Iran Sports, Iranian Heroes and Western Retards

July 30, 2013

“The West is really turning into a backward cesspool. Now ‘the Australian Retards’ and the Western Racists show that they are backward people, whose logic is ‘Mantegh Mazafar’ ! (A Barbaric Logic that belongs to the Stone Age!). They have nothing to say. They just show you why the Western Logic is ‘Bullying’, Censorship, ‘Telling Big Lies’, etc; and why the West’s brain is in its ass. The Western Retards are laughable. Their views belong to the Stone Age. Their IQ is less than zero. They have no answer and no rational explanation for our questions. They know nothing about the world, history, civilization and human values. Iranian Logic confuses the Western Retards. Now, what they do and say just prove why the West is turning into a backward cesspool, and why the West is still savage, uncultured, anti-Democracy, anti-Humanity, anti-Peace, anti-Progress, and anti-Logic“, some wise Iranians say. We have already written about the Barbarian West and the long history of Barbarians and Barbarism in Europe and Britain [5]. And we should write more about the Backward West and the Western Retards. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now many things -from the tragedy of Snowden and the parody of ‘Democracy & UK Royal Baby’ ! to the dark history of Barbarism & Racism in Australia- tell the truth about the Backward West”. In these years, the Western Retards just make Iranians aware. As the wise Iranians say: “What the West did and said in these years is among the most informative events in history. The 2009 Coup and the 2013 Show create a unique era that tells the truth about the West, Mullahs, Islamists, journalists, pseudo intellects, spies, traitors, etc”. They also add: “When Iranians were ‘writing’ about Human values and Civilization, Westerners were eating humans and were savage barbarians. But today’s Iranians don’t say all Westerners are still barbarians, or all Westerners = Western pigs. But the Western Retards say Iran’s Regime = Iran’s People!, while we all know who is behind the anti-Iranian Mullah regime. Not only the 2009 coup and killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians, but many other historic facts -from Guadeloupe Conference, Sullivan-Huyser missions, UK-US-Mullahs links in the 1970s, and Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980s to the AN’s era and the post-2009 farces- show who is behind the Mullah regime. Even before the 2013 Mullah Show, we all could see how the US/ UK media help Mullahs and tell big lies about Iran and the 2013 Show. Several books can be written about the big lies that were told by the Orwellian media like the AP, the BBC, the Guardian, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, the Economist, RFE/ RL, etc in 2013”. It’s obvious why almost all Iranians are mad at the West. We have already written about the whys, and also about those who sow the seeds of hate (check Archive). But as some Iranians say: “Many Westerners are blind and stupid. They live like sheep, and even don’t know that Mullahs and West are exchanging green signals. Now, Khamenei/ Mullahs try to eat both ‘Onions and Sticks’. They still defend the 2009 coup and the Jewish Spy (AN), and allow AN to repeat his big lies. But the West censors such news; they even say nothing about what AN [AhmadiNejad] did to Iran’s economy. But we, Iranians, know what happened in the AN’s era. Iranians know that the average inflation rate in the AN’s era is more than 700%. Iranians know how AN created the greatest inflation rate, the greatest embezzlements, the greatest corruption /mismanagement, and the stupidest crises in Iran’s history. Iranians know how AN destroyed National Products, how AN implemented the IMF plans, how AN served the West’s interests, and how AN helped the West’s anti-Iran sanctions. Iranians know this Jewish Spy (AN) and British Mullahs. [For more info, check Archive]. The Western Sheeple are brainwashed by their media; but Iranians know who is who, and who is behind the Mullah regime”. The West and its Orwellian media not only censor the news/ facts about politics, economics, sciences, people, basic rights, etc, but they even censor the news/ facts about sports and entertainment. So, here lets take a look at some censored facts about Iran’s sports. It can be informative.


As the people media report: “Iranian climbers, Puya Keyvani, Aidin Bozorgi and Mojtaba Jarahi [above picture] went missing while descending the Broad Peak. These Iranians used a new route, known as the Iranian Route, on Broad Peak summit”. The story of these Iranian climbers is like the story of Iran’s sports. As some wise Iranians say: “The West censors everything -even facts/ news about sports ! Now, the couch of Iran football team, Carlos Queiroz, says Iran’s regime tries to weaken Iran’s team just before the 2014 World Cup. But he knows nothing about the anti-Iranian Mullah regime, and what they did to Iran’s team in the 1998/ 2006 World Cups. But Iranians know the truth. In these years, many events reveal the truth. For instance, Iran was a world power in the world of Futsal. With an Iranian coach, Shams, Iran rivaled Brazil and Spain. Iran could beat Spain, Brazil, etc. Shams and Iranians said: ‘Iran must win the World Championship’. But do you know what Mullahs did, and what happened to the Iranian coach, Shams? Mullahs fired him, and destroyed Iran’s team! Mullahs, as the most anti-Iranian pigs in the world, just play the role of Brake Pedal in the path of Progress in Iran. It’s their mission. It’s what the West wants them. There are many other examples. For instance, in the world of Taekwondo, Iran is a world power. An Iranian couch made Iran’s team the World Champion. For the first time in history, one team (Iran’s team) could win the 2011 World Championship inside Korea! Iran’s couch, as the world’s best couch, said: ‘This team will be the 2012 Olympic Champion’. But do you know what Mullahs did, and what happened to Iran’s coach?! Just before the Olympics, Mullahs fired him and destroyed Iran’s team! As all Iranians know, Iran’s wrestling team, Iran’s archery team, Iran’s rowing team, Iran’s weightlifting team, Iran’s athletics team, Iran’s swimming team, and almost all Iranian teams have the same story: Those teams/ federations/ couches/ etc who are successful, and can win the world championship or can make Iran a world power, are systematically suppressed, fired, or destroyed by the anti-Iran Mullahs. As all Iranians know, about 6 months before the 2012 Olympics, Mullahs changed most federations/ couches who wanted to participate in the Olympic games! Can you believe it?! AN and Anti-Iran Mullahs did their best to make Iran unsuccessful. Iranians still remember how Iranian Olympians cried and said why Mullahs change their coach, their manager, their federation, etc. But how many non-Iranians are aware of such facts? The West censors everything”. Unfortunately, the West censors what Iranians say about the Racist West, the anti-Iranian pigs, or even about Iran’s sports. Now, some wise Iranians say: “As the Snowden’s story revealed, the Western Retards just try to Blame/ Shoot the Messengers. It’s their Logic! They just hurt Iranians. But as the world of sports shows: Despite all obstacles, Iranians go forwards. Mullahs and the West just try to slow down Iran’s progress. But Iran (Persia) is becoming a world power again, and no one can stop the brave Persians”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Even in the world of sports, you can see how the anti-Iranian Mullahs oppress Iranians and replace the talented/ successful Iranians with Islamist pigs. Mullahs and exiled journalists lick the West’s ass, destroy Iran and its image, and just obey the West’ orders. They and the West know that if one nation can defeat the West, and if one nation can be better than the West in all fields and all domains, it’s Iran (Persia), the Cradle of Civilization. So, they just try to keep Iran weak and unfree. And that’s why they help Mullahs, censor the voices of Iranians, and support all anti-democracy groups”, some wise Iranians say. The Western Retards live like sheep, and just repeat the big lies that are told by their media. As some wise Iranians say: “The West’s Sheeple know nothing about Iran or the world. Their media don’t allow them to know real heroes. Hollywood and the Western media just make fake heroes. The West and the Western media censor everything, even Borzorgi’s letter. They only say: ‘Before the expedition, Bozorgi wrote a letter that suggests the group were unhappy with the federation’s management’ ! (Guardian, 24 July 2013). But what is Bozorgi’s letter that the West censors it?” They also add: “Parasto A. posted Bozorgi’s letter on her blog ‘Khak’. Before his departure for Broad Peak, Aidin Bozorgi wrote this letter and asked her to publish it in proper time. In his letter, Aidin writes: ‘In the name of Broad Peak and with the hope for change .. we want to climb mountains .. we dont want to be under their pressure .. we dont want to be blind .. We want our own way, our own path .. We are here on an 8000er to engrave our Irans name. We are here to murmur: [We restore Great Iran] .. Who is able to stand in front of our resolution? … Danger is fearful of our resolution. [We] don’t need permission form those sitting behind a desk and think of themselves as authorities. Those [idiots] who think of themselves as elites‘. Aidin and Iranians know who is who. In his letter, Aidin added: ‘Our resolution is to fly high .. Our resolution has roots deep within [Iran’s history] .. it doesn’t know defeat, doesn’t understand obstruction, doesn’t think of being killed or ridiculed … [Mullahs/ authorities don’t care about us] .. We are not backed by government money .. [But] our support is our patience. Our support is you, the people, not the jealous ones .. Our support is you, not the fake heroes‘. Aidin and Iranians know the anti-Iranian Mullahs, the anti-Iranian Retards, the fake heroes, and the obstacles/ risks. But Iranian heroes like Aidin know what they should say and do. ‘We say, be afraid, your reign will end soon .. We say our goal is not the summit … Our intention it is not receiving Heroism decree, becoming elites; it’s not making noise, being on TV .. Our goal is to climb high, our goal is to experience, our goal is to see, to touch. Our goal is to learn, to learn from defeat. We say not having courage is shameful for us. Stagnation is shameful for us’, Aidin wrote. He also added: ‘We say laugh at our defeat, [but] our turn will come too. When our defeats will be like a ladder taking us up to the highest heights .. And from up there, our message will reach everyone .. Our message is the message of [Great Iran] .. It’s a message of change’. He also wrote: ‘We are not alone, this mountain is with us .. It’s calling us to its lost heavens .. It’s calling us because we had the audacity to attack its boundaries .. We are not alone. You support us. You who will continue this path, you who will keep alive this thought process. You who will not be deceived by [the West] and will not [act like Retards/ Whores]. It is you that are our pride, our motivation .. It is you that will always remain alive. The future belongs to you. The future depends on you. All you need to do is to have the desire, for the best, for the progress, for the highest and the firsts‘. It’s Aidin Bozorgi’s letter, that was censored. The West and Mullahs hate Iranians like Aidin Bozorgi. They know that Aidin and many Iranians inside Iran just remind you of Iranian Lions like Piruz Nahavandi (Abu Lolo), Behzad Khorasani (Abu Muslim), Babak Khoramdin, and many other heroes who bravely fought against the savage Arabs and the Iran’s enemies. The anti-Iran West just loves and needs British Mullahs and spies/ stooges like AN, Janati, Rohani, Khatami, Behnoud, etc. Mullahs and Islamists are Arabs, pro-Arab (Arab-parast), and anti-Iranian. The anti-Iran West asks them to keep Iran weak and unfree. And Islamists just serve the West’s interests”.


