Noam Chomsky: Millionaire, Lair, Big Brother Agent?

May 29, 2013

In these days, many things -from the West’s big lies and the Western censorship to the West’s barbaric jokes- are so stupid, but they raise good questions. Now many ask: “Why does US Congress try to prove that America is Nazi America? Why are many Americans/ Westerners so mean and so stupid? Why is America turning into a Third World Nation of Idiots, and nearing the End?”. As the wise Iranians say: “Big Brother’s media, media whores, and pseudo intellectuals (ie intellectual whores) have a key role in American society. ‘Wag the Dog’ was not a myth. In the US and the West, even ‘Public Intellectuals’ have turned into ‘Intellectual Whores’. It’s so shocking and shameful that you cannot find any real public intellectuals, or any real intellectuals with some sorts of popularity in the West and America today. But it says a lot about the West’s bankruptcy. Their intellects, like their journalists, are poisoned with money and sell their minds and their pens”. It’s an important issue. The West’s Pseudo Intellectuals say a lot about Orwellian Society and Big Brother Control in the West. As some wise Iranians say: “In May 2013 (ie the Mullah Show’s season), Noam Chomsky and the Leveretts, the notorious CIA agents, came to MIT and had a tango! MIT -that reminds many of Aaron Swartz and Big Brother- sponsored an event, ‘Iran and American Foreign Policy: Where Did the US Go Wrong?’ !, featuring Chomsky and the Leveretts, the Jewish agents of CIA. Chomsky is a Jew, as the Leveretts are Jews, and work for the CIA and AIPAC (Jewish Lobby). But it’s funny that the Jewish agents of CIA strongly support Mullahs and the Islamist killers of the Iranian people! MIT has become a safe heaven for the CIA agents […] The Leveretts said: ‘We are especially grateful to Noam Chomsky for appearing with us. Thank God for Noam Chomsky!’. Yah thank God for Chomsky’s idiocy! Thank God that the stupid Chomsky proved many things by appearing with two Jewish spies, who have worked for the CIA and AIPAC (Israeli Lobby) for decades. Thank God that Chomsky proved: ‘Noam Chomsky is a deep cover CIA agent”. The Chomsky-Leverett love affair at MIT is important, and we would write more about it later. But here lets see “Who is really this motherfucker Chomsky?!”, as some ask. We have already written about Chomsky [6]. The story of Chomsky, Brezizenski, Mullahs, IMF, etc are informative [6], and like the Chomsky-Leverett love affair, can show you who is Chomsky. But as Chomsky loves “Telling the Truth about Capitalism/ Imperialism”!, reading something that is like “Telling the Truth about Chomsky” or “Telling the Truth about Chomsky’s Anti-Capitalism/ Anti-Imperialism” can be useful. As some wise Iranians say: “Many don’t know that Noam Chomsky is a Millionaire, and Chomsky works for the Evil agencies”. Unfortunately, those Americans who criticize Chomsky, often say stupid things. They see Chomsky as a self-hating Jew, anti-American!, or pro-Iran! [5] Only some Americans really talk about The Chomsky Hoax[1][2][3] that we should write more about it later. As some Americans say: “ Chomsky himself has been paid millions by the Pentagon over the last 40 years, and now he claims that it is morally acceptable’! [2] Chomsky is a sick hypocrite. Iranians, Venezuelans, and others ask him, for instance: “How dare you call for honesty, when you the Jewish faggot (Chomsky) shamelessly tells big lies and supports brutal dictators, Islamists, killers and bloody tyrants?”, but Chomsky says to them, for instance: “Someone sent me your blog, where you quote letters of mine that were personal correspondence[!] If I dont respond to you again, youll understand why [!]”[4] Chomsky is a sick charlatan. But in America, those who write about ‘The Sick Mind of Chomsky’, are often bad guys. They say nothing about Chomsky’s main problems. Some Jewish idiots like David Solway, who pose as intellects, write about Chomsky [5], but they often talk nonsense. As the wise Iranians say: “They say nothing about the story of Chomsky, Big Brother, Brezizenski, IMF, Leveretts, etc. The Leveretts tell big lies, and work for the CIA/ AIPAC. These Jewish spies are congenital liars/ bastards, and their job is ‘telling big lies, brainwashing people, and serving US-Evil interests’. But Chomsky helps and supports them publicly, while American idiots are silent! What is said about Chomsky-CIA-Pentagon can be true. Chomsky just serves the Big Brother’s interests”.


Unfortunately, “Hundreds of thousands of college students [in the West] loves Chomsky and read his books”[2] They are so naive, and don’t know how the stupid Chomsky defends all brutal dictators -from Pol Pot and Milosevic to Gaddafi and Mullahs. Many Americans are so stupid, and see Chomsky as the most important intellectual alive! [5] “[Big Brother’s media] even claims that Chomsky will be for future generations what Galileo, Descartes, Newton, Mozart or Picasso have been for ours” !! [2] They call him “the Elvis of Academia”! [2] US whores worship him, and as some say: ‘David Barsamian, host of Alternative Radio, explains that Chomsky ‘is for many of us our rabbi, our preacher, our pundit, our hero, our imam!’ [2] Chomsky often calls himself an ‘American dissident’ ! [2] But no one asks him ‘How were dissidents treated in other countries, from the Soviet Union to Iran and Venezuela?! Dissidents didn’t become millionaire or Elvis of xx ! ‘But they were harassed, imprisoned, tortured, or killed by the Gestapo/ KGB’ [2] Chomsky is a bad joke. As some Americans say: “I had sent Noam Chomsky several e-mails, questioning him in a mild but insistent way about his personal wealth, investments, and legal maneuvers to avoid paying taxes. [But he just made lame excuses]” [2]. They also add: “Imagine my surprise when I discovered his lucrative secret: Chomsky himself has been paid millions by the Pentagon over the last 40 years. [In fact,] Chomsky made millions by cashing checks from the most hideous institution on this earth !”[2]. They ask good questions: “Why would the Pentagon fund research into linguistics?! Were they simply interested in advancing science?! Chomsky would call anyone who believed such a thing supremely naive”[2] It’s a good point. Chomsky describes the Pentagon/ CIA as the most evil institutions in world history[2]. “Chomsky [praises] civil violence. But [he is a big lair]. He could have publicly resigned, denounced the Pentagon, [and returned their money]. But Chomsky wasn’t willing to give up his position. Since then, Chomsky has tried to avoid discussing the subject. Along the way, he has been paid a nice salary for more than four decades courtesy of the Pentagon“, Americans say [2]. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that Chomsky is not Americas premier intellectual, but he is a bad guy and a symbol of American Pseudo Intellectuals. As the media report: ‘Chomsky, with a net worth north of $2,000,000 is a [sick rich]. Chomskys business works something like this. He gives speeches on college campuses around the country at $12,000 a pop, often dozens of times a year. Chomskys marketing efforts shortly after 9/11 give new meaning to the term war profiteer. In the days after the tragedy, he raised his speaking fee from $9,000 to $12,000 because he was suddenly in greater demand. He also cashed in by producing another instant book. Seven Stories Press, a small publisher, pulled together interviews conducted via e-mail that Chomsky gave in the three weeks following the 9/11 attacks and rushed the book to press. It is safe to assume that he netted hundreds of thousands of dollars from this book alone” [1][3]. Anyone with eyes open can see Chomsky’s true face. As we said before, Chomsky acts and speaks like politicians and don’t care about the truth or the people[6]. As the witty Iranians say: “Chomsky licks the power’s ass (dictators’ asses) and writes about ‘Understanding Power’! But Understanding Power = Understanding Deep Cover CIA agents!”. It’s important to note that Chomsky’s books are not real books. As some wise guys say: “His books are just a collection of transcripts of his stupid speeches! Chomsky doesn’t write any book. He acts like Mullahs. He just makes money by republishing shallow speeches”. Chomsky acts like businessmen. As some Americans say: “During a speech, Chomsky told the assembled crowd, ‘A democracy requires a free, independent, and inquiring media’. After the speech, Deborah Bolling, a writer for the lefty Philadelphia City Paper, tried to get an interview with Chomsky. But she was turned away. To talk to Chomsky, she was told, this ‘independent and inquiring’ reporter needed to pay $35“[1] Chomsky is a ‘Money Grubbing Hypocrite’ [3]. As the National Post says: “Chomsky criticizes trusts and the wealthiest 1%. He says the US tax code is rigged with ‘complicated devices for ensuring that the poor -the 99%- pay off the rich’. But Chomsky, as a millionaire, has decided to create a trust for himself ! A few years back he went to Boston’s venerable white-shoe law firm, Palmer and Dodge, and with the help of a tax attorney specializing in ‘income-tax planning,’ set up an irrevocable trust to protect his assets” [3] Chomsky’s hypocrisy is important. If Chomsky was honest, his personal wealth would not be important. But when he acts like whores and tries to fool people; and when Chomsky usually dresses in a rumpled shirt and jacket, and tries to pose as a poor victim of capitalism! [2], we all should ask: Why did Chomsky choose to work for the Research Laboratory of Electronics, which was funded entirely by the Pentagon and multinational corporations“[2], or why “Chomsky owns a home worth over $850,000 and a vacation home in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, valued in excess of $1.2 million”[2] If Chomsky was honest, who would care about his wealth or “his home on the Cape [that] is smack in the middle of a state park, which prevents any condos from going up nearby and obstructing his view. And don’t look for oppressed minorities in his neighborhood” [2] But Chomsky is a big lair, and it’s really important.


“Chomsky’s Hypocrisy is important, not Chomsky’s wealth. Chomsky’s collaboration with Pentagon, CIA, Dictators, Islamists, and anti-freedom and anti-democracy groups is important. We don’t care about Chomsky’s personal wealth. But when Chomsky says that Pentagon/ CIA stamps his paycheck, but it’s just a bureaucratic issue! [2], you cannot close your eyes to Chomsky’s dirty money and dirty tricks”, the wise Iranians say. And as some Americans say: “Armed with evidence of Chomsky’s willingness to accept millions in salary and benefits from the Pentagon while trying to run ROTC off campus, I wrote him an e-mail asking him to explain himself. And Chomsky said: ‘I think we should be responsible for what we do, not for the bureaucratic question of who stamps the paycheck [!!!]‘ [2] Can you believe it?! Chomsky’s Hypocrisy and Chomsky’s Charlatanism is sickening. Chomsky loves to pretend that he is one of the poor victims of capitalism! “But Chomsky is himself a shrewd capitalist, worth millions, with money in the evil stock market!, and at least one tax haven to cut down on those pesky inheritance taxes that he says are so important” [1][2][3]. Unfortunately, most American are so naive or so stupid, and cannot see Chomsky’s true colors. But all Americans are not stupid, and in their comments at the US media, they say: “Chomsky is a millionaire. Michael Moore is a millionaire. But how do these people manage to criticize the ‘rich elite’ as if they are not a part of them? It’s a […] That’s why they get $100,000 speaking fees and that’s why pigs pay them do so .. Chomsky and Rupert Murdoch both proclaim themselves Libertarian ! .. Chomsky is a Jewish agent of […] Chomsky and lefts are in bed with the state”. If you asks yourself: why “Chomsky helps Brzezinski” [6] or why Ayatollah Chomsky defends and praises Islamists or the IMF-Mullah love affaire[6] or why the Jewish Chomsky helps the notorious Jewish spies, you can see that Chomsky is nothing but a political prostitute or a Big Brother’s agent. Even Americans know that a real intellectual speaks actual truth to actual power [2], but Chomsky just licks the dictators’ asses. Chomsky is a big lair. “He challenged others to speak the truth and to expose lies. Chomsky has marketed himself as a courageous truth-teller [!] constantly threatened with censorship[!]” [2] But Chomsky freely publishes his stupid books, becomes a millionaire, and goes to bed with those whose self-evident lies are bad jokes like this: ‘Most Americans, specially New Yorkers, love Bin Laden and Al-Qaede’ ! As the wise Iranians say: “What Chomsky or CIA agents say is Dorugh-e Shakh-dar (lies that have horn). You don’t need a high IQ to know their self-evident lies. Chomsky meets with Mullah Savage Nasrallah and praise Islamists, and then he says that he hates Political Islam! Chomsky openly defends Taliban, Pol Pot, racist Serbs, Gaddafi, etc. Chomsky says that IMF is the great Evil, but he defends the IMF plans in Iran! Chomsky praises ‘Going to Tehran’, while you should ask why the Jewish CIA agents can go to Tehran, and why the Jewish agents of CIA/ AIPAC should praise their beloved Mad Mullahs. ‘Going to Tehran’ -a stupid book by the Leveretts- needs a better title like ‘When CIA goes to Tehran’, but Chomsky praises such books and such agents”. When a journalist/ intellect/ scientist/ thinker/ etc is poisoned with money, s/he becomes a mercenary or a whore, and cannot tell the truth or care about the truth. But as some wise Iranians say: “In America or Europe, whores are heroes! In Iran, most Iranians know whores like Behnoud and Abbas Abdi. In Iran, if someone says that he is an ex-member of Mullah Gestapo, Iranians laugh/ spit at him, and never trust him. But in America or Europe, the so-called ex-CIA agents are heroes! They make Orwellian movies (like Argo), write Orwellian books (like Going to Tehran), tell big lies, etc, and they are treated as heroes!”. It’s a good point. As some wise Iranians say: “Idiots say that Chomsky is a close friend of Howard Zinn, so he is like Zinn! But maybe Chomsky was spying on Zinn, and was trying to control him. Even in the spy movies, you can see how spies are spying on their close friends. In Iran, many say: ‘Savak and Mullahs used pigs like Behnoud for spying on intellects like Shamloo’. Yah, you cannot be sure about such things. You cannot be sure that who is really working for the CIA or Big Brother’s agencies. But you can avoid being so naive. The intellectual whores can be used to control Real Intellectuals. It’s not important whether Noam Chomsky is a deep cover CIA agent or not. But it’s important that Chomsky is a fake hero who tells big lies, goes to bed with bad guys, defends dictators, and tries to mislead/ misinform people. As the wise Iranians say: “How can real intellectuals earn money? By writing books and other intellectual activities. But real intellectuals don’t act like businessmen, and don’t live like whores. Yah, you can become millionaire by writing good books. Real intellects can earn good money by writing real books. But publishing big lies or transcripts of speeches as your main books is Charlatanism. And pretending that you are poor, while you are a millionaire, is a sickening hypocrisy. Earning good money from defending bad guys or telling big lies on college campuses, is worse than earning money from prostitution. The real intellectuals care about the truth, not money and power. But Chomsky licks the ass of power and dictators -from Pol Pot and Gaddafi to Chavez and Mullahs. Chomsky helps the notorious bad guys. Chomsky is either a very stupid Jewish American or a nasty agent of Big Brother. There is no third options. But the real tragedy is that fake heroes like Chomsky still can manipulate and deceive university students and educated Americans. And it’s the most important problem of America”. Think about it.

