2013 Plots: USA and West Block Internet in Iran ?!

In these days, the systematic censorship and the systematic lies in the West are undeniable facts. In these days, as Iranians say: “Most anti-filtering tools have been blocked in Iran. Most VPNs have been blocked and don’t work [in Iran]. Since March 7, 2013, the Internet speed is near zero, and HTTPS port (443) and many other ports have been blocked. The Mullahs are fucking and filtering the internet by their Western devices and with the help of the West. Now, many even cannot check their emails. In these days, even the story of telephone lines [in Iran] is funny. You can even hear noise and parasite in some telephone lines! and it’s part of their evil plans to slow down the internet connections. The very very low internet speed, the Western-made filtering, and the blocked and dysfunctional VPN/ anti-filtering tools in Iran are important facts, but do you know what the West, the Western media and the so-called Iranian Journalists/ Activists in Exile say or do about it? The answer is clear: Nothing! It’s funny to know that even the Mullah TV had a report about the new filtering!, but the British media, the American media and other Big Brother’s media say nothing about the current farce or what they say is like or worse than what the Mullah media say!! In these days, the systematic collaboration between the West and the Mullahs is an undeniable fact. Now anyone with eyes open can see how the Savage West helps the savage Mullahs in hurting, torturing, and silencing the Iranian people”. The story of Sanctions, IMF plans, Mullah-made crises, and the current Internet crisis can show you why Iranians should love the West! As we said before, “Iranians are victims of the Western sanctions and the Western Barbarism, while the Western pigs are selling the tools of suppression/ surveillance to the Mullahs! [The British barbarians and] the Western pigs in Ericsson, Nokia Siemens, etc say that Censorship and Surveillance is a basic humanitarian service!, and that’s why they sell the suppression/ surveillance tools to the Mullahs amid the Western sanctions!“[1] Now, as Iranians say: “It’s obvious that the main problem of Iran and Iranians is the Savage West, not the savage Mullahs”. I dont know until when we can update this website. But it’s obvious that unplugging the internet in Iran has a very very high price for the West and its mercenaries, including the Mullahs. Iran has about 40 million internet users, and now many Iranians clearly say: “Dige Darand Hama ro Kalafeh va Asabani Mikonand (They are just making all people so angry). Iranians are like a huge volcano before a big explosion. Iran is like a black hole before the Big Bang. The Iranian people are so angry and the Big Bang is near. The Big Bang doesnt need the internet. It’s the West and the Mullahs that badly need a face-saving formula”. In these days, many things are informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, it’s clear that the anti-Iranian cesspools like Balatarin.com and RoozOnline.com are the CIA/ MI6 media and have no users in Iran. If Balatarin had any user in Iran, the new filtering had to be its most important news. But now, we all can see that Balatarin.com is a CIA media and a tiny shithole that has about 100 users, who are a bunch of the Iranian faggots in Exile and the CIA/ Mullah agents. Now, there is no doubt that the so-called Iranian Journalists/ Activists in Exile are nothing but stooges of the anti-Iran Mafia”. In these days, many can see the 2013 plots, that are a farcical version of the 2009 plots. As some wise Iranians say: “Their 2013 plots are so stupid. They know that almost all Iranians hate both the Savage West and the Savage Mullahs. So they think: ‘We blocked and censored the voices of Iranians inside Iran, and then our agents tell the biggest lies about Iran and Iranians, and we pretend that our agents are representative of Iranians inside Iran!” The anti-Iran Mafia is so stupid. As Iranians say: “Now, we all can see how the West and the anti-Iran Mafia systematically help the Mullahs: (1)They sell the Mullahs the filtering/ surveillance tools (2)They stop providing anti-filtering tools for the Iranian people (3)Their mass media censor the voices of Iranians, and the Iranian people not only cannot put any comments, but they even cannot see and read any comments! [Now anyone with eyes open can see that] many Western journalists are intellectual mercenaries, and the so-called Iranian Journalists in Exile are nothing but the CIA agents, the MI6 agents and/or the Mullah agents“. In this year (2013), many can see and feel why and “How the West tries to silence and censor the voices of Iranians inside Iran”. In these days, you can understand why Iranians inside Iran say: “People like Masoud Behnoud, Ali Nourizadeh, Reza Pahlavi, Mehdi Yayhanejad, Rajavis, Ebrahim Nabavi, Nikahang Kowsar, Abbass Abdi, Akbar Ganji, etc work for the CIA, the MI6, and/or the Mullah Gestapo”. As some wise Iranians say: “The Savage West has lost its mind. They are revealing the depth of their bankruptcy. Now many know why the Barbarian West has acted like a stupid pig since 2009. Now, the Savage West and their anti-Iran Mafia badly work for the US-Mullah love affair. They know that the Iranian people will never accept the US-Mullah love affair, and that’s why they desperately try to censor and silence the voices of Iranians inside Iran. They want to deceive the world into accepting their stupid agents as representatives of the Iranians!. But such stupid plots in the 21st century, in a country like Iran that its people are wiser than Westerners, just shows that the fall of the Barbarian West is near”. In this year (2013), the West and its mercenaries, aka the anti-Iran Mafia, are badly revealing their true colors. In this year, the voices of Iranians inside Iran, including our voice in this website, are badly and harshly censored or boycotted. And it’s what you all should be aware if it. We try to update this website at least once a week. But as some wise Iranians say: “If Iranians cannot update their websites [and if we cannot update this website once a week], the West and its mercenaries are responsible for it; and it will be a direct result of the Western Censorship and the West’s war against Freedom and Democracy in Iran. If Iranians cannot use the internet and cannot update their websites [and if we cannot update here], the world should know that the US, the West, the Lefts, and the anti-Iran Mafia are responsible for it”. I hope all good guys ask the US censors to Stop American Censorship. As the wise Iranians say: “We know that ‘British Censorship’ is unstoppable. The UK is the home of the Big Brother and the Barbarians. But the US is not a Barbarian-Orwellian Tyranny like the UK. The stupid US is still a little better than the Barbarian UK! Public opinion can ‘Stop American Censorship’. It’s not impossible”.


