What If Iranians acted like Jews and Americans ?!

The 13-Bedar (April Fools’ Day) is a good time to write about the satirical news, but as some wise Iranians say: “In this year all news are satirical news, and all days are Fools’ days! The Western people are systematically fooled and brainwashed, and what they need is a Truth Day, not more Fools’ days. How many Westerners are aware of the main problems, or even the following facts: Mullahs badly help the Western sanctions; the Jews and the West love bullying, war and genocide; USA and Mullahs exchange green signals; the UK badly supports Mullahs; the Guardian [of Big Brother] publishes Orwellian articles about Mullahs, Manoto TV, Masoud Behnoud, and other spies and traitors; the British media, from the BBC to the Guardian, are proving that they are nothing but the Big Brother’s media, that are controlled and managed by the unknown soldiers of the Big Brother[!] Many Westerners are ignorant, but anyone with eyes open can see that the West is a stupid bad guy. Since 2009, they betray the freedom and democracy in Iran, help the Mullahs in killing and torturing the Iranians, and use traitors and mercenaries to keep Iran weak and under tyranny. They openly bully Iran and Iranians. The Jewish-Western pigs openly say: ‘We want to bring Iran and Iran’s population to its knees’ or ‘Iranians should obey our orders’ or ‘Iran is a backward nation, and Iranians should be exterminated’. The Western-Jewish barbarians threaten Iran and Iranians with force, war, genocide, etc. And most people in the West are systematically brainwashed and fooled. But sooner or later, all humans will know the Western-Jewish barbarians and those savage bad guys that have always tried to destroy the Home of Civilization and the Land of the Good (Iran), but they have finally failed”. In 2009 and 2011, the West and the Jews betrayed the anti-Mullah Iranians, ie ordinary Iranians. And in 2012 and 2013, the West and the Jews threaten Iran and Iranians with force, war, genocide, etc. And it says a lot about the West and the Jews. Those who use bullying tactics and talk about ‘offensive war’, ‘genocide’, ‘bringing a nation to its knee’, etc are bad guys. But unfortunately, many non-Iranians don’t know why almost all Iranians, including us, strongly criticize the stupid West. As some wise Iranians say: ‘The Western idiots even cannot understand that Persian Tolerance is a sign of Greatness, but Western Bullying- Barking is a sign of Weakness and Savagery. The Western idiots even don’t ask themselves: ‘What If Iranians had said: ‘We want to bring US and America’s population to its knees ?’ or ‘We want to bring the Jewish nation to its knees?’ Only a few Americans ask themselves such questions. In Feb 2013, an American, Tom Engelhardt, wrote: ‘What If the Iranians Waterboarded an American? Imagine for a moment that the Iranians kidnap an American citizen from a third country. They throw him in jail without charges or a trial or a sentence. Over the weeks that follow, they waterboard him. They strip him, put a dog collar and leash on him. They hood him, loose dogs on him. Im sure I really dont have to go on. Is there any question what we (or our leaders) would think or say? We would call them Barbarians. Torturers. Monsters. Evil‘. But this American just tells a small part of the truth. If you want to know more about the truth, you should ask yourself: Imagine for a moment that Iranians say: ‘the US and the Jews should not have any advanced technologies’. Iranians impose the so-called crippling sanctions on the US and the Jews; from morning to night, they threaten to use force; they openly repeat the Nazi words and talk about waging war! they bully the US and the Jews; they openly support and delist the Islamist-Communist terrorists and other anti-democracy groups; their intellects (act like Chomsky) openly support the Ku Klux Klan and the anti-Democracy groups in America, and try to turn the US into an Orwellian, backward nation; they (act like the US and the EU) help the US system in killing, torturing, silencing, and suppressing the average Americans; they (think and talk like the West) say: ‘America is a backward and stupid nation. They deserve tyranny, fascism, and downfall. And we should only try to hurt them and take advantage of them’ or ‘The US should not increase the quality and quantity of its weapons; the US and the Jews should not have any modern technologies; otherwise we use force‘. But what would happen if Iranians do or say such things?! What you would say?! It’s obvious that Iranians have every right to be angry at the Barbarian West. Even if you want to forget the long history of barbarism in Europe and Britain, the recent years can show you that Iranians have every right to call the West and the Zionists barbarians. Savages. Monsters. Evil, Pigs, etc”. Think about it.


