Aaron Swartz, Friends, Friendship, Western Culture

In these days, many things are so stupid, but very informative. As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, many talk or write about Swartz’s death, the American Tyranny or ‘the Death of American Democracy’, but the Big Brother’s agencies censor them or boycott them, and it’s very meaningful. Apparently, the whole West is as Orwellian as Britain, the home of Barbarians and Big Brother. Britain is really a synonym of the Big Brother’s society. Even ‘the Guardian’ is the guardian of Big Brother, and they even don’t allow Iranians to see and read the people’s comments! What Orwell said about Britain and the Big Brother Corporation was not wrong. In the UK, Freedom is Censorship and Democracy is Tyranny. In these days, the British Barbarians and their media are showing us [many things about] the roots of problems in Iran, the West, and the world. In these days, the British Barbarians and their stooges -specially those mercenaries that their lodges/ cesspools are the anti-Iranian media, including BBC Persian, Balatarin.com and Roozonline.com- show us that the main enemy and the main problem of Iran and Iranians is not the Mullahs, but is the West. Now, the Barbarian West help Mullahs and Mercenaries, and these bastards help the West and sanctions. Their collaborations [is so funny]. Now, the British Mullahs and that Jewish spy (AhmadiNejad) say that they want to implement the second phase of the IMF plan and help the West and the Western sanctions more! Before 2006, the Mullahs said that the IMF is a Zionist organization!, but now a Jewish spy implements the Zionist-Western-Evil plans in Iran and help the Western sanctions! Now, the British media help the mercenaries, and the mercenaries help the Mullahs, the West and sanctions! They all show us the secrets of the 2009 coup and why the West and its mercenaries helped the Mullahs in 2009. Now, even the little kids know that all anti-Iranian pigs, from Mullahs, Pahlavists and Terrorists to Khatamists, Islamists and Mercenaries are stooges of the Barbarian West. Now, even the little kids can see the true face of the West and all puppets of the West, and it’s the best gift and the best news for Iran and Iranians. Now, we all can see that almost all Western media are stupid Orwellian media. They are like the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) and ‘the Guardian’ of Big Brother. They are ‘Mongol (retards)’ and don’t know that what they are doing now is a godsend for Iranians. Thanks God that our enemies are such brainless faggots and such uncultured Barbarians”. They also add: “The tragic stories of Wikileaks, Manning, Swartz, the stupid lefts and Noam Chomsky’s betrayals, and the stupid story of the Stupid Monkey (Obama), his election farce, his sanction farce, his cabinet, his secret talks/ deals with Mullahs, his open support of the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), the Egyptian Taliban and other evil forces, and all his crimes against humanity in the 2009- 2012 period just prove that today’s USA is the land of Evil, and the American Democracy is nothing but the American Tyranny”. But here, I don’t want to write about what the British Barbarians and their stooges are doing, or about the death of the American Democracy. In these days, if you want to know the secrets of the 2009 coup, or if you want to know the 2013 British-American plots, or if you want to see the true face of the West and puppets of the West, you can take a look at the Western Orwellian media, specially the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) and “the Guardian” of Big Brother. But now, I don’t want to write about the Orwellian media. In these days, many say that ‘Reddit co-founder and freedom fighter Aaron Swartz was killed by the US government’. But as some wise Iranians say: “Even if we accept that he committed suicide, the fate of Aaron Swartz can show us many things about the West and the Western Culture, that is the culture of Utilitarians, Opportunists, Colonialists, and Human-eaters”. In these days, Swartz’s friends talk about ‘the disappointment that Aaron expressed about his friends ‘. And it’s very important. So, here lets write about friends, friendships, and the Western culture. As some wise Iranians say: “Capitalism, Fascism, Nazism, Utilitarianism, Colonialism, Orwellian Systems, and severe selfishness, inhumanity, systematic betrayals and dishonesty, systematic falsifications and misinformation, and many other serious problems have deep roots in the British Culture or the European culture, that has been the culture of barbarians and human-eaters”. We have already written about the British Barbarians, the European Barbarians, and the long history of Barbarism in the West (check Archive). But recently, the Western neo-Barbarians, that are trying to prove that the West is nothing but the Evil Empire, encourage Iranians to think or talk more about the Barbarian West and the roots of problems. Now, some wise Iranians say: “Friendship or Humanity has always been meaningless to the European-British Barbarians. They lived like animals. They ate men, women, children, and even their own families. And it’s obvious that friendship, humanity, sympathy, kindness, goodness, trust, etc were and are meaningless to such savage beasts. But the real tragedy is that these savage beasts and their barbaric culture, aka the British Culture, are polluting the whole world”. We and other Iranians only care about the good guys in the West. We know that many Westerners are good guys or want to live like humans, and that’s why they are angry and unsatisfied, or fight against their corrupt Orwellian systems. But the Western-Barbarian culture is polluting many minds, and the ignorant victims would lose their humanity. As you know, the humans and their problems in all around the world are the same, and what the clergymen, the fanatics, and other idiots say about the life and the world is bullshit. But these idiots that some call them ‘Real Retards’ often try to relate the human values to the religion, the race, the stupid ideologies and other bullshits, and it has created many problems. As you know, those normal humans who hate the fanatics, the religion, etc, often don’t hate the human values or the humanity but the real retards and the bad guys try to pretend that those who hate the real retards are, or should be, like those who hate the human values and the good guys. But as the wise Iranians say: “Ethics, human values, goodness, humanity, truth, and other good things are independent of the religion. [The real retards] just help the bad guys”. We