The Anti-Democracy West: Why Iranians Changed

In these days, the stupid West pretends that the year 2009 didn’t exist or Iranians have forgotten what happened in 2009. But as the wise Iranians say: “The 2009 coup is a very important milestone in Iran’s history. In the per-2009 era, most Iranians that are young, modern, and educated, had a positive/ optimistic view on the US and the West. The majority of Iranians [including us] preferred not to see the West as the Enemy or the Evil. The majority of Iranians preferred to ignore the past, or to think that the West and the US care about Freedom and Democracy. The vast majority of Iranians hated Islamists and anti-democracy groups, but they imagined that the West and USA really care about Freedom, Democracy, and Human values. But the 2009 coup and what happened after that, shocked Iranians and changed many things in Iran. After the 2009 coup, Iranians’ views on the West/ USA started to change. It was a gradual change. During a gradual process, from 2009 to 2013, the West/ USA revealed their true colors and their real intentions more and more, and Iranians became aware more and more. During a gradual process, Iranians saw that the West and the US just want to keep Iran weak and unfree“. In this website, we reflect the voices of Iranians inside Iran, and that’s why even the tone of our writings in this website can show you how Iran changed, and how Iranians changed their views and their attitudes gradually. In this website, we repeatedly warned the West about ‘sowing the seeds of hate’. The old readers know, and if you check our previous writings you would know, that we repeatedly warned the West and the US. But as some wise Iranians say: “The stupid West just insisted on showing us who is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran! The West just supported anti-democracy groups. The West loves Bullying and Barbarism, and they still try to show that only bad guys and savage beasts live in the West. Such a wisdom! Such a brain!”. They also add: “The 2009 betrayals, the West’s anti-Iran Racism, the West’s big lies, the West’s bullying, the West’s support of all anti-democracy groups -from Islamist-Marxists (MEK) to Mullahs and Monarchists- had only one result: Now Iranians, even the wise Iranians, are so mad at the West. Now even the wise Iranians refer to the West as the Savage West, the Barbarian West, the Orwellian West, the Enemy, the Evil, etc”. Politically aware people know why Iranians are mad at the West. But as the wise, angry Iranians say: “Many Westerners are so stupid. Their brain is in their ass. But if they get their heads out of their asses, they can see how the West openly and stupidly supports all anti-democracy groups -from Islamist-Marxists (MEK) to Pahlavists- that more than 99% of Iranians know them and hate them. If the Westerners get their heads out of their asses, they can see how Chomsky defends dictators/ Islamists, and serves the Evil interests. If they get their heads out of their asses, they can see that it’s the West and the Jews that love Savagery, praise Genocide, and say that their barbaric Bible allows them to commit genocide. If they get their heads out of their asses, they can see that it’s the West that supports Islamists, while more than 90% of Iranians hate Islamists. If they get their heads out of their asses, they can see that it’s the West that has a long history of Barbarism; and it’s the UK and Europe that have been barbarian human-eaters for a long time; and it’s Iran (Persia) that has been the Cradle of Civilization and the Home of Human Values”. Iranians are angry, but as the wise Iranians say: “Who can deny the long history of Barbarism in UK and Europe? And who can deny the long history of Civilization in Iran? Tolerance and Human Rights are among the Iranian Legacy, while Genocide and Barbaric crimes against humanity are among the Semite/ Western Legacy”. The stupid West is proving many things. “US Senate voted 99-0 to adopt a resolution that supports [Jewish Nazism]. USA, it said, should support [Jewish Nazis], if Israel ‘wants to take military action against Iran !“, US media reported on 23 May 2013. I don’t know why they try to prove that America is an insane/ uncivilized country. But now most Iranians that one day had a positive view of USA, say: “Why is the Nazi America so stupid? Why are Americans so mean/ so stupid? etc”. Defending Nazism or using the Nazi Logic only cause people to hate the US. Who can love the Nazi America or the anti-Democracy West?