In these days, many talk about the three Iranian climbers. But the West and the Western Retards censor or boycott many facts – from Bozorgi’s letter to what an American Climber, Scott Powrie, wrote in his blog [1]: “I met the Iranian team in Islamabad .. I was expecting that Iranians would not wait [for us] and would instead want to get to the mountain [ASAP]. But, as I soon would find, the Iranian team was comprised of good-hearted men, very nice and thoughtful of others .. The Iranian team was made up of the highest quality individuals .. Base camp life with these guys was wonderful .. They had brought many goods from Iran; cheese, meats, pickled veg, dried fruit, nuts. This was their own food to sustain them for the entire expedition and they didn’t need to share. But they were very giving and wanted us to feel welcome and try their [Iranian foods], offering all of what they had for us to try”[1]. What Powrie saw is the Culture of the Cradle of Civilization (Iran) and its good-hearted men, who are ‘thoughtful of others’. As the wise Iranians say: “In the Land of Human Values (Iran), people care about all humans. But in the Racist West, the main law is the law of the jungle [4]. The Western Retards don’t know that your culture and your thoughts, not your tools, show whether you are backward people or not. The stupid Westerners are Modern Sheeple. As Iranians tell them: ‘You still think or act like your savage ancestors, and your views/ values belong to the Stone Age. You live like Sheep and use modern tools. You are Modern Sheep [4]”. As Powrie says: “Iranians extended the same giving nature on the mountain. One of our climbers, Brian, had an accident near C1. He had fallen and broken his leg in 6 places. Mojtaba was descending from C3 and was exhausted. [But] even as weak as he was he gave aid to Brian, helping to lower him down the fixed lines and even lent his ascender to a HAP to help finish the rescue”[1]. It’s the Iranian Culture. But the US pigs and the Western Retards desperately try to hurt such great nation. As some wise Iranians say: “Iranian climbers just remind you of this fact that the Iranian legends -from all living legends to Arash (that ‘Archery’ came from his name) and the long list of the ancient Iran’s legends- are real heroes who show the world our glorious Culture and our glorious Civilization”. As Powrie says: “I have been lucky enough to live in many different places and meet many different people. Some good, some bad and in some rare cases you meet some who evoke a powerful feeling of good inside you, almost like a white light of happiness. These people are the ones that make this world a better place to live .. There are so few of these special people .. Aidin, Puya, and Mojtaba are of these few, rare people … The entire Iranian team was a great show of talent and character, an amazing reflection of their country from which they came” [1]. People like Scott Powrie are good guys, simply because they don’t tell big lies, and don’t act/ think like the Western Retards/ Racists. Powrie says: “Iranians that we had been climbing with made an incredible summit on a new route up Broad Peak. It was a monstrous achievement for these extremely talented climbers .. I will keep my thoughts with them and hope they will read this themselves when they are rescued” [1]. I know that many Americans/ Westerners are good guys like Powrie. But unfortunately, they are silent, and the bad guys/ retards have the upper hand in the US and the West, and it’s the real tragedy.


In these days, you can hear all sorts of rumors about the three Iranian climbers. As experts say: “It’s not clear what has happened to them. They successfully reached the summit of Broad Peak on Tuesday morning (July 16th). They were supposed to reach C3 by the evening. But the descent became complicated”. As their friends say: ‘Aidin contacted and said one of them is injured. But he also added: ‘We are not like those people who abandon their injured friend, and just think about their own life . We help our injured friend, and all of us will go down’. Many things are not clear. As some experts say: ‘July 18th: 7am, the climbers contacted Base Camp (BC) and said that they are in need to food’. But as some experts add: ‘Why did they contact BC? because climbers in C3 were unable to go up due to health issues. Ramin Shojaei and Afshin Saadi were in C3 camp. They had to support the summit team. But since 2009, Shojaei has always had health problems in C3. Shojaei was […] In July 17th, If Shojaei and others could go up 500m, they could help the summit team. But they […] Shojaei was the leader of the group!’. As some say: “Aidin Bozorgi called BC [and Iran] again at 20:25. He was near the Broad Peak pass (at around 7800m). Aidin said that their tent has been torn off; [their friend] isn’t in good condition and they are in need of food” [2]. Iran’s regime must help/ support Iranians. But as most Iranians say: “the anti-Iranian Mullahs don’t care about the life of Iranians. They just care about money, power, and licking [the West’s ass]”. As some say: “July 19th: Aidin said that they are unable to move … Aidin contacted again, telling that their situation is critical” [2]. But Mullahs didn’t help them, and Pakistani officials said: “our helicopters cannot fly beyond 6500m”! [2]. Unfortunately, instead of providing help, many non-Iranians just started to say: “It’s the time to say goodbye to brave men”! But as many know, “July 20th: 13:30: Aidin called Iran via his satellite phone. After spending more than a week above [7500m], and 3 days without food, his words were scattered” [2]. But instead of providing help, many just loved to “say goodbye to brave Iranians”! As some say: “July 20th: 19:00 Aidin called BC (Iran), and again asked for assistance” [2]. But as some add: “The West is so savage. Due to the West’s anti-Iran sanctions, the satellite phone provider didn’t aid in finding the location of climbers. Only a group of Germans tried to provide help”. But on the July 21st, “Pakistanis [and Germans] declared the end of their stupid rescue attempts!”, as many say. And on July 23rd, as some said: “[A non-Pakistani] helicopter flight is planned for today [!] Flight is dependent on weather conditions[!] Weather, that has been stable so far [!], is deteriorating .. Helicopter couldn’t achieve the required height due to [bad weather !]”. [2] As some wise Iranians say: “Many just wasted time. Many betrayed the Iranian team. But Iranian climbers bravely fought for Life. Some say: ‘On his last contact, Aidin asked for an update with regard to a rescue. Apparently, he tried to descend. He had reached on top a huge steep wall’. They bravely fought for about 10 days at around 7800m. They remind you of Mohammad Oraz (1969, 2003), who was the first Muslim and the leader of the first Iranian group on the Top of the World. Oraz and a team of four Iranians reached the summit of Everest in 1998. But in 2003, Oraz was hit by an avalanche near G1’s summit, and fought for about 15 days. His brave Iranian friends brought him to Base Camp, in a very bad weather. He even was brought to a Hospital in Islamabad […]”. Thousands of climbers have died on Himalayan heights. Many ask: “Why do they risk their life to ascend Himalayan Peaks?”. As some wise Iranians say: “In 1998, Oraz came to the Sharif University, and talked about his trip to Everest and its risks. When he showed his unique and interesting pictures of Everest, you could see why they risk their life. The beauty of Himalaya kills them!”. Climbers often talk about the beauty or importance of the 8000ers. As they say: “The 8000ers are 14 mountains that are 8,000+ meters high. They are all located in the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges in Asia. The 8,000ers are: (1)Everest (2)K2 (3)Kangchen-Junga (4)Lhotse (5)Makalu (6)Cho Oyu (7)Dhaulagiri (8)Manaslu (9)Nanga Parbat (10)Annapurna (11)Gasherbrum I [G1/ K5], (12)Broad Peak [K3] (13)Gasherbrum II [G2/ K4], (14)Shisha Pangma. Only about 30 people have reached the summit of all 14 8000ers”. Many have died on the 8000ers [3]. As some climbers say: “The cause of death on the 8000ers are: Avalanche, Fall, Altitude sickness, Exhaustion, Frostbite, Cardiac arrest, Sudden death, etc. A dozen of Iranians have died on the 8000ers: Oraz (G1, 2003, Avalanche [died in hospital]), Khadem (K2, 2004, Lost in storm), Mir-Shekari (Manaslu, 2011, Altitude sickness), Leila Esfandyari (G2, 2011, Fall), Naseri (Manaslu, 2012, Disappeared), etc. Iranian lady, Leila Esfandyari fell to her death, while attempting to return back from G2s summit. Iranian ladies, Leila Esfandyari and Parvaneh Kazemi are among few women in the world that have climbed the 8000ers. But Mullah Mountaineering Federation hates them. Mullahs just hurt them. But Iranian climbers are among the world’s best climbers. Mehdi Amidi was missed in France, while he had already climbed almost all 8000ers. Azim Gheichisaz can be the first Iranian to complete 14x8000er. Recently, he climbed Makalu without Oxygen and Sherpa support. Makalu is Azim’s 11th 8000er; only 3 left to complete 14x8000er”. As some Iranians say: “the three Iranians climbers are like Leila Esfandyari, who said: ‘If I fall, let me remain there’. Now, her body/ their bodies rest in the icy heights of Himalaya … Rest In Peace, the Iranian Heroes”.

For more information:

[1] American Climber writes about Iranian Climbers
[2] Broad Peak New Route: Iranian Route
[3] A List of Deaths on Eight-thousanders (8000ers)
[4] Check our Archive page for : “Iranian Lions and Anti-Iran West” (July 2013), “Modern Human vs. Modern Sheep” (March 2012), “Sheeple and Stupid Protests in the West” (Aug 2012), “Lady Gaga and Modern Sheep” (July 2012), “Only Bad Guys & Sheeple live in the West?” (July 2012), “USA: A Nation of Sheep” (Oct 2012), “The West Anti-Iran Racism” (May 2013), etc. [5] Check our Archive page for : “Barbarians and Barbarism in Europe, a dark History” (Oct 2012), “West, Falsification of History, and Ministry of Truth” (Nov 2012), “Britain = Ancient Land of Barbarians and Barbarism” (Nov 2012), etc.

Racist Australia, Racist America: The Racist West

July 25, 2013

In these days, many talk about Trayvon Martin, and many protest against the American Racism. But as some wise Iranians say: “Many know the Racist Europe, and many are seeing the true face of the Racist America. But many still know nothing about the Racist Canada or the Racist Australia. The Racist Australians kill the poor refugees, and the Racist Australia says even ‘genuine refugees’ have ‘no chance’ of settlement in Australia and they should go to poverty-hit New Guinea”. In these days, the Racist West kills and hurts Iranians and non-Iranians, and the mass media censor the news and the voices of ordinary people. So, here lets take a look at some censored facts about the Racist West. I dedicate this writing to all victims of the Racist West, specially to those Iranians and non-Iranians who sought a better life in Australia, but they were killed or tortured by the Racist Australia. In these days, many Iranians are mad at the Racist West and its stooges, including the anti-Iranian whores and the anti-Iranian Mullah Regime. It’s obvious why Iranians are angry, and why some of them say: “Aboriginals of Australia welcomed Europeans, but Europeans occupied Australia, killed aboriginals, took control of the country, and block other people from coming in, while bringing in their own pigs/ prisoners from Europe to populate the occupied land of Australia”. Australia has become a synonym for Racism. As some Iranians say: “Recently, the Australian pigs killed several Iranians. The racist Australians attacked Iranian asylum seekers and killed some of them. But the uncultured Australians and their leader, Kevin Rudd, not only refuse to condemn the racist attacks, but they try to punish the asylum-seekers in Australia’. Australian PM Kevin Rudd is a fascist pig”. Those who know history, know why some wise Iranians say: “The fucking Australia was/ is nothing but a big desert and a big prison (Tabeed-Gah). Most Australians were/ are thugs, thieves, murderers, rapists and criminals from the UK . We know who is who in Australia. We know who killed native Australians and who occupied Australia. We know how thugs and criminals were deported to Australia. We know the cultural roots of Australian faggots like Kevin Rudd”. Iranians are victims of racist attacks in Australia, while the West and its stooges just help the Anti-Iran Racism. As many Iranians say: “The Mullah regime and the Iranian expats [who are known here as ‘Iranian Baboons’, ‘Anti-Iranian Whores’, etc] only help the Racist West. Mullahs and other [anti-Iranian whores] are puppets of the West. They say nothing about the Racist West [and Racist Australia]”. But as some wise Iranians say: “We, Iranians, know how the British pigs occupied the land of Australia. Australian pigs like Kevin Rudd and their fathers have killed many aboriginals and occupied the land of native Australians”. They also add: “Now, the Australian regime that has killed the real owners of Australia (aboriginals), declares: ‘From now on, those who arrive in Australia by boat will have no chance of being settled in Australia as a refugee’ (July 2013). The Australian regime acts like those British pigs who occupied Australia. They still think that only those who arrive in Australia by the navy and the army can settle in Australia! The Australian pigs only understand force. The aboriginals of Australia welcomed the immigrants. The aboriginals of Australia were kind to the European pigs. But the savage Europeans killed aboriginals and occupied their lands. And now, these savage pigs (ie the uncultured Australians) attack Iranians and their basic rights. Persia and the Persian Army should free Australia from the British pigs and other European occupiers“. They also add: “Australia is really a racist country. The Iranian army should go and free Australia from racist pigs. Iran must defend Iranians and all good guys. The Racist West only understands force”. As the wise Iranians say: “The Australian regime is a puppet regime. Australians, Canadians and others are slaves of the British Bitch, ie the British Queen. Now in 2013, the British Bitch (Queen) wastes a lot of money (people’s money) on her grandchild, and all Western media cover this British Farce! Today’s West is really backward and stupid. But it’s funny that the Mullah Foreign Ministry openly licks the ass of the British Queen and proves what is said about ‘British Mullahs’ is not a myth”. They also add: “When the Western-Australian savages attack Iranians and kill innocent people, Iran’s government should defend Iranians and their rights. But as you know, the Mullah regime is an anti-Iranian regime. Mullahs are puppets of the West. They have occupied our country. The anti-Iranian Mullah regime is a puppet regime that kills and tortures Iranians with the help of the West. The Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad [AN]) and the British Mullahs only serve the West’s interests. But it’s not the whole story. The UK, the Jewish CIA, the politicians, the mass media, and even the West’s intellectual whores like Noam Chomsky openly defend the Mullah regime, and try to keep Iran weak and under tyranny. Pigs like Chomsky, who support dictators and Mullahs, are the main responsible for our pain and suffering in Iran, and as Iranians say: ‘Western Pigs like Chomsky, who love and defend the anti-Iranian Mullah regime, should be forced to live in the Mullah’s Iran. And those Iranians who want to leave the Mullah’s Iran, should be able to live wherever they want to live“. It’s a good point. The Right to Live wherever you want, is among the basic human rights. But as some wise Iranians say: “The West is anti-Humans and anti-Human Rights. The West makes love with Islamists, but oppresses ordinary people in Iran and the whole world. If you want to know the Anti-Human Rights West, just look at the story of Snowden, Iran, etc”.


