Why Mullahs Aid the Enemy amid Economic War ?!

April 26, 2013

“The Mullahs are Aiding the Enemy, and it’s not conspiracy theory. Amid the Western sanctions, that the West calls it Economic War !, Iran should raise subsidies and decrease prices. Irans economic policy should strengthen Iranians and weaken the Enemy. But the Mullahs do the exact opposite of what Iran needs. They aid the Enemy amid the so-called Economic War! The Mullahs are implementing the 2nd phase of the IMF plans amid US-EU sanctions!”, many say in these days. In this year (2013), we wrote about “2013 Plots” and “How Mullahs Help West and Sanctions” (check archive), and now many say: “AhmadiNejad (AN) and the Mullahs just help the West and the Enemy’s plots”. We should write more about the Enemy later. But as some wise Iranians say: “In Iran, all humans and all nations are friends, and only a savage bad guy can become the Enemy. In Iran, the Enemy -from Saddam to European barbarians and savage Arabs- has always been a savage bad guy”. Aiding the Enemy is important to Iranians, including us, mainly because Aiding the Enemy is equal to: (1)Betraying the Truth (2)Betraying the humans and the Human values (3)Helping the Bad Guys. Iranians are friends of all normal/ civilized humans, but the savage bad guys (ie the Enemy) have always hurt Iranians. And now, as the wise Iranians say: “the post-2009 era shows that the Enemy exists and is the Orwellian- Barbarian West, specially ‘British Barbarians, Savage Jews, and American Barbarians“. Those who aid the enemy are traitors, and Iran’s history can show you why Iranians hate traitors so much. In the long history of Iran and Iranian Civilization, two factors have had a key role in hurting Iran: (1)Baradar Koshi (Killing Brother; when Brother kills Brother) (2)Treason. These factors have hurt Iran a lot, specially before the barbarian invasions -from the Alexander invasion and the Arab invasion to the Russian- British invasion. We should write more about Iran’s history and “the Role of Spies and Traitors in Contemporary Iranian History”. But as the wise Iranians say: “In the recent years, those who Aid the Enemy are Mullahs/ Islamists and the so-called Iranian journalists/ activists in Exile”. In this year, the Enemy (bad guys) is very active. The Orwellian West and their stooges try to block and screw up the internet in Iran. They tell bad jokes about the 2013 Mullah Show, Sanctions, Iranians, etc. They even tell barbaric jokes like this: “Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel stresses Israel’s right to strike Iran [!!]” (Yahoo News, 21 April 2013); or “Shimon Peres praises Baku’s stand in Iran crisis” ! (AP, 22 April 2013). I don’t know why they expose themselves, their Jewish Nazism and their American Fascism, in this way. I don’t know why they try to prove that the West is the Enemy, ie the Enemy of Truth, Goodness, Humanity, Logic and Iranian people. But today’s Iranians know how they should deal with the Enemy. As some wise Iranians say: “Today’s Iranians know how they should reveal the truth and reality of British Barbarism, Jewish Barbarism and American Barbarism. And now, when the Enemy has become so shameless (Dige Kheili Poro Shodand !), Iranians prefer to talk/ write about the Enemy, specially British barbarians, Jewish barbarians, and American barbarians“. But as the wise Iranians say: “When Mullahs and other stooges are aiding the Enemy and helping the anti-Iran sanctions, you cannot talk/ write about the Enemy. When Mullahs are implementing the IMF plans amid US-EU sanctions, Iranians only can talk/ write about those who aid the enemy & those who work for the enemy. Implementing the IMF Plans amid US-EU sanctions is a historic treason, and Iranians cannot forget and forgive such historic treason“. In these days, Iranians are really angry at both the Mullahs and their Western employers. The Iranian people are so angry, use the F words in public places, and show that the Big Bang is near. But the Orwellian West and their stooges still tell bad, big lies. So lets take a look at some news/ facts of these days, that say a lot about the Orwellian West and their stooges. These facts can also help you in finding an answer to questions like: Why do Mullahs Aid the Enemy? Why do the CIA and the MI6 love Mullahs and help Islamists? What’s the secrets of the 2009 coup? Why do Iranians hate Mullahs? Why the Lefts and the Big Brother love and defend Mullahs? etc.

