Why Iranians should Love (Hate) America ?!

In these days, the Western bad guys are trying to prove that the West has no shame and is so mean, so uncultured, and so stupid. I don’t know why they are trying to prove that the US and the West are stupid bad guys. I don’t know why they are trying to sow more seeds of hate. But many know what’s the result of such stupid actions. As some Iranians say: “The West act like a sick pig or a stupid psycho. They show us that the West is animal and only understands force. They just prove that Iran must have nuclear bombs, and must punish the West”. As many say: “Before the 2009-2012 period, most Iranians that are young, modern, educated and anti-Islamist thought that the West and the US care about the freedom, democracy, and human rights. And that’s why most Iranians were pro-America. But the US and Europe helped the Mullahs in killing and torturing the ordinary Iranians in 2009. And now, we all can see that the US is pro-Terrorist, pro-Tyranny, pro-Islamist, but ant-Iranian, anti-Democracy, and anti-Human rights. The West just wants to keep Iran weak, dependent and under tyranny, and that’s why the US and the West openly support the anti-Democracy groups like Islamists, Monarchists (Pahlavists) or Communist-Islamist terrorists (MEK) that almost all Iranians hate all of them” [For knowing more about the 2009- 2012 period, please check our Archive page]. As the wise Iranians say: “There is no doubt that today’s West and today’s America are on the wrong side of history, and their fate is worse than the fate of Romans. Now the anti-Iran Mafia is showing us why the End of America, the Rise of the Rest, the Fall of the West, and the End of Evil Empire is near. Today’s West is both economically and morally-intellectually bankrupt. Today’s West is a corrupt Orwellian society with corrupt Orwellian media, corrupt stupid intellects, and a huge herd of stupid Sheelpe. Their end is near”. We will write more about the Fall of the West and the End of Evil Empire. But here, lets take a look at some recent events, and see why Iranians say: “America has become a very stupid bad guy. The normal humans only can hate this America”.

The people media report: “US Congress members meet the Communist-Islamist terrorists (MKO, MEK, PMOI, NCRI, or Rajavi Cult) in Paris. The congressional team led by Dana Rohrabacher met the MKO Communists in Paris on Sunday (Feb 17, 2013) and expressed strong support for them! Dana Rohrabacher is a notorious anti-Iranian pig that openly asks for annihilation of Iran and Iranians! And now US congress supports such sick pig and a small Terrorist, Islamist and Communist group that more than 99.99% of Iranians hate it”. As Iranians say: “Americans suffer from Mad Cow Disease! Americans are stupid bad guys. In 2009, they opposed the anti-Mullah sanctions and helped the Mullahs. And now, they impose the anti-Iranian sanctions and prove that the US is anti-Iranian, but pro-Islamist and pro-Communist! USA has become USSA (United Stalinist States of America) … “.

Some wise Iranians say: “Dana Rohrabacher is a notorious member of the anti-Iran Mafia. Congressman Rohrabacher is an American Nazi. In 2012, this American fascist wrote a letter to their Secretary of the State (Clinton) and said that the US should work for annihilation of Iran and the Iranian nation! You can find his bullshits in the internet. Pigs like Obama and Rohrabacher, the CIA agents like Flynt Leveret, and the stupid lefts like Chomsky are proving that America is anti-Democracy and anti-Iranian, but pro-Terrorist, pro-Islamist, and pro-Tyranny. The bankrupt US and the American Nazi openly support the Communist Jihadis (MEK), the Egyptian Taliban, the Syrian Salafis, the Monarchists (Pahlavists), the Mullahs, the Jewish Nazi and other evil forces, and prove that the End of America is really near”.

As some wise Iranians say: “The love story of the Mullahs and the Great Satan (USA) has become so funny. Now, Mullahs and Khamenei send Love Signal or green signal to America!, and the US wrestling team go to Iran, and make love with Mullahs! Now, the US wrestling team’s managers say to the Mullah media: ‘Wrestling has created a close relationship between America and [Mullahs]! Sports and wrestling has always been a great ambassador [!]’ Members of the US wrestling team shook hands with the Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad or AN) on Feb 22, 2013. As the media reported: ‘Iran won the wrestling World Cup on Friday after defeating America 6-1 in the semi-final, and beating Russia 6-1 in the final. The Jewish Spy (AN) attended the awards ceremony, shaking hands with all Americans and posing for pictures. It’s the first time that the Mullahs and the Americans try to make love in public places!’ But it’s funny that the US and the American assholes still bark, fart and bluff, and think that the Iranian people are as blind and stupid as the US Sheeple!”