“The Barbarian West betrayed the freedom and democracy in 2009, and helped the Mullahs in killing and torturing the Iranian people. And then in 2012 and 2013, the Barbarian West openly and desperately try to hurt Iranians and keep Iran weak. They clearly say: ‘We want to bring Iran’s nation to its knees’ or ‘We should destroy Iran and annihilate Iranians’. In these conditions, it’s obvious that Iranians, as the oldest and greatest civilized nation in the world, just talk about the true colors of the Savage West, and try to tell the truth about the Barbarian West and its shameful history. A great and proud nation like Iranians can only shit and spit on the anti-Iranian pigs, who still think and act like savage beasts”, some wise Iranians say. I think the real good guys in the West can understand why Iranians strongly react to the anti-Iran Mafia. The so-called Anti-Iran Mafia are those bad guys who love the Age of Barbarism. These neo-barbarians openly and shamelessly praise “War, Genocide and Barbarism”! In Feb 2013, some Westerners wrote about the savage Jews and their barbaric comments. For instance, in “Iran as Haman: Jeffrey Goldbergs Dangerous Analogy” (that you can google it easily), an American wrote: “Jeffrey Goldberg links the Purim story and its villain Haman to present-day Iran. Not only is this analogy dangerous and unproductive; it also misconstrues the Purim story”. He also added: “In the Bible (Exodus 17:8-16) we read of Gods command to commit genocide against the Amalekites. It is common knowledge among those familiar with the rabbinic tradition that Haman was considered a descendant of the Amalekites. Jews periodically try to link their enemies with Amalek, and say: It’s Gods command to commit genocide against Amalek. In the biblical tradition, all Amalekites must die; men, women, and children! Haman is called an Agagite in the Book of Esther and Agag was the Amalekite king who was slain by the prophet Samuel. Goldberg links Iran with Haman and thus Amalek! In theory, if a Jew could positively identify an Amalekite walking harmlessly down the street, he would be mandated to kill him in cold blood“. It’s obvious that the savage Jews and the savage Westerners still love and praise genocide, and that’s why the wise Iranians say: “The ungrateful Jews don’t protest against the Jewish Nazi, maybe because as all educated people know, the Jewish-Zionist God is the god of genocide, tyranny, racism, savagery and barbarism. Now, the wise Westerners say: ‘Biblical analogies are like fire’, while they should tell to the savage Jews/ Christians: ‘Your Bible, that praises genocide, racism, and savagery, is a Satanic/ Barbaric Book’. The wise Americans say: ‘Goldberg wants to introduce genocide as an option‘. But they don’t confess that the savage Jews and the Western Barbarians are among the most savage beasts in our planet”. It’s obvious why Iranians react so strongly to the Neo-Barbarians. Imagine for a moment that Iranians say what Goldberg, Netanyahu, and other Jewish Nazis say. What the world and the mass media would say about Iran? It’s obvious why Iranians are now saying: “There is no doubt that an ancient nation like us must defend itself against those bad guys who wish to harm it, destroy it, or annihilate it. Iran must certainly have nuclear bombs and weapons that are much more powerful than nukes”. In 2012, we wrote about the Jewish Nazi and how the world reacted to the Jewish Nazi, the Zionist Hitler or his Red Line (check Archive). In 2012, public opinion showed that they hate the Zionists and the Jewish Nazi. But as we said before, the West, the UN, and all their stupid organizations closed their eyes to the Jewish Nazism. As some Iranians say: “Imagine for a moment that Iranians, not the Jewish Nazi, talk about ‘Red Line’ at the UN and repeat the Jewish Hitler’s bullshits. What the so-called international organizations would say?! Recently, the Barbarian West says: ‘We must insist now that Iran verifiably stop increasing the number and quality of its centrifuges’ ! (Wall Street Journal, March 2013). And the Jewish Nazi publish fake polls and say: ‘Most Americans think [like the fascists and the Jewish Nazi] and support war against Iran [!!] A solid majority of the American public [are like the Jewish Nazi and] would support a military action against Iran [!!]” (Haaretz, March 2013) And it reminds you of the 2009 fake polls, in which the US (CIA), the UK (MI6) and their mass media published the most laughable fake polls in history [that we have already written about some of them and some of the secrets of the 2009 coup (check Archive)]. But Imagine for a moment that Iran, not the CIA or the Jews, says the same things, or publishes the same fake polls and claims: ‘90% of Americans love war and praise genocide. 85% of Americans love the Ku Klux Klan and praise Racism. 80% of Americans love tyranny and support state censorship. 90% of Americans love bullying and praise exploitation and barbarism. 95% of Americans love their politicians and think and behave like their corrupt politicians. 90% of Americans are stupid bad guys, whose IQ is less than 50 !’. What you would react to such crap? But now, the US fascists and the Jewish Nazi act like Hitler and Goebbels, but most Americans are silent, and it’s really shameful”.