“AN’s government reduces Rial’s value against Dollar’s value! It’s part of AN’s plans, aka [the IMF plans]” (Mullah TV, April 2013)

“Why the government try to raise the price of basic needs by 100%? Why the government tries to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans amid sanctions?! Why this government tries to make our people angry? Why this government just tries to help the Western sanctions, instead of solving problems and reducing prices ?” (Mullah Media, April 2013)

“Iranian meat and cooking oil prices surged after the government stopped providing foreign currencies at official exchange rate to importers of essential goods. Prices for other staple goods are also set to increase and inflation will quicken. ANs government has stopped allocating US dollars at the official rate [of 12,000 rials] to importers of staple goods, including meat, chicken, cooking oil, sugar and rice. Importers must now pay 25,000 rials per dollar. It’s part of [the IMF plans]” (Bloomberg, 24 April 2013)

“Meat is a domestic product. We produce 1,000,000 tons of red meats, ie 90% of our needs. Rice is a domestic product. We produce 2,500,000 tons of rice, ie more than 80% of our needs. Pistachio is a domestic product, and we produce 100% of our needs … The price of pistachio, rice, meat, etc is independent of sanctions and dollar’s value. But why do AN and his government raise the price of domestic products by 100% to 300%? (Mullah Media, April 2013)

“Sanctions in Iran have proved themselves to be effective[!] The Mullah regime is a calculating and a rational regime [!!] If sanctions continue to hit Iran hard, it’s very unlikely that Khamenei would choose to act out the rhetoric of ‘not giving in to western pressure’ [!] rather than rescue the regime [!!]” (the Guardian, 22 April 2013).

“Double-Digit Inflation Worsens in Iran. US sanctions are causing this !” (New York Times, 7 April 2013)

“It’s sadly funny that the Western media are worse than the Mullah media! It’s really shameful that the Western media and the lefty media censor the news and tell big Orwellian lies about what we all can see and feel them !” (people media, April 2013)

“AN’s government stops subsidizing imports of basic goods. The Iranian rial has lost more than 100% of its dollar value since 2010 as a result of AN’s economic plans (ie IMF plans). Now, even the Mullah MPs and the Mullah parliament say that AN’s economic policies just have exacerbated the impact of the sanctions !” (people media, April 2013)

“MP Ahmad Tavakoli was said to be begging Parliament for an immediate solution to the situation, saying: ‘People can no longer endure the rising prices. [People are so angry. The Big Bang is near]” (Mullah Media, 24 April 2013)


Iran commits suicide [!] Iran’s regime is imposing IMF-dictated austerity on the Iranian masses. At least 80% of [Iran’s economic problems] fall on government corruption and ineptitude. The IMF is 100% Western controlled, and Irans regime pretends to oppose the West, but follows the Wests neo-liberal dictates! The Mullah regime voluntarily chooses to impose IMF plans. The Western blockade has nothing to do with it” (Wake Up From Your Slumber, Oct 2012)

“Why Khamenei backs ANs plans in accordance with the IMF ?! One reason for the Wests continued threats to bomb Iran is that it legitimizes the greed and corruption of the Mullah military-industrial complex, that suck the wealth, further weakening Iran … That is why the USA didn’t support ‘Green Revolution’. Irans regime is destroying the country just fine. And the IMF helps destroy Iran by supporting Ahmadinejads lies (Wake Up From Your Slumber, Oct 2012)

The idiot left support the Mullah regime. The idiot left say nothing about the IMF-Mullah love affair, or even about this fact that AN is of Jewish descent. The idiot left say nothing about the Iran Contra affair. The idiot left censor the news, deny the undeniable facts, and reveal the secrets of the Big Brother and Chomsky !” (people media, 2012)

Iran commits suicide[!] The IMF knows. The IMF deals in lies, debt, and in increasing the gap between rich and poor. Western governments likewise intentionally help Ahmadinejad by supporting his lies, saying the crisis is not caused by the IMF plans, but by the Western sanctions” (Wake Up From Your Slumber, Oct 2012)

