in the interests of all humans, and can lead to a better world, a better life, and a win-win situation. But you, the savage West, cannot understand such things. You are anti-Progress and anti-Peace. Yah, Persia and Persian power is on the rise, and it scares you. You and your stooges (Mullahs & other anti-democracy forces) just want to keep Iran week, dependent, and unfree. But we, today’s Persians, never let this happen. And we say to Great Iran: ‘Iran, the Land of Aryans, Wake up! The Persian Lion Wake up! Great Persia, the Cradle of Civilization, wake up and put an end to the Evil Empire of the Savage West”.