Mullahcracy and Illusion of Democracy in America

The 2013 Mullah Show can remind you of an ancient story. As Iranians say: “Once upon a time, a ruler wanted to punish a stupid businessman. The ruler said to the businessman: ‘You have three options: (1) you pay us 100 gold coins (2) we beat you with sticks, 100 times (3) here, in front of us, you eat 100 onions. The stupid businessman said: ‘Your majesty, I eat onions’. But when he started to eat onions, he found it so hard. But he continued; he ate and ate, but when he had eaten about 80 onions, he was at death’s door. So, he said: ‘Your majesty, I cannot eat more onions. I’m dying. I accept the 2nd option. Please beat me with sticks’. So, they came and started to beat him. But he found it so painful. And finally he was at death’s door. He was not able to bear the pain of the last sticks. So, he said: ‘Your majesty, I’m dying. I cannot bear it. I accept the first option. I pay 100 gold coins’ ! The story of this stupid businessman became a legend/ proverb. And now, Mullahs and their Mullahcracy remind you of this ancient story. Now, Mullahs eat both onions and sticks!, before paying fines. As ancient Iranians said: ‘Idiots eat both onions and sticks, and finally pay heavy fines”. Now, the witty Iranians say to Mullahs: “Hey Idiots, if you want to make concessions, at least make some concessions that can create the illusion of democracy and can fool people into accepting the illusion of choice. Idiots, your concessions are like eating onions and sticks! In the 2013 show, you urinated/ shitted on Jalili, AN, and your slogans and your values. You urinated/ shitted on Sepah, Basij, and the whole regime. You chanted anti-Rafsanjani slogans, and you even disqualified Rafsanjani, while it was like disqualifying the regime. You paid a high price. But now, you, idiots, appoint Rafsanjani protégé, Rohani, as your President! Now, many say: Mullahs act like big idiots, because their teacher is British!”. They also add: “Mullahs are like UK/ US politicians. They are stupid charlatans. They know nothing about the illusion of Democracy and its importance. They don’t know that when people suffer from the illusion that they live in a democracy, their illusion shackle their will to rebel‘. Idiots don’t know that they should not shatter people’s illusions. They don’t know that their concessions should give the illusion of democracy and fool people. Mullahs are so stupid. They make concessions, but people are still ready to rebel !, because Mullah concessions are like eating onions and sticks. The Big Brother’s media tell big lies, pretend ignorance, or defend the regime. But Iranians know what happened in 2009 and 2013. Iranians know why Khamenei appointed Rohani, or why the West helped the Mullah Show. Iranians know what is election, what is concession or retreat, and what is like drinking the cup of poison or eating onions and sticks”. They also add: “A Fake Democracy can prevent people from rebelling. It can fool the world and people. It can prevent war, foreign plots, etc. A Fake Democracy is better than a Blatant Tyranny, and Mullahcracy can be a fake democracy like Western democracies. But Mullahs still try to prove that their regime is a balata tyranny and a puppet regime! Mullahs are proud that the US, the UK, and their whores already knew that Mullahs want to appoint Rohani, and they helped Mullahs/ Rohani [by telling big lies about Iranians]. Mullahs are proud that they act like big idiots and listen to foreign advice! They should try to solve real problems and calm people. This British Rohani and others must not be able to play with Iran’s economy like that Jewish shit (AN). They must strengthen Iran’s Rial. But they still try to strengthen US Dollar! Yah, If Mullahs try to give concessions to Iranians, it’s a good thing. If Mullahs make real concessions, or if they try to create the illusion of democracy in Iran, Iranians can accept it. But stupid things like repeating old lies, using old tactics, implementing IMF plans/ Enemy’s plans, aiding the Enemy/ Sanctions, giving concessions to the West, acting like big idiots, etc is like or worse than eating onions and sticks”.