“The Jewish Spy (AN) that comes from a Jewish family, still tries to complete his Jewish-Western mission. In his last months, the Jewish spy (AN) is implementing the IMF plans amid US-EU sanctions! Only spies and a puppet regime can allow a Jewish spy to implement the enemy’s plans, and to aid the enemy amid the so-called Economic War” (people media, 2013)

“Iranian blood exported ! Mullah organizations store and export donated blood ! Even the blood that donated after the earthquake in the city of Ardebil were exported! They even sell the blood of people! without the knowledge of donors” (people media, April 2013)

“Here in this Islamic shithole, Mullah Moral Police beat and arrest our girls/ women for the fucking Islamic veil. But the US lefts praise this motherf-u-cker Jew (AN) and the AN-Chavez’s mother tango! … Fuck you, Mullahs; Fuck your Lefty-CIA supporters … Basiji thugs and Mullah Moral Police torture the Iranian men/ woman for touching the opposite sex! But the motherfucker Mullahs and AN […] Since the 19th century, Mullahs have said: ‘We, Mullahs, protect Islam’s Testicle‘ ! And now, AN and Chavez’s mother show you the true meaning of Islam’s Testicle !” (comments of the average Iranians in 2013)


“Iranian President [!] Under Fire For Hugging Chavez’s Mother. Iranian President [!] just offered his condolences to Elena Frias, Chave’s mother, during the funeral service in Caracas on March 8. But AhmadiNejad has come under criticism over comforting Chavez’s mother [!]. Several conservatives [!] have criticized AN and said that he violated Islamic laws” (RFE/RL, March 2013)

“In this Islamic shithole, all the women, Muslim or non-Muslim, should have Hijab. But AN & Mullahs […] Fuck Mullahs and Fuck their Arabic-Jewish laws … Lefty whores and Lefty media, that work for the CIA, praise the Jewish spy (AN) and say: ‘AN is so warm and gentle, such a sweet sincere’ ! In their lefty-CIA utopia, Chomsky and AN are great men! But they themselves, not us, should live in their fucking utopia … It’s good that this motherfucker Jew (AN) fucks their regime and their everything, from their beliefs to their Chavez’s mother !” (comments of the average Iranians in 2013)

“Lefts and the so-called American intellects say that IMF and WB are evils. When a regime or a politician implements the plans of IMF and WB, they say that this regime/ politician is a puppet of US Imperialism ! But when Mullahs implement the plans of IMF and WB, the Lefts and the fucking US intellects close their dirty mouths, and even pretend that Mullahs are anti-Imperialists! God Bless Big Brother and Noam Chomsky” (witty Iranians, 2013)

“Mullah Finance Minister, that [now he is in New York], says: ‘Iran’s inflation rate was now above 30% [!!], up from an official rate of 21% [!!] a year ago’. But some observers say the Iranian currency, the Rial, has lost up to 100% of its value in the past two years [after implementing the IMF plans in Iran]. Beef prices have doubled in Iran, but Mullah Finance Minister says: ‘I don’t know which butchers’ shop you used in Iran [!!]” (AFP, 24 April 2013)

“In the recent months, the inflation rate is more than 200% ! And the inflation rate in the AN’s era (from 2005 to 2012) is more than 1300% !. The average prices of basic needs have increased by 700%! AN destroyed Iran’s economy and severed the West’s interests. But the stupid CIA agents, from Leverett to Chomsky, say: ‘Iranians love Mullahs, because they love hyperinflation and tyranny !’ It’s important to note that Flynt Leverett wants to have a show with Noam Chomsky at MIT next month (May 2013), sponsored by MIT! God bless Goebbels, CIA, MIT, and Chomsky !” (people media, April 2013)

Year/ Price Gold Coin Grilled Chicken Pistachio (1kg)
1979 45,00R 100R 50R
1985 500,00R 1500R 800R
1990 125,000R 4000R 3000R
1997 450,000R 15,000R 13,000R
2000 600,000R 25,000R 30,000R
2005 1,000,000R 40,000R 50,000R
2010 4,500,000R 85,000R 200,000R
2012 14,500,000R 180,000R 700,000R

“Don’t underestimate Ahmadinejad … Ahmadinejad measures has maintained his and his governments popularity, especially among the poorer people [!!]” (the Guardian/ Tehran Bureau, 2 April 2013)