would write more about this issue later, but it’s funny to know that even the ancient Iranians said such things. As we said before, Persian Tolerance and Persian Wisdom has a long history. When Europeans ate each other, Iranians wrote and cared about Tolerance, Humanity, Sympathy, Goodness, Friendship, etc. The Persian culture and the Persian language, that is the language of Civilization, is full of wise words and old sayings about the human life. The ancient Persians were wise enough to say wise words like this: “the Wise Enemy heightens (strengthens) you; the Stupid Friend knocks you to the ground”, “Fear the fake friend”, “When you have stupid friends (fake friends), you don’t need any enemy!”, “When you fall down, you wound know your real friends”, “It’s better to have an enemy that is honest than to have a friend who’s putting you down secretly”, “Not everyone that smiles at you is your friend”, etc. As some wise Iranians say: “Now in 2013, only the Iranian people know their fake friends (ie Khatamists and other mercenaries) and their real enemies (ie West and puppets of the West including Mullahs, Pahlavists, Terrorists). Other nations, specially Americans and Europeans are fooled and misled by their enemies and their fake friends, including their politicians, their media, their stupid lefts, and their pseudo intellects”.


As you know, humans are a social species. Social relationships between humans not only is inevitable, but is very useful, and can create progress, development, security, civilization, and other good things and good feelings. As you know, the human relationships is a complicated issue, but the real retards and the bad guys make it much more complicated. ‘Friendship’ is among those concepts that the bad guys and the real retards try to destroy them. Since the ancient times, Iranians have always cared about ‘honesty’, ‘trust’, ‘truthfulness’, ‘love’, friendship, etc. But in the recent centuries, the West and puppets of the West, and their anti-Iranian barbaric culture have polluted many minds in Iran and the world. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, many say that ‘real friends’ and ‘real friendships’ are becoming extinct. But they don’t know that it’s what the Barbarian West wants. Those ignorant people that follow the West like sheep, often don’t know that they just follow the culture of Human-Eaters. They don’t know that the West is the ancient land of Barbarians and Human-eaters. They don’t know that the British Barbarians can’t be ‘real friends’, because they just abuse or eat friends! It’s exactly what their savage ancestors did. In the culture of British Barbarians, the values are: savagery, cruelty, selfishness,
shortsightedness, inhumanity, lie, exploitation, betrayal, ungratefulness, hypocrisy, and other evil things, because the European-British Barbarians have been human-eaters (Adam-Khor), not humans (Adam)“. It’s obvious that many good guys live in Britain and West. The good guys in the UK and the West are like the good guys in Iran and other parts of the world. They live, think, and behave like the real humans. The Western-British Barbarians are those bad guys that hurt and betray the ordinary people in Iran and the whole world. Their culture is really a barbaric culture. In the recent years, not only Westerners, but even Iranians say: “Real friends or actual close friends are in shorter supply“. But most people don’t know the whys. Many people are not honest with themselves and others, and many just follow the Western neo-barbarians like sheep, and it can lead to many disasters, including suicide, mass depression, war, etc. In Iran, like other parts of the world, the Western-Barbarian culture has polluted many minds, but the Iranian-human values are still alive. In the Persian language, Ashena means ‘Acquaintance’ (someone you know, but who is not a friend) and Doost means ‘Friend’ (someone who you know and like very much and enjoy spending time with). In Iran and the civilized world, real friendship is based on trust, and trust means ‘a strong belief in the honesty, goodness etc of someone’. In fact, honesty and goodness is the base of trust. As some wise Iranians say: “The ancient Iranians and the Iranian Sufis call God ‘the Doost’. In fact, ‘Doost’ (friend) can be a god or a real human, that can give you good feelings. But in [this shitty world], many friends are just Ashena (Acquaintance). You cannot be sure about their honesty or their goodness, and they often give you bad feelings”. Friendship or real friendship is based on trust and mutual understanding, but in this shitty world, many refer to their Ashena as their Doost, and just try to use them, abuse them, or exploit them. Such sick relationships is what that the British Barbarians and their followers love it. But the normal humans hate it, and maybe that’s why some of them say: “Why do we really need friends, if friend just means ‘[Ashena]’ and cannot give us good feelings? Why do we really need friendship, if friendship just means a sick relationship that is full of lie, hypocrisy, mistrust, exploitation, betrayal, etc?” As some say: “We should only care about the healthy relationships and real friendships. The wrong people and fake friends just make us sick”. They also add: “[Many] People think being alone make lonely. [But] being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliness thing in the world“. I agree with them. Being surrounded by the wrong people and fake friends is the worst thing. As Maslow said: “Self-actualizing people need for privacy and comfortable being alone; They have a few close intimate friends rather than many surface relationships”. And it’s a universal issue. Some Westerners say: “Once, after spending four straight days alone in my flat, communicating only with an editor (via email) and myself, I asked: Do I really need friends?”. Those who climb the Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid, know that friends, friendships, foods, sleep, and other deficiency needs are alike. Most of us know that good friends and good guys are good things, and I don’t agree with those who say: “We are a lonely species, born as individual as we are”. Good friends, good guys, and healthy relationships can give us good feelings. But it doesn’t mean that we should accept sick relationships because we think that we are a social species! Those who climb the Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid are comfortable to be alone. They only want, and have, real friendships and healthy personal relationships. They know that the wrong people or sick relationships just give us more bad feelings and/or more problems.


