Iranian Gifts to Mankind: Nowruz Ceremonies

“New year ceremonies, aka Nowruz ceremonies, can remind you of the Iranian values and the long list of the Iranian people’s gifts to mankind. But many non-Iranians know nothing about the Iranian values -including goodness, kindness, tolerance, wisdom, joy, happiness, etc- and the long list of the Iranian people’s gifts to mankind”, the wise Iranians say. In these days, when Nowruz is in the air, Iranians prefer to talk or write about good things. But as some wise Iranians say: “When the Western pigs and their mercenaries [aka the anti-Iran Mafia] are desperately trying to hurt, torture, and betray the ordinary Iranians, you cannot only write about ‘Flower and Nightingale’ (Gol va Bolbol)”. They also add: “In these days, as the 2,600-year-old Cyrus Cylinder, aka the First Charter of Human Rights, begins its US tour, some wise Americans talk about ‘How Persians inspired Thomas Jefferson’ and write: ‘Jefferson had read Cyropaedia, Xenophon’s book on Cyrus the Great. Two copies of Cyropaedia belonging to Jefferson is currently held at the Library of Congress. A contemporary of Socrates, Xenophon wrote on how Cyrus ruled a diverse society based on tolerance. The book became popular during the Enlightenment among political thinkers in Europe and America, including those who drafted U.S. Constitution. Thomas Jefferson knew the great Iranians and the Iranian civilization, and it’s vital that US audiences understand Iran’s extraordinary contribution to humanity. The story of Persia, Iran, is part of the story of modern United States. [Since the ancient time] Iranians have been ‘liberal and enlightened people‘. The number of the wise Westerners is small, but it’s good that they tell at least part of the truth and say: ‘In the 18th Century, the Americans and Europeans used the Persian religious tolerance as a model. The Persian model and the Persian Tolerance became a model for the founding fathers”. Unfortunately, most non-Iranians know nothing about the Iranian people’s gifts to mankind. As the wise Iranians say: “Most good things in the West have Iranian roots. Even the Federal System has Iranian root. In the ancient Iran, Satrapies were equivalent to States. And those who refer to Great Iran as ‘United States of Iran’ are talking about a 100% Iranian concept, ie United Satrapies of Iran“. They also add: “Iranian Tolerance towards different religions, different languages, different views, etc was based on Iranian Wisdom and Iranian Self-Esteem. When you have a great culture/ civilization, and when you are sure of yourself, you don’t need to impose your values and your culture on others by force. Tolerance is a sign of Greatness, while Bullying, Force and Violence is a sign of Weakness”. As some wise Iranians say: “Even the Westerner scholars say that Iran is like a large museum of arts, culture, and civilization. When the archaeologists try to study different parts of Iran, they just find many evidence of a great civilization. But do you know what the archaeologists find in Europe and Britain? They often find many evidence of cannibalism, barbarism, and savagery. We have already written about the long history of barbarians and barbarism in Europe and Britain (check Archive). And as the wise Iranians say: “There is no doubt that ‘Human Civilization’ has Iranian-Eastern roots. Even the West confesses that the East is the cradle of civilization, but the West doesn’t allows people to know the truth about Great Iran, Iranian Civilization, and the Iranian people’s gifts to mankind. The West tells big lies about Iran, as the main cradle of Civilization, because Iran is still alive, and the Iranian nation still exist! The Western bastards love to attribute the Human Civilization to the dead and/or imaginary nations/ states in the Middle East !, because they don’t want to confess that the most important civilized places in the Middle East and the Central Asia has always been Iran (Persia). Iran is still alive, and the West knows that Great Iran is the heart/ brain of the East and the Human Civilization, and that’s why when the Western pigs talk about the old world, they deliberately don’t mention the name of Iran, and refer to Iran as Central Asia, Caucuses, or Middle East !”. Unfortunately, the world knows nothing about the Iranian people’s gifts to mankind, because as the wise Iranians say: “the West and the Barbarians -that have always been so mean and so jealous- falsify the past and brainwash the people”. As we said before, when the European barbarians and the British human-eaters (Adam-Khora) were eating each other and acting like savage beasts, the Iranian people were writing and caring about humanity, goodness, kindness, peace, tolerance, truth, and other human values. It’s very important, and that’s why many Iranians say: “Why is the West so ungrateful? The Iranian peoples gifts to mankind are undeniable facts. [The Barbarian West’ learned many many things from Iran and Iranians. [Most good things in the West has Iranian roots]. So, we say to the stupid West: Don’t be so ungrateful ! The fate of the ungrateful people […]”. In this Nowruz and in the first article about “the Iranian people’s gifts to mankind”, lets remind you of new year ceremonies.


