In 2013, Orwellian West says: 1000 = 75 Millions !

“In 2009, the UK and the US said: 1million = 24millions! And now in 2013, they say: 1000 = 75 Millions! Is it the true meaning of American Progress ?!”, the witty Iranians say. In this year, the West and the Western media remind many of “Ministry of Truth”. As the wise Iranians say: “Now, the West tells ‘Dorugh-e Shakh-dar’ (Lies that have horn!), aka Orwellian lies. Now, it’s the West that censors the news, falsifies the facts, tells big lies, and praises Bullying, Barbarism, Fascism, etc. It’s the West that openly helps all anti-democracy forces, from Marxist-Islamist terrorists to Pahlavists. Now, we all can see that Western Democracy is an Orwellian democracy, and Western Freedom is an Orwellian freedom. The story of Iran, Greece, Spain, EU, UK, USA, Canada, Egypt, Syria, etc show that Freedom and Democracy in the West is an illusion. But we, Iranians, want/ seek real freedom and democracy. And now we all know that the West is mainly and directly responsible for the tragedy of Freedom and Democracy and our pain and suffering in Iran and the whole world“. If you want to know why Iranians say such things, you should simply open your eyes! As the wise Iranians say: “If you want to know why the West is the Enemy of Truth, Freedom, Democracy, and Humanity, what the West does/ says about the notorious anti-democracy groups is enough for you”. In 2013, the West’s big lies are laughable and informative. So, in these Orwellian days that the internet speed and the internet filtering in Iran is horrible (and it’s a direct result of the collaboration between the West and the Mullahs), let’s take a look at some notorious groups and how the West tells Orwellian jokes like 1000 = 75,000,000:

Monarchists (Pahlavists): We have already written about Monarchists (Pahlavists). They are a small anti-democracy group that more than 99% of Iranians know them & hate them. Recently, as some wise Iranians say: “Pahlavists and Reza Papeh (Pahlavi) have officially declared: ‘Reza Pahlavi won our election by [only] 610 votes [!!]. So, he is the elected leader of the Iranian National Council [!!]‘ (March 2013). But as Iranians say: ‘Who cares about the old farts, known as Monarchists (Pahlavists). They make a fool of themselves. But who cares? They are bad jokes’. But when Iranians don’t give a shit about the old farts (Pahlavists) or laugh at them, the Orwellian West and their media tell big Orwellian lies. For instance, AP had an Orwellian report and said: ‘The son of Iran’s toppled shah becomes the spokesman for a nascent movement [!] The Iranian National Council [!!], brings together tens of thousands [!!] of pro-democracy [!!!] people from both inside [!!!] and outside Iran [!!]’ (AP, 2 May 2013) Can you believe it?! When even Pahlavists confess that Reza Pahlavi has only 610 fans/ supporters, AP and American media act like ‘Ministry of Truth’. In 2009, Iranians joked: ‘What does VOA stand for? Voice Of Assholes’. And now, Iranian joke: ‘What does AP stand for? Asshole Press or Associated Pigs (Pofyooz)‘. The Orwellian AP tells big lies about a self-appointed National Council, while Reza Papeh and his aide Abbas FakhrAvar -a notorious spy that lives in USA and works for the Mullahs, the VOA and the CIA- just reveal the secrets of the Orwellian US. Little turds like A. FakhrAvar can show you how Monarchists (Pahlavists) work for Mullahs and CIA. But the West’s IQ is less than zero and their self-evident lies like 610 = 75millions, prove many things. Some say: ‘It’s a shame that AP articles about Iran usually contain big Orwellian lies’. But a joke like 610 = 75,000,000 is not a shame. It’s […]”. We should write more about the Orwellian AP and the Orwellian US.