As some Iranians say: “Non-Iranians put comments and say: ‘Australia is always a place full of racism .. Australians are racists. They attack Indian students … Australia is not tolerant, it is a terribly racist country. I lived in Australia .. Kevin Rudd shows the World how Racist Australians are‘. About 22 million people live in Australia, and Iranians know that all of them are not racists or bad guys. We, Iranians, don’t talk/ act like the stupid West; the West says Iran’s regime = Iran’s people; but we don’t say all Australians are racists or bad guys. Many people in Australia, Canada, or America are not bad guys. But the sad truth is that the bad guys have the upper hand in Australia, Canada, or America. The bad guys control almost everything in the West. But ordinary people and the so-called Civil Society and NGOs don’t protest against their bad guys. How many Westerners protest against the West’s anti-Iran Racism? How many Westerners defend Snowden’s basic rights? The Australian regime is a racist, puppet regime and just licks the ass of the UK and the US. But according to the Australian media, ‘67% of Australians [are proud that] Australia is a racist country … the Australian people act in a cruel and abusive way towards asylum seekers‘ (July 2013). It’s funny that those who have occupied Australia and killed native Australians, attack new immigrants. These Australians are worse than pigs. Of course, some Australians say: ‘Australias plan to send asylum seekers to neighboring Papua New Guinea (PNG) are being criticized by rights groups and liberals. They branded the plan as racist, and a grave violation of the countrys human rights obligations‘. Some Australians even talk about ‘The rise and fall of racist Australia’. They are good guys. But many Australians are sick pigs. They are like Gary Sick !”. In these days, many Iranians talk about the sick pigs. As some Iranians say: ‘The Sick West is a bad joke. Many know Gary Sick and Brzezinski, who worked as NSA (National Security Advisor). The Sick Gary and Brzezinski are known as ‘the Architect of the Mullah regime’. They had a key role in the 1979 tragedy. But it’s funny that the Mullah Media and the Jewish Keyhan refer to the Sick-Brzezinski as the ‘Zionist CIA’, while the Sick-Brzezinski only support the Mullah regime! If you check the Gary Sick’s blog, you can see how he and the ‘Zionist CIA’ openly defend the Mullah regime. Brzezinski openly supports the Mullah Mafia (NIAC, etc), and Trita Parsi, the notorious member of the Mullah Mafia in the US, is Brzezinski protégé. But [it’s funny that] sick pigs like Noam Chomsky openly help and support Brzezinski and Brzezinski protégé ! [we have already written about this issue; check Archive]”. In these days, sick pigs make Iranians sick. As Iranians say: “Appointing this British Rohani and the current Mullah bullshits show that Mullahs and Khamenei try to drink the Cup of Poison (Jam-e Zahr). Now, American/ British pigs [like the Sick Gary and Jack Straw] send green signal to Mullahs, and Mullahs and Khamenei send green signal to their beloved UK/ US!”. As some wise Iranians say: “The West’s love affair with Mullahs is so sickening, and so informative. It reveals the secrets of the 2009 coup. Now, Mullahs and Khamenei try to eat both ‘Onions and Sticks’. They still support the Jewish Spy (AN). They still send green signals to the West. They still imagine that ‘Foreign Support’ can save their bankrupt, puppet regime! But when even Egyptians repeat what Iranians say and chant anti-Islamist and anti-American slogans, it’s clear that who is in deep shit. Now, the US/ British pigs and the British Mullahs exchange love letters, and openly flirt with each other. But as ordinary Iranians say: ‘They just prove that ‘the Mullah regime is a British-made regime’ & ‘Mullahs are puppets of the UK/ US’. Iranians know who are drinking the Cup of Shit (Righ-e Rahmat) and will go to hell”. They story of Iran, Mullahs, and the Racist West is informative. As some wise Iranians say: ‘The Mullah’s Iran is a living hell. The West and Mullahs aid each other in hurting Iranians and destroying Iran. Mullahs are stooges of the West, and their mission is clear: Playing the role of Brake Pedal in the path of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran. Mullahs and the West just try to hurt Iranians. And in this situation, it’s obvious that some Iranians don’t want to live in this Western-made living hell. Yah, they don’t know (or don’t care about) the Fascist West, and want to immigrate. You can say they are so stupid, but you cannot deny the Right to Immigrate. The Right to Live wherever you want is among the basic human rights. But the Racist West is the Enemy of Humans and Human Rights. After the US, Canada, and the EU, now the Racist Australia reveals its true colors”. They also add: “Australia asks Indonesia to tighten visa restrictions for Iranians! And Indonesia’s puppet regime tries to prevent Iranians from being granted visas on arrival. But the Racist West and the Racist Australians should know that many Iranians believe/ say: ‘Australia is a f-u-c-king desert. The fucking Australia and its f-u-cking wastelands/ deserts is the home of thugs and criminals. The fucking Australia was a big prison (Tabeed-Gah). Only prisoners, criminals, and helpless/ hopeless people were sent to Australia. So, Australia is not important at all. Who cares about the stupid Australia’. But Racism, Fascism, and Human Rights violations in the West is really important”. All good guys should know the Racist West and the story of immigration. As some wise Iranians say: “Dumb people talk dumb shit. But the West badly needs immigrants. Without new immigrants, the so-called new world -Australia, Canada, America- will be bankrupted soon. It’s the talented immigrants that build the new world. If immigrants decide to boycott the West, and if Asian immigrants (Iranians, Indians, Chinese, etc) decide to return to their own countries, then the West and the new World will collapse soon”. They also add: “When you think about ‘The World’s Most and Least Racist Countries’, you can see that ‘The Least Racist Country is Iran, and the Most Racist Countries are European countries, Isr-a-el, Australia, and unfortunately USA. The KKK is an American legacy, while Iranians have always said your race and your religion is not important. Only being a good guy is important”.


We have already written about the West’s Anti-Iran Racism (check Archive). As we said before, the Racist America and the Fascist US Congress openly say: ‘All countries should stop their trades/ relations with Iranians. The US will ban sales of gold by anyone to either the Islamic regime or to Iranian citizens! As many Iranians say: “In 2009, when the Iranian people were in the streets and asked the US and the West to put pressure on Mullahs, the US and the West only helped Mullahs and refused to impose anti-Mullah sanctions. But in 2012, they imposed their Anti-Iran sanctions on ordinary Iranians, and proved that the West is pro-Islamist, anti-Iranian, anti-Democracy, and anti-Progress”. Iranians and other nations should know the Fascist West better. As some wise Iranians say: “When people know the Fascist West, they don’t want to immigrate to the Racist West and help the Fascist West. The West is depend on immigrants, ie Iranians, Indians, Chinese, and others. Without immigrants and foreigners, the West is nothing but a paper tiger. Without the talented Iranians, Asians, etc the US and the West will say hello to their end soon“. The US and the West need immigrants, but as some wise Iranians say: “We, Iranians, have an old saying: ‘Ba Pa Pish Mikeshand, Ba Dast Pas Mizanad’ ! (they pull by their legs, they push by their hands!). It’s a known dirty trick. When Mullahs try to send green signals to the US, they use this dirty trick. And when the Racist West talks about immigrants and immigration, they use this dirty trick. They badly need immigrants, but they try to hide their needs”. We have already written about “2025: Fall of the West, End of Evil Empire” [*] (check Archive). “[As Fareed Zakaria and other Americans say:] ‘Americas hidden secret is that most of US engineers are immigrants. More than 75% of all science PhDs in the US are awarded to foreign students. Foreign students and immigrants account for more than 50% of all science researchers in the US. The situation in Canada [or Australia] is much worse than USA. Without immigrants and foreigners -who are Iranians, Indians, Chinese, etc- USA [Canada and Australia] will be nothing […] US productivity depends not on education system or R&D spending, but on immigration policies. If foreigners are allowed and encouraged to stay, then innovation will happen here. If they leave, theyll take it with them. By 2025, the United States is likely to face a critical shortage of talented scientists. Now, nearly half of all graduate students in the sciences in the US are foreigners, most of whom will be heading home, not staying here as once would have happened” [*]. The West is so stupid. As the wise Iranians say: “The West stupidly reveals its true colors. But If the young and talented Iranians and Asians see the true face of the West and decide to boycott the stupid West, and if they try to clear their countries from the Western stooges and puppet dictators, and if they try to (re-)build their own countries, it will put an end to the Wests Evil Empire”. Many Westerners are stupid racists. They say, for instance: “We, Australians, want our navy to sink the boats .. they pay thousands of dollars and go from the East to Indonesia, and then Australia. But we (the West) don’t want them here and if people think that’s racist we don’t care”. These racist pigs know that “Iranians travel to Australia for a better life. They need to get out of Iran and sail thousands of kilometres to Sri Lanka or Indonesia, before going to the Christmas Islands. Smugglers charge between $7,000 & $20,000 (an average of $14,000) to get them to Australia by boat”. But as non-Westerners say: “Most Australians are violent, hatefilled white trash .. Australia is one of the most comfortably racist places .. Australians are racist pigs. But why?! because they are descendents of […] If Australian aboriginals say they hate immigrants, it could be understandable. But when the white shits, who have occupied Australia and killed many aboriginals, say they hate new immigrants, it’s so sickening and so laughable .. Brits and Europeans have occupied the new world. Persia should free the new world from the Western pigs. Australia belongs to real Australians (aboriginals), not the white shits! .. Iranians are whites, but they don’t act/ think like the Westerners, aka the white shits! .. Australia has more racism than America .. Pigs like Noam Chomsky -who love and defend brutal dictators/ Islamists- should be forced to live in the Mullah’s Iran”. Now, even Americans talk about “Western Racism” or “American Fascism”. They even say: “By violating his own oath to the Constitution, Obama has become a traitor to Americans and to the ideals that the US was founded on”. Now, at least some Americans know why the wise Americans say: “[Snowden’s case] showed the true colors of the US regime. It exposed to the world the real viciousness of the US regime and their disdain for international law and basic human rights .. The US regime is the [Great Evil]. Who uses a colonial mentality, bullying other countries, undermining their sovereignty, turning the world into a battlefield, killing innocent people with assassination drone attacks, etc?”. In these days, many say: “US leaders are openly hostile to basic democratic principles. They expressed hostility over Snowdens meeting and press conference with human right activists !”. In these days, many Americans say: “We are being spied on in blatant violation of the Constitution. Is America a corrupt surveillance state?”. The wise Americans know why the US is turning into “a Big Brother police state”. But they are hopeful. Now, they say: “Revelation of the Snowden files is just a beginning. People who have been asleep are now awakening. Yes We the People Can“. I hope they can see the true face of the intellectual whores like Noam Chomsky and those who betray the freedom, democracy, progress, and humanity in the whole world. Humans can have a better future and a better world, in which all humans can live in peace wherever they want to live and all humans can enjoy a Happy Life and can decide about their own life, without obeying politicians and political/ racial laws.