As the wise Iranians say: “the Age of Secular Revolution, Real Independence, and Real Awareness began in 2009. Now, more than 90% of Iranians hate Islamists and the Islamic regime. But it’s not the whole story. Now, Iranians know the West and/ or the West’s Fake Democracy. Now, the Iranian society is a modern society, at least as modern as the American society or European societies. Now, many Iranians are wiser than Westerners. And it’s so important”. As we said in [*]: “A Hope for Iranians, A Warning to Western Godfathers” [*] (check Archive), even the West confesses that “Iranian society is characterized by strong support for liberal values” [*]. Now, even the West says: “There is an abnormally large gap between the societal potential for liberal democracy in Iran and the actual level of democracy in the country”[*]. And “when such a gap exists, [sooner or later] the countrys level of democracy will adjust in accordance with the societys potential” [*]. Now, even Westerners say: ‘We are amazed by how ready the Iranian people are. Iranian societys potential for liberal democracy and Iranians tolerance is higher than what you can see in the West. The rate and number of religious fanatics or racist people in Iran is really less than the US [or Europe]”[*]. The large gap between Iran’s people and Iran’s regime is like a huge bomb. And as the wise Iranians say: “What the West and Mullahs did in the 2013 Show was a desperate attempt to fill the gap, and defuse the bomb. But when Iranians deserve at least something like US Democracy, old tactics and blatant lies cannot be attractive to Iranians”. Now, the West says: “Iran Can Turn Into a Liberal Democracy’ [*]. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now, even Mullahcracy can turn into a Fake Democracy like US Democracy”. They seriously- satirically say to Mullahs: “Don’t be so stupid, Mullahs. You don’t believe in your own religion and your own bullshits. And as you know, we, Iranians, don’t believe in such things, too. So, don’t make a fool of yourself. If you believed in your own bullshits, or even if you believed in ‘God and Prophets’, then you didn’t kill people, didn’t steal people’s money, didn’t tell big lies, didn’t plunder national resources, didn’t torture people, didn’t try to stay in power at any price, and didn’t act like the West’s bad guys. Now, it’s clear that ‘Mullah and West’ have the same religion: ‘Power & Money’. We, Iranians, care about the Good, the Truth, the Humanity, and the Human values, but you, Mullahs, are like the West, and you just care about ‘money, power, and staying in power at any price’. AhmadiNejad (AN) and his era revealed your true religion/ belief. You totally disgraced/ destroyed your values/ slogans”. They also add: “You have desire to mimic US politicians. Now, many say: ‘Mullahs try to mimic US politicians. Mullah games like ‘Democrats vs Republicans’ game, Orwellian lies/ tactics, Censorship/ brainwashing methods, etc show that Mullahs copy from US Fake Democracy’. You, Mullahs have enough Nastiness, Shamelessness, etc to run a Fake Democracy like US Democracy. But you are so stupid, and have bad advisers. You should stop listening to British advice. There is a better solution. We, Iranians can teach you how to establish US Democracy in Iran. It’s better for you, and Iran. It’s better than listening to UK/ US advice”. They also add: “You should know the pillars of a Fake Democracy. The first things that you should know is that ‘your Mullahcracy must be able to create the illusion of Democracy in Iran. Otherwise, your Mullahcracy is a stupid tyranny, not a fake democracy. Your 2013 games show that you are ready to sacrifice many things and learn new things. So, Stop listening to foreign advice and UK advice. As you know, friendship and affair between you and them is like affair between two bad guys, who are ready to cheat, betray, or kill each other. [Bad guys just care about money and power, not friendship]. And that’s why, you, Mullahs and the West don’t trust each other. You know the fate of Pahlavi, Mubarak, Bin Ali, etc. Stupid sedatives are not solutions; Britons are not friends, idiots. Now, Jack Straw says: ‘Rohani is welcome in Western capitals but no one should crow about it[!] because it will undermine him [!!]’ (June 2013) or UK says: ‘Khamenei is the master of the tactical retreat’! (June 2013). They love your idiocy. They say: ‘this election restores the damages of the last 8 years’! They just play a stupid, old game. British barbarians eat their friends! So, instead of listening to foreign advice, listen to what the wise Iranians say. It’s better for you, and Iran”.


