Rafsanjani-Gate: from Akbar Shah to Akbar Gaf !

In these days, the West’s big lies and the West’s censorship are horrible. In these days, Iranians laugh at many things, including Mullah Games. Ordinary Iranians say: “Mullahs disqualified Rafsanjani! Ha Ha .. Thank God that our enemies are digging their own grave by their hands”. As the wise Iranians say: “People laugh at Mullahs, because disqualifying Rafsanjani is equal to disqualifying the Mullah Regime. In these days, the Mullah Gafs, the West Gafs, and all Gafs from Akbar Shah (Rafsanjani) to Akbar Gaf (Ganji), make people laugh. [In Persian, Gaf means stupid/ childish mistake; and when a super-idiot reveals many things in a stupid way, he becomes a Gaf]. Iranians see Rafsanjani-Gate as a Big Gaf or a Mullah Game, ie a stupid game for heating up the Mullah Show. Iranians know Mullahs and their games. But it’s funny that the West badly loves Mullah Games. Now the British Orwellian media, from the BBC to the Guardian, and British stooges like Masoud Behnoud and his BBC/ RoozOnline, prove that Britain, British Mullahs and British stooges are a single entity, not a separate entity. In fact, Mullahs = Britain and British pigs = British stooges”. In these days, what the West and the Western mass media say or do is a great Gaf, and a great insult to human intelligence. As the wise Iranians say: “When you take a look at the Western media in these days, you not only think that they are like the Mullah Media, but you even think that you are watching/ reading the Nazi media, the Stalin’s media, and the Big Brother’s media in ‘1984’“. The West is badly insulting people’s Intelligence, and we should write more about it later. But as average Iranians say: “The Ayatollah BBC is like the Mullah TV. The BBC tells big lies such as: Rafsanjani is a Reformist; Rafsanjani is a Hero; Rafsanjani and Khamenei can save Iran; Lets forget what happened in 2009; Lets heat up the Mullah election, help Mullahs and save Iran!”. But the Ayatollah BBC is a small part of the current farce. In these days, many educated Iranians are following the Western media. As they say: “The Guardian is like the Ayatollah BBC. In May 2013, if you check the Guardian’s Iran page [w-w-w.guardian.co.uk/world/iran], you can see that the MI6/ CIA agents at the Guardian and Tehran Bureau, including Gareth Smith, Jason Rezaian, Ian Black and Saeed Kamali Dehghan, tell Orwellian jokes like this: Ordinary Iranians support Rafsnajani‘, ‘the Green movement and followers of Mousavi, support Rafsanjani’, ‘Green activists support Rafsanjani’, ‘The majority of the Green movement feel they now have a voice in the 2013 election‘. Can you believe it ?! The Nazi Goebbels is a saint compared with the UK and the British media!”. We should write more about the West’s Orwellian media and those Orwellian journalists who insult people’s intelligence. But as the wise Iranians say: ‘When almost all Iranians hate Mullahs, the West and their media praise the notorious Mullahs, censor the voices of ordinary Iranians, and tell big lies about Iran. Stalin and Goebbels are really innocent kids compared with today’s West !”.