“In the AN’s era, the purchasing power has decreased significantly. Now, even the Mullah media report: ‘In 2005, a simple worker’s wage (per month) was enough to buy about 500 eggs. But now, in 2013, a simple worker’s wage is just enough to buy 150 eggs! In fact, the poor have become poorer, and the Islamic crooks and the Islamist thieves have become richer!” (people media, 2013)

“Iranian newspapers warn that a new wave of price hikes could stir greater discontent less than two months before presidential elections” (AP, 22 April 2013)

“Iranians have rebelled against nuts, and nut shop owners are only staring at piles of unsold nuts. The number of customers has dropped terribly … Pistachio has become another casualty of Iran’s sanctions-battered economy [!!] Pistachio prices have soared from about 260,000 rials ($8) a kilo last year, to 600,000 rials ($17) to 800,000 rials ($25) … But the exact cause for the rapid rise in prices remains somewhat unclear [!!!]” (AP, April 2013)

“The AP’s report, ‘Iranians rebel over price of pistachio’, was a stupid Orwellian report. They talk about their stupid sanctions, but at the same time, they stupidly say: the exact cause for the rapid rise in prices remains somewhat unclear. They don’t want to confess that the Mullahs help the West […] They say: ‘the boycott reflects the public dismay over inflation now at 30% [!!], ahead of the 2013 election’. But Inflation is about 100% to 200%, not 30% !” (people media, April 2013)

Item Price in 2005 (Before AN) Price in 2012 (AN’s last year)
Ajil (1kg) 35,000R 450,000R
Pistachio (1kg) 50,00R 700,000R
Sirloin steak (1kg) 70,000R 370,000R
Ground beef (1kg) 30,000R 180,000R
Chicken (1kg) 15,000R 70,000R
Small Car (Pride) 60,000K R 200,000K R
Bean (1kg) 6,000R 70,000R
Bread (1 Sangak) 500R 7000R
Tea (1kg) 35,000R 170,000R
Gasoline (1liter) 800R 7000R
Egg 500R 3000R

“In the AhmadiNejad’s era, the purchasing power of Iranians has decreased by about 600%. A simple worker could buy about 1800 breads per month in 2005, but about 300 breads per month in 2012! Many specially the poorer people don’t like AN’s policies. They believe: AhmadiNejad has destroyed Iran’s Economy” (Mullah Media, April 2013)

“AhmadiNejad is a national hero, Iranians believe [!!] Iranians inside Iran love AhmadiNejad and Obama [!!] They praise US and US sanctions [!!]” (Tehran Bureau/ PBS/ Washington Post (written by Jason Rezaian), November 2012)

“Powerful and mysterious, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei is Ahmadinejad’s most trusted adviser. Regarded as a pragmatist, Mashaei [AN’s ass-licker] has gained popularity among Iranian expatriates [!] AN’s aide, Mashaei, can attract support from Ahmadinejad’s base in the working class [!!!] He can also win support among Iranian nationalists [!!] (Washington Post/ the Guardian/ Tehran Bureau (written by Jason Rezaian), 24 April 2013)

“The CIA agents and the CIA media say that the Iranian people and the working class love AN, Hyperinflation, Tyranny, financial corruption and economic disasters! They say that Iranians love to be killed and tortured, because Iranians have come from Mars! But why, really why, the IQ of the CIA agents is less than zero ?!” (people media, 2013)


“Sanctions benefit [Basiji thugs]! An Iranian businessman says: There is enough hard currency to import pineapples and Porsches by [Basiji thugs], but not for wheat and basic needs imported by us! Their currency system is exploited by those with links to the political elite. Those with links to powerful officials have access to cheaper hard currencies, and sell their imported goods at open market rates! allowing them to accumulate considerable wealth. An Iranian says: ‘the West could have drafted targeted sanctions, but instead they decided to shoot blindly and blackmail 75m Iranians” (Financial Times, March 2013)

“The Mullahs are Arabs, not Iranians. This Jewish Motherfucker (AN) and the Mullah regime kill and torture Iranians, and sell Iran’s fertile soil to Qatar and Arab locust eaters, who are enemies of Iran … This Motherfucker Jew (AN) is enemy of Iran and Iranians, and just serves the Jewish-Western Mafia” (comments of average Iranians, 2013)