The people media report: “John Kerry’s son-in-law is an Iranian! Behrooz Nahid married Vanessa Bradford Kerry, John Kerry’s daughter, in 2009 (they became engaged in 2008). Behrooz Nahid is son of an Iranian family in Los Angeles. Behrooz Nahid has Americanized to ‘Brian Nahed’! And there is rarely any mention of Nahed’s Iranian ancestry, and even the wedding announcement in the Oct 2009 issue of New York Times carefully avoids any reference to Nahid’s birthplace (which is uncommon in wedding announcements) and starts his biography from his college years! Obama and Kerry remind many of Iran Contra Scandal. In 1986, Iranians joked: ‘When McFarlane entered Tehran’s airport, the Mullah cheered: ‘Sale Ala Muhammad, Yar Imam Khosh-Amad !’ (God Bless Muhammad, Mullah’s aid is welcome !)’ And now, Iranians make the same joke about Obama and Kerry! Iranians also add: ‘Obama’s son-in-law will be Khamenei’s son! … USA and Mullahs: Happy Valentine’s Day! … Who else in the world would have got married with such […] American woman except a […] charlatan !”


Some wise Iranians say: “On Feb 20, 2013, the Bloomberg had a shameful, but important report: ‘Is Iran Creating a Health Crisis to Evade Sanctions?’. The Bloomberg said: ‘The US and its allies [should] undermine efforts by Iran to play up a false humanitarian crisis [!] Victory in the economic war demands winning the public-relations war, as well‘. Can you believe it ?! The American pigs stupidly confess to their stupid psywar, their bluffs and big lies, and also the Mullah-made crises in Iran! The Bloomberg also added: ‘If Iran improves its public relations, anti-sanctions sentiment could grow rapidly in the world’ ! The US media and the US propaganda are bad jokes, worse than the Nazi media and the Nazi propaganda. But US confessions can show us why Iranians should love the American Nazi !”

The people media report: “The American bitch, Madeleine Albright said on ‘CBS This Morning’: ‘I think that US sanctions are working because we hear an awful lot about problems within the Iranian economy‘ ! On Feb 20, 2013, the American bitch, Albright, and the anti-Iranian pig, Charlie Rose, who loves AN and kisses AN’s ass, were happy to see that their Jewish Spy (AN) and their IMF plans are torturing the Iranian people! In fact, the US pigs had to say: ‘We hear an awful lot about problems within the Iranian economy, because our Jewish Spy (AN) and our Mullahs implemented our IMF plans and deliberately cut subsidies and raise the price of everything’. The US pigs should say: ‘Our sanctions are not working, but our Jewish Spy (AN) and our Mullahs are working!“! It’s a good point. As Iranians say: “USA says nothing about this undeniable fact that their Jewish spy (AN) implemented the IMF plans in 2011. But Iranians know the whys, and that’s why they love the US!”

Some wise Iranians say: “In Feb 2013, the American media said: ‘We do not believe the claims that sanctions are threatening civilian lives in Iran. Iranians still love [Obama and US sanctions]’ ! The shameless way the US lies is really unbelievable. They are worse than Goebbels and Hitler. The American pigs help the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians; they oppose the 2009 anti-Mullah sanctions; they impose the 2012 anti-Iranian sanctions, and then say: ‘Iranians still love USA!’ Oh, yah, if the Jews loved Hitler, then Iranians love Obama and America! In Feb 2013, the American pigs said: “Most Iranians know that the US tries to help the freedom seeking Iranians’ ! The shameless way the US lies to the world is unbelievable. As Iranians say: Oh, yah, If Hitler wanted to help the Jews, then Obama and USA want to help the Iranian people!

Some wise Iranians say: “Just take a look at Syria and see how the US kisses the Russian ass! The American pigs are defeated everywhere. The US pigs love both the Syrian dictator (Assad) and the Syrian terrorists, and just want to destroy Syria. The US loves Mullahs and just want to make a deal with Mullahs. The bankrupt US is on the edge of annihilation. 27,000,000 unemployed, 47,000,000 on food stamps, 150,000,000 below the poverty line, and $16,500,000,000,000 debt. The US pigs know that their hands are empty like their empty heads. But they still bark, fart, and bluff! In Feb 2013, the US media reported: ‘Sanctions would be even more critical after an American or Jewish pre-emptive strike on Irans nuclear facilities [!!]’ The American Nazi know why ‘Fall of the West and Rise of the Rest’ is near, and that’s why they bluff. But they don’t know that Iranians and others are aware of these issues, too. The Americans badly suffer from Mad Cow Disease”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In Feb 2013, the Washington Post had a funny Orwellian article, ‘Is the Iranian government legitimate?’ In this shameful article, Max Fisher wrote: “If the US called [the Mullah regime] illegitimate, the US would seriously undermine any efforts at diplomatic engagement with [Mullahs!]You cant make deals with a government you feel has no legitimate authority to accept them[!] We [should ignore] the widespread reports of fraud in their 2009 election [!] Some people in Iran believe that the governments crackdowns in 2009 were justified to maintain order [!!] Maybe the Iranian people hate the government but they still go to their civil service job [!!!]. That doesnt make Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei legitimate in a categorical sense, but it does offer him some degrees of legitimacy [!!]” Can you believe it ?! The Washington Post and other Big Brother’s agencies, like the Guardian and the Huffington Post, stupidly close their fucking eyes to the 2009 coup, that was a CIA-backed coup. These assholes are as lovely as Obama and Kerry’s daughter, and that’s why the Iranian people should love the United States of Assholes !


