Anti-Iran Mafia, Patriotism, and National Anthem

In these days, as some Iranians say: “the US-Mullah love affair, the farcical story of the British Mullahs and the Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad), and the ridiculous story of Egypt and Syria are among the main news”. But many things are more important than the main news. In these days, many young and educated Iranians express disappointment in the West. And it’s a big change, because before the 2009- 2012 period, the majority of Iranians were pro-West and pro-US. In these days, many Iranians say: “Our [illusions about] the West was the exact opposite of the reality of the West! (Chee Fekr Mikardim, Chee Bood!)”. As the wise Iranians say: “Iranians were under the illusion that the West is not the bad guy. Iranians were under the illusion that the West cares about the freedom and democracy. Iranians were under the delusion that the West is not an Orwellian society that is full of corruption, censorship, surveillance, racism, hypocrisy, tyranny, etc. The young Iranians were under the delusion that the West is their friend, not their enemy. But now, Iranians are becoming aware”. In these days, many say: “We, Iranians, were wrong about the West. Today’s West is […]”. In these days, the disgusting Chauvinism in the US and the West remind many of Fascism and Colonialism. As some wise Iranians say: “What US Fascists said during Chuck Hagel’s hearing was disgusting. The American Fascists think that all humans are, or should be, slaves of US faggots! They love self-congratulation and self-deception. Their media, in the best case, talked about ‘the hearing in which Pentagon Nominee Hagel publicly addressed criticism that he is not sufficiently anti-Iran and pro-Israel’! US idiots and their ridiculous Patriotism, aka American Nationalism, create nothing but US National Capitalism (American Nazism)”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “Many things, including the US-Mullah love affair, the West’s anti-Iran policy, the Western Censorship, the Western Foolishness, and the true face of the West’s Orwellian Society are disgusting, pathetic, and disappointing. The stupid West and its stupid mercenaries still think that a bunch of Western Barbarians can exploit and plunder the world in the name of Modernism. They still think that Iranians and the Eastern nations should be their slaves, and should not have any advanced technology and advanced weapons! They still think that Iranians are stupid, but the Western Barbarians, who ate humans, are clever (Zerang)!” As the witty Iranians say: “Today’s West is really clever. They openly and publicly support the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK)! that more than 99% of Iranians hate them. The West is really clever. They openly support the Egyptian Islamists and the Egyptian Taliban. The West is really clever. They openly supports the reactionary Monarchists (Pahlavists) that more than 99% of Iranians hate them. Today’s West is really clever that tries to prove the West is pro-Mullah, pro-Islamist, pro-Terrorist, pro-Tyranny, anti-Iranian, anti-Freedom, and anti-Democracy. The West is really a clever clown!” As some wise Iranians say: “The stupid West and its mercenaries opposed the anti-Mullah sanctions in 2009. But now, the stupid West and its mercenaries help and support the anti-Iranian sanctions in 2012“. And it’s very meaningful. In 2009, the wise Iranians said to the stupid West: “There are two ways to deal with the Mullah nuclear program: (1)Support the freedom seeking Iranians and their pro-democracy and anti-Mullah movement (2)Support the Mullahs and the anti-Iranian activities, including war and anti-Iranian sanctions. Those who don’t support the former, support the latter and push for it”. And now, we all can see that the wise Iranians were not wrong. In 2012, those bastards who had betrayed the 2009 movement, proved that they are anti-Iranian mercenaries. As the wise Iranians say: “The Lefts, the Iranian Journalists in Exile, and the anti-Iranian media, from the BBC, the VOA, and the Guardian to and, are part of the anti-Iran Mafia. They help the Mullahs and the West’s anti-Iranian policies”. In these days, the media report: “Iran made new satellites, new fighter jets, advanced wind tunnel, advanced centrifuge, etc”. Iranians know that today’s Iran can be more advanced and more modern than today’s West, but the Mullahs and the mercenaries don’t allow Iranians to build a free and strong Iran. And that’s why Iranians laugh at the Mullahs and their propaganda. But in these days, the Western pigs and their mercenaries, aka the anti-Iran Mafia, stupidly laugh at Iranians, not Mullahs. As some wise Iranians say: “Western barbarians are so stupid, like their savage ancestors who were Human-Eaters. The normal humans laugh at the British Barbarism, the British Tyranny, the American Fascism, the US Election Farce, the American Sheepocracy, the Western hypocrisy, the Western censorship and surveillance, the West’s Orwellian society, etc. But as many Westerners are big idiots and their brain is in their ass, they think that Iranians are stupid because Iranians were brave enough to fight against the Western stooges in 2009! The Western idiots think that Iranians are stupid, because Iranians care about human values and all humans! They think Iranians are stupid, because Iranians care about the interest of mankind, not the interest of a special race/ tribe. The Western idiots think that Nationalism and Chauvinism is a good thing, and say: ‘Evidence of Nationalism in Iran is difficult to discern prior to the 19th century’! But they are bid idiots who even don’t know that Patriotism in Iran has a long history, and Iranians and people like Cyrus and Darius the Great introduced Patriotism to the world. They even don’t know Ferdowsi and his patriotic poems in the 10th century. They don’t know that Iranians are not racists or nationalists, but when an Enemy that is a Bad Guy or a Barbarian become so anti-Iran and anti-Iranian, the Iranian people will turn into the most patriotic people in the world. History tells the truth”. It’s really true. If you want to know Iranian Patriotism, you should know Iran’s history or people like Ferdowsi. But even in the recent centuries (the past 300 years), when Iran experienced a sharp decline, Iranians were still Patriots. Iran’s National Anthem can show you many things. Let’s take a look at Iran’s First National Anthem in the 19 century: (this Anthem was rearranged and recomposed in the recent years and was performed by Salar Aghili)


