2013 Evils: Orwellian West, British Censorship

“History and today/ future generations should know this Orwellian West and how we live in an Orwellian world that is worse than 1984’s world”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “The 2009-2012 period and all Western crimes/ plots/ betrayals [that we have already written about some of them (check Archive)] show that the Orwellian West, the Evil, or the Enemy is really a euphemism for today’s West!”. We will write more about the story of the Enemy later, but as some wise Iranians say: “In these years, the British lies and the British censorship show that what Orwell said about Britain was not a myth. In this year, the wise Britons talk about ‘Orwellian laws and Orwellian Secret Courts in the UK’ and say: ‘Britain is on the brink of tyranny‘ (March 2013). But when the Britons talk about ‘Britains woeful censorship law‘, and when they see Britain as the censorship capital of the world, the West and the Western media are following the Orwellian UK, telling big Orwellian lies and proving that ‘Goebbels is an innocent child compared with the UK and today’s West!”. This year and the 2009- 2012 era can show you why Iranians say such things. As some wise Iranians say: “The Iranian people are using the F words and cursing AN and Mullahs for raising prices and implementing IMF plans. Iranians are so angry at AN and Mullahs. But do you know what the UK and the West say about these facts? They censor the news, and say: ‘Iranians specially the poorer people still love AN and Mullahs’! They even praise war and talk about ‘Israels right to strike Iran’ ! or ‘the Western-Jewish right to wage nuclear war’ ! The UK and the West still believe that War is Peace, Barbarism is Civilization, Ignorance is Strength, Tyranny is Democracy, and Lie is Truth. Who can forget how the UK and the CIA published fake polls in 2009 and said that 80% to 90% of Iranians love AN and Khamenei! In 2009, the Big Brother’s agencies (BBC, ABC, etc) and the stupid spies like Leverett said that 1 million is equal to 24 millions! And now they replay the 2009 Orwellian scenario. But in this year, when Iranians see how the British/ American media tell Orwellian lies/ jokes, they just laugh and say: God Bless Goebbels! (Baz Khoda Padare Goebbels ro biamorze !)”. In these days, all Iranians, including us, can see how men and women curse AhmadiNejad (AN) and British Mullahs in public places. The story of cooking oil, cutting subsidies, and fake crises is not a hidden fact. But when all Iranians inside Iran, specially the poorer people, curse the Jewish piece of Shit (AN) and British Mullahs for cutting subsidies, raising prices, and implementing the Enemy’s plans (ie IMF plans) amid the Enemy’s sanctions, the British media and the American media say: ‘Iranians, specially the poorer people still love AN and the Mullah regime’ !! I don’t know whether you can see the depth of the tragedy or not, but as some say: “what the Western media say is like this: Many Americans, specially New Yorkers, still love Bin Laden and Al-Qaede !”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “The Orwellian collaboration between the Mullahs and the West is very laughable. In 2013 Iran, Mullahs and Khamenei say (to Iranians): ‘the West and the Western media, specially the British media [!] claim that our people hate this regime and the 2013 [Election Show]. The West says that Iranians hate us (ie Mullahs and AN)’. But when you check the British media and the Western media, you see that they only help the Mullahs! They just tell big Orwellian lies like this: ‘Iranians, specially the working class, still love AN and Mullahs’ ! The British media, from the Guardian of Big Brother to the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) badly try to heat up the Mullah show and to ignore the 2009 coup and how the Iranian people were brutally suppressed by the UK, USA, and Mullahs. The mass media and the Ministry of Truth in Britain and the West censor the real news, and tell big lies about the reality of what is happening in Iran. The collaboration between the Mullahs and the West just reminds you of Orwell’s 1984”. They