Iranians Should Stop Anti-Iran Mafia, not Mullahs !

“The Iranian people are victims of the anti-Iran Mafia, and the Mullahs are just a small part of the Anti-Iran Mafia. The post 2009-era prove that If the Iranian people want to have a better life, a better future, a better world, and enjoy freedom, democracy, progress, etc, they should fight against the Anti-Iran Mafia, not the Mullahs. Iranians should stop the Global Mafia, not the Mullahs “, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Do you know when Tragedy becomes Comedy ?! When you live in Iran, and see how the British media and the American media tell big Orwellian jokes about Iran and Iran’s tragedies. It’s when you forget all tragedies and start to laugh at the Orwellian West. It’s when you think that you live in the Big Brother’s world, and what the poor Orwell said about the Big Brother’s Media Mafia in the West was not a myth. It’s when you can see how spies and Big Brother’s mercenaries try to control everything and brainwash masses. It’s when you can understand who was behind the 2009 coup, the 1997-2004 tragicomedy, the 1979 tragedy, the Shah’s comedy, and the tragedy of ‘Keeping Iran Weak, Unfree, and Undeveloped in the past 150 years’. It’s when you forget the current pains/ disasters, and see why the post-2009 era is the most important era in Iran’s history. In this historic era, the stupid West is badly revealing its true colors, and many can see the true face of the Orwellian West and the Big Brother’s media in the West“. In these days, the Orwellian West and the Orwellian media can show you many things. So, lets take a look at some of their Orwellian acts/ lies:

As the people media report: “In these days, the story of IMF plans and gold price in Iran is informative, but the Western media say nothing about it, and censor it. When the international gold price increases by 1% or 1$, the Mullahs raise gold price in Iran, and say: ‘We had to do it. We have a formula that connects ‘the Iran’s gold price to the international gold price’, and you all know it. Each day we calculate the Iran’s gold price by using this formula’. But in the recent days, the international gold price decreased by about 200$. And according to their own formula, the Iran’s gold price must decrease by 2,500,000 Rial to 5,000,000 Rial. But the Mullahs and the Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad or AN) just try to help the West, and deliberately don’t allow gold price to decrease in Iran! And it’s important to note that the Western media say nothing about such facts! They just say: ‘Sanctions work! Irans inflation rate worsened’. They don’t say that Mullahs are deliberately helping the West and sanctions, and Mullahs are implementing the IMF plans, and Mullahs deliberately don’t allow Inflation rate, Dollar’s value, Gold price and other prices to decrease in Iran. Just ask yourself: Why do the West and the Left say nothing about the IMF-Mullah love affair? Why do they say nothing about the story of Rial, Dollar, Gold, and IMF Plans in Iran ?!”. Think about it.

As some wise Iranians say: “Why do the lefts and Chomsky say nothing about this undeniable fact that the Mullah regime implemented the IMF plans after the 2009 coup? Why do the West and the Lefts see the disastrous results of the IMF plans as the result of US-EU sanctions, and no one says nothing ?! Why did the lefts and Chomsky try to defend the 2009 coup ?! Yah, stupid lefts and Chomsky work for the Big Brother. Even Iran’s inflation rate can show you why Iranians hate the Mullahs and the Jewish Spy (AN) so much. Iran’s gold price can show you that the inflation rate in the AhmadiNejad’s era (from 2005 to 2012) is more than 1300% ! But the Left and the West say nothing about such facts, and it’s important”. Think about it.

[Note: Gold Coin’s price in 1978 -before the Mullah regime- was 4,000 Rial !]

Year (in the Mullah Era) Price of Gold Coin (in round figures)
1981 35,000 Rial
1985 50,000 Rial
1989 95,000 Rial
1993 190,000 Rial
1997 450,000 Rial
2001 650,000 Rial
2005 1,000,000 Rial
2010 4,500,000 Rial !
2012 14,500,000 Rial !!


