2013 Happy Days: Street Celebrations after 4 Years

“Happy days are here again”, many say in these days. In Iran, this week is a weak of great Joy. “After four years, and after all bitter days, Iranians flooded the streets, laughed and danced with joy, and put an end to the AN’s era”, many say. The AN’s era was a bad, shitty era. After the 2009 coup, Iranians were not happy, and you could not see a real/ big smile on their faces in public places. But now, “Iranians celebrate the End of Shit, ie the End of AN (AhmadiNejad) [In Persian, AN means shit]”, as people say. Now, “A new era of joy, happiness, and hope has begun”, as many say. “This great nation deserve more joys, more happiness, and more happy days“, many truly say. And it’s really true. The idiots cannot understand why Iranians are happy. They think that Iranians are happy for this British Rohani !! But most Iranians don’t give a shit about the British Mullahs. “Who cares about the Mullahs?!”, people say. “They retreated. They gave us concessions. We, our protests, and our silence forced them to retreat. And it’s the important issue. Now, it’s a time of joy. Happy days will return to [the Land of the Good (Iran)]. The bad guys hate Hope and Happiness, but Hope and Joy are coming back. Now, our streets are full of joys and hope, and who can deny it?”, many truly say.


“After the 2009 coup, Iranians were not happy, and you could not see the look of joy on their face. But now, most Iranians are happy. The third week of June became a historic week. Two happy events came right after each other. We could beat Mullahs in front of their Basiji supporters, and we also could beat Korea in front of their supporters !”, many say. But the anti-Iran idiots don’t know why Iranians are happy. “Millions of joyous Iranians flooded the streets on Tuesday after the national team beat South Korea (1-0) and qualified for the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil”, the media reported. But the idiots know nothing about “Pride and Joy”! and also about this fact that “these two happy events marked the end of an era, a shitty era, the AN’s era”. “We’ve had bitter days these last eight years, specially after the 2009 coup. Two victories in one week can give people what they need, and what they deserve”, many truly say. The End of AN (shit) is a sweet victory, “specially when you know that the West, the CIA, the UK, the Jewish Nazi, and all bad guys openly or secretly supported this Jewish piece of shit (AN)”, as some wise Iranians say.


Iranians are happy, and it’s good. “On Saturday night, they celebrated the End of Shit (AN) and the Mullah retreats. This AN (shit) and all Basiji shits were worse than Mongols (Ghome Moghol). They ruined our country, and killed our people. But the stupid West pretended that Iranians love their killers! But now even idiots see and confess that ‘Iranians chant anti-AN/ anti-Mullah slogans, such as: AhmadiNejad, bye bye; Go to Hell (shithole)”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The US, the UK, the Lefts, and all those sick bastards who supported this Jewish AN (shit) and his coup, are nothing but ‘a bunch of rabid animals’ who hate Goodness, Hope, Joy, Happiness, and good things”. In these days, the savage Jews and the anti-Iran pigs are angry, and they should be angry. Iranians are happy, but “Iranians hate AN, Rohani, Khatami, and all British Mullahs and all anti-democracy groups, and it makes the anti-Iran pigs angry. Hope, Wisdom, Joy, Awareness, Happiness, etc make the good guys happy, but make the bad guys angry”, many truly say. They also add: “Mullahs could appoint Jalili, AN, Qalibaf, Rohani, etc as President. Iranians boycotted the election shows, and protested. And Mullahs retreated from the 2009 coup, and made concessions. This British Rohani is not important. Who cares about him?! Rohani is a shit like Velyati or Qalibaf, and he just tries to help the Mullah regime. But appointing him is a big retreat, a big confession to the 2009 coup, and a symbolic bow to the will of the people. And it’s the main issue”.


“After a long time, the people of Iran have a sweet week. Iranians now have a sense of national pride, and their street celebrations put an emphatic stamp on the end of AN’s era. They danced in the Streets. They hugged and cried tears of joy. They laughed at the Islamists. They ridiculed the Mullahs. They chanted anti-regime and pro-Iran slogans. And this proves that the vast majority of Iranians love Iran, but hate the Mullah regime and their oppressive government“, many truly say. They also add: “Two happy events in four days was a godsend, and it’s funny that we had the same situation in 1997. ‘2 Khordad’ and ’28 Azar’ in 1997 were like these two happy events in 2013. But at that time (1997), the Mullah regime were shocked, but the people had voted, expected a big change, and were happy. But this time (2013), the Mullahs stupidly try to engineer a farcical version of the 1997 events! This time the regime is not shocked, but Iranians are shocked, because they didn’t vote, and didn’t expect such changes and such concessions Now, the regime tries to make concessions, indirectly confesses to the 2009 coup, or partly surrenders to the will of the people, and it’s what makes people happy, and it’s the source of their pride and joy”.


