How Mullahs Help West and Sanctions

In the anniversary of the 1979 revolution -known as the 1979 collaboration between the West, the mercenaries and the ignorant Iranians- many talk about the British Mullahs, their Western employers and “How Mullahs Destroy Iran and Iran’s Economy” and “How Mullahs Help West and Sanctions”. As some say: “In these days, the British Mullahs and that Jewish spy (AhmadiNejad or AN) try to help the Western sanctions more. They say: ‘We want to implement the second phase of ‘the IMF Plan’ in Iran’ !” We have already written about the IMF Plan, the IMF-Mullah love affair, and why the IMF plan is worse than all Western sanctions, and how the West tried to present the disastrous results of the IMF plan as the results of the Western sanctions (check Archive). In these days, Iranians inside Iran use F words about the Mullahs and other puppets of the West, and many say: “Do you know what is the new IMF plan? The IMF (ie the West) asks the Mullahs to help the West and deliberately cut subsidies and increase the price of everything. And as a result of the new IMF plan, the price of everything will increase by 300% to 1000%! In fact, the Mullahs deliberately want to create a huge Hyperinflation, and then the Savage West would say: ‘it’s a result of the Western sanctions’! If the Mullahs implement the new IMF plan, they just will assure all normal humans that AhmadiNejad is a Jewish spy and Khamenei is a British stooge, whose mission is nothing but Serving the West’s interests and Destroying Iran”. In these days, many talk about mercenaries and “How Mercenaries help Mullahs, West and Western sanctions‘. They talk about ‘mercenaries like Behnoud, Ganji, Abdi and other Khatamists”, or about ‘the ultra-stupid mercenaries like Reza Pahlavi and Rajavi, ie Monarchists and Marxist-Islamist Terrorists, that 99% of Iranians hate them, but the Savage West loves them and helps them! As some wise Iranian say: “All anti-Iranian mercenaries and their anti-Iranian media -including the BBC, the VOA, the Guardian, and the little anti-Iranian shitholes like,,, etc- are like or worse than the Mullahs and the Mullah media. But their strategic stupidities is a godsend for us, and reveals the secrets of the 1979 revolution and the 2009 coup. Now, all anti-Iranian mercenaries are foolish enough to reveal the truth. These days are historic days. Don’t forget them, and don’t forget to record what the West and its mercenaries do in these days”. They also add: “The Jewish spy (AN) wants to complete his Jewish mission. And the British Mullahs help him, because it’s what the West wants. What the Mullahs call it ‘1st phase of the IMF Plan’ was a disastrous failed plan that created nothing but hyperinflation and unemployment. Now, it’s obvious that the 2009 coup was a CIA-MI6-Mullah coup”. In these days, the Mullahs and the Jewish shit (AN) say that they want to implement ‘the 2nd phase of the IMF Plan’ amid the Western sanctions! And it says a lot about the Mullahs and the West. As the wise Iranians say: “Amid the Western sanctions, that the West calls it ‘Economic War’ !, Iran should raise subsidies and decrease prices. Iran’s economic policy should strengthen Iranians and weaken Iran’s enemies. But the Mullahs, that are puppets of Iran’s enemies, do the exact opposite of what Iran needs”. They also add: “If you know what the Mullahs already said about the IMF and the IMF plans, and if you know how AN and the Mullahs [shitted on] Iran’s economy, and if you know what happened in 2009 and the past years, you would know that what the ordinary Iranians say about ‘the Jewish spy (AN), the British Mullahs, and their Western employers’ is not conspiracy theory. Today’s Iranians can see how the Jewish shit, the British Mullahs, and the West have collaborated in destroying Iran and killing Iranians”. As some Iranians say: “The Jewish spy (AN) just completes his Zionist mission. His plans for the dollar price just nullify his fucking IMF plan, and make it clear that his IMF plan is a plot to destroy Iran’s economy. He and Mullahs create a vicious circle of hyperinflation. But the important point is that even the so-called ‘Iranian journalists in exile’ help the Mullahs, the West and the Western sanctions!”