The Fascist West and Anti-Iranian Whores

July 20, 2013

“Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African-American was killed in Feb 2012. His crime? wearing a special cloth! But the US judiciary system is racist and says Martin’s killer is not guilty! But what if Martin was white and his killer black -consider the case of Marissa Alexander. Alexander is an African American who was put on trial in Florida. She just fired a warning shot into a wall in order to scare off an abusive husband. But George Zimmerman directly shot at an innocent kid, and killed him. Zimmerman was acquitted of any responsibility in the death of Trayvon; but Alexander, who was accused of firing a single warning shot that didn’t cause the least harm to anyone, was found guilty by a jury that deliberated just 12 minutes, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison! The United States of Racists just encourages Racism”, the people media report. In these days, many protest against the American Racism. As some wise Iranians say: “History of Racism in America -from the Native American Holocaust and the Slave Trade to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Segregation- is so shameful. Before the mid-1960s and the Civil Rights Movement, America was officially a racist country. US laws allowed racial separation. Segregation was an racist attempt by whites to separate the races in every sphere of life and to achieve supremacy over blacks. In the US, local and state laws specified certain places ‘For Whites Only’ and some places for ‘Colored’. Blacks had separate schools, transports, restaurants, parks, etc that were inferior to those of whites. Before the mid-1960s, Americans officially discriminated against the races in every possible place in the United States of Racism. Americans were such racists/ fascists in the recent descends, while Iranians have always (since thousands of years ago) believed/ said: ‘those who have no sympathy for human pain – the name of human they cannot retain’. In about 1000 years ago, Iranians said: ‘your race or your religion is not important; Being a real human (good guy) is the main issue’. And it’s one of the big differences between the Iranian Culture and the Barbarian Culture (Western Culture)”. We have already written about the Iranian mindset, and also about the West’s Anti-Iran Racism (check Archive). But as the wise Iranians say: “Many don’t care about the West’s crimes, the West’s anti-Iran Racism, or the West’s Barbaric Culture. They are like those who promoted Fascism/ Nazism. Now, the media report: ‘White House condemns human rights groups’ meeting with U.S. whistleblower [!]’ (July 2013). Human rights groups defend Snowden’s basic rights. But most Americans don’t care about this fact that the US has become the main enemy of Humans and Human Rights. Racism and Fascism are killing the US, but the idiots still defend the United States of Fascism that openly says: We need Mass Surveillance. It’s legal. It keeps us safe!”. As some wise Iranians say: “In the US Animal Farm, War is Peace; Spying is Strength; Corruption is Democracy; and Big Brother keeps you safe! The American Animal Farm is like the UK-Canadian Animal Farm. The British- Canadian terrorists openly support the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), and the Canadian fascists openly say: ‘Now, wearing a mask at protests is a crime in Canada’ (June 2013). As the media report: ‘Bill C-309 bans the wearing of masks at protests and carries a 10-year prison sentence. Bill C-309 was proclaimed law during a royal assent ceremony in June 2013’. The Canadian fascists love the Fascist Bill C-309, but as some Canadians say: ‘All Civil liberties activists say such measures create a chilling effect on free speech and peaceful protests. There are legitimate reasons for wearing masks at protests. For instance, you may be worried about reprisals at work, if sighted at a political protest’. Harper Canada (aka Farter Canada) and Obama’s America are like Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany. Canada’s anti-Iran Racism is laughable. They lick the ass of Mullahs, crooks and anti-democracy groups, But they hurt aboriginals, native Canadians, and ordinary Iranians. Racism is the base of Fascism. And now, the Canadian-fascist laws like Bill 78 and Bill C-309 show how the Racist Canada becomes the Fascist Canada. Now, Canadians talk about Harper’s election frauds, Harper’s tyranny, or ‘Canadian tactics for stealing votes and election frauds’. Yah, America and Canada become such fascist states. The Fascist West is not a myth”.


“The UK is the oldest Orwellian Animal Farm in the world. Canada and the United States of Animal Farm just copy from the Barbarian UK. Now, even the British media say: ‘Tory historians try to whitewash the racism, violence and torture of the British empire’ (June 2013). The Little Britain has committed great crimes against humanity. They try to hide the truth and change history by telling big lies. But many people know the UK. Iran and the world have turned a blind eye to the British Barbarism and the UK crimes against humanity. But sooner or later, Iran and the world will say: ‘It is time to make them pay’. The End of the Barbarian UK and the Savage West is near”, some wise Iranians say. In this year, many things are funny and informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, the West openly attacks the freedom, democracy, and human rights! The story of Snowden is one of the greatest scandals in history. Now, the barbarian UK and the Jewish Nazi openly praise the anti-Iranian Racism. But do you know what the so-called exiled journalists like Behnoud, Ganji, Nourizadeh, etc say about such things?! These anti-Iranian whores and their media censor everything that tells the truth about the West! They censor everything, tell big lies, and show why Iranians say: ‘Faggots like Behnoud and Ganji work for the CIA/ MI6/ Mullah Gestapo’. Now, faggots say: ‘The 2009 event was not a coup. Iranians voted for AN. But Iranians say the 2009 event is a coup, and the anti-Morsi revolt is not a coup. But the truth is that the anti-Morsi revolt is a coup, and the 2009 event is not a coup’ (July 2013). Do you know who has said this? Mullahs? Jews? Arabs? No; it’s what Akbar Ganji and Khatamists say! Now, it’s clear that the anti-Iranian faggots like Akbar Ganji and Khatamists work for whom”. They also add: “The anti-Iranian whores like Ganji and Behnoud are fake heroes. But who made these retards heroes? The West made them heroes. These fake heroes are bad jokes. When the Savage Jews threaten to strike Iran, and when the Fascist West hurt ordinary Iranians, the CIA/ MI6 agents like Ganji, Hooshang Hasanyari, and Behnoud not only refuse to condemn the anti-Iranian Jews, but they even praise the Jewish Barbarians, and say: ‘I-s-r-a-el has the right to Nuke Iran’ !! (RoozOnline, Sep 2012). Anti-Iranian whores like Behnoud and Ganji defend the 2009 Coup, the 2013 Show, and the anti-Iran West/ Arabs/ Jews. Now, Anti-Iranian faggots like Behnoud say: ‘What happened in 2009 was not a coup. But at that time (in 2009), we could not say that the 2009 coup is not a coup, because Iranians were so angry!’ (June 2013) Anti-Iranian whores like Behnoud, Nabavi, Abdi, Ganji, Balatarin, etc work for the CIA/ MI6. Now, it’s clear that one team and one Mafia manage and control all Big Brother’s media -from the AP, the BBC, and the Guardian to little cesspools like and Now, it’s clear why the West and its whores helped the 2013 Show, and aided Mullahs in appointing this British Rohani. Now, it’s clear who is behind the Mullah regime. Who can forget the role of the UK or the Jewish CIA in the 2009 coup, the 2013 Show and appointing this British Rohani? Iranians know why and how the British Mullahs appointed AN or Rohani. Iranians know the stupid game of ‘AN, Jalili, or Rohani’. Now, the UK & US openly talk about making love with Mullahs! But Iranians will never accept the US-Mullah relations or the UK-Mullah relations. The UK/ US is the number one Enemy of Iran and Iranians. Only anti-Iranian whores praise the West’s love affair with Mullahs”. They also add: “Now many say: ‘the exiled media is part of the West’s Propaganda Machine. They even praise the anti-Iran Racism/ Sanctions! What they say is worse than what the Arab/ Jewish pigs say‘. Anti-Iranian whores like Ganji and Behnoud have not written even a single line about the anti-Iran Jews, the anti-Iran UK/ BBC/ Guardian, the Jewish CIA, the Leveretts, etc. They just remind you of this fact that since about 150 years ago, the anti-Iranian whores have always served the West’s interests, and have been traitors to Iran, Iranians and the Freedom and Democracy in Iran. Now, the anti-Democracy West and United States of Terrorism openly support Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), Monarchists and all anti-Democracy groups, but the so-called journalists in exile still lick the West’s ass. The Fascist West and lefts support Islamists and whores like Ganji and Behnoud, who praise the CIA-backed 2009 coup and the CIA-backed Islamists in Egypt. The anti-Iranian whores are like or worse than the Jewish CIA and the Leveretts. Now, it’s clear who paid anti-Iranian whores like Ganji and Behnoud to misinform people and keep Iran week/ unfree. The Fascist West make these whores heroes. But now, Iranians have become aware, and don’t give a shit about all anti-Iranian whores -from Pahlavists to Khatamists”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Even many Jews, like Mofaz, say: ‘The world is sick of Netanyahu. Never in all of the Jewish states years of existence, had the drums of war beat so hard as today’. But Mr. ‘Yes We Can’, the Fascist West and the anti-Iranian whores defend the Jewish Hitler (Netanyahu)!”. They also add: “Now, many talk about the Fascist West and the United States of Terrorists. As many Iranians say, Americans support the Jewish Nazis and the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (PMOI), and prove that America is a terrorist state. Now, some Americans say: ‘What we are doing to Iran, China, or our people is much worse than what we’re accusing China of doing to us. What we are doing to our fellow American citizens is much worse than what we’re accusing the Evil of doing to us ! The NSA and US Cyber Command are Cyber Terrorists. The US is the main [founder/ supporter] of the Cyber Terrorism’. Now, even US media say: ‘Did US Cyberattacks On Iran Backfire On American Banks?’ (Forbes, June 2013). They talk about ‘Stuxnet attack on Iran’, and say: ‘US created Stuxnet, Flame, Duqu .. US launched cyberattacks against Iran .. and it lead to cyberattacks against America, [including] attack on ARAMCO that destroyed the hard drives on 30,000 company PCs […] and attacks on US banks [including Bank of America] and US firms [including JPMorgan]’. They also say: ‘When US military leaders advocated bombing the Russians in Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy asked what the Russians would do in response. But the US generals hadnt thought of that !‘. They know the US retards. But the anti-Iran media in exile, known as the exiled media, censor such facts. The anti-Iranian whores and the exiled media are like or worse the Jewish AN, the Zionist Keyhan, and the anti-Iranian Mullahs. The anti-Iranian media in exile, from the Ayatollah BBC and the VOA to Balatarin and RoozOnline are cesspools of mercenaries and spies. The UK and the CIA pay them to betray Iran and the Freedom and Democracy in Iran. Now, the British Barbarians (the Ayatollah BBC, etc), the Savage Americans (the VOA, etc), and their stooges openly defend all anti-democracy groups and all fascist/ racist groups like pan-Turks, pan-Arabs, and pan-Pigs”. They also add: “The British media, from the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) to the Guardian (of the Big Brother) are anti-Democracy. They are anti-Iranian and pro-Mullah. Recently Jack Straw and other British barbarians openly praise Mullahs, and the Mullah Media praise pigs like Jack Straw! Now, many things [are funny and informative]: the British barbarians openly praise the British Mullahs; Islamists openly praise the US-Mullah links and the UK-Mullah love affair; Mullahs openly help the BBC, the US/ British pigs, the anti-Iran West, and try to slow the Iran’s Internet down and silence the voice of Iranians by creating a lot of noise on telephone/ internet lines; Islamist faggots like Akbar Ganji openly praise the CIA-backed Islamist dictators in Egypt and Turkey; Basiji faggots (like Nader Talebzadeh, who is Jalili’s aide, AN’s advocate, and a Muslim Fundamentalist with US Green Card!) openly make love with the Jewish CIA, the Leveretts, etc; the Jewish CIA and the US lefts openly support Islamist dictators; Egyptians chant both anti-Islamist and anti-US slogans; and anti-Iranian whores like Mohsen Makhmalbaf praise dictators and the anti-Iranian Jews! Makhmalbaf still acts like an attention junky, and tries too hard for attention. Whores like Makhmalbaf and Ganji are worse than people like Lady Gaga. They not only suffer from a deep-rooted ‘Inferiority Complex’ (they refer to themselves as ‘intellectuals such as myself’ !), but they get money and betray the truth. Whores call themselves ‘Intellectuals’! and -instead of condemning the Jewish Nazi who are anti-Peace, anti-Iran, anti-Humanity, and anti-Democracy- they lick the ass of the Jewish Nazi, and say: ‘I am honored to have broken the taboo’ ! But as Iranians say: ‘the Taboo?! you, the Yaboo?!’ For the Yaboo (stupid mules), licking the ass of fascists/ dictators is breaking the taboo! Instead of Condemning War & Jewish Nazism; and instead of talking about ‘Cancer of Hatred & Racism in I-s-rael and the West’; the Yaboo praise the Jewish Nazi and the Racist West! The Yaboo ignore the 2009 coup, the West’s crimes, the anti-Iran Racism, and everything. The Yaboo talk about breaking the Taboo! They say getting money and licking the ass of Big Brother is breaking the taboo!”. It’s a good point. Instead of talking about the West’s Anti-Iran Racism, the Jewish Nazi, the current Orwellian scandals in the West, the story of Snowden, the role of the West in the 2009 coup, the 2011 Egyptian farce, the 2013 Mullah Show, etc, the pseudo intellectuals just praise the Fascist West, the Jewish Nazi, the Islamist dictators, and other bad guys. As some wise Iranians say: “The pseudo intellects get money and say: ‘Iran is one of the first cradles of human civilization. But who cares about the past? Now I live in a third world country’. Now, many Iranians are wiser than Westerners, and today’s Iranians are at least as modern as today’s Westerners, but the pseudo intellectuals [and anti-Iranian whores] still lick the ass of the Fascist West! Now, many people in Egypt and Turkey have become aware and repeat what Iranians say about the West and Islamists; now, even Americans say: ‘The NSA and their spying programs kill the US Economy. When US companies are spying on all people, no one trusts us any longer’. But the media whores still lick the ass of the West and those Fascists who say: ‘We can do this or do that. But Iranians/ others cannot do this or do that! We are masters. But Iranians/ others -who are wiser/ smarter/ better that us- are slaves!’. The media whores are anti-Iranian whores. They desperately try to serve the Fascist West’s interests. But they just show us that they and their Big Brothers have badly confused, and the End of the West and the End of America is really near. Just take a look at Detroit; it can show you many things”.

