Mullahcracy and Illusion of Democracy in America

June 29, 2013

The 2013 Mullah Show can remind you of an ancient story. As Iranians say: “Once upon a time, a ruler wanted to punish a stupid businessman. The ruler said to the businessman: ‘You have three options: (1) you pay us 100 gold coins (2) we beat you with sticks, 100 times (3) here, in front of us, you eat 100 onions. The stupid businessman said: ‘Your majesty, I eat onions’. But when he started to eat onions, he found it so hard. But he continued; he ate and ate, but when he had eaten about 80 onions, he was at death’s door. So, he said: ‘Your majesty, I cannot eat more onions. I’m dying. I accept the 2nd option. Please beat me with sticks’. So, they came and started to beat him. But he found it so painful. And finally he was at death’s door. He was not able to bear the pain of the last sticks. So, he said: ‘Your majesty, I’m dying. I cannot bear it. I accept the first option. I pay 100 gold coins’ ! The story of this stupid businessman became a legend/ proverb. And now, Mullahs and their Mullahcracy remind you of this ancient story. Now, Mullahs eat both onions and sticks!, before paying fines. As ancient Iranians said: ‘Idiots eat both onions and sticks, and finally pay heavy fines”. Now, the witty Iranians say to Mullahs: “Hey Idiots, if you want to make concessions, at least make some concessions that can create the illusion of democracy and can fool people into accepting the illusion of choice. Idiots, your concessions are like eating onions and sticks! In the 2013 show, you urinated/ shitted on Jalili, AN, and your slogans and your values. You urinated/ shitted on Sepah, Basij, and the whole regime. You chanted anti-Rafsanjani slogans, and you even disqualified Rafsanjani, while it was like disqualifying the regime. You paid a high price. But now, you, idiots, appoint Rafsanjani protégé, Rohani, as your President! Now, many say: Mullahs act like big idiots, because their teacher is British!”. They also add: “Mullahs are like UK/ US politicians. They are stupid charlatans. They know nothing about the illusion of Democracy and its importance. They don’t know that when people suffer from the illusion that they live in a democracy, their illusion shackle their will to rebel‘. Idiots don’t know that they should not shatter people’s illusions. They don’t know that their concessions should give the illusion of democracy and fool people. Mullahs are so stupid. They make concessions, but people are still ready to rebel !, because Mullah concessions are like eating onions and sticks. The Big Brother’s media tell big lies, pretend ignorance, or defend the regime. But Iranians know what happened in 2009 and 2013. Iranians know why Khamenei appointed Rohani, or why the West helped the Mullah Show. Iranians know what is election, what is concession or retreat, and what is like drinking the cup of poison or eating onions and sticks”. They also add: “A Fake Democracy can prevent people from rebelling. It can fool the world and people. It can prevent war, foreign plots, etc. A Fake Democracy is better than a Blatant Tyranny, and Mullahcracy can be a fake democracy like Western democracies. But Mullahs still try to prove that their regime is a balata tyranny and a puppet regime! Mullahs are proud that the US, the UK, and their whores already knew that Mullahs want to appoint Rohani, and they helped Mullahs/ Rohani [by telling big lies about Iranians]. Mullahs are proud that they act like big idiots and listen to foreign advice! They should try to solve real problems and calm people. This British Rohani and others must not be able to play with Iran’s economy like that Jewish shit (AN). They must strengthen Iran’s Rial. But they still try to strengthen US Dollar! Yah, If Mullahs try to give concessions to Iranians, it’s a good thing. If Mullahs make real concessions, or if they try to create the illusion of democracy in Iran, Iranians can accept it. But stupid things like repeating old lies, using old tactics, implementing IMF plans/ Enemy’s plans, aiding the Enemy/ Sanctions, giving concessions to the West, acting like big idiots, etc is like or worse than eating onions and sticks”.


As the wise Iranians say: “the Age of Secular Revolution, Real Independence, and Real Awareness began in 2009. Now, more than 90% of Iranians hate Islamists and the Islamic regime. But it’s not the whole story. Now, Iranians know the West and/ or the West’s Fake Democracy. Now, the Iranian society is a modern society, at least as modern as the American society or European societies. Now, many Iranians are wiser than Westerners. And it’s so important”. As we said in [*]: “A Hope for Iranians, A Warning to Western Godfathers” [*] (check Archive), even the West confesses that “Iranian society is characterized by strong support for liberal values” [*]. Now, even the West says: “There is an abnormally large gap between the societal potential for liberal democracy in Iran and the actual level of democracy in the country”[*]. And “when such a gap exists, [sooner or later] the countrys level of democracy will adjust in accordance with the societys potential” [*]. Now, even Westerners say: ‘We are amazed by how ready the Iranian people are. Iranian societys potential for liberal democracy and Iranians tolerance is higher than what you can see in the West. The rate and number of religious fanatics or racist people in Iran is really less than the US [or Europe]”[*]. The large gap between Iran’s people and Iran’s regime is like a huge bomb. And as the wise Iranians say: “What the West and Mullahs did in the 2013 Show was a desperate attempt to fill the gap, and defuse the bomb. But when Iranians deserve at least something like US Democracy, old tactics and blatant lies cannot be attractive to Iranians”. Now, the West says: “Iran Can Turn Into a Liberal Democracy’ [*]. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now, even Mullahcracy can turn into a Fake Democracy like US Democracy”. They seriously- satirically say to Mullahs: “Don’t be so stupid, Mullahs. You don’t believe in your own religion and your own bullshits. And as you know, we, Iranians, don’t believe in such things, too. So, don’t make a fool of yourself. If you believed in your own bullshits, or even if you believed in ‘God and Prophets’, then you didn’t kill people, didn’t steal people’s money, didn’t tell big lies, didn’t plunder national resources, didn’t torture people, didn’t try to stay in power at any price, and didn’t act like the West’s bad guys. Now, it’s clear that ‘Mullah and West’ have the same religion: ‘Power & Money’. We, Iranians, care about the Good, the Truth, the Humanity, and the Human values, but you, Mullahs, are like the West, and you just care about ‘money, power, and staying in power at any price’. AhmadiNejad (AN) and his era revealed your true religion/ belief. You totally disgraced/ destroyed your values/ slogans”. They also add: “You have desire to mimic US politicians. Now, many say: ‘Mullahs try to mimic US politicians. Mullah games like ‘Democrats vs Republicans’ game, Orwellian lies/ tactics, Censorship/ brainwashing methods, etc show that Mullahs copy from US Fake Democracy’. You, Mullahs have enough Nastiness, Shamelessness, etc to run a Fake Democracy like US Democracy. But you are so stupid, and have bad advisers. You should stop listening to British advice. There is a better solution. We, Iranians can teach you how to establish US Democracy in Iran. It’s better for you, and Iran. It’s better than listening to UK/ US advice”. They also add: “You should know the pillars of a Fake Democracy. The first things that you should know is that ‘your Mullahcracy must be able to create the illusion of Democracy in Iran. Otherwise, your Mullahcracy is a stupid tyranny, not a fake democracy. Your 2013 games show that you are ready to sacrifice many things and learn new things. So, Stop listening to foreign advice and UK advice. As you know, friendship and affair between you and them is like affair between two bad guys, who are ready to cheat, betray, or kill each other. [Bad guys just care about money and power, not friendship]. And that’s why, you, Mullahs and the West don’t trust each other. You know the fate of Pahlavi, Mubarak, Bin Ali, etc. Stupid sedatives are not solutions; Britons are not friends, idiots. Now, Jack Straw says: ‘Rohani is welcome in Western capitals but no one should crow about it[!] because it will undermine him [!!]’ (June 2013) or UK says: ‘Khamenei is the master of the tactical retreat’! (June 2013). They love your idiocy. They say: ‘this election restores the damages of the last 8 years’! They just play a stupid, old game. British barbarians eat their friends! So, instead of listening to foreign advice, listen to what the wise Iranians say. It’s better for you, and Iran”.


Unfortunately, many know nothing about the long story of ‘Fake Democracy” or “Illusion of Democracy” in the West. As some wise Iranians say: “Western Democracy is nothing but a Fake Democracy. Even the Athenian system was a form of aristocracy, not democracy. Even if you accept this lie that ‘In Athens, each citizen had a voice in the assembly’, you should know that most Athenians had no voice, because they were slaves, not citizens. More than 60% of people in Athens were slaves!, who were treated like animals. The so-called British Democracy is worse than the Greek jokes. In the past 400 years, the British System was a stupid form of Aristocracy. Before the 20th century, only about 10% of the Britons, ie the rich males, had the right to vote”. We will write more about the history of Democracy, and the role of barbarians and the uncultured West in creating “Fake Democracy”. Iranians, like other normal humans, want real Democracy, not the West’s fake democracy. But as some Iranians say: “When even the US is a fake democracy, and when no county enjoys a Real Democracy in this shitty world, ‘Turing Mullahcracy into US Fake Democracy’ can be a pragmatic step in achieving real democracy. The US system is a little better than the Mullah system, because the former is a fake democracy, but the later is a blatant tyranny”. As the wise Iranians say: “Most Iranians boycotted the 2013 election show, because there is no election. Khamanei appointed Rohani as his President, because he knew that Iranians are so angry, and he is really in a dangerous situation. Now, people say: ‘Mullahs and the West just want to drink the cup of Poison, and make a deal’. Iranians are not stupid”. They also add: “Mullahs retreated. Rejecting Jalili, or treating Jalili, Qalibaf, and Velayati like shits is important, but the West and whores say nothing about it. Jalili was equal to Sepah, Basji, and the last 8 years. Jalili meant ‘The 2009 Coup’. Iranians guessed that Khamenei would appoint Jalili, because rejecting Jalili not only was a big confession to the 2009 coup, but it was equal to urinating/ shitting on the Mullah regime. But on 14 June 2013, Mullahs and Khamenei urinated/ shitted on their own regime and their own slogans, and it was a big surprise. It was a victory for Iranians. But the West and its whores censor such facts, and still talk nonsense about ‘gradual reform’! They still repeat their old rubbish that belong to the Stone Age”. It’s a good point. Khatami and Khatamists are dead in Iran. Now, Iranians know that the so-called Reformists are nothing but stupid charlatans/ traitors. As the wise Iranians say: “If a stupid pig like Khatami is a Reformist, then Khamenei can be a Great Reformist! Iranians should ask/ get concessions directly from Khamenei. Now, we all know that he can make surprising concessions. Of course he and Mullahs are afraid that giving real concessions can lead to a ‘Revolution’. But when the West is anti-Iran and anti-Democracy, and when they only support all anti-democracy groups (Pahlavists, Marxists, Islamists, terrorists [MEK], etc) and when they try to keep Iran weak and unfree, if Khamenei and Mullahs make real concessions, Iranians will not repeat the 1979 mistakes. If they give us real concessions, we don’t reject them. But they should make real concessions. Mullahs still act like retards, and don’t care about their public image and the Illusion of Democracy. They destroy their own public image!, and also Iran’s public image. And it just serves the West’s interests. But US politicians, at least in the past, didn’t act like Mullahs. For instance, both the US and Mullahs control and filter the media/ internet. But Americans do it secretly or indirectly, while Mullahs openly, stupidly, and harshly fuck and filter everything”. They also add: “Mullahs act like retards, and don’t care about face-saving formulas. But Americans, at least in the past, didn’t act like Mullahs. Both the US and Mullahs control election candidates, but Americans use indirect controls such as money, while Mullahs openly ban/ disqualify most candidates (even Rafsanjani), and shit/ urinate on the Illusion of Democracy!”. They also add: “It’s funny that the US goes backwards and Mullahs can go forwards. Now, Americans act like Mullahs and destroy the Illusion of Democracy/ Freedom in America. The stories of Wikileaks, OWS, PRISM, the 2012 US Election Farce, supporting all anti-democracy groups, etc show that USA really goes backwards. Now, they kill the American Dream and the Illusion of Democracy in America. Now, they openly praise Censorship, Control, Corruption, Discrimination, Fanaticism, Nazism, Extremism, Racism, Tyranny, Injustice, etc and that’s why many talk about the End of America. In fact, the US system is nearing the End, because it even cannot give the illusion of Democracy any longer“.


