Oscar 2013: Big Brother controls Hollywood & USA

February 28, 2013

The worst US president in history, the worst US Election in history, and now the worst Oscars in history! “Who controls Hollywood? Who controls America? Who controls Oscars? 2013 gives you the answer. The US has lost its mind and is showing the world that even US film makers and Academy Awards are nothing but puppets of the CIA and politicians. The United States of Assholes is turning into The Worst of The Worst”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The 2013 ‘Oscar Show’ was a ‘Monkey Show’. The story of Argo and Obama’s wife revealed: In USA and Hollywood, Arts means Politics, and Politics means Big Brother’s Big Lies. The 2013 Oscars showed the world that the CIA and the Big Brother control everything in the US, including Hollywood, American film makers, and Academy Awards“. It’s really shameful that the Americans allow the stupid Monkey (Obama) and his wife to act like the Nazi Goebbels and his wife. As some wise Iranians say: “A ridiculous ‘CIA propaganda film’ won Oscar and the First Monkey (first lady) announced the award from the White House! As Iranians say: ‘Dige Shooresh-o Daravar-dand’ (they make it ‘too salty’); ‘Dige Gandesh-o Daravar-dand’ (they make it ‘too shitty’). Such a shitty year, first Aaron Swartz’s death and now the Orwellian Oscars. The End of America and the Rise of American Fascism are all too true”. The public reaction to the 2013 Oscars was predictable. The Iranian people and even many Westerners expressed their anger, and the people’s media had headlines like this: “Oscars 2013: Hollywood gets political”, “Obamas Hijack the Oscars”, “Argo’s Oscar is like Obama’s peace prize”, “Ben Affleck movie Argo is bullshit”, “Argo: Hollywood as extension of CIA propaganda”, “The 2013 Political and Wall Street Hypocrisy Oscars”, “Argo Fuck Yourself”, “Oscars 2013: how politics won the Academy’s votes”, etc. Argo’s Oscar is like the EU peace prize, and both show us that the West has become a bad joke, and the Fall of the West and the End of Evil Empire is really near. Now, the Iranian people, who hate both the Mullah regime and the USSA (the United Stalinist States of America), say: “Argo’s Oscar shows the tight relationship between the CIA and Hollywood … I’d put Argo in the same category as Inglorious Basterds. Entertaining, but insultingly misleading if you see it as history or reality … What sickens me is how much Argo distorts historical facts and sells it as the truth. Affleck is a tool and scumbag for the CIA and yet he considers himself a social liberal. The CIA is heroic? Fuck you. George Clooney is a fraud too. Clooney and Affleck work for the CIA and are puppets of politicians … Affleck and his Argo are like Chomsky and his bullshit. They just reveal the tight relationship between the CIA and the Lefts … Argo is a propaganda film that is based on ‘CIA operative Tony Mendez’s memoir’! The job of CIA agents like Mendez and Flynt Leveret is telling big lies. Their books and their films are made to brainwash people by telling big lies. But the lefts love the CIA agents’ big lies … There is no doubt that Hollywood is a factory of deception and lies to serve Big Brother’s interests“. Now even the Westerners write: “Aflack’s Argo once again proved how Hollywood is tainted with political purposes, and how a very ordinary movie with hundreds of flaws and shortcomings becomes the most beloved choice … Argo is a whitewashing of CIA history. The CIA is not a force for good. There’s nothing exciting or honorable about them … I am so sick and tired of U.S. re-writing history. Americans have been shitting on [everything]. Screw you Ben Affleck. I used to respect you as a film maker but it turns out that you, like most of Hollywood, [work for the Big Brother and] gladly rewrite history. How can we learn from a history that is bullshit written by the winners … this year’s Academy Awards are dominated by bad propaganda films … Hollywood has made many movies about the CIA. This time it is the CIA making the movie. The US is not the land of the Free. The US is the land of the Big Lies”. Obama’s America reminds many of Stalin’s Russia or Hitler’s Germany. As some Iranians say: “In 2013, many Orwellian disasters like Aaron Swartz’s death, US Oscars, US Systematic Censorship, or US big lies just show us that the stupid Monkey (Obama) and other US monkeys have really fucked up America. They have converted America into Planet of the Apes”.