Nowruz is as old as the oldest Iranian legends. As we said before, the Shahnameh recounts the history of Iran, beginning with the creation of the world and the introduction of the arts of civilization, and ends with the Arab invasion. The Shahnameh and the Zoroastrians call Nowruz, Jamshedi Nowruz, attributing the origins of the festival to Jamshid. As some wise Iranians say: “Nowruz is the oldest New Year celebration in the world. Since the first Nowruz in the Jamshid era, in more than 15,000 years ago, the Iranian people started to create and introduce new year ceremonies into the world”. Unfortunately, most non-Iranians know nothing about Iran’s history and Iran’s civilization. They even don’t know that the Russians and the Britons invaded Iran in the 19th century, and occupied many parts of Iran. As the wise Iranians say: “Before the British-Russian invasion in the 19th century, aka the Neo-Barbarian Invasion, Iran was a great country for thousands of years. Iran’s Decline began in the 18th century, and then in the 19th century the British-Russian neo-barbarians invaded Iran, aka Persia. They killed many Iranians and occupied many parts of Iran, including today’s Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Persian lands/ islands in the Persian Gulf, etc. The British-Russian neo-barbarians desperately tried to destroy the Iranian culture/ customs and the Iranian identity in the occupied parts of Iran, but now after 150 years, the Iranian culture is still alive in almost all parts of Great Iran. The current Nowruz ceremonies in all parts of Great Iran, is a clear sign of the bad guys’ failure“.Unfortunately, many don’t know that many good things in the West, including new year ceremonies, have Iranian roots. As some wise Iranians say: “Sofreh Nowruz (Nowruz Table) is like ‘Christmas tree’, because the root of ‘Christmas ceremonies’, including ‘Christmas tree’, is the Iranian traditions. Iran, that means ‘the land of Aryans’, has a long list of traditions that have became global traditions. ‘Nowruz Cleaning’ (Khaneh Tekani) is one of these ancient Iranian traditions (‘Khaneh Tekani’ that means ‘house cleaning’ is performed before the new year, and is associated with the ‘rebirth of nature’). The purchase of new clothes to wear for the new year (Nowruz Shopping or ‘Kharid Eid’) is another ancient tradition in Iran that became a global tradition. On the first hours of New Years Day (Sal Tahvil), families dress in their new clothes, eat a special food, and elders give gifts (Eydi) to younger members. And now you can see all of these ancient Iranian traditions in the West. Nowruz is a travel season. The Nowruz travels, and the outdoor picnic on the 13th day of Nowruz (13-bedar), and many other Iranian traditions, including decorating egg, arranging flowers, preparing Shirini (sweets, cookies, candies, etc), lighting candle, visiting family and friends, etc are parts of the ancient Nowruz ceremonies. And now, all of these Iranian traditions have become universal traditions”. Unfortunately, the West is not grateful for all these Iranian gifts. As some wise Iranians say: ‘In Europe, the barbarians ate each other and had ‘Human Sacrifice’, while Iranians, aka Persians or Aryans, had many good traditions, including new year’s ceremonies. Europe, as the ancient land of the human-eaters (Adam-Khora) and the barbarians, learned many many things from Iranians, including the new year ceremonies. But the ungrateful West, that can remind you of an Iranian proverb ‘Khar Che Fahmad/ Danad Mani-e …’ (the stupid mules even cannot understand the meaning of …), is still as ungrateful as the Mongols, the uncultured Jews and the Savage Arabs”.