“In today’s Iran, most of the Mullah fans are non-Iranians, specially Arabs and Lebanese. Sometimes they cannot speak Persian properly!, but the Mullah TV pretend that they are Iranians! It’s so funny. In the Mullah system -the Mullah gov, the Mullah judiciary, the Mullah Army, the Mullah TV (IRIB), etc- many decision-makers are non-Iranians, specially Arabs! They are the sworn Enemy of Iran, Iranians, and Iranian Culture” (people media, 2013)

“The US would be much better off economically if it had a Chavez as president. And our human rights would be safer, too. Chavez famously violated human rights on some occasions, but he’s a human rights hero compared with Bush and Obama … I disliked Chavez’s friendship with Iran and Gaddafi’s Libya, but it was no worse than western support for the regime in Abu Dhabi [!] … US citizens thank Obama [!!]” (Richard Stallman, March 2013)

“The American paradoxes are bad jokes. The American lefts lick the ass of dictators and/or Islamists, and deny the undeniable facts. US lefts and stupid Americans lick Chavez’s ass and Obama’s ass, and show you why the poor Aaron Swartz killed himself, and why the End of America is near, and why America has become the land of the Asshole” (people media, 2013)

“Talk of a possible run by Khatami has sparked excitement and hope [!!], at least among that part of the Iranian population that feels disenfranchised [!!] by the contested 2009 presidential election and the repression that followed [!!] The desire for Khatamis return can also be seen as a reflection of the broader societal desire for cooperating with Khamenei [!!’]’ (LobeLog, 8 April 2013)

“The CIA media and the CIA agents say that the Iranian protesters still love Khatami and traitors to Iranians, and want to cooperate with Khamenei !! The CIA media are worse than the Nazi Media and the Stalin’s media. God Bless Goebbels and Stalin! (Baz Khoda Pedare Goebbels va Stalin ro Biamorzeh !) ” (people media, April 2013)

“Khatamists/ Islamists serve the West’s interests. Khatami is a stupid traitor, worse than Shah Sultan Hussein. In the Khatami’s era, traitors were as active as today. For instance, Katami’s oil minister said: ‘Iran doesn’t need the Oil’s refinery and the petrochemical industry. Iran should not produce petroleum. Iran (that has about 10% of the world’s oil reserves !) can import petroleum and petrochemical products’ ! The UK and the West love Khatamists/ Islamists, because they try to keep Iran weak, dependent, and unfree. They play the role of a Brake Pedal for Iran. In 2009, they clearly said: “Iranians should go back to their homes; the street protests is enough; Green Movement needs a brake pedal” (people media, 2013)

Ahmadinejad urges subsidy cuts as sanctions bite. Ahmadinejad appeared in parliament, urging lawmakers to allow government to cut subsidies amid the Western sanctions [!] Parliament suspended the 2nd phase of the IMF plan in 2012, saying that reductions in subsidies, which began in 2010, had contributed to higher inflation. Further cuts would harm an economy already battered by Western sanctions. But Ahmadinejad defends the IMF plans” (Reuters, January 2013)


“Khamenei allows AN to implement the IMF plans amid sanctions?! It’s his Hamase?! .. Khamenei is a British agent .. Khamenei’s economic plan is nothing but the British-Jewish plans .. Khamenei’s plan is a British plot for destroying Iran’s Economy .. If Khamenei allows AN to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans, all humans can be sure that Khamenei is an MI6 agent .. the BBC and the British media love Khamenei, because he serves the British interests” (comments of average Iranians, 2013)

“We have documents about the connection of Asadollah Asgarouladi with the British Embassy in Tehran and his political activities in London !” (The pro-AN Iran News Network, April 2013)

“The British Mullahs tell the truth about the Jewish Spy (AN) and his connection with the Zionists/ Americans. And AN tell the truth about the British Mullahs and their connection with Britain! God Bless all Spies and traitors !” (people media, 2013)

“Mullah highest-ranking official in the United States, Ambassador to the UN Mohammad Khazaee, and former US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Pickering met to discuss the future of US-Mullah relations [!!] Asia Society’s Vice President of Global Policy Programs, who organized the event, praised the Khazaee-Pickering dialogue'” (Asia Society, Feb 2013)