also add: “The West’s propaganda machine declares: ‘Victory in the economic war demands winning the propaganda war, as well’ (Feb 2013). But the truth is that they should say: ‘Victory in the economic war needs spies and traitors like AhmadiNejad, Khamenei, Khatami, Behnoud, etc’. It’s the Jewish AN and the British Mullahs that help the West and their sanctions. And if spies and traitors stop helping the West and the Enemy, the stupid West will go to hell and fuck itself. The West knows it. The West knows that only spies and traitors can keep Iran weak and unfree, and if Iranians can get rid of spies and traitors, Iran will become a superpower again. The West knows that a free and democratic Iran will change the world and will not allow the savage West to hurt/ exploit human beings“. In these days, the bad guys have confused and tell many Orwellian- Barbarian jokes. But why? As some wise Iranians say: “The West and the Big Brother have really confused, because they know that the Iranian people have become aware. They know that Iranians hate all evil forces, from Islamists, Monarchists, Marxists, Fascists, and Fanatics to Capitalists, Colonialists, Imperialists, Zionists, Terrorists and other evils. They see that Iranians are Adam (Human), not Marxist, Fascist, Islamist, Racist, Colonialist, or any other ‘-ist’. And when they see that Iranians are simply tolerant/ open-minded good guys who only care about the Truth and the Human values, they really confuse! They know that Restoring Iranian values and Iranian Civilization is equal to the End of the West’s Evil Empire. And that’s why they openly show that the West is the Enemy of Iran and Iranians, and the friend of Islamists, Marxists, Fascists, Terrorists, spies, traitors and [other bad guys]. They have confused, and that’s why they stupidly reveal that the West is the Great Evil, and the main Enemy of all humans”. Think about it.


As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, the Jewish barbarians bark a lot and the American devils prove that the US is the number one supporter of the Jewish Barbarism, the Islamic Communism (MEK/ NCR), the Terrorism, and other evils. Now, even the West’s media confess: It’s the US that’s the rogue state. Now, you as an Iranian prefer to talk/ write about the Enemy, the Great Evil, the Jewish Barbarism, etc but the Mullahs and other spies and traitors that aid the Enemy, force you to reconsider you priorities. Now, even the idiots can see that the West just wants to destroy Iran, and that’s why the West just hurts the ordinary Iranians, but supports the Islamists, the Islamist Marxists (NCR/ MEK), the reactionary Monarchists (Pahlavist), and other terrorists and anti-Iran forces. Now, even Westerners say: ‘The US just wants to destroy Iran, and that’s why the US didnt support Green Revolution. US stooges (AN, Mullahs, etc) are destroying Iran just fine. The IMF helps destroy Iran by supporting AN”. It’s obvious that only the Enemy wants to destroy Iran, and only the Enemy helps destroy Iran. And in today’s Iran, even the little kids say: “The West only wants to destroy Iran”. Now even the normal Westerners, ie those Westerners that their brain is not in their ass, say: “Western governments intentionally help AN. Iran’s regime pretends to oppose the West, but follows the West-IMF dictates”. But most Westerners don’t know the true face of a fake hero like Noam Chomsky or an American baboon like Flynt Leverett. As some wise Iranians say: “This American baboon Flynt Leverett (born 1958) joined the CIA in the 1980s. He and his wife are CIA agents for more than 20 years. Their job is ‘telling big lies’ and aiding the Big Brother. The Leveretts’ bullshits are Dorugh-e Shakh-dar (Lies that have horn!) like this: ‘83.7% of Americans love Bin Laden and the KKK’. It’s obvious that pigs like Leveretts, Gareth Smyth, Jason Rezaian, etc tell bad and big lies. But both the Western mass media and the so-called alternative media praise such stupid bastards and their Orwellian lies!”. It’s really shameful and says a lot about the Orwellian West. As some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious that a stupid CIA agent like Leverett only serves the US interests. Even the normal Americans say: ‘Flynt Leverett comes from a very strong