. As the wise Iranians say: “In the 2009- 2012 period, we all could see that the so-called ‘Iranian journalists in exile’ and the so-called ‘Iranian activists in exile’ are nothing but anti-Iranian mercenaries . The West censors and silences the voices of the ordinary Iranians, but publicizes the voice of the anti-Iranian mercenaries. In 2009, these bastards were worried about their beloved Mullah regime and betrayed Iran and Iranians. But do you know what they did in 2012?” We have already written about what the anti-Iranian whores did in 2012 (check Archive), and how they proved that their mission is ‘keeping Iran weak and under tyranny‘. As some wise Iranians say: “Anti-Iranian whores that their brothels are BBC Persian, VOA Farsi, Balatarin, RoozOnline, Gooya, etc, just serve the West’s interest and betray Iran and Iranians. They are CIA agents, MI6 agents, Mullah agents, and other [stupid bastards] who pose as journalists or intellects. These anti-Iranian agents help the Western sanctions and the Evil plots, and the West disguises them as ‘Iranian Opposition’, ‘Iranian Journalists’, or ‘the voices of Iranians inside Iran’ ! Recently, the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) and ‘the Guardian’ of Big Brother that don’t allow the Iranians inside Iran to put any comment or even read any people’s comment, have become the faithful tribune of the anti-Iranian mercenaries!” In these days, the Western Orwellian media, specially the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) and “the Guardian” of Big Brother, are proving many things. We would write more about them later, but as some wise Iranians say: “They just prove that what the ordinary Iranians say about the UK and the West is not wrong. Iranians are aware of what happened in the past 33 years, and how the West helped the Mullahs in 2009”.


“Even the story of Iranian Coins tells the truth. The 1 Rial coin (above pix) in 1980, and the 10000 Rial coin (below pix) in 2010, can show you how the Mullahs served the West’s interests and destroyed Iran and Iran’s economy”, many Iranians say. The Iranian coins really say a lot about the Mullahs and the West. In the recent years, those who see the 10000 Rial coin or the 5000 Rial coin (below pix), their first reaction is: ‘using F words’ and cursing Mullahs and Britain! As some Iranians say: “It’s obvious why Iranians hate the British Barbarians, the British Mullahs, and the West. In this shitty era (2009- 2012) we all can see how the British Mullahs and the West help each other. In 2009, the Savage West helped the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, and in 2010, the British Mullahs implemented the IMF plan! In this shitty era, the West censors or boycotts the real voices of the ordinary Iranians, and the British Mullahs implement the IMF plans and create many artificial crises for helping the Western sanctions”. Iranians are not stupid. They say: “the Jewish Spy (AN) and the British Mullahs create many fake crises -including Dollar crisis, Chicken crisis, Car crisis, Ajil crisis, Rice crisis, Drug crisis, and many other Mullah-made crises- to help the West and the Western sanctions”. Iranians are not blind. They say: “The West says: ‘Iran is now experiencing a devastating increase in prices -hyperinflation’. But they don’t say that Mullahs, not sanctions, have created hyperinflation. They don’t say that the IMF plan, known as the Subsidy Cut Plan, is worse than all Western sanctions”. Iranians are not stupid. Some of them say: “In the best case, the West just says: ‘the value of Rial (Irans currency) plummeted by x%. While the Mullahs blame Western sanctions, locals blame the Mullahs‘. But they don’t say why locals blame the Mullahs, and why Iranians use F words about Mullahs and Mercenaries. It’s [so funny]. The West just says: ‘Since AN was [appointed] in 2005, Irans economy has gone from bad to worse‘! But they don’t say what it means! Recently, even Western media said: ‘Iran is helping Obama avoid steeper domestic fuel costs before the 2012 presidential election [!] But Iran has to contend with a weakening currency and rising unemployment [!!]’ Mullahs are British stooges, and the West asks Mullahs and other Mercenaries to keep Iran weak“. Iranians are not stupid. Some of them say: “The British media say: ‘[Mullahs] know that Oil price should not increase, and they should not [create problem for] the world economy [!] Lower prices save Obama [!] Lower oil prices help the US and European Union (EU) [!] Cheaper oil makes it easier for the US to pursue its foreign-policy goals [!!]‘. Their stupid confessions are funny and meaningful”. Think about it. Iranians are not blind. They say: “The story of Oil Price and the IMF plans can show us how and why the Mullahs and the West help each other. Before 2006, the Mullahs said that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is a Zionist organization and its plans are Zionist plans! But in the 2006-2013 period, the British Mullahs and the Jewish spy (AN) implemented the Zionist plans in Iran!”