2025: Fall of the West, End of Evil Empire ?!

In these days, as some Iranians say: “the Western pigs and their mercenaries, including Mullahs, Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad), Lefts, Khatamists, Pahlavists, Terrorists, and Jewish Nazis are telling bad jokes and collaborating in hurting and betraying the Iranian people. The pain and suffering caused by these bastards is both unforgettable and unforgivable”. But here I don’t want to write about the recent events. As some wise Iranians say: “The best answer to the Barbarian West and its mercenaries, ie those sadists who desperately try to hurt and torturing the ordinary people, is ‘telling the truth about the Barbarian West and their fate”. As some Iranians say: “In these days, the West and its mercenaries bark and fart a lot. But why do both the stupid rights (Imperialists) and the stupid lefts (Chomskyists) support the US-Mullah love affair? Why do even the notorious CIA agents support the Mullah regime and the US-Mullah relation? Why the West and its mercenaries have lost their minds and openly support the hateful anti-Democracy groups and reveal their true colors in a bad way? Why […]”. The answer can create ‘Hope’, so lets write about part of the answer. I dedicate this short article to all victims of the West’s Evil Empire. As the wise Iranians say: “Iranians and all good guys should know that their resistance and their awareness are very fruitful. The West barks and farts a lot, because they try to hide both their real intentions and their real problems. Now many see the US-EU economic crises as a sign of the end of the Western Empire, aka the Evil Empire. But their economic crises is just part of their problems. When the West openly supports the Islamists, the Communist-Islamist terrorists (MEK) or the hateful Monarchists (Pahlavists), it means that the West is badly bankrupt. In the recent years, many events from the Western uprisings and the Western suppressions to the US election farce, Aaron Swartz and Manning’s tragedies, and the widespread bribery and corruption in the West, just prove one thing: The West is morally, economically, and intellectually bankrupt, and has reached the end of the line”. Unfortunately, many Westerners are so stupid. They don’t care about the Iranian people and other victims of the West, and instead, they lick the ass of their bad guys. But as some wise Iranians say: “They will pay a high price for their foolishness and their inhumanity. The Fall of the West and and the Rise of the Rest is inevitable, because many Westerners live like pigs, and their brain is their ass. The 2009 tragedies, the 2011 farces, the 2012 tragicomedies, the OWS, [the Canadian farce, the UK riots, the EU farces, the US election farce,] etc showed that the West’s brain is really in its ass”. As the wise Iranians say: “The End of America is near, because many Americans are so stupid. In the US, corruption and bribery is free, and crooks and thieves are heroes! In the US, people like Aaron Swartz are killed and people like Jack Abramoff and his friends are heroes! Todays USA seems like a stupid B-movie. Their favorite leaders are [monkeys like] Obama and Romney, and their favorite intellects are [donkeys like] Chomsky and Zizek. They openly and shamelessly support the Communist-Islamist terrorists and the brutal dictators. And it’s the beginning of their end”. The stupid Westerners say: “We can betray or ignore the freedom, democracy, and human values, if it’s in our national interests. We can help the Islamists and the terrorists, and betray the ordinary people in Iran and other countries, if it’s in our national interests”! These self-serving neo-barbarians are bad jokes. As some wise Iranians say: “They are the descendants of those Barbarians and Human-eaters that ate humans and drank human blood. They cannot become Human! (Adam Besho Nistand!) They just prove that the West is a stupid pig that only understands force”. In the recent years, Iranians asked the stupid West to act like humans, but as some wise Iranians say: “The stupid Westerners just laughed at Iranians and tried to hurt and torture the Iranian people more! The Westerners say: ‘Iranians talk about the human values, because they are weak and stupid’! The stupid West cannot understand the difference between Decency (Najabat) and Foolishness (Hemaghat)! The stupid West cannot understand the Iranian logic that is the logic of humanity, human values, and human Civilization . The stupid West only understands their own logic that is a barbarian logic. The Western logic is the logic of power, exploitation, and barbarism. The West and Westerners think that they are smart! (Fekr Mikonand Kheili Zerangand !), and that’s why they act like pigs!” What you read hear about the end of the West’s Evil Empire is based on the Iranian logic, that all good guys can understand it. But what today’s West says about such subjects is often based on the logic of power and exploitation, aka the barbarian logic.