The Anti-Iran West and The Law of the Jungle

July 14, 2013

In these years many things prove that the West is anti-Democracy, anti-Progress, and anti-Iran. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, the US retards openly support Taliban, Marxists (MEK), terrorists, Salafis, Islamists or those Jewish Barbarians who say: ‘Non-Jews were born only to serve Jews’! Now, the US retards openly says: ‘If Irans scientists succeed in manufacturing [this or that], then US interests would be in peril‘ (June 2013). The Western leaders, aka the Western retards, are anti-Peace and anti-Progress. They know that if we were strong and free nations, then they cannot exploit and plunder our resources. They think the world is a jungle and they can eat any shits that they want! But even if the world is a jungle, lions (of Persia) can easily defeat hawks, asses, and dogs (of the West)!”. As the wise Iranians say: “The uncultured West still sees the civilized world as a jungle. The West’s main law is ‘the law of the jungle’, that according to dictionaries, means: ‘(1) the idea that people should only look after themselves and not care about other people if they want to succeed (2) the principle that only the strongest creatures will stay alive’. Many Westerners think if they want to succeed, they should forget ethics and humanity, and they should live like animals, whose small brains don’t allow them to understand human values and long-term interests. Animals are short-sighted, and don’t care about long-term goals and long-term interests. They cannot understand the benefits/ advantages of Peace, Progress, Collaboration, Far-sightedness, Happiness, Culture, Civilization, or Human values. They cannot understand the problems/ disadvantages of War, Savagery, Short-sightedness, Selfishness, Bullying, or barbaric values. They just obey the law of the jungle. For instance, when carnivores attack herbivores, they often start to run away. Each herbivore obeys the law of the jungle and doesn’t care about others. But if instead of obeying the law of the jungle, they try to work together as a team (like below pix), they can defeat all carnivores, and carnivores cannot hurt them. But herbivores and cows have low IQs, and that’s why carnivores eat them! But it’s funny that many westerners are worse than cows! Their Gov./ bad guys attack them and hurt them, but they […]”. The story of US whistleblowers, the Western Racism, the Western crimes, etc -that we have written about them (check Archive)- force the wise Iranians to say: “The West loves Bullying and Barbaric values, because the West has a long history of Barbarism. Barbaric values is part of the Western culture. They say: ‘You should cheat/ betray/ hurt others if you want to succeed’. In their societies and their foreign relations, they obey this barbaric law. Now, they say: Iran should not have this or that, because it’s not in the West’s interests!”. The West’s anti-Iran sanctions and the West’s anti-Iran/ pro-Islamist policies are undeniable facts (check Archive). I don’t know why they try to prove that the West is anti-Iran, anti-Democracy, anti-Progress, and anti-Humanity. But they should know they reap what they sow. Now, all pro-American people in Iran are changing their views about the US and the West. The West’s Anti-Iranian sentiment is so shameful. Let’s give you a new example.


As some wise Iranians say: “British barbarians and savage Jews openly and shamelessly praise Racism and say anti-Iran things. For instance, Jeffery Goldberg, the Jewish Nazi, and the British barbarians write shameful propaganda pieces, like [*]: ‘Persian power: Can Iran be stopped?’ (Economist, 22 June 2013). They clearly say that they and their stooges try to destroy Iran and hurt Iranians, but ‘yet the Persian lion has not lost its power‘ ! [*] These Jewish-British barbarians clearly say that they hate Persia and Persians. Of course they love Mullahs and Islamists, who are Arabs and aid the Savage West in keeping Persia weak and unfree”. They also add: “The Jewish-British barbarians make funny confessions. For instance, they confess that their main concern is about Iran’s power: ‘the balance of power between Iran and [the West] has been shifting in Irans favor’ [*]. These savage beasts and uncultured pigs say: ‘Despite [all our attacks], the Iranian state is a powerful beast compared with its neighbors, and is keen to assert itself abroad’ [*] The British-Jewish barbarians openly say that Iran should be a weak country, because the West/ Jews want to be the strongest beasts! They know that Persian power is on the rise[*] and Irans progress and Irans peaceful development is not in the interests of savage beasts. Peace, Progress, Justice, a better life, and all good things have always made pigs angry. In the past 300 years, the British pigs have always tried to keep other nations weak and unfree. They want to exploit/ plunder other nations. So, others should remain weak! Now, they clearly say: ‘Iran should not become the regional hegemon [!!] It is not in the Wests interest [!!]’ [*] But as Iranians say: ‘Regional hegemon?! Iran must be a Superpower and the most powerful country in the world, as it used to be. The Anti-Iran West, aka the Barbarian West, can be sure that all parts of Great Iran -form Georgia and Armenia to Tajikistan and all parts of the Caucasus, that were occupied by the Russian-British barbarians in the 19th century- will return home. Those who know history, know Persia and all parts of Great Iran, including Great Khorasan, Great Khawrazm, Great Sistan, Great Kurdistan, Great Azerbaijan, Great Elam and Khuzestan, etc. Mullahs are pro-Arab (Arab-parast) and anti-Iranian. They just server the West’s interests. But we, Iranians, will put an end to the West’s Evil Empire”. They also add: “Persia is the heart/ brain of the Civilized World. We, Persians, know our old enemies/ friends. Barbarians have always been our enemies, because they were enemies of Culture and Civilization. But as many know, our relations with India date back to about 8,000 years ago; our relations with China date back to about 5,000 years ago. India and China are our old friends. Our economic relations has a long history. The Silk Road is just one example. (Of course India, China, and others can remain our friends, only if they don’t follow the West like sheep). The informed people know our glorious past and our glorious culture. Iran has a great cultural/ civilizational influence on the world. Iran is the Cradle of Civilization, and the Iranian values is the base of the Human values. Iran means ‘the land of Aryans’, and cultured people in Europe have Iranian (Aryan) roots. Only barbarians/ bad guys hate our Culture, Humanity, Tolerance, and Human values. For instance, the ungrateful Jews & savage Semites, who just return your favor with ungratefulness and savagery, only love War and Barbarism. They love their Barbaric Bible or books like ‘How to eat shit and die’. Is-r-a-eli Moshe Dayan used to say: ‘Is-r-a-el must be seen as a rabid dog; too dangerous to bother’ ! But the Persian Lions can easily stop all little/ rabid dogs, and all animals who love to eat shit and die”.