Many Iranians and non-Iranians write or talk about “Fake friends and Real friends”, and the internet is full of quotes and sayings about Friendships and Friends. Some of these sayings, like what I linked to them here, are wise words that prove the wise, good guys still exist, and what the bad guys say about ‘the death of Goodness and Good Guys’ is nothing but their favorite big lie. The Western-Barbarian culture has polluted many minds, but when you see that many people say: “Real friends are those […] Fake friends are those […]”, and many believe that “those who betray their family and friends are bad guys”, it means that many still care about ‘goodness’, ‘real friends’, and ‘human values’. When even Westerners repeat wise words (like what I linked to them) or say other reasonable things like this: “FAKE FRIENDS : Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing. REAL FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds butt that left you”, it means that ‘the human values’ are independent of race, religion, etc. ‘Making real friends’ is a global issue, that many write or talk about it. Even Britons talk about “the difficulties of making friends after the age of 30” or “the differences between fake friends and real friends”. In fact, all good guys think and talk about the same things. As some wise Iranians say: “In the Western culture, the good things have Iranian roots. But many Westerners are just followers of the British Barbarian Culture. They are so selfish, so utilitarian, so mean, so stupid, and badly hypocrites. But it doesn’t mean that all Westerners are like these animals in disguise. Many Westerners are good guys or try to live like humans, and care about ‘truth’, ‘honesty’, goodness, kindness, and other Iranian-human values”. In these years, many people repeat what the British Barbarians and their followers say. For instance, they say: ‘Real friendship is meaningless. Humans have become utilitarian”! or “As you get older, friendships become more utilitarian“. But the truth is: “As you become more utilitarian, friendships become more utilitarian“. Of course, “the difficulties of making friends after the age of 30” have many different reasons. As some say: “the Western Culture has polluted many minds and has created many sick people, and that’s why making real friends has become difficult”. But it’s not the whole story. As some wise Iranians say: “Two real humans can have different tastes, different views, or different lifestyles and cannot be friends or close friends, but it doesn’t that one of them is a bad guy or a fake friend. It just means that they are different and prefer to spend their time and their life with those who can understand them better“. In fact, Mutual Understanding is an important factor. Of course those who are not honest, tell big lies, hide their true colors, and just try to use you or hurt you, are sick animals, not humans. Some westerners say: “Getting older might mean you don’t make many new friends, but maybe that’s a good thing. You can treat your friends with more care”. But some Westerner add: “No matter how many friends you make, a sense of fatalism can creep in: the period for making real friends, the way you did in your teens, is pretty much over. It’s time to resign yourself to situational friends: KOF’s (kind of friends)”. And it’s a stupid British view. As some wise Iranians say: “When you are young (30-), your views, your values, and your personality have not been shaped, and you often prefer to be open to new friends, new people and new things, and prefer to test many different people. But after the age of 30, most people know, or think that they know, what they want and become very selective about many things, including friends”. It’s a better analysis. They also add: “Many Westerners just want to use and exploit other people and other nations. It’s part of their barbaric culture. Their culture is not like the Iranian culture that cares about humanity and human values. The Western culture is the culture of Utilitarianism and Utilitarian People. But do you know why?”. They also add: “Because the Western culture is the culture of Human-Eaters; and those who ate humans and drank human blood could not understand goodness, kindness, sympathy, humanity, and human values. They really lived like animals”. Think about it. They also add: “In the Western culture, ‘Good’ means ‘good for me; good for my tribe; good for my (animal) interests’. But in Iran, ‘Good’ means ‘good for all; good for mankind; good for the truth and the human values’. And it’s a key difference. Think about it. As we said before, the Iranian Mindset is different from the British-Barbarian Mindset (check Archive).