According to the Western logic, you even can kill and eat humans for the sake of money and power. But as Iranians ask: “Can the human-eaters eat humans for a long time? Can the colonialists and the Western pigs exploit other nations and plunder their resources forever? Can the bad guys kill, exploit, or enslave the humans for a long time?” The answer is clear. Even the bad guys say: “You can hurt and torture the humans for a period of time, but sooner or later you will go to hell”. It’s what history and reason show us, too. In the recent years, even the Western bad guys talk about “Fall of the West” and “Rise of the Rest”. At least since 2008, the American experts talk about “2025: the End of US dominance” and add: “European Union will be ‘hobbled giant’ by 2025”. As you probably know, “Global Trends 2025” [*], a report by National Intelligence Council’s (NIC), that was published in 2008, and “Global Trends 2030” [**], that was published in 2012, clearly talk about ‘Decline of America’, ‘Fall of the West’ and ‘Rise of the Rest’. As some wise Iranians say: “the global trends report, that produced by NIC every four years, warn that the US will no longer be able to ‘call the shots’ alone, as its power over an increasingly multipolar world begins to wane. As the US media reported: ‘Looking ahead to 2025, the NIC (which coordinates analysis from all US intelligence agencies), foresees a [miserable West], poorly contained by ‘ramshackle’ international institutions’. In fact, many know that the fall of the West is near”. Those who have heard of books and films like “The End of America” (2008) know that talking about “the End of America” or “the Fall of the West” is not a new thing. As some wise Iranians say: “Almost all events in the 2009- 2012 period were signs of the end of America. Those who hurt and betray the freedom seeking Iranians, just dig their own grave. Now, the serious socioeconomic crises in the US and EU are undeniable facts. And who can deny the systematic censorship, brainwashing, and suppression in the West”. Now, even the US leading intelligence organization says: “Today wealth is moving from West to East. At the same time, the US will become ‘less dominant’ in the world. The EU will be losing clout by 2025. Internal bickering and a democracy gap separating Brussels from European voters will leave the EU ‘a hobbled giant’. In 2020, some of the scenes are like the stuff from the World War II newsreels, only this time it’s not Europe but New York and Manhattan. The cumulation of disasters, growing problems, and the like are taking a terrible toll, much greater than we anticipated 20 years ago’ [*][**]. Now, many “warn that [the West] is entering an increasingly unstable and unpredictable period” [*][**] As Americans say: “[The US is really] on the edge of Bankruptcy. 27,000,000 unemployed, 47,000,000 on food stamps, 150,000,000 below the poverty line, $16,500,000,000,000 debt. The total outstanding amount of student-loan debt has crossed the trillion-dollar mark. Credit-card and auto-loan debt is awful. We have to face our ghosts: debts, unemployment, inequality, injustice, endless wars, etc”. They also add: “Chinas high-speed rail system actually exists, while Americas does not. America has no high-speed rail. Americas aging low-speed trains are a great [shame]”[2] Some wise Americans say: “We are not the number one. We’re 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, 4th in labor force and 4th in exports. We lead the world in only three categories: Number of incarcerated citizens per capita, number of idiots and those who believe ghosts and zombies are real [!!], and [number of Wars and WMDs]” ! The story of ‘American Foolishness’ is a long story that we have already written about it [7], and we would write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the United States of Bullying and Bribery, you should know the Barbarians West, their history, and their views. The Western and Jewish Barbarians still say: ‘In our holy books we read of Gods command to commit genocide’. Jews and Americans still say: ‘It’s Gods command to commit genocide against our enemies. In the biblical tradition, all Amalekites must die; men, women, and children‘. The Western and Jewish barbarians love genocide and say it’s their God’s command! The modern weapons allowed these uncultured barbarians to exploit and plunder other nations and their resources. The civilized world, from Persia to India and China, were more wiser and much more civilized that the Barbarian West, but they could not stop the West, only because the Western barbarians had modern weapons. The West knows it well. And that’s why they desperately try not to allow other nations to have any modern weapons. But now their hands are empty, like their empty heads”.