Islamist-Marxist Terrorists (Rajavists): We have already written about the notorious MEK that is a small, terrorist group. This group has about 5000 members and 6000 names like MEK/ MKO/ PMOI/ NCR/ NRC, etc! The Rajavi cult is a notorious anti-democracy group. They refer to themselves as Mujahed (Jihadi) or Marxist Jihadi, but the US and the CIA openly and shamelessly delist and support the Marxist Jihadis! As some wise Iranians say: “It’s interesting to know that each day the US media use one name as the name of the terrorist MEK! They try to cover up this notorious group and fool non-Iranians, and that’s why the Rajavi cult has 5000 members, but [6000 names]! About 3000 thousands of them live in Iraq (Ashraf Camp & Liberty Camp); the rest live in Europe and America. They have no access to newspapers, radio, television, or internet. No one can criticize Rajavi and no one can leave the Rajavi cult. Their cult is like a one-way street; you can enter, but you cannot exit! [We have already written about ‘The Secrets of Camp Ashraf’ (check Archive)]. But the US and the UK openly and shamelessly support such Islamic-Marxist-Terrorist cult, while 99.99% of Iranians hate them. In this year (2013), the Brits and the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom [!!] declares: ‘In Iran, the main democratic opposition group is the MEK (PMOI) [!!] Let’s once and for all turn to the Iranian people and welcome the MEK as the true representation of Iran [!]’ Can you believe it ?! The Orwellian-Barbarian Britain openly supports Mullahs, Marxist Jihadis, Pahlavists, and all anti-democracy groups. The British barbarians and the American neo-barbarians in US Congress openly and shamelessly support the Marxist-Islamist Terrorists (MKO) and even allow them to open Office in Washington, near White House! More than 99.99% of Iranians hate the MEK, but the UK and USA love and praise the terrorist, Islamist, Marxist MEK! Now the American barbarians in US Congress, including Dana Rohrabacher, say: ‘The MEK was placed on the US foreign terrorist organizations. But it was a mistake. The MEK is a secular and democratic group! Iranians love the MEK!’. American Barbarians and British Barbarians are really the same shit”.,, etc: We have already written about the so-called Iranian journalists/ activists in exile and their betrayals. As some wise Iranians say: “The 2009 coup and the 2009-2013 period showed that the so-called Iranian activists/ journalists in exile work for the CIA, the MI6, and/or the Mullahs. Now, Iranians and anyone with eyes open know that all anti-Iran media in exile! -from Balatarin, RoozOnline, Gooya, and Radio Zamaneh to Kaleme, Jaras and GreenVoice, have only about 1000 users/ managers, who are pigs and spies in exile. In this year (2013), all users/ members of a bankrupt cesspool like Balatarin or RoozOnline are about 100 whores that are paid to betray the truth. In this year, no one cares about Balatarin and its founder, Mehdi YahyaNejad -who is a Basiji faggot that works for the CIA- except the Orwellian West! The Western media still refer to Balatarin as ‘the popular Iranian website’ ! (BBC, April 2013). They still tells big lies about Balatarin and pretend that 100 = 75 millions!, and that’s why [we still write about this bankrupt cesspool]. In this year, most Iranians know pigs like RoozOnline’s founder, Masoud Behnoud, who is a notorious agent that has licked the ass of Big Brother (MI6, Savak, Mullahs, etc) for 40 years. Behnoud and his friends manage, control, and/or write for RoozOnline, Balatarin, BBC Persian, GreenVoice, ManotoTV, etc. They are about 100 faggots and spies that UK, CIA, and Mullahs pay them to misinform/ mislead Iranians and non-Iranians by telling big lies. In 2009, they destroyed the Green movement, because many Iranians didn’t know these pigs. But now, most Iranians know them and hate them. Now RoozOnline has started to publish big Orwellian lies in English! Their Orwellian crap like ‘Are Iranians Outside Connected to the Voices Inside the Country?’! (April 2013), written by an Islamist faggot, Taghi Rahmani, is funny. As Islamist whores and Behnoud’s protégés, Taghi Rahmani and his wife tell laughable lies like this: ‘Iranians still love the Mullah regime[!] Iranians still care about the election shows[!] During the 2009 protests, Iranians just wanted to help our beloved Islamic regime and our leader, Khamenei [!!] Foreign-based Iranian opposition [!] transformed the core demands of the people [!!] to forms of regime change‘ It’s exactly what they say. But such Orwellian bullshit appears on the first page of search results, if you google for ‘Real Voices of Iranians inside Iran’ !! Big Brother still loves the so-called journalists/ activists in exile, who are actively involved in telling big lies and helping CIA, UK and Mullahs. But while the number of these bastards is near 1000, the Orwellian West says: 1000 = 75 millions! In 2009, most of these 1000 pigs were worried about their beloved Mullah regime; but in 2012, they openly helped the anti-Iran sanctions and the Jewish Barbarians. They shamelessly helped the West’s anti-Iran Racism and the anti-Iran propaganda. They still have an active role in the West’s psywar, aiding the Enemy (West&Mullahs), torturing Iranians, and destroying Iran. These bastards, aka [the Mullah’s men] have a clear mission: Aiding the Mullahs and the West in Destroying Iran and Keeping Iran weak and under tyranny. They love Mullah Epic!, and defend the Mullah regime. And the West says: 1000 = 75,000,000!” God Bless Goebbels !