“In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII ordered a new calendar (Gregorian Calendar) to replace those calendars that had Iranian roots. The new calendar called for New Year’s Day to be celebrated Jan 1. But according to a popular explanation, many people either refused to accept the new date, or did not learn about it, and continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on March 25 or April 1 (In the Middle Ages, New Year’s Day was celebrated on March 25 in most European towns). In fact, those Europeans that had Iranian roots still preferred to follow the ancient Iranian traditions. As some Western scholars say: ‘In 1564, the King of France decided to change the calendar and use a different one. This new calendar put New Year’s in January. But one problem was that many people didn’t like the new day. These people decided to continue celebrating [the Nowruz] in the spring, like their [Iranian] ancestors‘. But the European barbarians solved ‘this problem’ by force and by killing and ‘eating’ many of those who decided to continue celebrating the Nowruz in the West!”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Those barbarians that ate humans, drank human blood, and lived like savage beasts in Europe, even didn’t know how they should utter and spell Civilization and Civilized traditions ! ‘Akhe Barbar Che Fahmad …’ (Barbarians even cannot understand …)”. Since the ancient time, sprouts (Sabzeh) and flowers have been symbols of Nowruz and New Year in Iran. As some wise Iranians say: “In the Persian Literature, and since the ancient time, Iran is known as the Land of Flower and Nightingale, partly because ‘Garden’ is a Persian gift to mankind, and Persian Gardens are the first gardens in the world. In Europe and those areas that had a lot of rain, you could see many wild trees and wild flowers, that both animals and barbarians used them. But in Iran, Iranians planted trees in the dry lands and those areas that didn’t have enough rain. Iranians planted a garden (trees and flowers). And it’s Civilization (the garden needs watering and maintaining). Pardis is an Iranian word that means Garden, and from this came Paradise. The Iranian Pardis (Paradise) were the first gardens in the world”. As some wise Iranians say: “When the European Barbarians were eating each other, Iranians were introducing new year ceremonies into the world. For instance, let’s remind you of Mir-e Noroozi (Haji Firuz) and Amoo Norooz. ‘Haji Firuz’, Nowruzs characteristic herald with black-painted face and a red garb on, declares that Nowruz is in the air. And Amoo Nowruz (Uncle Nowruz) is an old character who gives the gifts of Norooz. Haji Firooz is young, playful and clownish, dancing and playing his tambourine to bring good cheer. Haji Firooz demands Eidi (gift) while Amoo Norooz is the giver. But Haji Firooz and Amoo Nowruz remind you of what? Yah, they remind you of Santa Claus, and this fact that Santa Claus, like many other new year’s traditions in the West, has an Iranian root. ‘Akhe Barbar Che Fahmad …’ (Western barbarians even could not understand …)”. They also add: “In Iran, along with Amoo Norooz and Mir-e Noroozi (Haji Firooz), the Persian New Year mythical characters include Naneh Sarma (Lady of Winter or Grandma Frost). The ancient sound of Mir-e Noroozi’s songs and the sight of his dance, that tells Nowruz is in the air, remind you of what?! The West is so ungrateful. The ancient Iranians established and introduced the pillars of a civilized society into the world. But now, those barbarians and human-eaters that ate humans for thousands of years, pretend that they are synonyms of Civilization! It’s the most important jokes/ lies in history. The West is the worst joke in history”.


“We had a gift that no one else in the world shared [!] We were Americans [!!], Romney said in 2012. The American faggots have no shame. If we, Iranians, were like Americans, we should declare that all humans should worship Iran!, because Iran is the home of Civilization, and the land of the Good and the Human values. The Aryans who immigrated from Iran, that means ‘the land of Aryans’, were familiar with Nowruz and other Iranian traditions, and thats why you can see many similarities between the Iranian traditions and the Christian traditions. But just open your eyes and see what the ungrateful West says about Iran and Iranians. The Barbarian West is as ungrateful as the Savage Arabs and the Savage Jews”, some wise Iranians say. Nowruz has always been the most important festivals for Iranians, and the people try to be happy in Nowruz that is a season for good feelings, joy, friendship, travel and receiving guests. At Nowruz, most Iranians, including us, prefer not to talk or write about the bad things and the bad guys, including the political whores or those ungrateful idiots that bark and fart a lot in these days. But unfortunately, the bad guys are badly active in this year, and as the witty Iranians say: “The Western bad guys and their mercenaries have converted this Nowruz into ‘A Nowruz with F words !