In this year (2013), specially in these days, we don’t receive any comments from the readers, maybe because the bad guys don’t allow any comments to reach us. In the recent months, most search engines have censored and boycotted our voice, and don’t allow our voice to reach the outside world. It’s really shameful. We, the authors of this website expect you all to ask them to Stop Western Censorship. And as the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs block the internet with the American/ British/ European devices. We expect all good guys to protest against the American Censorship and the US-Mullah love affair”. In our recent posts, we wrote about “Charter of Western Freedoms”. It was humor, but was not baseless. There are serious and important questions: Do the Western Freedoms really mean ‘Kissing ass, Obeying orders, and Praising the West’?! Is the West a stupid bad guy, and what the US and West say about the freedom of criticism and the freedom of speech is nothing but a big lie? We all know that what the US and the West do are important, not what they say. As some wise Iranians say: “In these days the West and the Big Brother suffer form ‘Goh Gijeh’ (shitty confusion). They know that their Jewish-Islamist spies have reached the end of the line. Their Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad) and their Mullahs are hateful figures that more than 90% of Iranians hate them so much. They know that the Mullah Selection Show -that US lefts and the CIA agents love it, but almost all Iranians hate it so much- is near and the Mullahs, the Lefts and the CIA agents badly need empty gestures, empty words. and a face-saving formula. They badly need the gesture of freedom and other empty gestures. Economic crises, Internet crisis, and other shameful crises is not what they need now. Today’s situation is very unstable, and the Big Brother badly suffers form ‘Goh Gijeh’. But such unstable conditions cannot last for a long time. The bankrupt West and its mercenaries badly need some sort of stability. Now, the West and the Mullahs just test their new filtering systems. They’re testing their new Western-Orwellian devices for the future unrests”. Many Iranians are not blind and stupid. They know why and how the Mullahs and the West collaborate in torturing, censoring, boycotting, and silencing the Iranian people. And I hope the good guys in all around the world can see the obvious things as well. We have already written about the Dark Net and the Western-made Tragedy of Internet in Iran [1]. But as Iranians say: “2013 reminds you of 2009. In 2009, the US pigs [badly revealed their true colors]. After the 2009 coup, the US stopped providing anti-filtering tools for Iranians! Who can forget the story of Freegate. Who can forget why and how Freegate, an anti-filtering tool that the US gov supported it financially, didn’t allow Iranians to use this fucking tool after the 2009 CIA-Mullah coup! Now, many Western companies act like or worse than Freegate in 2009. For instance, YourFreedom, a German anti-filtering tool that many Iranians used it, has stopped working since the last days of 2012. And they say to Iranians: ‘Our tools dont work in Iran because your government blocks our servers [!!] Its your problem!! The West is a bad joke. As Iranians say to them: Well we guess thats why we use your tool in the first place! to pass their filtering!”. The story of Anti-filtering tools, from Tor to VPNs is a tragicomedy that we have already written about it[1] and we should write more about it later. But as many Iranians say: “The West has no shame. The West sells the censorship/ suppression tools to the Mullahs and helps the Mullahs in blocking the internet and silencing Iranians, but they still pretend that they care about Freedom and democracy! The main enemy of Freedom and Democracy in Iran is the West, not the Mullahs“. In these days, many things are so stupid. Many things, from the Mullah-made hyperinflation to the tragedy of the internet, can create bad feelings. But the ancient Iranian ceremonies, specially Nowruz, and the ancient Iranian legends still can create good feelings. We have already written about the Iranian legends (check Archive) and the story of Zahak and Kaveh: “Ahriman (Evil) visited the deserts of Arabia and tempted Zahak, an anti-Iranian bad guy. Ahriman kissed him on his shoulders, and from his kiss two big snakes grow. These deathless snakes only ate the brains of men. Zahak and his councilors, Deevs (devils/ monsters), occupied Iran; and Darkness was spread over the civilized world. But one day, an Iranian, Kaveh, stood against Zahak, and finally, Kaveh and the ordinary Iranians defeated Zahak and Deevs (devils/ monsters)”. In the post-2009 era, many Iranians talk about the legend of ‘Zahak and Kaveh’. They say: “Kaveh, the blacksmith, was an ordinary man, who had only one special characteristic: ‘Kaveh was not Khayemal (ass-licker)’. In fact, Kaveh was not like