“Argo is a bad joke and tells big lies about the relation between the Mullahs and the CIA in the 1970s and the 1980s. Many non-Iranians don’t know why the CIA loved the Mullahs. In the 1970s, the Mullahs opposed Iran’s nuclear programs and said: ‘Iran has oil and gas and doesn’t need nuclear energy. Iran doesn’t need F-14 and advanced weapons. Why does Iran try to become a military power or a world power? [!!]’ The US and the West love the Mullahs, the Egyptian Islamists, the Lefts, the
Communist-Islamists, the Terrorists, the Pahlavists and other mercenaries, because they serve the West’s interests and try to keep the Eastern countries weak and backward. The West and the Mullahs are close friends. But ‘Friendship’ is an Orwellian concept for the West. The bad guys and the Westerners only care about power and money. They are always ready to betray their close friends and their families. The Mullahs know that the West is ready to betray them, as the West betrayed Pahlavi or Mubarak. The West and the Mullahs help each other to keep Iran weak, dependent, and under tyranny. They are close friends, but they don’t trust each other”, some wise Iranians say. 2013 is an important Orwellian year that reveals many things. Now, Iranians say: “2013 says a lot about the Death of American Democracy and the Rise of American Tyranny … Ben Affleck can show us how the lefts work for the CIA … the Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth control Hollywood and Academy Awards … Ben Affleck, and his co-producers George Clooney are Khayemal (ass-lickers) and work for the CIA … Ben Affleck is like or worse than those Mullah actors – like Amin Hayaie and Sharifinia- who are Khayemal (ass-lickers) and work for the Mullah Gestapo … Argo is an American version of ‘Golden Collar’, the Mullah Gestapo’s film about the 2009 CIA-Mullah coup”. But many Westerners, even people like Glenn Greenwald, suffer from the Foolishness Disease. As the wise Iranians say: “Greenwald had a very stupid article: ‘Zero Dark Thirty, the CIA and film critics have a very bad evening’! He only wrote one line about Argo: ‘Argo that won most of the significant awards has received its own criticisms [from Iranians]’ [!!] America is turning into the land of idiots, but not because the CIA and the Big Brother control everything in the US, but because most Americans are stupid Sheeple and see their traitors and their bad guys as their heroes! America is really the land of idiots because the stupid Donkey (Chomsky) is its top intellectual, and because its journalists are blind, hypocrite, mean and stupid”. Of course, all Americans are not stupid. The voices of the ordinary Americans are systematically censored. But if you can read their comments, you can see that some Americans are not ignorant. They say: “Screw you Hollywood. Unfortunately you play an important role in educating Americans and a lot of other people. You should accept it as a social responsibility, not a flag waving money grab. The Iranians are all portrayed as crazy, angry cowardly or psychotic. Fuck Ben Affleck. The movie Argo was bullshit. The CIA is [the Evil]. I never thought that Ben Affleck would help them“. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find any articles or any films about “the CIA and Hollywood” or “Big Brother and Hollywood” in the internet. Documentary films like ‘In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood, and Bioterrorism’ (2007) only have good titles. As some say: “There is no good film, or even no good cartoon, about ‘the CIA, the Big Brother and Hollywood’. And it’s a result of the American Censorship”. In these days, the British media, specially the Guardian [of Big Brother] had stupid Orwellian articles about Argo’s Oscar. As some wise Iranians say: “The British-Orwellian bullshits give a feel that you live in Orwell’s ‘1984’! The anti-Iran Mafia and their media, specially the British media, are like or worse than the Mullah media. Instead of talking about the Orwellian Oscars and the reactions, the anti-Iran Mafia and their media talk about Michelle Obama’s dress! The Americans disgrace, ridicule, and humiliate themselves at the 2013 Oscars; The American art is like the Mullah art or the British art; Ben Affleck insults people’s intelligence and says: ‘I want to thank our friends in Iran [!!] living in terrible circumstances right now [!!]’; and Iranians say to him: ‘Fuck you, Ben Affleck. Fuck you lying scumbag. Affleck, you are worse than the Mullah artists. Shame on you, the stupid CIA agent’. But almost all Western media and Iranian baboons’ media, that are the Big Brother’s media, say nothing about these issues”.