For more information:

[1] The Chomsky Hoax , a collection of articles.
[2] Chomsky has been paid millions by the Pentagon , but he claims that it is morally acceptable !
[3] Canada’s National Post: Noam Chomsky: Money Grubbing Hypocrite?
[4] Venezuelan Activist: Chomsky behaves in the most dishonest way .
[5] Some American articles: “Deconstructing Chomsky” (2011, by Solway), “The Sick Mind of Noam Chomsky” (2001, by Horowitz)
[6] Check our archive page for: “Chomsky helps Brzezinski: Its Conspiracy Theory?!”(Nov 2012), “Slavoj Zizek and Western Pseudo Intellectuals” (Nov 2012), “Ayatollah Noam Chomsky and Mullahs” (Oct 2011), “Noam Chomskys True Color” (July 2011), etc

Rafsanjani-Gate: from Akbar Shah to Akbar Gaf !

May 24, 2013

In these days, the West’s big lies and the West’s censorship are horrible. In these days, Iranians laugh at many things, including Mullah Games. Ordinary Iranians say: “Mullahs disqualified Rafsanjani! Ha Ha .. Thank God that our enemies are digging their own grave by their hands”. As the wise Iranians say: “People laugh at Mullahs, because disqualifying Rafsanjani is equal to disqualifying the Mullah Regime. In these days, the Mullah Gafs, the West Gafs, and all Gafs from Akbar Shah (Rafsanjani) to Akbar Gaf (Ganji), make people laugh. [In Persian, Gaf means stupid/ childish mistake; and when a super-idiot reveals many things in a stupid way, he becomes a Gaf]. Iranians see Rafsanjani-Gate as a Big Gaf or a Mullah Game, ie a stupid game for heating up the Mullah Show. Iranians know Mullahs and their games. But it’s funny that the West badly loves Mullah Games. Now the British Orwellian media, from the BBC to the Guardian, and British stooges like Masoud Behnoud and his BBC/ RoozOnline, prove that Britain, British Mullahs and British stooges are a single entity, not a separate entity. In fact, Mullahs = Britain and British pigs = British stooges”. In these days, what the West and the Western mass media say or do is a great Gaf, and a great insult to human intelligence. As the wise Iranians say: “When you take a look at the Western media in these days, you not only think that they are like the Mullah Media, but you even think that you are watching/ reading the Nazi media, the Stalin’s media, and the Big Brother’s media in ‘1984’“. The West is badly insulting people’s Intelligence, and we should write more about it later. But as average Iranians say: “The Ayatollah BBC is like the Mullah TV. The BBC tells big lies such as: Rafsanjani is a Reformist; Rafsanjani is a Hero; Rafsanjani and Khamenei can save Iran; Lets forget what happened in 2009; Lets heat up the Mullah election, help Mullahs and save Iran!”. But the Ayatollah BBC is a small part of the current farce. In these days, many educated Iranians are following the Western media. As they say: “The Guardian is like the Ayatollah BBC. In May 2013, if you check the Guardian’s Iran page [], you can see that the MI6/ CIA agents at the Guardian and Tehran Bureau, including Gareth Smith, Jason Rezaian, Ian Black and Saeed Kamali Dehghan, tell Orwellian jokes like this: Ordinary Iranians support Rafsnajani‘, ‘the Green movement and followers of Mousavi, support Rafsanjani’, ‘Green activists support Rafsanjani’, ‘The majority of the Green movement feel they now have a voice in the 2013 election‘. Can you believe it ?! The Nazi Goebbels is a saint compared with the UK and the British media!”. We should write more about the West’s Orwellian media and those Orwellian journalists who insult people’s intelligence. But as the wise Iranians say: ‘When almost all Iranians hate Mullahs, the West and their media praise the notorious Mullahs, censor the voices of ordinary Iranians, and tell big lies about Iran. Stalin and Goebbels are really innocent kids compared with today’s West !”.


“In Iran, most people hate Rafsanjani and Khamenei. The people refer to Rafsanjani’s disqualification -aka RafsanjaniGate- as Mullah Game, Mullah Gaf, War of Fossils, War of Dinosaurs, War of British Spies, War of Idiots, War of Bastards, etc. But the West’s media just act like the Big Brother’s media. The Guardian is really the Guardian of Big Brother. What they and other Western pigs say about Rafsanjani is a great insult to your intelligence. In 2013, the Guardian sees Rafsanjani as Reformist!, and tells big lies like: ‘Green activists love Rafsanjani; the majority of the Green movement support Rafsanjani‘! But in 2009, the UK bastards saw Rafsanjani as ‘Shark’ ! In 2009, the Guardian had a funny Orwellian report: ‘Rafsanjani: shark or kingmaker? ‘ (Guardian, 15 June 2009), and said: ‘Rafsanjani remains unpopular with Iranians [!] But if any one is able to threaten [our beloved Khamenei], it may be the two-term former president nicknamed the ‘Shark’ [!] Forbes estimated Rafsanjani’s own wealth at over $1 billion, an astronomical sum. Rafsanjani remains unpopular with Iranians who believe the corruption claims and blame him for a murderous, covert campaign to silence dissidents at home and abroad during his presidency. [Rafsanjani’s movement] is not a democratic movement; but it would be a dagger held to Khamenei’s breast. Not for nothing is the Machiavellian Rafsanjani, pistachio nut millionaire, ruthless political survivor. We await his next move’. Can you believe it ?! But in 2013, the British pigs praise their beloved Shark! Their paradoxical bullshit is a great insult to your intelligence, isn’t it?!”. They also add: “It’s funny that when the power struggle between Khamenei and Rafsanjani becomes serious, the UK censors the news, says nothing, or attacks Rafsanjani and calls him Shark! But when Khamenei and Rafsanjani make a secret deal, or want to save the regime, the Shark becomes a hero, and the UK and its agents praise the Shark”. In these days, many things are funny and informative. As the wise Iranians say: “UK censorship and UK big lies reveal many things. In 2009, they attacked the Machiavellian Rafsanjani, the Shark !, and showed who is behind Khamenei and the 2009 coup, and why Khamenei-Rafsanjani power struggle is important. And now in 2013, they stupidly tell big lies, censor the news, and show that the West is the main Problem and the main Enemy of Iran and Iranians. Now it’s clear that the West is the main creator /supporter of all anti-democracy groups in Iran”.


“Rafsanjani sheds crocodile tears for Iran, while he himself has had a key role in destroying Iran, torturing Iranians, establishing dictatorship, plundering Iran’s wealth, violating human rights, killing freedom, etc. He reaps what he sowed”, ordinary Iranians say. But the west, media whores and spies shed crocodile tears for Rafsanjani. As some wise Iranians say: “Prostitutes like Masoud Behnoud and his friends get money from the UK and the West, and lick the dictator’s ass. Spies and political whores like Behnoud, Ganji, Abbas Abdi, Ebrahim Nabavi, etc lick the power’s ass and work for the Big Brother. But the West not only support these whores financially/ politically, but the West and the mass media directly help the Mullah Tyranny and the Mullah Shows. Iranians refer to fossils like Janati and Yazdi as Mullah Dinosaurs. But the US and the West love Mullah Fossils and their Guardian Council, aka the Guardian of Dictatorship. Iranians hate Mullah Dinosaurs, but the US and the West love and support these Living Fossils -including Mullah Janati, 87, Mullah Yazdi, 81, Mullah Rafsanjani, 79, and Mullah Khamenei, 74. Iranians know and hate political prostitutes, ‘from Akbar Shah (Rafsanjani) to Akbar Gaf (Ganji), but the US and the West love and praise these whores. Now, the Jewish agents of the CIA, from Leveretts to Chomsky, openly and shamelessly praise and support Mullahs and Islamic Tyranny! They repeat their 2009 jokes, when the CIA polls claimed that 80% to 90% of Iranians love AhmadiNejad (AN) and Mullahs!”. In these days, many things are funny and informative. As average Iranians say: “Disqualifying AN’s aide (Mashaei) is a good confession to the 2009 coup. If AN had have any supporters, the regime would have not treated him like shit. AN is a little shit that all Iranians hate him so much. Only the CIA, the Zionists, and the Mullahs loved him. And now his sell-by date has passed. Now, even Mullahs confess to it”. In these days, many say: “Disqualifying Rafsanjani is a good confession to the regime’s bankruptcy. The regime knows that everybody hates Rafsanjani and Mullahs, and that’s why the regime can treat Rafsanjani like a toilet paper. But Rafsanjani/ Khamenei = Mullah Regime, and now everybody hates them”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now it’s clear that the Mullah regime is only backed by the foreign support, specially US-UK support. But the foreign support never can save a bankrupt regime. The West and the Mullahs are in a shit-shit situation. The West and the their media heat up the Mullah Show, help the Mullah Tyranny, and censor the voices of Iranians. Their media whores and/or their CIA/ MI6 agents like Leveretts, Scott Lucas, Jason Rezaian, Gareth Smyth, Ian Black, Julian Borger, Kamali Dehghan, G. Esfandiari, Trita P., etc stupidly show that it’s the West that tells big lies and supports all dictators and anti-democracy groups -from Islamists (in Iran, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc) and Marxist-Islamists (MEK/ PMOI) to reactionary Monarchists (Pahlavists) and secular dictators. It’s the West that is the main Enemy of Freedom and Democracy. Ask yourself: ‘Why the US and the West try to heat up the Mullah Show, and pretend that the year 2009 didn’t exist?! or ‘Why the US and the West love and support all anti-democracy groups?! 99% of Iranians know and hate pigs like the Marxist-Islamist terrorist MEK and Reza Papeh (Pahlavi). Iranians also know and hate whores like Behnoud and Akbar Gaf. But the US and the West […]”. They also add: “The story of ‘Akbar Shah and Akbar Gaf is very informative. In 2000- 2006, Ganji described Akbar Shah as the great Evil and the real Monster!, and Keyhan and Mullah Media referred to Akbar Ganji as Akbar Gaf! But in 2009- 2013, Ganji has really become Akbar Gaf, and describes Akbar Shah as the great Savior! Now, Iranians laugh/ spit at political whores like Akbar Gaf and call them Fake Hero, Traitor, Mercenary, Pseudo Intellectual, etc. But the US and the West still support all Gafs financially and politically, because they aid the Enemy (West & Mullahs) in keeping Iran weak and under tyranny. Read Abbas Abdi’s letter to Rafsanjani, and see how spies […] Now, it’s clear that who aid the Enemy (West&Mullahs), and who are the main/ historic obstacle in the way of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran”.