Iran's First National Anthem:

O, the immortal name of our land (Iran)
O, the good fortunes of our land
Shine in the sky
Like the immortal sun

O homeland, my life
My passion and my joy
Shine in the sky
Like the immortal sun

Listen to the pain of my words
I am your companion, singing
O, my body and my soul,
My homeland, my homeland,
My homeland, my homeland

All with one name and symbol,
With different colors and languages
All cheerful, happy and singing
Because of the strength of young Iran
Because of the strength of ancient Iran

As some Iranians say: “In the recent centuries, as Bijan Taraghi said, Iranians asked Iran to ‘listen to the pain of their words’ and to ‘shine in the sky’ again. Iranians were proud of ‘the strength of ancient Iran’, and wanted to see ‘the strength of young Iran’. Since the ancient time, Iranians respected ‘different colors and languages’. Iranians were pluralists and tolerant, but ‘all with one name and symbol’ defended Iran and Iranian Civilization. And that’s why Iran, as the oldest country in the world, is still alive. And that’s why the Barbarians, form the European Barbarians to the Savage Arabs, could not destroy the Cradle of Civilization (Iran). And that’s why the Iranian Civilization, as the backbone of the Human Civilization, is still alive. And that’s why the Iranian values, aka the Human values, are still alive”. As some wise Iranians say: “Is USA the United States of Assholes ?! Why a new-born country like USA should follow the British Barbarians and desperately try to hurt or destroy the Cradle of Civilization (Iran)? Why a new-born country like USA should think that a bunch of Western faggots and Western Barbarians can annihilate the oldest country of the world (Iran) that is the Land of Humanity and Patriotism? Apparently, the Western Barbarians still think that Barbarism can defeat Civilization, and the Bad Guys can defeat the Good Guys! These idiots have not learned the lessons of history”. They also add: “It’s really ridiculous that Obama and other US pigs help the Mullahs in killing Iranians in 2009, but in 2012 they impose their anti-Iran sections on Iranians! Their media report: ‘Obama enacts anti-Iran bill. Obama has signed a law to counter Iran’s influence‘. It’s really ridiculous that US Christian fanatics that hate the Jews and think that the Jews killed Jesus, shed crocodile tears for the Jews, and pretend that Iran that has defended the Jews since 3000 years ago, is enemy of the Jews! It’s really ridiculous that the ungrateful Jews and the Jewish Nazi (Zionists) threaten Iran with nuke! and pray for annihilation of Iranians, but the US, the UN, and the West close their dirty eyes. It’s really disgusting that the Iranian Journalists in Exile -ie people like Masoud Behnoud, Nikahang Kowsar, Akbar Ganji, Ali Nourizadeh, etc- and the so-called Iranian Media in Exile -from Balatarin and RoozOnline to Tehran Bureau- are part of the anti-Iranian Mafia and work for the CIA, the MI6, the Mullahs and Iran’s enemies. This Mafia betrayed the 2009 anti-Mullah movement. In 2009, they said: We are worried about the Mullah regime! In 2009 and 2012, they were not worried about Iran and Iranians, and helped the Mullahs and the West’s anti-Iran policies. They didn’t write even one line against those Jewish Nazi that threatened Iran in 2012. They just helped the Jewish Nazi and the anti-Iran sanctions! The British media are the faithful tribune of this stupid Mafia, and that’s why the British media censor the ordinary Iranians in an Orwellian way. The anti-Iran Mafia has many media for Iranians inside Iran, but they don’t write even a single line about some important global events like Aaron Swarts’ death. But why? The anti-Iran Mafia desperately tries