Some Americans say: “In Lies We Trust”, and the 2013 Orwellian Oscars can show us that they are not wrong. As some wise Iranians say: “It’s really shameful that American celebrities like Ben Affleck and George Clooney sell themselves to the Big Brother and work with the CIA, aka the Company or the Agency. In Iran, the people boycott pigs like Ben Affleck. In Iran, those celebrities who sell themselves to the Mullah Gestapo become hateful figures and everybody hate them and spit on them. But such stupid bastards become a hero in the US!”. A corrupt society in which the crooks, the thieves, the mercenaries and other bad guys are heroes, will say hello to its end soon. In these days, US media say: “The rather bizarre nature of the awards this year reflects the political and economic times we are living through [!]”. But some Americans add: “The CIA has been working with Hollywood since the 1950s. Tricia Jenkins, the author of ‘The CIA in Hollywood,’ says the CIA first started working with Hollywood to influence foreign audiences. ‘Their purpose was essentially to shape foreign policy or to win hearts and minds overseas,’ she says”. The number of wise Americans is small, but they can make their people aware. Now, some Americans say: “Jimmy Carter, US president at the time, has acknowledged that ‘90% of the contributions to the ideas and the consummation of the plan was Canadian [while] Argo gives almost full credit to the CIA. Ben Affleck’s character in the film was only in Tehran a day and a half’. Argo says nothing about America’s support for the Pahlavi monarchy and the Pahlavi’s vicious secret police. They say nothing about the 1953 CIA coup in Iran”. But it’s not the whole story. As some wise Iranians say: “Argo tell big lies about the CIA’s close relationship with the Mullahs, and the role of the US and the UK in the 1979 tragedy. According to Argo all Iranians are stupid or hostile. They showed no culture, not a single normal or educated Iranian. When their Iranian characters want to say goodbye, they say Salam! But the most basic Persian word is Salam that means ‘Hello’ !, and it says a lot about both Ben Affleck’s IQ and the accuracy level of Affleck’s Argo”. They also add: “When the Company and the Big Brother tell history, they only tell big lies. In Argo, they say nothing about Iran-Contra Scandal or the secret deals between the US and the Mullahs since the 1970s. It’s a custom in Hollywood films that show non-Westerners -including Koreans, Indians, Chinese, Iranians, etc- semi-barbarian people with deformed ugly faces and childish sinister characters. And it’s what you can see in Argo and also in another CIA-supported movie: Bigelow’s movie about Bin Laden. It’s another piece of CIA-Hollywood that praises American Savagery”. They also add: “In this year, US big lies and US censorship is unbelievable. The search engines and the Western media censor and boycott the voices of the ordinary people and see them as ‘offensive search results’, because they tell the truth about the US and the West, or because they see the First Monkey (first lady), Michelle Obama, as a disgusting stupid monkey. It’s really shameful that ‘telling the truth’ is forbidden, but telling big lies is Free”. In these days, almost all Western media tell big shameful lies about many things. But the good news is that the good guys try to replicate and relay the voices of the ordinary people, and fight against the Big Brother’s agencies and the Systematic Censorship. And here, I should thank those who replicate and relay the voices of Iranians inside Iran. I should specially thank those unknown good guys who replicate and relay our voice at other websites, including Feedreader.com . The Big Brother and the search engines cannot silence or boycott a large army of good guys.


In these days, the American Censorship is really horrible. Almost all American media and Western media say nothing about the Mullah-made crises in Iran. They say nothing about the Jewish shit (AhmadiNejad or AN) and his economic plans, including the IMF plans, that are worse than all Western sanctions. As some Iranians say: “The US and the West censor what the ordinary Iranians say about the current false or Mullah-made crises, including Car Crisis and Ajil Crisis, in Iran. The West, specially the US and the UK, censor the news of a laughable hyperinflation that has been created by the Mullahs and their systematic corruption, their systematic mismanagement, and their systematic collaboration with the West. The US and the West censor many news. For instance, they said nothing about a live television coverage of AhmadiNejad’s interview in the Mullah TV that was interrupted by the sudden airing of flowers! In the unaired and censored section of AN’s interview, a reporter asks him about the IMF plans, public hatred of AN’s economic plans, the multi-billion bank fraud occurred under his watch, etc. Such events can show the world how the Iranian people hate the Mullahs and their Western employers. But almost all Western media, that are like the Mullah media, censor such news”. They also add: “In these days, US pigs bark, fart, and bluff. But their media have funny articles like this: ‘Even if Iran gets the Bomb, it wont be worth going to war‘ ! US pigs love barking and hurting the innocent people, but their media publish Jack Straw’s bullshit and add: ‘[We should have] a better understanding of the Iranian psyche. Iranians have a strong and shared sense of national identity. Kar Englise – that ‘the hand of England’ is behind it – is a popular Persian saying. Few in the West have the remotest idea of our active interference in Irans internal affairs from the 19th century on, but the Iranians can recite every detail [!]’. The West that is both economically and morally bankrupt, has reached the end of the line, and that’s why their Jack Straw adds: War is not an option. In any event, a nuclear-armed Iran would certainly not be worth a war. If we will attack Iran, there is no doubt this will provide them with the opportunity to go ahead and move quickly to nuclear weapons”. The 2013 Oscars was a clear sign of the West’s bankruptcy. As some wise Iranians say: “At the 2013 Oscars you could see the End of America and the Rise of American Fascism . Now, many Iranians say: ‘Fuck Oscars. From now on, we don’t give a fuck about Hollywood and the Oscars ceremony’. It’s funny to know that even Americans say: ‘Argo and Zero Dark Thirty are bad propaganda films. We do smell a CIA public opinion operation going on! Everyone in America knows that we live in times of gridlock. We despair of anything really getting done, as we bump from one budgetary crisis to another. Nothing seems to work”! It’s really shameful that they use Art to present their defeats as Victories, and their Barbarians as Heroes. As some wise Iranians say: “The movie 300 was a crappy B-movie that revealed the true colors of the Barbarian West and their anti-Iran Mafia. In ‘300’, the European Barbarians, who ate humans, are heroes! And in Argo, the CIA agents are heroes!”. They also add: “300 and Argo are anti-Iranian films, while films like ‘Persepolis’ (2007) are anti-Mullah films. Their difference is clear. Now even the USA Today says: Tourists see a different Iran reality than Argo’ image!, but the West still tries to brainwash public opinion. But sooner or later all humans will know the true history of the Barbarian West. Sooner or later many writers and film makers will tell the truth about the barbarians and human-eaters in Europe and Britain”. The story of US monkeys and their ridiculous tactics is a long story. As some wise Iranians say: “Anne Hathaway wins a supporting-actress Oscar as a doomed
mother-turned-prostitute in the Les Miserables. It’s really ridiculous that many actresses win Oscar only when they are nudes or prostitutes! The story of Kate Winslet and her Reader’s Oscar was a bad joke, and now […]. In the US, they use ‘hot girls + monkeys’ tactic. The Big Brother sells his monkeys (US politicians) by using the hot girls (US celebrities) and fooling the horny Sheeple. When do US Sheeple love monkeys (US politicians)? When you show them both boobs and monkeys”.