As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs try to convert their Mullahcracy into something like US Fake Democracy. But they don’t know that the main pillar of any Fake Democracy is the illusion of Democracy. If you cannot create the illusion of choice, and if you cannot give the illusion of democracy to your people, you are a Blatant Tyranny, not a Fake Democracy. As Americans say: ‘Americans suffer from the illusion that they live in a democracy. And their illusion of having some liberties shackle their will to rebel‘. But Mullahs don’t care about such things, and just eat sticks and onions”. They also add: “Mullahs tell bad, stupid lies. For instance, on 15 June 2013, the Iranians went to the streets and chanted anti-AN and anti-Tyranny slogans, but the Mullah TV said: ‘Iranians went to the streets to thank our great leader, Khamenei’! Mullahs and Khamenei still tell stupid lies and insult people’s intelligence. But when all Iranians can see/ feel the truth, stupid lies just make people angrier, and shatters all illusions. When all humans hate hyperinflation/ corruption/ financial crisis, Mullahs say: ‘people love AN, hyperinflation and financial crises’! Mullahs act like Mullah Nasreddin and ridicule themselves. When shits like Janati and the Mullah Guardian Council kill the illusion of Democracy, and when the internet, the media, journalists, artists, writers, thinkers, etc are openly and harshly banned, censored and filtered, Mullahcracy is nothing but a blatant Tyranny”. They also add: “Mullahs say: ‘We tell big lies, but they (West) tell big lies, too. We hate Democracy, but they (West) hate Democracy, too. We have censorship, but they have censorship, too’. It’s not wrong, but the important point is that Westerners act like chameleons, secretly and indirectly! But Mullahs act like big idiots, openly, harshly, and shamelessly. Mullah don’t believe in their own religion and their own laws. But when both people and Mullahs don’t believe in such things, Mullahs must stop making people angry”. They also add: “We all should think about real solutions, and feasible solutions. Americans talk about ‘illusion of choice’, ‘illusion of voting’, or ‘illusion of Democracy’ in America. They truly say: ‘Democracy is dead when money controls power . US politicians call themselves public servants, while they are as corrupt as Jack Abramoff. America suffers from the tyranny of money and corruption’. In America, fake debates, election farces, tyranny of money, etc are so laughable. They sell and buy everything, including politicians, laws, freedom and democracy! US Capitalism is Free Corruption, not Free Market. But it’s not the whole story. US system is still better than an absolute monarchy. Absolute monarch even tells his subjects what to wear, what to drink, or how to breath/ fart! In the US, you can write and publish many things, and instead of censoring or silencing you, they boycott you! But in a blatant Tyranny, you can write and publish nothing; you even cannot fart freely!”. They also add: “The US has serious problems. In the US, most people are stupid, or have great illusions. Only some Americans talk about ‘The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny’. Only a few Americans know US corrupt electoral system or ‘the injustices of the two-party-tilted electoral process’. Most Americans are ignorant, and America needs Awareness, public awareness. If many Americans become aware, and ask for real changes, real freedoms, etc, then the US system would change. But now, as some Americans say: ‘Most Americans don’t know that US election laws/ practices severely discriminate [..] Democratic Party and Republican Party control everything [..] We only choose the Lesser of Two Evils. Our elected officials routinely break their election promises and are always free to flout the wishes of their constituents‘. But most American don’t care about such things, and many non-Americans are not aware of such things, or think that only non-Americans call themselves public servants (Khadem) and try to fool people! As Americans say: ‘Most Americans have no real opinions, but only impressions. They are shaped by propaganda, and a typical ‘Wag the Dog‘ strategy’. Unfortunately, many Americans are fanatics. In 2012, more than 57 million Americans (47%) voted for [a stupid Mormon]. The number of religious fanatics in America is much more than Iran’s [we have already written about ‘Religious Fanatics’ in the US, check Archive]”. They also add: “But most Iranians are not fanatics. Iranians are not racists. They care about all humans. Iran (Persia) is an ancient civilization before any country of the West existed. An as the West says: ‘The Persian Lion (Iranian lions) can change the world’ ! So, we say to Mullahs: ‘It’s shameful that the stupid West has a Fake Democracy and can fool the world, but you [..] Iran at least must have a fake democracy like US Democracy. You love the Republican-Democrat games, and you try to play such games in Iran (AN as a stupid Republican; Rohani as a stupid Democrat, etc). But you still act like big idiots. You screw the illusion of Democracy. You insult people and ban everything. You torture Iranians and force them to believe you! Your Mullah Logic is the Logic of Sword!, that belongs to non-Iranians and blatant tyrannies. But US and the West could fool and manipulate the world, because they could give the illusion of choice/ democracy. It’s US Fake Democracy, stupid! You, Mullahs, eat both ‘onions and sticks’. [Yah,] your Mullahcracy can turn into a fake democracy like US Democracy, and a Fake Democracy is better than a Blatant Tyranny. But at first, and at least, you should know the pillars of A Fake Democracy and the importance of the illusion of Democracy”.

The United States of Big Brother

June 23, 2013

“Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old CIA agent and the whistleblower behind the biggest scandal in US history, said: ‘US regime is spying on its people. The Internets big names -Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple- give the US government backdoor access to users private information’. But what he said is not a new thing. He just confirmed what we already knew!”, many say in these days. But it’s really shameful the US is turning into a police state. As the wise Iranians say: “Many preferred to think that the US is not like the UK. Britain is really an Orwellian state. As Orwell said, Britain is a surveillance state, a police state, a Big Brother state. Spies and Big Brother’s agents control the UK. Now, even the UK media confess: ‘The influence of spies has become too much’ ! (June 2013). They talk about ‘secret courts’, ‘secret laws’, ‘unwritten laws’, or ‘the excessive influence of the CIA and MI6 on the system’ (June 2013). Their media say: ‘UK spied on diplomats at G20 meetings in London’ (June 2013). But it doesn’t surprise anyone. The UK is the land of the spies. The UK is the land of the law of the jungle. Now, even UK spymasters explain how they manipulate politicians, and how they cover up torture, kidnaping and killing (June 2013). The UK has no Constitution, and the main laws in the UK are the unwritten laws and the law of the jungle. British barbarians still think/ act like their savage ancestors. As the Brits say: ‘Spies and secret societies control the UK and British Tyranny’. The well-informed people know the United Barbarians (Britain). But the US wants to become a new Britain! It’s ridiculous. NSA whistleblower Snowden fled to Hong Kong before providing his information to the press. And it’s a great shame to the US that when Americans want to reveal the US government oppression they must flee to China!“. The US Fake Democracy is shameful. Now, many make jokes and say: ‘USA is the land of Flee, not Free! US dissidents are not Free, and they must Flee from US .. American Capitalism is Free Corruption/ Free Tyranny .. In US Fake Democracy, Bribery is free, Spying is free, Supporting terrorists/ anti-democracy forces is free, but journalists, whistleblowers, and truth-tellers are not free .. Snowden showed that American Values are Orwellian values like Control, Censorship, Oppression, Corruption, Hypocrisy .. In America, Control & Lobbying is Democracy, Spying & Censorship is Freedom, and Bribery & Corruption is Capitalism”. In June 2013, many say: ‘US gov is lying to us. US mass surveillance is worse than the 1984 .. NSA regularly hacks into Internet backbone computers around the world, in order to look at people/ organizations’ data. NSA is turning the US into a Big Brother surveillance state”. In June 2013, the US media say: “Whistleblowers are Spies” !; “US congressmen say journalists should be prosecuted for publishing Snowden’s docs’ !; “FBI head claims mass surveillance is what US needs” !; “We can violate the citizens’ rights over their privacy” !; “[Not Americans, but] Hong Kong human rights NGOs rallied in favor of Snowden”!; “Hong Kong (not US) supports Snowden’s basic rights”! Now, the educated Iranians say: “USA is becoming a third world country. The tyranny of America is like the tyranny of Russia. Yah, the US is still a little better; but just a little!”. In these days, the wise, witty Iranians talk about Mullahcracy and American Fake Democracy, and say: “If Mullahs try to create the illusion of Democracy in Iran, then Iran will be like the US! The stupid Mullahs should know the importance of the Illusion of Democracy. They should know that when people have the illusion that they live in a democracy, their illusions shackle their will to rebel. A Fake Democracy can fool the world, too. So, Instead of listening to foreign advice and British advice, Mullahs must listen to our advice. British Barbarians eat their friends, but we can teach Mullahs how they can create a real Fake Democracy or a real illusion! It’s shameful that the US has a Fake Democracy, while Iran has a Blatant Tyranny. Now it’s clear that Iranians are wiser and more modern than Americans, and Mullahs are not stupider than US politicians (even monkeys are smarter than Obama & US politicians !). Mullahs are like Britons/ Americans. Mullahs don’t believe in ‘Khoda va Peyghambar’ (God & Prophets), or in their own bullshits. Mullahs kill people, steal/ embezzle people’s money, tell big lies, torture/ rape people, try to stay in power at any price, and act like the West’s bad guys. So, Don’t be so stupid, Mullahs! Lets turn Mullahcracy into US Fake Democracy! It’s in your and our interests. A Fake Democracy is better than a Blatant Tyranny. Don’t Worry, when stupid pigs like Khatami or Obama are Reformists, then Khamenei can be a Great Reformist!”. It’s a joke, or seems like a joke, but the Mullahcracy can become a Fake Democracy like the US Democracy. It’s possible! We should write more about the Mullahcracy and the illusion of Democracy in America.


“When the US regime betrayed Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, it was obvious that the US regime would betray Americans and the freedom and democracy in America as well. But most Americans were/ are so stupid. Lefts and US pigs tell big lies about Iran, but they and their Orwellian lies just reveal the truth of the United States of Big Brother”, some wise Iranians say. In fact, not only Snowden and the US regime, but even the lefts can reveal the true face of the United States of Big Brother. Let’s give you an example. As some wise Iranians say: “Chomsky and lefts love and support the Jewish CIA agents, the Leveretts. In 2009, these Jewish/ US spies said: ‘Iranians hate Mousavi, because Rafsanjani supports him [!] Ahmadinejads charge that Mousavi was supported by Rafsanjani seemed to play well with voters [!!]’. But do you know what these spies say in 2013? Now, they say: ‘Iranians vote for Rohani, because Rafsanjani supports him! Rohani, Rafsanjani protégé, wins the election. Iran experts are ignorant [!]’. The Jewish CIA is laughable. They repeat the regime’s jokes and say 36 million Iranians (72%) voted !, while less than 12 millions voted. Before the 2013 Show, the Jewish CIA and the US/ UK media said that Rohani is a Reformist! But do you know what they say now? Now, they say: ‘Rohani is a conservative. He is not a reformist, even according to Iranian standards’ ! The stupid West thinks that all humans have a short memory or a low IQ, like the American IQ that is less than the Goat’s IQ! US big lies about AN, Jalili, Rohani, Rafsanjani, etc reveal many things, including this fact that why ‘the chairman of CBS said that over 20 million Americans have an IQ of below 57 !”. They also add: “US Orwellian lies are bad, big lies, and just reveal the American IQ! According to Americans, USA scores the lowest IQs, at a national average score of 100-minus. The national average IQ score of Americans is less than many countries (including Iran, Japan, China, Germany, etc)”. Now, many Americans say: ‘Our Government Insults Our Intelligence’. But they don’t know that even Chomsky, the lefts, and their intellects insult their intelligence. As some wise Iranians say: “The Leveretts badly defended their beloved AhmadiNejad (AN)! And naturally, these Jewish CIA agents had to support Jalili, who is a copy of AN. What Jalili says is exactly like what the Leveretts say. In the Mullah Debate shows, only Jalili defended the 2009 coup, and repeated the Leveretts’ bullshit. But on 12 June 2013, the Leveretts wrote at Huffingtonpost: ‘In the final debate show Jalili lost ground to his rivals [because he repeated our bullshit]. Rohani emerged from the debates with rising popular support; Jalili did not; [because] Rafsanjani and Khatami endorsed Rohani’ Can you believe it?! If you want to know the secrets of the 2009 coup/ the 2013 farce, the stupid Leveretts can show you many things. But Americans’ low IQs don’t allow them to see the truth of the Leveretts, Chomsky, the Jewish CIA, and their paradoxes”. They also add: “When Americans have such low IQs, it’s obvious why USA turns into a police state or a third world state. Unfortunately, Americans allow the media, the so-called intellects, and the US regime to tell big lies, aid terrorists, defend Islamists, and support all anti-democracy groups. The Jewish CIA agents (Leveretts) tell the worst Orwellian lies, but Noam Chomsky and lefts support them! The 2009 coup is really a CIA-made coup. But most Americans are not aware of such things; and the real tragedy is that even MIT students see Chomsky and the Jewish CIA as heroes! Americans are stupid, and don’t know that the West and the Lefts are behind the 2009 coup. They don’t know that the 2009 coup’s main goal was: Keeping Iran weak and under tyranny. It’s what the West and all bad guys want”. Unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant, and don’t know that USA is turning into a Fascist- Orwellian state. As the wise Iranians say: “Now, we all can see that the West is behind Taliban, Marxist-Islamists (MEK), Egyptian Islamists, Syrian Salafis, Jewish Nazis, and other terrorists. But the stupid lefts say: ‘Oh, yah, the West is behind Taliban, Marxist-Islamists (MEK), Salafis, Al-Qaede, Jews, dictators, etc but the West is not behind Mullahs. It’s impossible’! They censor the story of AN, Jalili, Rohani, and Rafsanjani. They say nothing about the love story of ‘IMF and Mullahs’. In June 2013, the IMF chair thanked Mullahs for implementing the IMF plans in Iran! But do you know what the Lefts say/ do? These bastards just close their dirty eyes and pretend ignorance! Lefty pigs like Chomsky are nothing but puppets of the Big Brother. They are [Mean, Stupid, and Motherfucker]. And when Americans have such intellects and such media, it’s obvious that they should say: ‘We lose our freedom .. We lose free society, free media, free thoughts, free people .. the CIA is in bed with the media and the huge telecoms .. Everything we do and say is recorded .. Our media and our governments brainwash/ enslave us [but we love them!]”.