Some wise Iranians say: “In the recent days, some stupid bastards said: ‘Iran wants to have an Iranian base in Antarctica (ha ha). Iran and Iranians want to go to Antarctica, Moon, or Mars (ha ha). Iran and Iranians want to have advanced weapons or advanced technology (ha ha)’. But do you know who wrote such crap? The Jewish Nazi? The savage Arabs? The British Colonialists? The sworn enemies of Persia? No; It’s what RoozOnline.com (and Balatarin.com) and the so-called Iranian Journalists in Exile wrote in Feb 2013! These anti-Iranian mercenaries are worse than the sworn enemies of Persia. In 2009, they were worried about the Mullah regime and betrayed the Iranian people. And now, it’s obvious that the so-called Iranian Journalists in Exile work for the MI6, the CIA, the Mullah Gestapo. Their anti-Iranian cesspools like RoozOnline.com and Balatarin.com are the shitholes of the sworn enemies of Iran and Iranians, and that’s why the US and the West support them financially and politically”

Some wise Iranians say: “In Feb 2013, the American media had a funny article: ‘Is Iran a Rogue State?’. After telling many big lies and bad jokes, they said: ‘A nuclear understanding with [Mullahs] is in the Wests interest [!] Bellicosity is a mark of weakness and self-doubt. The true mark of greatness is magnanimity. Is the US still a great nation?[!] Can it bring itself to treat [Mullahs] with magnanimity ?[!]’ Can you believe it ?! The bankrupt US and the US Nazi want to treat Mullahs with magnanimity?! But the American Nazi already treated Mullahs with the American magnanimity, when they helped Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians in 2009! The US Nazi already treated, and still are treating, Iranians and others with bellicosity, that is a mark of weakness and savageness. America is a Rogue State, and ‘magnanimity’ is a meaningless word to America. The American values are: Bribery, Hypocrisy, Savagery, Tyranny, Lie, Bullying, Betrayal, Censorship, etc”.

Some wise Iranians say: “People are feeling the multiplication of prices and the drop of the national currencys value with their flesh and skin. Yet officials are still content with their imaginary statistics. Many economists have criticized the governments withholding of economic statistics. The IMF plans, ie cutting energy and food subsidies, that started in 2010 failed to boost local production and growth. They just helped [the Western sanctions]’. But do you know who has said this ?! It’s what Rafsanjani, Larijani, Tavakoli, and other Mullahs say in 2013! Now, even the stupid mules can see that the Jewish Spy (AN) just tries to help the West and the sanctions. Only the stupid West and their media are worse than the stupid mules!”

Some Iranians say: “US assholes have no shame. In 2013, they pretend that the year 2009 didn’t exist and Iranians and others have forgotten US crimes and US betrayals in 2009! Now, the American assholes say: ‘The best way to empower the Iranian people to rise against the regime and demand greater freedom and democracy is XX’ !! But do you know what is this XX? Their XX is ‘supporting Communist-Islamist terrorists, Monarchists (Pahlavists) and other reactionary and anti-Democracy groups that more than 99% of Iranians hate them!’ US assholes have no brain and no shame! In 2009, they said: ‘The best way to empower the Iranian people is ‘helping the Mullahs in killing and suppressing the Iranian people and the freedom seeking Iranians’ !”