“! We would write more about this issue later, but as the wise Iranians say: “Unfortunately, many Westerners are as ungrateful as the Savage Arabs/ Jews. They are bad guys, and behave like pigs and beasts. In these days, their ‘Efazat’ (comments) can show you how shameless, how stupid, how uncultured, and how ungrateful many Jews and many Westerners are”. Unfortunately, a Global Mafia -that sp,e refer to it as Big Brother, Ministry of Truth, etc- try to control and falsify everything, and it’s not conspiracy theory. It’s what anyone with eyes open can see and feel in this year. As some wise Iranians say: “Those who censor the internet and the voices of the ordinary people, are those who tell big lies about everything, including history and civilization. The West’s Ministry of Truth doesn’t allow people to know many evidence of Barbarism in Europe and Britain. They don’t allow people to know the recent studies in Jiroft, Kerman, Elam, Gilan, Kashan, Lurestan, Khuzestan, and other parts of Iran that say a lot about the great Iranian civilization in the past 15,000 years. The West doesn’t allow non-Iranians to know that the most anti-Iranian people in the world are the Mullahs and Islamists. The West doesn’t allow people to know the truth about Great Iran and the Iranian territories, including Great Khorasan, Great Sistan, Great Kurdistan, Great Elam and Khuzestan, Great Khwarazm (aka Caucasus), and many other parts of Great Iran. Unfortunately, many don’t know Khwarazm. As one of the regions of Iran, Khwarazm is the home of the ancient Iranians, Airyanem Vaejah, according to the ancient book of the Avesta. The West doesn’t allow people to know that, for instance, [the British barbarians] occupied many parts of Great Khorasan in the 19th century, and then ruined it and kept it so backward, and called it Afghanistan! for the first time in history. The West and its mercenaries don’t allow public opinion to know about the ancient Iranian cities like Bukhara, Samarkand, Balkh, Marv, Khanates, etc that are as important as the famous cities of Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan, Jiroft, Zabol, Elam, Rey, Hamedan, Maragheh, Shush (Susa), and many other ancient Iranian cities, that are among the first cities in the world. The West doesn’t allow people to know that Great Iran, form Nakhchivan and Iravan to Susa and Persian Gulf, is the home of one civilized nation, known as the Iranian nation”. They also add: “The Western idiots says that ‘the American people are one nation, and we should not refer to them as New Yorkers, Texan, etc. A Texan is not less American than a New Yorker [!]’ But the common culture and traditions in a newborn country like America, is not comparable to the common culture and traditions in the oldest country of the world (Iran), that its people have lived together for thousands of years. The Western idiots just love to tell big shameful lies”. They also add: “Who is more Iranian than Kurd, Lur, Azeri, Sistani, Gilak, Mazani, Tajik, etc? It’s important to note that the cultural difference in Iran-Zamin (Great Iran) is less than the cultural difference in a tiny European country like Switzerland. Many facts, from Persian language and Iranian literature to the ancient Nowruz and new year ceremonies in all parts of Great Iran, can show you how shameless and how ungrateful [the Barbarian West] is”. As some wise Iranians say: “The last Wednesday of the Iranian year is ChaharShanbe Suri (Wednesday Feast or Festival of Fire). ChaharShanbe Suri and its ancient traditions is the root of Halloween. ChaharShanbe Suri’s traditions, including Lighting Lanterns/ Candles’, ‘Banging spoons’ (People disguise themselves, each with a spoon and a plate, go to the doors of their neighbors and bang spoons against plates. In response the householder puts a small gift on each plate), ‘Smashing Pot’, ‘Fortune Hearing’, ‘Untying ones luck’, etc remind you of what?” They also add: “The West is so ungrateful. Iranian New Year and its traditions, from 4-Shanbe Suri to 13-Bedar, can show you many things. For instance, 13-Bedar (13th [Day] out of doors) that is the last day of Nowruz holiday (April 1st), and Dorugh Sizdah (Lie of Thirteen) that is the oldest prank-tradition in the world, is the root of April Fools. But the Iranian people that the long list of their gifts to mankind is what no one else in the world has shared, are humble men and think and behave like a really great nation, while those who have nothing but a short history of civilization and a long history of barbarism and exploitation, say: ‘We have a gift that no one else in the world shared, We are xxx !’