“In these days, the people see RafsanjaniGate as (a big Gaf or) a Mullah game, and say: Een Ham Bazi Jadid-e Shune! [Rafsanjani Gate is one of the Mullah games!]’. The Iranian people know Mullahs and their tricks well. But Rafsanjani’s disqualification -aka RafsanjaniGate- has brought the greatest shame on the Mullah regime. Now, even the Mullah media confess: ‘If Khomeini himself had participated in the Mullah election, he would have been disqualified .. We march our Islamic regime to [Naked Dictatorship] ?! .. Disqualifying Rafsanjani, a pillar/ founder of Islamic Regime, is equal to disqualifying Khomeini and Islamic regime .. sooner or later Iran will be in a revolutionary mood for a revolution against [the West and Mullahs]’. But it’s funny that what the West says is worse than what the Mullah media say!”. In these days, as the wise Iranians say: “RafsanjaniGate and the West’s big lies show that both Mullahs and the West suffer from ‘Goh Gijeh’ (shitty Confusion). Rafsanjani is a two-term Mullah president, a two-term Mullah Parliament chairman, Khomeini’s right-hand man, current head of Mullah Expediency Council, the second most powerful Mullahs in the past 30 years, and a notorious pillar/ founder of the Mullah regime. Disqualifying Rafsanjani is equal to Disqualifying the regime. RafsanjaniGate is a historic shame for both the West and the Mullahs. But the West and its bloody whores like Behnoud, Nabavi, Abdi, Akbar Gaf and other Gafs still kiss the dictator’s ass and help the regime. Now anyone with half a brain knows who are great traitors to Iran and Iranians. Traitors/ mercenaries played the role of Brake Pedal in 2009, and have Iranians’ blood on their hands. The West and its mercenaries are the main responsible for our pain and suffering in Iran”. In these days, many say interesting things. For instance, some say: “the West’s big lies or the Western Censorship has a clear meaning: the US and the West give the green light to the Mullah Tyranny and provide help for the Mullah Naked Dictatorship. Now, the US/ UK media tell big lies and help Mullahs and all anti-democracy groups. But the so-called Western intellects have closed their dirty eyes/ mouths”. As some wise Iranians say: “The West’s tricks are stupid things like Censorship, Big Lies, Racism, or Eating more shits, but such things just accelerate the arrival of their End. Now, their media tell bad jokes like this: ‘Moderates see Rafsanjani as a pragmatist [!] who can deal deftly with the West [!] and use his skills [!] as patriarch of a family-run business empire [!!] to help repair Iran’s economy [!]’ (AP, 21 May 2013) It’s so funny. They see Rafsanjani as a successful businessman/ manager of a family-run business empire!, while Iranians see him as a great crook, and that’s why they call him Akbar Shah, Shark, etc. The West and their media tell big lies, censor the people’s voices, and help dictators. If the West and the Western media didn’t act like the Mullah media, and if they didn’t help the Mullah shows/ coups, Mullahs would go to hell, and Iran would be a free and modern country. But it’s not what the West wants. The West just wants to keep Iran weak and under tyranny. And that’s why the West and its spies only help Mullahs and anti-democracy groups. The main obstacle in the way of Freedom and Democracy in Iran is the West and its mercenaries. The West and its stooges help all dictators and all election shows in the world, because the West and the Big Brother hate Freedom, Democracy, Progress, and a Better World”


“The stupid West pretends that the year 2009 didn’t exist! They pretend that Iranians are stupid and have forgotten the 2009 coup! But it’s the West and its stooges that are so stupid. They disqualify their own regime, they praise their Sharks, or they stupidly try to help/ heat up the Mullah Show by telling big lies about Iran. Iranians know Mullahs and Mullah Shows, and hate them so much. But the West clearly says: ‘The West [wants] Iran’s president be someone who brings negative attention to Iran‘ (Guardian, 22 May 2013). And that’s why the barbarian UK and the Savage West love and praise Khamenei’s dogs -ie AN, Ghalibaf, Jalili, Olagh-Ali, Velayati, Rezaei, etc- and Khamenei’s foxes -ie Khatami, Rafsanjani, Aref, Ruhani, etc. But the vast majority of Iranians hate all Mullah dogs and foxes. Only spies/ stooges like Behnoud and Akbar Gaf love and help Mullahs and the West (ie the Enemy). But all spies/ stooges, from Reza Papeh to Akbar Gaf, are hateful figures in Iran today, and the vast majority of Iranians know them and hate them so much”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The deep wounds of the 2009 CIA-Mullah coup are still open. But its funny that these deep wounds are just salted by Mullahs, Americans, Britons, and their Gafs “. In 2013, most Iranians know and hate whores and traitors like Khatami, Rafsanjani and those who betrayed the 2009 movement and played the role of Brake Pedal in the way of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran. As the wise Iranians: ‘Khatamists and those who played the role of Brake Pedal in 2009, are great traitors to Iran and Iranians. The 2009 movement, as one of the greatest modern movements in human history, could solve many problems -from Tyranny to Nuclear issue. The 2009 movement could bring Freedom, Democracy, and Progress to Iran. But traitors -who played the role of Brake Pedal and finally asked the people to leave the streets and to return to their home- not only are the main responsible for current disasters and our pain and suffering in Iran, but they are the main responsible for any foreign attack or any war in the name of nuclear issue. They are the main responsible for destroying Iran and keeping Iran week and unfree, that is the main Enemy’s plan. Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries work for the Enemy (West& Mullahs)”. In these days, the witty Iranians joke about win-win situation and shit-shit situation, and say: ‘In 2009- 2012, the stupid West could choose a win-win situation, by caring about democracy and human values. But they -who hate democracy and humanity- chose the shit-shit situation. Mullahs could also choose a win-win situation by stopping themselves from suppressing Iranians and destroying Iran. But Mullahs chose shit (AN) and shit-shit situation, too. And now in their shit-shit situation, both sides/ shits, ie both Mullahs and the West, will go to shithole. When you eat shit and choose shit, you become shit and die”. In these shitty days, many Iranians say: The end of AN is near. [AN means shit]. The fate of the Jewish AN (AhmadiNejad) and AN’s aide (Mashaei) shows that the End of Shit is near. Those shits who created the 2009 coup will go to shit hell soon. The End of Shit is near”.

The West Anti-Iran Racism

May 18, 2013

“In these days, the US, the UK, Canada and the EU tell big lies and help the Mullahs and all anti-democracy groups. The fascist US Congress that even most Americans don’t like it or see it as the home of crooks and thieves, openly defends the anti-Iran Racism, the Jewish Nazism, the Islamic Communism, and all evil and anti-democracy forces. The US faggots have confused and badly reveal their true colors. As their media report: ‘Frustrated and [confused], US Congress [tries to force] all countries to stop trading with Iran. US Congress [refers to their anti-Iran sanctions as] the most draconian sanctions ever imposed’ ! Now, the American faggots say: ‘All countries should [obey us], and should stop their trades/ relations with Iranians. The US will ban sales of gold by anyone[!] to either the Islamic regime or to Iranian citizens‘! The Savage Americans that their brain is in their ass, helped Mullahs in suppressing Iranian citizens in 2009. And now, the Savage Americans that their IQ is less than pigs’ IQ, have confused and think that a bunch of American faggots can decide about the whole world, and can eat any shits that they want! US faggots should suck […] Go to hell […], savage Americans. Your End is near”, some wise Iranians say. And it’s like what many Iranians say. We have already written about “Sanctions and United States of Assholes” (check Archive). What the stupid Yankees say and do just disgrace and discredit themselves, and is not important. Now many clearly say: “United States of Ass imagines that all humans/ all nations are slaves of a bunch of US faggots?!”. But American Racism and US Fascism are important issues. As some wise Iranians say: “These years (2012/ 2013) revealed many things, including the secrets of the 2009 coup, the West’s anti-Iran plots, and the Western Racism/ Barbarism. The West and its mercenaries have become so shameless. ‘Inghadr Poro Shodand Keh’ (they have become so shameless that) they openly and shamelessly praise genocide and barbarism, and use their barbaric Bible to justify barbaric crimes against the Persian nation! ‘Inghadr Poro Shodand’ (they have become so shameless) that even the wise Americans react, and say: Our Jewish God is the God of Racism and Genocide !”. In this year, the US barbarians and the savage Jews say many barbaric things, that we should write more about them later. But as some wise Iranians say: “The savage anti-Iran Jews/ Yankees openly and shamelessly praise Genocide. They even praise ‘Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks, ie NUCLEAR ATTACKS‘ (April 2013) or write: ‘Could Tehran be the next Hiroshima?’ ! or ‘What Would Happen if Israel Nuked Iran’ ! (May 2013) The Jewish Barbarians and the Savage Americans are proving that they are worse than animals. The Savage West openly praises Collective Punishment and says: ‘All Iranians, ie ordinary (anti-Mullah) Iranians that the West betrayed them in 2009, should be punished! It’s not important that you are wise, nice, kind, or a great man; it’s not important who you are, what you do, how you live, what you think, etc; We punish you only because you are Iranian!’ And it’s a clear definition of Racism”. The West’s anti-Iran Racism and the West’s anti-Iran policies have changed many things in Iran. For instance, as some wise Iranians say: “The Nuclear issue is [a good example]. Before the year 2009, pigs like Ali Nourizadeh and Masoud Behnoud, or even Westerners said to Iranians: ‘The West has no problem with Iran. Iranians can have nuclear programs, nukes and everything. We just say that only Mullahs and Islamic regime, that are [blah blah] can not have nuclear programs/ nukes. The West says that Mullahs, not Iran, should not have nuke or nuclear program’. And Iranians could accept this logic, because they hated Mullahs and thought that the West is really honest and cares about freedom, democracy and human values. But the 2009 tragedies and the Western crimes/ betrayals revealed many things. Now, most people know that the West just wants to keep Iran weak, unfree and undeveloped. Now, the West clearly says: We don’t allow Iran and Iranians (not Mullahs) to have nuclear programs or any advanced technologies! In 2012, the Western faggots, that had helped Mullahs in killing Iranians in 2009, started to punish all anti-Mullah Iranians!, and clearly proved that the West is the Enemy of Iranians, Truth, Humanity, and Goodness. And now, Iranians clearly say to the Savage West: “Eat shit and Die. Iran and Iranians not only must have nukes, but even Mullahs must have nukes. Mullahs will go to hell, but our nukes and our advanced technologies will remain in Iran. The West can go to hell and fuck itself‘. It’s quite reasonable/ understandable. When the Racist West proves that the West is enemy of Iran and Iranians, but friend of Mullahs and anti-democracy groups; when the Savage West proves that the West hates Freedom and Democracy, but they love Tyranny, Censorship, Dictators, Terrorists, Marxist-Islamists, Monarchists, Islamists and other pigs; it’s obvious that all Iranians just spit on such Fascist West, and only can hate such stupid, Savage West. Now, it’s clear that the West’s anti-Iran Racism has a deep root in Ku Kluxism, Fascism, Nazism, Colonialism, and Barbarism”.