Unfortunately, many know nothing about the long story of ‘Fake Democracy” or “Illusion of Democracy” in the West. As some wise Iranians say: “Western Democracy is nothing but a Fake Democracy. Even the Athenian system was a form of aristocracy, not democracy. Even if you accept this lie that ‘In Athens, each citizen had a voice in the assembly’, you should know that most Athenians had no voice, because they were slaves, not citizens. More than 60% of people in Athens were slaves!, who were treated like animals. The so-called British Democracy is worse than the Greek jokes. In the past 400 years, the British System was a stupid form of Aristocracy. Before the 20th century, only about 10% of the Britons, ie the rich males, had the right to vote”. We will write more about the history of Democracy, and the role of barbarians and the uncultured West in creating “Fake Democracy”. Iranians, like other normal humans, want real Democracy, not the West’s fake democracy. But as some Iranians say: “When even the US is a fake democracy, and when no county enjoys a Real Democracy in this shitty world, ‘Turing Mullahcracy into US Fake Democracy’ can be a pragmatic step in achieving real democracy. The US system is a little better than the Mullah system, because the former is a fake democracy, but the later is a blatant tyranny”. As the wise Iranians say: “Most Iranians boycotted the 2013 election show, because there is no election. Khamanei appointed Rohani as his President, because he knew that Iranians are so angry, and he is really in a dangerous situation. Now, people say: ‘Mullahs and the West just want to drink the cup of Poison, and make a deal’. Iranians are not stupid”. They also add: “Mullahs retreated. Rejecting Jalili, or treating Jalili, Qalibaf, and Velayati like shits is important, but the West and whores say nothing about it. Jalili was equal to Sepah, Basji, and the last 8 years. Jalili meant ‘The 2009 Coup’. Iranians guessed that Khamenei would appoint Jalili, because rejecting Jalili not only was a big confession to the 2009 coup, but it was equal to urinating/ shitting on the Mullah regime. But on 14 June 2013, Mullahs and Khamenei urinated/ shitted on their own regime and their own slogans, and it was a big surprise. It was a victory for Iranians. But the West and its whores censor such facts, and still talk nonsense about ‘gradual reform’! They still repeat their old rubbish that belong to the Stone Age”. It’s a good point. Khatami and Khatamists are dead in Iran. Now, Iranians know that the so-called Reformists are nothing but stupid charlatans/ traitors. As the wise Iranians say: “If a stupid pig like Khatami is a Reformist, then Khamenei can be a Great Reformist! Iranians should ask/ get concessions directly from Khamenei. Now, we all know that he can make surprising concessions. Of course he and Mullahs are afraid that giving real concessions can lead to a ‘Revolution’. But when the West is anti-Iran and anti-Democracy, and when they only support all anti-democracy groups (Pahlavists, Marxists, Islamists, terrorists [MEK], etc) and when they try to keep Iran weak and unfree, if Khamenei and Mullahs make real concessions, Iranians will not repeat the 1979 mistakes. If they give us real concessions, we don’t reject them. But they should make real concessions. Mullahs still act like retards, and don’t care about their public image and the Illusion of Democracy. They destroy their own public image!, and also Iran’s public image. And it just serves the West’s interests. But US politicians, at least in the past, didn’t act like Mullahs. For instance, both the US and Mullahs control and filter the media/ internet. But Americans do it secretly or indirectly, while Mullahs openly, stupidly, and harshly fuck and filter everything”. They also add: “Mullahs act like retards, and don’t care about face-saving formulas. But Americans, at least in the past, didn’t act like Mullahs. Both the US and Mullahs control election candidates, but Americans use indirect controls such as money, while Mullahs openly ban/ disqualify most candidates (even Rafsanjani), and shit/ urinate on the Illusion of Democracy!”. They also add: “It’s funny that the US goes backwards and Mullahs can go forwards. Now, Americans act like Mullahs and destroy the Illusion of Democracy/ Freedom in America. The stories of Wikileaks, OWS, PRISM, the 2012 US Election Farce, supporting all anti-democracy groups, etc show that USA really goes backwards. Now, they kill the American Dream and the Illusion of Democracy in America. Now, they openly praise Censorship, Control, Corruption, Discrimination, Fanaticism, Nazism, Extremism, Racism, Tyranny, Injustice, etc and that’s why many talk about the End of America. In fact, the US system is nearing the End, because it even cannot give the illusion of Democracy any longer“.