The Americans and their stupid hypocrisy are laughable. Now, their media report: “US begins direct talks with Taliban leaders”! And the Lefts say: “Who is behind the Taliban? USA!”. But they also add: “US is behind Taliban and Al-Qaede. [It’s possible]. But US is not behind Mullahs and Islamists. It’s impossible’ ! As some wise Iranians say: ‘Pigs like Chomsky try to mislead US students, who know nothing about the world, Iran, Mullahs, Islamists, AN, the 2009 coup, and many other things. Now, the Turkish Dictator, Erdogan, and the Egyptian Dictator, Morsi, kill and suppresses their people. These Islamic dictators are US-backed dictators that both the US regime and the US lefts love and support them. But how many Americans are aware of such facts? The lefts say: ‘Mullah Omar, a guy with 1 eye, is a British-American stooge’ or ‘US and Taliban are old friends’. But they say nothing about Mullahs or Islamic dictators, and when Iranians truly say: ‘UK and Mullahs are old friends’ or ‘US and Mullahs are old friends’, the lefts see it as a Conspiracy Theory! Relations between the lefts and the CIA is amazing!”. In these days, many things are so stupid, but so informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, the US openly works with the Taliban! Maybe in the near future, the US would openly hail Bin Laden as a hero! When Americans openly support the Taliban and the Marxist-Islamists (MEK), everything is possible! Now, the US Congress openly support the Jewish Nazism, and that’s why the Jewish faggots eat shit and say: ‘Iran should be forced to choose between nuclear weapons or survival’ ! (JPost, 19 June). The Jewish Nazi also add: ‘We cannot accept anything less than the total cessation of all enrichment of nuclear materials at all levels, removal from Iran of all enriched nuclear material, closure of Iran’s nuclear facilities’ ! It’s what NetanYabu said during a meeting with Canadian faggots. But the little NetanYabu and the Jewish Nazi are little dogs and little puppets of the US. They just bark. But they and their American masters should know that it’s we, Iranians and the independent world, that will not accept anything less than removal from Israel of all nuclear bombs and nuclear material, and closure of all Israel’s nuclear facilities. The savage Jews praise Racism and Genocide. A Jewish barbarian like Rabbai Yosef, the anti-Iran leader of Shas, says: ‘Non-Jews were born only to serve us [!!] They have no place in the world [!!] -only to serve the people of Israel [!!]‘. The Savage Semites and the Jewish Barbarians really deserved the Holocaust, and Iran and the civilized world should not accept anything less than the total annihilation of all Jewish Barbarians”. Unfortunately, the US supports the savage Jews, who say: ‘Non-Jews were born only to serve Jews’! But when the US supports such barbarians, many become aware and say, for instance: ‘The story of [United States of Big Brother] is very very bigger/ longer than the story of Snowden and US Fake Democracy. The story of [United States of Big Brother] is the story of Chomsky, Leveretts, Lefts, Jewish Nazis, Iran, Islamists, Mullahs, Lobbyists, Marxist-Islamists, terrorists, dictators, [2009 coup], a Nation of Sheep, etc. Snowden says: ‘US government has granted itself power it is not entitled to. There is no public oversight’. But the real tragedy is that the American people don’t strongly protest against such things. America is becoming a third world country, a Nation of Sheep. They accept what their media, their fake intellects, and their government dictate/ instill into them. They accept violations of basic rights. They are big idiots, who stupidly think that they are better than others! The fate of such idiots and such societies is clear”.


The US fake intellects defend the tyranny, the mass surveillance, and other evils. They defend such things in the name of ‘War on Terror’ ! or ‘Fighting against Terrorism/ Imperialism”! But no one ask them about the love stories of “US and Taliban”, “US and Mullahs”, or “US and the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK)”! It’s so shameful. Now, some Americans say: ‘When East Germany collapsed in 1989, the Stasi was reported to have over 90,000 employees and over 170,000 informants. About one in every 63 East Germans aided the Stasi in collecting intelligence on their fellow citizens […] Now USA is becoming the United Stasi of America!”. Now, the US media say: “NSA, FBI and CIA have had surveillance powers over citizens that KGB and Gestapo could not even dream of !” or “NSA, FBI, CIA analysts have access to anything they want: your emails, your phone calls, and so on”. Now, the US regime says: “What Snowden did was an act of treason”! (21 June). But some say: “Oh, yah, Telling the Truth is an act of Treason in the Empire of Lies !”. Now, the bad guys try to scare people, and say: ‘the US has the whole world under surveillance’ or ‘the US controls everything and everyone’ ! But as the wise guys say: ‘It’s a big lie. Now, even their own spies and young people within the Big Brother’s agencies suffer from ‘Crisis of Conscience’. Now, many are going to think. Snowden are Manning are the tip of the iceberg”. They also add: “You cannot trust spies. But Snowden’s story is informative. According to US media, ‘Edward Snowden is a 29-year-old technical assistant for the CIA. He has spent the last decade working in the spying world. He even doesn’t have a high school diploma. But at the CIA, he trained, and worked on IT security. By 2007, the CIA stationed him with diplomatic cover in Geneva, Switzerland’. He says CIA operatives were attempting to recruit a Swiss banker to obtain secret banking information. He says they plotted to arrest the banker for drunk driving, and then a secret agent seeking to befriend him offered to help, and a bond was formed that led to recruitment. ‘Much of what I saw in Geneva really disillusioned me’, Snowden says. He also adds: ‘I had ‘a very comfortable life’ that included a high salary, a girlfriend, a home in Hawaii, etc. But I’m willing to sacrifice all of that because I can’t in good conscience allow the US government to destroy basic liberties with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building’. It’s not bad. But maybe Snowden and the bad guys just want to scare people. Maybe it’s a game: Scare Tactics! What Snowden says is not a new thing. They try to scare people, while instead of scaring people, they should ask people to protest. All people should know that ‘US collects and stores the emails, the chats, and the phone records of Americans and non-Americans’. All people should protest against such things. All people should know that ‘data obtained from your phones/ digital tools, show your address, your movements, your private life, your private talks, etc’. But instead of fearing, people should protest against such things”. I hope the good Americans and the wise Americans start to protest against both the US regime and the US lefts. Now, many people say good things, and it can increase public awareness. The current protests in Brazil or Turkey -that are protests against tyranny, corruption, bribery, brutality, injustice, poverty, etc- expose the power of people. Now, many put comments and say: ‘Our government is setting up a surveillance state .. our tools are spying on us! .. Smartphones work for the Surveillance State .. Democracy requires an informed public. But we are stupid. We’re living in a police state .. US military that has levelled 22 charges against Bradley Manning, including espionage and ‘aiding the enemy’! In this USA, murder is not the crime; unmasking evidence of it is! .. Google, Facebook, and systems we all use, are spying on us .. private and public companies work with the Big Brother. They betray us .. Google, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, etc want the world to trust them with personal data, emails, photos, documents. But now they are spying on us! .. It has serious consequences for the reputations of all internet companies, who have built their trade on trust”. Unfortunately, many good guys think that the bad guys can control everything, and people can change nothing! But as we already wrote in “Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change” (check Archive), and as the wise Iranians say: “the bad guys are not able to dominate the good guys. True victory over your enemy occurs when they start to use your language. And now all bad guys/ barbarians use our language. They have changed, and ‘We’ (ie ‘Iranians, all good guys, and the civilized world) have changed them. ‘Ma Hatta Adam-Khora & Malakh-Khora ro ham Adam Kardim !’ (We even made human-eaters & locust-eaters humans!) If you take a close look at the Iran’s history or the Civilized World history, you can see that it’s ‘We’ that have changed barbarians, and it’s they that have accepted our culture, our values, and our Civilization. And it’s the True Victory. It’s clear that ‘We’ (Iranians, all good guys, and the civilized world) will defeat all bad guys and all Big Brothers. It’s what both Reason and History tell us”. Think about it. We would write more it later.

2013 Happy Days: Street Celebrations after 4 Years

June 19, 2013

“Happy days are here again”, many say in these days. In Iran, this week is a weak of great Joy. “After four years, and after all bitter days, Iranians flooded the streets, laughed and danced with joy, and put an end to the AN’s era”, many say. The AN’s era was a bad, shitty era. After the 2009 coup, Iranians were not happy, and you could not see a real/ big smile on their faces in public places. But now, “Iranians celebrate the End of Shit, ie the End of AN (AhmadiNejad) [In Persian, AN means shit]”, as people say. Now, “A new era of joy, happiness, and hope has begun”, as many say. “This great nation deserve more joys, more happiness, and more happy days“, many truly say. And it’s really true. The idiots cannot understand why Iranians are happy. They think that Iranians are happy for this British Rohani !! But most Iranians don’t give a shit about the British Mullahs. “Who cares about the Mullahs?!”, people say. “They retreated. They gave us concessions. We, our protests, and our silence forced them to retreat. And it’s the important issue. Now, it’s a time of joy. Happy days will return to [the Land of the Good (Iran)]. The bad guys hate Hope and Happiness, but Hope and Joy are coming back. Now, our streets are full of joys and hope, and who can deny it?”, many truly say.


“After the 2009 coup, Iranians were not happy, and you could not see the look of joy on their face. But now, most Iranians are happy. The third week of June became a historic week. Two happy events came right after each other. We could beat Mullahs in front of their Basiji supporters, and we also could beat Korea in front of their supporters !”, many say. But the anti-Iran idiots don’t know why Iranians are happy. “Millions of joyous Iranians flooded the streets on Tuesday after the national team beat South Korea (1-0) and qualified for the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil”, the media reported. But the idiots know nothing about “Pride and Joy”! and also about this fact that “these two happy events marked the end of an era, a shitty era, the AN’s era”. “We’ve had bitter days these last eight years, specially after the 2009 coup. Two victories in one week can give people what they need, and what they deserve”, many truly say. The End of AN (shit) is a sweet victory, “specially when you know that the West, the CIA, the UK, the Jewish Nazi, and all bad guys openly or secretly supported this Jewish piece of shit (AN)”, as some wise Iranians say.


Iranians are happy, and it’s good. “On Saturday night, they celebrated the End of Shit (AN) and the Mullah retreats. This AN (shit) and all Basiji shits were worse than Mongols (Ghome Moghol). They ruined our country, and killed our people. But the stupid West pretended that Iranians love their killers! But now even idiots see and confess that ‘Iranians chant anti-AN/ anti-Mullah slogans, such as: AhmadiNejad, bye bye; Go to Hell (shithole)”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The US, the UK, the Lefts, and all those sick bastards who supported this Jewish AN (shit) and his coup, are nothing but ‘a bunch of rabid animals’ who hate Goodness, Hope, Joy, Happiness, and good things”. In these days, the savage Jews and the anti-Iran pigs are angry, and they should be angry. Iranians are happy, but “Iranians hate AN, Rohani, Khatami, and all British Mullahs and all anti-democracy groups, and it makes the anti-Iran pigs angry. Hope, Wisdom, Joy, Awareness, Happiness, etc make the good guys happy, but make the bad guys angry”, many truly say. They also add: “Mullahs could appoint Jalili, AN, Qalibaf, Rohani, etc as President. Iranians boycotted the election shows, and protested. And Mullahs retreated from the 2009 coup, and made concessions. This British Rohani is not important. Who cares about him?! Rohani is a shit like Velyati or Qalibaf, and he just tries to help the Mullah regime. But appointing him is a big retreat, a big confession to the 2009 coup, and a symbolic bow to the will of the people. And it’s the main issue”.