“If the US and the West cared about the Freedom and Democracy in Iran, and if the US and the West helped the Iranian people in 2009, or at least if the US and the West didn’t betray the Iranian people and the freedom and democracy in Iran, the Iranian people would have not seen the true colors of the West! The stupid West badly and stupidly revealed its true face, and made the people aware. The Western crimes/ betrayals is a godsend for Iranians and all good guys. Thanks God that our enemies are such stupid barbarians, whose IQ is less than pig IQ”, some wise Iranians say. The Anti-Iran sanctions in 2012, ie when the US and the West had already refused to impose any pressure on Mullahs in 2009 -when the Iranian people, that were in the streets, asked for it- showed that the West only wants to keep Iran weak and unfree. As the wise Iranians say: “The West opposed the anti-Mullah sanctions in 2009, but imposed the anti-Iran sanctions in 2012! What it means?! Even the little kids know what it means. The West is anti-Iran and pro-Tyranny. The West just wants to keep Iran weak and unfree. The 2009- 2013 era showed that the West has two main goals: (1)Iran should not be a free country, and Iranians should not enjoy Freedom and Democracy (2)Iran should not be a strong country, and Iranians should not have modern technologies and modern weapons, including nukes. But we, Iranians never let this happen. Iran not only must enjoy real Freedom and Democracy, but Iran must have nuclear weapons, and even weapons that are much stronger than nukes. The Savage West can be sure that Iranians will restore Great Iran, and sooner or later Iran will become a superpower again, as it used to be. And Great Iran, as the Cradle of Civilization, will not allow a bunch of barbarians and human-eaters (Adam-Khor) to hurt and exploit other nations. The younger generations of Iranian intellectuals and Iranian thinkers are much more wiser and smarter than their Western counterparts, and they know how to deal with a bunch of uncultured pigs in the West. The 21st century is not the 19th century, and a bunch of British parvenus and European upstarts cannot hurt and exploit humans“. The West’s bad guys stupidly try to prove that today’s West is still savage and uncultured. Now, the Savage Jews and the American barbarians openly praise genocide and barbarism! As some wise Iranians say: “A savage anti-Iran Jew like Jeffery Goldberg praises Genocide, and refers to Mullahs as ‘Leaders of Persia’ ! But his barbaric crap reveal many things. As Shaul M. wrote in ‘Iran as Haman: Jeffrey Goldbergs Dangerous Analogy’ (Feb 2013, Daily Beast): ‘Goldberg links the Purim story and its villain Haman to present-day Iran. Not only is this analogy dangerous and unproductive; it also misconstrues the Purim story. In the Bible (Exodus 17:8-16) we read of Gods command to commit genocide against the Amalekites. [In the rabbinic tradition,] Haman was considered a descendant of the Amalekites. Jews periodically try to link their enemies with Amalek, and say: Its Gods command to commit genocide against Amalek. In the biblical tradition, all Amalekites must die; men, women, and children! And If a Jew could identify an Amalekite walking harmlessly down the street, he should kill him in cold blood’. The savage Jews love the Holy Jewish Barbarism! But as you know, any books that praises genocide, racism, and savagery, is a Satanic/ Barbaric Book. If the Iranian people have serious problems with Mullahs, it has a clear reason: Mullahs ignore the ancient Iranian values like Tolerance. But the Christian/ Jewish fanatics are worse than Mullahs. They praise genocide, and say: ‘Sometimes genocide is a good thing! In some occasions, our God and our Bible allow us to kill all men, women, and children!’. But even Mullahs don’t say such barbaric things”. Recently, many write or talk about the Jewish Barbarians, but as some wise Iranians say: “Many people, even normal Jews write about ‘the chosen people or Jewish barbarians?‘ (M. Balter), but the West’s Ministry of Truth censor or boycott them. Now, most people know that the Jewish Nazi have polluted the world, and the End of Jewish Nazism can bring about the reign of freedom and justice, not just in the Middle East but in the whole world. The savage Jews -not all Jews- openly praise war, genocide, and savagery. They are a plague. The Jewish Nazi -ie pigs like NetanYabu, Barak, Goldberg, and Lieberman- are a plague that should be removed from the face of the earth“.


As the wise Iranians say: “The Savage Jews praise Barbarism and their barbaric Jewish Bible. They say: ‘The Bible says that God told Joshua and Israelites to carry out the massacres. ‘They devoted the city to the LORD and destroyed with the sword every living thing in it -men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys (Joshua 6)’. And the same claim is made today by the Jewish state. But the important point is that the American barbarians in the White House and the US Congress support and defend the Jewish barbarians and the Biblical Barbarism! The West’s anti-Iran Racism is based on the Jewish/ Biblical logic, that is a barbaric logic. The US-EU sanctions are not important at all, but the West’s anti-Iran Racism is so important. They say that we punish you, we hurt you, and we don’t allow you to do this or do that, because you are an Iranian! It’s not important that you are anti-Mullah, intellectual, scientist, wiser than westerners, etc. They say: It’s not important who you are, how you think or how you live; we punish you because you are Iranian! But it’s the clear definition of Racism, and there is a direct, serious connection between the West’s anti-Iran Racism, the Jewish Racism, and the Biblical Racism“. They also add: “The Savage West and the Savage Jews incite to War and Genocide. They openly talk about the Biblical Genocide and this shameful fact that their barbaric Bible allows them to commit genocide and barbaric crimes against humanity! This level of Barbarism in the 21st century is unbelievable. But the West Anti-Iran Racism is a Jewish-Christian Racism, that has a long history in the Savage West. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is a savage, racist organization in the US, that was founded in the 19th century. As Americans say: ‘the Klan lynched, ate, burned, tortured, raped, and beat the poor people to death, only because they were blacks. Klansmen were savages [like European/ British barbarians]. And there isnt much difference between the KKK and the Tea Party’. Klansmen are Anglo-Celtic barbarians, ie the Savage Americans are the descendants of European barbarians and British human-eaters. But the KKK and Klansmen are Christian fanatics, too. As Americans say: ‘Christian Identity’ is the name of a religious movement uniting many of the racist groups in the US. They promote racism and violence. Their roots are deeply embedded in movements such as the KKK and the Nazi’. It’s what Americans say in articles like [*]: ‘Christian Identity: A Religion for White Racists’ [2010, by Christian Research Institute]”. They also add: “The KKK is praised in the US! As Americans say: ‘Birth of a Nation’ (1915) is a racist film, based on a novel by a Baptist minister entitled The Clansman, an unashamed propaganda piece for the KKK. But this racist film was the first huge box office success in the US, and amassed the equivalent of $200 million! Birth of a Nation contributed to the second rise of the KKK. They had 4 -5 million members by the 1920s!’ In fact, Ku Kluxism in America, Fascism in Italy, and Nazism in Germany are the same shit, and even some say that Ku Kluxism is the root/ mother of Fascism and Nazism”. They also add: “Racism, Fascism and Barbarism has a deep root in America. The Native American Holocaust is more important the Jewish Holocaust. Those who created the Native American Holocaust said that they want to follow the Jewish/ Christian traditions of their barbaric Bible. Religious Racism & Religious Fascism are serious issues in America. The American Film Institute praises the racist Birth of a Nation as one of the greatest films of all-time! And it’s funny that the Savage Americans, ie the KKK and Christian fanatics see ‘Jews as the Great Enemy‘[*]. They have Pedar-Koshtegi (killed-father; deep hatred) towards Jews and say: ‘Jews killed Jesus Christ‘. They also believe: ‘Jews are children of Satan‘[*] It’s funny, isn’t it? But now, the savage Americans shed crocodile tears for Jews, and help the Savage Jews! Ku Kluxism, or the values and beliefs of the KKK is the root of US Fascism, and ‘Jewish Racism + Christian Ku Kluxism = US Anti-Iran Racism”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, US pigs -like David Cohen- say: ‘We try to increase pressure on the value of Iran’s Rial. US is working to undermine Iran’s Rial’. But it’s exactly what AhamadiNejad (AN) and Mullahs do. They aid USA in decreasing Rial’s value! If spies and non-Iranians didn’t rule Iran, Iranians could break/ cut the US horn [Shakhesh-o Mishkastim] and teach the Enemy a good lesson. But now, the Jewish Spy (AN) and the British Mullahs aid the Enemy, as faggots in exile work for the Enemy and prove: ‘Anti-Iran faggots like Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi, Nourizadeh, etc work for the MI6/ CIA’ or ‘RoozOnline and Balatarin are the bankrupt media of the CIA/ MI6’. Now, all anti-Iran whores reveal their true colors by helping/ praising the West’s anti-Iran Racism. And sooner or later, Iranians will teach a good lesson to the Savage West and all anti-Iran whores”.


As the wise Iranians say: “The difference between Iran and the West is the difference between Civilization and Barbarism. Even in today’s America, US Christian Fanatics teach Genocide to their innocent children and ask them to kill all men, women and children! [We have already written about this issue; check archive for ‘US Christian Fanatics teach Genocide’]. In America, Europe, and Jewish State, they still love and praise Genocide, Armageddon, Racism, Barbarism, and Barbaric crimes against humanity. The Jewish/ Arabic/ Biblical God is the god of Holocaust, Racism, and Genocide. But it’s important to note that the Iranian God is the god of Love, Goodness, Kindness, and Tolerance. It’s a key difference. In Iran, God is a synonym for Good, Love, Truth, Friend, etc. Iranians’ relation with God is based on love and human values. It’s so important. Iranians care about God, only because God is a synonym for Good, Love, Truth, and good things. [Check our archive for ‘Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance’]. Tolerance, Human Rights, or Seeing God as the Good, Love, Truth, Friend, etc is among the Iranian Legacy and Iranian gifts to mankind. But Genocide, Barbaric crimes against humanity, or Seeing God as the God of Savagery, Barbarism, Racism, Tyranny, etc is among the Jewish/ Arabic/ Western legacy. Many intellects -from Plato and Xenophon to Hegel and Nietzsche- have confessed to such facts. The Iranian values is the base of Human values, while the Jewish/ Arabic/ Western values is the base of Barbaric/ Satanic values. And it’s a key difference. Even the Iranian myths that belong to the ancient time, are based on the Iranian values, including Tolerance, Sympathy, Kindness, Goodness, Truth, Humanity, etc. It’s so important. Even in the modern world, there are many examples that can show you why Iran is the Land of the Good. For instance, Oshin (1983) is a Japanese serialized TV drama, which aired in Japan by NHK in 1983. As of today, Oshin aired in about 60 countries. Many know Oshin, but as the Japanese say: ‘In the 1980s, many didn’t know Japan had such poor beginnings .. Some Iranians thought the scenes of Oshin’s difficult youth were actually of the Japan of today and, according to NHK, ordinary Iranians inquired how they could send rice to Japan‘ ! And it says a lot about Iranians and Iranian values. Iranians watched Oshin in the 1980s – during the Iraq’s war. Iranians had a hard time in the 1980s, but they still cared about other humans, and wanted to send rice to Japan, to help the poor people in Japan! Anyone with 1% brain or 1% humanity knows what is means, and such a great nation is the Iranian nation. But the Savage West/ Jews desperately try to hurt such nation and the Cradle of Civilization. The West and the Jews are so ungrateful. Most good things in the West have Iranian roots. Even the non-Iranian scholars say: ‘While all other world powers persecuted and discriminated against the Jews (e.g. Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans and later Arabs, Germans, Britons, etc), the Iranians were the only world power who liberated and protected the Jews’. But the Jews and the West are so ungrateful”. We have already written about what happened in 2009, how the West betrayed Iranians, or how the savage Jews/ West tell bad/ barbaric jokes (check Archive for: “Zionists Pray for Annihilation of Iran”, “New Monkey Species found in USA, UK, & West”, “Ahmadinejad is a Jew, Holocaust Denier is a Spy”, “Iranian Legacy Confuses Arab Locust Eaters”, etc). The Anti-Iran comments in the mass media are so shameful. In the best case, the savage Jews/ Westerners say: ‘What Netanyahu says is what God wants from the US .. Iran is an Arab country. Iran is the worlds 5th most hated country in the world. Iranians deserve what they get”. Unfortunately, today’s West is turning into the land of the stupid Evil. As the wise Iranians say: “The Land of Barbarians and Big Brother (ie Britain), that has a very short history of civilization but a very long history of Barbarism, systematically tell big lies and systematically falsify everything. They are behind all barbaric crimes/ disasters in the recent centuries. They invented barbaric-Orwellian concepts like Scientific Racism. The Barbarian UK is a small island, but a great criminal”. They also add: “Now, the UK Orwellian media, from the BBC to the Guardian, badly and stupidly help their beloved Mullahs (from Khamenei/ Rafsanjani to Khatami) and all anti-democracy groups (from Pahlavists to Marxists/ Islamists). But sooner or later, Iranian thinkers will shed such light on the shameful history of Britain and British lies, that the term Briton/ English will become a global synonym for words like Savage, Human-Eater, or Big Liar”. All Westerners, all Brits, or all Jews are not bad guys. Many Westerners are not as stupid or uncultured as their bad guys. They say, for instance: ‘IF Israel strikes, Jews = Nazis .. Jewish State is the worlds 2nd most hated country in the world. So, Jews deserve the Holocaust and what they get! .. Educated people know: (1) Semites = Arabs + Jews (ie Jews are Arabs) (2) Iran is the land of Aryans .. Which countries are the world’s 1st most hated countries in the world? USA and UK ! .. WAR WAR WAR! That’s Isr-a-eli scream. Jewish Propaganda is worse than Nazi Propaganda .. Iran is an Arab country?! So, Britain is a Turkish country! Go see a psychiatrist man”. As ancient Iranians and today’s Iranians say: “Your race and your religion is not important. Being Iranian, European, Arab, Jew, American, African, etc is not important at all. Being a good human (Adam budan) is important“. There is no doubt that the US and the West are on the wrong side of history, and their fate is like the fate of all stupid bad guys. But I hope all good guys in the West and the world, can talk or think more about the West’s anti-Iran Racism and its roots. The Western Savagery or the Western Racism is an important, global issue.

United States of Lies: Orwellian West nears End ?

