The United States of Big Brother

“Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old CIA agent and the whistleblower behind the biggest scandal in US history, said: ‘US regime is spying on its people. The Internets big names -Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple- give the US government backdoor access to users private information’. But what he said is not a new thing. He just confirmed what we already knew!”, many say in these days. But it’s really shameful the US is turning into a police state. As the wise Iranians say: “Many preferred to think that the US is not like the UK. Britain is really an Orwellian state. As Orwell said, Britain is a surveillance state, a police state, a Big Brother state. Spies and Big Brother’s agents control the UK. Now, even the UK media confess: ‘The influence of spies has become too much’ ! (June 2013). They talk about ‘secret courts’, ‘secret laws’, ‘unwritten laws’, or ‘the excessive influence of the CIA and MI6 on the system’ (June 2013). Their media say: ‘UK spied on diplomats at G20 meetings in London’ (June 2013). But it doesn’t surprise anyone. The UK is the land of the spies. The UK is the land of the law of the jungle. Now, even UK spymasters explain how they manipulate politicians, and how they cover up torture, kidnaping and killing (June 2013). The UK has no Constitution, and the main laws in the UK are the unwritten laws and the law of the jungle. British barbarians still think/ act like their savage ancestors. As the Brits say: ‘Spies and secret societies control the UK and British Tyranny’. The well-informed people know the United Barbarians (Britain). But the US wants to become a new Britain! It’s ridiculous. NSA whistleblower Snowden fled to Hong Kong before providing his information to the press. And it’s a great shame to the US that when Americans want to reveal the US government oppression they must flee to China!“. The US Fake Democracy is shameful. Now, many make jokes and say: ‘USA is the land of Flee, not Free! US dissidents are not Free, and they must Flee from US .. American Capitalism is Free Corruption/ Free Tyranny .. In US Fake Democracy, Bribery is free, Spying is free, Supporting terrorists/ anti-democracy forces is free, but journalists, whistleblowers, and truth-tellers are not free .. Snowden showed that American Values are Orwellian values like Control, Censorship, Oppression, Corruption, Hypocrisy .. In America, Control & Lobbying is Democracy, Spying & Censorship is Freedom, and Bribery & Corruption is Capitalism”. In June 2013, many say: ‘US gov is lying to us. US mass surveillance is worse than the 1984 .. NSA regularly hacks into Internet backbone computers around the world, in order to look at people/ organizations’ data. NSA is turning the US into a Big Brother surveillance state”. In June 2013, the US media say: “Whistleblowers are Spies” !; “US congressmen say journalists should be prosecuted for publishing Snowden’s docs’ !; “FBI head claims mass surveillance is what US needs” !; “We can violate the citizens’ rights over their privacy” !; “[Not Americans, but] Hong Kong human rights NGOs rallied in favor of Snowden”!; “Hong Kong (not US) supports Snowden’s basic rights”! Now, the educated Iranians say: “USA is becoming a third world country. The tyranny of America is like the tyranny of Russia. Yah, the US is still a little better; but just a little!”. In these days, the wise, witty Iranians talk about Mullahcracy and American Fake Democracy, and say: “If Mullahs try to create the illusion of Democracy in Iran, then Iran will be like the US! The stupid Mullahs should know the importance of the Illusion of Democracy. They should know that when people have the illusion that they live in a democracy, their illusions shackle their will to rebel. A Fake Democracy can fool the world, too. So, Instead of listening to foreign advice and British advice, Mullahs must listen to our advice. British Barbarians eat their friends, but we can teach Mullahs how they can create a real Fake Democracy or a real illusion! It’s shameful that the US has a Fake Democracy, while Iran has a Blatant Tyranny. Now it’s clear that Iranians are wiser and more modern than Americans, and Mullahs are not stupider than US politicians (even monkeys are smarter than Obama & US politicians !). Mullahs are like Britons/ Americans. Mullahs don’t believe in ‘Khoda va Peyghambar’ (God & Prophets), or in their own bullshits. Mullahs kill people, steal/ embezzle people’s money, tell big lies, torture/ rape people, try to stay in power at any price, and act like the West’s bad guys. So, Don’t be so stupid, Mullahs! Lets turn Mullahcracy into US Fake Democracy! It’s in your and our interests. A Fake Democracy is better than a Blatant Tyranny. Don’t Worry, when stupid pigs like Khatami or Obama are Reformists, then Khamenei can be a Great Reformist!”. It’s a joke, or seems like a joke, but the Mullahcracy can become a Fake Democracy like the US Democracy. It’s possible! We should write more about the Mullahcracy and the illusion of Democracy in America.