“After a long time, the people of Iran have a sweet week. Iranians now have a sense of national pride, and their street celebrations put an emphatic stamp on the end of AN’s era. They danced in the Streets. They hugged and cried tears of joy. They laughed at the Islamists. They ridiculed the Mullahs. They chanted anti-regime and pro-Iran slogans. And this proves that the vast majority of Iranians love Iran, but hate the Mullah regime and their oppressive government“, many truly say. They also add: “Two happy events in four days was a godsend, and it’s funny that we had the same situation in 1997. ‘2 Khordad’ and ’28 Azar’ in 1997 were like these two happy events in 2013. But at that time (1997), the Mullah regime were shocked, but the people had voted, expected a big change, and were happy. But this time (2013), the Mullahs stupidly try to engineer a farcical version of the 1997 events! This time the regime is not shocked, but Iranians are shocked, because they didn’t vote, and didn’t expect such changes and such concessions Now, the regime tries to make concessions, indirectly confesses to the 2009 coup, or partly surrenders to the will of the people, and it’s what makes people happy, and it’s the source of their pride and joy”.


The story of these happy days is the story of “A Great Nation and A Great Happiness”. As you know, “Success in sport is a source of national pride”. But it’s funny that both this time (2013) and that time (1997), Iranians fought against the anti-Iran idiots, and won. As many say: “In 1997, some Australians laughed at Iranians and chanted anti-Iran slogans. And now, the coach of Korean team said anti-Iran things, and ate bad shit, an extra shit, a shit that was bigger than his mouth. But Iranians taught all anti-Iranian shits a good lesson. We defeated them at their own country. We humiliated them in front of their people at their home!”. And it says a lot about Iran psychology. As many truly say: “Iranians are the men of Great Battles. Iranians don’t take small battles or weak rivals serious. But when arrogant idiots, who stupidly think that they are great, or better than Iranians!, threaten Iranians or say anti-Iran things, Iranians will teach them a good lesson (even with bare hands) and will defeat them (even at their own home!)”. It’s really funny that Iranians win almost all great Battles, but they don’t take small battles serious, and lose many minor battles! Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s the story of a Great/ Proud Nation, its victories and its defeats in its long history of Civilization. And it can describe why sometimes the little barbarians and the little bad guys could create big problems for the Proud Nation of Iran.


“Iranians didn’t care about the little barbarians and the savage bad guys -form Alexander and Spartans to Arabs and Mongols. Iranians didn’t take them serious. Iranians (Persians) even didn’t imagine that one day the little Alexander, the little Britain, or the little Arabs could create big problems for the Great Iran (Great Persia), the Cradle of Civilization […] But it’s not the whole story. When the little bad guys became arrogant, and started to think that they are better than Iranians, then Iranians started to teach them good lessons, and finally sent them to hell”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, the savage Jews and the anti-Iran mercenaries say many stupid things. They don’t know that “Joy and Happiness is more important than money, power, etc”, as the wise guys say. The idiots blame Iranians, and as some wise Iranians say: “Idiots and anti-Iran pigs just want to see our pain and suffering, not our joy and happiness. They love hatred, war, and bad feelings, and hate love, peace, and happiness. These bad guys, ie. the Jewish faggots and the anti-Iran faggots, including the terrorists (MEK), the Pahlavists, the Islamists, the savage Semites, and other uncivilized pigs, are anti-Iran, anti-Civilization, anti-Peace, anti-Progress, anti-Joy, anti-Happiness, anti-Democracy, and anti-Humanity. They just pray for war, hatred, disaster, darkness, and other bad things”.


“The normal humans want a world that is free from war, hatred, bad things, and bad guys. They want to have more joy, more happiness, more awareness, more justice, more humanity, more peace, and more good things. But the bad guys and the abnormal men just want to have more wars, more hatred, more disasters, more injustice, more pain, and more bad things. They hate happy people and happy days. But the good guys, even in hard times, live with hope and memories of happy days, days of joy, hope, and good things”, some wise Iranians. The bad guys really hate joy, happiness, and awareness, because they hate Hope. They know that Hope can bring Change and Progress. And that’s why the bad guys try to create Disappointment, and disappoint all of us. But as the wise Iranians say: “Joy, happiness, and awareness bring Hope, and hope brings Change, Progress, and other good things. Hope is a miracle cure for any Pandora Box. But unfortunately, many don’t know that the main concession from the bad guys is Joy, Happiness, Awareness, and Hope. And now, Iranians won such concessions, and it’s a victory. With hope and happiness, the great nation of Iran can change the whole world. Now, the shitty days appear to be ending, and those great/ happy days of our glorious past can soon be here again. Iranians deserve much more happy days. And with happiness and awareness, they can create more happy days, more happy events, more changes, more awareness, and more good things. The future belongs to the Iranian people and all good guys in all around world. The future belongs to the good guys, not the bad guys. And not only it’s the true meaning of Hope, but it’s what we all can be sure of it. The future belongs to the Good, not the Evil”.

2013 Mullah Show: A very Informative Milestone

June 15, 2013

The 2013 Mullah Show became an important milestone in Iran’s history. Now, many say: “This British Mullah, Rohani, is [not important]. But the bad guys’ retreats and their concessions to Iranians is very important. It’s a great victory. We congratulate Iranians. Their protests, their election boycotts, their wisdom, their pain and suffering, and their deafening silence have changed many things”. We will write about the interesting meanings of the 2013 Mullah Show later, but here lets take a look at a fictional story that is based on some true stories. It’s about the UK, the US, their stooges, and their role in the 2013 Mullah Show. It looks like an imaginary situation, but in Iran, many believe that the reality is really like such fictional stories.

Act 1 : The Cup of Poison

James: “We are in deep shit. The Iranian people have become aware. What’s your plans?”. Gareth: “The Company, our agents, and our media can fool and brainwash all people. Our old tactics still …”. Ion: “But Iranians have become aware. Old tactics are not useful and …”. Tony: “The British tactics are always useful. Britain has always used old tactics, and we have always succeeded in brainwashing people”. Kate: “But the 2009 coup has changed many things in Iran. We need new tactics, new agents, and …”. Susan: “No. our old whores are still attractive. They still can manipulate people. Iranians are stupid. Here in the West, we can …”. Ion: “But your old whores are not attractive to Iranians inside Iran. No one takes them serious in Iran”. Kate: “Yah, the VOA, the BBC, the Manoto TV, etc have lost their audience in Iran, and people laugh at them. Your websites -Balatarin, Gooya, RoozOnline, etc- and your old whores only make people laugh. We need new agents”. James: “What’s your plan? How the West and the Mullahs can drink the cup of poison, make a nuclear deal, and call it Political Epic?” Ion: “We need new spies in Iran, inside the Iranian universities. They should brainwash kids. By talking about the 2009 protests, they should pretend that participating in the election shows is Protest! We should pretend that this British Rohani is a hero, and other candidates are bogeymen. We should pretend that people love Rohani”. Kate: “Our spies should aim at immature kids, who are less than 22. We can fool little/ immature kids. We should pretend that boycotting election shows or any real protests is not useful”. Ion: “But old whores cannot manipulate Iranians. We nee new agents”. Gareth: “But do you think you can fool many Iranians?! Most Iranians will certainly boycott this election show. We still should tell big lies, and …”. James: “OK, we use both old tactics and new tactics. Each group should have an action plan. And the Big Brother has a clear message to all of you: Just set the stage for the Cup of Poison”.

Act 2 : Ignorance is Strength

Susan: “Here in London, you all can understand me. But in Washington, the idiots cannot understand us”. Behruz: “The stupid Americans don’t know that we still can fool Iranians”. Davar: “We just need money. Iranians have no voice and no media. We still can manipulate Iranians. We can make this British Rohani a hero”. Behnud: “We just need more money. And we can prove that the Big Brother’s Mafia still can fool and manipulate Iranians”. Hajj Abbas: “And it’s exactly what the Big Brother wants. We can show him that his agents still can deceive people”. Susan: “Yah, but the US experts say that we are not able to fool most Iranians”. Behruz: “Even if it’s true, we still can pretend that most Iranians are stupid, and obey us. Who cares about the truth?”. Jobs: “The Big Brother thinks that Pretence is not enough. We are in deep shit”. Behnod: “But why? When all media say that Lie is Truth and Truth is Lie, we have no problem”. Susan: “Yah, we all should tell the same lies. Our media, from the Guardian to the BBC, and all Big Brother’s media outside and inside Iran, should repeat the same lies”. Jobs: “But it can reveal our secrets. It’s what frightens the Company and the Big Brother”. Davar: “But we can say that what people know or say is a conspiracy theory”. Hajj Abbas: “Yah, those who tell the truth are like Uncle Napoleon! We can switch from a Jewish spy (like AN) to a British Spy (like Rohani). But what Iranians say about us is a conspiracy theory! The Truth is nothing but a big Conspiracy Theory!”. Behnud: “We can shed crocodile tears for Iran. We should pretend that spies are heroes; traitors are heroes; Tyranny is Democracy, and Rouhani is what Iranians want!” Jobs: “You guys are laughable. You disqualify your beloved Rafsanjani, your Imam Khomeini’s right hand man! And now you want to make a hero of Rafsanjani’s aide! But people ask about Rafsanjani-gate, the arrested opposition leaders, the 2009 coup, etc. The Big Brother hates the current situation”. Davar: “But Iranians are so stupid. Before the election shows, we encourage them to vote. And after the election shows we say that they don’t deserve Democracy, because they voted!”. Jobs: “Do you think old tactics still work?” Susan: “Yah, they work. We just should not allow people to understand how useful/ effective is Boycotting election shows or real Protests. We should make a hero of spies/ traitors like Khatami, Rafsanjani, Rohani, etc”.

Act 3 : Big Brother’s Mafia, British Tactics

Kate: “Here in Tehran, almost all Iranians hate the regime. Our spies should only try to create/ raise doubts among Iranians”. Tony: “We have a good list of big lies, and we all should repeat them”. Hajj Ali: “But shall we repeat Big Lies even at the risk of looking Ridiculous?” Scott: “Repeat Big lies until when even you yourself believe them!” Yavar: “Yah, it’s a well-know British tactic”. Javad: “Yah, we should learn from the Jewish Leveretts, who say: ‘All Iranians love the Islamic regime !’ We should tell such big lies even at the risk of looking Ridiculous. We should repeat our big lies until when we ourselves believe them”. Hajj Ali: “But It’s just remind me of Mullah Nasreddin !” Tony: “You should learn from our Jewish agents, the Leveretts, who say Black is White, and many Westerners believe them”. Javad: “Leverett, Chomsky and other Jewish agents are masters at telling bad lies. They say: ‘The West must tune out constant efforts to demonize Mullah regime’!”. Yavar: “The Leveretts see ‘these eight candidates’ as ‘one conservative and the most clear-cut reformist’! They say: ‘most Iranians believe they have meaningful choice in this year’s election !”. Hajj Ali: “But my son, these Jewish agents just reveal our secrets. These Jewish agents say: ‘Iran’s Presidential Election Will Surprise most people [!!] After the final debate show Jalili losing ground to his rivals [!!] Iranians hate Jalili !” (12 June 2013) But why the Company’s agents, who praised AN and Jalili, should reveal that the Big Brother wants to appoint Rohani?! They even say: ‘Since succeeding Imam Khomeini [!!] as Leader, Imam Khamenei [!] has ascribed high priority to maintaining balance in the system [!]’. The Jewish CIA should not say such things! Now, people ask: ‘Why do the CIA and the Mullahs say exactly the same things?!” Javad: “Don’t worry man. Who knows that we use Jalili as a scarecrow/ bogeyman?”. Hajj Ali: “But after the Mullah Show, you cannot simply say that people hated Jalili and rejected him. Jalili is equal to Basij, Sepah (IRGC), Mesbah, AN, and the whole regime. When you say that people didn’t vote to Jalili, you actually confess to the 2009 coup, and this fact that people hate your slogans, your values, and your regime. Jalili is AN. Jalili is IRGC. Jalili is Janati/ Mesbah”. Scott: “Yah, but we are in bad situations”. Tony: “Yah, drinking the cup of poison has its own risks. We are in deep shit”.


Act 4 : Repeat Big Lies and Pray to God !