As the people media report: “The Jewish Spy (AN) that comes from a Jewish family, still tries to complete his Jewish mission. He tries to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans in 2013. In his new budget plan, the Jewish Spy is trying to reduce Rial’s value by 100%! and raise the price of everything -foods, medicines, gasoline, fuels, etc- by 100% to 300% ! The Jewish spy (AN) still tries to help the West. But when all Iranians specially the poorer people hate him so much, the West’s Orwellian media, including the Guardian say: ‘AN’s measures has maintained his and his government’s popularity, especially among the poorer people [!!]‘ (Guardian, April 2013). Can you believe it ?! The Guardian and the British media are Orwellian media. But if the Mullah regime allows AN to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans amid the West’s sanctions and the season for the Mullah Election Show, it just proves 2 things: (1) Khamenei is nothing but an MI6 agent (2) Mullahs and their Western employers know that the Iranian people hate the Mullah regime so much. In fact, the anti-Iran Mafia know the truth, and they desperately try to hurt Iranians inside Iran, and at the same time, they tell big Orwellian lies about the 2013 Mullah Show that no one gives a shit about it in Iran. This Orwellian policy, that is based on ‘Big Orwellian Lies’, is so stupid; and that’s why the Western employers of Mullahs say: ‘John Kerry asks for patience on US sanctions before Mullah Election’ ! (Reuters, April 2013). They know that the current conditions just lead to the Big Bang and show that the main problem of Iran and the world is the Orwellian-Barbarian West, and the British Mullahs are nothing but Stooges of the anti-Iran Mafia”. Think about it.

As some wise Iranians say: “In the recent days, the Savage Americans try to prove that they are worse than the German Nazi. As almost all US media report: ‘the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee adopted ‘Senate Resolution 65,’ stipulating that the US will assist Israel economically and militarily if the Jewish state wants to take military action against Iran‘ ! Can you believe it ?! In this year (2013), the savage Americans -ie a bunch of religious fanatics, crooks, fascists and terrorists- openly and shamelessly defend the Jewish Nazism, as they defended the Islamic Communism (MEK) in 2012. The savage Americans in US Congress just try to play the role of ‘Bad Cops’ !, but they reveal many things. In the recent days, the American barbarians even allowed the Islamist Communist terrorists (MEK/ NCR) to open Office in Washington, near White House! American barbarians that defend the Jewish Nazism and the Islamic Communism just prove that the End of America and the Fall of the bankrupt West is really near. American barbarians like Robert Menendez, Lindsey Graham, and Dana Rohrabacher can show you why the American terrorists kill the innocent people in Boston, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Colorado, etc. These neo-barbarians think like the KKK and live like their barbarian ancestors in Britain, who hated humans and ate humans. The American barbarians think and act like the British human-eaters and the German Nazi. In fact, the main enemy of a better world and a better future is American Barbarians and British human-eaters, who only understand force, and love and praise war, violence, racism, genocide, lies, slavery, savagery, apartheid, etc. US Congress is showing that the American Fascism is really worse than the Nazism”. Think about it.