Mullahs offers to be West’s ‘reliable partner’ in Middle East [!!]. Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Mullah ambassador to the UN nuclear watchdog agency, said ‘the window of opportunity to enter into negotiation for long-term strategic cooperation with the Mullah regime, the most reliable, strong and stable partner in the region, is still open” (Reuters, 23 April 2013)

“This Nowruz was a Nowruz with F words! This Nowruz, you could see/ hear two special things in public places: (1)Silence (2)F words! In this year, when Iranians see Mullahs, Iranian expats, or western politicians on the TV screens, their first reaction is Using F words ! This year is a year with F words ! But it’s not a new thing. Iran is the oldest country of the world & the Cradle of Civilization, and the barbarians/ bad guys have always tried to hurt/ destroy the Home of Civilization (Iran). But the bad guys have always gone to hell, and Iran is alive, despite all barbarian attacks” (people media, 2013)

“Fuck you, Mullahs. Fuck your beliefs. Fuck your father/ mother. You, Islamic pigs have occupied our ancient country. Get out of our country, you Arab-Islamist pigs … Only the CIA and spies love this Jewish piece of shit (AN) … In 2004, we bought a pack of chicken 30,000 R, but now, we buy the same pack 160,000R! Fuck you British Mullahs; Fuck your beloved UK … AN, Chavez’s women, Mullah whores, etc just show you the reality of Arab-Jewish-British Mullahs” (comments of average Iranians, 2013)


“Americans are ignorant. Media is America education today, that’s why we Americans are [so stupid] … AN should be tortured for breaking the laws he represents. Oh. Wait. That only applies to the poor ordinary people in Iran !” (an American, March 2013)

“The US and the West help the Mullahs in blocking and filtering the internet, and silencing and suffocating the voices of the Iranian people. The West sells the filtering and censorship systems to the Mullahs, because Censorship and Suppression are among the Western values and the Western Humanitarian services !” (witty Iranians, 2013)

“Both the Mullahs and the West try to silence, censor, or boycott the voices of Iranians inside Iran. Both the Mullahs and the West hate the truth. If Iranians cannot use the internet and cannot update their websites [and if we cannot update this website once a weak], the world and public opinion should know that the US, the West, the Lefts, and the anti-Iran Mafia are responsible for it. We hope all good guys ask the American censors to Stop American Censorship” (our website!, March 2013)

“The US and its allies should undermine efforts by Iran to play up a false humanitarian crisis.Victory in the economic war demands winning the public-relations war, as well” (Bloomberg, Feb 2013)

“American pigs stupidly confess to their psywar, their big lies, and also the Mullah-made crises! US propaganda is like the Nazi propaganda. Only in less than 10% of their reports, the US media tell part of the truth !” (people media, 2013)

“Iran has 78 million people, with a median age of just 27. Iran has a highly cultured and educated society. The country is blessed with the world’s largest gas and oil reserves” (CNN, March 2013)

“It’s interesting to know that when you google ‘Real Voice of Iranians inside Iran’, you just find what the Big Brother’s media say about Iran! On the first pages of the search results, you just find the Guardian’s Orwellian lies about Manoto TV; the RoozOnline’s big lies; the Mullah media’ big lies; etc. You can google ‘Real Voice of Iranians inside Iran’, and see how the West misinforms and brainwashes the masses” (some Iranians, April 2013) [We will write more about this important issue later].

“Who aid the Enemy and betray to Iranians? pigs like Masoud Behnoud, his friends, and their media like RoozOnline, Balatarin, GreenVoice, Manoto TV, etc that are parts of the West’s anti-Iran propaganda machine. What Behnoud and his friends say in their media is worse than what the Jewish/ Arab media say. But the UK and the West support pigs like Behnoud, call them Iranian Journalists in Exile!, and refer to their anti-Iran cesspools of spies/ traitors as Iranian Media!” (people media, 2013)

“Coward or Traitor? Hard-right Americans, self-labeled ‘Patriots’, and those who have recently begun drinking ‘Tea’ at ‘Parties’, delude themselves […] But most of the Iranians in the US today are just plain Cowards, not traitors … Coward or Traitor; which one you are … We must now be the best humans we can be” (people media, March 2013)