In 2011, we wrote about “What Iranians Expect from the West” and what the West should do. We said to the West: “Apologize to Iranians for refusing to help their anti-Mullah movement in 2009. Apologize to Iranians for helping and supporting Mullahs and anti-democracy groups. Apologize to Iranians right now, before it’s too late”. But what did the stupid West do?! They just tried to prove that the US and the West are stupid bad guys. In 2012, the US, the UK, the EU and Canada openly and shamelessly started to support the Marxist-Islamist terrorists -known as MEK, MKO, PMOI, NCR, NCRI, etc- that more than 99.99% of Iranians know them and hate them so much. But what you would react, if some said: “Lets once and for all turn to the American people. We should support the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Al-Qaede, who are the main pro-democracy groups in the US. Americans love the KKK and Bin Laden. Americans know that Al-Qaede is secular democratic group, as the KKK is a democratic group that cares about Human Rights“! Maybe you think that it’s a joke. But it’s exactly like what the stupid West/ US say to Iranians. As some wise Iranians say: “In 2012- 2013, the stupid West says: ‘Lets once and for all turn to the Iranian people. We should support the freedom and democracy in Iran, and …’, but when Iranians get excited and ask: ‘And what?!’, they answer: ‘And we should support the democratic groups like the Islamist-Marxist terrorist MEK and welcome the MEK as the true representation of Iran’! (Guardian, 2013). In this year (2013), the Western media are full of such bullshits. When you read their articles, you firstly cannot believe what you read, because they say: ‘The world should not ignore the on-going demands for genuine democratic change by millions of Iranians’. But very soon they make you laugh and add: ‘We must stand with the [terrorist MEK] and the Monarchists! Rajavis plan calls for a democratic secular republic in Iran, free of nuclear program’ (Independent, May 2013). In 2013, the so-called British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom says: ‘The MEK, due to its deep roots inside Iranian society [!!] and because of its democratic program [!!] for the future of Iran, is our favorite Iranian Opposition’. Can you believe it?! But what if Iranians said: ‘We should support the KKK and Al-Qaede, due to their deep roots inside American society and because of their democratic program for the future of America!’ What would you react?!” The West is a bad joke. As some wise Iranians say: “Recently, Swedish faggots help Marxists, Monarchists, and Whores at Stockholm, and British faggots praise them and cover them at the BBC & the Guardian! Recently, Canadian pigs support the Islamist-Marxist MEK and the reactionary Monarchists, and then they claim it’s Democracy! Swede, Canada, and the West’s Fake Democracy are bad jokes. Recently, their media reported: ‘Reza Pahlavi, Irans shah-in-waiting [!], is in Toronto to meet with Canadian politicians about the Iranian National Council [that only has 610 members, fans & supporters!]’ ! (Toronto Star, June 2013) Canadian faggots also added: ‘FM John Baird tries to open a dialogue with opposition members in the diaspora!’ Canadian pigs and Canada’s Fake Democracy openly support anti-democracy groups -from the terrorist MEK to Pahlavists- that more than 99% of Iranians know them and hate them so much. Apparently, it’s the true meaning of Western Democracy!“. The western policies towards Iran and Iranians are really ridiculous and disgusting. But they make people aware. As the wise Iranians say: “Most Iranians know that Obama and the West killed the 2009 anti-Mullah movement, and aided Mullahs in killing Iranians. In the Middle East, and maybe in the world world, only one nation was pro-West, pro-US, and anti-Islamist. As Europeans said: ‘The rate of pro-US people in Europe is less than Iran’! But the stupid US and the Anti-Democracy West changed many things in Iran. Now, many Iranians say: ‘The West only loves anti-democracy groups. The US and the West didn’t support our 2009 movement, because it was modern and democratic. The West and the US only support dictators/ stooges, not modern, democratic and independent movements like our 2009 movement‘. In fact, Iranians have become aware”. They also add: “Iranians often think that all humans should be as good as good Iranians, but unfortunately, it’s a wrong assumption. Many Westerners are pigs and just use you and exploit you. They think/ act like their barbarian ancestors. They hate Goodness, Humanity, Truth, and other good things. They just care about money, power, and animal values”. The West’s Hypocrisy, the West’s Racism, the West’s Barbarism, and the West’s Fake Democracy have changed many things in Iran. But the stupid West still thinks that empty words, empty gestures, or ‘shedding crocodile tears’, can fool Iranians! But as many say: “Oon Mama ro dige Lulu Bord! (ie they should know that the 2010s is not the 1970s!). Now, it’s clear that the West is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran. Now it’s clear that the West is the main creator/ supporter of all anti-democracy groups in Iran”. As the wise Iranians say: “The main mistake/ problem of Iranians was Excessive Goodness‘, that leads to Naivety. According to dictionaries: ‘You are Naive, when you trust people too much and believe that good things will always happen’. It was Iran’s main problem”. We should write more about this issue later. Unfortunately, the bad guys and the Savage West have always tried to take advantage of the Iranian Goodness. The sad stories of the 19th century, 1905, 1910s to 1950s, 1979, 1997 to 2005, and 2009 clearly show how the West and its stooges took advantage of Iran’s Naivety, ie the Excessive Goodness of Iranians. But now, most Iranians know the West and its stooges, from Mullahs to whores in exile (the diaspora).