. They also add: “British Mullahs talk about ‘the subsidies that are paid by the government’. But they say nothing about ‘the subsidies that are paid by the people to the government’. Lower incomes and lower wages in Iran, that are about 1/5 to 1/10 of the international incomes, are just one of many subsidies that are paid by the people to the government. Under these conditions, the price of everything in Iran must be at least 1/5 of the international prices“. They add: “The Mullahs destroyed the national products. The state monopoly and the systematic and widespread corruption in the Mullah system just force Iranians to buy, for instance, a $3000 homemade car for $10000! It’s among the subsidies that is paid by the people”. Iranians are not blind. They say: “The Mullahs don’t allow Iranians to build a strong and modern country, because the West asks the Mullahs to keep Iran weak. The West and its puppets know that millions of young, well-educated, and talented Iranians can build a free and strong Iran. They desperately try not to let it happens. But they are on the wrong side of history and dig their own graves”. Iranians are not stupid, and say: “The stupid West just shows us that Iran should be a strong and independent world power, and Iran must have nuclear weapons”. As the wise Iranians say: “The Western policymakers are small brains. They even don’t know that they should not fight against Freedom, Democracy, Progress, and Human values. They even don’t know that they should not prove that the West is nothing but a stupid bad guy. They even don’t know that they should not show their true colors to a wise, ancient nation that has tens of millions of university-educated people, who are wiser and braver than their western counterparts”. It’s a good point. The current farces, and the 2012 Western sanctions and the 2009 Western crimes and betrayals, are the best gifts to Iran and Iranians. In these days, Iranians joke about the West and its puppets, and for instance say: “The media report: ‘Iran has successfully launched a live monkey into space’. But Iran had to launch a stupid monkey like Obama or British Queen into space. After toppling the Mullah regime, our Iranian scientists should launch Obama, British Queen, AhmadiNejad, NetanYabu, and other stupid monkeys that all humans want rid of them, into Mars or black holes!”


“The Iranian people are silent and inactive, and what you see now is just 10% of Iran’s power. The Mullahs suppress Iranians and weaken Iran, because it’s what their Western employers want. Now, the Basiji Chalquz (Basiji shits) – that are anti-Iranian and pro-Arab mercenaries whose IQ is near zero- pose as scientist, policy maker, media manager, intellect, etc and have the upper hand in Iran. The West loves the Basiji Chalquz, because they kill Iranians and keep Iran weak. But after toppling the Mullahs -when 90% of Iranians, that are wiser than their Western counterparts, have the upper hand- you will see the real power of Iran. At that time, in the near future, you will see why Iran can be a strong world power, more powerful than Germany, Britain, and France”, some wise Iranians. They also add: “What happened in 2009 had good lessons for Iranians. The West and its puppets helped the Mullahs and betrayed the Iranian people in 2009, but it helped Iranians to know their main enemy, ie the West. Before any revolution or any big bang, Iranians should know their main problem, ie the West, well”. They also say: “Before any serious change or any Big Bang in Iran and the world, Iranians want to know all their main enemies, specially the West, better. And now, the stupid West and its stupid mercenaries do what Iranians want! Thank god that our enemies are such uncultured, stupid bad guys”. It’s a good point. Those who try to prove that they are nothing but the bad guys are so stupid. They are on the wrong side of history, and dig their own grave. Now, some Iranians say: “The Barbarian UK, the Barbarian West, and their Orwellian media censor and boycott the ordinary Iranians, because they know that Iranians are wiser than Westerners”. Recently when you go to a shopping center in Iran, you can see that many people use F words about the West, ‘the British Mullahs’ and ‘the Jewish Spy’ (AN), and many say: ‘This Jewish shit (AN) has f-u-c-ked Iran’s economy with the help of the West’ or ‘The British Mullahs have f-u-c-ked Iran and Iran’s economy with the help of the UK and the US’. In fact, today’s Iranians are not as stupid as today’s Westerners. Some wise Iranians say: “Now, many people know the British stooges and people like Masoud Behnoud, Ali Nourizadeh, and those bankrupt whores that work for the anti-Iranian media, including VOA Farsi, BBC Persian, RoozOnline, Balatarin, Gooya, etc. Now, the anti-Iranian media and their laughable bullshits just remind you of the Colonialism and the Qajar dynasty. As you know, Reza Papeh (Reza Pahlavi) and Pahlavists are reactionary monarchists that more than 99% of Iranians hate them, and no one gives a fuck about them in Iran. But these anti-Iranian idiots that still lick the ass of the Colonialists, tell good jokes and remind us of the Qajar-Pahlavi era. For instance, one of these brainless faggots has written in ‘The air pollution in Iran and Tehran has a clear reason. We, Iranians, cannot produce ‘good products’ and ‘good gasoline’ [!!] We, Iranians, should buy our basic needs from the US and Europe [!!] But now, the sanctions don’t allow us to buy gasoline and our basic needs from the West [!] Shame on those Iranians who don’t allow us to buy our basic needs from the West [!!]’ Can you believe it?! These brainless faggots and their leader, Reza Papeh (Reza Pahlavi), are big idiots that their IQ is less that a dead pig. But Iranians inside Iran say: “Fuck the US and Europe. Millions of young, educated, and talented Iranians are much more wiser and talented than the Westerners. Tens of millions of the young, modern, wise, and university-educated Iranians can easily convert Iran into a strong and independent world power. They will restore the Great Persia, and will put an end to the Evil Empire of the West. Iran will become a world power -more powerful than Germany, Britain, and France- soon. And it will be the West that should suck the Iranian cocks for buying its oil and its basic needs from Iran”. Many non-Iranians don’t know how the West and its puppets have tried to keep Iran weak and dependent. As some wise Iranians say: “The Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties were the same shits. They were puppet dynasties that didn’t care about Iran’s younger generations and the literacy and education in Iran. They said that Iranians cannot produce anything!, and Iranians should always buy their basic needs from the West! They said that Iranians cannot be independent! They and their Western employers tried to keep Iranians illiterate and ignorant. But now, the Iranian people are among the wisest people in the world, despite the fact that the Mullah dynasty is like or worse than the Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties. Now, the majority of Iranians are educated and modern, more than Westerners”. The West and its stupid mercenaries try to pretend that the Iranian people are still illiterate and ignorant. The collaboration between the Mullahs and the Brits is so funny. For instance, recently the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) and ‘the Guardian’ of Big Brother reported: “Many Iranians (63%) want to suspend the country’s nuclear program in return for a lifting of western sanctions [!!!]” And very soon, as the media reported: “The website of the Mullah TV, IRIB, also claimed that 63% of Iranians vote in favor of suspending uranium enrichment! Of course when they saw the people’s backlash, they said: We were hacked by the British!” But as the witty Iranians say: “All Iranians know that the Mullahs were hacked by the British in 19th century!, and since then the Mullahs have been puppets of Britain” They also add: “The last time that the British media and the Mullah TV talked about ‘63% of Iranians’ was a historic moment, known as the 2009 coup. At that time, the Barbarian UK and the Savage West pretended that Iranians love the Jewish shit (AN), because Iranians love hyperinflation! In 2009, the ex-CIA agents, including the Leveretts, said: ‘American Iran experts missed how AN was perceived by most Iranians [!] While many Iranians complain about hyperinflation, most Iranians love AN and his works [!!]” The story of those CIA agents and those Orwellian media and Orwellian journalists that help the British Mullahs is so funny. Many books can be written about these bastards. Lets give you another example. As some wise Iranians say: “Jason Rezaian is an Orwellian journalist that works for the Washington Post. Now, he lives in Iran! Rezaian tells big Orwellian lies and makes Goebbels laugh in his grave. Rezaian say: ‘Iranians inside Iran love Obama and his sanctions so much’ ! or ‘AhmadiNejad and reformists enjoy popular support’! or ‘Western sanctions bite, but Iranians love the US and the West’! People like Rezaian are big liars and have short memory. In Dec 2010, when Jason Rezaian was GlobalPosts Tehran-based correspondent, GlobalPost had an interview with him that was funny: ‘Q: Are the sanctions [important]? Jason R.: It’s hard to say. Iran’s economy has been in trouble for a long time Q: Do we have any reason to be optimistic about Iran’s future course? Jason R.: Mismanagement has been a problem for years, and the economy has shifted into really just being involved in import and isn’t exporting or providing for domestic needs. Economic woes, many of which can be traced to mismanagement and corruption during AN’s time in office, are becoming ever more apparent ‘. And it’s what an anti-Iranian mercenary said in 2010. In March 2008, Rezaian wrote: ‘AhmadiNejad is a despicable character, not for the threat he poses to the US, because that threat doesn’t exist! But for what he represents inside Iran, including soaring inflation, unemployment, etc‘ It’s so funny, isn’t it ?! The anti-Iranian mercenaries are big idiots. They have short memory and tell big lies in 2012, without thinking about what they have already said in the pre-2012 era!”.