not to allow the Iranian people to see the truth and the reality of the West!” They also add: “It’s ridiculous that the US supports the Egyptian Islamists and the Syrian Salafis. It’s ridiculous that the Mullah crooks, the Mullah thieves, and the Mullah killers live freely in the UK, the US, Canada, etc, but the Iranian students are victims of the Western sanctions! It’s really ridiculous that the West is pro-Islamist and anti-Iranian “. In these days, the Anti-Iran Propaganda is really ridiculous and disgusting. Now, even some Western media confess: “The US and the West have employed a policy of demonization, humiliation, containment, and deterrence against Iran, which has impeded Irans right to development and brought suffering to its people”. Now, the stupid West clearly talks about “Sanctions against Iran” (not Mullahs). As some Iranians say: “Now, the stupid West and its mercenaries are proving that they are anti-Iran, anti-Freedom, anti-Democracy, pro-Colonialism, pro-Exploitation and pro-Barbarism. Now, we all can see that the West loves the Mullahs and the Islamists. The story of Iran, Egypt, Syria, etc can show us that the West is the friend of the Islamists and the terrorists, but the West is the enemy of the ordinary people and the modern people”. Recently, as the media report: “Francois Hollande said that France and the US will increase pressure over Iran [!]” As some Iranians say: “French Faggot Hollande and the bankrupt West are badly bluffing in their Barbarian Game. Their hands are empty, like their empty heads. In 2009, when the West had to exert full pressure on the Mullahs (not Iran), the West helped the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians. But now, the bankrupt West bluff and talk about more pressure! and make us laugh” Iranians have always punished their uncultured enemies by their pens and their culture. And the story of Ey Iran (O, Iran), the popular national anthem, is just one of many examples. Iran has always had many people like Seif Farghani (13th century) and Fredowsi (11th century), that we have already written about them and their poets (check Archive). Ey Iran’s lyrics was written by Hossein Gol-e-Golab in 1946. Gol-e-Golab said: “In 1944, the footsteps of the invading armies (Russian and British armies) in the streets were enough to rattle any patriot and inspired me to write Ey Iran. Professor Khaleghi wrote the music and despite all the political opposition, it found its way into the heart of the people”. As some Iranians say: “Ey Iran (O, Iran), that was first performed by Banan and some Europeans called it ‘the best patriotic national anthems in the world’, was an Iranian answer to those Western Barbarians who tried to destroy Iran. Gol-e-Golab hated Iran’s enemies, specially [British Barbarians]”. Let’s take a look at “Ey Iran” (O, Iran) anthem, known as Iran’s second national anthem:

Iran's Second National Anthem:

O, Iran, the land of jewels abound
O, your soil is the wellspring of the arts
Far be from you the bad guys' intentions
You should remain immortal and eternal

O enemy, if you are of stone, I am of steel
My life I sacrifice for the noble soil of my homeland
[O, Iran] your love has became my preoccupation
My thoughts are never far from you
For you, our life is not worthy
May the land of our Iran be eternal

The stones of your mountains are jewels and pearls
The soil of your valleys are better than gold
[O, Iran] your love has became my preoccupation
Tell me what to do without your love,
If ever I exclude it from my heart

While the universe and the heavens revolve
The light of God will forever brighten our path
[O, Iran] my thoughts are never far from you
For you, our life is not worthy
May the land of our Iran be eternal