“When the US regime betrayed Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, it was obvious that the US regime would betray Americans and the freedom and democracy in America as well. But most Americans were/ are so stupid. Lefts and US pigs tell big lies about Iran, but they and their Orwellian lies just reveal the truth of the United States of Big Brother”, some wise Iranians say. In fact, not only Snowden and the US regime, but even the lefts can reveal the true face of the United States of Big Brother. Let’s give you an example. As some wise Iranians say: “Chomsky and lefts love and support the Jewish CIA agents, the Leveretts. In 2009, these Jewish/ US spies said: ‘Iranians hate Mousavi, because Rafsanjani supports him [!] Ahmadinejads charge that Mousavi was supported by Rafsanjani seemed to play well with voters [!!]’. But do you know what these spies say in 2013? Now, they say: ‘Iranians vote for Rohani, because Rafsanjani supports him! Rohani, Rafsanjani protégé, wins the election. Iran experts are ignorant [!]’. The Jewish CIA is laughable. They repeat the regime’s jokes and say 36 million Iranians (72%) voted !, while less than 12 millions voted. Before the 2013 Show, the Jewish CIA and the US/ UK media said that Rohani is a Reformist! But do you know what they say now? Now, they say: ‘Rohani is a conservative. He is not a reformist, even according to Iranian standards’ ! The stupid West thinks that all humans have a short memory or a low IQ, like the American IQ that is less than the Goat’s IQ! US big lies about AN, Jalili, Rohani, Rafsanjani, etc reveal many things, including this fact that why ‘the chairman of CBS said that over 20 million Americans have an IQ of below 57 !”. They also add: “US Orwellian lies are bad, big lies, and just reveal the American IQ! According to Americans, USA scores the lowest IQs, at a national average score of 100-minus. The national average IQ score of Americans is less than many countries (including Iran, Japan, China, Germany, etc)”. Now, many Americans say: ‘Our Government Insults Our Intelligence’. But they don’t know that even Chomsky, the lefts, and their intellects insult their intelligence. As some wise Iranians say: “The Leveretts badly defended their beloved AhmadiNejad (AN)! And naturally, these Jewish CIA agents had to support Jalili, who is a copy of AN. What Jalili says is exactly like what the Leveretts say. In the Mullah Debate shows, only Jalili defended the 2009 coup, and repeated the Leveretts’ bullshit. But on 12 June 2013, the Leveretts wrote at Huffingtonpost: ‘In the final debate show Jalili lost ground to his rivals [because he repeated our bullshit]. Rohani emerged from the debates with rising popular support; Jalili did not; [because] Rafsanjani and Khatami endorsed Rohani’ Can you believe it?! If you want to know the secrets of the 2009 coup/ the 2013 farce, the stupid Leveretts can show you many things. But Americans’ low IQs don’t allow them to see the truth of the Leveretts, Chomsky, the Jewish CIA, and their paradoxes”. They also add: “When Americans have such low IQs, it’s obvious why USA turns into a police state or a third world state. Unfortunately, Americans allow the media, the so-called intellects, and the US regime to tell big lies, aid terrorists, defend Islamists, and support all anti-democracy groups. The Jewish CIA agents (Leveretts) tell the worst Orwellian lies, but Noam Chomsky and lefts support them! The 2009 coup is really a CIA-made coup. But most Americans are not aware of such things; and the real tragedy is that even MIT students see Chomsky and the Jewish CIA as heroes! Americans are stupid, and don’t know that the West and the Lefts are behind the 2009 coup. They don’t know that the 2009 coup’s main goal was: Keeping Iran weak and under tyranny. It’s what the West and all bad guys want”. Unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant, and don’t know that USA is turning into a Fascist- Orwellian state. As the wise Iranians say: “Now, we all can see that the West is behind Taliban, Marxist-Islamists (MEK), Egyptian Islamists, Syrian Salafis, Jewish Nazis, and other terrorists. But the stupid lefts say: ‘Oh, yah, the West is behind Taliban, Marxist-Islamists (MEK), Salafis, Al-Qaede, Jews, dictators, etc but the West is not behind Mullahs. It’s impossible’! They censor the story of AN, Jalili, Rohani, and Rafsanjani. They say nothing about the love story of ‘IMF and Mullahs’. In June 2013, the IMF chair thanked Mullahs for implementing the IMF plans in Iran! But do you know what the Lefts say/ do? These bastards just close their dirty eyes and pretend ignorance! Lefty pigs like Chomsky are nothing but puppets of the Big Brother. They are [Mean, Stupid, and Motherfucker]. And when Americans have such intellects and such media, it’s obvious that they should say: ‘We lose our freedom .. We lose free society, free media, free thoughts, free people .. the CIA is in bed with the media and the huge telecoms .. Everything we do and say is recorded .. Our media and our governments brainwash/ enslave us [but we love them!]”.