In these days, many Iranians talk or think about the West’s systematic lies, the American Bullying, the European Barbarism, and the Jewish Nazism. As some wise Iranians say: “Europe and Britain have a long history of barbarism and human-eating. Europe and Britain have been Human-Eaters (Adam-Khor) for thousands of years, while Iranians have been a great civilized nation. But imagine for a moment, God forbids, that the Iranians were like Europeans and Britons, and had a long history of barbarism, savagery, exploitation, colonialism, Nazism, Fascism, and killing hundreds of millions, etc. Is there any question what the West would say about Iran? From morning to night, they would […]” It’s a good point. As the witty Iranians say: “All educated people know that it’s the West, Europe, and Britain that were barbarians, human-eaters, monsters, evils, Holocaust creators, Nazis, Fascists, warmongers, etc. But the Western pigs still claim that Black is White! The West, as the worst joke in history, has no shame and no brain”. In this year (2013), the West and the Western stooges badly try to censor the voices of the ordinary people. As some wise Iranians say: “The Big Brother’s media, from the BBC and the CNN to the Guardian and the Huffington Post, only cover traitors and spies, and badly censor and boycott the voices of the ordinary people. Iranians inside Iran have no media, except the Big Brother’s media, including anti-Iranian cesspools like VOA, Manoto, Balatarin, RoozOnline, etc. The CIA and the Big Brother’s soldiers don’t allow the Iranian people to have any media or any serious websites. But Imagine for a moment that you are an Iranian. They hurt you, torture you, bully you, tell big lies about you, and censor and boycott your voice, and their intellects defend those who betray and suppress you! What you would think or say about them?! The West has no shame. In these days, their media report: ‘Oracle is blocking access to its sites from Iran. [Now,] any Iranian servers that are using Oracle will be unable to update their systems, and a visit to the Oracle’s pages from Iran gives the user the message from the following URL:
w-w-w.oracle.com/splash/rpls/embargoed.html’. They also add: ‘Google doesn’t allow the Iranian Internet users to use Google Reader‘ (Washington Post, March 2013) But imagine for a moment that Iran aids the US gov to block, filter, track, and unplug the internet in the US. What you would say?” Think about it. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Just think about the US-EU sanctions. Their media openly say: ‘We seek to block Iran from accessing non-Western banks and payment systems [!]’ But what If Iranians said the same thing: ‘We seek to block the US and the EU from accessing non-Iranian banks and payment systems !’ What they would say about Iranians ?! The West has both no shame and no brain. Now, their stupid media confess: ‘The US has reached the end of its ability to threaten more severe sanctions against Iran and countries doing business with Iran . America cannot impose any serious sanctions on countries like China, India, Brazil, Russia, Japan, etc without risking serious diplomatic, economic, and legal blowback”. Iranians are not blind and stupid. Some of them say: ‘Why US lefts and people like Chomsky and other lefty agents of the CIA say nothing about the IMF plans, the IMF-Mullah love affair, and this fact that ‘the Mullahs implemented the IMF plans, ie cutting subsidies, in the post-2009 era’ ? After the 2009 coup, the Jewish Spy (AN) implemented the IMF plans in Iran, and now even the Mullahs talk about: ‘aiding the plans of enemies’. But why US lefts and US pigs still pretend ignorance about the IMF-Mullah love affair, and the disastrous results of the IMF plans in Iran?”. Some Iranians say: “US assholes say: Iran can only use the funds to buy goods from its customers! Irans earnings have to be credited to accounts in countries that buy Iranian crude!’ US pigs think that all nations are, or should be, slaves of the US! By exacting collective punishment on the people of Iran, US faggots just show that they are like [the British barbarians]. But what if Iranians acted like Americans, and said that America and other countries have to bow to the will of Iran and Iranians ?! What you would say?”. Some Iranians say: “Cyber Terrorism is shameful. But the Americans openly talk about their ‘Stuxnet’ or praise the Jewish-Western Cyber Terrorism! Recently their media say: ‘The US has made a rare acknowledgement that it is developing offensive cyber capabilities. ‘Let me be clear, this defend-the-nation team is not a defensive team; this is an offensive team’, Gen. Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency, said’ (VOA, March 2013) But Imagine for a moment that the Iranians say such crap. What you would say or think? The stupid US has no shame and no brain. They clearly say: It’s we (the US) that say where the red lines are for countries who also have a cyber capability ! (VOA, March 2013) And it shows that the Americans are worse than pigs. The Americans cannot understand the human language. They only understand force and the law of the jungle!” It’s obvious why Iranians say such things, isn’t it? As some wise Iranians say: ‘American pigs badly suffer from Mongolism. Recently they say: ‘the United States will respond to hostile acts in cyberspace as we would to any other threat to our country! But Iranians have no right to respond to hostile acts in cyberspace as they should not respond to any other threat to their country! And it’s the American logic, that’s a barbarian logic”. American paradoxes are bad jokes. As some wise Iranians say: “Americans bark and fart, without thinking about its meaning or its consequence. For instance they bark and say: ‘Diplomacy hasnt worked; neither have sanctions. So lets give Isr-a-el the weapons it needs to do the job [!]’ (Fox News, March 2013) But at the same time, they fart and add: “But What happens the day after Jewish attacks?[!] The US doesnt want [and cannot afford to have] another Middle East War [!]” (Fox News, March 2013)’ The bankrupt US and the Jewish Nazi are bad jokes. They bark a lot, but at the same time, they fart and say: ‘There are two things we could do right now to avoid another Middle East war: (1) We should buy time [!]’ (Fox News, March 2013) or add: ‘Iran Oil Exports Seen Rising as US Sanctions Widen’ (Bloomberg, March 2013) The American fascists and their paradoxes are among the most laughable jokes in history”.


As the people media report: “Recently, the Western mass media talk about ‘Meeting between Obama and NetanYabu’ (In Persian, Yabu means ‘stupid mule’, and since 2012, many refer to Netanyahu as NetanYabu) But they add: ‘While Obama was expressing solidarity with [the Jewish Nazi], John Kerry quietly expressing solidarity with [the Mullahs]! John Kerry quietly issued a statement saying the US is strongly committed to resolving its differences with the Mullah regime‘. Kerry’s remarks came in a statement released on the first days of Nowruz. The American faggot, Kerry, said: ‘We are strongly committed to resolving the differences between the US and [the Mullahs], and continuing to work toward a new day in our relationship [!]’. But some American media say: ‘Obama gave Netanyahu the green light on Iran’ [!] (Fox News, March 2013) Their paradoxes are [so funny]. They say: ‘The Jewish state has the right to defend itself, but Iran doesn’t has any right [to defend itself]” ! (Fox News, March 2013). But what if Iranians acted like the Jews and the Americans, and said such crap ?!” Unfortunately, the Western mass media, from the Guardian to the Fox News, just tell bad jokes. We should write more about the Guardian and why Iranians say: “The Guardian is systematically collaborating with the CIA agents and the MI6 agents”. The story of the Guardian has become a long story, but as some wise Iranians say: ‘Many Western media are like the Guardian, and only work with traitors and spies. For instance, some Western media published a shameful article in March 2013: ‘Dont be fooled: Iran wants the bomb’. In this stupid article, an anti-Iranian spy writes: ‘During my years as an employee of the Iranian foreign ministry, I learned beyond doubt, that my countrys [!] wants to obtain weapons of mass destruction [!]’ This anti-Iranian spy that worked in the Mullah system as translator or ‘Abdarchi’ !, adds: ‘While at the Iranian foreign ministry, I served as interpreter for visiting dignitaries, I personally witnessed that Iranians [!] strongly advocated the idea of acquiring nuclear bombs for ‘deterrent purposes’ [!!] I interpreted as the Iranians [!] misinformed and deceived the inspectors. With such a history of producing weapons of mass destruction in the form of chemical weapons, why should anyone believe that Iran [!] is not intent on producing an atomic bomb?’. The Jewish Nazi introduce this unworthy spy as : ‘Ahmad Hashemi, who was born in Qom in 1977. He has a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and a Masters Degree in American Studies from the Iranian Foreign Ministrys School of International Relations. In January 2008, he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. [In 2009, he was a pro-regime faggot and a Mullah’s ass-licker]. He was dismissed from his job in May 2012’. The anti-Iranian spies and traitors, from the Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad or AN) and the Mullahs to Khatamists, Pahlavists, and the so-called journalists or activists in exile, all are aiding the enemy, telling big lies, and betraying the truth and Iran and Iranians”. As some wise Iranians say: “Recently, the poor Bradely Manning was accused of ‘Aiding the Enemy’! In