“What happened after the 2009 coup, clearly showed that the West is anti-Iran, anti-Democracy, and anti-Humanity. The stupid West openly supports Terrorists, Islamists, Marxists, Monarchists, and all anti-democracy groups that Iranians hate them. In 2009, the West opposed the anti-Mullah sanctions, but in 2012, the West imposed the anti-Iran sanctions! The West and lefts helped the Egyptian Islamists, but betrayed the anti-Islamist Iranians. The West and lefts support the reactionary Islamists in Egypt, Syria, or Turkey. But they hurt the modern people in Iran and other countries, and it says a lot about the Barbarian West”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The Barbarian West and the Savage Jews say: ‘Iranian advisers, money and special forces turn the tide of the war in Syria in Irans favor. The great reason why Obama agreed to arm [Salafis/ Terrorists] in Syria was his reluctance to see Assad hold on to power as a client of Irans‘[*] The Barbarian West thinks that all dictators and all countries should be clients of the West! They imagine that we all are stupid, but the stupid Westerners that have low IQs, can eat any shits that they want and can act like pigs without any backlash! The stupid West talks about ‘National Interests’, and thinks other nations -who are older, wiser and smarter than the stupid West- are stupid !”. It’s a good point. We have already written about [+]: National Interests or Animal Interests” (check Archive). But unfortunately, the stupid Westerners still live in the age of Tribalism, and defend the tribal interests and the law of the jungle. As the wise Iranians say: “The stupid Westerners are like Nazis and Fascists, who said what they do is in their national interests. Now, they say Barbarism and killing others/ torturing others/ hurting others is in their national interests! Their low IQs don’t allow them to ask: ‘What would happen if all humans act like us, and only care about their own national interests?!’ They act like animals. But it’s funny that their ‘national interests’ is nothing but the interests of the 1%. Their politicians wage war and hurt other nations in the name of National Interests, but they only serve the interests of the 1%, ie big corporations, crooks & thieves“. The West supports dictators, terrorists and anti-democracy groups in the name of national interests. “The West used the same logic for justifying Slavery, Colonialism, [Fascism or Nazism]”[+] The West thinks that Iranians don’t talk about ‘National Interests’, because Iranians are stupid or weak! But as many Iranians say: “We didn’t support the Mullah presence in Lebanon, Syria, etc because they often help pigs/ bad guys, and because we thought that the West/ Jews are better than pigs! But now, when the West/ Jews are anti-Democracy, anti-Iran, anti-Peace & anti-Humanity (they kill/ hurt innocent people), we support Iran’s presence in the region and all parts of the world. We know our national interests”. Now, the wise Iranians say to the West: “We know what is national interests, geopolitics, etc. But we think the Truth, the Good, and all humans are more important than one nation or one race. We will be happy to see the progress and development of other humans. We know it can lead to a better world and a better life. But you, the Savage West, cannot understand such things. You are animals. Your main law is the law of the jungle. You say: ‘When Persian power is on the rise, it is not the time to back away from the ME’! [*] But what are you doing in our region? What if the Iranian army and others go to Europe and North America?! and What if Iranians and others act like you, idiots?! Iranians are able to destroy/ dominate you, idiots. If you only understand force and hate the power of logic, Iranians can speak to you with the logic of power”. They also add: “The post-2009 era revealed the West’s true colors, and made Iranians aware. Now, the racist West openly says that the main issue is not the Mullah regime, but is the Persian Power and a free/ democratic Iran! So, as almost all Iranians say: ‘Now, Iran must have everything, including nukes and modern weapons. Yah, the Persian Lion is waking up. But it’s just the beginning. Persians have become aware, now they say: This Barbarian West must be stopped. And We, Iranians, will stop them. We will break/ cut their beak !“.


In this year, many Iranians say: “We thought that the West is not savage and uncultured. ‘Fekr Mikardim Adamand !’ (We thought they are humans/ good guys!). But now it’s clear that they are ‘Yek Mosht Barbar & Vahshi Bi-Farhang !’ (a bunch of barbarians & uncultured savages)”. Now, many ordinary Westerners/ Iranians put comments, and say: “With the exception of UK, US and Is-r-a-el, all nations on earth desire only peace .. Why shouldn’t Iran have nuclear weapons? Worse states have them .. When was the last time Iran attacked any other country? How many countries in the region and the whole world have such a non-aggressive record? .. The West has no right to be interfering in the ME and other parts of the World .. When we, Iranians, see the Hypocrisy of the West, and this fact that they just want to hurt us, we support any efforts to have nuclear weapons .. What is being called ‘the West’ is nothing more than our stupid politicians .. UK tries to use their Machiavellic principle of divide to conquer .. UK hands are full of blood .. I am a Chinese student. Iran is great. Go to Iran, it’s different than you think .. The West is a paper tiger. The West should not play with the Persian Lion’s tail ! .. The Mullah regime is a British puppet regime. Mullahs are pro-Arab and anti-Persia .. Iran must enjoy real democracy. Iran must have nuclear weapons“. As some wise Iranians say: “Many know what happened in the Shah’s era. In the 1960s-1970s, Israel, Pakistan, India, etc wanted to have nukes. But when Iran wanted to have nukes, the West/ Jews started to topple the Shah. In the 1970s, Mullahs that worked for the UK/ USA, started to oppose Iran’s nuclear programs. What Mullahs said in the 1970s, was exactly like what Reza Pahlavi and other traitors say today. The West’s stooges have always tried to keep Iran weak and unfree. Iran could have nukes and many things in the 1970s. But at that time, the Shah was a big idiot and a corrupted dictator; and the West could topple the stupid Shah with the help of Islamists/ traitors -who served the West’s interests- because Iranians were naive. But now, Iranians have become ware. Now, they say: ‘Iran, even this regime, must have nukes’. In the 2010s, Iranians will not repeat the 1970s mistakes”. Recently, the stupid West tells many anti-Iranian jokes. As some wise Iranians say: ‘The West’s anti-Iran Sanctions is a big insult to all nations. The US openly says to all nations: ‘We decide about you, your domestic affairs, your foreign relations, and your trades’! Now, they say: ‘Georgia has become the new Dubai [!] Iranian companies are marketing their products in Georgia [!!] Companies registered by Iranians in Georgia shot up to 1,489 last year from just 84 in 2010. Georgian officials say they regard Iran as too important to ignore. [But we should not allow] Georgia and Iran to have economic relations [!!]” (WJS, June 2013). Can you believe it?! They openly eat such shits that is bigger that their mouth. The Barbarian West thinks that all nations should bow to a bunch of US faggots! But now, Iranians clearly declare: ‘Instead of caring about a stupid wasteland like Dubai, we must invest in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, and other parts of Great Iran. The people of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, and all parts of the Caucasus and Great Iran are our own people. Our strategic investment and our strategic approach for developing all parts of Great Iran, is in the interests of Iran and the civilized world”. They also add: “We care about all humans. Even if the two countries of North America would become 50 to 60 countries (after the End of USA), we would not act like the West, and would not try to exploit them by using ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics. But if the West attacks our interests at our home/ region, we will pay them back for what they did in the past 300 years; and those barbarians who exploited other nations in the past 300 years will be sent to hell”. The West’s anti-Iran Racism/ Sanctions just show us the West’s confusion, bankruptcy, idiocy and evilness. As some wise Iranians say: “The Barbarian West thinks that all humans/ all nations are slaves of a bunch of Western faggots! But now, even their media talk about ‘the shocking evidence of Americas weakening position in the world ‘, and confess: ‘The World Kicks Sand In Uncle Sam’s Face‘ (Forbes, June 2013). They say that Japan, India, China, etc work with Iran, and don’t want to be slaves of America! Iran have, and should have, good relations with all countries in South America, Africa, Asia, and all parts of Great Iran and all independent nations. Iran, the land or Aryans, can also have good relations with many European nations -like Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, etc. In the recent years, we could know our friends and our enemies better. It was a godsend for Iran. The fate of Iran’s enemies and those who obey the law of the jungle, is clear. They are on the wrong side of history, and will go to hell”.

2013 Facts: Egypt and End of the West

July 9, 2013

“People like Aaron Swartz and Edward Snowden show that the End of America and the End of the West is near. The US and the West used to pretend that they care about Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights. But now, they openly and shamelessly defend Tyranny, Censorship, Surveillance, Oppression, or violating basic human rights. Now, the US bullies Europe into arresting dissidents, violating basic rights, or withdrawing their offer of asylum, and Europe obeys America like a slave. ‘The plane of Evo Morales was forced to land, because the US believed it was carrying the American whistleblower Snowden! France and Spain were the first to cancel air permits. Morales’s plane was forced to land in Austria, and Europeans searched the plane of Bolivian president for Snowden’!, the media reported. The West has lost its mind. The West has become a stupid Tyranny and an enemy of Human Rights. European Leaders -ie obedient slaves to US Big Brother- just prove that Europe is nothing but a slave of America”, some wise Iranians say. The story of Snowden has become so informative. As the wise Iranians say: “Snowden is a human and a political asylum seeker. According to the Geneva Convention and the Charter of Human Rights, If a political activist seeks asylum to be defended against violence or prosecution in his country, in this case the US, the world should protect him. Europe must be hosting this person because he is a human and a political asylum seeker. But US and Europe -ie the land of Fascism, Nazism, Colonialism, Barbarism and Big Brother- don’t care about Freedom, Democracy, or Human Rights. Europe just licks the ass of USA”. It’s really shameful that even the so-called Civil Society in the West don’t care about Snowden’s basic rights. As some wise Iranians say: “Only a few Westerners defend Snowden’s basic rights and protest against their police states. The West’s Civil Society is non-existent or death. The Western media openly say: ‘Snowden should be treated as a Cold War spy’. But only if USA becomes USSA/ USSR, Snowden becomes a Cold War spy! What the US says/ does about Snowden is like removing the mask from the West’s face. Snowden showed that in the United States of Assholes (USA) truth-tellers are bad guys, but crooks, thieves, censors and big lairs are heroes“. The US and the West act like the worst tyrannies in history. They even say: “We Need Mass Surveillance; Surveillance keeps us safe” (July 2013). But as the wise Iranians say: “Yah, Big Brother keeps us safe! All dictators tell such jokes. Fascist states say surveillance/ censorship keeps us safe! Mullahs say tyranny/ censorship keeps us safe! Brutal dictators say Dictatorship keeps us safe! But it’s clear that they just want to keep Tyranny/ Orwellian System safe”. The West has lost its mind. As Americans say: “US media present whistleblowers as extremists or traitors”! It’s really shameful. “The West is the Empire of Lies, in which truth-tellers are traitors! But if Swartz, Manning, or Snowden is A Traitor, then all Americans and all Europeans are Slaves!”, the wise guys say. The West is really nearing the End. But it’s funny that other nations are becoming aware, and expose the power of public awareness.