“In Iran, most people hate Rafsanjani and Khamenei. The people refer to Rafsanjani’s disqualification -aka RafsanjaniGate- as Mullah Game, Mullah Gaf, War of Fossils, War of Dinosaurs, War of British Spies, War of Idiots, War of Bastards, etc. But the West’s media just act like the Big Brother’s media. The Guardian is really the Guardian of Big Brother. What they and other Western pigs say about Rafsanjani is a great insult to your intelligence. In 2013, the Guardian sees Rafsanjani as Reformist!, and tells big lies like: ‘Green activists love Rafsanjani; the majority of the Green movement support Rafsanjani‘! But in 2009, the UK bastards saw Rafsanjani as ‘Shark’ ! In 2009, the Guardian had a funny Orwellian report: ‘Rafsanjani: shark or kingmaker? ‘ (Guardian, 15 June 2009), and said: ‘Rafsanjani remains unpopular with Iranians [!] But if any one is able to threaten [our beloved Khamenei], it may be the two-term former president nicknamed the ‘Shark’ [!] Forbes estimated Rafsanjani’s own wealth at over $1 billion, an astronomical sum. Rafsanjani remains unpopular with Iranians who believe the corruption claims and blame him for a murderous, covert campaign to silence dissidents at home and abroad during his presidency. [Rafsanjani’s movement] is not a democratic movement; but it would be a dagger held to Khamenei’s breast. Not for nothing is the Machiavellian Rafsanjani, pistachio nut millionaire, ruthless political survivor. We await his next move’. Can you believe it ?! But in 2013, the British pigs praise their beloved Shark! Their paradoxical bullshit is a great insult to your intelligence, isn’t it?!”. They also add: “It’s funny that when the power struggle between Khamenei and Rafsanjani becomes serious, the UK censors the news, says nothing, or attacks Rafsanjani and calls him Shark! But when Khamenei and Rafsanjani make a secret deal, or want to save the regime, the Shark becomes a hero, and the UK and its agents praise the Shark”. In these days, many things are funny and informative. As the wise Iranians say: “UK censorship and UK big lies reveal many things. In 2009, they attacked the Machiavellian Rafsanjani, the Shark !, and showed who is behind Khamenei and the 2009 coup, and why Khamenei-Rafsanjani power struggle is important. And now in 2013, they stupidly tell big lies, censor the news, and show that the West is the main Problem and the main Enemy of Iran and Iranians. Now it’s clear that the West is the main creator /supporter of all anti-democracy groups in Iran”.


“Rafsanjani sheds crocodile tears for Iran, while he himself has had a key role in destroying Iran, torturing Iranians, establishing dictatorship, plundering Iran’s wealth, violating human rights, killing freedom, etc. He reaps what he sowed”, ordinary Iranians say. But the west, media whores and spies shed crocodile tears for Rafsanjani. As some wise Iranians say: “Prostitutes like Masoud Behnoud and his friends get money from the UK and the West, and lick the dictator’s ass. Spies and political whores like Behnoud, Ganji, Abbas Abdi, Ebrahim Nabavi, etc lick the power’s ass and work for the Big Brother. But the West not only support these whores financially/ politically, but the West and the mass media directly help the Mullah Tyranny and the Mullah Shows. Iranians refer to fossils like Janati and Yazdi as Mullah Dinosaurs. But the US and the West love Mullah Fossils and their Guardian Council, aka the Guardian of Dictatorship. Iranians hate Mullah Dinosaurs, but the US and the West love and support these Living Fossils -including Mullah Janati, 87, Mullah Yazdi, 81, Mullah Rafsanjani, 79, and Mullah Khamenei, 74. Iranians know and hate political prostitutes, ‘from Akbar Shah (Rafsanjani) to Akbar Gaf (Ganji), but the US and the West love and praise these whores. Now, the Jewish agents of the CIA, from Leveretts to Chomsky, openly and shamelessly praise and support Mullahs and Islamic Tyranny! They repeat their 2009 jokes, when the CIA polls claimed that 80% to 90% of Iranians love AhmadiNejad (AN) and Mullahs!”