In the recent years, many Americans talk about “US Decline” or say: “The United States is becoming rich, fat, lazy [, and stupid]” [2]. What Americans write about the Fall of the West or the End of America can show you many things. In 2010, some Americans wrote: “Within a few years, the US is functionally bankrupt and the clock is ticking toward midnight on the American Century”[5] They also added: “An opinion poll in 2010 found that 65% of Americans believed the country was now in a state of decline” [5] As some Iranians say: “The American fascists are worried about their future, because they know that other nations are becoming aware, and changing the so-called world geopolitics”. As Americans say: “In 2004, 950,000 engineers graduated from China and India, [and 150,000 engineers graduated from Iran], while only 70,000 graduated from the United States!” [2] They also add: “America’s hidden secret is that most of our engineers are immigrants. More than 75% of all science PhDs in the US are awarded to foreign students. Foreign students and immigrants account for more than 50% of all science researchers in the US. The situation in Canada is much worse than USA. Without immigrants and foreigners -who are Iranians, Indians, Chinese, etc- USA and Canada will be nothing but average […]“. [2] It’s very important. “Half of all Silicon Valley start-ups have one founder who is an immigrant or first generation American. American productivity depends not on education system or R&D spending, but on immigration policies. If these people are allowed and encouraged to stay, then innovation will happen here. If they leave, they’ll take it with them” [2], Americans say. In fact, as some wise Iranians say: “They are depend on immigrants, ie Iranians, Indians, Chinese, and others. Without immigrants and foreigners, the West is nothing but a paper tiger. Without the talented Asians and non-Westerners, the US and the West will say hello to their end soon”. The US and the West badly need immigrants, but the disgusting Racism, Chauvinism, Narcissism and Fascism in the US and Canada, and their shameful behavior towards Iranians and Asians only would kill “the open and flexible society that is able to absorb other people, cultures, ideas, goods, and services”, as some Americans truly say [2]. And those who kill the open and flexible society, sign their own death sentence. As some Americans say: “US education system, the source of future scientists and innovators, has been falling behind its competitors. After leading the world for decades, the US sank …” [5]. But as some wise Iranians say: “Guess which country has the best growth rate in science and technology, and is the best source of future scientists and innovators? The answer is Iran. The Mullahs and the West could not succeed in keeping Iran and Iranians weak and ignorant”. The majority of Iranians are young people who are more modern, educated, and aware than their Western counterparts, and that’s why by 2025, Iran can be one of the leading countries in Science and Technology, while “By 2025, the United States is likely to face a critical shortage of talented scientists “[5]. Now, “nearly half of all graduate students in the sciences in the US are foreigners, most of whom will be heading home, not staying here as once would have happened” [5] In fact, as the wise Iranians say: “If the young and talented Iranians and Asians see the true face of the West and decide to boycott the stupid West, and if they try to clear their countries of the Western stooges and the puppet dictators, and if they try to (re-)build their own countries, it will put an end to the West’s Evil Empire”. Now, many can understand why the wise Iranians say: “Obama’s mission is simple. He has to save the bankrupt US. At least since 2008, the US strategists know that the End of America is near. The Big Brother chose Obama to save the bankrupt US. But Obama only could worse their problems, and revealed US true colors”. As some wise Iranians say: ” In 2008, ‘Global Trends 2025‘ warned that the spread of western capitalism cannot be taken for granted! But they didn’t say why most people hate ‘western capitalism’ that is nothing but ‘Bribery, Corruption, Bullying and Exploitation’. What the US and the West do about Iran and Iranians, just reveal their true colors and only accelerate the West’s decline. They just prove that the West is still barbarian, hypocrite, liar, shameless, and stupid“. Even the Americans know that their