Hajj Ali: “Now the Guardian, the BBC, the VOA, the Washington Post, the HuffingtonPost, the Times, the CNN, the ABC, the NBC, and all Big Brother’s media repeat the same big lies. It’s dangerous. It can reveal our secrets”. Tony: “Don’t worry Hajji. Repeat Big Lies and pray to God !” Scott: “We all must pray to God for help”. Javad: “I also pray for the Big Brother and the British Queen … Amen”. Kate: “OK, let’s finish praying. Nowadays many say: ‘Why should we vote? There is no Election. It’s a Mullah Game. It’s a British game”. Tony: “But what we say, not what they say, is important” Scott: “Yah, we can use our fake polls. Our agencies such as LLC (iPOS) can claim that 60% to 80% of Iranians participate in the election shows”. Tony: “Yah, we can repeat the 2009 scenario. But …”. Javad: “But we can always fool people. Don’t worry man”. Kate: “People in taxis -one of the most political public spheres in Iran- talk about our games. They know many things. It’s dangerous”. Tony: “But we can pretend that ‘the supporters of Rowhani tried to persuade those advocating banning the elections’ ! Don’t worry. Tell Big lies, Repeat them, and Pray to God!” Scott: “Most Iranians boycott this election show, but we can say that the Company’s data/ polls suggest that turnout is around 70%”. Hajj Ali: “The Company’s data?! You want to show Iranians that the CIA engineered the 2009 coup & the 2013 show! We should not allow people to know who is behind this regime”. Tony: “Don’t worry man. We can say: ‘Rowhani energized Irans young voters’. Who knows that most Iranians hate this British Rowhani. Westerners are so stupid. In 2009, Tehran was a real battlefield. Helicopters were all over the city. There was a real war. But we pretended that Iranians love Mullahs and the West! And non-Iranians believed us!”. Javad: “Yah, when Iranians said: ‘Gunshots, smoke and fire is everywhere. Heavy clashes are everywhere, at the main streets and the main squares. Many People Injured. Many People murdered’. We could fool Westerners into accepting this big lie: Iranians love their killers!” Scott: “Yah, we still can say, for instance: Tehran Bureau is a network of anonymous reporters inside Iran!” Hajj Ali: “But now many say: ‘Tehran Bureau is just a handful of the CIA/ MI6 spies inside and outside Iran’! Now, Iranians say: ‘Britain, America and Zionists are behind AN and the Mullah regime’ or ‘The Mullah regime is collaborating with the CIA”. Tony: “But we can pretend that it’s a conspiracy theory. Don’t worry Hajji. Repeat big lies and pray to God !”

Act 5 : God Bless Goebbels !

Gareth: “The Company’s polling organizations, including US-based IPOS, claim that 70% of Iranians love the regime. Our spies in Tehran must claim that Iranians are stupid”. Ion: “But many know that IPOS and Hossein Ghazian work for the Company. Many know idiots like Jason R. and other stupid spies in Tehran. No one take them serious”. Hajj Abbas: “It’s not important. We should tell big lies in a way that our master Goebbels can be proud of us!”. Kate: “But when this stupid Jason R. says: ‘Wherever Rouhani speaks there’s a frenzy. Most people love Rouhani’ or ‘Khatami and Hashemi put their support behind Rouhani. People are really excited’ (13 June 2013) Iranians only laugh at us”. Ion: “Yah, Iranians say: Those who write such Orwellian crap anonymously at the Guardian/ Tehran Beauru/ Washington Post/ AP/ etc are a handful of CIA/ MI6 spies”. Kate: “They even know that most of such Orwellian crap at the Guardian is written by Jason and the Company’s agents”. Ion: “Many know the truth, and it’s not good. Now our stupid spies say: ‘Even those who were undecided or completely set against voting are saying they want to cast a ballot [!]’ or ‘This morning things have changed 180 degrees [!!!]. It’s like someone put something in the water last night [!!] and this morning people are just different [!!]’ (13 June). But do you know how Iranians react?! They say: ‘This morning no things changed. But it’s like someone put something in your mouth/ your ass last night !!“. Gareth: But what Iranians say is not important. What our agents, the so-called journalists, say is important. Now they say: ‘You will not believe the election buzz in Tehran today. Everyone is talking about elections and who to vote for [!!] and everyone is advocating for Rouhani, and trying to convince people to vote for him’ ! (13 June). We need such big lies” Kate: “When Iranians hear our big lies, they say: God Bless Goebbels! The stupid spies like Jason tell bad, big lies. They badly reveal our secrets. We should fool and manipulate people without revealing our own secrets”. Gareth: “But now, it’s impossible. Iranians have become aware. We only can pretend that this British Rouhani is what Iranians want. We should set the stage for the Cup of Poison. We have no choice”.

Act 6 : Beg for Mercy, Big for Vote!

Jobs: “The Big Brother is so mad at you. His agents report to him: ‘In Tehran’s squares, supporters of Ghalibaf and Rowhani attempting to hand out flyers to passersby, but were largely ignored. At one point a group of 10 Rowhani campaigners began to chant ‘Our vote is for reform!’ But other people yelled at them: ‘Didn’t you all learn from the 2009 election? Shame on you traitors! What happened to your intelligence?‘. Most Iranians are not stupid. The Big Brother is so mad at you”. Kate: “Yah, what we see in Iran is a Deafening Silence, that is the calm before the storm”. Susan: “So, what we should do?”. Jobs: “We should ask Khamenei to beg for vote”. Ion: ‘Yah, He’d beg, borrow, or steal the votes”. Susan: “Begging for vote? What do you mean?” Jobs: “The Big Brother asks him to say: ”Maybe our people don’t want to support this Islamic regime. But they want to support Iran. So, I beg all people to come and vote in the elections”. Kate: “In fact, he should beg the anti-Mullah people, ie almost all Iranians, to vote for Iran! In this way, he/ we can drink the Cup of Poison in the name of Iranians!”. Susan: “But it’s not good that he begs for mercy”. Kate: “It’s you and your whores that took us to such point. The Big Brother is so mad at you”. Susan: “I do apologize”. Kate: “Very soon we can pretend that this election show was a referendum on Iran’s nuclear program!”. Susan: “I apologize to you, Kate”. Ion: “He must beg for vote, and our agents must say: ‘thousands poured on to the streets to show their support for Rohani”. Jobs: “If 2000 or 3000 idiots, whores and faggots go to the streets and support him, it would help a little, but …” Hajj Ali: “But it doesn’t mean that Iranians support this British Mullah. Even in Tehran, He has a few supporters, whose IQs is less than IQ-e Boz (Goat’s IQ)! We need a better solution”. Kate: “It’s true. But the idiots wasted our time”. Jobs: “We should only repeat that Boycotting Election Shows is not solution. And Khamenei must beg people to vote”. Susan: “OK. But he has already said: ‘A vote for any of these eight candidates is a vote for the Islamic regime and a vote of confidence in our system and our elections”. Kate: “We have no choice”. Ion: “We must confess to part of the truth. Our media should say: ‘Unlike the previous presidential elections during which the streets were turned into lively and colorful carnivals, with people engaging in unending debates, this time it is only silence, a Deafening Silence‘. I hope that we can fool many people by using such paradoxical tactics”.


Act 7 : When Lies tell the Truth

Susan: “OK. He said: Maybe people don’t want to support the Islamic regime, but they do want to support their country. So, they should vote’ (12 June 2013). Do you think it’s enough?” Jobs: “OK. Kate, what do your team say to people?” Kate: “They try to brainwash people by saying: We’ll vote. If they count the votes, then the guy we voted for will be president, and if they screw us again, we’ll take to the streets again!” Ion: “That’s great!” Hajj Abbas: “You love your own bullshits, but you hate what the Brits wrote at the Guardian. Today they wrote at their Editorial: ‘The election is not going to be boycotted by the opposition, and this can only be good news‘ (12 June 2013). It’s good or bad ?!” Hajj Ali: “Are you kidding?! It’s what the Brits wrote at the Guardian?!” Kate: “Unfortunately, the idiots reveal our secrets. The stupid Guardian has also added: ‘A consensus [!] is now forming within the green movement [!], whose leaders are under house arrest [!], and among prisoners [!!] a no-vote is a vote for conservatism[!]. Now, the election [!] is not going to be boycotted by the opposition [!], and this can only be good news [!] (12 June)”. Hajj Ali: “Idiots stupidly confess that Boycotting the Election Shows is a bad news for both the West and the regime?!” Jobs: “What do Iranians say?” Kate: “Now, they say: ‘In an Orwellian Editorial, ‘Iran: vote early, and vote often’, the Guardian of Big Brother confessed to what is the bad news for the UK and the West!”. Ion: “Iranians are not stupid. Now, they say: this fake opposition, Islamist-Reformists, is a British-made opposition! They know our stooges”. Hajj Ali: ‘When you tell bad lies, and when you don’t listen to any advice, it’s obvious that Iranians should say: ‘It’s the UK and the CIA that manages the Mullah regime and all election shows !” Susan: “But we still can pretend that it’s a conspiracy theory”. Ion: “But what can you do with people’s awareness? You cannot kill Awareness”. Hajj Ali: “Begging for vote, telling bad lies, etc have made Iranians aware”. Jobs: “What do Iranians say?”. Kate: “They know many things. They even say: ”Mullahs drank ‘the Cup of Poison’, aka the Cup of Shits ! (Righ-e Rahmat!) in 2009, when they killed people, betrayed Iran and Iranians, and listened to the CIA/ UK advice. A regime that kills its people and listens to the UK/ CIA advice, will drink the cup of shits!”

Act 8: The Last Supper

James: “Why are you depressed?! Yah, most Iranians boycotted this election show. But we won, too”. Jobs: “What do Iranians do?” Ion: “Iranians are happy, make jokes and laugh at us!”. James: “What’s their analyses?” Ion: “Most Iranians are silent, and just laugh! Only a few Iranians talk, and say it’s good that Khamenei didn’t appoint the notorious shits. It’s good that he tries to give some concessions, before it’s too. It’s good that he ignored IRGC’s candidates”. Susan: “Many say positive things”. Kate: “Shut the fuck-up, idiot. You ruined everything. The 2009 coup was a big mistake. You idiots made many stupid mistakes”. Jobs: “What do Iranians say?” Hajj Ali: “They just laugh”. Susan: “But we can pretend that Iranians love Rouhani, and are happy”. Kate: “Get out of here, idiot. We know what we should do. Shut the fuck-up, you idiot”. James: “Relax! Everything is fine. Ion, do you think that we can fool Iranians into forgetting the 2009 coup?” Ion: “No. it’s impossible. But maybe we can fool them into accept the current concessions as the first step in achieving Democracy”. Kate: “yah, maybe they can accept these concessions”. Hajj Ali: “It’s clear that all Iranians strongly support and defend Iran. But they don’t support this regime or the West. They don’t accept the Fake Democracy. We should make real concessions”. Ion: “Yah, Iranians want real changes. Now, they hate Khatami and Rafsanjani. They even blame Mousavi”. Jobs: “What we did was a controlled/ restricted retreat. We just want to keep Iran weak and unfree. And now Rouhani can aid us in destroying Iran’s nuclear program, but in the name of Iranians!”. Kate: “But Iranians don’t accept such things. Their Deafening Silence is the calm before the storm”. Ion: “Such a great nation is the Iranian nation. They have no voice and no media. But we cannot fool them. You should kiss their brains”. Kate: “What Iranians do is a miracle. Iran is the Cradle of Civilization. Maybe that’s why they are wiser than others”. Jobs: “Iran’s deafening silence frightens the Big Brother. I hope Iranians can accept our retreats”. Susan: “Iranian Wisdom frightens all of us”. Hajj Ali: “Lets forget our fears. I really wish Susan’s team could declare that Rohani’s votes is less than invalid ballots!, like what they did to Karrubi in 2009! It’d be a good joke”. James: “Ha ha. But now we need the Cup of Poison”. Jobs: “Will Iranians accept our new games/ concessions?”. Ion: “I don’t know. Iran is the land of Great Miracles“. Kate: “Iranians are laughing at us. But they accept real retreats/ concessions. Now the wise Iranians just laugh. They are silent”. Susan: “Iran’s Deafening Silence is frightening”. Ion: “They can accept real retreats, but I don’t know whether they accept our new games or not”. James: “OK. Lets wait and see what Iranians say/ do. But don’t be depressed. You set the stage for the cup of poison. Bravo!”. Hajj Ali: “But we should congratulate Iranians. Their protests, their election boycotts, and their deafening silence eventually forced us to give concessions to them”