. In these days, many things are funny and informative. As average Iranians say: “Disqualifying AN’s aide (Mashaei) is a good confession to the 2009 coup. If AN had have any supporters, the regime would have not treated him like shit. AN is a little shit that all Iranians hate him so much. Only the CIA, the Zionists, and the Mullahs loved him. And now his sell-by date has passed. Now, even Mullahs confess to it”. In these days, many say: “Disqualifying Rafsanjani is a good confession to the regime’s bankruptcy. The regime knows that everybody hates Rafsanjani and Mullahs, and that’s why the regime can treat Rafsanjani like a toilet paper. But Rafsanjani/ Khamenei = Mullah Regime, and now everybody hates them”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now it’s clear that the Mullah regime is only backed by the foreign support, specially US-UK support. But the foreign support never can save a bankrupt regime. The West and the Mullahs are in a shit-shit situation. The West and the their media heat up the Mullah Show, help the Mullah Tyranny, and censor the voices of Iranians. Their media whores and/or their CIA/ MI6 agents like Leveretts, Scott Lucas, Jason Rezaian, Gareth Smyth, Ian Black, Julian Borger, Kamali Dehghan, G. Esfandiari, Trita P., etc stupidly show that it’s the West that tells big lies and supports all dictators and anti-democracy groups -from Islamists (in Iran, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc) and Marxist-Islamists (MEK/ PMOI) to reactionary Monarchists (Pahlavists) and secular dictators. It’s the West that is the main Enemy of Freedom and Democracy. Ask yourself: ‘Why the US and the West try to heat up the Mullah Show, and pretend that the year 2009 didn’t exist?! or ‘Why the US and the West love and support all anti-democracy groups?! 99% of Iranians know and hate pigs like the Marxist-Islamist terrorist MEK and Reza Papeh (Pahlavi). Iranians also know and hate whores like Behnoud and Akbar Gaf. But the US and the West […]”. They also add: “The story of ‘Akbar Shah and Akbar Gaf is very informative. In 2000- 2006, Ganji described Akbar Shah as the great Evil and the real Monster!, and Keyhan and Mullah Media referred to Akbar Ganji as Akbar Gaf! But in 2009- 2013, Ganji has really become Akbar Gaf, and describes Akbar Shah as the great Savior! Now, Iranians laugh/ spit at political whores like Akbar Gaf and call them Fake Hero, Traitor, Mercenary, Pseudo Intellectual, etc. But the US and the West still support all Gafs financially and politically, because they aid the Enemy (West & Mullahs) in keeping Iran weak and under tyranny. Read Abbas Abdi’s letter to Rafsanjani, and see how spies […] Now, it’s clear that who aid the Enemy (West&Mullahs), and who are the main/ historic obstacle in the way of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran”.


“In these days, the people see RafsanjaniGate as (a big Gaf or) a Mullah game, and say: Een Ham Bazi Jadid-e Shune! [Rafsanjani Gate is one of the Mullah games!]’. The Iranian people know Mullahs and their tricks well. But Rafsanjani’s disqualification -aka RafsanjaniGate- has brought the greatest shame on the Mullah regime. Now, even the Mullah media confess: ‘If Khomeini himself had participated in the Mullah election, he would have been disqualified .. We march our Islamic regime to [Naked Dictatorship] ?! .. Disqualifying Rafsanjani, a pillar/ founder of Islamic Regime, is equal to disqualifying Khomeini and Islamic regime .. sooner or later Iran will be in a revolutionary mood for a revolution against [the West and Mullahs]’. But it’s funny that what the West says is worse than what the Mullah media say!”. In these days, as the wise Iranians say: “RafsanjaniGate and the West’s big lies show that both Mullahs and the West suffer from ‘Goh Gijeh’ (shitty Confusion). Rafsanjani is a two-term Mullah president, a two-term Mullah Parliament chairman, Khomeini’s right-hand man, current head of Mullah Expediency Council, the second most powerful Mullahs in the past 30 years, and a notorious pillar/ founder of the Mullah regime. Disqualifying Rafsanjani is equal to Disqualifying the regime. RafsanjaniGate is a historic shame for both the West and the Mullahs. But the West and its bloody whores like Behnoud, Nabavi, Abdi, Akbar Gaf and other Gafs still kiss the dictator’s ass and help the regime. Now anyone with half a brain knows who are great traitors to Iran and Iranians. Traitors/ mercenaries played the role of Brake Pedal in 2009, and have Iranians’ blood on their hands. The West and its mercenaries are the main responsible for our pain and suffering in Iran”. In these days, many say interesting things. For instance, some say: “the West’s big lies or the Western Censorship has a clear meaning: the US and the West give the green light to the Mullah Tyranny and provide help for the Mullah Naked Dictatorship. Now, the US/ UK media tell big lies and help Mullahs and all anti-democracy groups. But the so-called Western intellects have closed their dirty eyes/ mouths”. As some wise Iranians say: “The West’s tricks are stupid things like Censorship, Big Lies, Racism, or Eating more shits, but such things just accelerate the arrival of their End. Now, their media tell bad jokes like this: ‘Moderates see Rafsanjani as a pragmatist [!] who can deal deftly with the West [!] and use his skills [!] as patriarch of a family-run business empire [!!] to help repair Iran’s economy [!]’ (AP, 21 May 2013) It’s so funny. They see Rafsanjani as a successful businessman/ manager of a family-run business empire!, while Iranians see him as a great crook, and that’s why they call him Akbar Shah, Shark, etc. The West and their media tell big lies, censor the people’s voices, and help dictators. If the West and the Western media didn’t act like the Mullah media, and if they didn’t help the Mullah shows/ coups, Mullahs would go to hell, and Iran would be a free and modern country. But it’s not what the West wants. The West just wants to keep Iran weak and under tyranny. And that’s why the West and its spies only help Mullahs and anti-democracy groups. The main obstacle in the way of Freedom and Democracy in Iran is the West and its mercenaries. The West and its stooges help all dictators and all election shows in the world, because the West and the Big Brother hate Freedom, Democracy, Progress, and a Better World”


“The stupid West pretends that the year 2009 didn’t exist! They pretend that Iranians are stupid and have forgotten the 2009 coup! But it’s the West and its stooges that are so stupid. They disqualify their own regime, they praise their Sharks, or they stupidly try to help/ heat up the Mullah Show by telling big lies about Iran. Iranians know Mullahs and Mullah Shows, and hate them so much. But the West clearly says: ‘The West [wants] Iran’s president be someone who brings negative attention to Iran‘ (Guardian, 22 May 2013). And that’s why the barbarian UK and the Savage West love and praise Khamenei’s dogs -ie AN, Ghalibaf, Jalili, Olagh-Ali, Velayati, Rezaei, etc- and Khamenei’s foxes -ie Khatami, Rafsanjani, Aref, Ruhani, etc. But the vast majority of Iranians hate all Mullah dogs and foxes. Only spies/ stooges like Behnoud and Akbar Gaf love and help Mullahs and the West (ie the Enemy). But all spies/ stooges, from Reza Papeh to Akbar Gaf, are hateful figures in Iran today, and the vast majority of Iranians know them and hate them so much”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The deep wounds of the 2009 CIA-Mullah coup are still open. But its funny that these deep wounds are just salted by Mullahs, Americans, Britons, and their Gafs “. In 2013, most Iranians know and hate whores and traitors like Khatami, Rafsanjani and those who betrayed the 2009 movement and played the role of Brake Pedal in the way of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran. As the wise Iranians: ‘Khatamists and those who played the role of Brake Pedal in 2009, are great traitors to Iran and Iranians. The 2009 movement, as one of the greatest modern movements in human history, could solve many problems -from Tyranny to Nuclear issue. The 2009 movement could bring Freedom, Democracy, and Progress to Iran. But traitors -who played the role of Brake Pedal and finally asked the people to leave the streets and to return to their home- not only are the main responsible for current disasters and our pain and suffering in Iran, but they are the main responsible for any foreign attack or any war in the name of nuclear issue. They are the main responsible for destroying Iran and keeping Iran week and unfree, that is the main Enemy’s plan. Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries work for the Enemy (West& Mullahs)”. In these days, the witty Iranians joke about win-win situation and shit-shit situation, and say: ‘In 2009- 2012, the stupid West could choose a win-win situation, by caring about democracy and human values. But they -who hate democracy and humanity- chose the shit-shit situation. Mullahs could also choose a win-win situation by stopping themselves from suppressing Iranians and destroying Iran. But Mullahs chose shit (AN) and shit-shit situation, too. And now in their shit-shit situation, both sides/ shits, ie both Mullahs and the West, will go to shithole. When you eat shit and choose shit, you become shit and die”. In these shitty days, many Iranians say: The end of AN is near. [AN means shit]. The fate of the Jewish AN (AhmadiNejad) and AN’s aide (Mashaei) shows that the End of Shit is near. Those shits who created the 2009 coup will go to shit hell soon. The End of Shit is near”.

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