Some wise Iranians say: “The stupid West says to Iran: ‘Shut down Fordo, halt enrichment, and we will lift the ban on trade in gold’ ! And the stupid Mullahs say: ‘What the West promises Iran in return for closing down of Fordo is not remarkable’ ! But do you know what the Iranian people say? They say: ‘Iran must certainly have nuclear bombs. The West and the US that betrayed us in 2009, should go and f-u-c-k themselves’. The West has no shame and is so stupid. What the West did in 2009 and 2012 proved that the stupid West just wants to keep Iran weak and under tyranny. And that’s why even the wise Iranians say: Iran not only must have nuclear bombs, but Iran should have weapons that are more powerful than nukes. The United States of Terrorists should vanish with one bomb! Iran must have such weapons”

Some wise Iranians say: “In Feb 2013, the CIA media talked about ‘Amirahmadi’s Presidential campaign at Reddit’ !, and RFE/RL added: ‘Amirahmadi’s comments in Reddit were certainly a hit with freethinking Reddit users[!!] Amirahmadi’s Reddit appearance has certainly boosted his profile and may even help him raise some funds [!]’ We took a look at Reddit’s link. The important point was the systematic Censorship at Reddit. It’s really shocking that US censors deleted or censored all critiques of Hooshang Mashang (Amirahmadi). The systematic Censorship at Reddit is like the systematic Censorship at the Guardian or the Mullah media. The poor Aaron Swartz, Reddit’s cofounder, had to kill himself. The systematic Censorship in USA is unbelievable. Iranians know Hooshang Mashang (Amirahmadi) well, and that’s why he says: ‘Some inside Iran call me a CIA agent, while others label me a Mullah agent’ ! But US censors don’t allow non-Iranians to know the truth about a double agent (CIA+Mullah agent) who licks AhmadiNejad’s ass. Compared to Hooshang Mashang, Kerry’s daughter is God! But Hooshang is not important at all. The American censorship and this fact that the US badly censors the voices of the ordinary people, is so important”.


Some wise Iranians say: “Some Americans say: ‘Iranians mostly blame the West for sanctions, not their own government, and mostly want to continue uranium refining. There’s nothing like a foreign threat to boost popular support for a lousy government‘! They also add: ‘Obama, tell Iran that you’ll end Iran sanctions as part of a satisfactory nuclear deal. It would be rational to put Khamenei to the test. If the US offered an end to sanctions in exchange for a deal on enrichment, would he accept it?’ But do you know who has said this crap?! The US fascists? The Jewish Nazi? The British Barbarians? No; It’s what Richard Stallman wrote in his website in Feb 2013! And when people like Stallman are so stupid and can not see the obvious things, it’s clear that most Americans suffer from the Foolishness Disease. There’s nothing like a deep rooted Foolishness to boost support for a corrupt Orwellian system that enslaves and betrays the ordinary people in the West, and exploits and plunders other nations and tries to keep them weak, dependent, and under tyranny”

The wise Iranians say: “When even the American intellects are foolish enough to kiss Obama’s ass; when even the Americans are blind enough to see the CIA-agents as Intellects! when Flynt Leveret and his wife publish their ‘Going to Tehran’ book in 2013, and say: ‘Mullahs are like us [!] Mullahs are not mad. Most Iranians love Mullahs’!, but instead of asking about the relations between the CIA and the Mullahs, the stupid Michael Moore praises the CIA agents; when many Americans are foolish enough to praise the stupid Chomsky who openly supports the tyranny, the Islamists, and the brutal dictators; when even US intellects are foolish enough to praise their Orwellian mass media; when Americans are foolish and blind enough to not see the 2009 CIA-Mullah coup; and when even people like Stallman are shallow guys and have no understanding of their Orwellian media, their Orwellian systems, and their Big Brother’s tactics, it’s obvious why America is turning into the land of idiots, and why the End of America is near”.

Some wise Iranians say: “In 2013, the US and the Lefts badly defend the US-Mullah love affairs. In January, a handful of hateful traitors (Khatamists) wrote letter and defended the US-Mullah love affair and the US-Mullah deals. And the US media and the lefty media, like the Huffington Post, propagandized the Khatamists’ bullshits and pretended that these stupid traitors, that most Iranians hate them so much, are ‘Iranian leaders in Exile! It’s funny that Gary Sick and other sick Imperialists helped the lefts and Khatamists and wrote in their websites: ‘Iranian leaders in exile [!!] call for nuclear settlement. Iranian leaders in exile [!!] call for [US-Mullah relation]’. The collaboration between US lefts and US imperialists is [so funny]. When Chomsky helps Breziznski, and when Gary sick and Breziznski defend the lefts and the US-Mullah relations, it’s obvious that […] (P.S. from 1976 to 1980, Gary Sick and his boss, Brzizenski, were high rank officials of the Carter’s administration. These bastards are known as the architects of the Mullah regime, and can show you why Iranians should love the US and the Lefts!)”.