The Big Brother’s media (aka the CIA Media, the MI6 Media, etc): Unfortunately USA is turning into USSA. As some wise Iranians say: “Many Western media censor, boycott, and falsify the voices of the ordinary people. They are the Big Brother’s media. They are known as the CIA media, the MI6 media, etc. But the real tragedy is that many American media and Lefty media are among the Big Brother’s media”. They also add: “The 2009-2013 period is full of tragedies. But it’s good that the West reveals its true colors. It’s a godsend for Iranians and all good guys. It’s good that the Orwellian media like the Guardian (GU), BBC, AP, NYtimes, Washington Post (WP), Huffington Post, Radio Liberty (RL/RFL), Enduring America (EA), Tehran Bureau (TB), etc prove that: ‘In the West, Freedom means licking ass, censoring news, and telling big lies; and Democracy means bribery (lobbying), corruption, and brainwashing’. It’s good that the notorious CIA/ MI6 agents and/or Orwellian journalists like Scott Locus (EA), Gareth Smyth (TB/ GU), Jason Rezaian (TB/ GU/ WP/ etc), Golnaz Esfandiari (RL), Kamali Dehghan (GU), Leveretts, etc reveal the true face of the West. In their media, a rug man (Farsh Forush) like Jason Rezaian becomes journalist/ analyst !, and they publish his bullshit/ big lies in their mass media. A rug man (Farsh Forush) can easily sells his pen like his rugs, and that’s why the CIA pretends that businessmen are journalists or intellects !“. It’s a good point. When a rug man becomes journalist/ analyst!, tells big lies (like ‘Iranians love AN, Obama and US sanctions!’) and they publish his Orwellian lies in the Western mass media -from the Washington Post to the Guardian- it’s obvious why Iranians say: ‘Bayad Fatehe Qarb ro Khund’ (the End of the West is near). As some wise Iranians say: “In today’s West, telling big lies and praising the Big Brother’s agents is in fashion! For instance, in Radio Liberty’s ‘Iran’s Presidential Election Poses Dilemma For Voters’ (3 May, 2013), they praise Taghi Rahmani! In RL’s Orwellian report, Rahmani repeats Behnoud’s big lies, and says: ‘Historically, 40 to 50% of Iranians take part in any [election shows !!] 40 to 50% will vote [!!!], the regime will only add to that 10% [!!!] and make it 60% [!]”. In 2012, we wrote about “Iran Election Boycott and Western Media” (check Archive), and as some wise Iranians say: “In 2012, the turnout was about 10%, and the regime added to that 50%. In 2009, the Mullahs and the UK said that in some cities 120% voted for AN! And in 2013, they can say that the turnout is 130%! Who cares?! What they say is a bad joke; but the Orwellian collaboration between the Mullahs, the CIA/ MI6, and pigs like Behnoud, Rahmani, Abdi, etc is important and informative. Now, the CIA media and their beloved agents like Behnoud, Leverett, Jason R., etc say: ‘By not voting Iranian citizens could lose a rare chance to have an impact on issues that affect their daily lives’ !! (May 2013) or ‘People are very worried about the future. That could lead many to vote [!!]’ (May 2013) They try to pretend that the year 2009 didn’t exist! Of course sometimes they confess: “Iranians say that they refuse to participate in an election organized by an establishment with blood on its hands”! (May 2013) But they often try to pretend that Iranians are stupid, while Iranians have already answered to these idiots. In 2009, the Iranian people created a great Anti-Mullah Movement, that history will never forget it. The 2009 anti-Mullah movement is one of the greatest modern and peaceful movements in human history. In 2012, Iranians showed that they are smart and don’t become pawns in the West’s scenario. The 2011 UK riots, the OWS, the Canadian/ Greek/ Spanish/ EU protests, the Egyptian Farce, etc showed that how wise, modern, smart and brave today’s Iranians are. History will never forget today’s Iranians and their Wisdom and their Heroism. But the Orwellian West still says: ‘1000 faggots/ spies in exile = 75 million Iranians !”