national-interest point of view and emphasizes energy security
‘. The Leveretts have worked for the CIA and the AIPAC (Jewish Lobby) for more than 20 years. But Mullahs work with the Leveretts, and Chomsky and US lefts openly support them! Recently, even Americans ask: Are Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky too dumb to understand what is happening?! But now, Flynt Leverett and Noam Chomsky want to have a seminar on Iran at MIT on 14 May 2013! Apparently, Chomsky has lost his mind. He stupidly reveals that he is a servant of the Big Brother”. The 2012 Chomsky-Brzizenski show and the 2013 Chomsky-Leverett show say a lot about Chomsky, and we should write more about the story of Chomsky, Leverett and those fake heroes that serve the Evil-US interests. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Even Americans like John Coleman name Chomsky as a deep cover CIA agent. Chomsky is a millionaire, with a net worth north of $2,000,000. He is a hypocritical conman. Chomskys business is Misleading/ Brainwashing. He gives speeches on college campuses at $12,000+ a pop! Telling big lies is a legal business in the US, and pigs like Leverett and Chomsky earn much money being a servant of the Big Brother”. But the real tragedy is that many students and educated people in the US still care about Chomsky, the servants of the Big Brother, and the CIA agents. Chomsky helps Brzizenski and NIAC (check Archive), and it shows that Chomsky and Brzizenski are two sides of the same coin; but as some wise Iranians say: “Most Americans, even people like Richard Stallman, are blind and/or stupid. They deny the undeniable facts, and make a fool of themselves. And it’s the main problem of today’s America: Most Americans live like sheep, and most of the US intellects are blind/ ignorant, because (1)they are stupid; or (2)they are poisoned with money“. The real US intellects, like the late Howard Zinn, said: “In the US, journalists and intellects are poisoned with money”. And now, as some wise Iranians say: “Chomsky openly defends Gaddafi, Chavez, Assad, NIAC, Islamists, Terrorists, Dictators, etc but no one ask him: ‘Hey you the
American-Jewish faggot, why you (Chomsky) work with a notorious agent like Leverett, who tells big lies and works for the CIA and the AIPAC?! Why you say nothing about the 2009 coup and this fact that the Mullah regime implemented the IMF plans after the 2009 coup? Hey you the motherf-u-c-ker Jew, why you (Chomsky), Gary Sick, Brezizenski and US Marxists/ Imperialists support NIAC, Mullahs and Dictators?! It’s funny that both Marxists and Imperialists help the Big Brother’s stooges, and tell Orwellian jokes like this: ‘Talk of a possible run by Khatami has sparked excitement and hope [!!] among those who feel disenfranchised [!!] by the 2009 election and the repression that followed [!!] The desire for Khatami’s return can also be seen as a reflection of the broader societal desire for cooperating with Khamenei [!!’] The Marxists and Chomsky support NIAC, while Trita Persia (NIAC) is a pupil of Brezizenski and Imperialists! In March 2013, Trita Parsi wrote: ‘The Ball is in Irans Court [!]. The atmosphere at the first negotiation round under the Obama administration in October 2009 [ie when the Iranian people were being killed in the streets] was very positive [!] But the optimism after Geneva lasted only […] Whether Almaty will meet the same fate as Geneva depends on Tehran. The ball is in Irans court’ ! There is no doubt that the CIA (Flyent Leverett, Gary Sick, etc), NIAC (Trita Parsi), AIC (Hooshang Amirahmadi), etc just serve the Evil-US interests. Their job is ‘Telling big lies and helping the Evil Empire’. But the main question is that why Noam Chomsky help them and their goals? and why many Americans still care about a fake hero like Chomsky? Yah, it’s not good that Chomsky works for the Big Brother. Many Americans think that this fact is scary. But you cannot deny the truth, tell big lies, or live like sheep, because you think the truth is scary”. Think about it.