2013 Show: The West Fake Democracy, A Farce

June 10, 2013

In these days, many things reveal the true face of the West’s Fake Democracy, from the story of the US-backed Islamist Dictator in Turkey to ‘Prism, the most significant leaks in US history/ the most important scandals in American history/ and an executive Coup against the US constitution !’, as Americans say. Now, “Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old former technical assistant for the CIA”, says: “NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything. If I wanted to see your emails or your wife’s phone, all I have to do is use intercepts. I can get your emails, passwords, phone records, credit cards”. He also adds: ‘We hack everyone everywhere. You are not even aware of what is possible. The extent of their capabilities is horrifying. You will never be safe whatever protections you put in place. We collect more data from America than we do from Russia”. He talks about the US Fake Democracy and the Big Brother’s Mafia, and adds: “I could not do this without accepting the risk of prison. You can’t come up against the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies and not accept the risk. If they want to get you, over time they will. I do not expect to see home again”. It’s really shameful that USA is turning into an Orwellian hell like Stalin’s USSR. It’s really shameful that “Internet’s big names -Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple- give the US government backdoor access to users’ private information”, as Snowden says. But this historic scandal says a lot about the West’s Fake Democracy, as the US-Mullah story or the UK-Mullah love affair says a lot about the Barbarian-Orwellian West and their Fake Democracy. As the wise Iranians say: “In these days, the Big Brother’s Mafia, ie the West and its stooges, try to heat up the Mullah Show. Iranians have no voice and no media. All media and all media whores bombard people with a propaganda campaign, but they only can fool a few Iranians! The Big Brother’s Mafia and their media -from the Mullah Media, the US media, and the UK media to the Lefty media and all Big Brother’s media- have a big propaganda campaign about the 2013 Mullah Show. But they are not able to fool/ manipulate most Iranians, and it’s a great victory for Iran and all good guys”. Now, Big Brother’s media tell historic jokes like this: “AhmadiNejad (AN) is still popular among Iranians”! or “Iran Elections 2013: Voter Views Suggest Wide Open Race” ! (AP, June 2013). As some wise Iranians say: “Big Brother’s media tell Orwellian lies such as: ‘A pro-AN candidate like Jalili will have a good number of votes’ ! (AP, June 2013). But if they said: A pro-Bin Laden candidate will have a good number of votes in America, specially in New York ! it would be less laughable”. The West and its whores censor the neews and tell big lies. As some wise Iranians say: “In the recent days, Khamenei said: ‘A vote for any of these eight candidates is a vote for the Islamic regime and a vote of confidence in our system and our elections’ (June 2013). And Iranians reacted: ‘Yah, these eight candidates are Khamenei’s dogs, and a vote for any of them is a vote for the brutal dictator. We all know that only 5 to 6 millions vote, ie less than 10% of Iranians. Whoever votes is a great traitor, who commits a crime and betrays Iran and the martyrs’ blood’. But the Orwellian collaboration between the Mullahs and the West is so sickening. The West’s media only try to heat up the Mullah Show. But ‘Khamenei accuses foreign media of attempting to undermine the 2013 Mullah Show’ ! (June 2013) God Bless 1984! ‘Mullahs accuses Britain of operating spy ring to undermine elections’ ! the Orwellian AP reports. But the British media just act as the Mullah Media! UK and Mullahs are two sides of the same coin”. They also add: “The UK-Mullah games is a farce. Now UK stooges say: ‘The regime disqualified Rafsanjani, but he not only didn’t protest, but Rafsanjani even defended the regime and asked people to help Khamenei! So, we should follow him, and participate in the election show’! And it’s not joke. It’s exactly what stupid whores like Abbas Abdi, Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi say”. They also add: “After the Rafsanjani-gate, his aide, Marashi, said: Rafsanjani would protest by talking to people in an open letter! But Rafsanjani only licked Khamenei’s ass in a short letter, and all media censored his stupid letter! Iranians know Rafsanjani and hate him. But stupid whores remind you of an ancient story: ‘Once upon a time, a brutal dictator wanted to know whether the so-called elite would protest against him or not. He ordered that his soldiers whipped those who enter/ leave the city. So, people had to wait in a long queue at the city gates, and soldiers whipped them one by one. After a long time, the elite decided to protest. But they said to the dictator: ‘Your majesty, whipping people at the city gates is a very good decision, but there is a little problem. People should wait in long queues. Your majesty, if the number of soldiers who whip people increased and the length of queues decreased, we would be so grateful’! Whores protest in this way!”. As the wise Iranians say: “The West and whores say: Democracy means Licking Ass. They clearly say: ‘Boycotting election shows is not protest; Participating in election shows is protest’ ! (June 2013) But now, even average Iranians make jokes and say: ‘Yah, boycotting election shows is not protest, but licking dictator’s ass and betraying people’s blood is protest! .. Yah, Democracy means election frauds, killing people, kissing ass, spying, etc .. Yah, Tyranny is Democracy, Licking Ass is Protest, Killing People/ Killing Democracy is Reform, and War is Peace! .. Yah, spies and killers are Reformists! .. Yah, Khatami and those who lick Big Brother’s ass and betray people’s blood are heroes!”


“What the West and whores say just reveals the true face of the West’s Fake Democracy, in which War is Peace and Khayemali (Licking Ass) is Protest! The West and its whores are bad jokes. They create crisis, and then they deny their role, cry wolf, and accuse their victims of creating crisis! In 2009, spies and Brake Pedals ruined Iran and destroyed the people movement and the people’s hopes, but now they shed crocodile tears and blame people!”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Idiots can create such a big problem that even an army of wise guys cannot solve it easily. In 2009, the West and its whores destroyed a modern movement that could put an end to many problems -from Tyranny to Nuclear issues. But now, they shed crocodile tears for Iran! They betrayed Iran, but made our people aware, and it’s good. Awareness is the key to success. Iranians lack two important things: Media and Organization. But with Awareness, sooner or later Iranians will have what they need, and will change many things. Now, Iranians should increase their awareness, and also their patience to wait for a proper time. The Enemy (West+ Mullahs) is in deep shit, and nearing the End”. They also add: “All Khamenei’s dogs are the same shit. But all of them have a great fear of people. They all know that problems like economic crises, social crises, war threats, social freedoms, etc must be solved. They all know that they should not arouse more anger in Iran. Khamenei and all his dogs, from Jalili to Qalibaf, know that the regime is on the edge of downfall”. But as some wise Iranians say: “Cesspools like the BBC and try to make a hero/ bogeyman of Khamenei’s dogs! For instance, they praise a British Mullah, Rowhani, who was educated in Glasgow, UK. The UK media say: ‘Rohani has already co-operated with the UK to suspend nuclear enrichment[!] Rowhani is Reformist [!!] He injects life into the race for Iran [!!]’ (June 2013) But now even average Iranians say: ‘They love this British Mullah, Rohani, because he is a British stooge”! The whores that the West calls them Reformists have no Shame and no Sharaf (honor). Now, most Iranians guess that Khamenei wants to appoint Jalili as President. And as wise Iranians say: ‘Appointing Jalili has one meaning; and appointing Velayati or Qalibaf has their own meanings. Only Khamenei decides, and we should wait and see”. But as some wise Iranians say: “All whores just aid Khamenei in appointing Jalili. Only a few Khatamists say that the regime tries to use them as their own funeral pyre. They recently say: ‘We should not take part in this election. We should not [help the regime] at any price. We must not allow the regime to put us on a path that is a dead-end’ (June 2013). They are aware of the story of Karrubi’s votes in 2009, and know what it means. But most Khatamists and all whores/ spies only help the dictator in appointing the notorious Basji thug, Jalili“. As the wise Iranians say: “Faggot has two meanings. Most know its first meaning, but Faggot also means: ‘small sticks that are tied together, used for burning on a fire’. Now, Whores are Faggots! and instead of declaring that all people and all media must boycott this stupid election show, they only play the role of Faggot, lick the dictator’s ass, and burn on his fire!” They also add: “But why do the West and its whores love Jalili? As their media confessed: ‘The West wants Irans president be someone who brings negative attention to Iran (Guardian, May 2013). Faggots like Behnoud, Abdi, Ganji, Nourizadeh, Nabavi, etc only help the West and show that the main problem of Iran is Big Brother’s Mafia, not Mullahs“. In these days, most Iranians say: “The Mullah Debate is Fake, and Boring”, but as educated Iranians say: “The West, their media and their whores provide Live Coverage for the Mullah Debate Show! Whores like ‘Saeed Kamali Dehghan of the Guardian’, ‘Golnaz Esfandiari of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/ RL)’, ‘Scott Lucas of Enduring America (EA)’, and other spies pretend that fake debates are real debates, and Tyranny is Democracy!”. They also add: “We all should know these stupid whores. Saeed Kamali Dehgan is a little kid. As a stupid, little whore (born 1985), he started to work for the Guardian and/or the MI6 in 2007-2008 (at age 22). He can show that how little kids (like Shadi Sadr) get money/ ‘Ghaghalili’ (childish snacks) and sell their souls. Scott Lucas, the so-called ‘Iran-UK specialist’ works with the BBC and says: Iranians still love Mullahs and election shows! But he himself adds: ‘I have taught in Iran, worked and met with Mullahs[!] I have written for their newspapers, still comment on Mullah TV, and I am still an Adjunct Professor at the University of Tehran [!] and also the University of Tel Aviv ! I am honored to have worked with many Basiji students[!] Some of them are amongst my close friends [!]’. Scott Locus works with NIAC, AIC, CIA, etc. The story of Scott Locus, Gareth Smyth, Jason Rezaian, and other whores at Tehran Bureau, the Guardian, the Washington Post, the PBS, the AP, is a long story […] [that we should write more about it later]. But even a stupid whore like Golnaz Sfandiari can show you many things. Golnaz Esfandiari (born 1969) lives in Washington, and works for RFE/ RL/ RF (Radio Farda) as a Senior Correspondent. Sfandiari has a close/ direct connection with the Pahlavi Family, but she licks all dictators’ asses, including the Mullah Ass […] Whores have a closed circle. Esfandiari works with Behnoud, his friends, etc. On 13 May 2013, Esfandiari and Scott Lucas wrote: Rafsanjani is an attractive candidate to Iranian voters!” Unfortunately, media whores and Big Brother’s agents are a main part of the West’s Fake Democracy. The West refers to whores as Specialist, Intellect, Journalist, etc, and it’s so shameful. Those who tell big lies, work for bad guys, and sell and buy everything including Truth, Democracy and Freedom are the main enemies of a better world and a better future. They just care about money and power, and serve the Big Brother’s interests.


The West’s Fake Democracy can fool many Westerners. But Iranians know and hate Fake Democracy. As the wise Iranians say: “Unfortunately, what Iranians see in these days – ie fake debates, a limited group of corrupt-hateful politicians, media whores, systematic censorship, systematic lies/ brainwashing, Orwellian tactics, empty words/ gestures, etc- is part of the West’s Fake Democracy, ie it’s like what you can see in the UK, the US, and the West. In fact, what Iranians see now is the true face of the West’s Fake Democracy”. You can find many similarities between the 2013 Mullah Show, the 2012 US Election Farce, or the UK fake democracy. As some wise Iranians say: “People say: ‘Mullah election is the ultimate joke’ or ‘Mullah election show is very laughable’. But do you think USA or UK is a democracy?! A closed circle of corrupt politicians and a bunch of whores only create an illusion of Democracy in the West. The US sham debates are like the current Mullah debates. Questions, answers, lies, censorship methods, brainwashing methods, and other Orwellian methods are alike in many ways. But the important point is that Iranians laugh at such debate shows, but Americans take them serious! Americans are fooled by their media, but Iranians laugh at the media. And it’s a key difference”. They also add: “Iranians have no media. All media -from the Mullah media and the exiled media to almost all Western media- tell big lies and try to deceive people. All media bombard people with big lies, false data, inverting the truth, etc. They try to brainwash people. But it’s important to note that the number of brainwashed people in the West is much more than Iran. In fact, Iran has an informed public compared with the US, the UK, and the West“. In these days, the Big Brother’s Mafia has a ridiculous propaganda campaign about the 2013 Show. But many Iranians just laugh at them, and make jokes like this: “The Ayatollah BBC is a branch of the Mullah TV?! .. No, the Mullah TV is a branch of the BBC! .. If this month before the Mullah Show becomes 12 months, then Mullahcracy turns into US Fake Democracy! .. Mullah Democracy (Mullahcracy) is a British Democracy, ie it’s a very very indirect democracy and a very very direct tyranny! .. whores like Behnoud are paid by the UK to say: Tyranny = Democracy, 10% = 90%, Fraud = Election .. Mullahcracy is a British Democracy, ie it’s a fake democracy .. The Mullah Debate Show is like the US Debate Show, because Mullahcracy is like US/ UK Fake Democracy .. British Democracy is a system in which dictators and whores create election shows, defend election frauds, and say 1000 = 80,000,000!”. Iranians know Fake Democracy. But unfortunately, most Americans know nothing about “US Election Farce and Sham Democracy in America” (check archive). As we said before, “2012 US Election Tells the Truth about USA” (check Archive). US story is the story of “A Nation of Sheep” (check Archive). But most Iranians know the obvious things. They say: “British mullahs have created a political system that serves their own interests and the West’s interests .. Mullahs kill people, and then the CIA and the UK say it’s Democracy!”. Iranians are not stupid. Now, even the Big Brother’s media, like RFE/RL and BBC, confess: ‘We receive a flood of comments from Iran, in which Iranians say: Mullahs are playing a game. We are not going to vote .. In 2009, we voted, but [learned that there is no election] in this regime .. whoever votes commits a crime .. This regime has no base among the people .. We don’t want to legitimize this Tyranny by [caring about] puppet candidates and fake election .. Frankly, We hold both Mullah and the West responsible for the current situation”. But as some wise Iranians say: “The mass media often tell big lies and censor the news. Why the UK media and cesspools like BBC/ RoozOnline attack Galibaf, but defend Rohani?! Why they don’t say that all dogs are the same shit, and only the dictator decides about everything? Why they don’t say that even if you want to categorize shits, Galibaf is the better shit, Jalili is the worst shit, Aref is a better shit than Rohani, etc? Why do they censor Jalili-Velayati farce? Even the Mullah media report: ‘They revealed the regime’s secrets. ‘You, Jalili and AN, destroyed Larijani’s attempts to find a solution, when he was nearing a real solution. You didn’t let the nuclear issue be solved’, said Velayati, foreign policy adviser to Khamenei. Velayati revealed […]’ But what the West’s media say is worse/ weaker than what the Mullah media say! They love big lies, and after the Mullah Show, they would say: ‘70% of Iranians, or 130% of Iranians loved the Mullah regime and voted!’ But who cares? The lies, hypocrisy, double standards, idiocy, and self-deception of the West is so stupid”.