Some wise Iranians say: “In 2013, the Western media and even China’s CCTV, as the state media of Communist China and Chinese Dictatorship, still care about the bankrupt stooges of the West, including Reza Papeh (Reza Pahlavi) and the Communist-Islamists that more than 99% of Iranians hate them. As Ray McGovern, an ex-CIA operative, said: “Why the US cooperates with [backward] organizations like the Mujahedin (MEK) [and the Monarchists (Pahlavists)], is because they are ready to work for us [!] They are now our beloved stooges !’ In 2011, some Americans wrote: ‘It has been incredible to watch members of a designated terror group and a reactionary [anti-Democracy group like Pahlavists] walk the halls of Congressional office buildings, mingling with Hill staffers and representatives’. But now, we all know that today’s USA is the Home of Bad Guys. Today’s US is anti-Democracy and pro-Tyranny. USA is anti-Iranian and pro-Islamist. The story of Egypt, Syria, etc says a lot about the USSA”

Some wise Iranians say: “Recently, an American Jewish wrote: ‘I hope that my current message will reach my Iranian friends. I tell them this: Im your friend and I love you, but I wont hesitate to bomb you [!!] Consider yourselves warned [!]’. Can you believe it?! Apparently, the Jewish terrorists think that all humans are as stupid as the US Sheeple! But we tell them this: ‘We are not your friend, the Jewish Nazi. We are not as hypocrite/ dishonest as you, the Zionist pigs. If you attack Iran, all Iranians wont hesitate to send you and your tiny shithole (the Jewish state) to hell. Iranians don’t see you, the Jewish Nazi and the American Fascists, as their friends. Go to hell and fuck yourselves’. Iranians only want to be friends of normal humans and good guys. All Iranians hate the bad guys, specially the racists, the terrorists, the fascists, and the anti-Iranian pigs”.

Some Iranians say: “In these days, the media talks about ‘UK/ EU horsemeat scandal’. In fact, Europeans used old, sick, or dead horses/ mules and sold their meats as beef. Actually, Europeans and Americans eat mule-meat (Gusht-e Khar), mule-brain (Maghz-e Khar), mule-milk (Shir-e Khar), etc and maybe that’s why they support the Communist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), the Pahlavists, the Khatamists, or the Egyptian Taliban! Americans and Europeans eat mule-meat, mule-brain, and mule-milk and maybe that’s why they think and act like stupid mules!”. Of course, some Americans say: “Any American who supports the communist MEK terrorists is a Traitor”. But the US gov and the US mass media openly and shamelessly support tiny anti-Democracy groups like the communist MEK and the Pahlavists that more than 99% of Iranians know them and hate them. The US assholes just prove that the US is a very stupid bad guy”.

The witty Iranians say: “There is no need to know history, because even the recent years can show you how stupid, mean, motherfucker, and barbarian are the UK, the US and the West!”. They also add: “Those who know the history of the past 300 years, can see that the West has not changed, and still thinks and acts like savage beasts”. Many wise and educated people know about ‘the 19th century and how the Barbarian Britain and their allies invaded Iran, occupied and annexed many parts of Iran, and killed and tortured many Iranians’; or about “the 20th century and how the British Barbarians stole Iran’s oil, plundered Iran’s resources, and supported the anti-Democracy forces and hurt the ordinary Iranians”. Most Iranians, including us, preferred to forget the past and old wounds. But the Barbarian West only tries to open old wounds. They still think that we live in the 19th century, and the Barbarian West can bully, threaten, and enslave other nations. But now, even some Westerners say: “It’s mean of the West to disturb the ordinary people when the West helps and supports the Islamists, the terrorists, [and other mercenaries]”. In fact, the people are becoming aware. In these days, many Iranians talk about ‘the shameless way the West lies to the world’, and say: “The West is so mean, they […]. The West is so stupid, they […]. The West has no shame, they […]”. Now, only a few Westerners are wise enough to say: “Our nation has no shame. Now the West issues threats. Naturally, most Iranians see the West as barbaric and unethical … In the 20th century the ‘barbarians’ were the Brits and the Americans: stealing Irans oil, foisting the tyrants on Iranians, erasing democracy, imposing sanctions”. But I hope many good guys in the US and the West can become aware in the near future. Now, many know that the Fall of the West and the End of Evil Empire is near, maybe in 2025 or 2030. The future is not clear, but we all can be sure of one thing: Those who fight against freedom, democracy, and the people’s rights, and those who love and support the terrorists, the tyrants, the communists, the monarchists, the Islamists, the crooks, the killers, the thieves, and other bad guys, are on the wrong side of history and their End is near and inevitable.

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