Khatamists, who lick Zahaks ass”. They also add: “The bad guys try to disappoint us, but we all know that today’s Iran has many Kaveh”. In these days, when you read or hear the Iranian people’s comments, you can understand many things better. Iranians say: “They (West and its mercenaries) try to silence and disappoint us, but when we have nothing, we will have no fear as well … When our people have nothing to lose, they will change the whole world; thank the Savage West/ Mullahs … I’m very happy; the story of the internet and the economic crises are very helpful; the volcano of the oppressed Iranian people will erupt soon … We are happy that the West and its mercenaries are so stupid. We are happy that they are digging their own grave … When Tyranny and Oppression reaches its peak, it reaches its end and even God cannot save it … Even in the 1980s, when all doors were closed and disaster was rife in Iran, the Mullahs and the West could not succeed. Now, in the Information Age, when Iranians are more modern and more aware than Westerners, the West and the Mullahs can succeed ?! Never ever … In the near future, the Iranian people will be angry to the point of erupting into the Big Bang … the end of the bankrupt West is near … If the West and its mercenaries eat [extra shits], they all can be sure that in the last classic revolution in Iran, we will hang the last king (Reza Pahlavi) from the intestine of the last Mullah (Khamenei) [in the UK Embassy]. They can be sure that the fate of the Western stooges [from Mullahs and Khatamists to Pahlavists, Terrorists (MEK)] and other shitty agents like Masoud Behnoud, Ali Nourizadeh, and Mehdi YayhaNejad will be worse than […] In these days, we all can see that one team manage and control all Big Brother’s media, from the BBC and the Guardian to the tiny anti-Iranian cesspools like Balatarin and RoozOnline. They use the same big lies to brainwash both Westerners and Iranians! These idiots even don’t know that Iranians are not like Westerners, simply because they live in Iran and can see many things. If you live in America, can you believe that most Americans love Bin Laden or Ku Klux Klan ?! or Can you believe that most Americans love war, tyranny, censorship, and economic crisis?! … The West only cares about pigs, spies, ass-lickers, mercenaries, and those who tell big lies without shame … It’s really shameful that the US and the West [and the Lefts] are like or worse than the Mullahs”.


In this year (2013), even the little kids can see and feel the systematic censorship and the systematic brainwashing in the West. Now the anti-Iranian media, from the British Barbarian media to the American media and Jewish media, badly and stupidly censor the news and the views. As some wise Iranians say: “It’s funny that the Western mass media censor the voices of Iranians inside Iran in an Orwellian way. In this year, the Big Brother’s media -form the Guardian (of Big Brother), the Huffington Post, and the NYtimes to the BBC, the Telegraph and the Washington Post- not only don’t allow the Iranian people to put any comments, but they even don’t allow the ordinary Iranians to read and see any comments! This Orwellian farce began with the Guardian, and then the Huffington Post, the Telegraph, and other Big Brother’s media joined them. It’s the greatest scandal in the digital media’s history”. In the recent months we checked this fact with different browsers and different IPs. Unfortunately, the Guardian and other Big Brother’s media, not only don’t allow the Iranians inside Iran to put any comments, but they even don’t allow many Iranians to see and read the people’s comments! Now, there is no doubt that ‘Comment is Not free at the Guardian and the British media‘ and many other Western media. It’s really shameful, and we would write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “When even the Guardian is such stupid Orwellian media, what can you expect from other Western media? In 2013, the Guardian censors and silences the voices of Iranians inside Iran, and at the same time, the Guardian works with a handful of CIA/ MI6 agents that call themselves ‘Tehran Bureau’ and tell big lies about Iran and Iranians. The Guardian and the British media are Orwellian Media. The Guardian and the British Media are worse than Goebbels’s media and the Nazi media”. They also add: “The Anti-Iran Mafia has many websites and media for Iranians. These Orwellian media could deceive the Iranian people in 2009, but now, most Iranians know the true colors of these CIA-MI6 Media like the VOA Persian, Radio Farda, Balatarin, the BBC Persian, RoozOnline, etc. These anti-Iran media are cesspools of non-Iranian agents and Iranian expats. Now, there is no doubt that the anti-Iranian cesspools like Balatarin, RoozOnline, Gooya.com, etc work for the anti-Iran Mafia. The Iranian expats and their media say nothing about the recent tragedies, including the tragedy of the internet and the anti-filtering tools. The