“The Mullahs banned ‘Ey Iran’ from 1979 to 2004. The Mullahs were anti-Iranian mercenaries and hated Iran and ‘Ey Iran’! In the 1980s- 1990s, those who listen to ‘Ey Iran’ anthem were arrested by the Mullahs! The Mullahs said that ‘Ey Iran’ is an anti-Islamic song! The Mullahs are part of [the anti-Iran Mafia]. In 2012, Akbar Abdi, the actor, said in the Mullah Film Festival: ‘When I appeared in ‘Ey Iran’ film, I thought me, Taghvaie and Ey Iran would win all prizes of this festival. But they seized ‘Ey Iran’ and banned the people from seeing Ey Iran!’ Taghvaie’s film, Ey Iran, was a stupid film about ‘making a new version of ‘Ey Iran’ song during the 1979 revolution! But the Mullahs banned Ey Iran and revealed their animosity towards Iran and Iranians”, some Iranians say. The Mullahs banned ‘Ey Iran’ from 1979 to 2004, and it says a lot about the Mullahs. In these days, the media reported: “Iran unveiled a new fighter jet. The Iranian-made Fighter Jet looks like the US F-35” or “Iran has successfully launched a live monkey into space” or “Iran unveiled a new ultra-sonic wind tunnel”. The Iranian people know that the Mullahs are bid idiots, because as Iranians say: “when the Mullahs should develop and complete for instance a $1 million project within 1 year, they waste money and time and complete the project in 10 to 20 years with wasting $1 billion! The Iranian scientists hate the Mullahs, and cannot work with the Mullah system that is a very sick and reactionary system”. But almost all Iranians know that today’s Iranians can easily convert Iran into a strong world power. Iranians clearly say: “Iran, the wellspring of the arts, can and should be the most advanced country and the most powerful country in the world, as it used to be”. But in these days, as the people media report: “The anti-Iranian mercenaries say: ‘Iran and Iranians (not Mullahs) cannot make a fighter jet or any good and advanced thing!’ These idiots still live in the Colonialism Age, while we all know that today’s Iranians can make a fighter jet that is much better than the American F35. The West and its mercenaries, including the Mullahs, just try to keep Iran weak and dependent”. As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, the anti-Iranian media that works for the CIA and the MI6 -including the VOA, the BBC, the Guardian, Balatarin, RoonOnline, etc-can show us many things. They are so miserable, and put anti-Iranian comments in their so-called Iranian media! As Hedayat said, they are ‘Mujadat-e Past-o Ahmagh-o MadarGhabeh ‘ (those who are mean, stupid, and motherfucker). They suffer from Mongolism and Inferiority Complex . It’s funny that the non-Iranian spies are among those who put anti-Iranian comments in Balatarin and other anti-Iranian cesspools”. They also add: “People like Hooshang HasanYari, Ali Nourizadeh, Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi, Nikahang Kowar, Reza Pahlavi, Akbar Ganji, Abbas Abdi, and the so-called Iranian Journalists/ Activists in Exile are anti-Iranian mercenaries and work for the CIA, the MI6, and/or the Mullah Gestapo. They are part of [the anti-Iran Mafia]. They and their Western employers try to keep Iran weak, dependent and unfree. Recently, they mixed ‘the 2011 footage with the footage of the 2013 successful launch’ and pretended that Iran’s space monkey was dead! Iranians say: ‘2013 successful launch is not important’, because Iranians believe: ‘Iran must have its own Space Station and its own Space Travels to Moon, Mars and other planets‘. But even this unimportant space monkey is killing the anti-Iran Mafia!” It’s really ridiculous that the West says that Iran (not Mullahs) cannot and should not become a world power! As some wise Iranians say: “Westerners are small brains who just prove that the West is the Great Evil. They even don’t know that there are many bright talented Iranian scientists and engineers inside Iran whose works and innovations can easily convert Iran into a world power. What the world see now, is just 10% of Iran’s power. The Golden Period of Iran restart as the anti-Mullah Iranians know the anti-Iran Mafia better”. They also add: “Even making fighters that compete with the West cannot save the Mullahs. As it did not save the Soviets. Iranians know that the Mullahs’ problems is that instead of working for the Iranian people and working to advance Iran, they are working to help the West and the Arabs, and use a Western-Arabic ideology to keep Iran weak and dependent“. If you want to know why the Mullahs are anti-Iranian, you can read Iran’s history. But even the so-called Iran’s National Anthem in the Mullah era can show you many things. As some wise Iranians say: “This ridiculous anthem even doesn’t mention to the name of Iran, homeland (Vatan), ancient Iran, Iranians, etc. This non-patriotic anthem says lot about the Mullahs”. Let’s take a look at this ridiculous anthem that most Iranians hate it:

National Anthem in the Mullah era:

Upwards on the horizon rises the Eastern Sun
The light in the eyes of the believers
[Month of] Bahman is the brilliance of our faith
Your message, O [Mullah], of independence,
and freedom, is imprinted on our souls
O Martyrs! Your yell echo in the ears of time
Enduring, continuing, and eternal,
The Islamic Republic of Iran