Khatami and Islamists (Khatamists): We have already written about them and their betrayals. As some wise Iranians say: “The West refers to these cowards and traitors as Reformers/ Reformists! But they are great traitors to Iran and Iranians. They completely destroyed all hopes for a real reform. Good concepts like Reform was completely destroyed by Khatami and his friends. Khatami and Khatamists were/ are Opportunists and Charlatans, not Reformers & Reformists. They work for the CIA, the MI6, and/ or the Mullah Gestapo. Khatami and Khatamists only took advantage of our pain and suffering to keep the Mullah regime safe and to suck/ steal our wealth. In 1997-2009 era, the ordinary Iranians were killed and tortured, but Khatami and Khatamists became millionaires and billionaires! In 1997, the young Iranians created a great Reform Movement, and changed many things in Iran. But Khatami and Khatamists destroyed the people’s hopes. In 2009, the Iranian people created a great and historic Anti-Mullah Movement. But Khatami’s friends destroyed the people’s movement. Khatami is a great ass-licker/ traitor. The West loves him, because he is worse than Shah Sultan Hussein. In this year, about 1000 spies/ pigs supported Khatami, but the UK, the CIA, and the Marxists pretend that 1000 = 75 millions! They even tell big lies like this: ‘Talk of a possible run by Khatami has sparked excitement and hope [!!] among those who feel disenfranchised [!!] by the 2009 election and the repression that followed [!!] The desire for Khatamis return can also be seen as a reflection of the broader societal desire for cooperating with Khamenei [!!’]’ Now, the Orwellian AP says: ‘Khatami or Rafsanjani don’t want to risk the embarrassment [!!] of being questioned on their views or disqualified by the Guardian Council’ (May 2013). Khatami has been Mullah president for 8 years, and Rafsanjani has been Khomeini’s right-hand man, Mullah president, Mullah Parliament Chairman, etc for 30 years. Disqualify Khatami is a great embarrassment for the Mullah regiem and the West. But disqualify Rafsanjani = disqualifying the Mullah regime. Rafsanjani or Khamenei is a synonym of the Mullah regime. And now almost all Iranians hate both Khamenei and Rafsanjani. Recently, the power struggle between Khamenei and Rafsanjani has increased on an unprecedented scale, but the Orwellian West says nothing about it. They are worried about their beloved Mullah regime! The West loves traitors. But now, the ordinary Iranians see Khatami as a coward and traitor, and the Mullahs see Khatami as a ‘burnt piece’! Khatami has become ‘2-Sar Tala (Gohi)!’ (he’s in a no-win situation), and it’s the fate of all traitors. Khatami is a stupid bad guy. Mullahs wants to disqualify him, but he says: ‘We all should obey our great leader, Khamenei. We all should participate in the 2013 [Mullah Show], and help our great leader’ ! Khatami is ‘Past-o, Ahmagh-o, MadarQabeh’ (so stupid, mean, & motherfucker). And that’s why he firstly ignores Mousavi and people, but when Mullahs talk about disqualifying him, Khatami donates waste materials (Roghan-e Rikhteh) to charity ! and says: ‘When Mousavi is in jail, I cannot come!’. Khatami is a stupid bad guy. He has no balls, and even cannot say: ‘How dare you threaten me, your President for 8 years, with disqualifying! You must free Mousavi and Karoubi and all protesters form prison. And all organizers of the 2009 coup (from Khamenei to his AN) and those who killed and tortured tens of thousands of Iranians in 2009, must be tried‘. If Khatami and Khatamists said such things, many Iranians would support them. But Khatami and Khatamists are great traitors. They just lick the dictator’s ass and help the dictator (Khamenei) and his British employers, and that’s why Iranians hate Khatami and Khatamists so much”


Mullah Mafia and Marxists (Lefts): We have already written about the Mullah Mafia (check Archive). Recently, the US pigs and the Mullah Mafia talk about their Iran Project, that we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “The Iran Project is not a new thing. The 2009 CIA-Mullah coup was part of the Iran Project. The CIA agents -from Flynt Leveret to Reza Pahlavi- and the MI6 agents -from Behnoud to Nourizadeh- are parts of the Iran Project. Those who tell big lies, deny the self-evident truths, and praise spies and traitors, are parts of the Iran Project. A self-confessed Tadarok-chi (servant) like Khatami and a stupid agent like Jason R. are parts of the Iran Project. A deep cover CIA agent like Noam Chomsky and a self-confessed Imperialist like Brzizenski are parts of the Iran