“Big Brother’s Mafia and their whores say to Iranians: If you don’t participate in this election show, then Khamenei will appoint Jalili! But the truth is: ‘There is no Election, and If Iranians participate in this election show, then Khamenei will appoint Jalili and pretend that Iranians voted for Jalili’ ! It’s what they did in 2009: Iranians voted for Mousavi, but Mullahs, UK, and CIA said that Iranians voted for AN”, the wise Iranians say. The West’s Orwellian tactics and the West’s Fake Democracy say a lot about the story of Democracy and Barbarians. As the wise Iranians say: “In the uncivilized World, the default was the law of the jungle. In the Barbaric World, you was free to kill others, to eat others, to rape others, to exploit others, and to live like animals. But in the Civilized world, you had limitations, restrictions, laws, discipline, government, etc; and you was not free to kill/ rape people, to be naked, etc”. They also add: “But all things in the uncivilized world were not bad! In that world, you had all kind of freedoms, including good freedoms. In the uncivilized world, you were free from many things”. They also add: “In the civilized world, all things were not good. Limitations, laws, restricted social life, control, etc naturally led to Tyranny and Dictatorship. Unfortunately, Tyranny is among the products of the Civilized World, while the first idea of Democracy belongs to the uncivilized World !”. It’s a very important issue. Iranians have good theories about it, and we should write more about it later. But If you ask yourself: Why did all Civilizations suffer from Tyranny?! The answer can be shocking: “Tyranny was a natural product of Civilization“. We should write about the role of Iranians (Aryans), Civilization, and barbarians in developing Democracy. But now even the Westerners talk about “The Truth of Democracy”, “How Democracy was born”, or this fact that “In the Barbarian West, in Athens, and in a barbaric society that was built on slave labor, [slaughtering others, eating others, using/ exploiting others, spying others, etc] there was no Democracy”. The West’s Fake Democracy has its roots in the Barbarian West and the uncivilized World. And as some wise Iranians say: “These barbaric roots cause the West to praise War, Genocide, Racism, and Barbaric Crimes against humanity. They are really uncultured, and even when they want to show their sympathy, they say: ‘Many Iranians are still licking their wounds [!!] from their disputed loss [!] in 2009, they might be reluctant to vote’ ! (Economist, June 2013) But many Britons are still licking the Mullah Ass !, because British barbarians have two types: (1)those who love and support Islamists (2) those who love and support other anti-democracy forces! The first group licks the Mullah Ass, and the second group licks dictators’ asses”. They also add: “A British barbarian like Lord Alton can show you the truth of the UK. Alton says: ‘In 2009, Iranians took to the streets. Their rallies turned into widespread protests, which were brutally crushed .. the Iranian people want regime change’. It seems good, but this British barbarian, Lord Alton, adds: ‘The solution lies outside the regime and in the legitimate and democratic opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, led by Rajavi and the Islamist-Marxist terrorist MEK !” As the wise Iranians say: “The West openly/ shamelessly defends all anti-democracy groups. Now, Americans openly defends Jewish Nazis and Islamist-Marxists. Now, Canadians and Britons openly praise the terrorist MEK or a shit like Reza Pahlavi. Now, Iranians ask: ‘How Shameless is the West?! Why do they act like animals ?! Why do Britons/ Americans live like animas?! Aren’t they humans?! And we have to answer: ‘Inha keh Adam Nabudand, Adam-Khor Budand !‘ (They were human-eaters, not humans !) They don’t care about Human values. Their values are Lie, Hypocrisy, Savagery, Selfishness, Sucking Human Blood, Using/ Eating Humans, etc”. Unfortunately, the so-called Free Press in the so-called Free world, only tell big lies and try to show that the West has a stupid or misinformed Public. Of course we know that all westerners are not stupid/ bad guys. But as some wise Iranians say: “The stupid Westerners love whores like Chomsky, Finkelstein and the Leveretts. They talk about Third-worldist complexes [!] in Iran, while it’s the US/ UK that is a third-world nation of idiots, and it’s Iran that has an informed public. But now, ‘Dige Adam-Khora Ham Vase Ma Adam Shodand !’ (now even human-eaters pretend that they are humans!)”. As some wise Iranians say: “Look at ‘the shameless way the West lies to you’. The Iranian people say: ‘No Tyranny: Na Shah, Na Mollah, Na Mozdoor’. But the West pays Islamist whores like Taghi Rahmani to say: ‘Iran’s pro-democracy forces must accept that they are not the majority [!!]’ (May 2013) Islamist whores tell big lies, because they prefer the Enemy’s interests to the Truth. They shed crocodile tears for Iran, but they only aid the Enemy. The US media say on a daily basis: ‘US has unveiled aggressive new sanctions targeting this or that’! But whores help the anti-Iran sanctions, while average Iranians ask: ‘What’s this stupid sanctions?!’, and the wise Iranians answer: ‘It’s nothing new. US Retards just reapplying their tacky sanctions over and over, and pretend that it’s a new thing! American Retards only ridicule USA and make a fool of themselves. Their sanctions are Fool’s Sanctions. They are living in a Fool’s Paradise. They accuse Iranians, while they themselves are barbarians, tell big lies, betray their people, and praise/ defend Racism, Nazism, Genocide, and other barbaric things’. Now the stupid West just reveal the true colors of the West’s Fake Democracy and the Western Values. And it’s a bad Farce”.

The Anti-Democracy West: Why Iranians Changed

June 4, 2013

In these days, the stupid West pretends that the year 2009 didn’t exist or Iranians have forgotten what happened in 2009. But as the wise Iranians say: “The 2009 coup is a very important milestone in Iran’s history. In the per-2009 era, most Iranians that are young, modern, and educated, had a positive/ optimistic view on the US and the West. The majority of Iranians [including us] preferred not to see the West as the Enemy or the Evil. The majority of Iranians preferred to ignore the past, or to think that the West and the US care about Freedom and Democracy. The vast majority of Iranians hated Islamists and anti-democracy groups, but they imagined that the West and USA really care about Freedom, Democracy, and Human values. But the 2009 coup and what happened after that, shocked Iranians and changed many things in Iran. After the 2009 coup, Iranians’ views on the West/ USA started to change. It was a gradual change. During a gradual process, from 2009 to 2013, the West/ USA revealed their true colors and their real intentions more and more, and Iranians became aware more and more. During a gradual process, Iranians saw that the West and the US just want to keep Iran weak and unfree“. In this website, we reflect the voices of Iranians inside Iran, and that’s why even the tone of our writings in this website can show you how Iran changed, and how Iranians changed their views and their attitudes gradually. In this website, we repeatedly warned the West about ‘sowing the seeds of hate’. The old readers know, and if you check our previous writings you would know, that we repeatedly warned the West and the US. But as some wise Iranians say: “The stupid West just insisted on showing us who is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran! The West just supported anti-democracy groups. The West loves Bullying and Barbarism, and they still try to show that only bad guys and savage beasts live in the West. Such a wisdom! Such a brain!”. They also add: “The 2009 betrayals, the West’s anti-Iran Racism, the West’s big lies, the West’s bullying, the West’s support of all anti-democracy groups -from Islamist-Marxists (MEK) to Mullahs and Monarchists- had only one result: Now Iranians, even the wise Iranians, are so mad at the West. Now even the wise Iranians refer to the West as the Savage West, the Barbarian West, the Orwellian West, the Enemy, the Evil, etc”. Politically aware people know why Iranians are mad at the West. But as the wise, angry Iranians say: “Many Westerners are so stupid. Their brain is in their ass. But if they get their heads out of their asses, they can see how the West openly and stupidly supports all anti-democracy groups -from Islamist-Marxists (MEK) to Pahlavists- that more than 99% of Iranians know them and hate them. If the Westerners get their heads out of their asses, they can see how Chomsky defends dictators/ Islamists, and serves the Evil interests. If they get their heads out of their asses, they can see that it’s the West and the Jews that love Savagery, praise Genocide, and say that their barbaric Bible allows them to commit genocide. If they get their heads out of their asses, they can see that it’s the West that supports Islamists, while more than 90% of Iranians hate Islamists. If they get their heads out of their asses, they can see that it’s the West that has a long history of Barbarism; and it’s the UK and Europe that have been barbarian human-eaters for a long time; and it’s Iran (Persia) that has been the Cradle of Civilization and the Home of Human Values”. Iranians are angry, but as the wise Iranians say: “Who can deny the long history of Barbarism in UK and Europe? And who can deny the long history of Civilization in Iran? Tolerance and Human Rights are among the Iranian Legacy, while Genocide and Barbaric crimes against humanity are among the Semite/ Western Legacy”. The stupid West is proving many things. “US Senate voted 99-0 to adopt a resolution that supports [Jewish Nazism]. USA, it said, should support [Jewish Nazis], if Israel ‘wants to take military action against Iran !“, US media reported on 23 May 2013. I don’t know why they try to prove that America is an insane/ uncivilized country. But now most Iranians that one day had a positive view of USA, say: “Why is the Nazi America so stupid? Why are Americans so mean/ so stupid? etc”. Defending Nazism or using the Nazi Logic only cause people to hate the US. Who can love the Nazi America or the anti-Democracy West?