As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs try to convert their Mullahcracy into something like US Fake Democracy. But they don’t know that the main pillar of any Fake Democracy is the illusion of Democracy. If you cannot create the illusion of choice, and if you cannot give the illusion of democracy to your people, you are a Blatant Tyranny, not a Fake Democracy. As Americans say: ‘Americans suffer from the illusion that they live in a democracy. And their illusion of having some liberties shackle their will to rebel‘. But Mullahs don’t care about such things, and just eat sticks and onions”. They also add: “Mullahs tell bad, stupid lies. For instance, on 15 June 2013, the Iranians went to the streets and chanted anti-AN and anti-Tyranny slogans, but the Mullah TV said: ‘Iranians went to the streets to thank our great leader, Khamenei’! Mullahs and Khamenei still tell stupid lies and insult people’s intelligence. But when all Iranians can see/ feel the truth, stupid lies just make people angrier, and shatters all illusions. When all humans hate hyperinflation/ corruption/ financial crisis, Mullahs say: ‘people love AN, hyperinflation and financial crises’! Mullahs act like Mullah Nasreddin and ridicule themselves. When shits like Janati and the Mullah Guardian Council kill the illusion of Democracy, and when the internet, the media, journalists, artists, writers, thinkers, etc are openly and harshly banned, censored and filtered, Mullahcracy is nothing but a blatant Tyranny”. They also add: “Mullahs say: ‘We tell big lies, but they (West) tell big lies, too. We hate Democracy, but they (West) hate Democracy, too. We have censorship, but they have censorship, too’. It’s not wrong, but the important point is that Westerners act like chameleons, secretly and indirectly! But Mullahs act like big idiots, openly, harshly, and shamelessly. Mullah don’t believe in their own religion and their own laws. But when both people and Mullahs don’t believe in such things, Mullahs must stop making people angry”. They also add: “We all should think about real solutions, and feasible solutions. Americans talk about ‘illusion of choice’, ‘illusion of voting’, or ‘illusion of Democracy’ in America. They truly say: ‘Democracy is dead when money controls power . US politicians call themselves public servants, while they are as corrupt as Jack Abramoff. America suffers from the tyranny of money and corruption’. In America, fake debates, election farces, tyranny of money, etc are so laughable. They sell and buy everything, including politicians, laws, freedom and democracy! US Capitalism is Free Corruption, not Free Market. But it’s not the whole story. US system is still better than an absolute monarchy. Absolute monarch even tells his subjects what to wear, what to drink, or how to breath/ fart! In the US, you can write and publish many things, and instead of censoring or silencing you, they boycott you! But in a blatant Tyranny, you can write and publish nothing; you even cannot fart freely!”. They also add: “The US has serious problems. In the US, most people are stupid, or have great illusions. Only some Americans talk about ‘The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny’. Only a few Americans know US corrupt electoral system or ‘the injustices of the two-party-tilted electoral process’. Most Americans are ignorant, and America needs Awareness, public awareness. If many Americans become aware, and ask for real changes, real freedoms, etc, then the US system would change. But now, as some Americans say: ‘Most Americans don’t know that US election laws/ practices severely discriminate [..] Democratic Party and Republican Party control everything [..] We only choose the Lesser of Two Evils. Our elected officials routinely break their election promises and are always free to flout the wishes of their constituents‘. But most American don’t care about such things, and many non-Americans are not aware of such things, or think that only non-Americans call themselves public servants (Khadem) and try to fool people! As Americans say: ‘Most Americans have no real opinions, but only impressions. They are shaped by propaganda, and a typical ‘Wag the Dog‘ strategy’. Unfortunately, many Americans are fanatics. In 2012, more than 57 million Americans (47%) voted for [a stupid Mormon]. The number of religious fanatics in America is much more than Iran’s [we have already written about ‘Religious Fanatics’ in the US, check Archive]”. They also add: “But most Iranians are not fanatics. Iranians are not racists. They care about all humans. Iran (Persia) is an ancient civilization before any country of the West existed. An as the West says: ‘The Persian Lion (Iranian lions) can change the world’ ! So, we say to Mullahs: ‘It’s shameful that the stupid West has a Fake Democracy and can fool the world, but you [..] Iran at least must have a fake democracy like US Democracy. You love the Republican-Democrat games, and you try to play such games in Iran (AN as a stupid Republican; Rohani as a stupid Democrat, etc). But you still act like big idiots. You screw the illusion of Democracy. You insult people and ban everything. You torture Iranians and force them to believe you! Your Mullah Logic is the Logic of Sword!, that belongs to non-Iranians and blatant tyrannies. But US and the West could fool and manipulate the world, because they could give the illusion of choice/ democracy. It’s US Fake Democracy, stupid! You, Mullahs, eat both ‘onions and sticks’. [Yah,] your Mullahcracy can turn into a fake democracy like US Democracy, and a Fake Democracy is better than a Blatant Tyranny. But at first, and at least, you should know the pillars of A Fake Democracy and the importance of the illusion of Democracy”.

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