Project. The real Iran Project is nothing but: Aiding Mullahs and other spies, traitors, and anti-democracy forces in Destroying Iran and Keeping Iran weak and under tyranny. They have the same project for other countries; Just take a look at Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Greece, Spain, etc or how Mullahs implement the Enemy’s plans (ie IMF plans) amid the so-called Economic war. As you know, Chomsky and Marxists refer to IMF and WB as Imperialistic organizations! But now they praise the IMF-Mullah love affair. They even say: ‘Iranians love AN, Mullah, hyperinflation, & IMF plans’ or 1000= 75,000,000! because the Mullah Mafia in the West has about 1000 members! US pigs openly say: ‘Even if the sanctions did fail, why does our government have to tell the world that we have failed?’ ! (March 2013) or “Even if our gov and our intellects helped the Mullahs, why do we have to confess that we have helped them?’! US/ EU pigs are worse than animals. They have polluted our planet earth. They shamelessly help terrorists and dictators, or aid Mullahs in suppressing Iranians and blocking/ filtering the internet. Sometimes they confess: ‘About 45 million people out of a population of 75 million are now online, making Iran the country with the highest proportion of internet users in ME’ (April 2013) or ‘Iran has a very tech-savvy population’ or ‘Iran has a highly cultured and educated society’ (March 2013). But they sell Orwellian technologies like Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to Mullahs, and then say: ‘We are sorry for Iranians. With DPI, Mullahs can even limit the SSL-encrypted traffic’! (April 2013) The Orwellian West is really the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and all good things and good guys”

In these Orwellian days, the internet speed and the internet filtering in Iran is horrible. The Orwellian West, specially the UK, the US, and the EU, help Mullahs in filtering and blocking the internet. Now, if you read what we already wrote about the 2013 Plots, including 2013 Plots: USA and West Block Internet in Iran ?!, you can see why the Orwellian West helps Mullahs, tells big lies like 1000 = 75,000,000, and tries to silence the voices of ordinary Iranians. It’s so shameful that the West and the Western media censor the news, tell big Orwellian lies, and help all anti-democracy groups. As we said before, ‘If Iranians cannot use the internet and cannot update their websites [and if we cannot update this website once a weak], you all should know that the West and its mercenaries are responsible for it; and it’s a direct result of the Wests war against Freedom and Democracy in Iran‘. Now, the stupid Westerners ignore the West’s anti-Iran Racism, the West’s Orwellian lies, etc and say to Iranians: “Why are you so mad at us?”! They just show Iranians that the West is turning into the Land of the Idiot. Now the West and Big Brother try to block the internet in Iran and silence the voices of Iranians. Now you can understand why the poor Orwell wrote about systematic lies and systematic censorship in the UK and the West. As the wise Iranians say: “many think that Orwells Animal Farm is just a satire on USSR. But Orwell wrote an introduction to Animal Farm which has been censored/ suppressed. Orwell’s introduction to Animal Farm was about ‘Censorship in England‘, but the Brits censored it and stupidly proved many things”. They also add: “wise men know that Orwell’s 1984 is about the UK and systematic Lies and systematic Censorship in the UK. But do you know why George Orwell coined the term Big Brother?! Why Big Brother (B-B)? and B-B reminds you of what?” We should write more about the Orwellian-Barbarian UK, Orwell and British Censorship. But now, even the US is as Orwellian as the UK. In these days, the Orwellian US Congress and the Orwellian mass media in the US, including the Orwellian AP, remind you of ‘1984’, Goebbels, Stalin, Nazis, or USSR. Of course many Americans hate the US Congress and the American Fascists. According to a new survey in the US: “Only 15% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Congress” (April 2013) But most Americans know nothing about the Orwellian West and the Big Brother’s agents -from Chomsky to Leveretts. And it’s the real tragedy. As the wise Iranians say: “Today & future generations should know the Orwellian West and this fact that the main problem of Iran and the whole world is the Orwellian West “. And we all should know that those who are saying: 1000 = 75,000,000, sooner or later will say: 1 = 7,500,000,000 !

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