“In 2009 and recent years, the Iranian people not only could see the true face of British Mullahs and the Nazi Britain, but they also could see the true face of the whole West. And it’s a godsend for Iran and Iranians. Now, even the British media confess: ‘British democracy is in terminal decline. Democratic Audit says that the [British Fake Democracy] is [nearing the End] and leaves UK increasingly unstable’. Now, anyone with half a brain knows that a regime that kills its people, and a regime that more than 90% of its people hate it so much, cannot last for a long time. But the stupid West loves bankrupt pigs. In 2009, UK media, US media, and the CIA/ MI6 agents said that 1million = 24million. And now in 2013, they say that 1000 = 75,000,000! They openly support all anti-democracy groups, from Mullahs to Marxist terrorists. In 2009, the CIA polling organizations, including World Public Opinion, published fake polls and said: ‘In Iran, over eight in ten say they are satisfied with the Mullah regime’ ! And in 2010, some days after the Ashura Massacre -in which thousands of Iranians were killed and tortured by the Islamic regime- the CIA polling organizations said: ‘In Iran, seven in ten say that they see AhmadiNejad as the legitimate president. About eight in ten say the election was free and fair‘. The CIA agents, from Leverett to Chomsky, and the CIA fake polls made people laugh and also aware. If they had said: ‘In Is-r-ael, over eight in ten say they love Hitler’ or ‘In the US, over eight in ten say they love Bin Laden’, it was more acceptable”, the wise Iranians say. The West is so stupid. Now, they openly praise Genocide, Racism, and Barbarism. Now, the US Congress openly supports the anti-Iran Racism and the Jewish Nazism. As some wise Iranians say: “Crooks and thieves of US Congress just reveal the true meaning of American Nazism. US Congress, that is a cesspool of Barbarians and Retards, just shows that America is turning into a Nazi state. US barbarians praise Racism and Nazism, and prove that the US is the main Rogue State. They think that all humans are slaves of a bunch of US faggots! USA really suffers from Mad Cow Disease!” .They also add: “Whores help the US, but sooner or later Iranians will cut/ break US horn (Shakhesho Mishkanand). The savage US clearly says: ‘Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel stresses Israel’s right to strike Iran’ ! (April 2013) or ‘Every option, including genocide, must be on the table’ ! (April 2013) The savage Jews/ Americans openly write about ‘NUCLEAR ATTACKS on Iran’ ! or ‘Could Tehran be the next Hiroshima?’ ! or ‘What Would Happen if Israel Nuked Iran’ ! (May 2013). Iranians should put aside their Excessive Goodness. Now after all barbaric threats, Iranians have every right to say to the bad Jews: ‘If you, the savage Jews wage war and attack Iran, you not only prove that the Jews deserved the Holocaust, but you show that Iran should teach you a lesson, that you would refer to Hitler as ‘Dear Uncle’ ! (keh beh Hitler begid Agh Daii !)’. Today’s Iranians know why we should not tolerate Barbarism and Intolerance. Those who love Racism and praise Genocide are savages. And if savages wage war and attack Iran, they will deserve annihilation”. They also add: “What would happen If the people of Persia, India, China, etc see the West as the main Enemy of Humanity? What would happen If the people of Persia, China, India, etc decide to punish the savage West? The West loves war, hatred, barbarism, and the law of the jungle. But what’s the result of the law of the jungle? Those who sow Wind, will reap Typhoon. Now, many are watching the Insane West, and many are ready to take revenge and return the West’s barbaric favors”. In Iran, many educated Iranians are monitoring the Western media, and as they say: “The West’s Orwellian media, from the AP to the Guardian, and their Orwellian journalists [from Scott Lucas and Jason Rezaian to Gareth Smyth and Kamali Dehghan] reveal the depth of the West’s bankruptcy. The stupid Westerners think that they are smart guys, but they tell stupid lies like ‘American people love Bin Laden! They defend small anti-democracy groups. They have low IQs. They even cannot use a face-saving formula. They tell stupid lies, help Mullah Show, and use stupid kids as their analysts. But Iranians know Khamenei’s dogs in the 2013 Show, who are categorized into: (1)Qalibaf [+Aref] (2)Velayati [+Rowhani, Gharazi] (3)Jalili [+Hadad, Rezaie]. Iranians know that there is no election, and Khamenei just appoints a new dog as President. If Khamenei wants less shits (a better public image), he appoints (1); If he wants more shits, he appoints (3); and if he wants a shit in between, he appoints (2). Only Khamenei decides, but the West says: Iranians Decide! The West and its whores try to heat up Mullah Show and boost up UK stooges like Rowhani, or shits like Jalili. The West is so mean and so stupid. But as the old Iranians said: ‘Enemy can become a godsend, if Lord wills it’. And now, the stupid West, that is nearing the End, is a real godsend”.