Some Americans write (in their CNN’s blogs): “[First Monkey] shocked viewers and celebrities alike, appearing from Washington, D.C. via satellite to crown ‘Argo’ the year’s top film. But did [First Monkey] have a place at the Oscars? We have tuned in to watch movie stars, to watch movies. And all of a sudden, politics is thrown at us. [But] Politics at the Oscars has no place [!!]”. As the US media reported: John Kerry sent well wishes to Ben Affleck ahead of the 2013 Academy Awards. Kerry said it’s ‘nice’ seeing our Foreign Service on the big screen [!!]”. As the witty Iranians say: “Politics has no place at the Oscars ?! It’s Art and Culture that have no place at the Oscars”. The 2013 Oscars show was like or worse than the Mullah Film Festival. The Western media reported: “many denouncing ‘Argo’ as ‘hateful CIA propaganda’“. And some Americans said: “For a long time I haven’t seen any movie who sympathizes CIA that much. Timing of movie is interesting. The people in the academy must be nuts. Art should be the winner. A good story with good values should be the winner. Argo totally distorts reality”. But in the US, the real motto is: ‘In Lies We Trust”. Obama and other monkeys tell big lies and disgrace and discredit America, but no one asks them a serious question. It’s really shameful. As some Iranians say: “It’s funny that it’s Iran and Iranians that reveal the true colors of the Oscars, the US elections, the US lefts, the US media, the American Censorship, and many other things in the USSA. And it will be Iran and Iranians that put an end to the USSA, known as the United States of Assholes”. Art should win Oscar, but as the witty Iranians say: “A ridiculous ‘CIA propaganda’ and badly reveal the true colors of the Hollywood propaganda industry wins Oscar, and Best Propaganda Film Oscar goes to … the CIA”. As Iranian film critics say: “Argo is an average film; too predictable and too standard”. What Argo and the American fascists say about Iran and Iranians is like what the Mullahs and the Lefts say about Argo and USA. Both sides are the same shit and tell big lies without shame. But as the witty Iranians say: “The West is master at falsifying the past. In the future, The West’s Ministry of Truth would say: “In the 20th century, an Iranian, AhmadiNejad, created the Holocaust and killed millions of Jews and 100 millions of Europeans. Now Iran is a great country, but we should not forget that people like Hitler, Goebbels, AhmadiNejad, Stalin, Churchill, or Hussein Obama were Iranians. In the 1900s, Iranians created two world wars. Iranians loved war and colonialism, while Europeans hated colonialism, exploitation, war, bullying, racism, and genocide. It was Iranians, not Westerners, that killed hundreds of millions of the innocent people in the 20th century. It was Iranians, not Westerners, that exploited and plundered other nations and enslaved them”! In today’s West, “historical accuracy” is a joke. In the Western version of history, Black is White and Barbarian is Hero. But as some Americans say: “Many have gone on about the lack of historical accuracy, but Hollywood has never cared about that. Hollywood brainwashes the illiterate audience, and a majority of America receives its education from movies!”. The propaganda films can only brainwash the ignorant people. And events like the US election farce and the OWS proved that most Americans are ignorant. But now, some Americans say: “Ben Affleck is a whore. Affleck is a sell-out and now a liar”. In fact, the people are becoming aware. The Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth control Hollywood, Academy Awards, and America; and it’s not conspiracy theory; it’s what 2013 is proving. But the bad guys are stupidly making the people aware. Now, even the Western media say: “Washington tends to behave like the blind leading the blind” [!] The Big Brother and his mercenaries can only control the stupid Sheeple. When the people become aware, the Big Brother and his mercenaries will say hello to their end.