“AhmadiNejad (AN) is a Jewish prophet that has many miracles! He could convert a 5 Rial coin into a 5000 Rial coin! He and his Western employers could convert 1 million votes into 24 million votes! and created [the greatest election fraud] in history. The CIA, the Lefts, and the Western polling organizations helped this Jewish prophet in 2009, because they love his Jewish miracles!”, Iranians joke about the West and its stooges. As some wise Iranians say: “The stupid West badly reveals the secrets of the 2009 coup. In 2009, the West said: ‘We are sorry, but we cannot impose sanction on the Mullahs, the Mullah TV, the Mullahs’ bank accounts, etc, because our banking systems, our judiciary systems, our media, etc are neutral and independent [!!]’ But in 2012, we all saw how independent and neutral the Western systems are! Their banking systems, their judiciary systems, and their media are nothing but puppets of politicians. And it’s what 2012 proved. In the West, nothing is free, neutral or independent. Big Brother and his mercenaries control everything in the West“. Iranians are not blind, and can see the true colors of the Empire of Lies. As some Iranians say: “The Western media ignored the IMF plans and AN’s miracles, and say: ‘US sanctions bite. Manufacturing activity has stalled almost everywhere! Even the WSJ said: ‘US sanctions would claim their greatest success if they convince Iran’s working class to join the Greens [!!!] The Green Movement lacked the support of Iran’s working class [!!!]’. Today’s Westerners are worse than Goebbels! (Baz Khoda Pedare Goebbels Biamorzeh!). They helped the Mullahs in killing and suppressing the Greens, and they refused to impose their f-u-c-king sanctions on the Mullahs in 2009. And now […] Are the Western faggots think that all humans are as retarded as Westerners?!” Iranians are not blind. They are aware of the 2009 Western crimes and betrayals, the IMF plans, and many other things. But the Western Sheeple even don’t know that the Mullahs destroyed Iran’s economy, and the average prices in Iran increased by 6000% in the Mullah era (ie in less than 33 year). As some Iranians say: “Mullahs and Islamists steal money from the Iranian people, and then go to the UK, Canada, the US, and the EU, and invest the stolen money there! The West love the Mullah crooks and the Islamist thieves. Khavari, Bouzari, Rafsanjani’s family, Khamenei’s family, etc are just the tip of the iceberg”. As the people media report: “The IMF Plan, know as Subsidy Cut Plan, just put the last share of our oil money into the Mullahs’ pockets. But it’s not bad. The West and its puppets are big idiots who act as a catalyst for restoring Great Iran”. The Western politicians are really big idiots. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, the Western pigs are angry at China, India, and other semi-independent countries, and say: ‘Chinese shipping companies is the only ones not to use Western insurance coverage [!] India doesn’t listen to what [we dictate on them !]’ The Western pigs don’t know that it’s just the beginning, and when the Lion of Persia wakes up again, the paper tiger of the Barbarian West will vanish. Iran or Persia is the brain and the heart of the East and the Civilization, and the West knows it well. They know that Iran and Iranians will not allow the Barbarian West to eat extra shit”. They also add: “The long story of historical relations between Persia, India, and China confuse the Western barbarians. They ask them themselves: ‘How did Iran could live in peace with its neighbors, India and China, for thousands of years, and how can the number of their wars during 5000 years be less than the number of our wars during 100 years ?!’ The Western Barbarians use their ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics to put some distance between Iran, India, China, etc because they know that the future belong to the East, as the past belonged to the East”. They also add: “Now, Iran is knowing its enemies and its friends, and it’s good. Now, Iranians can see who are animals and who are humans, and it’s good. Now, we all know that Persia must move toward developing alternatives to the West and the Western organizations, and Persia must move toward preserving oil resources. The Western sanctions is the best gift. They show us that Persia should be a strong and independent world power, as it used to be. They show us that the West is still the Barbarian West“. Iranians are not blind. Some of them say: “In 1979, more than 50% of Iranians (15 million) were illiterate, and the number of the university-educated Iranians was less than 1 million. But now in 2013, more than 90% of Iranians (70 million) are educated, and more than 20 millions are university-educated and wiser than their Western counterparts. In 1979, Iran had only about 200,000 university students, but now, Iran has about 5,000,000 university students, that many of them are more talented than their western counterparts. So, it obvious that Iran will become a world power soon. The West knows it well, and that’s why they have lost their minds, and act like brainless animals and reveal their true colors in a bad way. Their empty heads are like their empty hands. They know that their mercenaries are a bunch of bankrupt whores and brainless faggots -including Pahlavists, Khatamists, Monarchists, Mullahs, Islamists, and other hateful mercenaries- that almost all Iranians hate them. And that’s why the UK and the West suffer from ‘Koon Suzeh’ (burnt-Ass)!, and that’s why ‘the UK and the West act like a stupid Mule that has been crippled in a muddy field ‘ (Mesl Khar dar Gell Moondand)” Think about it.


The Western sanctions and the Western plots just backfire. Now, almost all Iranians say: “Iran certainly should have nuclear weapons. Iran certainly should be a strong and independent world power. And Iran certainly should punish the West and all puppets of the West”. Iranians are not stupid, and know how the British Mullahs and the Jewish shit destroyed Iran’s economy. Some say: “Do you know how much Rial (R) Iranians paid for 1 gram Gold in the past 80 years?”, and add: “1929: 70R, 1941: 30R, 1957: 25R, 1971: 55R, 1978: 75R, 1985: 100R, 1995: 10,000R, 2005: 25,000R, 2010: 300,000R, 2011: 500,000R, 2012: 1,500,000R !” And some add: “In 1980, the price of a 5 minute taxi ride was 5 Rial (R), but now (2013) it’s 10000 R! In 1980, the price of eating breakfast in a coffee shop was 15 R, but now it’s 450000 R! In 1980, donut was 5 R, but now it’s 10000R! The Mullahs only serve the West’s interests. In the Mullah era, Rial’s value and its purchasing power has fallen by 15000%! The gold price tells the truth. The British Mullahs and that Jewish spy (AN) deliberately decrease Rial’s value, but the Western pigs say: ‘[Our sanctions] are wiping out the currencys purchasing power. In consequence, Iran is now experiencing a devastating increase in prices – hyperinflation !’ All Iranians know that in Nov 2012, after the US Election Farce, Dollar’s value decreased in Iran and Rial’s value increased, but the Mullahs deliberately tried to increase Dollar’s value and decrease Rial’s value! The Mullahs really work for the US and US interests. Now, even the Western media say: ‘When a currency collapses, you can be certain that other economic metrics will move in a negative direction, too‘. In fact, even the idiots can see that the Mullahs just serve the West’s interests. But it’s not the whole story. The anti-Iranian mercenaries, that the stupid West refers to them as ‘Iranian Journalists/ activists in exile’ ! are worse than Mullahs”. They also add: “In Nov 2012, Dollar’s value decreased in Iran. We, the ordinary people, could see and feel the truth. Dollar’s value was decreasing on daily basis. But the anti-Iranian mercenaries that the Barbarian UK calls them ‘Iranian Journalists/ activists in exile’ !, told the biggest Orwellian lies, and said: ‘Sanctions Bite. Inflation and Dollar’s value is increasing!’ They proved that the anti-Iranian media like BBC, VOA, Balatarin and RoozOnline really work for the CIA, the MI6, and the Mullah Gestapo”. Iranians inside Iran are not blind and stupid. Some of them say: “Mullahs and Mercenaries (ie Iranian expats) are the same shits. All of them hate Iran and Iranians, and instead, love and worship the savage Arabs or the savage West. In the 1970s, the Mullahs opposed Iran’s nuclear programs and severed the West’s interests. And now, Pahlavists, Khatamists, and other anti-Iranian mercenaries oppose Iran’s nuclear programs. The anti-Iranian mercenaries, from Masoud Behnoud, Ali Nourizadeh, Abbas Abdi, and Nikahang Kowsar to all Pahlavists, Khatamists, Terrorists, and other pigs only serve the West’s interests. But the important point is that no one give a fuck about them in Iran today”. As some wise Iranians say: “The Western Colonialists and their agents are stupidly proving that the West is a savage bad guy that cannot understand the human language (Zaboon Adamizard) and just love bullying and barbarism. But all Iranians hate bullying, especially Western bullying. Even the Western media confess: ‘Bully Iran into giving up nuclear programs, just convince all Iranians that Iran should have nuclear bombs‘. Iranians know that Bullies are often cowards”. They also add: ” When the West only can understand ‘the law of the jungle’, it’s obvious that Iran must have nuclear bombs”. As Iranians say: “The stupid US knows that any serious war with Iran is equal to the end of the Evil Empire of the bankrupt West. And that’s why they just bark and fart. Now, even Americans say: ‘[the US is on the edge of bankruptcy] 27,000,000 unemployed/under-employed, 47,000,000 on food stamps, $16,500,000,000,000 taxpayer debt, en route to BANKRUPTCY”. Iranians are not stupid. It’s the West that is so stupid. The Western bullies only reveal the true colors of the Barbarian West. As some wise Iranians say: “The West and its mercenaries have no shame. They know that their hands are empty, like their empty heads; but they still talk about new sanctions! But what is their new sanctions? nothing but ‘Reapplying the 2012 sanctions’! The Western pigs are bad jokes. They know that ‘In AN’s era, Iran was experiencing hyperinflation. In AN’s era, the price of everything rose astronomically, and it was a result of his IMF plans and the Mullah plans’. But they just tell big Orwellian lies about the 2012 Western sanctions and the 2009 Western betrayals. They know that Iran is not a small country that a bunch of Western faggots can cripple it. They know that only a Jewish spy like AhmadiNejad, that comes from a Jewish family, or a British stooge like Khamenei, that thinks and acts like British Barbarians, can help the bankrupt West and their stupid sanctions. The Mullahs, their IMF’s plans and their horrible corruption and mismanagement have created hyperinflation, unemployment, and many other disasters in Iran. But the stupid West acts like a psycho and is happy to see the pain and suffering caused by its puppets! But there’s nothing to be gained by acting like psychos. The Iranian people will never forget the Western crimes and betrayals, the Western Savagery, and the Western hypocrisy“. They also add: “Hyperinflation triggered largely by abolition of basic subsidies. It was the IMF plan, that was implemented by the British Mullahs and that Jewish Spy (AN). The IMF plans were worse than all sanctions. The Mullah dynasty, the Pahlavi dynasty, and the Qajar dynasty were weak and puppets dynasties that just served the West’s interests and destroyed Iran. All of them were and are Khaen (traitor), Mozdoor (mercenary), and Vatan-Forush (fatherland-seller). Now, the Evil West makes it clear that the West is the main problem of Iran and Iranians. Now, tens of millions of the young, modern, and educated Iranians are making ready to put an end to the West’s Evil Empire. The anti-Iranian mercenaries, from Khatamists to Pahlavists, and their Western employers can be sure of one thing: All puppet dictators and all Monarchy Systems in Iran will go to hell soon”. Today’s Iranians are not ignorant, and it will change many things in Iran and the world.

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