“In these days, AN and the coup government try to raise the price of staple goods, from cooking oil to gasoline. Khamenei allows his AN and his coup government to implement the Enemy’s plans (ie IMF plans) amid the Enemy’s sanctions, and it’s a great and historic treason. Only spies and a puppet regime can allow a Jewish spy to implement the enemys plans, and to aid the enemy amid the so-called Economic War. The Mullahs steal the oil money and import Porsches and luxurious goods by our oil money, but at the same time, they raise the price of staple goods! The Basiji crooks and the Islamist thieves steal the oil money form the people, but the West, the Marxists (Lefts), and the fucking Chomsky defend the regime of crooks and thieves. Now, almost all Iranians know that the Islamic crooks import/ buy goods for the official rate (1200 Toman) but sell their imported goods at open market rates (3600 Toman)!, ie the Mullah thieves sell their goods at 300% profit! But the West and the Lefts love the regime of crooks and thieves. Now, even the Western media confess: the West has decided to blackmail 75 million Iranians‘ ! In fact, the West and the Marxists (Lefts) are the Enemy of the Truth and good guys”, some wise Iranians say. It’s really shameful that even the Mullah newspapers warn that a new wave of price hikes is stirring greater discontent, but the British media censor the news, and say that the Iranian people and the poorer people still love AN and Mullahs! The British Censorship is really the worst Orwellian censorship in the world. In this year (2013) -like the year 2009- when the Guardian (of Big Brother) and other British-Orwellian media started to censor and falsify the voices of Iranians inside Iran, the wise Iranians said: “It’s mad mad West. It’s the true face of the savage West. It’s savage savage West. It’s the truth of the Orwellian West. It’s Orwellian Orwellian West”. And now, many can see that the West is really as Orwellian as Britain. As some wise Iranians say: “Pistachio, as a 100% domestic product, and the story of Gold and gold price that decreased form $1700 to $1400 (and Iran’s gold price had to decrease at least 3,500,000 Rial, but the Mullahs didn’t let it happen) can show you many things. The Mullahs intentionally raise the prices and implement the IMF plans, but the Orwellian West says: ‘Iran’s economy declines as sanctions bite … but the exact cause for the rapid rise in prices remains unclear !!”. In these days, the West and their spies expose themselves to ridicule, and it’s funny and informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, the Jewish Spy (AN) threatens to reveal the connection of Mullahs (Khamenei, Asgarouladis, etc) with the British Embassy in Tehran and the British pigs in London! But almost all Iranians already knew that Mullahs and Khamenei are British agents. Now, many ask: ‘Why do Mullahs create hyperinflation and implement IMF Plans just before the 2013 Mullah Show?!’, and many answer: ‘Because the West and the Mullahs know that Iranians hate the Mullah regime so much, and no one gives a shit about the Mullah Show’. In fact, the Iranian people know why the West tells big lies about the 2013 Mullah Show and Implementing the IMF plans in Iran. What the US, the UK, and the West say/ do in 2013 is a very stupid version of the 2009 scenario”. As you know, events in history can reappear, but the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. And now, the Orwellian West has become a bad farce. Now, even the little kids say: “Staples have doubled in prices, not because of the sanctions, but because the Jewish piece of shit (AN) implements the IMF plans in Iran”. In this year (2013), as some wise Iranians say: “when you tell Iranians that the British media claim: ‘AN measures has maintained his popularity among Iranians’, the Iranian people think that you are kidding! But when you tell them that it’s exactly what the British media say, the Iranian people say many interesting things about the motherfucker Brits that [are better left unsaid]. In this year, when you tell Iranians that the British media and the US media talk about ‘ANs base in the working class [!]’ or ‘Iranian societal desire for cooperating with Khamenei’ [!], Iranians say: ‘It’s a joke; isn’t it?!’ But when you tell them that it’s not a joke, they […] !’ In this year, when you tell the ordinary Iranians that the British-American faggots say: ‘USA imposes sanctions in hopes that Iranian citizens start a revolution to overthrow their government’ !! The average Iranians laugh and say: ‘Don’t tell stupid jokes [K..sher]! When Iranian citizens were in the streets and had started a revolution to overthrow this government, and were killed in the streets, what US faggots did ?! The evil Obama and US faggots only helped the Mullahs in killing/ suppressing us, and showed that the US/ the West is the Enemy of the Iranian people and Freedom and Progress in Iran‘. In fact, today’s Iranians are not stupid”. Yah, it’s the West and their Orwellian media that are so stupid. They openly praise the West’s anti-Iran Racism, war, bullying, and inhumanity, and show that the West is the Enemy of human values. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the Mullah media say: ‘91.5% of Iranians disapproved of AhmadiNejads economic policies‘ ! or ‘Why AN and his government just tries to help the Western sanctions, instead of solving problems and reducing prices?’. But the West and the Lefts follow Goebbels and Britain, and say: ‘Iranians still love AN and the Mullah regime’ ! or ‘Victory in the economic war demands winning the propaganda war, as well’ ! And it says a lot about the Orwellian West and the West’s Ministry of Truth”. Think about it.

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