The Americans and their stupid hypocrisy are laughable. Now, their media report: “US begins direct talks with Taliban leaders”! And the Lefts say: “Who is behind the Taliban? USA!”. But they also add: “US is behind Taliban and Al-Qaede. [It’s possible]. But US is not behind Mullahs and Islamists. It’s impossible’ ! As some wise Iranians say: ‘Pigs like Chomsky try to mislead US students, who know nothing about the world, Iran, Mullahs, Islamists, AN, the 2009 coup, and many other things. Now, the Turkish Dictator, Erdogan, and the Egyptian Dictator, Morsi, kill and suppresses their people. These Islamic dictators are US-backed dictators that both the US regime and the US lefts love and support them. But how many Americans are aware of such facts? The lefts say: ‘Mullah Omar, a guy with 1 eye, is a British-American stooge’ or ‘US and Taliban are old friends’. But they say nothing about Mullahs or Islamic dictators, and when Iranians truly say: ‘UK and Mullahs are old friends’ or ‘US and Mullahs are old friends’, the lefts see it as a Conspiracy Theory! Relations between the lefts and the CIA is amazing!”. In these days, many things are so stupid, but so informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, the US openly works with the Taliban! Maybe in the near future, the US would openly hail Bin Laden as a hero! When Americans openly support the Taliban and the Marxist-Islamists (MEK), everything is possible! Now, the US Congress openly support the Jewish Nazism, and that’s why the Jewish faggots eat shit and say: ‘Iran should be forced to choose between nuclear weapons or survival’ ! (JPost, 19 June). The Jewish Nazi also add: ‘We cannot accept anything less than the total cessation of all enrichment of nuclear materials at all levels, removal from Iran of all enriched nuclear material, closure of Iran’s nuclear facilities’ ! It’s what NetanYabu said during a meeting with Canadian faggots. But the little NetanYabu and the Jewish Nazi are little dogs and little puppets of the US. They just bark. But they and their American masters should know that it’s we, Iranians and the independent world, that will not accept anything less than removal from Israel of all nuclear bombs and nuclear material, and closure of all Israel’s nuclear facilities. The savage Jews praise Racism and Genocide. A Jewish barbarian like Rabbai Yosef, the anti-Iran leader of Shas, says: ‘Non-Jews were born only to serve us [!!] They have no place in the world [!!] -only to serve the people of Israel [!!]‘. The Savage Semites and the Jewish Barbarians really deserved the Holocaust, and Iran and the civilized world should not accept anything less than the total annihilation of all Jewish Barbarians”. Unfortunately, the US supports the savage Jews, who say: ‘Non-Jews were born only to serve Jews’! But when the US supports such barbarians, many become aware and say, for instance: ‘The story of [United States of Big Brother] is very very bigger/ longer than the story of Snowden and US Fake Democracy. The story of [United States of Big Brother] is the story of Chomsky, Leveretts, Lefts, Jewish Nazis, Iran, Islamists, Mullahs, Lobbyists, Marxist-Islamists, terrorists, dictators, [2009 coup], a Nation of Sheep, etc. Snowden says: ‘US government has granted itself power it is not entitled to. There is no public oversight’. But the real tragedy is that the American people don’t strongly protest against such things. America is becoming a third world country, a Nation of Sheep. They accept what their media, their fake intellects, and their government dictate/ instill into them. They accept violations of basic rights. They are big idiots, who stupidly think that they are better than others! The fate of such idiots and such societies is clear”.