so-called Iranian Journalists in Exile and pigs like Khatamists, Pahlavists, and other mercenaries work for the CIA, the MI6, and/or the Mullahs”. Anyone with eyes open can see why Iranians say such things. As we said before, “You dont need the long list of the Iranian exapts’ betrayals to know the truth; Just ask yourself: What did these stupid bastards say or do about the tragedy of the internet in Iran?” As we said before, “The Iranian expats are part of the problem. They not only do nothing about improving the situation in Iran, but they only worsen the situation and make dreadful problems for Iranians inside Iran“[1]. I dont know until when we can update here. But as we said before, “it’s obvious that the Mullahs try to disconnect the internet in Iran (with the help of the west), and the West and its mercenaries say nothing about this issue. Do you know what it means? If you are not stupid, you know what it means“[1] The 2013 plots are not new things. We have already written about them[1]. As we said before, they think that If the ordinary Iranians have no voice, then Charta Chalquz (a handful of ‘little shits’) can pretend that they are the voices of Iranians! The Chalquz (little shits), i.e. Khatamists, Islamists, Pahlavists, Rajavists (MEK/ PMOI), etc are dead for Iranians inside Iran and almost all Iranians hate them so much, but when the ordinary Iranians are totally voiceless, the Chalquz and their Western employers will try to [deceive the world in accepting the biggest possible lies ][1] In these days, Iranians are preparing for the Nowruz (New Year). As Iranians say: “Nowruz is the oldest New Year’s ceremony in the World. When the Western Barbarians were eating each other, Iranians were introducing the essence of Human Civilization into the world. Nowruz is as old as the oldest Iranian legends in more than 15,000 years ago (Nowruz is even older than the legend of Zahak and Kaveh)”. In these days, the Iranian people use F words about the West and the Mullahs. They are angry, but they truly and wisely say: “Even Zahak and Deevs (monsters) were sent to hell by the Iranians. Compared to Zahak and Deeves, the Western pigs and their agents are little vermin. Today Iran is full of young Kavehs”. Joy and Hope is the essence of Iranian culture, and that’s why Iranians have so many festivals and so many occasions for joy. Iranians truly say: “We have no doubt that sooner or later the army of Kaveh will send the hateful bad guys to hell. The future belongs to the good guys, not the stupid bad guys who are on the wrong side of history”. In these days, not only Iranians but even Indians and Chinese say interesting things. Indians and Chinese talk about “US tone and their barbaric, hegemonic attitude” and add: “The West is facing three types of crisis -economic, demographic, civilisational and it is not in a position to come out of these. The East should create alternative institutions to the World Bank, the IMF and the UN. We need to prepare for the decline of the West and the post-Western world”. The systematic censorship in the West don’t allow many to know the Eastern views, but Indians and Chinese add: “The West is like the peacock that tried to display its tail feathers, but exposed instead its own dirty buttocks“! We would write more about this issue later. But I hope that the good guys in the West try to stop the US and the EU from acting ‘like the peacock that had no tail feathers, and only displayed its dirty ass’. Iranians inside Iran, including us, can be silent. But if the people are silent or if they are silenced, it doesnt mean that they dont exist. As the wise Iranians say: “The silent majority is what the West and its mercenaries, including the Mullahs, are frightened to death of it. The silent majority in Iran is like a very huge bomb. If it exploded, it not only would send the Mullahs, their Islam, and all western stooges to hell for ever, but it will send the Barbarian West to hell as well”. Lets finish here with what Iranians inside Iran say to the anti-Iran Mafia: “We can be silent, but it doesnt mean that we dont exist, or we are blind and stupid! We can be silent, but we are watching you, laughing at you, and spitting on you. And we are sure of one thing: Your end is near, and you will pay a very high price for your crimes and betrayals”. I hope the good guys in the US and the West ask the stupid West to “Stop Systematic Censorship, Systematic Lies, and Systematic Brainwashing”.

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[1] Check our Archive page for : “Dark Net: Western-made Tragedy of Internet in Iran”, “War on Internet: Global Problems, Lonely Iranians”, “Urgent Action: about Unplugging Internet in Iran”, “Western Hypocrisy and Tragedy of Internet in Iran”, “A dangerous Plot against Iran and Future of Iran”, “2013 British-American Coup in Iran ?!”, “How Western Countries Suffocate Iranians Voices”, etc

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