As some wise Iranians say: “The West has become the Orwellian West, because their intellects even cannot see the main problems and deny the undeniable facts. Recently (in April 2013) Richard Stallman and other Americans wrote: ‘US senators are proposing even tighter sanctions on Iran, in the name of regime change. A few years ago, lots of Iranians wanted regime change, and were imprisoned and even shot for it. That doesn’t imply they will support this’. But people like Stallman still don’t want to accept the truth, and still resist confessing: ‘A few years ago, lots of Iranians wanted regime change, and were imprisoned and even shot for it. But we Americans (Obama, US gov, US lefts) not only didn’t support them, but we betrayed them and helped the Mullahs in killing and suppressing them‘. We Americans opposed the 2009 anti-Mullah sanctions, but imposed the 2012 anti-Iran sanctions! In 2009, America didn’t want to bring the Mullah regime to its knees, but now after the 2009 betrayals/ crimes, US faggots want to bring the Iranian nation to its knee!’ Unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant, blind, or so stupid. They even don’t ask themselves: “Why do US lefts and Chomsky support Islamists, Dictators, Tyranny, etc?! Why does Chomsky help Brezizenski and Mullah Mafia ?! [Check our archive] Why do US lefts try to help dictators in keeping their countries weak, unfree & undeveloped?’ Even people like Stallman refuse to condemn US Bullying. They just say: ‘Since these sanctions are largely aimed at other countries that buy Iranian oil, they will spark a trade war’ ! They don’t ask: Do the savage Americans think all humans are slaves of USA ? It’s really stupid that the American barbarians support war, genocide, injustice and other evils, but people like Stallman just say: ‘Does exposing US injustices (such as wars of aggression) harm the US, or help the US?’ Incitement to War and Genocide is a clear sign of Barbarism. The US has become the Land of the Idiot and the Land of the stupid Bad Guy, mainly because their intellects cannot see the real problems, and deny the undeniable facts”. Think about it.

As some wise Iranians say: “The inflation rate in the AN’s era is more than 1300%. And in his last year (2013), AN still tries to implement the IMF plans in Iran ! But the Lefts say nothing about such facts. They even don’t say that the inflation rate in the Rafsanjani’s era (1989 to 1997) was more than 400%, and the inflation rate in the Khatami’s era (1997 to 2005) was more than 100%! As you know, the inflation rate should be 1% to 5%, not 100% to 1300%! The Mullahs destroyed Iran and Iran’s economy with corruption, tyranny, mismanagement, hyperinflation, etc and severed the West’s interests. Iranians only can hate such regime and such disasters. Now, all Iranians -even the Islamists- hate AN and Hyperinflation & Financial Corruption in the AN’s era, but the American/ British media say: ‘Iranians still love AN ! His measures has maintained his popularity, especially among the poorer people’ ! Why do they tell such bad, big lies ?! Yah, the West and the Lefts love AN and Mullahs; But why do the stupid CIA agents, from Leverett to Chomsky, say: ‘Iranians love Mullahs, because they love hyperinflation, tyranny, and disasters’ ?! The Lefts know that AN implemented the IMF plans in Iran, and average prices increased by about 700%. But just take a look at the Guardian and the British media, or what the US lefts or Chomsky said and say in 2013/ 2012 and 2009/ 2010. They stupidly prove that the Big Brother’s Mafia is a global mafia that the Lefts and the mass media are just parts of it. Chomsky really works for the Big Brother and is as stupid as the Guardian that doesn’t allow Iranians to put or even see/ read any comments, but at the same time, they work with Tehran Bureau & NIAC, the notorious cesspools of the MI6/ CIA agents”.

As some wise Iranians say: “The American rights (fascists) defend Racism and Fascism, and the American lefts work for the CIA and defend Tyranny and Suppression! The story of Venezuela is so funny. Now, the Venezuelan dictators reject ‘vote recount demanded by oppositions’ !, and the US lefts support dictators, and show that ‘Coup’ or ‘Election Fraud’ is a synonym for ‘Lefts’! The Venezuelan faggot, Maduro, kill and suppress the protesters with the help of the stupid Lefts, whose leader is Chomsky. Maduro, Chavez’s ass-licker, stupidly says: I had 7.5 million votes, and my rival had 7.3 million votes! 50.6% vs. 50.4% ! So, there is no need to vote recount and I rush to declare myself as the winner and the president! The Lefts support me, and I kill and suppress the protesters with the help of US lefts, Obama and Chomsky. God bless Chomsky, Stalin, and Obama !’