In 2011, we wrote about “What Iranians Expect from the West” and what the West should do. We said to the West: “Apologize to Iranians for refusing to help their anti-Mullah movement in 2009. Apologize to Iranians for helping and supporting Mullahs and anti-democracy groups. Apologize to Iranians right now, before it’s too late”. But what did the stupid West do?! They just tried to prove that the US and the West are stupid bad guys. In 2012, the US, the UK, the EU and Canada openly and shamelessly started to support the Marxist-Islamist terrorists -known as MEK, MKO, PMOI, NCR, NCRI, etc- that more than 99.99% of Iranians know them and hate them so much. But what you would react, if some said: “Lets once and for all turn to the American people. We should support the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Al-Qaede, who are the main pro-democracy groups in the US. Americans love the KKK and Bin Laden. Americans know that Al-Qaede is secular democratic group, as the KKK is a democratic group that cares about Human Rights“! Maybe you think that it’s a joke. But it’s exactly like what the stupid West/ US say to Iranians. As some wise Iranians say: “In 2012- 2013, the stupid West says: ‘Lets once and for all turn to the Iranian people. We should support the freedom and democracy in Iran, and …’, but when Iranians get excited and ask: ‘And what?!’, they answer: ‘And we should support the democratic groups like the Islamist-Marxist terrorist MEK and welcome the MEK as the true representation of Iran’! (Guardian, 2013). In this year (2013), the Western media are full of such bullshits. When you read their articles, you firstly cannot believe what you read, because they say: ‘The world should not ignore the on-going demands for genuine democratic change by millions of Iranians’. But very soon they make you laugh and add: ‘We must stand with the [terrorist MEK] and the Monarchists! Rajavis plan calls for a democratic secular republic in Iran, free of nuclear program’ (Independent, May 2013). In 2013, the so-called British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom says: ‘The MEK, due to its deep roots inside Iranian society [!!] and because of its democratic program [!!] for the future of Iran, is our favorite Iranian Opposition’. Can you believe it?! But what if Iranians said: ‘We should support the KKK and Al-Qaede, due to their deep roots inside American society and because of their democratic program for the future of America!’ What would you react?!” The West is a bad joke. As some wise Iranians say: “Recently, Swedish faggots help Marxists, Monarchists, and Whores at Stockholm, and British faggots praise them and cover them at the BBC & the Guardian! Recently, Canadian pigs support the Islamist-Marxist MEK and the reactionary Monarchists, and then they claim it’s Democracy! Swede, Canada, and the West’s Fake Democracy are bad jokes. Recently, their media reported: ‘Reza Pahlavi, Irans shah-in-waiting [!], is in Toronto to meet with Canadian politicians about the Iranian National Council [that only has 610 members, fans & supporters!]’ ! (Toronto Star, June 2013) Canadian faggots also added: ‘FM John Baird tries to open a dialogue with opposition members in the diaspora!’ Canadian pigs and Canada’s Fake Democracy openly support anti-democracy groups -from the terrorist MEK to Pahlavists- that more than 99% of Iranians know them and hate them so much. Apparently, it’s the true meaning of Western Democracy!“. The western policies towards Iran and Iranians are really ridiculous and disgusting. But they make people aware. As the wise Iranians say: “Most Iranians know that Obama and the West killed the 2009 anti-Mullah movement, and aided Mullahs in killing Iranians. In the Middle East, and maybe in the world world, only one nation was pro-West, pro-US, and anti-Islamist. As Europeans said: ‘The rate of pro-US people in Europe is less than Iran’! But the stupid US and the Anti-Democracy West changed many things in Iran. Now, many Iranians say: ‘The West only loves anti-democracy groups. The US and the West didn’t support our 2009 movement, because it was modern and democratic. The West and the US only support dictators/ stooges, not modern, democratic and independent movements like our 2009 movement‘. In fact, Iranians have become aware”. They also add: “Iranians often think that all humans should be as good as good Iranians, but unfortunately, it’s a wrong assumption. Many Westerners are pigs and just use you and exploit you. They think/ act like their barbarian ancestors. They hate Goodness, Humanity, Truth, and other good things. They just care about money, power, and animal values”. The West’s Hypocrisy, the West’s Racism, the West’s Barbarism, and the West’s Fake Democracy have changed many things in Iran. But the stupid West still thinks that empty words, empty gestures, or ‘shedding crocodile tears’, can fool Iranians! But as many say: “Oon Mama ro dige Lulu Bord! (ie they should know that the 2010s is not the 1970s!). Now, it’s clear that the West is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran. Now it’s clear that the West is the main creator/ supporter of all anti-democracy groups in Iran”. As the wise Iranians say: “The main mistake/ problem of Iranians was Excessive Goodness‘, that leads to Naivety. According to dictionaries: ‘You are Naive, when you trust people too much and believe that good things will always happen’. It was Iran’s main problem”. We should write more about this issue later. Unfortunately, the bad guys and the Savage West have always tried to take advantage of the Iranian Goodness. The sad stories of the 19th century, 1905, 1910s to 1950s, 1979, 1997 to 2005, and 2009 clearly show how the West and its stooges took advantage of Iran’s Naivety, ie the Excessive Goodness of Iranians. But now, most Iranians know the West and its stooges, from Mullahs to whores in exile (the diaspora).


“In 2009 and recent years, the Iranian people not only could see the true face of British Mullahs and the Nazi Britain, but they also could see the true face of the whole West. And it’s a godsend for Iran and Iranians. Now, even the British media confess: ‘British democracy is in terminal decline. Democratic Audit says that the [British Fake Democracy] is [nearing the End] and leaves UK increasingly unstable’. Now, anyone with half a brain knows that a regime that kills its people, and a regime that more than 90% of its people hate it so much, cannot last for a long time. But the stupid West loves bankrupt pigs. In 2009, UK media, US media, and the CIA/ MI6 agents said that 1million = 24million. And now in 2013, they say that 1000 = 75,000,000! They openly support all anti-democracy groups, from Mullahs to Marxist terrorists. In 2009, the CIA polling organizations, including World Public Opinion, published fake polls and said: ‘In Iran, over eight in ten say they are satisfied with the Mullah regime’ ! And in 2010, some days after the Ashura Massacre -in which thousands of Iranians were killed and tortured by the Islamic regime- the CIA polling organizations said: ‘In Iran, seven in ten say that they see AhmadiNejad as the legitimate president. About eight in ten say the election was free and fair‘. The CIA agents, from Leverett to Chomsky, and the CIA fake polls made people laugh and also aware. If they had said: ‘In Is-r-ael, over eight in ten say they love Hitler’ or ‘In the US, over eight in ten say they love Bin Laden’, it was more acceptable”, the wise Iranians say. The West is so stupid. Now, they openly praise Genocide, Racism, and Barbarism. Now, the US Congress openly supports the anti-Iran Racism and the Jewish Nazism. As some wise Iranians say: “Crooks and thieves of US Congress just reveal the true meaning of American Nazism. US Congress, that is a cesspool of Barbarians and Retards, just shows that America is turning into a Nazi state. US barbarians praise Racism and Nazism, and prove that the US is the main Rogue State. They think that all humans are slaves of a bunch of US faggots! USA really suffers from Mad Cow Disease!” .They also add: “Whores help the US, but sooner or later Iranians will cut/ break US horn (Shakhesho Mishkanand). The savage US clearly says: ‘Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel stresses Israel’s right to strike Iran’ ! (April 2013) or ‘Every option, including genocide, must be on the table’ ! (April 2013) The savage Jews/ Americans openly write about ‘NUCLEAR ATTACKS on Iran’ ! or ‘Could Tehran be the next Hiroshima?’ ! or ‘What Would Happen if Israel Nuked Iran’ ! (May 2013). Iranians should put aside their Excessive Goodness. Now after all barbaric threats, Iranians have every right to say to the bad Jews: ‘If you, the savage Jews wage war and attack Iran, you not only prove that the Jews deserved the Holocaust, but you show that Iran should teach you a lesson, that you would refer to Hitler as ‘Dear Uncle’ ! (keh beh Hitler begid Agh Daii !)’. Today’s Iranians know why we should not tolerate Barbarism and Intolerance. Those who love Racism and praise Genocide are savages. And if savages wage war and attack Iran, they will deserve annihilation”. They also add: “What would happen If the people of Persia, India, China, etc see the West as the main Enemy of Humanity? What would happen If the people of Persia, China, India, etc decide to punish the savage West? The West loves war, hatred, barbarism, and the law of the jungle. But what’s the result of the law of the jungle? Those who sow Wind, will reap Typhoon. Now, many are watching the Insane West, and many are ready to take revenge and return the West’s barbaric favors”. In Iran, many educated Iranians are monitoring the Western media, and as they say: “The West’s Orwellian media, from the AP to the Guardian, and their Orwellian journalists [from Scott Lucas and Jason Rezaian to Gareth Smyth and Kamali Dehghan] reveal the depth of the West’s bankruptcy. The stupid Westerners think that they are smart guys, but they tell stupid lies like ‘American people love Bin Laden! They defend small anti-democracy groups. They have low IQs. They even cannot use a face-saving formula. They tell stupid lies, help Mullah Show, and use stupid kids as their analysts. But Iranians know Khamenei’s dogs in the 2013 Show, who are categorized into: (1)Qalibaf [+Aref] (2)Velayati [+Rowhani, Gharazi] (3)Jalili [+Hadad, Rezaie]. Iranians know that there is no election, and Khamenei just appoints a new dog as President. If Khamenei wants less shits (a better public image), he appoints (1); If he wants more shits, he appoints (3); and if he wants a shit in between, he appoints (2). Only Khamenei decides, but the West says: Iranians Decide! The West and its whores try to heat up Mullah Show and boost up UK stooges like Rowhani, or shits like Jalili. The West is so mean and so stupid. But as the old Iranians said: ‘Enemy can become a godsend, if Lord wills it’. And now, the stupid West, that is nearing the End, is a real godsend”.


“The 2009 CIA-Mullah coup, the West’s Fake Democracy, and the West’s anti-Iran Racism revealed many things. There is no need to know the long story of US Fake Democracy -from the story of Manning and OWS to the KKK and US election farces. Now it’s clear that both US lefts and US rights hate Democracy and want to keep all countries weak and undemocratic. In fact, those Americans who support anti-democracy forces and serve the Big Brother’s interests, have two main groups: (1) US lefts, part of the CIA and US gov, their media and their stooges, who support Islamists, terrorists, Marxists, etc (2) US rights, part of the CIA and US gov, their media and their stooges, who support terrorists, dictators, monarchists, etc. These two groups are two sides of the same coin, and you can see their counterparts in all Western countries. But people just know the second group, who are known as Imperialists. But the first group -ie whores like Chomsky and Leverett- and the second group work together to keep all countries weak and under tyranny. They not only support the Islamists, but they support all dictators -from Chavez to Saudi dictator- and all anti-democracy groups, including Marxist-Islamists (MEK) and Monarchists (Pahlavists) that more than 99% of Iranians hate them so much. Now you can see the West’s Fake Democracy in many places, from US and UK to Turkey, Egypt and Syria. The West and USA know that only dictators and puppet regimes can serve the US-Evil interests. They know that if nations become aware and enjoy real freedom and democracy, the West/ USA will not be able to exploit them and plunder their resources. And that’s why US lefts and US rights say to Iranian: You have only two options: the Mullah regime or anti-democracy shits like MEK or Pahlavi! The West clearly declares that Iran must be weak and unfree. But today’s Iranians never let this happen. They know that Iran must have: (1)Real Republic and Real Democracy (2)Nukes, Modern Weapons, and Advanced Technologies”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “The stupid West tells big lies and tries to heat up the 2013 Mullah Show, but why? The Western media act like the Mullah media and help the Mullah Propaganda, but why? The stupid West openly and shamelessly defend the notorious Islamist-Marxist terrorists, but why? The West is morally, economically, and intellectually bankrupt. They know that their end is near, and that’s why they have confused, and reveal their true colors in this way. Now only spies/ whores praise the West. Before the 2009 coup, most Iranians [including us] hated to say: ‘this works for the CIA or that works for the MI6’. But now it’s clear that whores like Behnoud and his friends work for whom”. The story of “the West and the Whores” has become a long story that we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Now, those who played the role of Brake Pedal in 2009 -ie whores like Khatami, Behnoud, Abdi, Ganji, Nabavi, etc- reveal their secrets. Now, a stupid whore like Masoud Behnoud clearly says: ‘I know that we, [the exiled pigs], know nothing about Iran’s realities and what is happening in Iran. But I think that the majority of Iranians are like us, and they want to participate in election shows’ ! (May 2013). In fact, the stupid whores think that all people are whores! Of course old whores know that they are bankrupt. Now an old whore like Behnoud says: ‘I am 67. Now I cannot manipulate people[!] They have become aware. They see Mullah Shows as election shows. But we still should ask people to participate in election shows. We should say that the election fraud or the 2009 coup is not important. We should participate in election shows and help the system’ ! (May 2013) Spies badly reveal their secrets. Now, a stupid whore like Abbas Abdi clearly says: ‘We, Islamic-Reformists, should accept what the system (ie West+ Mullah regime) dictates to us. We should not provoke people to protest. We should not allow people to have a movement like the 2009 movement. The 2009 events should not be repeated. We should help the system, not [the people]. We don’t have any red lines. Election shows, Election frauds, Tyranny, Massacres, etc are not our red lines. We just care about [money and power]’ (May 2013) But the West calls such whores Reformists!, because they help Mullahs and anti-Iran plots/ sanctions. In the US and the West, whores are heroes. But in Iran, even little kids say: ‘The UK, the US, and their whores badly try to aid Mullahs in creating a fake election Epic!’ Iranians have become aware, and know the West and its whores, from Behnoud to Pahlavi. Now, the West’s empty words and empty gestures cannot fool Iranians. Now most Iranians know that the US only supports spies and anti-democracy groups”. And it’s a big change in Iran. Before the 2009 coup, most Iranians were pro-West and pro-US. But now they can see the true face of the Ant-Democracy West, and it’s among the most important changes in Iran and the world.