May 13, 2013

In these days, the West’s big lies, the laughable collaboration between the West and the Mullahs, and the severe internet filtering and implementing the IMF plans just before the 2013 Mullah Show are important and historic facts. As the wise Iranians say: “The 2013 Mullah Show is not important, and many Iranians [including us] even don’t want to talk about it. The 2009 coup assured all Iranians that ‘Entekhabat’ (Election) is meaningless in the Mullah system; and the Mullah Show is ‘Entesabat’ (Appointing). In fact, Mullahs just appoint one of Khamenei’s dogs to work as President, MP, etc and there is no election. But now, what the West says about the 2013 Mullah show is more laughable than what Mullahs do. In the pre-2009 era, Mullahs tried to reduce prices, or at least fix prices, before the Mullah shows. In fact, they wanted to create the illusion for some that Mullahs care about the people. But now, Mullahs cut subsidies and raise prices just before the 2013 Mullah Show !, and the West tells Orwellian lies like: ‘Iranians, specially the poorer people, still love AN and Mullahs ! [because Iranians love disasters !]’ But such stupid acts/ jokes just prove that both Mullahs and West know that Iranians have become aware, and hate the Mullah regime so much”. In these days, many Iranians say such things. We and many other Iranians don’t want to write about the 2013 Mullah Show, because it’s not important. But as many Iranians say: “Implementing the IMF plans just before the Mullah Show, or blocking the internet just before the 2013 Mullah Show [is so important and] just proves that Mullahs [and the West] have badly confused. The idiots try to block the internet just before the Mullah show, and stupidly show the world that the 2013 Mullah show is a very bad election show”. In Iran, even the little kids are aware of such things. But the important point is that the West, specially UK, US and EU, only try to help Mullahs by telling Orwellian lies. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, almost all Iranians know that the 2013 Mullah Show is a bad joke and is not important. But the collaboration between the West and the Mullahs is so important and so funny”. In these days, what the West and the mass media say about Iran are big laughable lies. As some wise Iranians say: “Just take a look at the Guardian, the AP, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, the New York Times, Reuters, BBC etc and see how the West tells big lies and helps Mullahs and Mullah Show with Bazaar Garmi (warming bazaar) and Dagh-Kardan Tanur (heating/ preparing oven) [both mean horse-trading, sales talk, deceiving, telling big lies, etc]. The British media and the American media badly try to heat up the 2013 Mullah Show by telling Orwellian lies. But what’s the results of such Bazaar Garmi ?!” It’s a good question. Anyone with half a brain knows that the 2009 coup has changed many things in Iran. But as the wise Iranians say: “The American/ British idiots still try to make a hero of a notorious bastard like Rafsanjani or AN, that everybody knows them and hates them. After the first noises, Rafsanjani’s official statement showed that ‘Kuh Mush Zaeed ! (finally Mount gave birth to a Mouse!). But it’s important to note that the West’s media censored Rafsanjani’s official statement ! and said nothing about it”. In these days, even average Iranians say: “Rafsanjani Project is a ridiculous game that only the West and whores like Behnoud and Ebrahim Nabavi care about it .. Rafsanjani, Khamenei, and their [Western supporters] are the same shit. Everybody hates them .. Rafsanjani wants to save the Mullah regime; Iranians hate him so much .. All Khamenei’s dogs are the same shit .. Rafsanjani is like or worse than Khamenei’s dogs … Sell-by date of AhmadiNejad (AN) and his team has passed”. But what the American/ British media say is like or worse than what the Mullah media say! Of course as the wise Iranians say: “When the US tells big lies and helps all anti-democracy groups, it not only makes the people laugh, but makes them aware. Now, many know that the American media are Orwellian media. And the US Orwellian media, from the Orwellian AP to the Orwellian New York Times, just prove one thing: America is turning into the Orwellian America; USA is turning into USSA. And the end of such Orwellian America/ West is near and inevitable”. In these days, many educated Iranians are following the Western media and what the West says about the Mullah show. They often say: “The Western censorship is horrible, but it forces many to know the West’s Orwellian media and the West’s Orwellian journalists better. Now, many know for instance how a [little rug man] like Jason Rezaian (born 1976) tells Orwellian lies and the Western mass media -from the Washington Post to the Guardian- publish his big lies. Now, many know a stupid little kid like Saeed Kamali Dehgan (born 1985) that works for the Guardian. Now many know how and why the stupid and immature kids work for the MI6 and the CIA. The stupid kids tell big lies, and show us how a little kid can get money/ ‘Ghaghalili’ (childish snacks) and become a whore/ agent for the Big Brother. The stupid whores and Orwellian journalists, from Jason R. to Golnaz Sfandiari, say a lot about the story of the CIA media, including Radio Free Europe (RFE) that even Hollywood makes movies [like the Company (2007)] about their crimes in Europe”. We should write more about the West’s Orwellian media and Orwellian journalists. But as the wise Iranians say: “The important point is that these idiots show that The West is nearing The End. Now, the main question is: Can America be saved from Orwellian Fascism, Corruptocracy, and Imminent Downfall ?”


The West’s anti-Iran Racism, the West’s big lies, the Western bullying, the Western censorship, etc are important facts. Those who hurt and betray Iranians, actually hurt and betray all humans and the whole world. As some wise Iranians say: “Many Westerners are so mean and stupid. They don’t care about our pain and suffering and how the West acts like a stupid Big Brother. But they pay the price of their badness. Now, their media report: ‘The FBI is asking Internet companies to build in backdoors for government surveillance’ !(May 2013) Now, their wise guys talk about ‘Journalistic Reputations for Sale’ (May 2013 [and 2009]) and say: ‘the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, the LA Times, the Atlantic, etc hold off-the-record sessions with journalists and politicians. They get money and [say what politicians want]’! And it’s American Journalism! In the United States of Lies, journalists and intellects are bribed and just say what the bad guys want. In the United States of Lies, they get money and defend the Islamist-Marxist terrorists (MEK/ NCR), ie the worst of the worst. In the United States of Bribery, if you bribe/ pay them, they even would praise Hitler, Bin Laden, Mao, Stalin, Pahlavi, Mullahs, etc. And it’s American Journalism/ Intellectualism! Now, even [the wise Americans] say: ‘Our journalists and politicians are bribed by the lobbyists and deep-pocketed pigs’. The end of such corrupt, Orwellian system is inevitable”. They also add: “The British- Western logic/ culture is the logic/ culture of Barbarism, Opportunism, Inhumanity, and Lies. And those who follow/ defend such things just dig their own grave. The West tests its Orwellian technology in Iran, but according to the Western media: ‘[Now even] Norway is considering a law to impose Internet filtering/ blocking !’ (May 2013) As Norwegians say: ‘[An act,] which makes it easier for the government to monitor and block file sharing websites at the ISP level, received broad support in parliament this week!’ (May 2013). Now, even Americans say: ‘According to CNET, the White House, US senators, and FBI officials ask Web e-mails, social networks, VoIP providers, etc alter their code to ensure their products are wiretap-friendly [!!]’ (May 2013). Now, the US media report: ‘All telephone calls are recorded and accessible to the US government‘ (May 2013, by Greenwald). They add: ‘The real capabilities/ behavior of the US surveillance state are almost entirely unknown to the American public because, like most things of significance done by the US government, it operates behind an impenetrable wall of secrecy’ ! And it’s the truth of the Orwellian US. Now, Americans say: ‘Every telephone conversation Americans have with one another on US soil is being captured as we speak’. They also add: ‘In the US, no digital communication is secure. All digital communications -meaning telephone calls, emails, online chats and the like- are automatically recorded and stored and accessible to US government‘ (May 2013). Many know the Orwellian Britain (the land of the Big Brother), but now even in the US, ‘every day collection systems at the National Security Agency (NSA) intercept and store 1.7 billion e-mails, phone calls and all digital communications‘, as Americans say (May 2013). According to the US media: ‘US government has assembled on the order of 20 trillion transactions about US citizens with other US citizens‘. In today’s USA, bribery (lobbying), big lies, censorship and mass surveillance are free. And in such systems, Freedom and Democracy is just an illusion”. In these days, the American media talk about “FBI’s Latest Proposal for a Wiretap-Ready Internet” (May 2013). They say: “the FBI and the CIA secretly Reading Your Email Without a Warrant” (May 2013) or “Encryption in [the iThings] can be broken by Apple” (May 2013). They also add: “Apple has created a backdoor for the US government. Even if you encrypt your data and your disk, Apple (and other US firms) can and will provide the government with a way to get your data” (May 2013) Such news say a lot about the Orwellian US. And we all should not forget that there is a serious connection between Iran’s conditions and America’s conditions, as there is a serious connection between between the West’s big lies about Iran and news like: “Prestigious US newspapers and magazines set up events to sell companies access to politicians” (May 2013) or “US government so desperately maintains a wall of secrecy around their surveillance projects: because they fear that people will find their behavior [Orwellian] and threatening” (May 2013).


As some wise Iranians say: “The Orwellian West and the United States of Tyranny and Corruption, is the main enemy of Truth, Freedom, Democracy, and Goodness. Recently, the US media said: ‘There is No Press Freedom for those who Report on US Dirty Wars’ (May 2013). They talk about ‘a Yemeni journalist, who Barack Obama has ordered Yemen to keep imprisoned ‘, and add: ‘Yemeni journalist Abudelelah Haider Shaye continues to be held in prison, not because Yemen decided to infringe upon his press freedom but because Obama and USA have demanded the government not allow him to be free‘ ! In fact, the US has become the main enemy of Freedom and Democracy. As the US media report: ‘[Yemeni Gestapo] was trying to recruit Shaye and have him work in the intelligence but he refused. So, he was beaten up and kidnapped [in June 2010] by [Yemeni Gestapo] and he was asked to shut up and be silent and not to talk about massacres. In January 2011, he was convicted and sentenced to 5 years in prison and 2 years of house arrest. Shaye went on hunger strike in November 2011 and support for his release increased. Yemeni activists protested in front of the US embassy and, finally, Ali Abdullah Saleh, was willing to release him. But he received a phone call from Obama who opposed his release [!!] In Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield, Jeremy Scahill provides further details about Shaye’. In fact, the US is turning into the main enemy of Freedom and Democracy around the world. Recently, the media reported: ‘The West Disappoints Azerbaijan Government Critics’ (May 2013) They added: ‘Democrat activists in Azerbaijan are so pessimistic about what they describe as the Wests lack of support for reform and the protection of basic rights’. Now, Azeris say: ‘It is clear that there is no support for our pro-democracy movement in the West‘. But in all parts of the world, including all parts of Great Iran, the West supports all anti-democracy groups, because the West just cares about barbaric values and animal laws. When ‘Obama is keeping a journalist in prison’, and when the West suppressed ‘the good journalists around the world, who are being killed, arrested, abused, tortured, imprisoned, politically prosecuted and sentenced to prison’, it’s obvious why even Americans say: ‘The message to journalists around the world is clear. The US is the Enemy of Freedom, [Goodness and all good guys]”. The West’s big lies, the West’s censorship, and the West’s ridiculous Bullying and Barbarism are signs of foolishness/ weakness. As some wise Iranians say: “Iranians will never forget and forgive the West’s crimes/ betrayals, but now even the Westerners say: ‘the US and the West sacrifice their long-term interests for short-term gains‘. Now, the West and their Orwellian mass media -from the Orwellian AP and the Washington Post to the Guardian (of Big Brother) and the New York Times- get money, tell bad-big lies, and try to help Mullahs and all anti-democracy groups. But what’s the fate of such Orwellian West and such corrupt system? History can give you the answer”. Now, as Americans and Europeans say: “1/4 of Americans aged 25 through 34 are now unemployed .. America has [only] about 2.5 million university students, while [Iran has about 5 million university students] .. UK government, trying to destroy the National Health Service (NHS) .. 1/4 of the children in the UK in 2020 will live in poverty .. EU is considering a law to impose Internet filtering ..College is too expensive now for most Americans, because governments have ceased to support it. Many Americans are saddled for life with college loans they cannot get rid of … UN Finds Little Appreciation for Human Rights Among US Businesses .. It’s a sad thought that our politicians [in the US] are so crooked that we have to ask the United Nations for help, but no one else will listen”. In these days, the Iranians talk about many things, such as: ‘The systematic collaboration between the West and Mullahs is [funny] … The UK and the West badly try to heat up the Mullah show! .. Now, Mullah regime has lifted a ban on the Reuters, allowing it to restart its operations! … When Mullahs kill and suppress Iranians, the Western media leave Iran ! but when Mullahs need propaganda/ big lies, the Western media restart their operations! .. Canadian faggots make love with Mullahs, Zionists, terrorists, crooks/ thieves/ killers/ rapists/ etc but at the same time, they shed crocodile tears for Iranians or Freedom and Democracy in Iran! Canadian faggots are stupid farters … Dictators help US/ Western companies. That’s why the US loves Azerbaijan’s dictator, Mullahs, etc … News sites in Malaysia face raids by thugs and blockage by Internet filtering. 2013 Election Farce in Malaysia is like the 2013 Venezuelan Farce … As Americans say: ‘US records all emails and communication so as to look at them later; A universal wiretapping by Big Brother’. And it’s the beginning of their End. Their fake Democracy has reached the end of the line”. In these days, as the wise Iranians say: “the American media and the British media tell big Orwellian lies and make us laugh. But their stupid acts and their childish lies just show that they have badly confused, and they are nearing the End. In the 1910s, the West waged World War 1, and helped their Evil Empire with savagery and barbaric crimes against humanity. Now in the 2010s, some of them talk about waging World War 3 !, but most of them know, and are truly sure that, who will be the real/ big loser, who is nearing the End, and war and savagery accelerate the downfall of whom. Their end is near and inevitable, and that’s why they have confused and reveal their true colors in a childish/ stupid way”. Think about it.