As the people media report: ‘Spies and traitors to Iran and Iranians desperately try to heat up the 2013 Mullah Show, while Iranians inside Iran don’t give a shit about the 2013 Mullah Show. In these days, the West and its mercenaries tell bad jokes. For instance, they say: ‘Iran’s Presidential Election [!] Heats up [!!] as Reformist Rowhani [!] Enters Race’. Can you believe it ?! It’s exactly what an anti-Iran mercenary, Farhang Jahanpour, wrote in April 2013! He is an unknown spy that licks UK ass, and they introduce him as: ‘A member of Kellogg College, University of Oxford [!]’. Mehdi Rafsanjani reminds you of Oxford Uni, but apparently, many MI6 agents work for University of Oxford! In these days, the Orwellian West and their stooges say nothing about the reality of Iran, the 2013 Mullah Election Show and their so-called candidates, who are a bunch of notorious Basiji thugs and Khamenei’s dogs. The CIA/ MI6 media love Khamenei’s dogs, but almost all Iranians (more than 90%) hate them so much. The West loves pigs like Khatami and Behnoud, who are nothing but traitors to Iranians and Freedom and Democracy in Iran. But Iranians hate them”.

As the people media report: ‘In these days, the stupid traitors to Iran and Iranians, including Ebrahim Nabavi, reveal many things. After the Ashura Massacre in 2009-2010, Ebrahim motherfucker Nabavi wrote: ‘Iranians should go back to their homes, and the street protests is enough. The green movement needs a brake pedal. We should wait for a negotiation time, a deal time, a proper time, and if we wait, then in the near future Mousavi will go to Khameneis office and say: Im ready’ ! But now, we all can see that they go to Khameneis office and just say: Dear Dictator, we are ready for Licking your ass !. Now, the brake pedals and the bankrupt whores like Ebrahim Nabavi and Masoud Behnoud say: ‘Khatami Come and Save us! Khatami come and save Iran’! Can you believe it?! They help dictator, betray Iranians, and destroy Iran and the people’s movement, and then talk about Saving Iran! Pigs like Nabavi, Behnoud, and Khatamists are worse than Mullahs. Now, they say: ‘Khatami, we don’t freedom and democracy. Khatami just come and save us!’. They destroyed people’s movements and people’s hopes, and betrayed the freedom and democracy in Iran, and now […] But Iranians know why the West loves these pigs, call them ‘Iranian Journalists in Exile’ !, and pay them to manage the anti-Iran cesspools like,,,, etc. Khatamists and pigs like Behnoud and Nabavi betrayed the 2009 protests, aided the Anti-Iran Mafia and Mullahs, betrayed Iran and ordinary Iranians, and help the 2012 sanctions & the anti-Iran psywar. They just try to keep Iran weak and unfree. It’s their mission. But now, they are nothing but a bunch of bankrupt whores”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Hooshang Amirahmadi, known as Hooshang Mashang (Hooshang, the super-idiot !) wants to become the Mullah President! He says: ‘Why is Amirahmadi running for President of Iran? Because Elections are the most desirable road to a better future. Boycotting elections is very counterproductive and we all must encourage the voting population to participate in the Mullah elections”! Can you believe it ?! It’s exactly what Hooshang says in 2013, before the 2013 Mullah Election Show. But in 2011, Hooshang said: ‘Iranians participate in the elections, and show that they are stupid and deserve the Islamic regime‘ ! In Sep 2011, Hooshang Mashang had an interview with the VOA and said: ‘Iranians deserve the Islamic regime. In 1979, the majority of Iranians voted this regime. In 1996, the majority of Iranians voted Khatami. And in 2009, the majority participated in the election, and showed that they love Mullahs and deserve the Islamic regime. Iranians are stupid. They dont deserve to enjoy Freedom and Democracy’. [Check our Archive for reading more about Amirahmadi]. But as many say: ‘Faggots like Amirahamdi and Nabavi are bad jokes. Before the Mullah Election Show, they say: ‘We must encourage Iranians to participate in the Mullah elections. Boycotting Mullah elections is so
counterproductive. Mullah Elections are the most desirable road to a better future! All People must participate in the Mullah elections’. But after the Mullahs Election Show, they say: ‘Iranians are so stupid. They still care about the Mullah Election Show! Iranians participated in the Mullah election, and showed that they love the Mullahs and deserve the Islamic regime. Iranians are stupid, and dont deserve to enjoy Freedom and Democracy’ ! And it’s the CIA/ MI6 logic. It’s the West’s logic! The stupid MI6/ CIA agents, that their IQ is near zero, tell such jokes, but now even the little kids in Iran laugh and say: ‘Yah, protesting and boycotting is really so counterproductive for the Mullahs, the West and the anti-Iran Mafia !’.