“The people in all parts of Great Iran are celebrating Nowruz. The festival of Nowruz is celebrated in all parts of the Land of Flower and Nightingale, including today’s Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Turkey Kurdistan, etc. The Iranian New Year (Nowruz), that is celebrated from March 21st (Spring equinox in the northern hemisphere) to April 1st, is the oldest new year ceremony of the world. The famous Persepolis complex, specially the palace of Apadana and the Hundred Columns Hall, were built for the specific purpose of celebrating Nowruz. In 487 BCE, Darius the Great celebrated the Nowruz at his newly built Persepolis”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Our brothers and sisters in all ancient Iranian cities, from Samarqand, Bokhara, Balkh, and Marv to Yazd, Khorasan, Kurdistan, Susa, etc are ‘Iranian’. But the Barbarian West that has killed, tortured, hurt, suppressed, and betrayed all Iranians since 300 years ago, when Great Iran’s decline began, pretend that some Iranians are non-Iranians, but some non-Iranians are Iranians! The stupid West still tries to use ‘non-Iranians’, including Islamists (Arabs), the anti-Iran terrorists, and the CIA agents as ‘Representatives of Iranians’ ! The stupid West is really the worst joke in history”. They also add: “Iran was the center of civilization in the known world, and many were so jealous of Iran and Iranians. When Cyrus the Great declared religious freedom for his newly conquered people, and when Cyrus enabled the Jews to return to Jerusalem and build the second temple, which later earned him the title of the ‘shepherd of God’ and even the ‘Lords anointed’ (Messiah) in the Book of Isaiah, the anti-Iranian Barbarians were enemies of tolerance, human rights, and Iranian values. But now, the ungrateful Jews act like the anti-Iranian Barbarians. In 1987, Rabin, the late PM of the Jewish state said, Iran is [the best friend of the Jewish people] and we do not intend to change our position in relation to Tehran, because the Mullahs regime will not last forever. But now, the ungrateful Jews are proving that the Jewish Nazi, the Savage Arabs, and the Western Holocaust-creators really deserve each other”. They also add: “Now, even the Western scholars say: ‘Iranian support for religious tolerance had inspired generations of prophets, philosophers, rulers, and statesmen-from ancient Greece and the Old Testament prophets to the Renaissance, and to the present age‘. But the ungrateful West still acts like barbarians. And that’s why today’s Iranians should unite Great Iran and restore Iranian Civilization and its golden days”. Unfortunately, the bad guys have the upper hand in the West. But it doesn’t mean that the good guys and the wise guys don’t exist in the US and the West. Of course as the wise Iranians say: “Apparently, the wise good guys in the US and the west are censored and boycotted by their media. But there is a serious and important question: Why no one in America and Europe talks or writes about such American censorship ?! It’s important to note that if you claim that such American censorship doesn’t exist, you are actually saying that most Americans are big idiots or bad guys like their politicians, and the number of good guys and wise guys in the US and the West is very very small”. Think about it. Unfortunately, most Westerners don’t know their pseudo intellectuals, their fake heroes, and their corrupt Orwellian systems. As some wise Iranians say: “When most Westerners know nothing about their own countries, how you can expect them to know Iran, Iranians, the Iranian gifts to mankind, or the US betrayals and the Western crimes in the 2009- 2013 period”. Awareness is an important thing. As the wise Iranians say: “The bad guys hate Nowruz, partly because Nowruz can create Hope. Nowruz represents the victory over the Darkness. Since the ancient time, Nowruz is the symbol of a more glorious victory: the Iranian victory over the Devil and the Deevs in the Jamshid Era, aka the good guys’ victory over the bad guys. At Sal Tahvil, ie the hour during which the old year ends and the new year begins, the Iranians sit around the Nowruz table and pray for good things and good guys. In this year, the Iranian people are angry, because the bad guys [from the stupid Monkey (Obama), the Western pigs, the Lefts, and the Jewish Nazi to Mullahs, Islamists, Khatamists, Pahlavists, and other idiots] badly try to hurt and betray the Iranian people. But the Iranian people still thank God! And they should thank God. Thank God that the Iranian people became aware [in the post-2009 era], and knew pigs like Khatami, Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Navabi, and other Khatamists (Islamist-Reformists), who are worse than the Mullahs. Thank God that the Iranian people have become aware, and are knowing the West and the anti-Iran Mafia. Awareness is the key to success”. Iranians always care about all good guys and all normal humans in our planet, and that’s why Iranians still say: “We pray for the well-being and welfare of all good guys and all normal humans in all over the world”. I hope that all good guys try to become aware and know more about the neo-barbarians and those who sow the seeds of hate and try to create more inhumanity, barbarism, war, genocide, injustice, exploitation, and other bad things.

Happy Nowruz, Happy New Year.

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