The US fake intellects defend the tyranny, the mass surveillance, and other evils. They defend such things in the name of ‘War on Terror’ ! or ‘Fighting against Terrorism/ Imperialism”! But no one ask them about the love stories of “US and Taliban”, “US and Mullahs”, or “US and the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK)”! It’s so shameful. Now, some Americans say: ‘When East Germany collapsed in 1989, the Stasi was reported to have over 90,000 employees and over 170,000 informants. About one in every 63 East Germans aided the Stasi in collecting intelligence on their fellow citizens […] Now USA is becoming the United Stasi of America!”. Now, the US media say: “NSA, FBI and CIA have had surveillance powers over citizens that KGB and Gestapo could not even dream of !” or “NSA, FBI, CIA analysts have access to anything they want: your emails, your phone calls, and so on”. Now, the US regime says: “What Snowden did was an act of treason”! (21 June). But some say: “Oh, yah, Telling the Truth is an act of Treason in the Empire of Lies !”. Now, the bad guys try to scare people, and say: ‘the US has the whole world under surveillance’ or ‘the US controls everything and everyone’ ! But as the wise guys say: ‘It’s a big lie. Now, even their own spies and young people within the Big Brother’s agencies suffer from ‘Crisis of Conscience’. Now, many are going to think. Snowden are Manning are the tip of the iceberg”. They also add: “You cannot trust spies. But Snowden’s story is informative. According to US media, ‘Edward Snowden is a 29-year-old technical assistant for the CIA. He has spent the last decade working in the spying world. He even doesn’t have a high school diploma. But at the CIA, he trained, and worked on IT security. By 2007, the CIA stationed him with diplomatic cover in Geneva, Switzerland’. He says CIA operatives were attempting to recruit a Swiss banker to obtain secret banking information. He says they plotted to arrest the banker for drunk driving, and then a secret agent seeking to befriend him offered to help, and a bond was formed that led to recruitment. ‘Much of what I saw in Geneva really disillusioned me’, Snowden says. He also adds: ‘I had ‘a very comfortable life’ that included a high salary, a girlfriend, a home in Hawaii, etc. But I’m willing to sacrifice all of that because I can’t in good conscience allow the US government to destroy basic liberties with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building’. It’s not bad. But maybe Snowden and the bad guys just want to scare people. Maybe it’s a game: Scare Tactics! What Snowden says is not a new thing. They try to scare people, while instead of scaring people, they should ask people to protest. All people should know that ‘US collects and stores the emails, the chats, and the phone records of Americans and non-Americans’. All people should protest against such things. All people should know that ‘data obtained from your phones/ digital tools, show your address, your movements, your private life, your private talks, etc’. But instead of fearing, people should protest against such things”. I hope the good Americans and the wise Americans start to protest against both the US regime and the US lefts. Now, many people say good things, and it can increase public awareness. The current protests in Brazil or Turkey -that are protests against tyranny, corruption, bribery, brutality, injustice, poverty, etc- expose the power of people. Now, many put comments and say: ‘Our government is setting up a surveillance state .. our tools are spying on us! .. Smartphones work for the Surveillance State .. Democracy requires an informed public. But we are stupid. We’re living in a police state .. US military that has levelled 22 charges against Bradley Manning, including espionage and ‘aiding the enemy’! In this USA, murder is not the crime; unmasking evidence of it is! .. Google, Facebook, and systems we all use, are spying on us .. private and public companies work with the Big Brother. They betray us .. Google, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, etc want the world to trust them with personal data, emails, photos, documents. But now they are spying on us! .. It has serious consequences for the reputations of all internet companies, who have built their trade on trust”. Unfortunately, many good guys think that the bad guys can control everything, and people can change nothing! But as we already wrote in “Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change” (check Archive), and as the wise Iranians say: “the bad guys are not able to dominate the good guys. True victory over your enemy occurs when they start to use your language. And now all bad guys/ barbarians use our language. They have changed, and ‘We’ (ie ‘Iranians, all good guys, and the civilized world) have changed them. ‘Ma Hatta Adam-Khora & Malakh-Khora ro ham Adam Kardim !’ (We even made human-eaters & locust-eaters humans!) If you take a close look at the Iran’s history or the Civilized World history, you can see that it’s ‘We’ that have changed barbarians, and it’s they that have accepted our culture, our values, and our Civilization. And it’s the True Victory. It’s clear that ‘We’ (Iranians, all good guys, and the civilized world) will defeat all bad guys and all Big Brothers. It’s what both Reason and History tell us”. Think about it. We would write more it later.

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