In 2013, Orwellian West says: 1000 = 75 Millions !

May 7, 2013

“In 2009, the UK and the US said: 1million = 24millions! And now in 2013, they say: 1000 = 75 Millions! Is it the true meaning of American Progress ?!”, the witty Iranians say. In this year, the West and the Western media remind many of “Ministry of Truth”. As the wise Iranians say: “Now, the West tells ‘Dorugh-e Shakh-dar’ (Lies that have horn!), aka Orwellian lies. Now, it’s the West that censors the news, falsifies the facts, tells big lies, and praises Bullying, Barbarism, Fascism, etc. It’s the West that openly helps all anti-democracy forces, from Marxist-Islamist terrorists to Pahlavists. Now, we all can see that Western Democracy is an Orwellian democracy, and Western Freedom is an Orwellian freedom. The story of Iran, Greece, Spain, EU, UK, USA, Canada, Egypt, Syria, etc show that Freedom and Democracy in the West is an illusion. But we, Iranians, want/ seek real freedom and democracy. And now we all know that the West is mainly and directly responsible for the tragedy of Freedom and Democracy and our pain and suffering in Iran and the whole world“. If you want to know why Iranians say such things, you should simply open your eyes! As the wise Iranians say: “If you want to know why the West is the Enemy of Truth, Freedom, Democracy, and Humanity, what the West does/ says about the notorious anti-democracy groups is enough for you”. In 2013, the West’s big lies are laughable and informative. So, in these Orwellian days that the internet speed and the internet filtering in Iran is horrible (and it’s a direct result of the collaboration between the West and the Mullahs), let’s take a look at some notorious groups and how the West tells Orwellian jokes like 1000 = 75,000,000:

Monarchists (Pahlavists): We have already written about Monarchists (Pahlavists). They are a small anti-democracy group that more than 99% of Iranians know them & hate them. Recently, as some wise Iranians say: “Pahlavists and Reza Papeh (Pahlavi) have officially declared: ‘Reza Pahlavi won our election by [only] 610 votes [!!]. So, he is the elected leader of the Iranian National Council [!!]‘ (March 2013). But as Iranians say: ‘Who cares about the old farts, known as Monarchists (Pahlavists). They make a fool of themselves. But who cares? They are bad jokes’. But when Iranians don’t give a shit about the old farts (Pahlavists) or laugh at them, the Orwellian West and their media tell big Orwellian lies. For instance, AP had an Orwellian report and said: ‘The son of Iran’s toppled shah becomes the spokesman for a nascent movement [!] The Iranian National Council [!!], brings together tens of thousands [!!] of pro-democracy [!!!] people from both inside [!!!] and outside Iran [!!]’ (AP, 2 May 2013) Can you believe it?! When even Pahlavists confess that Reza Pahlavi has only 610 fans/ supporters, AP and American media act like ‘Ministry of Truth’. In 2009, Iranians joked: ‘What does VOA stand for? Voice Of Assholes’. And now, Iranian joke: ‘What does AP stand for? Asshole Press or Associated Pigs (Pofyooz)‘. The Orwellian AP tells big lies about a self-appointed National Council, while Reza Papeh and his aide Abbas FakhrAvar -a notorious spy that lives in USA and works for the Mullahs, the VOA and the CIA- just reveal the secrets of the Orwellian US. Little turds like A. FakhrAvar can show you how Monarchists (Pahlavists) work for Mullahs and CIA. But the West’s IQ is less than zero and their self-evident lies like 610 = 75millions, prove many things. Some say: ‘It’s a shame that AP articles about Iran usually contain big Orwellian lies’. But a joke like 610 = 75,000,000 is not a shame. It’s […]”. We should write more about the Orwellian AP and the Orwellian US.


Islamist-Marxist Terrorists (Rajavists): We have already written about the notorious MEK that is a small, terrorist group. This group has about 5000 members and 6000 names like MEK/ MKO/ PMOI/ NCR/ NRC, etc! The Rajavi cult is a notorious anti-democracy group. They refer to themselves as Mujahed (Jihadi) or Marxist Jihadi, but the US and the CIA openly and shamelessly delist and support the Marxist Jihadis! As some wise Iranians say: “It’s interesting to know that each day the US media use one name as the name of the terrorist MEK! They try to cover up this notorious group and fool non-Iranians, and that’s why the Rajavi cult has 5000 members, but [6000 names]! About 3000 thousands of them live in Iraq (Ashraf Camp & Liberty Camp); the rest live in Europe and America. They have no access to newspapers, radio, television, or internet. No one can criticize Rajavi and no one can leave the Rajavi cult. Their cult is like a one-way street; you can enter, but you cannot exit! [We have already written about ‘The Secrets of Camp Ashraf’ (check Archive)]. But the US and the UK openly and shamelessly support such Islamic-Marxist-Terrorist cult, while 99.99% of Iranians hate them. In this year (2013), the Brits and the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom [!!] declares: ‘In Iran, the main democratic opposition group is the MEK (PMOI) [!!] Let’s once and for all turn to the Iranian people and welcome the MEK as the true representation of Iran [!]’ Can you believe it ?! The Orwellian-Barbarian Britain openly supports Mullahs, Marxist Jihadis, Pahlavists, and all anti-democracy groups. The British barbarians and the American neo-barbarians in US Congress openly and shamelessly support the Marxist-Islamist Terrorists (MKO) and even allow them to open Office in Washington, near White House! More than 99.99% of Iranians hate the MEK, but the UK and USA love and praise the terrorist, Islamist, Marxist MEK! Now the American barbarians in US Congress, including Dana Rohrabacher, say: ‘The MEK was placed on the US foreign terrorist organizations. But it was a mistake. The MEK is a secular and democratic group! Iranians love the MEK!’. American Barbarians and British Barbarians are really the same shit”.,, etc: We have already written about the so-called Iranian journalists/ activists in exile and their betrayals. As some wise Iranians say: “The 2009 coup and the 2009-2013 period showed that the so-called Iranian activists/ journalists in exile work for the CIA, the MI6, and/or the Mullahs. Now, Iranians and anyone with eyes open know that all anti-Iran media in exile! -from Balatarin, RoozOnline, Gooya, and Radio Zamaneh to Kaleme, Jaras and GreenVoice, have only about 1000 users/ managers, who are pigs and spies in exile. In this year (2013), all users/ members of a bankrupt cesspool like Balatarin or RoozOnline are about 100 whores that are paid to betray the truth. In this year, no one cares about Balatarin and its founder, Mehdi YahyaNejad -who is a Basiji faggot that works for the CIA- except the Orwellian West! The Western media still refer to Balatarin as ‘the popular Iranian website’ ! (BBC, April 2013). They still tells big lies about Balatarin and pretend that 100 = 75 millions!, and that’s why [we still write about this bankrupt cesspool]. In this year, most Iranians know pigs like RoozOnline’s founder, Masoud Behnoud, who is a notorious agent that has licked the ass of Big Brother (MI6, Savak, Mullahs, etc) for 40 years. Behnoud and his friends manage, control, and/or write for RoozOnline, Balatarin, BBC Persian, GreenVoice, ManotoTV, etc. They are about 100 faggots and spies that UK, CIA, and Mullahs pay them to misinform/ mislead Iranians and non-Iranians by telling big lies. In 2009, they destroyed the Green movement, because many Iranians didn’t know these pigs. But now, most Iranians know them and hate them. Now RoozOnline has started to publish big Orwellian lies in English! Their Orwellian crap like ‘Are Iranians Outside Connected to the Voices Inside the Country?’! (April 2013), written by an Islamist faggot, Taghi Rahmani, is funny. As Islamist whores and Behnoud’s protégés, Taghi Rahmani and his wife tell laughable lies like this: ‘Iranians still love the Mullah regime[!] Iranians still care about the election shows[!] During the 2009 protests, Iranians just wanted to help our beloved Islamic regime and our leader, Khamenei [!!] Foreign-based Iranian opposition [!] transformed the core demands of the people [!!] to forms of regime change‘ It’s exactly what they say. But such Orwellian bullshit appears on the first page of search results, if you google for ‘Real Voices of Iranians inside Iran’ !! Big Brother still loves the so-called journalists/ activists in exile, who are actively involved in telling big lies and helping CIA, UK and Mullahs. But while the number of these bastards is near 1000, the Orwellian West says: 1000 = 75 millions! In 2009, most of these 1000 pigs were worried about their beloved Mullah regime; but in 2012, they openly helped the anti-Iran sanctions and the Jewish Barbarians. They shamelessly helped the West’s anti-Iran Racism and the anti-Iran propaganda. They still have an active role in the West’s psywar, aiding the Enemy (West&Mullahs), torturing Iranians, and destroying Iran. These bastards, aka [the Mullah’s men] have a clear mission: Aiding the Mullahs and the West in Destroying Iran and Keeping Iran weak and under tyranny. They love Mullah Epic!, and defend the Mullah regime. And the West says: 1000 = 75,000,000!” God Bless Goebbels !


The Big Brother’s media (aka the CIA Media, the MI6 Media, etc): Unfortunately USA is turning into USSA. As some wise Iranians say: “Many Western media censor, boycott, and falsify the voices of the ordinary people. They are the Big Brother’s media. They are known as the CIA media, the MI6 media, etc. But the real tragedy is that many American media and Lefty media are among the Big Brother’s media”. They also add: “The 2009-2013 period is full of tragedies. But it’s good that the West reveals its true colors. It’s a godsend for Iranians and all good guys. It’s good that the Orwellian media like the Guardian (GU), BBC, AP, NYtimes, Washington Post (WP), Huffington Post, Radio Liberty (RL/RFL), Enduring America (EA), Tehran Bureau (TB), etc prove that: ‘In the West, Freedom means licking ass, censoring news, and telling big lies; and Democracy means bribery (lobbying), corruption, and brainwashing’. It’s good that the notorious CIA/ MI6 agents and/or Orwellian journalists like Scott Locus (EA), Gareth Smyth (TB/ GU), Jason Rezaian (TB/ GU/ WP/ etc), Golnaz Esfandiari (RL), Kamali Dehghan (GU), Leveretts, etc reveal the true face of the West. In their media, a rug man (Farsh Forush) like Jason Rezaian becomes journalist/ analyst !, and they publish his bullshit/ big lies in their mass media. A rug man (Farsh Forush) can easily sells his pen like his rugs, and that’s why the CIA pretends that businessmen are journalists or intellects !“. It’s a good point. When a rug man becomes journalist/ analyst!, tells big lies (like ‘Iranians love AN, Obama and US sanctions!’) and they publish his Orwellian lies in the Western mass media -from the Washington Post to the Guardian- it’s obvious why Iranians say: ‘Bayad Fatehe Qarb ro Khund’ (the End of the West is near). As some wise Iranians say: “In today’s West, telling big lies and praising the Big Brother’s agents is in fashion! For instance, in Radio Liberty’s ‘Iran’s Presidential Election Poses Dilemma For Voters’ (3 May, 2013), they praise Taghi Rahmani! In RL’s Orwellian report, Rahmani repeats Behnoud’s big lies, and says: ‘Historically, 40 to 50% of Iranians take part in any [election shows !!] 40 to 50% will vote [!!!], the regime will only add to that 10% [!!!] and make it 60% [!]”. In 2012, we wrote about “Iran Election Boycott and Western Media” (check Archive), and as some wise Iranians say: “In 2012, the turnout was about 10%, and the regime added to that 50%. In 2009, the Mullahs and the UK said that in some cities 120% voted for AN! And in 2013, they can say that the turnout is 130%! Who cares?! What they say is a bad joke; but the Orwellian collaboration between the Mullahs, the CIA/ MI6, and pigs like Behnoud, Rahmani, Abdi, etc is important and informative. Now, the CIA media and their beloved agents like Behnoud, Leverett, Jason R., etc say: ‘By not voting Iranian citizens could lose a rare chance to have an impact on issues that affect their daily lives’ !! (May 2013) or ‘People are very worried about the future. That could lead many to vote [!!]’ (May 2013) They try to pretend that the year 2009 didn’t exist! Of course sometimes they confess: “Iranians say that they refuse to participate in an election organized by an establishment with blood on its hands”! (May 2013) But they often try to pretend that Iranians are stupid, while Iranians have already answered to these idiots. In 2009, the Iranian people created a great Anti-Mullah Movement, that history will never forget it. The 2009 anti-Mullah movement is one of the greatest modern and peaceful movements in human history. In 2012, Iranians showed that they are smart and don’t become pawns in the West’s scenario. The 2011 UK riots, the OWS, the Canadian/ Greek/ Spanish/ EU protests, the Egyptian Farce, etc showed that how wise, modern, smart and brave today’s Iranians are. History will never forget today’s Iranians and their Wisdom and their Heroism. But the Orwellian West still says: ‘1000 faggots/ spies in exile = 75 million Iranians !”