“The Mullahs banned ‘Ey Iran’ !, and replaced it with a ridiculous non-patriotic anthem. The Mullahs are anti-Iran, and that’s why the CIA and the MI6 loves the Mullahs. The recent anti-Iranian conference in Egypt -that was held during the visit of Mullah FM, Salehi, to Cairo!- says a lot about the Islamists. Salehdi didn’t protest against the anti-Iran conference, because he and other Islamists are Arab and anti-Iranian. Most of Islamists work for the CIA, as the Egyptian Islamists and Mursi are CIA agents. The US is pro-Islamist and pro-Terrorist, and all Islamists and terrorists are anti-Iranian”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, the media report: “The US is prepared to hold direct talks with the Mullahs. US vice President Joseph Biden told attendees at the Munich Security Conference on Feb 2 that ‘[USA loves Mullahs] The ball is in the [Mullah] court [!!]’ Asked when the US would hold direct talks with Mullahs, Biden replied: ‘When the Mullah leadership, the supreme leader [Khamenei], is serious [!!]” In these days, the love story of “the Mullahs and the Great Satan (USA)” is so funny! Now, even the wise Iranians talk about ‘those CIA agents that have become active again”, or “How CIA, Lefts, and USA help Mullahs”. As the people media report: “Flynt Leverett and his wife, who worked for the CIA for about 20 years!, publishes a book, ‘Going to Tehran’, that is about their travels to Iran in the post-2009 coup era!” It’s so funny that the CIA agents go to Iran! and publish their log book! But it’s not the whole story. As some wise Iranians say: “The stupid lefts love the Leveretts and other CIA agents. For instance, Michael Moore has a post in his website and praises Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett! Moore has linked to their new bullshit, ‘Going to Tehran’, that was published in Jan 2013. Moore refers to the stupid CIA agents as ‘Iran specialists’ ! Instead of asking about the relations between the CIA and the Mullahs, the stupid Moore and other lefties pretend that the CIA agents, who helped the Mullahs in killing thousands of Iranians, are anti-War activists!” In these days, many things are so funny. As some Iranians say: “The Lefts and the CIA both defend the Mullahs! More than 90% of Iranians hate the Mullah regime, but both the CIA and the Lefts pretend that ‘Iran’s regime = Iran’s people’! The 2009- 2012 tragedies proved that the West and the Lefts are pro-Mullah and anti-Iran, and the Mullah regime is a puppet regime that has been imposed on Iranians by the anti-Iran Mafia“. As some wise Iranians say: “Open your eyes and see who defend the Mullah regime: the CIA agents like Leverett, Gary Sick, Brezizenski, and the Lefts! In these days, the CIA agents are very active, and the collaboration between Brezizenski and Chomsky, or between Leveretts and the Lefts, can show you who is who in [this shitty world]”. They also add: “Why the lefts should defend a CIA agent like Flynt Leverett that tells the big Orwellian lies about Iran? As they say, Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent, but why the lefts should defend a stupid bastard who has worked for the CIA for 20 years?!” They also add: “Read Leverett’s bullshits and see how the stupid CIA defends the Mullah regime. Those who cover Leverett’s big lies, from the NYTimes and the Reuters to the Guardian and the lefty media are the Big brother’s agencies. They publish Leverett’s big lies and show us who was behind the 2009 coup” In these days, if you open your eyes, you can see who is who, and who works for the Big Brother and the anti-Iran Mafia. We have already about the Leveretts and their big Orwellian lies (check Archive), but what the Iranian people say about these idiots is funny. Iranians say: “None of what these two prostitutes (Leveretts) say makes sense, unless of course, you’re Lefts or CIA agents. These two charlatan prostitutes are big idiots. You can not be ‘smart’ and say that a ‘majority’ of Iranians support the Mullahs. The CIA and these two whores say repeatedly that a ‘majority’ of Iranians love and support Khamenei and AN! But if they said that a ‘majority’ of Americans love and support Bin Laden it was less laughable! The slimy Leverettes just show us that the CIA supports the Mullahs. Leverettes and their big lies make us sick. They and their CIA are worse than the Mullahs. Saddam, Mubarak, Gaddafi, or Assad used to get re-elected with 99% of support. And we all know what was happening there. But the CIA loves to pretend ignorance about its stooges! The CIA agents like Leverett and the CIA-Hollywood movies, like 300 that was an anti-Iranian crappy movie, or Argo that is just a little better than 300!, [say a lot] about the West and [the anti-Iran Mafia]”. Iranians are not stupid, and if they are silent, it doesn’t mean that they are blind. They know the Western stooges, from Mullahs to Pahlavists. As some wise Iranians say: “Pahlavi’s regime was a stupid, puppet, anti-Iranian regime. Even Iran’s National Anthem in the Pahlavi era can show you that Pahlavi was an anti-Iranian mercenary”. Lets take a look at this ridiculous anthem that most Iranians hated it:

National Anthem in the Pahlavi era:

Long live our King of Kings [!]
His glory make immortal our land [!]
Pahlavi made Iran, [!]
A hundredfold better than the ancient time [!]
Once beset by the enemies,
But now Iran is in peace, because of him [!]
And Iranians are happy [because of him !]
Oh, may God protect him [!]
Both now and evermore


As some wise Iranians say: “This ridiculous, disgusting, anti-Iranian Khayemali (Ass-licking) was called ‘National Anthem’ in the Pahlavi era! It says a lot about the Pahlavi regime, that was an anti-Iranian puppet regime. The stupid Pahlavists were and are part of [the anti-Iran Mafia]. They worship their stupid king, lick the West’s ass, and try to keep Iran weak and dependent. They are ‘Shah-Parast’ (King-worshiper) and the Islamists are ‘Akhund-Parast’ ! (Mullah-worshiper) Instead of ‘Ey Iran’, a patriotic national anthem, the Pahlavists loved licking ass! These anti-Iranian whores said: ‘Through worship of the King[!], we ever from the enemy will guard this our land’ !! These assholes that were and are the pawns of the enemy, wanted to guard ‘our land’! as they did about Bahrain’s case!” The anti-Iranian mercenaries have always tried to keep Iran weak and dependent. As some Iranians say: “The 1979 revolution was a normal reaction to a puppet regime and a puppet dictator. But in 1979, the West could fool and deceive the illiterate Iranians, and a new group of British stooges and US agents that were pro-Arab and anti-Iranian could control and f-u-ck Iran with the help of the West. In 1979, the Iranian people were naive and uneducated, and that’s why [anti-Iran Mafia] could deceive them”. But now, Iranians are educated, and have become aware. As some wise Iranians say: “Anti-Iranian comments in the anti-Iranian media like the Guardian [of Big Brother] and the little anti-Iranian cesspools like Balatarin and RoozOnline, can show us that the West and its mercenaries, aka the anti-Iran Mafia, have reached the end of line. In these days, the stupid bastards say: ‘Some people tell the truth and want to be heroes [!!] But we want to be pragmatic and that’s why we tell [big lies and betray the truth and the people !]’ These idiots think that the humans only have two types: Heroes and Prostitutes! In these days, the idiots say: ‘It is a common dilemma: Should you be a hero and tell the truth, or should you be [a prostitute] and pragmatic?’! They tell big lies, betraying the truth and the people, help the killers, the rapists, the thieves and other bad guys, and call it Pragmatism!” And it’s exactly what ‘the Iranian Journalists in Exile’, known as anti-Iranian mercenaries, say in these days. They think that the people are divided in two groups: Heroes and Mercenaries! They think that only the heroes tell the truth or defend the good things! These big idiots say: ‘Telling the truth is not pragmatic, but is a revolutionary act’ ! They even don’t know that only In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”. These idiots even don’t know that telling the truth is a normal practice! and those who tell the truth are not special people. The normal humans and the good guys don’t live like mercenaries, whores, charlatans, or sick animals! Those who tell big lies and betray the truth, the people, the human values, and everything for the sake of power, money, fame, etc, are abnormal psychos, known as bad guys. As the great men and people like Howard Zinn said: “You cannot separate means and ends. If your end is egalitarian society you have to use egalitarian means, if your end is non-violent society without war, you cannot use war to achieve your end”. It’s obvious that if your end is a society without Big Lies and Orwellian media, you cannot tell big lies to achieve your end. If your end is a society without Big Brother, you cannot work for Big Brother to achieve your end. Those who tell big lies, sell their souls and their pens, and betray the truth and the people are like or worse than the Mullahs. In this website, we don’t defend Iran, Nationalism, or Patriotism. We and many other Iranians only defend the truth, the good guys, the human world and the human values. If Iran and Iranians become bad guys, we will never defend them, as we don’t defend the Iranian baboons and the Iranian mercenaries. But when the anti-Iranian bad guys tell big lies and betray the truth and the people, it’s a civic/ human duty to tell the truth. All good guys in all around the world should know that if they remain silent, the whole world becomes a Big Brother’s society and the bad guys pollute everywhere.

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