“Sometimes, you just need to distance yourself form people. If they care (and if they are real friends), they will notice; If they don’t, you know where you stand. In fact, the real friends can understand you and your circumstances, and don’t behave like idiots or ignorant strangers”, some wise guys say. And it reminds me of many things, including Swartz and his disappointment in his friends. As some wise Iranians say: “When the British Culture pollutes somebody’s mind, s/he just behaves like fake friends or animals, and disappoints you. It’s obvious that many Westerners have lost their humanity and just think and behave like the British Barbarians. They only care about money and power, and betray everything. They live like animals, and just help the bad guys. They don’t care about the human values and the high level needs. In fact, the British Culture that is the culture of Human-eaters has polluted their minds”. They also add: “The British Culture that is known as the Western Culture, is the culture of bad guys. This culture has created Colonialism, Capitalism, Utilitarianism, and many other evil things. They make use of the dark side of man’s intellect, and encourage people to lose their humanity and to become animals or bad guys like the British barbarians. They know that the real humans and the good guys can put an end to their Evil Empire, and that’s why they try to create more utilitarian, selfish, mean and stupid people, who can easily become the pawns of barbarians”. Think about it. The real friends and good guys are the exact opposite of the British Barbarians. The real friends are good guys who are honest and care about the human values. As the wise guys say: “Fake friends only tell you what you wanna hear; Real friends tell you what you should hear”. In fact, Honesty and Goodness build Trust and real Friendship. As some wise guys say: “A factor in becoming friends is proximity, but the key factor in remaining friends is trust, mutual understanding, and good feelings. Sometimes two siblings have no mutual understanding of each other, while two persons from two different countries can have more mutual understandings and less differences”. It’s true. Those parameters that can create mutual understandings, trust or good feelings are like those parameters that create different tastes, different personalities, different lifestyles, different views, etc. Some think that sex, culture, race or religion are critical factors, and say: “Friends of the opposite sex obviously last longer. [But] friends of the same culture/ country/ religion/ etc obviously last longer”. But it’s not true as a general rule. Those good guys who are open-minded and live like the real humans, are not slaves of the primitive needs. The tribal values and the tribal traditions, that belong to the Stone Age, are meaningless to them. Of course it doesn’t mean that we can ignore different tastes or different personalities. Some say: “Great minds think alike”, but it doesn’t mean that two great minds can necessarily become close friends. Different tastes, different personalities, or different lifestyles have their own effects, and it’s not a bad thing. Humans are not Sheep, and diversity is the best feature of the human world. Some ask: “How many (close) friends do we need?” And some wise guys answer: “(close) Friends: One to three is sufficient“. It’s a semi-scientific answer. As some scientists say: “You cannot have more than about 150 friends. And those who have more friends, have more ‘superficial friendships’ and ‘superficial relationships’. The quantity of your friends is in inverse proportion to the quality of your friends/ friendships“. As some wise guys say: “Friends are like vinegar; the older, the better!” And some say: “Friends are like god; the wiser, the better”. I agree with them and those who say: ‘the old friends are the best friends’, but as some wise Iranians say: “If the British culture pollutes the minds of the old friends, they become fake friends”. As you know, the good old friends can create positive energy, good feelings, and other good things, but the important point is that the old friends and all good friends should always show each other that they are still good guys, and the Western-Barbarian culture has not polluted their minds. I hope that all good guys and all good friends learn from the mistakes of Aaron Swartz’s friends. The bad guys want to disappoint all of us, and the good friends should not forget it. The bad guys’ tactics are stupid. For instance, they pretend that all Westerners are bad guys or stupid sheeple. But many Westerners think, behave, and talk like Iranians. For instance, they say: “Old friends are brilliant. I’ve only got 4 real friends. It’s quality that counts for me, not quantity. Your humanity is important, not your age. After the age of 30, commitments like kids and families limit your choices”. In all around the world, those who live like humans are good guys, and those who think and behave like animals and bad guys are the same shits. And we should not forget that only the good guys can become good friends or real friends. As some wise Iranians say: “Those whose minds have been polluted by the culture of the British Barbarians, only can become fake friends“. The story of Aaron Swartz can show us that we all should always remind each other that good friends, good guys or Goodness exist. Otherwise, disappointment and bad feelings pollute everywhere. As some wise Iranians say: “Disappointment, hatred, war, animal life, a darker/ shittier world, and other bad things is what the bad guys and the British Barbarians want. We all should know these bastards, their wishes, and their plans. It will create a better life, a better world and a better future, because when you know these bastards, their British Culture -that is the culture of Human-eaters, Colonialists, and Opportunists- cannot pollute your mind”. Think about it.

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