Khatami and Islamists (Khatamists): We have already written about them and their betrayals. As some wise Iranians say: “The West refers to these cowards and traitors as Reformers/ Reformists! But they are great traitors to Iran and Iranians. They completely destroyed all hopes for a real reform. Good concepts like Reform was completely destroyed by Khatami and his friends. Khatami and Khatamists were/ are Opportunists and Charlatans, not Reformers & Reformists. They work for the CIA, the MI6, and/ or the Mullah Gestapo. Khatami and Khatamists only took advantage of our pain and suffering to keep the Mullah regime safe and to suck/ steal our wealth. In 1997-2009 era, the ordinary Iranians were killed and tortured, but Khatami and Khatamists became millionaires and billionaires! In 1997, the young Iranians created a great Reform Movement, and changed many things in Iran. But Khatami and Khatamists destroyed the people’s hopes. In 2009, the Iranian people created a great and historic Anti-Mullah Movement. But Khatami’s friends destroyed the people’s movement. Khatami is a great ass-licker/ traitor. The West loves him, because he is worse than Shah Sultan Hussein. In this year, about 1000 spies/ pigs supported Khatami, but the UK, the CIA, and the Marxists pretend that 1000 = 75 millions! They even tell big lies like this: ‘Talk of a possible run by Khatami has sparked excitement and hope [!!] among those who feel disenfranchised [!!] by the 2009 election and the repression that followed [!!] The desire for Khatamis return can also be seen as a reflection of the broader societal desire for cooperating with Khamenei [!!’]’ Now, the Orwellian AP says: ‘Khatami or Rafsanjani don’t want to risk the embarrassment [!!] of being questioned on their views or disqualified by the Guardian Council’ (May 2013). Khatami has been Mullah president for 8 years, and Rafsanjani has been Khomeini’s right-hand man, Mullah president, Mullah Parliament Chairman, etc for 30 years. Disqualify Khatami is a great embarrassment for the Mullah regiem and the West. But disqualify Rafsanjani = disqualifying the Mullah regime. Rafsanjani or Khamenei is a synonym of the Mullah regime. And now almost all Iranians hate both Khamenei and Rafsanjani. Recently, the power struggle between Khamenei and Rafsanjani has increased on an unprecedented scale, but the Orwellian West says nothing about it. They are worried about their beloved Mullah regime! The West loves traitors. But now, the ordinary Iranians see Khatami as a coward and traitor, and the Mullahs see Khatami as a ‘burnt piece’! Khatami has become ‘2-Sar Tala (Gohi)!’ (he’s in a no-win situation), and it’s the fate of all traitors. Khatami is a stupid bad guy. Mullahs wants to disqualify him, but he says: ‘We all should obey our great leader, Khamenei. We all should participate in the 2013 [Mullah Show], and help our great leader’ ! Khatami is ‘Past-o, Ahmagh-o, MadarQabeh’ (so stupid, mean, & motherfucker). And that’s why he firstly ignores Mousavi and people, but when Mullahs talk about disqualifying him, Khatami donates waste materials (Roghan-e Rikhteh) to charity ! and says: ‘When Mousavi is in jail, I cannot come!’. Khatami is a stupid bad guy. He has no balls, and even cannot say: ‘How dare you threaten me, your President for 8 years, with disqualifying! You must free Mousavi and Karoubi and all protesters form prison. And all organizers of the 2009 coup (from Khamenei to his AN) and those who killed and tortured tens of thousands of Iranians in 2009, must be tried‘. If Khatami and Khatamists said such things, many Iranians would support them. But Khatami and Khatamists are great traitors. They just lick the dictator’s ass and help the dictator (Khamenei) and his British employers, and that’s why Iranians hate Khatami and Khatamists so much”


Mullah Mafia and Marxists (Lefts): We have already written about the Mullah Mafia (check Archive). Recently, the US pigs and the Mullah Mafia talk about their Iran Project, that we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “The Iran Project is not a new thing. The 2009 CIA-Mullah coup was part of the Iran Project. The CIA agents -from Flynt Leveret to Reza Pahlavi- and the MI6 agents -from Behnoud to Nourizadeh- are parts of the Iran Project. Those who tell big lies, deny the self-evident truths, and praise spies and traitors, are parts of the Iran Project. A self-confessed Tadarok-chi (servant) like Khatami and a stupid agent like Jason R. are parts of the Iran Project. A deep cover CIA agent like Noam Chomsky and a self-confessed Imperialist like Brzizenski are parts of the Iran Project. The real Iran Project is nothing but: Aiding Mullahs and other spies, traitors, and anti-democracy forces in Destroying Iran and Keeping Iran weak and under tyranny. They have the same project for other countries; Just take a look at Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Greece, Spain, etc or how Mullahs implement the Enemy’s plans (ie IMF plans) amid the so-called Economic war. As you know, Chomsky and Marxists refer to IMF and WB as Imperialistic organizations! But now they praise the IMF-Mullah love affair. They even say: ‘Iranians love AN, Mullah, hyperinflation, & IMF plans’ or 1000= 75,000,000! because the Mullah Mafia in the West has about 1000 members! US pigs openly say: ‘Even if the sanctions did fail, why does our government have to tell the world that we have failed?’ ! (March 2013) or “Even if our gov and our intellects helped the Mullahs, why do we have to confess that we have helped them?’! US/ EU pigs are worse than animals. They have polluted our planet earth. They shamelessly help terrorists and dictators, or aid Mullahs in suppressing Iranians and blocking/ filtering the internet. Sometimes they confess: ‘About 45 million people out of a population of 75 million are now online, making Iran the country with the highest proportion of internet users in ME’ (April 2013) or ‘Iran has a very tech-savvy population’ or ‘Iran has a highly cultured and educated society’ (March 2013). But they sell Orwellian technologies like Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to Mullahs, and then say: ‘We are sorry for Iranians. With DPI, Mullahs can even limit the SSL-encrypted traffic’! (April 2013) The Orwellian West is really the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and all good things and good guys”

In these Orwellian days, the internet speed and the internet filtering in Iran is horrible. The Orwellian West, specially the UK, the US, and the EU, help Mullahs in filtering and blocking the internet. Now, if you read what we already wrote about the 2013 Plots, including 2013 Plots: USA and West Block Internet in Iran ?!, you can see why the Orwellian West helps Mullahs, tells big lies like 1000 = 75,000,000, and tries to silence the voices of ordinary Iranians. It’s so shameful that the West and the Western media censor the news, tell big Orwellian lies, and help all anti-democracy groups. As we said before, ‘If Iranians cannot use the internet and cannot update their websites [and if we cannot update this website once a weak], you all should know that the West and its mercenaries are responsible for it; and it’s a direct result of the Wests war against Freedom and Democracy in Iran‘. Now, the stupid Westerners ignore the West’s anti-Iran Racism, the West’s Orwellian lies, etc and say to Iranians: “Why are you so mad at us?”! They just show Iranians that the West is turning into the Land of the Idiot. Now the West and Big Brother try to block the internet in Iran and silence the voices of Iranians. Now you can understand why the poor Orwell wrote about systematic lies and systematic censorship in the UK and the West. As the wise Iranians say: “many think that Orwells Animal Farm is just a satire on USSR. But Orwell wrote an introduction to Animal Farm which has been censored/ suppressed. Orwell’s introduction to Animal Farm was about ‘Censorship in England‘, but the Brits censored it and stupidly proved many things”. They also add: “wise men know that Orwell’s 1984 is about the UK and systematic Lies and systematic Censorship in the UK. But do you know why George Orwell coined the term Big Brother?! Why Big Brother (B-B)? and B-B reminds you of what?” We should write more about the Orwellian-Barbarian UK, Orwell and British Censorship. But now, even the US is as Orwellian as the UK. In these days, the Orwellian US Congress and the Orwellian mass media in the US, including the Orwellian AP, remind you of ‘1984’, Goebbels, Stalin, Nazis, or USSR. Of course many Americans hate the US Congress and the American Fascists. According to a new survey in the US: “Only 15% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Congress” (April 2013) But most Americans know nothing about the Orwellian West and the Big Brother’s agents -from Chomsky to Leveretts. And it’s the real tragedy. As the wise Iranians say: “Today & future generations should know the Orwellian West and this fact that the main problem of Iran and the whole world is the Orwellian West “. And we all should know that those who are saying: 1000 = 75,000,000, sooner or later will say: 1 = 7,500,000,000 !

2013 Evils: Orwellian West, British Censorship

May 2, 2013

“History and today/ future generations should know this Orwellian West and how we live in an Orwellian world that is worse than 1984’s world”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “The 2009-2012 period and all Western crimes/ plots/ betrayals [that we have already written about some of them (check Archive)] show that the Orwellian West, the Evil, or the Enemy is really a euphemism for today’s West!”. We will write more about the story of the Enemy later, but as some wise Iranians say: “In these years, the British lies and the British censorship show that what Orwell said about Britain was not a myth. In this year, the wise Britons talk about ‘Orwellian laws and Orwellian Secret Courts in the UK’ and say: ‘Britain is on the brink of tyranny‘ (March 2013). But when the Britons talk about ‘Britains woeful censorship law‘, and when they see Britain as the censorship capital of the world, the West and the Western media are following the Orwellian UK, telling big Orwellian lies and proving that ‘Goebbels is an innocent child compared with the UK and today’s West!”. This year and the 2009- 2012 era can show you why Iranians say such things. As some wise Iranians say: “The Iranian people are using the F words and cursing AN and Mullahs for raising prices and implementing IMF plans. Iranians are so angry at AN and Mullahs. But do you know what the UK and the West say about these facts? They censor the news, and say: ‘Iranians specially the poorer people still love AN and Mullahs’! They even praise war and talk about ‘Israels right to strike Iran’ ! or ‘the Western-Jewish right to wage nuclear war’ ! The UK and the West still believe that War is Peace, Barbarism is Civilization, Ignorance is Strength, Tyranny is Democracy, and Lie is Truth. Who can forget how the UK and the CIA published fake polls in 2009 and said that 80% to 90% of Iranians love AN and Khamenei! In 2009, the Big Brother’s agencies (BBC, ABC, etc) and the stupid spies like Leverett said that 1 million is equal to 24 millions! And now they replay the 2009 Orwellian scenario. But in this year, when Iranians see how the British/ American media tell Orwellian lies/ jokes, they just laugh and say: God Bless Goebbels! (Baz Khoda Padare Goebbels ro biamorze !)”. In these days, all Iranians, including us, can see how men and women curse AhmadiNejad (AN) and British Mullahs in public places. The story of cooking oil, cutting subsidies, and fake crises is not a hidden fact. But when all Iranians inside Iran, specially the poorer people, curse the Jewish piece of Shit (AN) and British Mullahs for cutting subsidies, raising prices, and implementing the Enemy’s plans (ie IMF plans) amid the Enemy’s sanctions, the British media and the American media say: ‘Iranians, specially the poorer people still love AN and the Mullah regime’ !! I don’t know whether you can see the depth of the tragedy or not, but as some say: “what the Western media say is like this: Many Americans, specially New Yorkers, still love Bin Laden and Al-Qaede !”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “The Orwellian collaboration between the Mullahs and the West is very laughable. In 2013 Iran, Mullahs and Khamenei say (to Iranians): ‘the West and the Western media, specially the British media [!] claim that our people hate this regime and the 2013 [Election Show]. The West says that Iranians hate us (ie Mullahs and AN)’. But when you check the British media and the Western media, you see that they only help the Mullahs! They just tell big Orwellian lies like this: ‘Iranians, specially the working class, still love AN and Mullahs’ ! The British media, from the Guardian of Big Brother to the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) badly try to heat up the Mullah show and to ignore the 2009 coup and how the Iranian people were brutally suppressed by the UK, USA, and Mullahs. The mass media and the Ministry of Truth in Britain and the West censor the real news, and tell big lies about the reality of what is happening in Iran. The collaboration between the Mullahs and the West just reminds you of Orwell’s 1984”. They also add: “The West’s propaganda machine declares: ‘Victory in the economic war demands winning the propaganda war, as well’ (Feb 2013). But the truth is that they should say: ‘Victory in the economic war needs spies and traitors like AhmadiNejad, Khamenei, Khatami, Behnoud, etc’. It’s the Jewish AN and the British Mullahs that help the West and their sanctions. And if spies and traitors stop helping the West and the Enemy, the stupid West will go to hell and fuck itself. The West knows it. The West knows that only spies and traitors can keep Iran weak and unfree, and if Iranians can get rid of spies and traitors, Iran will become a superpower again. The West knows that a free and democratic Iran will change the world and will not allow the savage West to hurt/ exploit human beings“. In these days, the bad guys have confused and tell many Orwellian- Barbarian jokes. But why? As some wise Iranians say: “The West and the Big Brother have really confused, because they know that the Iranian people have become aware. They know that Iranians hate all evil forces, from Islamists, Monarchists, Marxists, Fascists, and Fanatics to Capitalists, Colonialists, Imperialists, Zionists, Terrorists and other evils. They see that Iranians are Adam (Human), not Marxist, Fascist, Islamist, Racist, Colonialist, or any other ‘-ist’. And when they see that Iranians are simply tolerant/ open-minded good guys who only care about the Truth and the Human values, they really confuse! They know that Restoring Iranian values and Iranian Civilization is equal to the End of the West’s Evil Empire. And that’s why they openly show that the West is the Enemy of Iran and Iranians, and the friend of Islamists, Marxists, Fascists, Terrorists, spies, traitors and [other bad guys]. They have confused, and that’s why they stupidly reveal that the West is the Great Evil, and the main Enemy of all humans”. Think about it.