fact, the US system sees the whistleblowers and the truth-tellers as those who ‘Aid the Enemy’ !, but they see spies and traitors as Journalists, Intellects, etc! The US is turning into the land of the stupid bad guys”. They also add: “The West and the Jews act like the Nazi and openly bark and talk about ‘Attacking Iran’. But at the same time, they fart and say: ‘Any attack on Iran would be unsuccessful and counter-productive’. The wise Americans truly say: ‘Persia (Iran) is the birthplace of a remarkable tradition of human rights‘. They also add: ‘Persians cared about the human rights, when [non-Iranians] were infamous as the worst human-rights abusers in the world, with little to no religious freedom under their tyranny. While all other world powers persecuted and discriminated against the Jews (e.g. Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans and later Arabs, Germans, Russians and other Europeans), the Persians were the only world power who actually liberated and protected the Jews. Cyrus the Great figures in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) is the patron and deliverer of the Jews. He is mentioned 23 times by name and alluded to several times more. The personage of Cyrus is unconditionally praised in the Jewish sources. Cyrus later even was considered as a messiah sent by God. Daniel was in the favor of Cyrus, and the Bible states that Cyrus issued the decree of liberation to the Jews, concerning which Daniel had prayed and prophesied. The edict of Cyrus marked a great epoch in the Jewish history’. But the ungrateful Jews are as uncultured and ungrateful as the European barbarians. The Jewish Spy (AN) and the Mullahs are anti-Iranian pigs, but the CIA, the Lefts, and the West pretend that these anti-Iranian pigs, that more than 90% of Iranians hate them, are representative of Iranians! In these days, the West censored the news of those Mullahs and Islamist thugs who tried to attack the tomb of Cyrus the Great at Pasargade, but faced a public backlash. As Iranians said: ‘These Islamist pigs should be hanged from their ass … the Islamists are the most anti-Iranian pigs in the world … the Mullahs are enemies of Iran and Iranians, and that’s why the UK and the West love them … and you should not forget that more than 75% of Iranians are 35-, and more than 85% of Iranians are 45-, that means: most of today’s Iranians didn’t exist, or were little kids, in 1979. And in 2009, most Iranians clearly showed that they deeply hate the Mullah regime”.


As the people media report: “It’s obvious why Iranians should hate the US pigs and the British pigs. [The barbarian UK] is the main supporter of the Mullahs and other anti-Iranian agents. And recently, the American media said: ‘US Senators Push Promise to Support Jewish Strikes on Iran’ ! US Senators, that play the role of bad cops, are really savages. The so-called Graham resolution says: ‘if the Government of Isr-a-el is compelled to take military action in self-defense, the US Government should stand with Isr-a-el and provide military and economic support to the Government of Isr-a-el’ ! And as Americans say: ‘Senator Graham has made clear that ‘self defense’ can be defined as offensive war based on redlines that Netanyahu has established that contradict Obama’s stated policy’. The Jewish Nazi, including Ehud Barak, have said: ‘Iran could reach a ‘zone of immunity’ [!] – the point at which fortification of its nuclear sites would render a military strike ineffective [!!]’ But what if Iranians utter such fascist words? From morning to night, the Jewish Nazi and the US fascists talk about ‘Offensive war against Iran’. Of course some wise Americans say: ‘History will not forgive those fascists who talk about attacking Iran’. But it’s not enough. As their media report: ‘Congress is making it easier to go to war with Iran [!]’ They should strongly react to US Congress that is the home of crooks, thieves, terrorists, and fascists“. In these days, when you read the news, you should ask yourself: ‘Imagine for a moment that Iranians act or talk like the Jews or the Westerners. What we would say about them?’ As some wise Iranians say: “Recently, the Western mass media censored the news of the Jewish Bradley Manning. But as Justin Raimondo wrote (in ‘Ben Zygier, RIP’ in Feb 2013): ‘The shocking story of Ben Zygier, a 34-year-old Australian recruited by the Mossad and murdered in an Isr-a-eli jail, has exposed [many things]. Ben Zygier, knows as ‘Prisoner X’, was a Jewish Bradley Manning, intent on exposing the crimes of the Jewish state. Zygier, a fervent Zionist, discovered something that [led to] his incarceration in a Is-r-aels high security Ayalon prison -in a ‘suicide-proof’ cell. A media blackout was imposed shortly after the story of ‘Prisoner X’ came out in the media. All mentions of the arrest were scrubbed from Jewish web sites [!] That was two years ago. Now we learn Zygier ‘committed suicide’ in his suicide-proof cell !