soup is too salty! They say: “The G8 does not include China, India, Brazil, and other fastest-growing large economies in the world -and yet claims to represent the movers and shakers of the world economy! By tradition, the IMF is always headed by a European and the World Bank by an American. This tradition might be charming to an insider. But to the majority who live outside the West, it seems bigoted”! [2] As the witty Iranians say: “The G8 will become the L8 ! (Little 8!) in the 21st century”. And as some wise Iranians say: “The 21st century is Iran’s century, and is when Great Iran (Great Persia) will be restored. We are living through the third great power shift in modern history. The first was the rise of the Barbarian West, around the 18th century. Unfortunately, the Barbarians produced the world as we know it now. It also led to the barbarian dominance of the Barbarian West. The second shift, which took place in the 20th century, was the rise of the United States, as a superpower. And the third great shift is the Rise of the Rest and the Fall of the West in the 21st century. The Rise of Persia, India, China, and others as the ancient powers of the civilized world is equal to the end of Evil Empire”. They also add: “The British Barbarians became a barbarian world power by plundering and exploiting other nations and by killing millions of innocent people. But the Cradle of Civilization (Iran) and Great Iran will restore the idea of the humanitarian superpower. If Great Iran becomes a superpower again, the world will be a better place for all humans”.


“The demise of the United States as a superpower could come far more quickly than anyone imagines” [5], some Americans say. They also add: “Future historians are likely to identify the Bush administrations rash invasion of Iraq in that year as the start of America’s downfall … Empires regularly unravel with unholy speed: just a year for Portugal, 2 years for the Soviet Union, 8 years for France, 11 years for the Ottomans, 17 years for Britain, and 22 years for the United States, counting from 2003” [5] Many Americans don’t care about other humans and other nations. They think that other nations are stupid and should be slaves of the West! But “whereas it took the West (Britain) more than 150 years to double per capita income, [the Rest] can undergo the same transformation in a tenth of the time, with 100 times more people” [**] As some wise Iranians say: “The Western idiots still think that a little island like Britain, that was the home of Barbarians and Human-eaters, was right to call itself ‘Great’ ! and had right to exploit and plunder other nations! In 2013, Americans write: ‘They (the Rest) are already exercising economic superiority over the US and the EU in a whole host of ways. They produce more goods than we do, they do more total trade in goods than we do, they produce more cars than we do, they produce more gold than we do, they consume more energy than we do, they produce more steel than we do. Every single year, we buy far more from them than they buy from us. Our politicians regularly beg them to lend us money. Today, we owe them trillions of dollars. As they continue to become stronger, we continue to become weaker. Our children some day wake up in a world where [the Rest, not the West] is telling them what to do [!!]‘ . In fact, the American assholes think that all humans and their children should be slaves of the West!, and the Barbarian West should tell all humans what to do! The US assholes are [bad jokes]. Americans are big idiots and cannot understand that if all humans want to think and behave like Americans and want to be so selfish, so mean, and so narcissistic like Americans, then the human world become a stupid jungle that its law is the law of the jungle“. Unfortunately, many Americans are so stupid and shortsighted, and think and act like their stupid politicians. Unfortunately, even most of the so-called American intellects think like their politicians. For instance, what Chomsky, Brzizenski, and Zakaria write about the post-American world, the rise of the rest or “the American decline” [1][2][3][4] are the same crap. As some wise Iranians say: “They laugh at the Rest, including China, India, and Iran, and think that Nationalism, Narcissism, Sadism, Imperialism, Barbarism and Charlatanism are good things! America is turning into the United States of Bribery, Corruption, and Foolishness, mainly because the so-called American intellectuals not