As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, the Jewish barbarians bark a lot and the American devils prove that the US is the number one supporter of the Jewish Barbarism, the Islamic Communism (MEK/ NCR), the Terrorism, and other evils. Now, even the West’s media confess: It’s the US that’s the rogue state. Now, you as an Iranian prefer to talk/ write about the Enemy, the Great Evil, the Jewish Barbarism, etc but the Mullahs and other spies and traitors that aid the Enemy, force you to reconsider you priorities. Now, even the idiots can see that the West just wants to destroy Iran, and that’s why the West just hurts the ordinary Iranians, but supports the Islamists, the Islamist Marxists (NCR/ MEK), the reactionary Monarchists (Pahlavist), and other terrorists and anti-Iran forces. Now, even Westerners say: ‘The US just wants to destroy Iran, and that’s why the US didnt support Green Revolution. US stooges (AN, Mullahs, etc) are destroying Iran just fine. The IMF helps destroy Iran by supporting AN”. It’s obvious that only the Enemy wants to destroy Iran, and only the Enemy helps destroy Iran. And in today’s Iran, even the little kids say: “The West only wants to destroy Iran”. Now even the normal Westerners, ie those Westerners that their brain is not in their ass, say: “Western governments intentionally help AN. Iran’s regime pretends to oppose the West, but follows the West-IMF dictates”. But most Westerners don’t know the true face of a fake hero like Noam Chomsky or an American baboon like Flynt Leverett. As some wise Iranians say: “This American baboon Flynt Leverett (born 1958) joined the CIA in the 1980s. He and his wife are CIA agents for more than 20 years. Their job is ‘telling big lies’ and aiding the Big Brother. The Leveretts’ bullshits are Dorugh-e Shakh-dar (Lies that have horn!) like this: ‘83.7% of Americans love Bin Laden and the KKK’. It’s obvious that pigs like Leveretts, Gareth Smyth, Jason Rezaian, etc tell bad and big lies. But both the Western mass media and the so-called alternative media praise such stupid bastards and their Orwellian lies!”. It’s really shameful and says a lot about the Orwellian West. As some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious that a stupid CIA agent like Leverett only serves the US interests. Even the normal Americans say: ‘Flynt Leverett comes from a very strong
national-interest point of view and emphasizes energy security
‘. The Leveretts have worked for the CIA and the AIPAC (Jewish Lobby) for more than 20 years. But Mullahs work with the Leveretts, and Chomsky and US lefts openly support them! Recently, even Americans ask: Are Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky too dumb to understand what is happening?! But now, Flynt Leverett and Noam Chomsky want to have a seminar on Iran at MIT on 14 May 2013! Apparently, Chomsky has lost his mind. He stupidly reveals that he is a servant of the Big Brother”. The 2012 Chomsky-Brzizenski show and the 2013 Chomsky-Leverett show say a lot about Chomsky, and we should write more about the story of Chomsky, Leverett and those fake heroes that serve the Evil-US interests. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Even Americans like John Coleman name Chomsky as a deep cover CIA agent. Chomsky is a millionaire, with a net worth north of $2,000,000. He is a hypocritical conman. Chomskys business is Misleading/ Brainwashing. He gives speeches on college campuses at $12,000+ a pop! Telling big lies is a legal business in the US, and pigs like Leverett and Chomsky earn much money being a servant of the Big Brother”. But the real tragedy is that many students and educated people in the US still care about Chomsky, the servants of the Big Brother, and the CIA agents. Chomsky helps Brzizenski and NIAC (check Archive), and it shows that Chomsky and Brzizenski are two sides of the same coin; but as some wise Iranians say: “Most Americans, even people like Richard Stallman, are blind and/or stupid. They deny the undeniable facts, and make a fool of themselves. And it’s the main problem of today’s America: Most Americans live like sheep, and most of the US intellects are blind/ ignorant, because (1)they are stupid; or (2)they are poisoned with money“. The real US intellects, like the late Howard Zinn, said: “In the US, journalists and intellects are poisoned with money”. And now, as some wise Iranians say: “Chomsky openly defends Gaddafi, Chavez, Assad, NIAC, Islamists, Terrorists, Dictators, etc but no one ask him: ‘Hey you the
American-Jewish faggot, why you (Chomsky) work with a notorious agent like Leverett, who tells big lies and works for the CIA and the AIPAC?! Why you say nothing about the 2009 coup and this fact that the Mullah regime implemented the IMF plans after the 2009 coup? Hey you the motherf-u-c-ker Jew, why you (Chomsky), Gary Sick, Brezizenski and US Marxists/ Imperialists support NIAC, Mullahs and Dictators?! It’s funny that both Marxists and Imperialists help the Big Brother’s stooges, and tell Orwellian jokes like this: ‘Talk of a possible run by Khatami has sparked excitement and hope [!!] among those who feel disenfranchised [!!] by the 2009 election and the repression that followed [!!] The desire for Khatami’s return can also be seen as a reflection of the broader societal desire for cooperating with Khamenei [!!’] The Marxists and Chomsky support NIAC, while Trita Persia (NIAC) is a pupil of Brezizenski and Imperialists! In March 2013, Trita Parsi wrote: ‘The Ball is in Irans Court [!]. The atmosphere at the first negotiation round under the Obama administration in October 2009 [ie when the Iranian people were being killed in the streets] was very positive [!] But the optimism after Geneva lasted only […] Whether Almaty will meet the same fate as Geneva depends on Tehran. The ball is in Irans court’ ! There is no doubt that the CIA (Flyent Leverett, Gary Sick, etc), NIAC (Trita Parsi), AIC (Hooshang Amirahmadi), etc just serve the Evil-US interests. Their job is ‘Telling big lies and helping the Evil Empire’. But the main question is that why Noam Chomsky help them and their goals? and why many Americans still care about a fake hero like Chomsky? Yah, it’s not good that Chomsky works for the Big Brother. Many Americans think that this fact is scary. But you cannot deny the truth, tell big lies, or live like sheep, because you think the truth is scary”. Think about it.


“In these days, AN and the coup government try to raise the price of staple goods, from cooking oil to gasoline. Khamenei allows his AN and his coup government to implement the Enemy’s plans (ie IMF plans) amid the Enemy’s sanctions, and it’s a great and historic treason. Only spies and a puppet regime can allow a Jewish spy to implement the enemys plans, and to aid the enemy amid the so-called Economic War. The Mullahs steal the oil money and import Porsches and luxurious goods by our oil money, but at the same time, they raise the price of staple goods! The Basiji crooks and the Islamist thieves steal the oil money form the people, but the West, the Marxists (Lefts), and the fucking Chomsky defend the regime of crooks and thieves. Now, almost all Iranians know that the Islamic crooks import/ buy goods for the official rate (1200 Toman) but sell their imported goods at open market rates (3600 Toman)!, ie the Mullah thieves sell their goods at 300% profit! But the West and the Lefts love the regime of crooks and thieves. Now, even the Western media confess: the West has decided to blackmail 75 million Iranians‘ ! In fact, the West and the Marxists (Lefts) are the Enemy of the Truth and good guys”, some wise Iranians say. It’s really shameful that even the Mullah newspapers warn that a new wave of price hikes is stirring greater discontent, but the British media censor the news, and say that the Iranian people and the poorer people still love AN and Mullahs! The British Censorship is really the worst Orwellian censorship in the world. In this year (2013) -like the year 2009- when the Guardian (of Big Brother) and other British-Orwellian media started to censor and falsify the voices of Iranians inside Iran, the wise Iranians said: “It’s mad mad West. It’s the true face of the savage West. It’s savage savage West. It’s the truth of the Orwellian West. It’s Orwellian Orwellian West”. And now, many can see that the West is really as Orwellian as Britain. As some wise Iranians say: “Pistachio, as a 100% domestic product, and the story of Gold and gold price that decreased form $1700 to $1400 (and Iran’s gold price had to decrease at least 3,500,000 Rial, but the Mullahs didn’t let it happen) can show you many things. The Mullahs intentionally raise the prices and implement the IMF plans, but the Orwellian West says: ‘Iran’s economy declines as sanctions bite … but the exact cause for the rapid rise in prices remains unclear !!”. In these days, the West and their spies expose themselves to ridicule, and it’s funny and informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, the Jewish Spy (AN) threatens to reveal the connection of Mullahs (Khamenei, Asgarouladis, etc) with the British Embassy in Tehran and the British pigs in London! But almost all Iranians already knew that Mullahs and Khamenei are British agents. Now, many ask: ‘Why do Mullahs create hyperinflation and implement IMF Plans just before the 2013 Mullah Show?!’, and many answer: ‘Because the West and the Mullahs know that Iranians hate the Mullah regime so much, and no one gives a shit about the Mullah Show’. In fact, the Iranian people know why the West tells big lies about the 2013 Mullah Show and Implementing the IMF plans in Iran. What the US, the UK, and the West say/ do in 2013 is a very stupid version of the 2009 scenario”. As you know, events in history can reappear, but the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. And now, the Orwellian West has become a bad farce. Now, even the little kids say: “Staples have doubled in prices, not because of the sanctions, but because the Jewish piece of shit (AN) implements the IMF plans in Iran”. In this year (2013), as some wise Iranians say: “when you tell Iranians that the British media claim: ‘AN measures has maintained his popularity among Iranians’, the Iranian people think that you are kidding! But when you tell them that it’s exactly what the British media say, the Iranian people say many interesting things about the motherfucker Brits that [are better left unsaid]. In this year, when you tell Iranians that the British media and the US media talk about ‘ANs base in the working class [!]’ or ‘Iranian societal desire for cooperating with Khamenei’ [!], Iranians say: ‘It’s a joke; isn’t it?!’ But when you tell them that it’s not a joke, they […] !’ In this year, when you tell the ordinary Iranians that the British-American faggots say: ‘USA imposes sanctions in hopes that Iranian citizens start a revolution to overthrow their government’ !! The average Iranians laugh and say: ‘Don’t tell stupid jokes [K..sher]! When Iranian citizens were in the streets and had started a revolution to overthrow this government, and were killed in the streets, what US faggots did ?! The evil Obama and US faggots only helped the Mullahs in killing/ suppressing us, and showed that the US/ the West is the Enemy of the Iranian people and Freedom and Progress in Iran‘. In fact, today’s Iranians are not stupid”. Yah, it’s the West and their Orwellian media that are so stupid. They openly praise the West’s anti-Iran Racism, war, bullying, and inhumanity, and show that the West is the Enemy of human values. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the Mullah media say: ‘91.5% of Iranians disapproved of AhmadiNejads economic policies‘ ! or ‘Why AN and his government just tries to help the Western sanctions, instead of solving problems and reducing prices?’. But the West and the Lefts follow Goebbels and Britain, and say: ‘Iranians still love AN and the Mullah regime’ ! or ‘Victory in the economic war demands winning the propaganda war, as well’ ! And it says a lot about the Orwellian West and the West’s Ministry of Truth”. Think about it.