“Egyptians were not only carrying anti-Morsi signs. They were also carrying anti-Obama and anti-American signs with slogans like Obama Supports Terrorism, Obama Supports Dictator Morsi, Obama Backs Up a Fascist Regime in Egypt’, ‘We know what You (America & Islamists) did last Summer’!, ‘Obama, Your Bitch is Our Dictator’. Egyptians were carrying pictures of US ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, with slogans like ‘You and Your Country Go to Hell’, ‘Kick This American Bitch Out of Egypt’. America and Obama are big losers”, the people media report. It’s funny that even Egyptians have become aware, and they can see the truth of what Iranians say about the West and Islamists. As some wise Iranians say: “Obama revealed the true face of America. Just think about Obama’s crap in the recent years: ‘Obama 2009: We cannot say Mullahs/ Islamist must go’! Obama 2011: Mubarak Must Go! Obama 2013: Its not our job to say Egypts leaders (Islamist dictators) must go!’. It’s obvious that the US/ CIA supports Islamists, because Islamists aid the US in keeping the ME backward, week and dependent. Many know why Iranians say: ‘Obama and America Back Up Islamists‘. Now, even Americans say: ‘Iranians understand Obama better than Americans and warn us’. But the US regime and US lefts both support Islamists and Islamic dictators. And sooner or later, Americans will say: Iranians understand Chomsky and lefts better than Americans and warned us”. People’s comments in the mass media show that many are becoming aware. Now, many say: “US is now beginning to reap the fruits of its insane police of backing Islamists, terrorists, and dictators .. Egyptians see the truth: USA supports Islamists .. US stance on Egypt’s Islamists is a big scandal in US history .. US media and Western media censor [real news/ pictures of Egypt], because Egyptians chant anti-American & anti-Obama slogans! .. We support Muslim/ Christian/ Jewish theocracy”. Now, as Egyptians say: “Egyptians Blame Obama For Morsi Dictatorship. Egyptians blame the US for helping Morsi & Muslim Brotherhood”. It’s really important that Egyptians chant both anti-Morsi and anti-American slogans. As some wise Iranians say: “The West’s intellectuals condemn Egyptians, because they ousted an Islamist dictator. The Western intellectuals love Islamists and brutal dictators. But many people, even in Egypt, are wiser and smarter than these Western jerks who call themselves Intellectuals. Now, many say: ‘Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood work for the CIA’. Many know why and how the US supported Morsi and Islamists”. They also add: “Now, even the Mullah TV says good things! What Mullah analysts say is better and wiser that what the Western analysts say. When the US and lefts defend Islamists and Morsi, some Mullah analysts say Morsi was a puppet, Islamist dictator who forced all people to obey Islamists! They also add: ‘In Egypt and Arab states, Islamists say people should obey rulers/ politicians (ie Olel-Amr). It’s a reactionary view. They say people should not protest and should obey politicians’! It’s funny that Mullahs say such things. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black! The Mullah TV even says: ‘What Egypt army did was not a coup. It was fulfillment of the popular will. But the West says it’s undemocratic. But what is democracy? People choose a representative, based on his promises. But when he breaks his promises and betrays people, people can depose him. It’s Democracy’. The Mullah TV has become so modern! And it’s so funny, specially when almost all Western media defend tyranny and terrorists”. As the wise Iranians say: “If the anti-Morsi revolt is a coup, then the anti-Mubarak revolt is a 100% US-backed coup. The anti-Morsi revolt is like the anti-Mubarak revolt, but the West, lefts and Islamists deny the truth. Now, many Mullahs lick US ass and support Salafis, Wahhabis, and other savage & anti-Iran Islamists in Egypt. But the wise analysts, even at the Mullah TV, know why the West and Islamists hate Democracy. In a real democracy, what people want is important, not what politicians want. In a real democracy, people can change anything/ anybody at any time. In a real democracy, the power of people is the main force, and if politicians betray people, then people can depose them. But US/ EU politicians and their stooges hate real democracy. They break their promises and betray people, but they say people should accept them for many years, and people cannot depose them after 1 year! It’s the West’s logic, that is so undemocratic”.


“Countries like Britain, America, or France are police states and surveillance states. ‘France runs vast spying operation using NSA-style methods. France has spied on French public’s phone calls, emails and internet activity. Le Monde says data from emails, text messages, phone records, and internet activity going through sites such as Google, Facebook or Yahoo was stocked for years on vast servers in the basement of the DGSE headquarters’ !, the media report. Now Le Monde says: ‘French Big Brother is able to spy on anybody at any time. All of our communications are spied on’. Now, many say: ‘French Orwellian system is the biggest Orwellian centre in Europe after the English! English Big Brother is much worse than French Big Brother and US Big Brother’. Britain is a bad Orwellian state. Recently, an activist, Trenton Oldfield, protested at UK government cuts. His protest was peaceful. He swam in front of the crews during the 158th Boat Race on the Thames. But ‘Oldfield was given a 6-month jail term, because his protest halted the race for minutes! He served 2 months in jail’. And now, the Brit order him to leave UK. In the Land of Barbarians (UK), Protest is not free, as Comment is not free. All comments and all cartoons that tell the truth, are censored in the UK. All British media, from the BBC to the Guardian, are Big Brother’s media. In the Land of Big Brother (UK), nothing is free except licking the ass of Queen and politicians!”, some wise Iranians say. It’s really shameful. As some wise Iranians say: “Now their media report: ‘hidden microphones have been found in the office of Ecuador’s ambassador in London. MI5/ MI6 normally be tasked with concealing listening devices in buildings such as embassies in the UK’. But it surprises no one. As the BBC says: ‘Spying on foreign embassies is nothing new in the UK’ ! Britain is the land of spies, bastards, and barbarians. But now even USA becomes as Orwellian as UK. And it’s the real tragedy”. They also add: “Western Democracy is a fake democracy. To be democratic a country at least must have a constitution that regulates the government. But Britain has never established a constitution! Britain has no written constitution. The Queen and her stooges control everything, even the media, in the UK. The unwritten laws is a joke, like unwritten books! But in the UK, the unwritten laws of unwritten books are the pillars of the so-called British Democracy!”. They also add: “The Jewish state has no written constitution, too. With Judaism as the constitution, Is-r-a-el is a Theocracy, not a Democracy. But the Jewish/ British leaders refer to bribery, embezzlement, corruption, censorship, tyranny, and surveillance as Democracy! NetanYabu is a corrupt, brutal dictator. But in the West, he is a hero!”. They also add: “In the West, Democracy means Lobbying, ie Corruption, Bribery, and Embezzlement. They sell and buy everything, including laws, freedom, and democracy. In the past, they wore mask to hide their true colors. But now, they remove their mask and act like brutal dictators; and it’s the end of the West. Now even Egyptians know the West and Islamists, and say: “Islamists are puppets of America .. Islamists see Morsi’s removal as US betrayal ! .. Obama Warns Against Arrests of Morsi and Islamists! But Obama didnt show the same concern about the arrest of Mubarak! Morsi is a US puppet .. Its not about elections. Hitler was elected too .. Islamists serve the US interests .. Shame on the US and the CNN .. Hagues says UK does not support Egypt army. UK only supports Islamists .. It’s not just an anti-Islamic revolt, but it’s an anti-American revolt’. It’s really funny that even Egyptians have become aware, and repeat what Iranians say”.


“The protests in Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, etc show that people can change many things. People can get rid of politicians and Big Brothers. We, ordinary people, can force bad guys to accept our power and our rights. But unfortunately, Americans act like a backward nation. As some Americans say: ‘Massive surveillance make Americans hesitate to sign petitions’. But such fears just lead to Tyranny/ Fascism in America. Americans should learn from Iranians and those who have the balls to protest against brutal dictators. If Americans remain silent, then America would be a third world/ fascist state soon”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Europe denied Snowden asylum, and even blocked Morales’ flight because of Snowden. But how many Westerners protest against it? As some Americans say: ‘US army bases are blocking access to all reporting about Snowden and mass surveillance. This government would block access for all of us. This blockage may be a precursor to that’. But how many Americans protest against such disasters? The End of the West is really near”. As the wise Iranians say: “Big Brother tries to control and scare Westerners. But instead of fearing, they should protest against the Big Brother, the American Tyranny, the British Barbarism, or the Orwellian systems in Europe. Now, ‘Some Germans are filing criminal charges against the US over NSA spying’. It’s good, but it’s not enough. The West needs mass protest and public awareness. Now some Westerners say: ‘If They Can Lie About NSA/ Snowden, They Can Lie About Egypt & Iran”. It’s good, but Westerners should try to know more about the 2009 Coup in Iran, or the 2011 Farce in Egypt”. They also add: “Democracy needs informed people -an informed public. When people live like sheep, they need Shepherds. And politicians play the role of Shepherds. Only when people become aware and stop living like sheep, they can get rid of politicians and big brothers. In the US and the West, most people are so ignorant/ stupid. They know nothing about the so-called Western Democracy, that is a very very indirect democracy, but a very very direct tyranny. But we all need real Democracy, not Western Democracy. We should not allow politicians/ jerks to decide on behalf of people. We don’t need representatives. We need a democracy in which each person has a voice and can vote and decide ‘in favor of’ or ‘against’ each law. In the age of the internet, we can have direct democracy. We can get rid of politicians and big brothers”. We have already written about this important issue [*]. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Most Westerners don’t know, or don’t care, that America becomes a third world/ fascist state, or the West becomes the land of surveillance, censorship, brainwashing, corruption, big lies, etc. They don’t care that the West is racist and hurt other humans, including Iranians. But we tell them: ‘Your stupidities just lead to a Blatant Tyranny in the West. And it’s the End of the West, Stupid!”. As the wise Iranians say: “The End of the West is near. So, the Westerners should try to learn from Iranians and other nations. They should know Fake Democracy, Fake intellectuals, etc. They should become aware. Informed public can put end to the West’s Orwellian Tyranny. Never underestimate the power of people. Informed public are able to create a better world and a better life”.

For more information:

[*] Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change .

Persian Power, Iranian Lions, and Anti-Iran West

July 4, 2013

“The End of America, and the End of the West is really near. Just take a look at Snowden’s story. The Savage West has lost its mind. European barbarians openly aid savage Americans in violating basic human rights, and prove that the West is the main Enemy of Human Rights. US Congress and savage Americans openly defend Tyranny, Oppression, Racism, Fascism, etc and show that we all should refer to America as the Fascist America, the Racist America, or the Savage America. It’s funny that even Egyptians have become aware, and see Morsi and Islamists as ‘Stooges of America’, and chant anti-Obama & anti-Morsi slogans. The West is a big, bad loser. Now, the Savage West clearly says that they want to hurt the Iranian people. But as their media confess: ‘Persian Lion has not lost its power .. Persian power is on the rise!”, some wise Iranians say. Recently, the Western media are full of anti-Iran propaganda and racist crap -like ‘Persian power: Can Iran be stopped?’ (June 2013)- that we should write more about them later. But the story of “the Anti-Iran West and Persian Power” has become funny and informative. As the media report: ‘In the 2013 FIVB World League, Iran volleyball team outscored team Italy in two games. Iran made the biggest surprise and defeated the best European team’ or ‘June 28, 2013: Iran defeated the eight-time World League winners Italy, in an extraordinary game in Modena, Italy. Iran has already defeated Serbia, the last years bronze medalist’ or ‘June 30, 2013: Iran defeated France in the FIVB U19 World Championship’ or ‘Iran beat Italy 3-1, but Italy won the 2nd game [ended 3-2] with the help of referee and dirty tricks. Iranian lions brought team Italy to its knees’. Sports are not important, but the anti-Iran West and their shameful behavior is another matter. As many say: “The West is racist. Their anti-Iran Racism & their anti-Iran propaganda attack all Iranians. The Racist West is uncultured and stupid. As Italians revealed, when they see that the Persian Lion can defeat the West’s paper tiger in a clean game, they use all dirty tricks to win a dirty game. The Anti-Iran West knows that in the game of Logic, Culture, Civilization, or in any Fair Play, they cannot defeat Persia. But it’s funny that even with the help of Mullahs/ traitors and all dirty/ barbaric tricks, the West’s paper tiger cannot defeat the Persian Lion. The West has confused and is helpless”.