only cannot produce any good and new ideas, but they are theorizing Tyranny and Inhumanity, or defending the brutal dictators and the evil forces. People like Chomsky are symbols of the bankrupt West that is morally, economically, and intellectually bankrupt“. It’s a good point. People like Chomsky and Zakaria are worse than the American fascists, who frankly talk about their evil intentions. Many stupidly think that Chomsky is anti-American and cares about other nations! But I can recommend you to read both Chomsky’s works [1][4][6] and Brzizenski’s words [3] and see why Chomsky and Brzizenski are two sides of the same coin. Chomsky says: “Who Owns the World? … Adam Smith had no illusions about the owners, so, to quote him again, ‘All for ourselves and nothing for other people‘. It was true then; its true now” [1] The tone of Chomsky’s “Who Owns the World?” [1] is funny. He says: “What are the most important issues that we face? … Is America Over? Is power is shifting to China and India and others? (heh) … First of all, its highly unlikely [!], at least in the foreseeable future. China and India are very poor countries. Just take a look at, say, the human development index of the United Nations: theyre way down there. China is around 90th. I think India is around 120th. And they have tremendous internal problems -demographic problems, extreme poverty, hopeless inequality, ecological problems” [1] The idiots think that Chomsky cares about other nations, including China and Iran. But Chomsky is a sick charlatan who just laughs at China and India. He says: “China and India remain very poor countries, with enormous internal problems not faced by the West. The US remains the world dominant power by a large margin [!!], and no competitor is in sight [!!], not only in the military dimension, in which of course the US reigns supreme [!]” [4] Can you believe it ?! As the witty Iranians say: “Chomsky is anti-American?! If Chomsky is anti-American, then Goebbels is anti-German!”. Chomsky doesn’t care about other nations or “the victims of England, the victims of the savage injustice of the Europeans in Asia”, and that’s why he openly supports the Islamists and the brutal dictators and helps Obama and the West. Chomsky says: “China is a great assembly plant. China just assembles parts and components, high technology comes from the United States, Europe” [1] In fact, he thinks that “China is stupid” [1][4] and “India is even worse than China” [1][4] As the wise Iranians say: “Chomsky and Brzizenski both help the Evil Empire, and that’s why both love and support the Mullah regime and defend the US-Mullah relation. The stupid lefts and people like Chomsky that support the Islamists and the brutal dictators, are enemies of the ordinary people. They just try to help the bankrupt West, hurt the Rest, and keep the Rest weak, backward, and under tyranny”. Think about it. In fact, there is no need to read Global Trends reports that are about “the rapid and vast geopolitical changes” [*][**] Chomsky and the stupid lefts can show you many things. If you want to know the true colors of the Western chauvinists/ fascists, you can also check websites like gt2030.com that is about “Global Trends 2030”. As the witty Iranians say: “They say that we should love the West, because Colonialism, Barbarism, Nazism, Fascism, Exploitation and Narcissism are good things!”. Both the West and the Lefts are bad jokes. The stupid Chomsky says: “Is America over? Its a kind of paranoia [!], but its the paranoia of the superrich and the superpowerful” !! [6] But as the wise Iranians say: “the Superidiot, Chomsky, and his lefty-CIA friends suffer of the same paranoia as well”. As some Iranians say: “Chomsky is like his friend Chavez. Now Chavez goes where his friend Gaddafi went. Chomsky, Assad, and Mullahs will join their friends Chavez and Gaddafi soon. But why don’t they become human (Adam) before going to hell?”. Chomsky is a superhypocrite. He says: “Every US administration is schizophrenic. They support democracy only if it conforms to certain strategic and economic interests” [6] But Chomsky himself is as schizophrenic as the US gov. As the wise Iranians say: “By supporting the Islamists and the brutal dictators, Chomsky and his friends serve the interests of the US Evil Empire. The superidiots help Obama and support the Mullah regime and betray the modern Iranians, and at the same time, they help Obama and support the Egyptian Islamists and the Egyptian Taliban!”.