As some wise Iranians say: “Iranians are not blind and stupid, and it has confused the anti-Iran Mafia. Now, Iranians know that people like Nabavi, Behnoud, Akbar Ganji, Abbas Abdi, Reza Pahlavi, Mehdi YahyaNejad, etc work for the anti-Iran Mafia, and are worse than Mullahs. These Pigs that their favorite job is licking ass and telling big lies, just show why the West love pigs and traitors, and give them money, visa, media, etc. In 2013, Hooshang Mashang (Amirahmadi), the stupid CIA-Mullah agent, says: ‘The Islamic Republic was formed as the result of a great peoples revolution [!] In AhmadiNejad’s era, a degree of self-sufficiency has been achieved and progress has been made in implementing the IMF plans [!!] And the good news is that the Iranian nation continues to remain hopeful of Islamic Reform inside the Mullah regime [!!]’ Can you believe it ?! It’s exactly what he says in his Presidential Campaign! You can check his website. Hooshang Mashang even confesses: ‘Some inside Iran have called me ‘a CIA agent,’ while some have labeled me ‘an agent of the Islamic regime‘ ! But Iranians see him as a double agent, a CIA agent + a Mullah agent! Even the expatriate Iranians know Hooshang Mashang (Amirahmadi) well, and hate him. But the Orwellian West and the US Orwellian media help pigs like him, and reveal the secrets of the anti-Iran Mafia”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In this year, the average Iranians say: ‘Whores like Masoud Behnoud, Ali Nourizadeh, Ebrahim Nabavi, Mehdi YahyaNejad, Abbas Abdi, Nikahang Kowsar, etc are traitors to Iran and Iranians … The anti-Iran media like Manoto, Balatarin, Gooya, RoozOnline are part of the West’s propaganda machine … most of the so-called Iranian journalists in exile work for the CIA, the MI6, etc’. But why Iranians say such things? In 2009, pigs like Behnoud and Nabavi were worried about the Mullah regime and betrayed the Iranian people. After the Ashura Massacre, Masoud motherfucker Behnoud wrote: Im worried. Im really worried. People should go back to their homes. We know how we should fight for our values, so please listen to us. We are not traitors; we will not betray to the martyrs blood. The street protests is not our solution’. But do you know what’s their solution and how they fight ?! The defend the Mullah regime; they help the anti-Iran psywar; and they clearly say: The Mullah regime is not bad. Killers, rapists, crooks and liars are not bad guys. We should forget the 2009 election fraud, and should participate in the 2013 election’ ! The West loves pigs like Behnoud and his friends. But now, almost all Iranians know pigs like Behnoud, and say: ‘Behnoud and his friends not only betray to the martyrs blood, but they betray to Iran and all Iranians .. Shits like Behnoud are MI6 agents, whose job is ‘Betraying Freedom and Democracy in Iran, and aiding our enemies”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Recently, the Savage Jews had a funny confession: ‘As [Jewish] Defense Minister says: If Iran gets nuclear weapon, it will change the world. We can’t let that happen’ ! (Jpost & Ynetnews, April 2013) Can you believe it?! The savage Jews are worried, because if Iran becomes a strong country – as it used to be- it will change the world ! They know that Iran and Iranians will not allow the Jewish-Western barbarians to hurt and exploit other nations. A free and strong Iran – that runs by Iranians, not mullahs & spies- will change the world, and that’s why the Savage West/ Jews desperately try not to allow Iranians to enjoy Freedom and Democracy. According to the Jewish media: ‘In a conference titled ‘Fighting for the Zionist Dream’ [!], Zionists say: ‘Only one country in the Middle East is and should be Democracy, and it’s the Jewish state, ie [Jewish Theocracy or Jewish Tyranny]” ! (Jpost, April 2013) The CIA/ MI6 media and other Orwellian media from the Guardian, the BBC, the Financial Times, the Telegraph, the Huffington Post, the AP, the Washington Post, and the New York Times to RFE, Trend, Enduring America, and other Big Brother’s media in the West tell big Orwellian lies about Iran, Iranians, the 2009 coup, the 2013 Mullah Election Show, etc, because the West doesn’t want Iran to have a free and strong Republic system. They think: ‘A free and strong Iran will changed the world, and we can’t let that happen’! But sooner or later Iranians and all good guys will change this shitty world”