‘. Can you believe it ?! And can you see how the West and the Jews act like […] ? Raimondo added: ‘There seems little doubt Zygier was recruited by Mossad ten to twelve years ago [when Zygier was a 22-year-old kid]: his friends are now recalling it. The New York Times says he used at least four names: Ben Zygier, Ben Alon, Ben Allen and Benjamin Burrows, traveling to Iran, Syria, and Lebanon on behalf of his Is-r-a-eli paymasters’. And it says a lot about the Jewish spies, and how the Jews and the West use the immature kids as spies/ terrorists. It’s really shameful that many CIA or Jewish agents are the brainwashed and immature kids, who know nothing about the world. Raimondo added: ‘The Jewish state collected data from travelers to the country and then used it to create bogus passports, which were then issued to Mossad agents. [Some leaked this fact, and some details of fake passports were published in Kuwaiti papers and the internet]. A Kuwaiti paper is now claiming it was Zygier who turned over this information to the Kuwaitis, and that the Israelis kidnapped him in Kuwait’. Raimondo also added: ‘Isr-a-e-ls Mossad is notorious for its ruthlessness. Netanyahus Jewish state is a country veering to the very edge of fundamentalist extremism, increasingly aggressive and impatient to assert itself as a Fascist state. Who could forget that travelers to the Jewish state had their identities stolen, their passports duplicated and handed out like candy to the Jewish Gestapo . Who could forget those two FBI raids on the Washington headquarters of AIPAC, the powerful Jewish lobby, during the course of which agents surrounded the building and carted out boxes of documents and hard drives as part of the Steve Rosen-Keith Weissman affair, in which two top AIPAC officials were indicted and tried for stealing US secrets from the Pentagon’. It’s really shameful that the Western mass media often censor the news of the Jewish state and the Jewish Nazi”. All good guys in all around the world should think more about the systematic censorship and brainwashing in the West. As some wise Iranians say: “The West tells big lies about the past and the present. But who can forget how the Jewish Nazi threatened Iran and Iranians in 2012 and 2013. And who can forget how the CIA, the lefts and the West supported the Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad or AN) in 2009. Who can forget how the Mullahs killed and suppressed the ordinary Iranians with the help of the West. Who can forget how the Jewish Spy (AN) talked nonsense about the Western-made Holocaust, served the interests of the West and the Jewish Nazi, and proved that the Mullah regime is an anti-Iranian puppet regime”. They also add: “In 2013, the comments of the Jewish-Western pigs are informative! They say: ‘Iran is a backward nation, and Iranians are backward people. They should obey our orders[!] … We should attack Iran; bombing Iran is preferable[!] … In order to wage a war against Iran [!] the economic conditions in that country must become as dismal as they were in Iraq before it was invaded[!]”. But the 2013 Iranian comments are informative as well. They say: ‘Waging war against Iran just proves that the West is worse than the Nazi … Waging any Jewish war against Iran, just proves that the Jewish regime is a genocidal regime; and Iranians will put an end to the Jewish state and such genocidal regime … The Jews and the West are just proving that they are a ‘existential threat’ to the world’s peace and the world’s security”. There is no doubt that those who talk about genocide and ‘offensive war’ are savage barbarians. The Jewish-Western bullying and barking is a clear sign of weakness and savagery. And our recent articles are just a reaction to those racist, chauvinist neo-barbarians who betray the truth and the mankind, and desperately try to hurt the innocent people. We and many other Iranians know that many people in the West are not bad guys, and they themselves are victims of their bad guys. In these days, Cyprus crisis and EU crises say a lot about Europe. As the media reports: ‘Many described the EU plan and the 25%+ levy on bank accounts, as bank robbery. Most Cypriots see the rescue package as a destruction package”. We know that many people in Europe and North America, from Poland and Hungary to Germany, Canada and USA, are not racists, fanatics, and bad guys. But we don’t know why they are silent, and why the Westerners are fooled and allow their countries to act like the Nazi and the sworn enemy of Iranians, and the sworn enemy of Truth, Humanity, Goodness, Freedom, Democracy, Progress, and other Human values. I hope all good guys in all around the world can become aware, and don’t remain silent.

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