As some Iranians say: “The anti-Iran West censors everything. Even pictures of Iranian fans are censored. The West tries to not allow the world to know real Iranians and true Iran. Hundreds of Iranian fans in Italy shocked Italians, but when you search/ google for their pictures, you find nothing! [Iranian fans in Italy were like what you see here]. The West and Islamists are anti-Iran. When normal humans at the Mullah TV show a few pictures of Iranian fans, Islamist rapists and Basiji faggots like Ali Motahari protest against it! These Islamists, who are the 1% in Iran, suppress the 99% with the help of the West”. They also add: “Iranian fans in Italy proved many things; and after the first match, Italian officials used many dirty tricks to not allow Iranians to come and support team Iran”. As some wise Iranians say: “Real news/ pictures of Iran and Iranians are among the rare things in the internet. But why?! The West and search engines censor/ boycott everything [including our website!] that tells the truth about Iran and Iranians”. They also add: “Most Westerners are ignorant. They even don’t know that Iran is Persia or Persia is Iran! But Julio Velasco, the well-known coach of Iran, is not ignorant. When Italian journalists asked him about Iran, Velasco said to them: ‘Iranians are not Arabs. Iranians don’t live like Arabs. Iranians are very different from Arabs. Iran is a safe, peaceful, and interesting country. Iran is [the land of Aryans]. Iranians are cultured people of an ancient noble civilization. What [the West says] about Iran is wrong’. It’s funny that Velasco is much more Iranian than Mullahs and exiled journalists. Now, many Iranians say: Bravo Velasco! you don’t sell your soul .. Julio Velasco is more Iranian than Mullahs .. Velasco is a good guy. He is an Italian-Argentinean, but he is much more Iranian than Islamists, Pahlavists, and other traitors .. Good guys like Velasco tell the truth, but the anti-Iran West still pretends that Iran = Mullah! .. Mullahs and Islamists are anti-Iran, anti-Iranian, pro-Arab (Arab-parast), or Arabs. They kill Iranians and hate Iranian Civilization and Iranian Culture, and the West loves them and all Arab Locust-eaters”.


“Iranian fans and real Iranians can nullify and invalidate the West’s anti-Iran propaganda, and that’s why the West and the Western media censor pictures of Iranian fans”, many Iranians say. They also add: “It’s funny that both Mullahs and the West censor real pictures of Iranian. Mullahs have always aided the anti-Iran West in destroying the public image of Iran and Iranians . Mullahs and Islamists, aka Basiji faggots & Islamist whores, only serve the Anti-Iran West’s interests”. As some Iranians say: “Iranian fans in Italy were great. Their chants were so loud that people watching at home could hear them. But both Mullahs and the West hate Iranian fans and censor real Iranians. The West is anti-Truth and anti-Democracy. They support anti-democracy groups -ie Mullahs, Marxist-Islamists (MEK), Monarchists, etc- but they ban/ censor ordinary Iranians”. They also add: “Many know the story of the 2012 Olympics, and how Mullahs helped the anti-Iran West, and instead of strengthening Iranian Olympians, they just hurt our Olympians. But despite all sabotage, Iranian Olympians made a miracle: ‘If all countries of Middle East, Western Asia & Southern Asia -including all Arab states, Jewish state and many others- be considered as one country, then as the 2012 games showed: the number of this country’s medals is less than the number of Iran’s medals! Iran also had a better performance than Canada, Sweden, Spain, etc”. They also add: “If Mullahs and traitors didn’t help the anti-Iran West, then Iran could be a superpower again. Mullahs and traitors just try to play the role of the Brake Pedal in the path of progress in Iran. They are stooges of Big Brother”. As tourists say: “Those who travel to Iran find their preconceptions about Iran wrong; westerners find they are brainwashed by their media, and this ancient land (Iran) is different”. As some wise Iranians say: “The Racist West pretends that Iran’s regime = Iran’s people, while Mullahs are Arabs and pro-Arab (Arab-Parast), not Iranians. Iranian players and Iranian fans [see pix] expose today’s Iran, while the West and Mullahs both try to create a fake image of Iran. They are in fear of the Rise of Persia and Persians […] The media report: ‘Persian footballers facing jail for kissing fans’! Mullahs torture Iranians, destroy Iran’s image, and serve the Big Brother’s interests. But nothing can stop the lions of Persia”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Julio Velasco (born 1952), the head coach of Iran volleyball team and one of the biggest names in the volleyball world, is an Argentinean- Italian. And the head coach of Iran football team, Carlos Queiroz, former Real Madrid, Man United and Portugal coach, is a Portuguese. But both Velasco and Queiroz defend Iran and praise Iranians. They, like all ordinary Westerners who travel to Iran, say that the anti-Iran propaganda is shameful. As Velasco’s wife, Rebecca, says: Iran’s culture is a very very big and interesting culture. Persian poets, Iranian foods, etc are great. Iranians are very nice people. They are very gentle “. The bad guys in the West control and censor the media, the internet, and everything, but they cannot fool all people. Many Westerners still live like normal humans. As some Iranians say: “Many Italians are not bad guys. ‘We played well but not as good as Iranians. They played a fantastic match’, said some Italians. Many Italians know what is sport, what is racism/ fascism, or what is dirty game/ dirty politics. Iranians know obvious things, too. Iranians don’t say: ‘Italy’s people = Mussolini, Berlusconi, or Sicily Mafia’. But the anti-Iran West and their big lies -like Iran’s regime = Iran’s people- are so stupid”. They also add: ‘Many Westerners are not bad guys. The general atmosphere in Italy was good. Supporters cheered for their team and had fun. At the first match, Italians could see Iranian fans and it surprised them. But Italian officials used many dirty tricks to not allow Iranian fans to support team Iran at the second match, that was a weaker version of that football match in South Korea. South Koreans were really worse than Italian officials. South Koreans threw bottles, cans/ debris at Iranians. ‘As the Iranian players celebrated on the pitch at Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium, Korean fans threw water bottles and other items’, the media reported”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘All Asians, including Koreans, know the Persian Power and Iranian Lions. When you talk about Iran, its power and its history, you don’t talk about a regime, but you talk about people, culture, thousands of years of civilization, and many important facts. But the stupid coach of Korean team said anti-Iranian things, mixed sports with dirty politics, and ate a shit that was bigger than his mouth. Iranians called his comments ‘shameful’, and called for an apology. But instead of apologizing, the uncultured Koreans ate more shits, and their verbal attacks and racist comments didnt stop. Their politest words were uttered by their stupid captain, who said ‘I will make Iran captain shed tears of blood’! The silence of Korean federation and Korean officials was shameful. Instead of apologizing for the shameful comments of their coach, they put his big picture everywhere, even in Iran’s locker room! But team Iran defeated them at their home. The uncultured Koreans confused, hurled bottles and debris at Iranians, and punched the Iranian goalkeeper in the face. But do you know what the mass media said about such things?! They censored everything! The FIFA and the West’s mass media said nothing about the uncultured Koreans and their shameful behavior. The West and the mass media censored news, pictures, and everything. But you should ask yourself: ‘what if, God Forbids, Iranians acted like Koreans? Then from morning to night, the West and the mass media would open their dirty mouth and would bullshit the world”. They also add: “The uncultured Koreans (not all Koreans) and their shameful anti-Iran Racism remind many of the anti-Iran West and its stooges. It’s so shameful that South Korea becomes a puppet of the anti-Iran West”.


As some Iranians say: “South Korean media and Korean officials showed that they are puppets of Big Brother. Instead of apologizing for their shameful behavior, they blamed Iran’s coach, Queiroz, and talked about ‘Queiroz’s aggressive behavior’! and said: ‘At the end of the game, he offered our coach obscene gesture’! The West censored everything, and just covered Queiroz’s reaction! And it’s one of their main Orwellian tactics. They censor everything, tell big lies, ‘Connect Fart to Forehead’ (ie try to connect unrelated things), and try to mislead and brainwash people. But many are not stupid. Now some Westerners say: ‘Korean officials blame Iranians, while they provoked Iranians and Korean fans showered the field with plastic bottles‘. Now, even Koreans say: many Korean fans said they felt ashamed of the crowd’s behavior. But newspapers pointed the finger of blame at Iran”. Many Koreans are not bad guys, and as some Iranians say: “The Anti-Iran West uses ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics and poisons everything, even sports and entertainment, with dirty politics. We, Iranians, don’t want to judge Korea by its bad guys or its uncultured fans. But we ask: ‘What if some Iranians acted like Koreans? what would the mass media and the anti-Iran West said?! Koreans and their coach deserve an ‘up-yours’ gesture. But it’s funny that the West defends them, and praises Racism! The West is really the Great Evil. The World League debutants Iran defeats Italy, and reveals the Persian Power, but the anti-Iran West pretends that the Iranian Lions are weak and cannot defeat Big Brother and his little dogs, Zionists. Iran is the world champion in many fields – even in the FIVB U19 World Championship. But the West censors such facts, because facts show that if Iran can be free and independent, then Iran can easily be a superpower again. The West obeys the law of the jungle. They know that Persia will not allow them to hurt and exploit other nations, and that’s why they are worried about the Persian Power”.


“According to dictionaries, ‘the Law of the Jungle’ means: ‘(1) the idea that people should only look after themselves and not care about other people if they want to succeed (2) the principle that only the strongest creatures will stay alive’. In the West, the main law is the law of the jungle“, the wise Iranians say. We would write about this issue later. But as some wise Iranians say: “Their media clearly say: ‘Iran should not become the regional hegemon [!!] It is not in the Wests interest [!]’ (June 2013). The Barbarian West knows that a free and strong Iran will not allow a bunch of barbarians and human-eaters to exploit and enslave other nations. The West stupidly says: ‘When Persian power is on the rise, it is not the time to back away from the Middle East’! (June 2013), but no one asks them: “What are you doing in the Middle East?! What if the Iranian army and others go to Europe and North America?! What if Iranians act like you, idiots?!”. As the wise Iranians say: “The West is so stupid. We tell them: ‘Hey idiots, you only understand force and the law of the jungle. But Iranians are not stupid, and it’s their decency (Nejabat)/ wisdom, not their foolishness (Hemaghat)/ weakness, that prevent them from acting/ thinking like you. Iranians know that the Truth, the Good, all humans/ good guys are more important than one nation, one race, or one tribe. But your low IQs don’t allow you to understand such things. We care about all humans and human values. But you are animals, and your main law is the law of the jungle. You are racists, fascists, and big idiots. Iranians say: ‘Those who work/ practice better/ harder should win a match. If Iran wins all matches, it’s boring. Sports, entertainment, etc should create joy, peace, good feelings and good things for all humans’. We, Iranians, will be happy to see the progress and development of other humans and other nations; we know it’s in the interests of all humans, and can lead to a better world, a better life, and a win-win situation. But you, the savage West, cannot understand such things. You are anti-Progress and anti-Peace. Yah, Persia and Persian power is on the rise, and it scares you. You and your stooges (Mullahs & other anti-democracy forces) just want to keep Iran week, dependent, and unfree. But we, today’s Persians, never let this happen. And we say to Great Iran: ‘Iran, the Land of Aryans, Wake up! The Persian Lion Wake up! Great Persia, the Cradle of Civilization, wake up and put an end to the Evil Empire of the Savage West”.