As some wise Iranians say: “AhmadiNejad comes from a Jewish family, but the West and the Left say nothing about this fact. The West’s censorship, the West’s Orwellian lies, the West’s anti-Iran Racism, the IMF plans, the West’s bullying, etc can show who is the number one enemy of Iran and Iranians. Now, the West and the Jews openly and shamelessly incite to War and Genocide, and the Jews’ Incitement to Genocide is an undeniable fact. They clearly say that their barbaric Bible allows them to commit genocide! They openly say that the God of their Bible, that is the God of Genocide, allows them to kill all men, women, and children! The Jews’ Incitement to Genocide has a clear reason: The Jewish God is the God of Holocaust/ Genocide. The West’s God is the God of Savagery and Barbarism, and defends War (Offensive War) and Genocide. But the traitors to Iran and Iranians, from Akbar Ganji to Khatami, say nothing about the anti-Iranian Jews/ Arabs/ West. They just kiss the Mullah ass, the Arab ass, the West’s ass, and praise US censors and American Censorship! But now, even the average Iranians say: ‘Khatami is both a coward and a traitor. He is worse than Shah Sultan Hussein … Those who betrayed the Iranian people in the 1997-2012 period, are enemies of Truth, Freedom, Goodness, and Iran’. Iranians know that Khatamists are traitors/ bad guys, not Reformers/ Reformists. Idiots like Sohrab Arabi’s mother that betray the martyrs’ blood, just disgrace themselves. The ordinary Iranians are victims of the Orwellian West. But instead of protesting against the stupid West, the Iranian expats betray to Iran and Iranians, or ask about [‘Techno/ Electro parties in Iran] ! Recently, a small number of Iranian expats write about ‘Cowards and Traitors’, and say: ‘We are cowards’ or ‘We are traitors’. In fact, all Iranian expats are not so stupid. But the so-called Iranian journalists/ actives in exile are traitors to Iran and Iranians. They are part of the anti-Iran Mafia”.

As the wise Iranians say: “The West’s Orwellian media, even the story of the Guardian, ManotoTV, and British-Orwellian lies [that we would write more about it later] can show that today’s world is really a stupid Orwellian world. The Orwellian West tells big lies and just cares about spies, traitors and bad guys. The Orwellian- Barbarian West hates the truth and the good guys. The Mullahs or the Mullah Shows are not important at all. The main problem of Iran and Iranians is the West, not the Mullahs. The West and its Orwellian media tell big lies about almost everything, including Iran and Iranians. The West is the Great Evil and the main problem of Iranians and all good guys from all over the world. All Iranians and all good guys should know and should stop the West and its mercenaries, ie the Great Evil and the number one enemy of a better world and a better future”. Think about it.

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