The story of these happy days is the story of “A Great Nation and A Great Happiness”. As you know, “Success in sport is a source of national pride”. But it’s funny that both this time (2013) and that time (1997), Iranians fought against the anti-Iran idiots, and won. As many say: “In 1997, some Australians laughed at Iranians and chanted anti-Iran slogans. And now, the coach of Korean team said anti-Iran things, and ate bad shit, an extra shit, a shit that was bigger than his mouth. But Iranians taught all anti-Iranian shits a good lesson. We defeated them at their own country. We humiliated them in front of their people at their home!”. And it says a lot about Iran psychology. As many truly say: “Iranians are the men of Great Battles. Iranians don’t take small battles or weak rivals serious. But when arrogant idiots, who stupidly think that they are great, or better than Iranians!, threaten Iranians or say anti-Iran things, Iranians will teach them a good lesson (even with bare hands) and will defeat them (even at their own home!)”. It’s really funny that Iranians win almost all great Battles, but they don’t take small battles serious, and lose many minor battles! Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s the story of a Great/ Proud Nation, its victories and its defeats in its long history of Civilization. And it can describe why sometimes the little barbarians and the little bad guys could create big problems for the Proud Nation of Iran.


“Iranians didn’t care about the little barbarians and the savage bad guys -form Alexander and Spartans to Arabs and Mongols. Iranians didn’t take them serious. Iranians (Persians) even didn’t imagine that one day the little Alexander, the little Britain, or the little Arabs could create big problems for the Great Iran (Great Persia), the Cradle of Civilization […] But it’s not the whole story. When the little bad guys became arrogant, and started to think that they are better than Iranians, then Iranians started to teach them good lessons, and finally sent them to hell”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, the savage Jews and the anti-Iran mercenaries say many stupid things. They don’t know that “Joy and Happiness is more important than money, power, etc”, as the wise guys say. The idiots blame Iranians, and as some wise Iranians say: “Idiots and anti-Iran pigs just want to see our pain and suffering, not our joy and happiness. They love hatred, war, and bad feelings, and hate love, peace, and happiness. These bad guys, ie. the Jewish faggots and the anti-Iran faggots, including the terrorists (MEK), the Pahlavists, the Islamists, the savage Semites, and other uncivilized pigs, are anti-Iran, anti-Civilization, anti-Peace, anti-Progress, anti-Joy, anti-Happiness, anti-Democracy, and anti-Humanity. They just pray for war, hatred, disaster, darkness, and other bad things”.


“The normal humans want a world that is free from war, hatred, bad things, and bad guys. They want to have more joy, more happiness, more awareness, more justice, more humanity, more peace, and more good things. But the bad guys and the abnormal men just want to have more wars, more hatred, more disasters, more injustice, more pain, and more bad things. They hate happy people and happy days. But the good guys, even in hard times, live with hope and memories of happy days, days of joy, hope, and good things”, some wise Iranians. The bad guys really hate joy, happiness, and awareness, because they hate Hope. They know that Hope can bring Change and Progress. And that’s why the bad guys try to create Disappointment, and disappoint all of us. But as the wise Iranians say: “Joy, happiness, and awareness bring Hope, and hope brings Change, Progress, and other good things. Hope is a miracle cure for any Pandora Box. But unfortunately, many don’t know that the main concession from the bad guys is Joy, Happiness, Awareness, and Hope. And now, Iranians won such concessions, and it’s a victory. With hope and happiness, the great nation of Iran can change the whole world. Now, the shitty days appear to be ending, and those great/ happy days of our glorious past can soon be here again. Iranians deserve much more happy days. And with happiness and awareness, they can create more happy days, more happy events, more changes, more awareness, and more good things. The future belongs to the Iranian people and all good guys in all around world. The future belongs to the good guys, not the bad guys. And not only it’s the true meaning of Hope, but it’s what we all can be sure of it. The future belongs to the Good, not the Evil”.

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