“Obama’s mission was, and still is, simple: Obama should save the US Evil Empire, that is morally and economically bankrupt. Obama, Chuck Hagel, Chomsky, Kerry and other American monkeys only try to save their Evil Empire that is on the edge of annihilation”, the wise Iranians add. Iranians are not blind and stupid, and know why the US and the West bark and bluff. They know why as the media report: “New US Defense Chief said that US can’t dictate to the World. Chuck Hagel also adds: ‘We are living in a very defining time, you all know that. It’s a difficult time“. They know why even the Americans talk about “Obama’s Accelerating Downward Spiral For America“. As some Iranians say: “Many know that Obama just worsens US problems. Obama just proves that the US is the Great Evil. In the pre-2009 era, most Iranians thought that the US cares about the freedom and democracy, but now, most people can see that the US cares about everything but the freedom, democracy, human values, and good things! And when a country reach such status, its end is near”. Even Americans know the fate of America and say: “Imperial decline [brings] at least a generation of economic privation. As the economy cools, political temperatures rise, often sparking serious domestic unrest” [5] They also add: “Riding a political tide of disillusionment and despair, a far-right patriot captures the presidency with thundering rhetoric” [5], and it’s the American Fascism, that we all can see its signs. As some wise Iranians say: “Romney’s story, Swartz’s tragedy, or the Oscars farce is just the beginning of the end of the US. Those who betrayed the freedom seeking Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, and those who desperately try to hurt and torture Iranians, know that their Evil Empire is bankrupt. And that’s why they bark, fart and bluff”. The stupid bluffs that Americans use are funny. For instance, Brzizenski says: “the world after America would be increasingly complicated and chaotic“! [3] Brzizenski, that is the architect of the Mullah regime, talks about his evil wishes/ plans and adds: “American dominance is a preferred one than being multi polar, which would lead to chaos [!!] Asia of the 21st century could then begin to resemble Europe of the 20th century [!!] violent and bloodthirsty”! [3] And Chomsky says: “Problems China faces are serious. For India, the problems are far more severe. Those factors driving China’s economic miracle will no longer be available”[4]. As some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious why Brzizenski and Chomsky defend the Mullah regime and the US-Mullah relation, isn’t it?! Chomsky and Brzizenski are collaborating in saving the US Evil Empire. Brzizenski is just a modern-day Nazi who is presided over the murder of millions of innocent people. The power hungry arrogant people like Kissinger and Brzezinski destroy America and the world”. Chomsky and the stupid lefts talk about “the threat of democracy” [1], and defend the brutal dictators and the reactionary forces and try to keep other nations weak and backward. Chomsky and the lefts clearly say: “We managed to ensure that the threat of democracy would be smashed in the most important places” [1] Of course, they pretend that this ‘We’ is just US Imperialists!, but who openly defends Islamists, Assad, Chavez, Gaddafi, and other evil forces?! Chomsky and lefty charlatans know what they do. They say: “Theres a standard procedure. First, you support your favorite dictators as long as possible. But if it becomes really impossible, the army turns against him … You talk about your love of democracy, and then try to restore the old system as much as possible” [1] And it’s exactly what the stupid lefts do about Iran, Syria, Egypt, etc. Chomsky says: “[And about Iran and Middle East,] who cares about the populations, what are called, disparagingly, the Arab street?[!] We dont care about them“[1] It’s a good confession. The stupid Americans say: “Everywhere you go, people angrily denounce American foreign policy” [2], but they don’t ask why. The Americans say: “A young Chinese diplomat told me in 2006, ‘When you tell us that we support a dictatorship in Sudan to have access to its oil, what I want to say is, ‘And how is that different from your support of a medieval monarchy in Saudi Arabia?’ We see the hypocrisy, we just don’t say anything -yet” [2] In fact, many are not blind and stupid, and it’s the Americans that are so stupid. They say: “In many countries such nationalism arises from a pent-up frustration over having to accept an entirely Western, or American, narrative of world history”[2] But they don’t say that when the Americans act like pigs and hurt and betray others, it’s obvious that other nations should hate America. The Americans say: “Faces with a fading superpower incapable of paying the bills, China, India, Iran, and other powers challenge US dominion over the oceans, space, and cyberspace” ! [5] As the wise Iranians say: “The US pigs think that only the West can challenge the Rest’s dominion over the oceans, space, and cyberspace! The stupid US-EU sanctions in 2012- 2013, and the stupid US-EU betrayals in 2009, 2010, and 2011, can only lead Iranians and others to take revenge on the US and the EU. The stupid West that acts like sadists and stupid psychos should know that the payback time is near“. Even Americans know that Iran can take revenge. They say: “By 2025, Iran and Russia will control almost half of the world’s natural gas supply, which will potentially give them enormous leverage over energy-starved Europe” [5] As Iranians say: “In the near future, Iranians will pay the Barbarian West back for what these savage beasts did to Iranians in the 2009-2013 period. Their crimes are unforgivable”. Now, even Americans say: “Asia will be well on its way to returning to being the world’s powerhouse, just as it was before [1700]” [**] They even know the result of their crimes/ betrayals. They say: “The oil shock will hits [the US and the West] like a hurricane, sending prices to startling heights. [And] ill-advised military misadventures, irrational even from an imperial point of view, yield hemorrhaging expenditures or humiliating defeats that only accelerate the loss of power” [5]. In fact, they know that if they eat extra shit, they just dig their own grave. They also add: “OPECs leaders can impose a new oil embargo on the US to protest against killing of untold numbers of …” [5] Those who sow the seeds of hate are the stupidest people. Now, they stupidly say: “[we think] we own the world and anything that weakens our control is a loss to us. We ask how do we prevent further losses? [But] our capacity to preserve control has sharply declined” [1][6] As the wise Iranians say: “They only understand force, and see the world as a jungle. But the world is shifting from anti-Americanism to post-Americanism. Now Iranians are thinking and planning to restore Great Iran and Iranian Civilization. Great Iran will respect, help and support all humans, and will punish those animals who hurt and exploit other people and other nations. Without the West’s Evil Empire, the world is certainly a better place to live”. In the pre-2009 era, most Iranians were pro-American because they thought that the US cares about the freedom and democracy. But now they can see and feel this fact that the US is a stupid bad guy. And as Iranians say: “Those who keeps insisting on being a stupid bad guy, just proves that their end is near and inevitable”.

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[By googling the following articles, you can easily find them and read them]

[1] “Who Owns the World?”, By Noam Chomsky, (In Democracy Now), 2012 [It’s part of Chomsky’s speech in Nov 2012 at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst at an event sponsored by the Center for Popular Economics] [2] “The Rise of the Rest”, by Fareed Zakaria, (In Newsweek Magazine) 2008 [3] “After America”, by Zbigniew Brzizenski, (In Foreign Policy) 2012 [4] “Losing the World”, By Noam Chomsky, (In Huffington Post), 2012 [5] “The Decline and Fall of the American Empire”, by Alfred W. McCoy, (In the Nation) 2010
[6] “The Paranoia of the Superrich and Superpowerful”, By Noam Chomsky, (In Huffington Post), 2013 [It’s part of Superidiot (Chomsky)’s new interview book with David Barsamian: “…, the New Challenges to U.S. Empire”!]
[7] Check our Archive page for: “Religious Fanatics in the West”, “True Face: Lobbyists and Lobbying Industry in USA”, “2012 US Election Tells the Truth about USA”, etc.
[*],[**]: Global Trends reports, that you can find them at w-w-w.din.gov

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