“The 2009 CIA-Mullah coup, the West’s Fake Democracy, and the West’s anti-Iran Racism revealed many things. There is no need to know the long story of US Fake Democracy -from the story of Manning and OWS to the KKK and US election farces. Now it’s clear that both US lefts and US rights hate Democracy and want to keep all countries weak and undemocratic. In fact, those Americans who support anti-democracy forces and serve the Big Brother’s interests, have two main groups: (1) US lefts, part of the CIA and US gov, their media and their stooges, who support Islamists, terrorists, Marxists, etc (2) US rights, part of the CIA and US gov, their media and their stooges, who support terrorists, dictators, monarchists, etc. These two groups are two sides of the same coin, and you can see their counterparts in all Western countries. But people just know the second group, who are known as Imperialists. But the first group -ie whores like Chomsky and Leverett- and the second group work together to keep all countries weak and under tyranny. They not only support the Islamists, but they support all dictators -from Chavez to Saudi dictator- and all anti-democracy groups, including Marxist-Islamists (MEK) and Monarchists (Pahlavists) that more than 99% of Iranians hate them so much. Now you can see the West’s Fake Democracy in many places, from US and UK to Turkey, Egypt and Syria. The West and USA know that only dictators and puppet regimes can serve the US-Evil interests. They know that if nations become aware and enjoy real freedom and democracy, the West/ USA will not be able to exploit them and plunder their resources. And that’s why US lefts and US rights say to Iranian: You have only two options: the Mullah regime or anti-democracy shits like MEK or Pahlavi! The West clearly declares that Iran must be weak and unfree. But today’s Iranians never let this happen. They know that Iran must have: (1)Real Republic and Real Democracy (2)Nukes, Modern Weapons, and Advanced Technologies”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “The stupid West tells big lies and tries to heat up the 2013 Mullah Show, but why? The Western media act like the Mullah media and help the Mullah Propaganda, but why? The stupid West openly and shamelessly defend the notorious Islamist-Marxist terrorists, but why? The West is morally, economically, and intellectually bankrupt. They know that their end is near, and that’s why they have confused, and reveal their true colors in this way. Now only spies/ whores praise the West. Before the 2009 coup, most Iranians [including us] hated to say: ‘this works for the CIA or that works for the MI6’. But now it’s clear that whores like Behnoud and his friends work for whom”. The story of “the West and the Whores” has become a long story that we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Now, those who played the role of Brake Pedal in 2009 -ie whores like Khatami, Behnoud, Abdi, Ganji, Nabavi, etc- reveal their secrets. Now, a stupid whore like Masoud Behnoud clearly says: ‘I know that we, [the exiled pigs], know nothing about Iran’s realities and what is happening in Iran. But I think that the majority of Iranians are like us, and they want to participate in election shows’ ! (May 2013). In fact, the stupid whores think that all people are whores! Of course old whores know that they are bankrupt. Now an old whore like Behnoud says: ‘I am 67. Now I cannot manipulate people[!] They have become aware. They see Mullah Shows as election shows. But we still should ask people to participate in election shows. We should say that the election fraud or the 2009 coup is not important. We should participate in election shows and help the system’ ! (May 2013) Spies badly reveal their secrets. Now, a stupid whore like Abbas Abdi clearly says: ‘We, Islamic-Reformists, should accept what the system (ie West+ Mullah regime) dictates to us. We should not provoke people to protest. We should not allow people to have a movement like the 2009 movement. The 2009 events should not be repeated. We should help the system, not [the people]. We don’t have any red lines. Election shows, Election frauds, Tyranny, Massacres, etc are not our red lines. We just care about [money and power]’ (May 2013) But the West calls such whores Reformists!, because they help Mullahs and anti-Iran plots/ sanctions. In the US and the West, whores are heroes. But in Iran, even little kids say: ‘The UK, the US, and their whores badly try to aid Mullahs in creating a fake election Epic!’ Iranians have become aware, and know the West and its whores, from Behnoud to Pahlavi. Now, the West’s empty words and empty gestures cannot fool Iranians. Now most Iranians know that the US only supports spies and anti-democracy groups”. And it’s a big change in Iran. Before the 2009 coup, most Iranians were pro-West and pro-US. But now they can see the true face of the Ant-Democracy West, and it’s among the most important changes in Iran and the world.

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